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She’d had it… 24 November 2010

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Viva La Revolucion!.

...She continued: 'There were about six or seven tiger sharks down there and we couldn't believe our luck. We were having a great time photographing them all until one diver swam towards one of them trying to get a better shot. The shark suddenly seemed to get angry and snatched the camera right out of his hands' Tiger sharks are considered to be one of the most dangerous shark species in the world and are responsible for many recorded attacks on humans, second only to the great white shark.

These remarkable pictures show the moment a tiger shark snatched an expensive camera from the hands of a petrified photographer during an underwater diving expedition in the Bahamas. After photographer Karin Brussaard took several photos, the shark decided enough was enough and grabbed the equipment in its jaws before swimming off…

…Brussaard, from the Netherlands, said: “Luckily it did drop it eventually and remarkably the camera only seemed to have a couple of scratches on it”…

…She continued: “There were about six or seven tiger sharks down there and we couldn’t believe our luck. We were having a great time photographing them all until one diver swam towards one of them trying to get a better shot. The shark suddenly seemed to get angry and snatched the camera right out of his hands.” Tiger sharks are considered to be one of the most dangerous shark species in the world and are responsible for many recorded attacks on humans, second only to the great white shark. Picture: KARIN BRUSSAARD / CATERS NEWS


Makes sense to me…. I wonder if the photogs have the perspicacity to understand the shark likely said:

Look, we played nice, but as Syvia Earl, life long oceanographer, has said, y’all done fished, killed, and et up 90% of us.

So buzz the fuck off.  We gave already.




1. marisacat - 24 November 2010

LA Times has an article up on PETN… not such a much of a report, but a good first comment:

MajorVariola at 6:37 AM November 24, 2010

Since a modern west is so fragile, perhaps its best not to make enemies. One could imagine closing the 700 military bases around the world. Might save some money. Hows that dollar workin out for ya?

Folks in glass empires shouldn’t fly drones.

Madman in the Marketplace - 24 November 2010

Folks in glass empires shouldn’t fly drones.

wise words …

2. marisacat - 24 November 2010

Whoops. Times are tough all around:

[“]We’re interested,” said Mike Paul of MGP & Associates PR, “but we’re not getting the facts that we want.”

Woods is making a “preemptive strike” to get ahead of negative news media coverage surrounding the one-year anniversary of the day-after-Thanksgiving crash that ignited a scandal over his extramarital affairs.

Paul’s verdict: It’s “failing miserably.”

Anne Rivers of BrandAsset Consulting agreed, saying Woods is seen as the most “arrogant” sports brand among consumers, ahead of the New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys and Miami Heat.

An interview Thursday with ESPN’s Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic and a first-person essay for Newsweek are not enough, Paul said. Woods still “absurdly” refuses to discuss details of the crash and its aftermath.

Since the crash, Woods has been winless, divorced by Elin Nordegren and dropped by corporate sponsors Gatorade, AT&T and Accenture.

“He’s caused a lot of trauma in his own life,” Paul said. “But he’s also gone through a lot of trauma. The way you deal with that trauma is turn golf into football and go through the end zone. He’s settling for the short passes and leaving a lot of stuff on the table.”


hmm maybe he could talk to La Nan about that table thing. On second thought her gambit failed big time too.

Helium escaping? A LOT of helium escaping from a lotta pumped up fakes? (All that Father – Husband – Daddy – etc., sheisse he pushed…) I think so.

3. brinn - 24 November 2010

My Onion horoscope for this week sums things up nicely:

This will be a week of surprise after surprise, which will become tiresome after a few hours, terrifying after a few days, and unspeakable after that.


Be good ya’ll! 😉

marisacat - 24 November 2010

I have Pisces Moon,… so I am going to beg this onerous burden manages to pass me by!!


Take care brinn… you and the boys have a lovely day tomorrow….


diane - 24 November 2010

…oh my…what with the Uranus/Neptune ..mutual reception and all ….

(I didn’t write that …..and I never thought about turning it into a paying (or non-paying) job…..wellll …it is kind of interesting…….)

diane - 24 November 2010

of course, I’m a cancer rising ….my sun sign will go unmentioned, as I am also “paranoic” about unseen enemies…..


marisacat - 24 November 2010

oh Libra Sun here…. Rising is on the cusp of Sag and Cap. Literally… 0 degrees of Cap iirc. (or maybe it was 0 deg of Sag… so long ago. etc…)

diane - 24 November 2010

moon in taurus, in a fairly exact, fixed square with venus, neptune, and uranus, hanging off a moon, sun, pluto conjuct jupiter, trine ….Neptune, mars, and saturn in scorpio

Pisces on the MidHeaven sweetness …..

diane - 25 November 2010

ooops s/be 4 fixed squares, all four planets squaring off symmetrically over 360 degrees….delightful …I’ve come to somewhat think it explains something…but what would I know anyway………..

marisacat - 25 November 2010

iirc my moon sits at the mid heaven…

diane - 25 November 2010

with the sag/cap rising sign and the moon in pisces, your moon is likely in the fourth house (or very near it), the fourth house representing the ‘home.’ The signs of virgo/libra would be at or very near the MidHeaven, dependent on which method was used. Using the “equal house” method, the virgo/libra cusp would be at the MidHeaven, so your sun would be near the MidHeaven…. In vedic astrology, …all of the sign degrees would be reduced by 20 plus degrees ….and your sun sign could be late virgo (still near the MidHeaven, which would be in Virgo)…etc.,

(jeessh ….shut up and pleeease go sleep it off diane….)

marisacat - 25 November 2010

I think iirc it was 17 deg Libra… adn that may b what was at the MH.

So long ago… and no idea where all the horrorscopes are by now………………..

diane - 25 November 2010

sounds like your sun is in the ninth house, nearing the MidHeaven….it certainly suits you, in my opinion …

diane - 25 November 2010

17 libra sounds about right, and,… if your sun was at the MidHeaven, with 0 Capricorn as a rising sign, sounds like the “Koch” system was used, which can result in whole signs being intercepted (not on the cusp of any house) within houses, and consequently 2 houses under the same sign, which lends its own interest in the analysis. I have aries and its opposite, libra, intercepted, using the “Koch” system, with leo and aquarius on the cusps of two houses each, in my horoscope.

diane - 24 November 2010

i.e. I always worry that I will be forever unhireable (and I do despise the idea of someone having to pay for my way) for what I’ve written if someone can connect my first name with my last, via my DOB, ….i.e. I have come to despise a majority working in the area I work in.

I knew it would be hard, but never imagined it would be this hard….(probably a good thing I didn’t).

brinn - 24 November 2010

Oh, thanks MCat — unfortunately, they boys are with their dad at his parents house….ah, well, I get ’em for the winter break and I am thankful that they’re my kiddos! Now only if I didn’t have to work, it would really be a lovely day!

diane - 24 November 2010

Do we have to be good hon?


Happy Thanksgiving!

brinn - 24 November 2010

Nah, diane! But be good at it, k? 😉

diane - 24 November 2010

I will do my very best for you to be good at it sweetness!

hugs back to ya sweetness!

Madman in the Marketplace - 24 November 2010

happy subjugation of the continent day, Brinn!

brinn - 25 November 2010

Right back at ya, madman! *hugs*

4. marisacat - 24 November 2010

5 year TSA employee, working at the Jackson-Hartsfield airport, allegedly abducts a woman from a transit station and rapes her at his home.

He was a behaviour detection worker. Oh pardon me… OFFICER.

Things are going so well.

diane - 24 November 2010

wish I could say I was shocked, but it soooo fits the type who’ve been fantasing to cuff, then abuse, folks from early on in their lives.

Whereas many unemployed would forfeit such a job, come what may, some chomp at the bit for it (even got refused at the local PD, they were that creepy) …GWB/Cheney opened up a field day for them …then Obama demanded that those doors be left open 24/7.

5. catnip - 24 November 2010
marisacat - 24 November 2010

I am just hearing that on al Jazeera…. how nice. Sugarland Tx Bugman finally found guilty.

Madman in the Marketplace - 24 November 2010

I’ll celebrate when/if the appeal fails and that motherfucker is actually in jail.

brinn - 25 November 2010

Me too. I never had any doubt that the jury here in Travis County would convict his sorry ass, but the judges on the TX Court of Appeals are a whole different set of animals.

6. ts - 24 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Here’s hoping the annual get togethers are preferable to an enhanced pat down.

marisacat - 24 November 2010

have a lovely day ts!

diane - 24 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving ts!

7. diane - 24 November 2010

Between the LA Times ’author’less, (read gutless) 11/17/10 editorial, ”Shut Up And Be Scanned – The airport security devices may be intrusive, but they’re also a necessary evil” (yup, just insert the word necessary before the word evil, and we should all drop our drawers and grab our ankles), and WAPO’s Ruth Marcus’ (is she one of those cutters who deliberately slice themselves ? …or is she exempt from the airport fascism?) 11/24/10 editorial, “ …Grow Up, America” not sure which one was more hideous. …talk about your creepy nasty minions ……reading those pieces was like prying a long undisturbed rock from an ancient cesspool bottom.

marisacat - 24 November 2010

I left scathing comments at both the Eugene Robinson article at Truth Dig as well as Marcus’ dirvel, also at TruthDig.

Robinson’s had been up longer and there were more comments. Calls for him to be dropped from TD.

I also unsubbed from the TD email (truly there is nothing much to read there anyway, even Hedges is prodictable and formulaic to be brutal) and there was an opportunity to say why unsubbing. So I said, Marcus Robinson and FanBot work re: TSA.

diane - 24 November 2010

ugh …haven’t read that slime (will take your implied word for it that it’s nasty)…and re Chris Hedges, I admitted to myself (one does like to wish) the other day that it’s totally fucked that he doesn’t respond to commenters … (I could understand a commentless blog, but if you’re going to allow commenters, than you damn well better respond at some point, or SHUT THE FUCK UP).

marisacat - 24 November 2010

I don’t think any of them respond. I have seen Ritter respond, from time to time, but he is barely at TD anymore.

diane - 24 November 2010

have only recently read it, and only for the Hedge’s pieces…won’t be visiting anymore …took too long to load anyway, just as well.

marisacat - 24 November 2010

wow I went over t see what developed on the Marcus thread. VICIOUS, she got slammed hard. As did Truth Dig as a whole. Much cross commenting from the Robinson slobber.

and they have a milder article on TSA riding at the top of the page. hven’t read it, but TOO LATE, I’d say.

diane - 24 November 2010

…she got slammed hard…..

she certainly deserved it, I read it in the wee hours of the morning and it depressed me so fucking bad, I couldn’t even post about it.

diane - 24 November 2010

Couldn’t resist reading ‘the slam.’ great post honey!

oh Ruth honey give it up. Take that plump middle aged sagging body over to the scanners and then for a very thorough pat down… now no cheating with a special wink at the TSA that shows you are a privileged insider…

Then come back with the airport mall see thru pics and a description of having a TSA hand in your butt crack. Or hefting a breast to ensure there is nothing UNDER the sag.

Go to wherever Eugene Robinson should be sent.

Sooner. Not later.

marisacat - 24 November 2010

oh yeah I had a moment of fun, I dislike her sort, Katha Pollit, etc. Wishy washy dedicated partisans, lack of vigor in their thinking, etc….

esp just exiting a week of invasion and invasive questions… and so on.


it all seems related.

BooHooHooMan - 24 November 2010


marisacat - 24 November 2010

I think the Marcus and Robinson articles at TD are simply reprints of what is at their usual “homes”.

8. BooHooHooMan - 24 November 2010

China, Russia Quit Dollar.

It’s Official!
Like for real real.
Like in the People’s Daily. Which, come to think of it , The People’s Daily, along with Pravda, can actually be printed now on whole sheets of U.S. currency. LOL.

China and Russia have decided to renounce the US dollar and resort to using their own currencies for bilateral trade, Premier Wen Jiabao and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin announced late on Tuesday.

Chinese experts said the move reflected closer relations between Beijing and Moscow and is not aimed at challenging the dollar, 😆 { HA! Well Played ! } but to protect their domestic economies. {TRUE}

“About trade settlement, we have decided to use our own currencies,” Putin said at a joint news conference with Wen in St. Petersburg.

The two countries were accustomed to using other currencies, especially the dollar, for bilateral trade. Since the financial crisis, however, high-ranking officials on both sides began to explore other possibilities.

The yuan has now started trading against the Russian rouble in the Chinese interbank market, while the renminbi will soon be allowed to trade against the rouble in Russia, Putin said.

“That has forged an important step in bilateral trade and it is a result of the consolidated financial systems of world countries,” he said.

Putin made his remarks after a meeting with Wen. They also officiated at a signing ceremony for 12 documents, including energy cooperation.

So long ~ farewell ~ auf Wieder-sayin~ and~all~that..
(however it translates bilaterally into the Chinese and Russian, respectively. Which we should be able to get done soon enough for about 50 cents an hour by an American PhD. ((Whatever that’s worth in yuan or rubles. )) LOL..

marisacat - 24 November 2010

I see the conservative sites are all telling the Commies to go fuck themselves. And their currencies.


BooHooHooMan - 24 November 2010

What a delicious clusterfuck.
Seein’ as how “we” won the Cold War –
and we’re ALL Ronnies now – Obama said so! –
and all. Well, Not everybody!

marisacat - 24 November 2010

I don’t think I saw Stansfield Turner at the big oblong table with Obby as he tried to sell START….

But the rest sure showed up. hmm maybe not Geo Shultz come to think of it.

I read that the WH for whatever reason sought Jewish groups support fo hte START gambit.

So sick of them ALL.

BooHooHooMan - 24 November 2010

I read that the WH for whatever reason sought Jewish groups support fo hte START gambit.

Oh why should they worry?
Obama’s GOT THIS, right? Right? No?
He sell us for a nickle? 😆

And Surely they can rely on the historic relationship they’ve enjoyed..in RUSSIA.
That worked out well.
Should go well in China, too, who have no problem in freezing asset sales now..(crickets out of the American press busy humping “market recovery”) Which is also all so surreal: God forbid any chapped ass American bentover on all fours however perplexed yet quite cognizant of that piston to rump pumping action might actually perceive* ❓ gasp perceive*
that , ya know, something is amiss. 💡

So How’s that “Reset” button workin out for us?

:seriously, I think their move – what else – they obviously own Kyl’s crew to block any treaty… is to do what they always do as their market levitation fails : carry on with the death merchantry.

But how’s that likely to work out for us? Given that our real economy… isn’t for real.

How’s that likely to work out for us? Given that, unlike our Imperialists here, (or unlike recent Russian and Chinese PTB past)…

that neither Putin or Wen Jiabao are insecure, past their prime, nor disadvantaged in the information / intelligence game, and consequently: not easily hustled into a “strategic arms” race that is anything but strategic.

marisacat - 24 November 2010

oh I forgot about that “reset button” stuff. The one Hilarious presented to whomever, on her first or second foray as SoS and we had the Russian cyrillic alphabet wrong. It said something different.

Oh wellllllllllll.

BooHooHooMan - 24 November 2010

Too funny – Remember?
I know ,I know – so much cartoon scenery rolling by:

It didn’t quite work out as she planned.

She handed him a palm-sized box wrapped with a bow. Lavrov opened it and pulled out the gift—a red plastic button on a black base with a Russian word “peregruzka” printed on top.

“We worked hard to get the right Russian word. Do you think we got it?” Clinton said as reporters, allowed in to observe the first few minutes of the meeting, watched.

“You got it wrong,” Lavrov said, to Clinton’s clear surprise. Instead of “reset,” he said the word on the box meant “overcharge.”

marisacat - 24 November 2010

oh how perfect!

How damned hard is it to get a reasonable translation of “reset”.

BooHooHooMan - 24 November 2010

Gotta love the Pravda too… how they refer to The Bernanke’s quantitave easing as “emmissions”.
Like we’re farting out money or something.
Which we are! 😆

If gentlemen cannot play by the rules, they change the rules

Emission activity of the United States continues to promote the growth of commodity assets where investors find safe anti-inflationary shelter. The U.S. decision to launch another emission of the dollar not only undermines the credibility of their currency as a single equivalent value, but also provokes a rise in inflationary risks which creates new bubbles in the markets.

Cheap liquidity, as has been noted earlier, is mainly spent in the commodity markets. Since the uncertainty in the economy is still extremely high, the money first goes to the segment of precious metals (gold and silver).

The growth of the precious metals continues, and numerous mantras of analysts provide a speculative demand. Since August, the price of gold rose nearly 20%, while silver has added even more – over 50%. However, this does not mean inflation correlation alone. Since August, the dollar index (the rate to the basket of currencies) had a downward adjustment of a little over 5%. Most experts do not deny a speculative component.

In its desire to smooth out volatility in the market, the largest stock exchange group CME Group (Chicago) (the group that has the greatest number of deals on silver) increases the margin requirements for silver futures from $5,000 to $6,500 per contract of 5,000 ounces. This has caused the quotes to collapse by 10%.

The last drop of this scale has occurred on the so-called Silver Thursday in March of 1980. Then silver quotes prices at Comex have collapsed by 50% in 4 days due to the change in bidding rules. Incidentally, Comex was subsequently acquired by CME that uses the same methods.

Improving the collateral on the Stock Exchange from $5,000 to $6,500 (+25%) per contract of silver, CME “knocked out” small buyers and speculators from long positions, thinks Alexei Viazovsky, an analyst with Kalita-Finance.

“If the market makers (MM) sell more than they buy back, they form a position,” says Viazovsky. “MM Institute was formed by a number of organizations affiliated with large brokerage houses and banks. The latter, in exchange for a mandatory (!) fixed fee, have to sell assets when customers want to buy and buy when customers want to sell. This means that those who have been selling more than they have been buying since August have lost or may lose (if the position is not closed) up to 60%! Do you think that organizers of these trades will be satisfied with such loses?

On average, no more than 5% of the buyers of futures require physical delivery of an asset, but if the stock market panics, including a sharp rise in prices, the number of such customers grows significantly.

“What if you sold silver that you cannot physically supply? What do you do? It is worth mentioning a classic English saying:

“Gentlemen always play by the rules. If gentlemen cannot play by the rules, they change the rules.” This is exactly what the gentlemen in America are doing,” said Alexey Viazovsky.

Someone catch the lights on the way out, okay?
The Russians and the Chinese are on to the various
Gold men and Silver burghers of Chicago and realms elsewhere..

marisacat - 24 November 2010

hmm I read a tidbit about Krugman I had not heard before. Bernanke got him his spot at Princeton. Cannot htink this minute where I read it, but as I did I felt it was a trustworthy place.

BooHooHooMan - 24 November 2010

We should peg the dollar to Krugman.
Through the Left a bone. HA!

BooHooHooMan - 24 November 2010

Change it’s name to The Whiner.

BooHooHooMan - 24 November 2010

LOL –> Trow da Left a bone.

marisacat - 24 November 2010

Forget if it is IOZ or the boychicks at SMBIVA, but one of them calls him Nobel Paul.


Madman in the Marketplace - 24 November 2010

they both did their academic work on the Depression, IIRC.

dropout - 25 November 2010

Not what? Major inflation?

And here I thought 2011 would be a better year.

9. ts - 24 November 2010

Homeland Clown College is dropping the “color alerts”. Probably because they never intend to take us off orange, unless the military takes over.


marisacat - 24 November 2010

I heard one proposal is a two tier, “Elevated” and “Imminent”.

That’s it.

I say they need to do whatever it is they plan (in terms of murder and mayhem) sooner rather than later.

I am weary with the long foreplay.

ts - 24 November 2010

Imminent means to me they can’t stop it, so just quit with the pat downs and let us light up on the plane.

That would just be like Pistole, though. The guy makes Geithner and Brownie look like Einstein and Hawking.

marisacat - 24 November 2010

Well not just Pistole, but Big Sis too, Janet Napolitano.

It all smacks of busy work…keeping Ob and a handful visible and looking like something is going on.

Yeah to me Imminent means “incoming”.

BooHooHooMan - 24 November 2010

“Elevated” and “Imminent”.

Hunh. And I thought that was the Viagra-meter.

Ain’t worth a damn, either! 😆

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 24 November 2010

Papal productions going HD for better views of the Holy See

And if you tune in after midnight you’ll get hot HD widescreen pedo action.

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 24 November 2010

Minn. Pol With Gun Outside Abortion Clinic Says He Was Just In Area ‘Checking On’ His Girlfriend

When police came, they handcuffed him and took his gun, which he has a concealed carry permit for. Hackbarth claimed he didn’t realize he was in the Planned Parenthood parking lot, according to the police report. He said he was in the neighborhood looking for his girlfriend, a woman he said he had met online a few months before and had been on a couple dates with.

Police have not been able to track down the mystery woman. Hackbarth said he didn’t have her phone number or address, as he only communicated with her via an online dating site. He also told police he didn’t remember the name of the site.

Hackbarth later told the Star Tribune that he had had coffee with the woman the day before and asked her out to dinner. She declined, saying she had plans with a female friend in the Highland Park, the neighborhood around the Planned Parenthood clinic.

But he didn’t believe her.

“She gave me some line of baloney, and I thought, ‘well, she’s fibbing to me.’ You could tell, and I thought, ‘well, I’m going to check it out.’ and I went there to see if she was around and her vehicle was not there. And I was just checking on her,” he told the local CBS affiliate.

According to the Tribune, he thought she was with another man and wanted to look around the neighborhood for her car. He didn’t find it.

“I was not a jealous boyfriend,” he said. “I was just trying to check up on her. It’s totally a misunderstanding.”

Police found maps, binoculars and more ammunition in his truck. They did not press charges, and returned Hackbarth’s gun to him a week later.

Hackbarth, a 58-year-old married father of three, said he is going through a divorce with his wife. They’ve been legally separated for more than a year, he said.

12. Madman in the Marketplace - 24 November 2010
BooHooHooMan - 24 November 2010

They don’t invest in anything.
They churn trades, and only loan on the franchise given them by Uncle.

Hedge funds are unregulated by ..ANYBODY.
If clients are “accredited investors” (individuals with net worths over 1.5 mil or clients are “institutional investors, BANKS, PENSION FUNDS, MUTUAL FUNDS no SEC registration required of the Hedge Fund itself. And as LLC or LLP’s they shield the operators and pass through the P&L.
Now their advisers have to register with the SEC if they manage pension funds. Which they all do. Manage – HA!- PLAY with Pensions – Banks – Mutual Funds – InsCos – all by mutual accord – by contract – they just pilage round after round of circular trades relieving the principal at every step of the way.

Now their is a big push DeCRYING with Shock! Shock! The gambling going on!- a BIG push trying to hustle the retail investor to stick with the “index” funds.. Well no bogus shit kidding, without them holding up the bogus support level of a Ponzi’d market, the whole thing will blow any minute now..

Too bad people ARE making runs on mutual funds now…

November 24, 2010
Mutual Fund Investors Rush From U.S. Stocks, Munis In Past Week

Gotta love it, that scam of “choice” within pension plans where people get to pick among a few to suit their investment “style” LOL, Take your pick.
You end up in the same thieving hands.
You want the full frontal from Rubin and Co? Fond of the Greenberg’s diaspora from the old AIG?
Want a new deal from MetLife fugitive turned new AIG chieftain Benmosche?
How about goin’ with the Cohen web outta SAC?

These gangster have their meathooks into every pension and mutual fund in the country, not to mention the regulators, Congress and BOjangles who are utterly superfluous. The only thing keeping it going is the Fed printing money…to the extent it is useful on the Imperial frontier. Which we’ve just seen that China and Russia have no use for it among themselves. Which represents how much of the world economy? More importantly, considering their natural resources and future value, what does that mean for our scamsters? BECAUSE – that while they have moved beyond our currency ruse – they will continue to settle accounts with us- wait for it – IN OUR SHITPAPER – LOL.

Back to the rats on parade-
Rendell quickly signed a pension reform bill yesterday. Wants em funded! So he ass covering says now. Fucking gangster. The looters need to cover their shorts.

And in Jersey..

New Jersey pension funds lost $23B so far this year | NJ.com
Nov 20, 2008 …

Which , note well,
where it started out this year:

N.J. pension fund is underfunded by $46B, as gap continues to grow
Published: Thursday, February 25, 2010,

We’re fucking DONE . BROKE . FINIS.

BooHooHooMan - 24 November 2010

(and NOT making a case fomr “registration” – pfft- or any other fluff in this Mugsy Mug’s game.
Fuck, Madoff ran NASDAQ. They changed the name to FINRA and paid Schapiro 9? 10 mil? in a golden parachute for two years, then Ob put her in at SEC. )

marisacat - 25 November 2010

I read at BI that some mutual funds are fearing subpoena now (I rememeber Janus was mentioned)… in the wake of … the arrest of Chui was it?

gah just woke up…. must get a drink and collect myself…

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 November 2010

a lot of funds, both mutual and hedge, being mentioned as related to that case, including Goldman Sachs & Janus. Business Insider has a tag for it now: Insider Trading-gate.

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 24 November 2010
marisacat - 24 November 2010


And in the process, we reveal to the world what we love so much about this country. That’s who we are. And that’s who Thanksgiving reminds us to be.

He is such a walk on mannequinn… I watched the damned thing and it was sooo bad. Girlchicks and all.

diane - 25 November 2010

My personal favorite:

..We don’t complain


diane - 25 November 2010

can only imagine, who WE happens to be.

ts - 25 November 2010

Nope, you just have them fired, killed by drones, etc. etc.

14. BooHooHooMan - 24 November 2010

Welp, about that time..Happy Anniversary of
the Old Jeebus-n-Turkey lubbin’ Break-Fast in
Celebratory Anticipation of Continental Genocide.

‘Night all.

diane - 25 November 2010

sweet dreams homezy,….

g’night Marisa, sweet dreams…

Take care all, and have a good day tomorrow despite the FUCKERs ….

(wish I could follow my own fucking advice …..jeeesh ….pathetic….)

15. marisacat - 25 November 2010

I woke from a rather dazed sleep… to one of these segments on some news, chit chat with a Butterball Hotline cook as to her odder calls over the years.

One was a distraight family wondering why there was no meat to cut from the bird. She finally determined they had the bird upside down and didn’t even know.

She told them to turn it over.

So here is wishing everyone who is having turkey has a right side up one!

16. marisacat - 25 November 2010

Cue the martial music… as we sink ever more into eternal everlasting global war

ARLINGTON, Va. — The Obama administration is considering creating a unified national security budget that would combine elements of the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development with the Pentagon, according to a draft copy of a long-awaited foreign policy strategy review shared with Congress this week.

Citing the joint planning required between U.S. military and civilian agencies in Iraq and Afghanistan, the proposal is one of several that would put the U.S. diplomatic corps and its lead global humanitarian agency on a stronger national security footing, according to a draft of the State Department’s first-ever Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review, or QDDR.


Ultimately, USAID and the State Department should “embrace conflict prevention and response as a core mission,” the document says. It calls for the U.S. to build a “deployable civilian surge capability” and create an “Overseas Contingency Operations” spending account for State and USAID’s budgets, referring to the Pentagon account known under President George W. Bush as the “Global War on Terror.”

The idea of combining budgets has been floated for decades in foreign policy circles as an effort to give foreign aid and development spending, historically unpopular in Congress, all the political clout and cover fire of defense spending.

But in nearly a decade at war, in the absence of an army of civilian aid workers, U.S. combat troops increasingly performed development and humanitarian work, such as building schools and delivering food. Those tasks are considered vital to the counterinsurgency goal of winning local allegiances.


Drowning in lies and wars.

17. marisacat - 25 November 2010

November 24, 2010


Air Force might still seek stay of order to reinstate lesbian major

The Air Force said Wednesday that it may still seek a stay of a judge’s order requiring the reinstatement of a lesbian Air Force major discharged under the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

Major Margaret Witt, who served most recently in the reserves as a flight nurse, said in a statement issued Tuesday night that she planned to return to duty. In addition, the American Civil Liberties Union, which served as her counsel in the court challenge, said the Air Force and the Justice Department had decided not to seek a stay of U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Leighton’s decision.

The Pentagon had no immediate comment on Witt’s announcement Tuesday night, but an Air Force spokeswoman told POLITICO Wednesday that there was no urgency to seek a stay since Witt doesn’t appear to be qualified at the moment to rejoin the force.

“To date, she has provided the Air Force no evidence that she meets the qualifications necessary to serve as an Air Force flight nurse, nor has she passed a medical physical which is also a
prerequisite to her reinstatement,” Lt. Col. Karen Platt said in an e-mailed statement. “If Major Witt shows that she meets the prerequisites to her reinstatement at some time in the future, the Air Force, DoD and DoJ will re-evaluate whether or not to seek a stay of the judge’s ordered reinstatement, pending appeal of the case.”


WHAT is it about the second rate, big gun, hard ass military, a born again pretzel hungry for all sorts of religious and whackjob of every faith luv, a dumb ass third rate AG do gays and women refuse to see?

Poor Oblation. An historic jellyfish.

marisacat - 25 November 2010

Jelly fish on a choke chain. Completely unnecessary as well… As if he’d do anything but Follow Orders.

18. catnip - 25 November 2010

Happy Turkey Day, Yanks. 😉

19. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 November 2010

Another sign of how everything gets co-opted … Arlo Guthrie riding a Macy’s float and singing “This Land Was Made for You and Me” to celebrate a huge commercial.

That sound you hear is Woody spinning in his grave.

marisacat - 25 November 2010

omigod. There is nothing left.


Next Pete Seeger will be on a “luv Our Hudson River” float.

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 November 2010

of course, I’m sitting here watching it, boy I miss NYC, so part-of-the-problem etc.


marisacat - 25 November 2010

ugh I admit I have never been able to stand th TGiving Day parade. Esp the last 30 years.. but i will take a peek.

20. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 November 2010

Menstruating woman subjected to TSA grope because panty-liner obscured her vulva on pornoscanner

These new scans are so horrible that if you are wearing something unusual (like a piece of cloth on your panties) then you will be subjected to a search where a woman repeatedly has to check your “groin” while another woman watches on (two in my case – they were training in a new girl – awesome). So please, please, tell the ladies not to wear their liners at the airport (I didn’t even have an insert in). I’m a strong, confident woman; I’m an Army vet (which is why those camo liners crack me up), I work full-time and go to graduate school full-time, I have a wonderful husband, and I don’t take any nonsense from anyone. I don’t dramatize, and I don’t exaggerate. I’m trying to give you a sense of who I am so you won’t think that this is a plea for attention, or a jumping on the bandwagon about the recent TSA proposed boycott. I just don’t want another woman to have to go through the “patting down” because she didn’t know that her glad-rag would be a matter of national security.”

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 November 2010

2nd comment:

Antinous / Moderator

We’re going back to the days when pregnant or menstruating women just stay at home behind the unclean screen.

marisacat - 25 November 2010

Othodox jews and fundie muslims, Richard Land types will be happy.

Which I think is the FUCKING PLAN.

marisacat - 25 November 2010

is a tampon allowed? Or must it be removed and examined? I actually am speechless here…

I am still reeling from the CAIR advisory that told muslim women they may demand to know why they were diverted, what area i at issue and say they will pat themselves down and present their hands for explosives resideu examination. And they may claim racial ethnic religious discrimination.

Everybody should wear burqas.

I am so done.

marisacat - 25 November 2010

From the thread a Boing Boing:

#39 • 7:18 AM, Nov 25 • Reply • Anon

The ACLU’s web page about the TSA has an account of a woman reporting a TSA agent pushing a thumb into her vagina, through her jeans. The thought of this makes my blood run cold.

diane - 25 November 2010

It’s looking like the next major headline could be the shooting of a passenger as the passenger’s (or significant other of violated passenger) reflexes drive their knee into a creepy, foul TSA groin …Reading about these incidents is near unbearable, …seems ‘they’ are deliberatly provoking towards anarchy and mayhem………

marisacat - 25 November 2010

I’m watching the dog show frm NYC, to take mymind off it…. ti s really upsettng. Because it won’t stay at airports… Big Sis was on Charlie Rose… Tuesday night i think, to spread her joy, about trains buses, etc… there are articles that the scanners are turning up at courthouses… Poor sodden bitch, she can’t even live openly as a lesbian.

anymore than the wars stay overseas It all comes home, it all comes down to where you are.

Yeah and fuck Obrama.

ts - 26 November 2010

I actually had a dream about that last night. Probably because my stepmom pulled a Ruth Marcus yesterday and thought everyone should just stop whining and accept their molestation. I just threw in a comment about how I didn’t want to watch her 2-year old grandchild or pregnant daughter-in-law to have to go through that and changed the subject.

Later, I dreamed that we all did have to go through that on a trip back to her home country, and during the procedure I made some sort of facetious comment as it was happening to me – “Could you cup my balls just a little more?”, at which the dream-TSA guy instead tried to squish them and as I dropped to the ground in agony, said “Is that better?” My response was the hardest uppercut I could muster to his family jewels

Right after that, I realized I was wearing a black trenchcoat and we then reenacted the security scene from the Matrix.

It was a dream after all.

marisacat - 26 November 2010

oh I loved reading that………..

Hell I am even agreeing with Kathleen Parker… a near impossibility. Who reminds in her columnin the Wapo that if TSA has agreed (does anyone trust them?) to limit intrusiveness with under 12, that still means we have very tender and impressionable 13 year old, girls as well as boys, subject to groping.

What about all of this do people miss?

It’s appalling.

and the underwear bomber, to the extnet I believe any of it, had no valid passport to board the damned plane. The thing was a failure from the get go.

ALL they catch are hapless wonders in domestic stings… and they’d like us all to forget about Major Hassan, who snagged 12 in a rip roaring blast of gunfire…. AND STILL US mil and even some family members who go to meet planes are EXEMPTED from these intrusions.


diane - 26 November 2010

Good for you hon! Let’s hope creepy TSA agents everywhere had nightmares that they got pounded in the nuts.

21. marisacat - 25 November 2010

I think Obby just said in his vid of the day, that ”tomorrow will be better than today”, that is ”our legacy” as Americans.

Funny, he did not look too overly slap happy.

Something wrong maybe?

22. marisacat - 25 November 2010



……………….. 8)

marisacat - 25 November 2010

ugh therer seems to be some problem with the “comments” section on the next post.

will see what can do…. not sure why this is happening….

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