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Sunday thread… 14 November 2010

Posted by marisacat in Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Total fucking lunatics, UK.

Ducks feed at the pond in Central Park, New York    Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images

While I was fishing around at the Guardian…. I saw a headline… that McDonalds and Coca-Cola will have a hand in writing UK “health policy”.

I did not even open it. What utter shit.


Well after writing the above, I gave into temptation… It’s PepsiCo, as it happens…. and a few others too.

The Department of Health is putting the fast food companies McDonald’s and KFC and processed food and drink manufacturers such as PepsiCo, Kellogg’s, Unilever, Mars and Diageo at the heart of writing government policy on obesity, alcohol and diet-related disease, the Guardian has learned.

In an overhaul of public health, said by campaign groups to be the equivalent of handing smoking policy over to the tobacco industry, health secretary Andrew Lansley has set up five “responsibility deal” networks with business, co-chaired by ministers, to come up with policies. Some of these are expected to be used in the public health white paper due in the next month.

The groups are dominated by food and alcohol industry members, who have been invited to suggest measures to tackle public health crises.  ….

Maybe Baby Fat Hunter can help too.



1. marisacat - 14 November 2010

oh here is a laugh….

Apparenlty there is a mini movement on… people are moving W’s book, Decision Points to the Crime Section in stores.


Good one.

marisacat - 14 November 2010

I was about to add, they should ALSO move Audacity of Hope to the Religion section.. but …….. really

It should be the REMAINDER table. The SALE table.


diane - 14 November 2010

needed that laugh after reading about that ghastly UK Health Policy, …the serial killer clown section right? Somewhere close to daddy’s All My Best… It should catch on in a lot of libraries in a big way (gotta go dig up up my dewey decimal system reference sheet).

And if that clearance table can’t hold all those Audacious Hope books, they could put the rest in the restroom for paper shortages.

marisacat - 14 November 2010

well they could put the book, W’s I mean, beside any biography of a serial killer. Dahmer…. etc. Gacy.

diane - 14 November 2010

alpha order would ease access, between Bundy and Dahmer.

marisacat - 14 November 2010

Ah… there you go.

marisacat - 14 November 2010

AND BOTH Bundy and Dahmer were cannibals.


ts - 14 November 2010

Or the humor section.

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2010

good idea!

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2010

Michael Moore was pushing doing that on Maher on Friday.

2. diane - 14 November 2010

Read an interesting AP piece this evening in a days old, hardcopy Sentinel about Jerry’s Republican/Independent/democrat wife, Ann Gust Brown (ex Gap VP). The way the piece read, the marriage sounded like it was arranged by invisible parties, versus a loving union, .

Read as if she had been elected Cali’s Governer …and pointedly noted that she is not even the teeniest bit “whimsical” ….

Can’t wait to find out !……….uggggghhhhhhh

marisacat - 14 November 2010

She ran the campaign.

3. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2010

We are all underwear bombers until proven innocent.

At this point, I thought it was all over. I began to make my way to the stairs to exit the airport, when I was approached by another man in slacks and a sport coat. He was accompanied by the officer that had escorted me to the ticketing area and Mr. Silva. He informed me that I could not leave the airport. He said that once I start the screening in the secure area, I could not leave until it was completed. Having left the area, he stated, I would be subject to a civil suit and a $10,000 fine. I asked him if he was also going to fine the 6 TSA agents and the local police officer who escorted me from the secure area. After all, I did exactly what I was told. He said that they didn’t know the rules, and that he would deal with them later. They would not be subject to civil penalties. I then pointed to Mr. Silva and asked if he would be subject to any penalties. He is the agents’ supervisor, and he directed them to escort me out. The man informed me that Mr. Silva was new and he would not be subject to penalties, either. He again asserted the necessity that I return to the screening area. When I asked why, he explained that I may have an incendiary device and whether or not that was true needed to be determined.

marisacat - 14 November 2010

I read that another pilot has protested…. he called it “sexual assault” (he went for the pat down) and when he was home … the thought of having to go thru it again, caused him to vomit in his driveway

Sully, Sullenberger has spoken out against the radiation for pilots who fly 15, 18 times a month. Which some business people fly that much as well..

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2010

and it’s all just theater … it produces no real guarantee of “safety”.

marisacat - 14 November 2010

I stopped flying United (no loss, what a fuck up airline) because of what they put me thru BEFORE 9/11, here in SF on a domestic departure…. I cannot even imagine what it is like, REALLY like, now.

It took me years to realise I was the “control”…. or the afternoon entertainment… (customs in SF in a return from Paris in 96, when I was held an hour. I was so angry, I promptly “lost” my passport somewhere inside the house and did not go anywhere for almost 3 years)…

Of course the “control”, now, to prove it, The State, is not profiling (and I really don’t care anymore) is 90 year old grannies and babies. Who get felt up. And down. Grannies who are dnied boarding as the names on travel and ID dox are not exactly the same. DiFi got a grannie back home last year in a situation like that… stuck on the East Coast, as winter came on.


4. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2010

Found this via Corrente: UK Students trash British Conservatives’ HQ … the children’s crusade

Up till now the children of the credit bubble have had little to rebel against, all the things that the 1968 generation fought for, especially sexual freedom, this generation have had in abundance. While they enjoyed their freedom or became bored with it they became proficient with computers, cell phone messaging and social nets, all valuable skills for potential agitators. Now as politicians like David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy are attacking their futures, their education and even their future pensions, they have something more challenging than “Grand Theft Auto” to test their skills against. And perhaps they will be able to do something that the students of 1968 couldn’t do in those times of prosperity and full employment, make common cause with working people and the older generations.

Now the battle is not just about personal freedom and imperialist wars as it was back them, it is about health, education and welfare: the basics.

I’m astounded at how oblivious Cameron and Sarkozy are to the danger they are running.

Regular readers of this blog know that one of my favorite hobby horses is criticizing the blockheadedness of post Cold War politicians who seem to have totally lost their fear of popular wrath.

Those who are cheerfully going about the work of dismantling the welfare state seem blissfully unaware that the welfare state was created by men as, or even more conservative then themselves, (Bismark, for example) in order to avoid revolutionary social movements which would destabilize and jeopardize the entire economic system and society itself. This was a strategy that was so eminently successful that it practically has destroyed revolutionary praxis.

In my opinion dismantling the welfare state at this time is similar to a person who has successfully survived an operation for lung cancer and endured the ensuing chemotherapy and then, finding himself now in remission, decides that it is ok for him to go back to smoking, the very thing that caused his cancer in the first place: idiotic.

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2010

A curious thing: if nobody ate pigs or eggs or chickens or drank milk, there would be no cows, pigs or chickens: nobody keeps them for pets. That’s the way things work.

Here is an example: right up until the 1970s Spain used to be filled with donkeys, an emblematic animal, Sancho Panza rode one, they had a million uses… now there are hardly any donkeys left… The modern world doesn’t need donkeys and donkeys can’t do anything about it.

In many developed countries it appears that what goes for donkeys goes for human beings too. Their messy needs and wants get in the way of the beautiful numbers. Let us then move all the messy things far away and leave ourselves to contemplate our exquisite numbers as they shimmer and dance on the screen and fill our bank accounts.

And so in love are they with their platonic models and their markets, that they blithely assume that those whose lives they disrupt and futures they jeopardize will simply oblige them by just shriveling up and blowing away.

But, unlike donkeys, human beings, before they disappear, can do much nastier things than just bray and kick. That is what I think is beginning to happen in the streets of London and Paris.

marisacat - 14 November 2010

I read during the night that in the UK the trashing of the Consrvative party head quarters is the planned start of a winter of protest.


Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2010

I’ve read some fears of a return to the riots and rage during Thatcher.

diane - 14 November 2010

Thanks so much for relaying that, couldn’t agree with Mr. Seaton more.

diane - 14 November 2010

Love this picture too: “this picture”

Leave it to youth for doing much need things which require an ability to hop fences …

And to elders for their ability to take their time, at recollecting the injustice they have witnessed, …throughout their lives …and stand in line for the slaughter, because they are unable to hop that fence, yet still demand time to speak of injustice, ….. if that is what it takes …save the young for tomorrow, if there is one……….

diane - 14 November 2010

Ahh well, now I find it necessary to note that I witnessed no vandalism in Oakland, California on November 5th, 2010.

Again, I didn’t witness any. ….That ‘Oaktown’ fight, was directly addressing (versus indirectly, as in the above linked picture), the murder of humans of a different hue.

5. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2010

Businesses Do Not Create Jobs

Businesses do not create jobs. In fact, the way our economy is structured the incentive is for businesses to get rid of as many jobs as they can.

Demand Creates Jobs

A job is created when demand for goods or services is greater than the existing ability to provide them. When there is a demand, people will see the need and fill it. Either someone will start filling the demand alone, or form a new business to fill it or an existing provider of the good or service will add employees as needed. (Actually a job can be created by a business, a government, a non-profit organization or just a person doing the job, depending on the nature of the good or service that is required.)

So a demand creates a job. A person who sees that houses on a block need their lawns mowed might go door to door and say they will mow the lawn for $10. When houses start saying “Yes, I need my lawn mowed” a job has been created!

Demand also creates businesses. The person who is filling demand by mowing lawns for people might after a while have a regular circuit of houses that want their lawns mowed every week, and will buy a truck and a new mower and hire someone to help. A business is born!

Businesses Want To Kill Jobs, Not Create Them

Many people wrongly think that businesses create jobs. They see that a job is usually at a business, so they think that therefore the business “created” the job. This thinking leads to wrongheaded ideas like the current one that giving tax cuts to businesses will create jobs, because the businesses will have more money. But an efficiently-run business will already have the right number of employees. When a business sees that more people are coming in the door (demand) than there are employees to serve them, they hire people to serve the customers. When a business sees that not enough people are coming in the door and employees are sitting around reading the newspaper, they lay people off. Businesses want customers, not tax cuts.

marisacat - 14 November 2010

I read that “small business” so lauded by the pols… are not only closing… but in record numbers, new ones are NOT opening, being launched, etc.

What a fucking mess.

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2010

small businesses are so beholden to local demand, if everyone in your area can’t create a big enough demand for your business, your business will die. Add to that the ideological rigidity that many in the small business community seem to have that they should NEVER have to pay taxes or submit to regulation, and the combination kills the whole thing.

marisacat - 14 November 2010

well a lot of “small business people” are fucking crackpots.

No question.

ts - 14 November 2010

Its a peculiar attitude, and my wife can’t understand it at all. I went to get additional bids for getting our house resided painted, and the general contractor who made the first bid seemed almost perplexed that I would do such a thing.

His initial bid was high, and as I told him I needed to look around and let some time pass, he managed to negotiate down the price of the painting that he’d contracted out, but his portion he only reduced the price in exchange for doing less.

My wife’s reaction was “WTF is it with this country? No haggling? Do business people just expect people to give them too much money and not even ask questions about it?” My reply was, “well, yeah. pretty much.”

marisacat - 14 November 2010

when did it stop being wise to get at least two bids and preferably three? Esp NOW?

ms_xeno - 14 November 2010

I’m thinking that as more small businesses go under, the surviving business owners get more and more arrogant. They consider their survival some kind of divine gold star from the god of Capital, or whatever. They are blessed, and you should worship them. Unconditionally.

No doubt some folks who still have jobs look at the jobless this way, as well.

Just a theory of mine, of course.

diane - 14 November 2010

very much looking like an Oracle, Google, Apple, and Microsoft (Amazon likely merging into Google …Facebook into Apple or Microsoft …….any spidey sense out there as to the Murdoch piece? ….the Monsanto piece to little Billy?) landscape, which will then merge into one entity I really hope I’m not around to witness…..

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2010

hard to believe, isn’t it? It’s like you should be grateful that they would deign to let you hire them.

It’s an odd world they live in. In many ways many small business people have adopted the attitude of landlords. They “know” that they’re land/building/apartment is “worth”, and they would rather let it sit empty to be written off as a loss than negotiate for less. Seems to have become widespread across many other businesses.

ms_xeno - 14 November 2010

Yup. I see it all over downtown when I have occasion to go there. Empty commercial and residential properties everywhere. The suburbs are no better, of course.

Portlanders would never burn down their buildings outright to keep away squatters of course. It’s not that they care about squatters’ health and well-being, but just THINK of what a high-carbon footprint arson-for-profit would bring! Tsk!

6. marisacat - 14 November 2010

ugh I just saw film of Erskine Bowles (uttering the quote that “entitlements” are a “cancer”, will destroy the country “from within”…etc) … and what came to mind was “Tweety Twat”.

I don’t care if it is sexist or rude or whatever.

What an aging utterly lipless twist of nothing.

What a fucking Democrat.

ts - 14 November 2010

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2010

A very Southern (minor) Manor born attitude.

7. diane - 14 November 2010

hello…hello?…can you hear me hon?….are you okay? ….

If you’re still having connection problems Marisa:

If you can tell who my ISP is, you might want to try ‘them’ ( or, if you know something I don’t know about them, …maybe not?) I have to say that ‘they’ appear to have been excellent re spam, and I have never been blocked from accessing the internet through ‘them,’ for more than an hour, and that was years ago. (Will say, that it has always bothered me about those rumored to have founded “my ISP” though.)

On the other hand, it could be landline/ATT (nicked wires, for an instance) problems if that is who you have a land line with. Like PG&E, they are ABSOLUTELY NEGLIGENT in maintaining systems that not only do people pay decent money for, but people find them necessary to carry on without slitting their wrists. And, quite Unfortunately, most, if not all of the other “land line” companies (the bulk, if not all via Texas) are every bit as NASTY.

marisacat - 14 November 2010

I’m here… been assembling the monthly grocery order… and a few other things…

Well things seem fine, since early am (Saturday, I think) when I got back on…. I think it may hve been a problem at Netzero end… as things seem better in general… once the 18 or so hours of enforced offline were over…

I have AT&T land line… only used for the computer, no call waiting, no voicemails etc on this line.

diane - 14 November 2010

Glad to ‘hear’ you.

I have ATT landline also …the fuckers ….

now I’m hungry, having read Grocery List!

thanks alot,…sigh…..guess I’ll have to get off my ass….

…shit, I left my fennel seeds at my brother’s place…..

diane - 14 November 2010

welllll, okay…if any assholes out “there” want to be ANAL ….Grocery ORDER

(am I chasing my own shadow?)

8. marisacat - 14 November 2010

Gee. He so needs to go.

Rangel Used PAC Money for Legal Defense

Fox News – ‎32 minutes ago

AP Congressman Charles Rangel, whose ethics trial starts tomorrow, appears to have improperly used political-action committee money to pay for his defense. Rangel tapped his National Leadership PAC for $293000 to pay his main legal-defense team this …

diane - 14 November 2010

clearly, … the word, “ethics,” has seen its day.

The next time the word, “ehtics,” pops up, may has well be some totally unrelated clothing line,…or mocking, online “game,” where the purpose is to shed as much blood as possible.

diane - 14 November 2010

too late for embarassment now!

…meant “ethics,” not “ehtics,”…what the fuck ever,….jeesh

diane - 14 November 2010

trying to prepare for those red shoes (slippers?) …. baila! …on point, ….finally!

diane - 14 November 2010

oops, …very sorry:


diane - 14 November 2010

I have outlasted all desire,

My dreams and I have grown apart;

My grief alone is left entire,

The gleanings of an empty heart.

The storms of ruthless dispensation

Have struck my flowery garland numb

I live in lonely desolation

and wonder when my end will come.




………………Alexander Pushkin

…….. a “noble heart in a cruel age”

diane - 14 November 2010


diane - 14 November 2010

<:0) ?????

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2010
marisacat - 14 November 2010

Luv that one company is called Rapiscan.

So perfect.

10. marisacat - 14 November 2010

Hi .. bye.

He meets Thursday for the first time with newly emboldened Republican congressional leaders, whom he’ll host for dinner at the White House.

Then he’s back overseas, flying to Portugal on Thursday night to face world leaders on another contentious topic: the war in Afghanistan. Obama meets with NATO allies as their support for the war is wearing thin and ahead of his own review in December of his war strategy.

Understandably, he might wish he were back in India, where he could ruminate about how he incorporates the values of Gandhi into his day-to-day life and accept compliments from fans about what an honor it was to merely be in his presence. …

Maybe India will take him in. Or Indonesia. Somewhere.

Read more: Link to People Mag

BooHooHooMan - 15 November 2010

Oh he’ll have to come back to make it, well, Official and all now:
Taxes – How Quaint!
Now Wholly Optional for our Overlords.
Fully given over to the Bondsmen.

Should work out about as well Greenspan’s Monetarism.

11. dropout - 15 November 2010

Obama to present US Israel-Palestinian border map within 3 months —DEBE__KA_FILE

Can this be true??

12. ts - 15 November 2010

Peter Orszag gets another NYT editorial column to push how cat food is good for you.


“But, but, but we’re going to make SS more progressive.” Bullshit. This is your same bait-and-switch crap as the public option. Funny how that worked out.

catnip - 15 November 2010

Have faithiness!

13. catnip - 15 November 2010


Obama vows to ‘redouble’ efforts toward bipartisanship

President Barack Obama warned Sunday that Americans did not vote for gridlock in mid-term polls as he called on Republicans to work with him, as he returned to a changed Washington from Asia.

Deep sigh….

And it comes with the requisite Update!

note: There are a couple of indignant comments suggesting I am insulting President Obama’s intelligence. I am doing no such thing but I can see from the wording here how people could get the impression. It is open to interpretation, but I was making it implicit that he is intelligent and not insulting him. I am asking what he knows that I don’t know in doing what appears to be more of the same…. Doc

Shorter Doc: Please don’t hurt me!!

ts - 15 November 2010

Hey, if you post a diary you gotta be ready to take a big orange wedgie from time to time.

catnip - 15 November 2010

They’re swarmers. Packs of little Orange Bullies.

14. BooHooHooMan - 15 November 2010

Oh, prrrrr Scratch, Claw…

2 Dems claim Huffington stole website idea


And On the cover of People * *Marisa’s tag for Politico that is 😉

BooHooHooMan - 15 November 2010

Which is precious,
Daou and James Boyce’ Fluff on FluffPo violence…

considering the Pwogwessive guest-spectacle of Black Man and Cheney Ass Licker Ron Christie calling out Charlie Rangel…. at HuffPo.
Everybody okay?
Anybody need a drink? Canapés? Everybody good?

catnip - 15 November 2010

But for Mr. Rangel, having put the reputation of the House of Representatives in question due to his own behavior and then walk out of his own ethics committee hearing this morning is nothing short of inexcusable.

I really need to stock up on popcorn this week.

catnip - 15 November 2010

Holy orange-hued meltdown, Batman.

White House Weakness
by Forrest Brown


Im Afraid We Will Not See Much New With Obama
by PROfessPROgress

1 comment

Is it possible for our President to be anymore out of touch?
by justmy2


Get it together Mr. President!
by jec


Keep Obama From Self-Destructing
by tauzinger




diane - 17 November 2010

I sure need another drink, are you obliging? …

(well what the fuck, they say, honesty is a virtue!)

catnip - 15 November 2010

Democrats need “to develop a dominant position within the Internet,” Daou said during an early meeting about the site, according to the complaint. “It is a system [for] pushing the message, not just for fundraising,” he allegedly said.

But but but…Daily Kos!


15. BooHooHooMan - 15 November 2010

Harry Reid creates special leadership job for Chuck Schumer

Too funny. Of the “this just in” variety:
Howdy Doody revealed as
Buffalo Bob’s Biological Father.


16. BooHooHooMan - 15 November 2010

Olbermann, MSNBC See Ratings Bump In Wake Of Suspension

Well They don’t call stuff Made for Television for nothin’.

Skimming by for something more substantive, – Monday Night Football it is! Soooo so screwed –
I could swear I saw Olbermann humping Murrow’s corpse again tonight. Jeezis.

17. catnip - 16 November 2010
catnip - 16 November 2010

And…wait for it…

He is Black. (0+ / 0-)

End of story.

He is no more corrupt than 90% of Congress …

by Kdoug on Tue Nov 16, 2010 at 11:13:57 AM MST

lucid - 16 November 2010

Well, you’re obviously a racist because you don’t support Wobbly!

catnip - 16 November 2010

Obviously. That goes without saying (although, according to some, it needs to be said every single day.)

18. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 November 2010

Hi everybody. I just wanted to let everyone know that Marisacat sent me word that she’s under the weather and probably won’t be able to post for a day or two … she didn’t want everybody to think she’d just disappeared.

I’ll let you know if I get anymore updates before she comes back herself.

catnip - 16 November 2010


Thanks for letting us know.

Madman in the Marketplace - 16 November 2010

no problem …

ts - 16 November 2010

Get better soon Marisa.

thebokononist - 17 November 2010

Get well soon Marisacat!

diane - 17 November 2010

Do you have an update on how Marisa is doing Madman?

for whatever it’s worth, if you’re in contact with her, please send her a huge hug from me.

19. ts - 16 November 2010

“Quantitative Easing” explained…

BooHooHooMan - 17 November 2010

Oh Good Lord, ts, 😆

Thanks for that, that was great.
(and a big Jersey hug out to mcat, too..)

Madman in the Marketplace - 17 November 2010

love that

catnip - 17 November 2010

“The Ben Bernanke” 😆

ts - 17 November 2010

“So what qualifies him to run the Fed?”

“I don’t know, maybe the fact that he has a nice beard.”

“This is true the plumber is clearly smarter than the Ben Bernanke.”

20. catnip - 17 November 2010
diane - 17 November 2010

That’s kind of funny (considering how bleak all else seems) boysenberry cheesecake to you !

Was she imitating a metal studded, daughter of a vampiress? I can’t get ABC, despite the fact that we the public presumeably own those US network frequencies (and despite the fact that I live in an area that used to receive those US: ABC, CBS, NBC frequencies, FREE, with absolutely no ‘delivery problem) otherwise, I might have checked it out for the hideously bleak humor (at some point, I guess, we search for something to smile about, since there is so very little out there…. to smile about …)

catnip - 17 November 2010

Mmmm…boysenberry! That makes me smile.

diane - 18 November 2010

nothing like sun ripened berries….


21. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 November 2010
22. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 November 2010
ts - 17 November 2010

There’s just something about the text-to-speech and clunky 80s computer animation that makes it so droll.

BooHooHooMan - 18 November 2010

The infantilazing irony is delicious.

You know – ala those instructional CD’s and TV segs of the “Baby Reads” hustle… variety.

to get your beloved months-old little turdmeister on the dumb-downed credentialing path on their way to -what?- who knows! but maybe a TSA job OR a corporate cattle-chute dweller of one sort or another, that is…
*IF they’re lucky.

So there it is.
Preparation for life living inside a cartoon.
Pretty much all you need to know about life in the US you could learn from a few these primers before you’ve even figured out how to stop crapping in your pants.
Which brings back fond memories as a zygote:
“Nothin like efficiency!”, someone always said through the I Phone sonographic amplifier during fertilization.

23. BooHooHooMan - 18 November 2010

The GM IPO … Way up!
In Suckers Round x.0 with GM.
Wherein Pension Funds will be ripped off for Billions yet again.
Cause it sure isn’t Mom and Pop face down in the dirt doing the buying.

Bloomberg had Durbin on right before the markets opened..
just hump hump humping ..an IPO.
Some shill of an analyst, too.
Gonna be Great! the gist..


I recently viewed Patrick Byrne’s site Deep Capture… which is pretty much all you need to know about markets – very accessible yet precise in how derivatives – “naked short” options are manipulated

Byrne is the CEO of Overstock who was targetted by the Rubin crowd in a “Bear Raid” . A competitor to Meggy Moo’s Ebay, He fucking destroys the SEC and Financial reporters as wholly owned- shows precisely how the take works…

24. BooHooHooMan - 18 November 2010

And BREAKING (not) ..

the SEC today formally announces settlement with Rattner!

LOL. AFTER the IPO. Oh and after Andy Coumos sighs in the last few weeks before the election.

So. Anybody seriously wanna bet the settlement wasn’t effective BEFORE today..

No folks™, remember, Rattner got a pass last month.

God, those motherfuckers love Obama!

So Party On Steve! Party on, Bob!
Now proceed with all alacrity to dump the GM shitpaper wherever and whenever you wish.

I’m just hopin to be loaded up on popcorn in a remote village when the Paulites and the Palinoids start shooting these motherfuckers.
Go Rand! Take aim, Sarah!

25. Madman in the Marketplace - 18 November 2010

I Would Pay Cash Money To See The Look on Gergen’s Face

Taibbi: So if we put people in jail for committing fraud during the mortgage bubble, we’re endangering our ability to win over the CEOs? Obama should have made sure that there are consequences for people who committed crimes. Instead, he pursued a policy of nonaction, and that left him vulnerable with ordinary people who wanted an explanation for why the economy went off the cliff.

Gergen: I don’t think his problem is he hasn’t put enough people in jail. I agree that when people commit fraud, they ought to spend some time in the slammer. But there’s a tendency in today’s Democratic Party to turn away from someone like Bob Rubin because of his time at Citigroup. I served with him during the Clinton administration, when the country added 22 million new jobs, and Bob Rubin was right at the center of that. He was an invaluable adviser to the president, and he is now arguing that one of the reasons this economy is not coming back is that the business community is sitting on money because of the hostility they feel coming from Washington.

Taibbi: I’m sorry, but Bob Rubin is exactly what I’m talking about. Under Clinton, he pushed this enormous remaking of the rules for Wall Street specifically so the Citigroup merger could go through, then he went to work for Citigroup and made $120 million over the next 10 years. He helped push through the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000, which deregulated the derivatives market and created the mortgage bubble. Then Obama brings him back into the government during the transition and surrounds himself with people who are close to Bob Rubin. That’s exactly the wrong message to be sending to ordinary voters: that we’re bringing back this same crew of Wall Street-friendly guys who screwed up and got us in this mess in the first place.

Gergen: That sentiment is exactly what the business community objects to.

Taibbi: Fuck the business community!

Gergen: Fuck the business community? That’s what you said? That’s the very attitude the business community feels is coming from many Democrats in Washington, including some in the White House. There’s a good reason why they feel many Democrats are hostile — because they are.

Taibbi: It’s hard to see how this administration is hostile to business when the guy it turns to for economic advice is the same guy who pushed through a merger and then went right off and made $120 million from a decision that helped wreck the entire economy.

BooHooHooMan - 18 November 2010

LOL. Oh that is good.
And perfect for one of those Xtranormal animes…

Q: What did Taibbi say to The Gergen?

A: To The Gergen. Taibbi said.
fuck the business community.

Q: And what did The Gergen say to The Taibbi?

A: To the Taibbi.
Gergen said. fuck the the business community.

Q: He said that Yes?

A: Yes. He said that.

Q: Who?

A: He did-

Q: What?

A: Also Say that’s –
Q: What did he say?
A: – what you say to. the business community.

😆 and so forth..

BTW, the Xtranormal site was getting crushed this morning..

Gergen. Jesus. Like Locusts and frogs and blood running in the river this Spring.

BooHooHooMan - 18 November 2010

Q: And why are they afraid of The Rubin?

A: Because they want to eat.

Q: What do they eat?

A: I don’t know. Maybe Reubens with The Gerkhin.


Madman in the Marketplace - 18 November 2010


that would be funny

26. diane - 18 November 2010

Pictorial …. on the Student Protest of the University of California SYSTEM. In other words: the PIGGY REGENTS, $“LEADERS”$, and THE HIGHLY SECURED, BRICK “HOUSE,” THE PIGGIES ARE CONSTRUCTING ……as they announce the raising of the cost of that “STATE” education close to 50% within two fucking years

(pics from the San Ho(usually) Murky, )

(If it were me, I wouldn’t bother wasting too much time on the piccy subtitles, nor the hardcopy stories attached to these piccys (the hardcopy piece, is titled Students, cops, clash, on the front page of the Local News section of the San Jose Mercury News, for November 18th, 2010) – they tend to take a while before any sort of truth is revealed, if they decide to reveal any truth.)

27. diane - 18 November 2010

(interestingly, I found no obvious, online, version of the protest “story;” let alone one that was emphasized, ….given that the US (particularly CALI), is in such a RACE TO THE TOP…… That makes sense to me, the ‘Murky’ (see here, also.) whored by so many billionaires, and such military might, would not want the rest of the world to know about the cesspool in the middle of that fecund Sly Con Valley and environs …….

This ‘post,’ is further commentary to my, just prior, Student Protest comment …. which will likely post very soon. )

28. BooHooHooMan - 18 November 2010

Pretty simple mathematically,
If “Money is Speech” wrt politics ,
lets take a look where the Democrats are ..

House Dems Borrowed Millions To Avoid Worse Losses

Well, you can’t mortgage gelatin, soooo..

In a postelection memo to the party’s rank and file, Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., said moves by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in the final few weeks before the election had helped incumbent lawmakers win new terms in close races in Indiana, North Carolina, Georgia, California and elsewhere.

The memo did not address financial matters, but officials said the campaign organization ended the year owing $17 million on a line of credit.

And what pray tell is the collateral? None?
Unsecured? Well, technically of course, yes.
An unsecured loan. But like any other, it’s predicated on ..what else? CASH FLOW.

So I say Bring on the Jackals. NTIM.
Don’t bother, they’re here….etc


29. BooHooHooMan - 19 November 2010

And speaking of living in a cartoon…
The Santorum is back.
Mulling a 2012.

I laughed my ass off when I read this..

Voters are looking for authenticity, he said.

“I’m the Popeye candidate – I am what I am,” he said. “And I think in 2006 they didn’t like what I am. And that’s fine.”

The……..authentic Popeye candidate.

Oh, Bring ‘Em On. What the hell – why not? LOL.
There must be something in the water in the coal and gas sludge that passes for water in my homestate of PA. Just swill it down, folks.

Cuz Tom Ridge is lookin like he wants in, too.
Sahs, ahem, choke, Bush “didn’t get a fair shake”

Those stories – and what stories they are –
from ….. Politico.

I saw somewhere The Gergen was humping Jeb B’s entrance into 2012. Just pass the bullets all around.

30. dropout - 20 November 2010

Somehow I missed this report, motive:

9/11 :CNN Reported Third Explosion Brought Down WTC1 On 911.

31. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 November 2010

well, that didn’t take long: Elizabeth Warren Extends Olive Branch, Borrows Idea From Lenders In First Major Speech

The Harvard Law professor, who now works for Obama and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, acknowledged the burden excessive regulation places on lenders, however. She offered lenders a chance at their long-held regulatory dream: an approach focused on core principles instead of a mountain of specific rules.

“Instead of creating a regulatory thicket of ‘thou shalt nots,’ and instead of using ever-more-complex disclosures that drive up costs for lenders and provide little help for consumers, let’s measure our success with simple questions,” Warren said in her prepared remarks. “Instead of layering on regulations that don’t fully protect consumers, a better approach would focus on how to give consumers the power to make the right choices for their families — and, at the same time, to ease the regulatory burden for the lenders.”

Sure, that will work.

“At its core, this is a pretty simple idea that builds on the basic principles your industry laid down through this group,” Warren told the assembled executives. Referencing what may be at the top of her agenda — reforming credit card agreements — Warren said that she was “here with all of you tonight because I want to be part of a discussion about how we can make the idea of a short, easy-to-read agreement a reality.”

The idea of a principles-based approach, which is one that calls for companies to comply with basic principles rather than a multitude of specific and sometimes-outdated rules, was espoused by the Bush administration and the financial lobby.

During its 2007 presentation, the Roundtable listed as its top guiding principle “fair treatment for consumers.” Warren reminded them of that on Wednesday.

“The principle is easy,” she explained. “Just as you said, customers should be able to understand the deal, assess the costs and risks, and compare one [credit] card to another.”

Referencing their “remarkable chance,” Warren said they could “rethink our approach to regulating financial services” and “seize the opportunity to do something unexpected — and exceptional.”

For an ardent consumer champion long critical of the financial services industry and its love of “tricks and traps,” the regulatory sea change from rules to principles would indeed be unexpected.

When it comes to credit-card agreements, Warren said the early feedback she’s received from credit-card issuers “suggests that industry is eager for simplification too.”

“Some bankers have told me that a simple contract is exactly what they want too,” Warren said. “I believe there are people in this room who are ready to run with this idea.”

32. catnip - 21 November 2010

Obamalama’s Number One Fan, blackwaterdog, has left the building – again. Idol worship: it’s not for the faint of heart!

artemis54 - 21 November 2010

The pom-pom girls are in a big whoopty today over Cenk Uygur’s occasional criticism of O. Last I looked, it had reached the point of calling out Uygur’s four month old son in a diary title. Surely that’s contrary to something in the holy 83-volume book of rules and their various exegeses.

catnip - 21 November 2010

I missed that one!

To the rescue:

He’s A President. Not A Dictator. Also, Lay Off Michelle Obama!
by deaniac83


Useless sycophants. They look up “democracy” in a dictionary and see a self-gagged donkey.

33. Madman in the Marketplace - 21 November 2010
34. Madman in the Marketplace - 21 November 2010
35. Time for some shout outs! « Everybody Comes From Somewhere - 21 November 2010

[…] I’ve not had much interest in meta lately, Marisacat‘s place is probably your best bet if you feel the need to indulge. MoBettaMeta is still there […]

36. diane - 21 November 2010

would like to post something (in addition to the two posts, 11/18/10, in spam, yet to show up, re the UC protests) but my cat keeps tromping back and forth on the keyboard as I attempt it …

so be it …

hugs to Marisa…..

diane - 21 November 2010

hmmm,…ruby has stopped tromping on the keyboard, I’ll attempt a repost of my (currently unposted), 11/18/10 posts:

Unposted, Post One:

Pictorial …. on the Student Protest of the University of California SYSTEM. In other words: the PIGGY REGENTS, $“LEADERS”$, and THE HIGHLY SECURED, BRICK “HOUSE,” THE PIGGIES ARE CONSTRUCTING ……as they announce the raising of the cost of that “STATE” education close to 50% within two fucking years

(pics from the San Ho(usually) Murky, )

(If it were me, I wouldn’t bother wasting too much time on the piccy subtitles, nor the hardcopy stories attached to these piccys (the hardcopy piece, is titled Students, cops, clash, on the front page of the Local News section of the San Jose Mercury News, for November 18th, 2010) – they tend to take a while before any sort of truth is revealed, if they decide to reveal any truth.)

Unposted, Post Two:

(interestingly, I found no obvious, online, version of the protest “story;” let alone one that was emphasized, ….given that the US (particularly CALI), is in such a RACE TO THE TOP…… That makes sense to me, the ‘Murky’ (see here, also.) whored by so many billionaires, and such military might, would not want the rest of the world to know about the cesspool in the middle of that fecund Sly Con Valley and environs …….

This ‘post,’ is further commentary to my, just prior, Student Protest comment …. which will likely post very soon. )

diane - 21 November 2010

too funny, just moments ago, my November 18th post has finally posted also, three days later, the more the merrier, I suppose ….I hope that means you are back and doing okay Marisa!

marisacat - 21 November 2010

think I let three out of Moderation…


diane - 21 November 2010

all of mine are out of moderation.

So very glad you are back honey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

37. BooHooHooMan - 21 November 2010

Oh Gahd. I think I’ve gotta do a little more woodwork , maybe take up some fruit carving, join the others in the dayroom for Mahjong…

‘cuz poking around on the internets I think I just discovered that Obama is a descendant of Yezhov.

diane - 21 November 2010

…that is a fairly stunning likeness, even better than the Babs Pierce (etc.) Bush/Crowley likeness.

…must be sumthin about how they use their facial muscles when scheming, conveying, or covering up, their agendas …………..Or, they are fuckin related.

38. marisacat - 21 November 2010

Signing in, Sunday 6:54 PM Pacific

Somehow or other, I am here….

I made it out and back.

But I am battered and bruised for the week it took them to save me.

They only let me out today as I promised (they almost made me sign in blood but they had so much of it already) that on TUESDAY I show up for another echocardio… and more blood work. And more of that everyweek for weeks….

And see the doc I selected no later than the week following TGiving.

But … I made it.

I hope everyone is well and safe…


diane - 21 November 2010


You are back!

So glad

Take it easy Sweety…

diane - 21 November 2010

Ruby Kitty waves a dangerous paw (with claws fully retracted) too….

Madman in the Marketplace - 21 November 2010

hey, welcome back!

marisacat - 21 November 2010

made it…. by the skin of my teeth I think.

Madman in the Marketplace - 21 November 2010

I’m glad you convinced your captors to release you …

marisacat - 21 November 2010

when I realised it might get extended… becasue it had begun to appear to wind down Tuesday afternoon, then by Tuesday evening ratcheted UP big time and they moved me to the cardiac telemetry…. where they suggested, with little preamble, an invasive procedure. I blew what gaskets I had left…. and as soon as I saw it getting even more extended, simply said I had to have a standing order for Ativan. Cocoon myself against them.

And escaped the procedure…. Invasive is where they can (and mostly do) make big big big big big mistakes. Not having it.


39. marisacat - 21 November 2010




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