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Delish 12 December 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2008 Election, Culture of Death, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

A mandrill seems to flash a rude gesture towards photographer Mark Rogers at the San Francisco zoo. However, the animal suffers from arthritis and is unable to lower his middle finger

A mandrill seems to flash a rude gesture towards photographer Mark Rogers at the San Francisco zoo. However, the animal suffers from arthritis and is unable to lower his middle finger [MARK ROGERS / CATERS]

Another replay, this from election day…. so suited to this lovely piece by Lewis Lapham

Line after line is divine skewering:

[T]he son et lumières presented by Louis XIV in the palace of Versailles and by Adolf Hitler in the stadium at Nuremberg prefigure the Colorado rock-star staging of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential nomination. Nor do the profile pictures on Facebook lack for timeworn precedent. During the three centuries between the death of Alexander and the birth of Christ, the cities of Asia Minor were littered with tributes to an exalted self. Wealthy individuals aspiring to apotheosis in bronze acquired first a prominent vantage point and then a prefabricated torso representative of a goddess or a general. A flattering hand fitted the custom-tailored head; as with the cover photographs for Vanity Fair, prices varied according to the power of the image to draw a crowd.   …

He closes with this:

[O]n the national cultural circuits, as among the political camp followers feeding on the spectacle of a presidential election campaign, the mere mention of money in sufficient quantity (a $100 million divorce settlement, a $787 billion federal stimulus) excites the same response as a sighting of George Clooney. Eventually the society chokes itself to death on rancid hype. Which probably is why on passing a newsstand these days I think of funeral parlors and Tutankhamen’s tomb. The celebrities pictured on the covers of the magazines line up as if in a row of ceremonial grave goods, exquisitely prepared for burial within the tomb of a democratic republic that died of eating disco balls.

Might as well gaze downward, I think trying to look up, as we descend, is going to be too dizzying.


1. marisacat - 12 December 2010

Ah.. I see at Google Nooz that Amazon Europe sites, several, were down briefly today… France, Italy Germany and elsewhere………….

2. marisacat - 12 December 2010

whoops. more:

Veteran diplomat Richard Holbrooke remained in critical condition Sunday in a Washington hospital after undergoing an additional procedure to help him recover from a torn aorta suffered Friday .

Holbrooke, the U.S. special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, underwent more than 20 hours of surgery that ended Saturday after collapsing Friday in a meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the State Department, the State Department said.

Having stabilized, he then underwent an additional procedure Sunday to improve circulation in his legs, associates told POLITICO, saying the procedure seemed to go reasonably well. ….

3. diane - 12 December 2010

The Lapham piece is really tasty, thanks!

..and I think there should be t-shirts made of the mandrill…passed out at ralleys across the fucking country….

diane - 12 December 2010

hmm, perhaps around the world, in small peep solidarity ….

4. diane - 12 December 2010

Can’t imagine how frightened Bradley Manning must be feeling now (especially given his youth) in addition to likely feelings of abandonment.

A bit on his defense funding re Wikileaks here (which also covers some orgnanizational fall out. Looks like a new ‘industry’ may end up sprouting as a consequence of it all.)

I hope the Bradley Manning Support Network can, and will do the right thing for him, as it looks like Wikileaks won’t be doing that.

I’ve never been comfortable with how easily he was ‘revealed,’ perhaps it was his own doing, and perhaps, for the most part, not.

diane - 12 December 2010

shit, sorry, mixed up a Revealed: How the CIA protected Nazi murderers (oh, but do read) link, with the piece re Wikileaks.

corrected link

5. brinn - 12 December 2010

“Eventually the society chokes itself to death on rancid hype.”

Rancid hype. Beauty. I will go read the whole thing when I have time….er, sometime next year?!

Right now, I will content myself with that one wonderful line:
“Eventually the society chokes itself to death on rancid hype.”


Oh, and Mcat, that picture is also divine, arthritis or no….

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 12 December 2010
marisacat - 12 December 2010

talk about unnecessary.

7. diane - 12 December 2010

The Gawker group (jezebel, gizmodo, etc.) has apparently been hacked:

Commenting Accounts Compromised — Change Your Passwords

Our user databases appear to have been compromised. The passwords were encrypted. But simple ones may be vulnerable to a brute-force attack. You should change your Gawker password and on any other sites on which you’ve used the same passwords.


…. For tips on creating strong passwords, see this post on Lifehacker.

diane - 12 December 2010

by who knows who, ….could be anyone they pissed off… could be 4chan, could be a government practise run, could be gawker (okay that is a stretch)…

8. catnip - 12 December 2010

Awesome season 5 of Dexter. The finale was on tonite.

marisacat - 12 December 2010

I am waiting on season 4… a bit of a wait for it, it seems.

9. marisacat - 13 December 2010

So bad.

WHAT’S FOR BREAKFAST? — President Obama and the first lady will go to an elementary school Monday morning to sign the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, a nutrition bill that fits with Michelle Obama’s campaign against childhood obesity. The Obamas will each speak at Harriet Tubman Elementary School.

Via Politco “44”.

Luv the touch of going to a “Harriet Tubman” school.

Maybe they could just flay the children open to make things easier for BFH.

marisacat - 13 December 2010

via Mike Allen email:


Childhood obesity threatens economy and national security — The President and First Lady are making a rare joint speaking appearance at 10:25 a.m. today, at Harriet Tubman Elementary School, in Northwest D.C.’s Columbia Heights neighborhood, as he signs into law the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.

From Mrs. Obama’s prepared remarks:

“We can all agree that here in the wealthiest nation on earth, all children should have the basic nutrition they need to learn and grow and pursue their dreams. … And that’s why we’ve seen such a groundswell of support for these efforts … From educators working to provide healthier school meals … From doctors and nurses who know that unhealthy kids grow into unhealthy adults … From business and labor leaders who know that we spend nearly $150 billion a year to treat these diseases … From advocates and faith leaders who know that school meals are vital for combating child hunger …

And from military leaders who tell us that when more than one in four young people are unqualified for military service because of their weight, childhood obesity isn’t just a public health threat — it’s not just an economic threat — it’s a national security threat as well. These folks come at this issue from all different angles. But they’ve come together to support this bill … And they know that in the long run, it won’t just save money, it will save lives.”

Bitch for war, imo. Or if too indelicate, Chienne de Guerre.

Can’t they go off and be International Black People and leave us the fuck alone….?

Oh! and!, a wide swatch of bitches and bastards are huzzahing from the side, some name from the Am Heart Assoc., Sibelius, Frist, Huckabee, Cory Booker and as it ahppens, Booker’s is possibly the worst:

–Mayor Cory A. Booker of Newark, N.J.:

“On behalf of Mission: Readiness and over 100 retired generals and admirals who support child nutrition legislation as a matter of national security, we are very pleased that the nation has taken this important step in addressing the nation’s obesity epidemic. Being overweight or obese is the No. 1 medical reason why young men and women are unable to join the military.”

diane - 13 December 2010

well, I usually love to hear the French language, but I think bitch for war sounds better in this instance.

marisacat - 13 December 2010

She also thanked Oblation for his support and acknowledged that had he with held it “he would be sleeping on the couch”.

Go away, is all I can think of.

diane - 13 December 2010

Lovely implication there, …the quality of the sex between Obama and her highness, will have a direct effect on the citizens….

yeah, truly, go the fuck away …..

Madman in the Marketplace - 13 December 2010

awwwww, the cannon fodder is too fat to be effective to maintain the empire, what a pity.

ms_xeno - 13 December 2010

I look forward to the Federal Fat Camps myself. Just think of it as the WPA, boot camp, chain gangs, and EST all rolled into one big shiny package!

10. marisacat - 13 December 2010

John Boehner thinks President Barack Obama is “engaging” and “smart” — but the speaker-elect is also still smarting over the president’s claim that he took taxpayers hostage to secure a tax break for the rich.

In an interview with Leslie Stahl of “60 Minutes” for broadcast Sunday night on CBS, Boehner said Obama showed him “disrespect” by calling him a hostage-taker. …

Everything going smoothly…………. Hell,tthe R could outlecture ObRama if they care to…

Read more: Link to People Mag

11. marisacat - 13 December 2010

gah. You have to be so careful of these “Pro Western” types.

For the record, Liu Xiaobo has stated publicly that in his view:

(a) China’s tragedy is that it wasn’t colonised for at least 300 years by a Western power or Japan. This would apparently have civilised it for ever;

(b) The Korean and Vietnam wars fought by the US were wars against totalitarianism and enhanced Washington’s ‘moral credibility’;

(c) Bush was right to go to war in Iraq and Senator Kerry’s criticisms were ‘slander-mongering’;

(d) Afghanistan? No surprises here: Full support for Nato’s war.

He has a right to these opinions, but should they get a peace prize?


12. ts - 13 December 2010

Breaking news: “Federal judge invalidates key part of health care law.”

marisacat - 13 December 2010

I just cuahgt up to that I listened to a news update.

The mandate.

Good, I say.

It will bankupt pople BEFORE they are sick.

BooHooHooMan - 13 December 2010

The Ruling.

WELL! (huff chortle puff) A TRAVESTY!

The Judge considered Nothing! NOTHING of Obama’s ~~ LEGACY!

BooHooHooMan - 13 December 2010

Lipless on now…
literally doing the Air Patty Cakes thing.

Rock On, Lipless!

marisacat - 13 December 2010

Obama is only trying to help peple… why can’t critics understand?

ms_xeno - 13 December 2010

You guys are so mean. If millions more pigeons aren’t driven post-haste into that big private insurance net, how will mr_xeno every get enough new bankruptcy clients for us to buy that new boat?


13. dropout - 13 December 2010

9 TRILLION Dollars Missing from Federal Reserve,Fed Inspector General Can’t Explain

marisacat - 13 December 2010

hmm makes “hundreds of billions” sound …………..small.

BooHooHooMan - 13 December 2010

Oh that is just too precious. Look at her handler, Livzni’s cousin over her shoulder.

And Grayson, Harvard Lawisher… turned 90’s tel com techno supper, millionaire beneficiary of Fed Liguidity during his IDT IPO… now running the co-op the message game. Which then wholsaled IDT’s boiler lucre to Eli Ninio as IDT Israel. Which was shuttered in 208, shall we say, when the jig was up.

Wasn’t Grayson The AntiWar Guy™?
Oh right, that was last opportunity to short.
I mean before he was The P.O. Guy™.
And The FISA Guy™.

People haven’t a fucking clue when they talk of Grayson. He was the veritable “Democratic” Abramoff in the Clinton 90’s, through the legal chop shop of a law firm he founded, he hustled Clinton Admin contracting scams while assembling his “business” while simltaneously enjoying huge fees shepherding and/or defending clients as the navigated through the perfunctory regulatory process. But best of all, he then dressed up beatdowns on pig trough competitors as whistleblowing. Gotta love it. Its the same con the gangster – slash – charlatan is now running about the Fed.

So to all those young brothers back in the day wondering how Pookie got whacked up in the crib despite the down-low being sent through IDT paging or the calling card…

14. BooHooHooMan - 13 December 2010


I really don’t know where to begin with this one.
Someone’s lookin for some serious maiden name relief here. LOL.

Ill. lawyer sues ex-fiance for calling off wedding

A suburban Chicago lawyer who says her ex-fiance called off their wedding just four days before the ceremony wants to make him pay — literally.

According to a lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court, 32-year-old Dominique Buttitta 😯 of Hoffman Estates is suing 31-year-old Vito Salerno for nearly $100,000 over the canceled wedding.

marisacat - 13 December 2010

maybe they cn just settle it in some plaza in Sicily.

15. BooHooHooMan - 13 December 2010

LOL. They have Rahm’s state tax return showing he filed as a part time resident. And are asking for the Rahm wif to testify. “Reluctantly” his opponents say. Niiiice.

I dig the pushback.
And seeing Rahmworm wriggle about while slpainin how oops they indeed do have an ammended return:

marisacat - 13 December 2010

oh very funny.

what a fucking fuck-up

16. diane - 13 December 2010

I hope Madman has fared the nasty weather okay?

Madman in the Marketplace - 13 December 2010

we lucked out … most of the heavy snow missed us here in the city proper, lots of rain Saturday night into Sunday morning, then the temps fell.

LOTS of snow north and west of Milwaukee, though.

It is awful cold now, though. Strong winds, temps in the teens.

So far so good!

marisacat - 13 December 2010

no collapsible rooves hitting you……………. 😉

Madman in the Marketplace - 13 December 2010

not so far!

diane - 13 December 2010

glad to hear you are okay!!!!!!!!!

Madman in the Marketplace - 13 December 2010


17. marisacat - 13 December 2010

Off into the wild blue yonder:

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

U.S. Diplomat Richard Holbrooke Has Died, Sources Tell ABC News [7:25 p.m. ET]

Madman in the Marketplace - 13 December 2010

can’t wait to hear outrage over how he failed to scream “JESUS” as he expired, or some other stupid shit.

Carried along to the next world on the wings of a predator drone, no doubt.

marisacat - 13 December 2010

oh but his wif is the child of Hungarian Freedom Fighters. A story she has told ad nauseum – and her full of holes telling of it always makes me think they were CIA, in a big way..

And he is of course a life long imperialist…

EE was just a wif of what was finally a philandering nobody… idiots felt free to take her on.

I am not sure I can think of anything worse than telling someone HOW to say good-bye.

Madman in the Marketplace - 13 December 2010

some people feel disgustingly free to bully anybody they don’t like about anything they please.

It’s very strange.

BooHooHooMan - 13 December 2010

Poor Richard. And just on the eve of his,
shall we say ~ Unabridged Almanac being published.

marisacat - 13 December 2010

They are trying to play up that it means something that heads of state of Afghanistan and Pakistan called his bedisde, and not the foreign ministers.

Scraping the barrel.

I can see it now…. his friend, Mia and his friend Clooney (and whover else) will be offering themselves to TV and media, any minute.

diane - 13 December 2010

Oh…and mustn’t forget: Bono ….Hanks ……Sir Paul …….Brangoli …et al ….could we ever live it down if they didn’t get their proper diety creds?

BooHooHooMan - 13 December 2010

I wonder if they’ll mention the Senior Strategic Adviser contract he held with Lehman Brothers from 1981 to 1993?

Too few aneurysms.


And I had to laugh earlier, as CNN today had 4 hours of Big Brother Oooga Booga about how every Few Billion Motherfuckers Or So should be careful on what they do or read on the Internets. As its all traceable, Donchaknow.

Which is hilarious as people no longer care and is hardly going to stop the transfer of steganographically encrypted files where pictures of fine ass, sports heroes, and gawking, shall we saw, shots of celebrities are concerned.

Tho CNN did fit in the rollout of the new “NoLabels” Bi-Part-Poo SCAM which IOZ deftly spread on toast points and devoured whole.

“NoLabels” has Mark McKinnon and Dan Glickman too.

Well, methinks the PTB puckered assholes are having a bit of the hemorrhoids now. They should be careful, as technically, they can herald aneurysms too.

marisacat - 13 December 2010

Did you read that the No Labels people plagiarisd their all too cute logo?

All those blue and red animali?

catnip - 13 December 2010

Hillary killed Holbrooke?

Geez, first it was Vince Foster – now this.

She may have a teevee series a la Dexter in her future.

18. diane - 13 December 2010

Boldly instituting a tester plan for saying no to adolescent chicken fat, Detroit cuts off municipal services to 20% of the city:

In a futile attempt to stave off the inevitable one last time, Mayor Bing’s latest plan is to cutoff city services including road repairs, police patrols, street lights, and garbage collection in 20% of Detroit.

Poprah will be giving away abandoned houses in that area on her next show …be there, or be square…..

marisacat - 13 December 2010

somehow I tripped into her show today. She is taking the audience, 300 people, to Australia for 8 days. I admit I stayed to see the thing roll out. Via Quantas, piloted by Travolta, who is a Quantas pilot.

She is so Queen for a Day writ large.

People were screaming and gasping and weeping.

diane - 13 December 2010

we are so very, very, dazed and fucked …..

wait for Revolta’s Scientology Airlines, leasing Airport space (“saving a city/country”) near you? Haiti comes to mind ……..

dropout - 13 December 2010

OMG. Coming next to a theater near you.

diane - 13 December 2010

yup,…’equality,’…for the little peepsies ….


19. bayprairie - 13 December 2010

hole brooke took the big slide ;))))

wb marisa!!!!

marisacat - 13 December 2010

oh thanks bay…

20. bayprairie - 13 December 2010


21. diane - 13 December 2010

you’re welcome!

diane - 13 December 2010

oops, sorry, I thought I posted that under Madman’s: “thanks”

waves to bayprarie …how’ve you been?

22. BooHooHooMan - 13 December 2010

Oh FFS. Live on his tax cut seg,
Larry O’Buyin on “his” show, 😆 the “Last Word”,
has Jeff Greenstein.
Ed Rendell.
Howard Fineman.
And John Fuld.


50! – 66 – 75 – 80%! – SOLD!

And I see they rolled out Charlie Krauthammer to gasp about it on the various outlets earlier.

What is this? The Year End sale at Bloomingdales?

23. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 December 2010

Medicaid Cuts Hurt At The State Level

Medicaid costs are shared by the federal and state governments. It’s not just the poor and disabled who benefit. Wealthier people do, too, such as when middle-class families with elderly parents in nursing homes are relieved of financial pressure after Medicaid starts picking up the bills.

Contrary to stereotype, it’s the elderly and disabled who cost nearly 70 cents of every Medicaid dollar, not the single mother and her children.

In California, Medicaid no longer pays for many adult dental services. But it still pays for extractions, that is, tooth-pulling. The unintended consequence: Medicaid patients tell dentists to pull teeth that could be saved.

“The roots are fine. The tooth could be saved with a root canal,” said Dr. Nagaraj Murthy, who practices in Compton, Calif. “I had a patient yesterday. I said we could do a root canal. He said, `No, it’s hurting. Go ahead and pull it. I don’t have the money.'”

Murthy recently pulled an elderly woman’s last tooth, but Medicaid no longer pays for dentures.

“Elderly patients suffer the most,” Murthy said. “They’re walking around with no teeth.”

States can decide which optional services Medicaid covers, and dental care is among cutbacks in some places. Last year’s economic stimulus package increased the federal share of Medicaid money temporarily. But that money runs out at the end of June, when the federal government will go back to paying half the costs rather than 60 to 70 percent. So more cuts could be ahead.

diane - 13 December 2010

Medicaid Cuts Hurt At The State Level

and, of course, the pain is the motivator, …for the perpetrators (despite their total aversion to both: pain; and ‘bucking up,’ themselves),…some TRULY sick fucks running things ….sociopaths

marisacat - 13 December 2010


They are so…. extra.

diane - 13 December 2010

INDEED, ….an extravagance ….

ms_xeno - 13 December 2010

Let ’em eat catfood.

diane - 13 December 2010

so kind on the gums, …….no sharp pointsies…

24. BooHooHooMan - 13 December 2010

Fuckin TSA Bastihds, goin after Santa now.

catnip - 13 December 2010

Ho Ho Whoa there, Big Guy!

(He does have a rather suspicious, OBL-like beard…)

BooHooHooMan - 13 December 2010

Henh – I’m catchin the reruns of MSNBC lineup.
Olberman did have a funny War on Christmas bit at the end of his show..

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 December 2010

that and Taibbi were the highlights

25. BooHooHooMan - 13 December 2010

Rachel Maddow on Holbrooke

Richard Holbrook was one of the most accomplished diplomats in the history of our country.

Oh fetch me the paper and my slippers, honey.
And I think I will have a highball.

LOL. Now Rachel has Mrs. Greenspan on.


BooHooHooMan - 13 December 2010

LOL. And now Rachel has Steve Clemmons on!

Nope! Didn’t see THAT comin! 😆

catnip - 13 December 2010


catnip - 13 December 2010

Did you see the clip Rachel played of 2006 Obama yammering on about the Paris Hilton estate tax?

Who was that guy?

BooHooHooMan - 13 December 2010

Of course , remember when Clemons was there with
the helpful NONTROVERSY about how Ob was “controlled by the Jewish Lobby”…
right about the time when, inadvertantly, LOL,
the whole Rev Wright / Obbie – as – Black Panther game actually OOPS WAS gaining TOO MUCH traction…

Gawd forbid when things got out of hand with the Negroes.
As in,
He’s Martin! He’s Malcom! Same Suit and ‘doo! Farrakhan Even!
Which was quickly met with:
No No Negroe Brethren!
That man is A JOO!

And Clemons was right there, playin along….

BooHooHooMan - 13 December 2010



So many games.

26. catnip - 13 December 2010

I’m pretty sure one of the cats here stole my bank card. Little bastards. Oh well, they’ll never figure out the PIN code… Time for a TSA-like frisk for you guys! Watch those tender bits (and I’m not talking food…)

diane - 13 December 2010

Little bastards.

feelin sorry for you if all your cats are males ….not normally in favor of neuterizing …but jeesh those fuckers spray everywhere…and anywhere…..

kind of selfish,..but better you, than ….me…

(just kidding, ….kind of …though I adored my last male kitty,…he was a true sweetie…)

catnip - 13 December 2010

They’re both fixed (10 & 11 yrs old) but with renos going on here they’ve decided the whole house is a free-range litter box.

diane - 13 December 2010

here they’ve decided the whole house is a free-range litter box

fuckin typical from my experience …I had a wonderful brother sister pair (yeah had to neuter) …if it hadn’t been for sis, he would’ve never bathed…though, funny thing, after… I got of out of the shower, he’d try his paw at licking my hair …I couldn’t help but love his rascal ass….shoot me…….

catnip - 13 December 2010

They’re out of sorts here with the changes and the cold weather. At least mine is starting to hang out outside again now that it’s warmed up again but the landlord’s cat has decided to channel his “inner evil kitten child” schtick for all it’s worth.

he’d try his paw at licking my hair

Mine likes to gently paw at my face when he decides it’s time for me to get up. And when that doesn’t work, he digs a bit harder until he gets my attention. Reminds me of that YouTube video animation of the cat with the baseball bat.

diane - 13 December 2010

Mine likes to gently paw at my face …

yup,…cant help but love ’em …..

catnip - 13 December 2010

Most of the time. 😉

diane - 13 December 2010

Most of the time

truly, …Miss Frail, Petiteness (bar none, …and how do you spell that in French hon?) Ruby Cat …has some nasty ass claws, ever so often, ….I painfully discovered that she hates that fucking paper shredder, for one instance,…etc….

diane - 13 December 2010

ohh jeesh …Miss Ruby Cat has been reading over my shoulder, …she is on the table, and in my face …looking so kissable…and of course she is, but she’s been shellshocked …so if you you kiss her …ya better be prepared for …a potential lashing out ….

nothing personal though ……………


catnip - 13 December 2010

Check the bank’s website for info on reporting a lost bank card. Dialed the number and the first thing they ask you for is your card number. Oy vey. Then after I played “hit the number pad” like a mouse going through a maze for a bit of cheese several times, they informed me they were very busy (at 11 pm ET) and that I’d be on hold for 5 minutes. Yeah, fuck you too. I’ll go to the bank tomorrow.

diane - 13 December 2010

what do they care, they already have a pass for seeing to, not only their vital needs, but everything their empty, nasty, shells desire.

I’ve migrated to cash only ….no doubt, they’ll kill that also, sometime soon……

27. marisacat - 14 December 2010

Buinsess Insider has this snippet from the CEO of Wal Mart on the reality cutting off the 99 weekers is going to impact the economy.

It’s like when all the white Republican mid west farmers get on the horn to not cut Food Stamps (tho it is never enough)

but still…

…some well-traveled comments from the CEO of Wal-Mart, reminding just how impactful UI benefits are:

“And you need not go further than one of our stores on midnight at the end of the month. And it’s real interesting to watch, about 11 p.m., customers start to come in and shop, fill their grocery basket with basic items, baby formula, milk, bread, eggs,and continue to shop and mill about the store until midnight, when electronic — government electronic benefits cards get activated and then the checkout starts and occurs. And our sales for those first few hours on the first of the month are substantially and significantly higher.

“And if you really think about it, the only reason somebody gets out in the middle of the night and buys baby formula is that they need it, and they’ve been waiting for it. Otherwise, we are open 24 hours — come at 5 a.m., come at 7 a.m., come at 10 a.m. But if you are there at midnight, you are there for a reason.”

Read more: Link

28. marisacat - 14 December 2010

scraping. Was there ever a war Holbrook REALLY wanted to end?

TOP TALKER – The kicker to the WashPost’s obit of Richard Holbrooke, 69: “As Mr. Holbrooke was sedated for surgery, family members said, his final words were to his Pakistani surgeon:

‘You’ve got to stop this war in Afghanistan.'” http://wapo.st/gIXzsu

Luv how he instructs a Pakistani, living in the US, FFS to end the war.

catnip - 14 December 2010

Oh, please.

29. marisacat - 14 December 2010

I say go on the run!

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Freed on Bail

catnip - 14 December 2010

Oligarchical heads are splodin’…

marisacat - 14 December 2010

apparently bail ws halted … sweden appealed.

30. marisacat - 14 December 2010

oh Don’t worry, ObRama says if he is perceived as not “successful”… why it is WASHINGTON!

31. marisacat - 14 December 2010

oh quelle shock.. esp as he ws found to be charging 50% interest:

Muhammad Yunus Fights to Save His Reputation

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus is under pressure after critics accused him of misusing development aid. The father of microfinance told SPIEGEL ONLINE the allegations are “a total


32. marisacat - 14 December 2010



……………… 😯

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