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Pink Poodle Party 9 December 2010

Posted by marisacat in Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Lie Down Fall Down Dems, Total fucking lunatics.

IIRC, this golf cart float was from a looney little free-for-all parade of some sort down in So California…

I used to toss this photo up from time to time when the Democrats were being spectacularly ba-a-a-a-d.  Could have left it up every day, frankly.




1. BooHooHooMan - 9 December 2010

Nothin’ like a shampoo and a nice fluff!

For a second there, I confused the poodle for Steny Hoyer also greeting us on Morning Blow.

Mika Blurbinski just said they’ll be right back with some bad news on Le Poodle in Chief’s – wait for it™ –
… “EFFORTS to close GITMO.”

Oh Gad: “Efforts”. Buy a new top, Mika.

2. BooHooHooMan - 9 December 2010

I got a chuckle out of this on
the Register

Apart from the money movers, Anonymous has also attacked US Senator Joe Lieberman’s official government site, causing outages, and that of erstwhile vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin – { 🙄 } in both cases for making public statements critical of Wikileaks or its spokesman Julian Assange.

There are also suggestions that as the online “infowar” escalates, outside observers are being targeted by one side or the other.

A blog run by security firm Panda Labs, which has followed the DDoS battle closely and is one of the best sources of information, has itself come under DDoS attack

– though it’s not clear from which side.

Welp, they don’t call it Anarchy for nothin’, fellahs. LOL.

dropout - 9 December 2010

…just as long as they don’t turn off the electricity!

brinn - 9 December 2010

…or the water supply, or heavens forbid, the cell phone towers and GPS — then we’ll see some real anarchy! I know some people who would be lost in more ways in one without those last two! 8)

3. catnip - 9 December 2010

Protests in England over tuition hikes. Protests at La Scala over arts cuts.

Tax breaks for the supremely wealthy in the US? Crickets chirp.

Here in the Great White North Security State, the ombudsman’s report on G20 security is out and it doesn’t look good for the Powers That Be.

Authorities deliberately kept the public in the dark on the law, Mr. Marin told reporters, in what he called “the most massive compromise of civil liberties in Canadian history” which “amounted to martial law in Toronto.”

That’s quite the statement considering Trudeau’s extremely controversial use of the War Measures Act back in the 70s to deal with the FLQ.

But – there’s no doubt that we need a public inquiry about the G20 fiasco. The federal Con gov’t is punting responsibility, of course.

4. catnip - 9 December 2010

Happy International Anti-Corruption Day!

(Gift bags available for a small…fee.)

5. catnip - 9 December 2010

Brrreaking via CNN: House won’t take up Obamalama tax deal in current form.

Damn sanctimonious purists!

marisacat - 9 December 2010

I hear Republicans (a review of Republicans appearing on FOX yesterday saying, sorry, not good enough!, We won’t be voting for it!) are breaking against it too…. damn ingrates.

After all ObRama has done for them!! How fucking dare they be purists.

catnip - 9 December 2010
catnip - 9 December 2010

Posted in the wrong place.

6. dropout - 9 December 2010

Obama’s naivete is startling.

catnip - 9 December 2010

I saw Clyburn interviewed last nite and he said they had a house caucus call on Sunday which didn’t include all of the info in Obama’s deal with the GOP which they then just learned about when he had his presser. No wonder the house told him to go fuck himself.

marisacat - 9 December 2010

I have heard other comments on that “low information congress crittering” caucus call.

Hey, maybe they feel scammed!!

dropout - 9 December 2010

I defended Obama to the end, but no more.

My naivete comment should have posted under your Pakistan article.

Audacity is the word.

And it is clearly becoming evident his loyalties are with the central banks.

marisacat - 9 December 2010

My naivete comment should have posted under your Pakistan article.

oh I am sorry… WP sometimes gets hiccuping episodes and slaps a comment where ever.

When a thread gets too long, I know the little system is overloaded, but this is a new thread, so WP is badly hiccuping…

dropout - 9 December 2010

Glad you’re feeling better….

Anyone been watching the J. Ventura show?

marisacat - 9 December 2010

oh I did not know he had one! Where is it?

dropout - 9 December 2010

trutv….also, the program he did on the Fema camps were removed by NSA.

I think it’s still on youtube, I’ll go look.


7. catnip - 9 December 2010

POLITICO Breaking News

President Obama warned Thursday that the economy will move “backward” if lawmakers don’t approve a deal to extend tax cuts for the rich in exchange for more unemployment benefits. He said that if the agreement fails in Congress, it would “have the effect of fewer jobs.”

So, who’s taking hostages now?

marisacat - 9 December 2010

I say, he should keep talking.

dropout - 9 December 2010

LOL….I thought that was Bernanke’s and Geithner’s meme.

And now:

Bernanke: More Fed bond buys “certainly possible”

“This fear of inflation I think is way overstated,” Bernanke said in the interview aired on Sunday.


Just what does he think is going to happen now that China is dumping dollars??

Saudis to the rescue?

marisacat - 9 December 2010

ugh our new owners…

as we bow to India, whcih only has a hundred million child laborers.

Interesting piece at Cpunch


on the Rapiscan scanners and how bad they are, but Obrama, the desi wanna-be, had the head of OSI, the parent company of Rapiscan with him in India.

It is apparently not enough that we as a nation are devolving. We now seek to export our devolution devices (ostensibly because that’s all we have to show for the past decade). Accompanying President Obama on his recent trip to India was Deepak Chopra (not that Deepak Chopra) the Chairman and CEO of OSI Systems Inc., parent of Rapiscan and the glorified disrobing machine. Rapiscan has a joint venture with the Electronics Company of India, an Indian government enterprise, called ECIL-Rapiscan. Rapiscan insiders, including Mr. Chopra and his first cousin, Ajay Mehra, who is Executive Vice President of OSI Systems, Inc., own 15 percent of the joint venture.


Of course he had about 200 CEOs and other “business leaders” with him in that renamed “jobs trip”.

dropout - 9 December 2010

Ya….I forgot about India.

marisacat - 9 December 2010

More hostaging:

from The Note email:

Not only that, but as ABC’s Jake Tapper notes, the outgoing director of the National Economic Council, Larry Summers, asserted at an off-camera briefing on Wednesday that a failure to pass the tax cut compromise President Obama negotiated “would significantly increase the risk” of a double-dip recession.

“If this process were to break down and a bill were not passed,” Summers said, not only would economic projections recently revised upwards not happen, “downward revisions would commence.” http://abcn.ws/gZ681W

8. dropout - 9 December 2010

Interesting that Clifton and Lobe are collaborating.

Wonder how long it will take before she is sidelined, like Thomas.

Neo-con narrative sidelines Palestinians
By Eli Clifton and Jim Lobe

But a closer look at the relevant cables shows a far more consistent message to Washington coming from its Arab allies: that curbing Iran and resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are inextricably linked and that the most effective way of achieving the former is make tangible progress on the latter.

Indeed, endorsements of “linkage” – the notion, accepted at the highest levels of the US military, that resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will help promote US strategic interests in the

Middle East – emerges as a recurring theme in previously confidential discussions with Arab leaders and US diplomats on how best to counter Iran’s growing regional power and deter Tehran’s nuclear program.

That’s not the message that Israel and its backers have been touting since the first batch of 220 documents was released on November 29 by WikiLeaks.


dropout - 9 December 2010

During a February 14, 2010, meeting with Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman John Kerry, Qatar Emir Hamad bin Khalifa Al-thani suggested that Israel’s efforts to rally US and Arab support for a more confrontational policy towards Iran was really related to the Israel-Palestine conflict. “The Israelis,” he is reported as telling his guest, are “using Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons as a diversion from settling matters with the Palestinians”.
More from article:

Three days later, according to a cable sent on February 22, 2010, UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan warned another congressional delegation led by Nita Lowey, a strong Israel supporter in the House of Representatives, against a military attack on Iran. According to the cable, the minister ended the meeting with a “soliloquy on the importance of a successful peace process between Israel and its neighbors as perhaps the best way of reducing Iran’s regional influence.”

The fact that the Arab leaders placed so much emphasis on the importance of making progress in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli dispute clearly did not come as any surprise to US regional experts; nor would it be surprising to them if Israeli leaders and their neo-conservative backers had worked hard – as they have for the past week – to ignore or obscure that message.

Bibi and friends must be spinning like tops.

dropout - 9 December 2010
marisacat - 9 December 2010

awww..they’ll always have us. and Guam. Or some other small protectorate who can be persuaded to go along.

dropout - 9 December 2010

I’m always looking for that ray of hope, found this interesting:

US’s greatest contribution to the peace process has been to reveal Israeli intransigence

In light of the US failure to broker an Israeli settlement freeze, it’s clear to me now that the single most valuable contribution the United States has made to the cause of Middle East peace over the last two years was taking on the issue of settlements. If it had “won”, direct talks would now be going forward. But losing has its own rewards.

Who in their right mind can argue any longer that settling 500,000 people (and counting) on land that is “disputed”, “occupied”, “stolen” – take your pick, it doesn’t matter– makes any sense at all, or ever did .

By insisting on a settlement freeze in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, with full knowledge that he couldn’t single-handedly reverse decades of American policy, President Obama did us all, including those who want a safe home for Israelis, an enormous favor.


Also, Alex J. seems to think wikileaks is being sponsored by Soros. Titan Civil War?

9. dropout - 9 December 2010


10. marisacat - 9 December 2010

Also from Teh Note email:

WORSE OFF. More than half of Americans say they are “worse off now than they were two years ago when President Barack Obama took office,” according to a new Bloomberg National Poll. The poll also found that two-thirds of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.

More results from the survey:

“51 percent of respondents think their situation has deteriorated, compared with 35 percent who say they’re doing better. The balance isn’t sure. Americans have grown more downbeat about the country’s future in just the last couple of months, the poll shows. The pessimism cuts across political parties and age groups, and is common to both sexes.” http://bit.ly/dZmBGU

11. marisacat - 9 December 2010

Geez Loueez.


I did notice in hospital how very terrible CNN has become (their package of cable did not include MS nor FOX). Inescapably down market, low low low production values, no international news, hardly any breaking news and a big fat emphasis that is bad news, imo: lots of propganda plays to blacks… they should be fucing insulted, to be frank…

but here is a tid bit (vid at the site) on MSNBC via Ben Smith.

[C]able television, at its funniest, is a series of utter and outrageous non sequiturs, delivered to unfazed, possibly inattentive anchors.

And never more so than in the clip above from MSNBC, during which NBC’s veteran space correspondent Jay Barbree, who has covered every manned mission to space since the first one in 1961, lays plays for the end of the world.

“One day, Earth will not exist anymore. And if the human race is to survive, the human race is going to have to go onto other planets that they can live on,” he says, recommending “one-way” tickets to Mars.

“Fascinating stuff, as always,” says the host, Chris Jansing. “Jay Barbree, good to see you.”

Moving right along.

lucid - 9 December 2010

LOL! You know, the day the earth no longer exists will also be the day Mars no longer exists. I think we may need to set our sites a little further out in the galaxy.

marisacat - 9 December 2010

Barbree is ossified…


12. marisacat - 9 December 2010
BooHooHooMan - 9 December 2010

Well, you know, them Royals never really had good luck with cars. Of course, Mountbatten didn’t make out too well by boa,t either.

Yep, nothin like havin’ Mr. & Mrs. Prince of Wales in the Royal Rolls to show up in the middle of a riot on their way to the theater.
That went well.

And I laughed my ass off at some CNN shnoob how they
…Carried On! With Aplomb!

It so funny, those helpful little dumbass Media add-ons, while they’re waiting for the next seg to roll…like Ali Relish or whatever the fuck his name is …saying today how they’re burning the “Bomb House” in Cali “because it SO unsafe – it’s not even safe for the Bomb Handling ROBOTS!”

I kid you not.

dropout - 9 December 2010

Makes me think they needed to destroy evidence.

marisacat - 9 December 2010

oh burning that bomb house seems weird o me. I saw fences and structures near the house. I would not like to be living within a few block radius of this mess…

I was pretty dmaned happy the day Montbatten bought it.

And I bet the Irish had a file on his colonial sexual subjugations of Irish male youth that would curl people’s skin.

catnip - 9 December 2010
Madman in the Marketplace - 9 December 2010

at least they weren’t in a paris underpass …


marisacat - 9 December 2010

oh, too true!

diane - 9 December 2010
marisacat - 9 December 2010

I am amazed the protesters could break the side window glass. Seems poor security on the part of the Uber Alles Royals Brits…. and that they drove where they did.


diane - 9 December 2010

Photo update (with a link, at the bottom, to protests in Italy.)

Must say ….. Charles and Camilla would do well to take lessons from Cheney when unpleasantly surrounded by the riff raff in their armored vehicles……………

kinda funny,…. as I was posting was listening to an Alan Sherman cassette, and this came on:

..You came the wrong way oh King Louie

(link cleaned up version, sorry)

13. marisacat - 9 December 2010

Maybe she can complain to Deepak Chopra (a different one) the head of OSI, parent company of Rapiscan. An INDIAN who accompaniied Ob to India in that hastily renamed “jobs trip”

TSA faces diplomatic storm after Indian ambassador to U.S is given a patdown… because she was wearing a sari

Meera Shankar, who dined at the White House just last month [excuse me! do I care? –Mcat], was given one of the controversial searches after she was pulled from an airport security line in Mississippi.

Today the Indian embassy in Washington protested to the White House about the incident. External Affairs Minister SM Krishna said:

‘This is unacceptable to India.’

Comments (0) Add to My Stories

Fron t page of Daily Mail:


So, one of our foreign masters is WHUPSET?

But GMA, that bizarre morning show, with Robin Roberts (who happily sold out the MS coast in the aftermath of Katrina, she a daughter of Pas Christian) and wee Stephie a couple fo weeks ago cheerily warned WESTERN women that wearing a “pencil or slim cut” skirt would not permit access needed if diverted for “pat down” and the would be RE DRESSED in either a government issued “shift” or a TOWEL.

lucid - 9 December 2010

We should all just wear snuggies…

marisacat - 9 December 2010

I loved the woman in the bikini who DANCED thru…. and Madman told me there was a woman who keeps an online porn site, telephone numbers, ‘call the girls’ type of thing, who wore see thru negligee, exposing [a view of] pubic hair.


Madman in the Marketplace - 9 December 2010

she goes by the name “furrygirl”.

marisacat - 9 December 2010

oh that is right… you did tell me!

14. marisacat - 9 December 2010

We ARE a comedy show!

Via Tom Dispatch:

[I] mean, you couldn’t make this stuff up. In fact, if I were to offer a conspiracy theory to explain it, I might suggest that the U.S. government now exists mainly to feed material to The Daily Show. I’m referring to an article in the New York Times reporting that

“the Obama administration and the Department of Defense have ordered the hundreds of thousands of federal employees and contractors not to view the secret cables and other classified documents published by Wikileaks and news organizations around the world unless the workers have the required security clearance or authorization.”

Don’t laugh. No, really, stop it! ….


15. marisacat - 9 December 2010

hmm of course the vote just lost in the senate. Hs there been a worse press guy than Gibbs, Lipless Wonder. ??????????????

A repeal on “don’t ask, don’t tell” is imminent, Gibbs said. “It’s coming,” he said. “We are closer than we’ve ever been, and I think more and more each day, you see senators coming out.”

Susan Collins on saying, AFTER the tax cut deal there will be “60 or 61 votes” for DADT

BooHooHooMan - 9 December 2010

Oh the Dems should just pack off Aravosis and Sully now and send em off to the Lincolnesque Log Cabin at GOP Straight Camp.

I wonder if they’re fixed for marshmallows for the big cookout. Maybe the boys should pack some wein- wait, no, I, – I guess they got those covered.

marisacat - 9 December 2010

or uncovered!

BooHooHooMan - 9 December 2010

Everybody’s got insurance now. 😉
So to speak. And just waiting for encryption!

ts - 10 December 2010

I think more and more each day, you see senators coming out.

I don’t think you meant it THAT way, lipless.

marisacat - 10 December 2010

Then again……………..

😆 … 🙄

16. marisacat - 9 December 2010

Wikileaks on Shell Oil, USA inside all the Nigerian ministries. And ofcourse we read everything that pertains to anything.

Oil giant Shell has a powerful grip on Nigerian politics with staff spying for them in every government department, the latest leaked U.S. diplomatic cables have revealed.

According to documents released by WikiLeaks, the Anglo-Dutch firm’s then-top executive in Nigeria Ann Pickard boasted of how it had inserted staff in key positions and knew ‘everything that was being done in those ministries’.

Shell staff were also fearful of China and Russia gaining a foothold in the oil-rich Niger Delta, a vital component of the U.S.’ energy plans.

‘Shell and the government of Nigeria are two sides of the same coin,’ said Celestine AkpoBari, of Social Action Nigeria.

‘Shell is everywhere. They have an eye and an ear in every ministry of Nigeria.

‘They have people on the payroll in every community, which is why they get away with everything. They are more powerful than the Nigerian government.’

When asked by U.S. Ambassador Robin Sanders in October last year if Pickard was concerned by China, she said she knew their offers to Nigerian officials were not considered to be good enough but claimed she had access to correspondence between China and Russia.

‘Pickard said Shell had good sources to show that their data had been sent to both China and Russia,’ the cable said.

‘She said the (government of Nigeria) had forgotten that Shell had seconded people to all the relevant ministries and that Shell consequently had access to everything that was being done in those ministries.’ ….

Read more: Link to Daily Mail UK

catnip - 9 December 2010

From 2008, Brown blunders in pledge to secure Nigeria oil.

Gordon Brown is being accused of preparing for a military adventure in Africa after he pledged to provide backing to the Nigerian security forces. His announcement prompted the collapse of a ceasefire in the oil-rich Niger Delta and helped to drive up crude oil prices on world markets.

The Prime Minister’s offer to help “tackle lawlessness” in the world’s eighth largest oil producer was immediately condemned by the main militant group in the Delta, which abandoned a two-week-old ceasefire and accused Britain of backing what it calls Nigeria’s “illegal government”. The group issued a “stern warning” to Mr Brown in an emailed statement: “Should Gordon Brown make good his threat to support this criminality for the sake of oil, UK citizens and interests in Nigeria will suffer the consequences.”

Speaking at the close on Wednesday of the meeting in Japan of the Group of Eight leading industrial nations, Mr Brown said that the UK was ready to offer the Nigerian military direct assistance to help return law and order to the southern region and to restore oil output.

Viva la Colonialism!

marisacat - 9 December 2010

it’s so clear we are waging that horrible war in the Delta. Where, if I am recalling rightly, 4 MILLION have died…. to say nothing of the raped, damaged, kidnapped, forced to fight…….. and so on.

marisacat - 9 December 2010

I thiknk on the “4 million” I am thinking of the war in the Congo.

17. marisacat - 9 December 2010

hmm I see via Daily Mail, “hacktavists” are saying Amazon “is next”

diane - 9 December 2010

…lemmee see I think I have a hankie for amazon ’round here somewhere …..

oops, guess I don’t …

18. diane - 9 December 2010

Heads, you live, …tails, you die …What can you say:

In the name of getting good statistical data, New York City is randomly denying poor people access to a program [Homebase – diane] designed to stave off homelessness…..

The program in question is called Homebase. ….

…. As the NYT puts it, “Half of the test subjects – people who are behind on rent and in danger of being evicted – are being denied assistance from the program for two years, with researchers tracking them to see if they end up homeless.” ….

marisacat - 9 December 2010

eenie meenie minie mo

The plan is to kill people off. Could not be clearer.

diane - 9 December 2010

nope, it couldn’t be any clearer……..

brinn - 9 December 2010

What the HELL!?!

What happened to research ethics? Did these people sign up to be “test subjects”? We’re they asked for informed consent!? I had to pass a LENGTHY human subject review to do my research in graduate school, and all I was doing was talking with teachers who had to sign a consent form to even talk with me.

These people are dicking around with people being out on the streets “in the name of getting good statistical data”!?!

If this “Homebase” program has even one cent of public $$, it should be immediately shut down. This is WORSE that the freaking Milgram Experiement. Jesus H. on toast!

I know I shouldn’t be, but I am FLOORED!

19. brinn - 9 December 2010

You can’t make this shit up, the commissioner of the Homeless Services Department name is Diamond?! DIAMOND?


20. brinn - 9 December 2010

AND they’re paying 577,000$ for it?!? Bet those “about to be evicted or behind on their rent” sure could use some THAT!

Wow. Just wow. What can I say?

Oh, I know what I can say — once these people become homeless how are the fucking assholes from City University going to find and “track” them?? Did they insert subcutaneous GPS trackers in them?

diane - 9 December 2010

probably gave them those extra tee-shirts with chips in them left over from the Richmond, California school, et al ….

21. brinn - 9 December 2010

Oh, well, it’s ethical because:

“it was not an entitlement, meaning it was not available to everyone; because it could not serve all of the people who applied for it; and because the control group had access to other services.”

No. No. No. That does not make it ethical at all.

Madman in the Marketplace - 9 December 2010

hard to believe, isn’t it?

marisacat - 9 December 2010

well it was under the Clintons that replacement, one for one, was no longer mandated for destroyed, unusable, etc., public housing.

I amnot saying it was closely observed, but at least it was the Federal law.

There is a very cute system used here as older public housing (aside from rental assitance and other programs) moves along. They build small buildings or complexes, touting all natural materials and so forth.

Great, but no where near enough of it. And here it is mostly used for the “working” poor. The indigent, those with nothing, get pt on some form of assitance, whatever out sourced private services and supposed non -profits can scrounge up, then put in motel rooms and SROs that take almost all of it.

Endless retelling of They Shoot Horses Don’t They?

22. Madman in the Marketplace - 9 December 2010

The Republican long game on DADT

The Plum Line had a very sharp observation about DADT last week:

The White House strategy on repealing DADT was premised on minimizing the potential for a backlash by appeasing all the essential stakeholders—Congress, the military, and activists committed to repealing the policy. But by blocking repeal and allowing a judge to declare the policy unconstitutional, Republicans could sidestep the argument over an unpopular policy by turning it into one about unelected judges imposing their will on the electorate.

That strategy may seem cynical, but it ultimately fits the die-hard opposition strategy Republicans have deployed for the past two years. If DADT repeal is inevitable, they might as well make sure it occurs on terms most favorable to them—and that means being able to argue about the tyranny of activist judges, rather than the straightforward injustice of preventing patriots from serving openly simply because of who they are.

Our current political system is a lot like an endless Civil War reenactment, only with worse consequences. (And who enjoys Civil War reenactments? White male southerners, the heart of the Republican party.)

23. ms_xeno - 9 December 2010

Sorry to read that you were in the hospital, Mcat.

😦 Hope you’re feeling better now.

marisacat - 9 December 2010

Oh thanks ms xeno….

How are you doing?

ms_xeno - 9 December 2010

Update to The Sid String Saga:

Just got the first credit card bill that reflects the new vet charges. I got one of those “chargeback extras” or whatever they’re called when the suits try to encourage you to buy more shit than you can afford. For a charge of about $1960 dollars in one month, the “extra/rebate” iiiiiis…
[dramatic pause]

$4.68 !!!!

Everyone belly up to the bar!! The drink is on me!!!
But ya’ll have to provide your own straws.


marisacat - 9 December 2010

Kitty!! Kitty! Stop Bankrupting Mammma!

ms_xeno - 9 December 2010

He was in fine form this morning. Five minutes before I left for work, he pounced on a deli sandwich from the night before: my lunch, boxed up for work. Or he tried to pounch on it. My plastic travel mug was in his way.

Coffee all over the table, the floor, under the table, etc.

I made mr_xeno haul his ass out of bed to do the cleanup, since he’s self-employed and I’m the one who would’ve been docked at work.

But the sandwich was saved!! 😀

(Lousy rotten no-good cat.)

marisacat - 9 December 2010

My mother used to smile so sweetly at one pair of cats we had and tell them (a male and a female),

Oh you screwball bitches.

I swear she faked them out, they almost smiled back.

ms_xeno - 9 December 2010

My mother’s little gray tux cat is actually the best-behaved cat on the planet. My Mom keeps a full bag of kibble on the kitchen floor and the cat just ambles past it…even when her dish is empty. She wait politely for my mother to dish out the goodies.

That…would never fly at chez_xeno. The Sid and Butterscotch the Evil would just rip a hole in the bag and hoover it all up in a couple of hours.


24. marisacat - 9 December 2010

OH!! I am hearing thr students who attacked the Royal High Humpmobile chanted,

Off with their heads!

Madman in the Marketplace - 9 December 2010


love that!

catnip - 9 December 2010


diane - 9 December 2010


brinn - 10 December 2010


marisacat - 10 December 2010

I read somewhere this am that Camilla dived for the floor…

Woo Hoo!

25. catnip - 9 December 2010

Up next: Lawrence O’Donnell is going to interview Nader who’s advocating that somebody should primary challenge G*dbama. Massive grey matter explosion coming in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

catnip - 9 December 2010

haha…O’Donnell apologizes for being “inexcusably rude” to Grayson. Gee, ya think?? (Asshole.)

marisacat - 9 December 2010

I hope Nader arrives swathed in plastic.

Madman in the Marketplace - 9 December 2010

I hope he punches Larry.

catnip - 9 December 2010

Off with his head!

Madman in the Marketplace - 9 December 2010


26. Madman in the Marketplace - 9 December 2010

Wikileaks: Anonymous stops dropping DDoS bombs, starts dropping science

If this image is to be believed—and I have no reason not to, other than that I found it on the internet—the rebel squadrons behind Anonymous (attn. “news” hacks – that would be an entirely different group from Wikileaks and/or Wikipedia) are about to change their approach. So far, as we’ve witnessed, they have been launching point-and-click distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks at companies perceived as the enemies of Wikileaks. Those targets included Mastercard, Paypal, and Visa (companies that froze donation funding), and Amazon (which denied hosting services). The new approach suggests more sophisticated thinking. This new mission, apparently, is to actually read the cables Wikileaks has published and find the most interesting bits that haven’t been publicized yet, then publicize them.

In my opinion, this action would have far more positive impact. Anonymous often repeats the Orwell quote, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” Looks like they decided to take those words to heart.

marisacat - 9 December 2010

This new mission, apparently, is to actually read the cables Wikileaks has published and find the most interesting bits that haven’t been publicized yet, then publicize them.


‘Cuz no mere mortal can keep up with the volume

27. Madman in the Marketplace - 9 December 2010
marisacat - 9 December 2010

I saw that.. wonder if it will spread.

Madman in the Marketplace - 9 December 2010

one can hope …

28. diane - 9 December 2010

This is a pretty fun party honey ….so glad I came!


marisacat - 9 December 2010

I know it needs a new thread, but leaving this up for a while.

I admit by evening I am worn out …………….. sigh.

diane - 9 December 2010

I’m sure this thread will do just fine until you feel refreshed sweetie…we don’t want you in that hospital again :0( :0( :0(

29. marisacat - 9 December 2010



………………. 8)

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