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Mortal 7 December 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, DC Politics, Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Total fucking lunatics, Viva La Revolucion!.

Ocean Beach, San Francisico, satellite photo

Early on in my protracted stay, the evening news showed a wonderful shot of the beach above, which sits at the Western end of the city.  Or as I say, Facing Japan.  So, I used that image, and others of the coast, Highway 1 and the PCH- Pacific Coast Highway, when it all got to be too much. 

Which was too often.  I am thankful I never had an image of myself floating above it…….

Staff ranged from caring and wonderful to incompetent to, after long reflection on three nurses I had in the ICU-CCU during 4 days following the procedure (as they called it), I can say were [are] sociopaths.

Fortunately they, the sociopaths, were followed by a good nurse, who got mounds of IV architecture off both arms, things that no longer worked, probably had never worked.

A funny story was of the last nurse in ICU-CCU – – kind of a young punk male, no better description possible, who lectured me on what I call making one’s full donation to the chain of human effluvia.  Think they kept using ”bowel movement”. 

So, finally I interrupted him and said, “I don’t recall arguing against them”.

That stopped him.  I really wanted to tell him my grandmother’s lecture 50+ years ago was a helluva lot better….

Other than that I madly sent out telepathic messages last Friday for a call…the day the evening news reported BFH, Baby Fat Hunter wishes, in crown and hoop skirt I guess!, to decree that School Bake Sales must conform to whatever it is Mother Obama says is good food.

Arugula cookies anyone?

If you wanna disobey MO then you gotta hold the bake sale after school hours.  (I see in the last thread Diane posted some links.)

What can one add to that.

Is she the Cookie Monster?  Or the Cookie Patroller?




1. catnip - 7 December 2010

You’re back! Hallelujah!

(Don’t do that again!)

2. catnip - 7 December 2010

…who lectured me on what I call making one’s full donation to the chain of human effluvia. Think they kept using ”bowel movement”.

So, finally I interrupted him and said, “I don’t recall arguing against them”.


They’re obsessed with “BMs” in the hospital. Bunch of anal retentives.

(I’ll be here all week. Enjoy the veal.)

marisacat - 7 December 2010

I finallhy referred to it as the Jesus in Bethlemhem event. Send the Magi in, Star in the East.

And damn, if the minute they got their full donation, the other became an issue. Took me two days to convince them there was a FUCKING HOLE in the little “hat” they put in the toilette to catch the flow.

Mother of god. Let me go.

catnip - 7 December 2010

A pee hat? 😆


marisacat - 7 December 2010

this white half of a pope’s hat that sits hanging from the toilette rim. and little marks for 100 ccs, 200 ccs, etc

Fortunately I was not on Lasix, or anything else to MAKE you pee, but I don’t see how they have two on a med like that share a room.

HappyWooHooMan - 7 December 2010

{And be sure to have a BM after the veal!}

catnip - 7 December 2010

That new name looks good on you. 😉

3. diane - 7 December 2010

The wonderful Lady M hops right back into her impeccable rhythm …so very nice to fully smile about something for a change.

4. moiv - 7 December 2010

“I am thankful I never had an image of myself floating above it…….”

And so are we, Precious. Believe it.

marisacat - 7 December 2010

one thing is certain… bitch and moan do whatever necessary (I simply went into full terror mode, images of both parents being brought back from the “cath lab” in utter collapse floating infront of me) and make sure the small “procedure” of a needle ot the heart, with a catheter to drain “and we willnumb the area” and a tube to drain for days…….. is done under full anesthesia and not by a resident.

I had a real surgeon and a real anesthesiologist, who knew each other and had worked together before. Until I met them I was in sheer terror. Then watching them and the anesthesiologist spent time with me as we waited for th surgeon (by now it is 4 am Sunday, I landed there 7:30 PM Sat) then I heard them talk together and told them:

OK…. I am fine with this, you two have worked out this cardiac/plumbing/touchdown! stuff. I am going to trust you two.

HA! and I noticed they kept the most objectionalbe of the “Cardiology Fellowes” away from me, after that….. Happily I got to dispatch a few more.

5. marisacat - 7 December 2010


December 07, 2010


White House. Rebuking the left

Obama’s clearest triangulation to date:

This notion that somehow we are willing to compromise too much reminds me of the debate that we had during health care. This is the public option debate all over again. I pass a signature piece of legislation where we finally get health care for all Americans. Something that Democrats have been fighting for for a hundred years. But because there was a provision in there that they didn’t get, that would have affected maybe a couple of million people, even though we got health insurance for 30 million people, and the potential for lower premiums for maybe 100 million people, that somehow that was a sign of weakness, of compromise.

If that’s the standard by which we are measuring success or core principles, then let’s face it: We will never get anything done. People will have the satisfaction of having a purist position, and no victories for the American people. And we will be able to feel good about ourselves and sanctimonious about how pure our intentions are and how tough we are.

(transcript via Sargent)

hmm actually being a snivelling putz married to a lecturing boring woman is a BIG FAT sign of weakness.

Who else loved to use “sanctimonious”. Oh yeah, that tiny putz. Orange putz.

catnip - 7 December 2010

I pass a signature piece of legislation where we finally get health care for all Americans.

What kind of drugs is he on??

brinn - 7 December 2010

I wish that they had just stitched his whole mouth shut. In so many ways, the guys is even worse than Dubya — I mean, I never agreed with a thing Bush did, but at least he scrapped and fought for what he purported to believe in…whatever that happened to be at them moment….

Maybe someone can throw a real elbow at him and we could keep his mouth sewn shut all the way through the state of the union.

marisacat - 7 December 2010

see above, he can’t say “superfluous” but his chums all laughed happily with him.

marisacat - 7 December 2010

Laura left us alone more.

Literacy …. and she actually DID read, I heard her in interview enough answer to “what are you reading now” and federal funding for gang tat rmoval, which as it was OFFERED, and not mandated, I had no problem with it.

brinn - 7 December 2010

Laura went quietly about her business as first lady of Texas as well. She had some pretty nasty shit in her past (running over people with cars, for one) as did Dubya as everyone here in the Lone Star state knew well….

Lecturing people about what to eat/wear/drink was not their gig….’course, if you couldn’t afford to eat/wear clothes/drink that wasn’t their problem either, but how is that different from Mr. and Mrs. Obbie?

Sick to death of it all.

marisacat - 7 December 2010

yeah some curious wrinkles to that car accidentt at 17

diane - 7 December 2010


marisacat - 7 December 2010

bad ones

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 7 December 2010

It’s so good to have you back.

7. BooHooHooMan - 7 December 2010

Back to bein saddy, Paddy.

Bank of Ireland ATM and online systems fail

Automatic teller machine (ATM) Customers have been unable to use the bank’s cash machines
Continue reading the main story

One of the Irish Republic’s biggest banks has issued an apology to customers after a systems failure meant that, for a time, they were unable to access their cash accounts.

People with Post Office savings accounts in the UK were also affected.

A spokesperson said the fault had been largely rectified.

However, the amount of cash that can be withdrawn via ATMs may be restricted.

In a statement, the bank confirmed that “an unforeseen technical issue” had hit in-branch and online banking systems.

The bank confirmed that all of its branches were open, although some debit cards might be unable to conduct point of sale transactions…..

Oh I think this is gonna get interesting.

8. lucid - 7 December 2010

Glad you’re back dear! Now we just have to get Assange out of prison…

marisacat - 7 December 2010

yes thanks… very glad to be out of the needle gulag.

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 7 December 2010

I feel I have to welcome you back with a good “Catholics are pathetic babies” story … in honor of pissing in the Pope’s hat!

Catholic Mischief in Glasgow

I was outraged that a man should lose his job because he passed on a joke. It seemed to me to be a classic example of our society’s craven kowtowing to the religious lobby. The rest of us, it seemed to me, learn to take jokes on the chin. But the moment a religion is ‘offended’, we are all expected to tut-tut and grovel, and somebody gets fired.

I was also outraged that the BBC website on which I read the story had censored the punchline of the joke, again obviously to avoid giving ‘offence’.

ffence’. I was angry, and I immediately published the details here including a picture of the ‘offensive’ joke, with the punchline restored.

It’s a visual joke … made me chuckle.

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 7 December 2010
marisacat - 7 December 2010

you gotta love how clever we are.

War is peace.

I cuaght some of the tributes to Lennon that were on varioius channels over the weekend (and still running I guess) and heard an interesting tidbit that had passed me by…. Apparently “Imagine” is still a controversial song… EVERY YEAR gradutating classes want it played and are DENIED.

On some anniversary of Liverpool Cathedral, some parishioners wanted it played (how appropriate) but it was struck down as “anti religion”.

On the same theme, I caught Ob Rama the Fading at the Kennedy Center (was it?) awards the other night (to me the other 4 were added, they really only wanted to bother with Oprah and m a y b e Paul McCartney)

but Obbie stumbled over “superfluous” due to his stitches.

It was hilarious.

Madman in the Marketplace - 7 December 2010

the fuzzy image of Lennon the benign marketable hippie is okay, but pay no attention to the better words. Same scam as pretending MLK’s Riverside Church speech never happened.

marisacat - 7 December 2010


lucid - 7 December 2010

Lennon & Ono were hanging out regularly with Abbie Hoffman, Bobby Seale… etc. Until the Us gov’t really came down on him threatening deportation over his weed arrest in Britain he was planning a huge protest concert outside the RNC in 1972. The Government actually thought he was a threat to reinvigorate revolutionary spirit that had died out in the late ’60’s and fought back hard.

BooHooHooMan - 7 December 2010
marisacat - 7 December 2010

Nothing to scrap… it was all headline theatre.


I noticed almost the first words out of Au Sung Sui Kui (or whatever) mouth was to prattle that Galid Shalit (or whatever) “shall not be abandoned”… in a fast as can be interveiw with ha’aretz or JPost or one of the Israeli press.

11. lucid - 7 December 2010

LOL I didn’t read the comments section but apparently people are upset by this rather on-the-mark letter… BTW there were plenty of threads today on Dkos touting Assange as a rapist, though the details of the ‘crimes’ are in the public domain…

marisacat - 7 December 2010

yes but back when that all FIRST hit, months ago now, I read thru what was available (and obviously I am behind now)… Unless there is better infor avaialble the womens stories are shakey. And it sounds as tho it was all stired up by the first, a +40 who got pissed he moved on speedily to a 20 something. Both were one nighters.

Geesh, who cares.

Plus it seemed to me that Sweden dropped the charges at least once, again weeks months ago.

lucid - 7 December 2010

That was the point Naomi was making. This is the story:

The story appears to proceed as follows: Miss A, having invited Assange to speak to a leftwing campaign group in the town of Enkoping, suggested he stay in her flat, although the two had not met. Both agree that they slept together on the night before the event, during which the condom split.

The following day, the woman attended and helped facilitate the event, at which Miss W was also present. According to her police interview, Miss W accompanied the Australian and some male guests to lunch at which he flirted with her; afterwards the pair went to the cinema, where she told police she had performed oral sex on him. They slept together that night, using a condom, and again the following morning, when both parties appear to agree that a condom was not used, after which Assange left.

I agree with the author of the article that it has spiraled into a ridiculous affair where now these two women are being targeted by defenders of Assange, but that never would have happened in the first place if the Swedish police hadn’t made an issue out of nothing. It’ll never stand up in court.

lucid - 7 December 2010

And no doubt the only reason the Swedish police did is because of pressure brought by Washington…

marisacat - 7 December 2010

Seems to me the second woman, shanghai’d by the first, went weak in the knees once already.

lucid - 7 December 2010

That wouldn’t surprise me either, as it was number one who initiated contact with number two.

marisacat - 7 December 2010

exactly, No 1 stirred it all up……………

BTW, Glenn Beck has had a change of heart, he is not for arresting WikiAssange, he got out his white board and took it to pieces!…. LOL and Shep Smith is down iwth E Revolution!!!! He’d have published in a “hot NY minute”……………….


BooHooHooMan - 7 December 2010

I care. That man’s wanton lust is screwing ME out of what I imagine to be a very randy international sex life. 😆

BooHooHooMan - 7 December 2010

I’m talkin’ Cheetos, Sofa, NEKKID even. 😆

catnip - 7 December 2010

You’re twisted!


BooHooHooMan - 7 December 2010


BooHooHooMan - 7 December 2010

And when the big moment arrives, we jet off to Rome for a quick Indulgence prior to jetting off to retrieve the high end polymer techno condom in a secure bunker under the frozen tundra in Iceland which – O Shit! – I just realized I LAST LEFT in the subteranean frozen bunker IN SWEDEN so “Quick! To the Jet! Just one more hop , Hon, and, before ya know it ….” 😆

12. brinn - 7 December 2010

Posted in the last thread, but again YIPPIE! I’m glad your sprung Marisa, and relatively unscathed! Missed you MUCH!

marisacat - 7 December 2010

oh thanks dear…………………


brinn - 7 December 2010

Most welcome!! I am wondering though, do you know why the only way I can get to this thread is through the old one? This one doesn’t show up when I come to the page….is this just me?

marisacat - 7 December 2010

i don’t know dear… I have the thread up:


brinn - 7 December 2010

Herm. I can get to it through that link too, but when I click on home it revert to the Safe Streets one … oh, well no biggie!

marisacat - 7 December 2010

aybe put it up and just refresh the page…

brinn - 7 December 2010

Nope. That didn’t work either…not a big deal though, it’ll probably magikally fix itself tomorrow! I blame WikiLeaks — everyone seems to be blaming them for everything, so why not, right?


Madman in the Marketplace - 7 December 2010

clear your cache on your browser, that should do it.

brinn - 7 December 2010

will do! thanks, madman!

catnip - 7 December 2010

I hope you and the munchkins have a much easier year in 2011, brinn (with free lunches…yeah yeah…I know…there are no free lunches…literally or figuratively, unfortunately…)

brinn - 7 December 2010

Aw, thanks catnip! I appreciate the thought! I’ll keep thinking it and see what happens! 😉

I still want to run away and come live with you!

catnip - 7 December 2010

Doesn’t everybody?


brinn - 7 December 2010

But, of course, but I called it first!! What’s in been now, 5 years ago?!

catnip - 7 December 2010

Yes, you have dibbs (after Brad Pitt – who has been on the waiting list for 6 years now.)

brinn - 7 December 2010

LOL! Well, ok, second after Brad Pitt I guess I can handle — how long does he get to make his claim before it’s my turn? 😉

catnip - 7 December 2010

Well, first he has to get the divorce etc etc etc.

It could be a while.

Maybe I should rent out his tent* in the meantime…

*No, there is nothing tawdry implied by that phrase. I’m talking to you – BHHM.

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 7 December 2010

Medieval England Twice as Well Off as Today’s Poorest Nations

ScienceDaily (Dec. 6, 2010) — New research led by economists at the University of Warwick reveals that medieval England was not only far more prosperous than previously believed, it also actually boasted an average income that would be more than double the average per capita income of the world’s poorest nations today.

In a paper entitled British Economic Growth 1270-1870 published by the University of Warwick’s Centre on Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE) the researchers find that living standards in medieval England were far above the “bare bones subsistence” experience of people in many of today’s poor countries.

The figure of $400 annually (as expressed in 1990 international dollars) is commonly is used as a measure of “bare bones subsistence” and was previously believed to be the average income in England in the middle ages.

However the University of Warwick led researchers found that English per capita incomes in the late Middle Ages were actually of the order of $1,000 (again as expressed in 1990 dollars). Even on the eve of the Black Death, which first struck in 1348/49, the researchers found per capita incomes in England of more than $800 using the same 1990 dollar measure. Their estimates for other European countries also suggest late medieval living standards well above $400.

This new figure of $1,000 is not only significantly higher than previous estimates for that period in England — it also indicates that on average medieval England was better off than some of the world’s poorest nations today including the following (again average annual income as expressed in 1990 dollars).

Zaire $249

Burundi $479

Niger $514

Central African Republic $536

Comoro Islands $549

Togo $606

Guinea Bissau $617

Guinea $628

Sierra Leone $686

Haiti at $686

Chad $706

Zimbabwe $779

Afghanistan $869

marisacat - 7 December 2010

That should strike terror in many a heart. Should, is obviously conditional. May not.

brinn - 7 December 2010


Well, give us about 5 years and we’ll be there too!

14. catnip - 7 December 2010

Okay. So, what was the point of posting those pics?

Get your popcorn out for that mini-series of an article.

lucid - 7 December 2010

Not to mention it wasn’t really a world wide manhunt. Then Sweden issued the arrest warrent via Interpol on Monday night Assange immediately made arrangements to turn himself over to the British police, whom he had informed of his whereabouts when he entered the country!

It’s like OJ all over again…

catnip - 7 December 2010

I’m sensing a trend for a new, booming business in the US of A: “Obama” bumper sticker remover goop.

catnip - 7 December 2010

Oops…that was posted in the wrong place…

catnip - 7 December 2010

The things I learn about at dkos: Goof Off. Perfect.

15. lucid - 7 December 2010

Chicken is just about done in the oven… kitties on crack, oh my!

marisacat - 7 December 2010

I somehow made myself chicken a few hours before I crash landed at CPMC ER again… I knew if I was going back “in” I needed a decent meal….

😆 ………… 🙄

16. brinn - 7 December 2010

I think this may the first time in a long time when we have all be posting at the same time! All my faves are here, it feels like old home night!

Unfortunately, I gotta go try to sedate boys in preparation for sleeping! Some nights I just want to stay up all night and play too! Sucks to have to be an “adult”/parent sometimes!

I am reminded of the song “Kooks” by David Bowie….I love that song!

’til the morrow, dear friends!

marisacat - 7 December 2010

take care brinn…


brinn - 7 December 2010

Will do! But before I go, let me leave you with something that had me in stitches earlier today while I was working on my exit interview portfolio for the certification (scheduled for the 15th…). It’s called Kids’ Answers to Cliches and reminds me ever so much of why I want to work with them (kids)!

I love ’em all but this one is classic:

When the blind leadeth the blind…get out of the way!


catnip - 7 December 2010

Those are great. 🙂

“To err is human…..To eat a muskrat is not.”

brinn - 7 December 2010

I like that one too!

And, “It is always darkest just before… I open my eyes.”

and, “If you lie down with dogs…you’ll stink in the morning.”

freaking awesome!

gotta take those belly laughs where I can get ’em and these are still making me laugh 5 hours later!

brinn - 7 December 2010

The wisdom/social commentary in this one was almost too much for my belly, coming in at the end as it did:

You get out of something what you…..
See pictured on the box.


Ok, I must be out!

catnip - 7 December 2010

Munchkin Sedation: Just play them one of Obamalama’s Saturday morning gabfest schticks that nobody listens to.

brinn - 7 December 2010

LOL! catnip, you may just be on to something! kiddo the younger asked me the other day why he was always on the T.V. talking, “is he supposed to be doing something else? I mean he is the president, right?”

catnip - 7 December 2010

lol – smart kid you have there.

marisacat - 7 December 2010

it’s been revealed: nobody listens to his Saturday Sermons…. really! I read the numbers are pathetic.

Madman in the Marketplace - 7 December 2010

good night!

lucid - 7 December 2010

‘night Brinn… and I just popped a bottle of Primitivo…

17. marisacat - 7 December 2010

I love the line from Heath Ledger as the Joker (what a performance!)….

“whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stranger

and he said it after a disdainful entertaining swipe of his hands at one of those hand purifying stations in a hospital corridor.

I wouldn’t trust that stuff to work over REAL handwashing, having seen it in operation so recently.

Gah, no wonder hospitals are rife with infection and disease communication.

lucid - 7 December 2010

It was the performance that did him in. He’s a method actor and apparently when he was playing the role he admittedly got into to an extent that he was having a nervous breakdown prompting the pharmaceutical abuse that killed him… sad.

marisacat - 7 December 2010

yes I have seen film taken of him in interview (he was clearly emotionally crashing) and on the streets (deeply inside the role) previous and during the filming….

But still, what a performance.

18. lucid - 7 December 2010

Another Assange article. I hadn’t seen this before, but apparently Woman A had a party for him right before he left Sweden and tweeted she was with one of “the world’s coolest smartest people, it’s amazing!” And also apparently the texts messages by both parties are in possession of the police and both boasted about their ‘conquest’ to their friends… And also both got their stories straight with each other before they approached the police.

marisacat - 7 December 2010

this will all fall apart…….

19. catnip - 7 December 2010

Obama on Monday:

So, sympathetic as I am to those who prefer a fight over compromise, as much as the political wisdom may dictate fighting over solving problems, it would be the wrong thing to do.

Obama on Tuesday:

I’m itching for a fight.

lucid - 7 December 2010

… with the ‘left’… damn sanctimonious blowhards…

catnip - 7 December 2010

Damn sanctimonious womens’ studies set!

marisacat - 7 December 2010

… and remember, abortion is “horrible, horrible”. Too.

20. lucid - 7 December 2010

Ah Mike Stark… always shifting the goalposts to carry water…

catnip - 7 December 2010

I was just reading that. It took him and all of those other L’orangetans this long to figure out the OFA game? They’re mighty slow over there.

catnip - 7 December 2010

They should change the name to OOF: Let us punch you in the gut again and steal even more of your money!

marisacat - 7 December 2010

I pretty much thought Mike Stark was an operative.

catnip - 7 December 2010

Now here’s a diary I can get behind:

Lawrence O’Donnell is a Complete Wanker
by LunkHead


Tonite was the first time I checked out his show. Needless to say, his wankerdom was on full display.

Okay – so the diarist isn’t exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer…

(Well, he shouted [sic] everyone except for Ezra Klein, who is well on his way to being an inside the Beltway pundit.)

On his way?

marisacat - 8 December 2010

Ezra totally sucked up to obama, worse than any of the rest of them………… He wrote stuff that was shameless.

21. catnip - 7 December 2010
lucid - 8 December 2010

Surprise, surprise… Do they not realize that hundreds of hundreds of thousands of people already have the complete dumps of leaks? And not just the Cablegate stuff… Do they not realize that Assange has simply been the face of Wikileaks – an organization that can reinvent itself simply by forming another corporation to solicit donations – and that all of this is conducted by the intertubes? Something, apparently, those in power still understand in the rudimentary terms of the former senator from Alaska…

marisacat - 8 December 2010

All of this brou hahha is going to fall apart.

But, I suspect, for poor Bradley Manning.

22. diane - 8 December 2010

love you honey, so very glad you are back.

g’night (ahh well, the sun is still asleep in Cali…and it is “night” somewhere….. ;0) )

23. marisacat - 8 December 2010

Double yum.

It looks like the group that successfully took down the website of Julian Assange’s Swiss Bank have claimed another victim.

Mastercard.com is down, and Anon_operation just tweeted that it’s due to a DDOS attack. Of course, Mastercard is one of the payment services that cut off the ability to donate to Wikileaks:

I don’t care who is doing it (see comments in threads these are wanna be hackers at work) or why (who knows really, they could be racking up reps with no regard for anything about WikiAssange… )

But go for it. Apparently the Swedish Prosecutors site went down (back up) the Swiss Bank who cut being a way to donate to his defense…. and now Mastercard.com

All very deserving I am sure. I hope for more….

24. marisacat - 8 December 2010



…………….. 8)

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