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Flying off… 5 January 2011

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Bird Guides photo of the year.

 Guardian Wildlife Gallery :    Air-braking Puffin   


Flying off with the catch…



1. BooHooHooMan - 5 January 2011

Israeli diplomats’ walkout wrecks Medvedev’s visit

President Dmitry Medvedev has cancelled his visit to Israel planned for later this month because of a strike by Israeli Foreign Ministry staff.

Okay, so Israel has pissed off the Russians.

No matter, surely Israel can count on China.
A nation noted for its Sammy Davis~like predisposition.

Of course Israel shouldn’t be too comfortable.
I mean with Obbies great strength now and,
you know…
the whole Alec Baldwin thinkinnarunninfa™ office an’ all.


marisacat - 5 January 2011

I read that Medvedev plans to still visit the Palestinian territories… or whatever the correct name is for them….

Madman in the Marketplace - 5 January 2011

the gulag, for nostalgia’s sake?

marisacat - 5 January 2011

there you go….

2. marisacat - 5 January 2011

Yikes. Boehner hasn’t even stepped over, to take La Nan’s place, and already he must wipe away the tears…

diane - 5 January 2011

ahhh well, glad to now that there may be a handful of jus Us folk, ….Public Servants an’ all, …. who’ve remained so dry eyed – through years of unsolicited sodomy and brutality – that they have plenty “tears” left, to shed at the most hideously ugly, self serving moments.

ts - 5 January 2011

I haven’t figured out if these are genuine tears or if he just opened his eyes too soon in the tanning booth. Maybe he does it on purpose.

diane - 5 January 2011

I haven’t figured out if these are genuine tears…

hmmm,…manufactured tears, ….that certainly makes sense. I mean, after all, do THEY actually even have tear ducts

… yeah, perhaps a sly, hidden squirt of the blink tears (copyright en all that) ….

3. catnip - 5 January 2011

Good luck, brinn! (Catching up here.) Check out the new warning labels on Canadian packs. They’re ridiculously huge. No warnings like that on liquor bottles, of course.

Never quite caffeine cold turkey. As you’ve already found out, the headaches are massive.

marisacat - 5 January 2011

we had to leave our life long dentist, when he quit smoking AND coffee at once. He may have gone on a diet as well in there… LOL I think he lost his office staff too, from then on it ws Mrs Stern at the helm.

Good luck brinn!

catnip - 5 January 2011

I can just imagine.

ts - 5 January 2011

Good luck Brinn, you are a brave one.

This reminded me of the (very) old Bloom County plotline about Steve Dallas giving up smoking cold turkey. Just don’t end up chasing anyone around with an axe or unconscious in the kitchen after devouring ten boxes of HoHo’s.

marisacat - 5 January 2011

Just don’t end up chasing anyone around with an axe or unconscious in the kitchen after devouring ten boxes of HoHo’s.

Oh that made me laugh…

dropout - 5 January 2011

I quit when I was going through my last divorce. I figured, I couldin’ be more miserable and I might as well get something positive out of it.

It worked.

4. BooHooHooMan - 5 January 2011

Yep, another day,
another Could Giva Shit Day around the world what the HeebieJeebies here think about trading with Iran.

Too funny, the link above from Foreign Policy
(heh) – a Serious Magazine , you know, simply repimping a link to another seriously…ah, toolish article in (heh) The Diplomat, entitled India Gets Tougher on Iran.

Oh sure-

This week, the Reserve Bank of India, India’s central bank, issued explicit guidelines indicating that Indian companies would no longer be allowed to use the Asian Clearing Union, a regional clearinghouse, for financial transactions with Iranian companies. This decision, in the language of international relations, constitutes a costly signal. It entails significant costs because India and Iran have gas and oil trade to the tune of $11 billion annually.

It’s also costly in other ways. The government will also pay significant political costs because the opposition in parliament — and especially the Communist parties — will now seize upon it as further evidence of the ruling United Progressive Alliance genuflecting before US pressure. There is, of course, no doubt that the Obama administration had long made it clear that it would prefer to see India distance itself from Iran and join the sanctions bandwagon.

However, it’s not certain that American pressure alone contributed to this decision. Apart from Khamenei’s remark on Kashmir, the Indians have other reasons to express their displeasure with the Iranian regime.

India is on the verge of joining the UN Security Council after nearly a two decade hiatus, and choosing an option that entails significant economic and political costs is yet another way of signaling to the global community that it is prepared to bear new and painful burdens as it competes for an eventual permanent seat on the Council.

Well written crap via the Diplomat, I must say, but crap nonetheless.

So what’s REAL as Singh’s wrapped~to~tight government begins to unravel and nears clawing itself to death?

Surely India will follow our suicidal lead, no? No?
Welp, apparently cooler heads have prevailed before they stroked out on the fainting couch.
But it is big news as we go the way of Lipless.

India’s Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry says Iran’s oil exports to the country will not be affected as alternative payment routes have been put in place.

“There has been no disruption in supply since [Reserve Bank of India] RBI issued new payment guidelines. A cargo for delivery on January 8 and 9 is currently being loaded in Iran and we have no problems sourcing crude from Iran,” India Today quoted India’s Petroleum Secretary S. Sundareshan as saying on Tuesday.

He also said that the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) is willing to accept payments from Indian oil firms through the Europaisch-Iranische Handelsbank (EIH Bank) in Hamburg, Germany.

Oil companies working with Iran like Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd (HPCL) and Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd (MRPL) will make payments to NIOC’s EIH Bank account in Hamburg via the State Bank of India (SBI).

According to Sundareshan, the two central banks will meet in Tehran from January 14 to 16 to find a permanent solution to the matter.

Part of the meeting will involve choosing a payment currency, such as the Iranian Rial, Dirham and Yen, which are not susceptible to US pressure.

The problem arose when the Indian Central Bank said import payments to Iran would have to be settled outside the existing Asian Clearing Union (ACU) mechanism

LOL. Now THAT is some serious shit.

Essentially they are forced to choose between a grinding energy and liquidity crunch and us , OUR policy (bleeting ever so weakly now) and using the US Bankster dominated Asian Clearing House or acceding to rational influence to clear payments under more amenable circumstances in Germany.
In YEN, – Gasp! –
the Dirham, Gasp!
or Gasp!Gasp!- the Rial.

Obbie and his ‘brew bankers …LOL
aren’t even a factor.

The EU needs money and China just agreed to help.
Which works for Merkel and the beggared EU.
As Germany and the rest of the the EU, hell everybody , like India, EVERYBODY needs Iranian Oil making it to market if only level prices or assure payments. They also need Russian gas. A lotta needs here! LOL.

And a lotta Win/Win quite nicely without us.
See, adopting assholish Jersey ‘tude for the hell of it, not that it matters, as every OG&P’r is a step ahead and the Russians, the Iranians, and the Arabs need to , surprisingly yaknow, get paid for their shit. LOL.

And China doesn’t wanna be be financing another coupla continents of deadbeats in thrall to JudeoChristian chiselers.

What a day. Try Googling Europaisch-Iranische Handelsbank Maybe the petty rank cheaters, the Israeli tithing astroturfurs googlebombing the search term for the Iran’s bank will help. LOL. Like this friendly read here at Allah’s Willing Exocutioners {SOOOOoo 2001!} 😆
Or here, at the mushroom cloudily named Stop The Bomb

GMAFB. I got the tube on. Whoops! Syndicated, Televised, Stock Manipulator Jim Cramer is on… humping Goldman Sachs. A BUY. BIG BUY! 😯

He followed Uber Bond Broker Bill Gross of PIMCO.
Also something about how we must BUY! Or SELL!
Hell I don’t know. Something like that and how the U.S. Gub needs to raise debt lest an asteroid will hit or something. What the hell is next?
Hemorrhaging birds inexplicably falling from the sky?

marisacat - 5 January 2011

What the hell is next? Plagues?

Hemorrhaging birds inexplicably falling from the sky?

Every time they report on gas going up at the pump…. I wonder if Obbie will allow COLA increases for 2012 for Social Security.

I think we will soon hit 4.00 a gal here in SF, it is around 3.40 now.

BooHooHooMan - 5 January 2011

Oh we’re left on our own crazy little island.
And Like you said, spinning all the way down.
Of the Good thing we don’t have the kind of austerity measures imposed scheisse as the Recover proceeds

Like Madman yesterday re Hedges on Huxley and Orwell..
So spot on.

What I find stunning, not this first part: our assorted PTB peddling their bullshit, the whole “we” as a Society shit, they know it’s bullshit, it’s what they do… but how our PTB still believe in their own relevance, their invincibility, the durability of thier leverage around elsehwere. After its patently obvious they been done eclipsed.

But they will continue to loot and cut.
No question.
I don’t see a political resolution to any of it here. Milk is almost 4 bucks for a gallon here.
And I saw something where the number of cops killed on duty last year rose 38%.

Facebook Empire.
Waiting for the next big IPO.
Fucking Crazy.
No political resolution, tho. Pretty clear.

marisacat - 5 January 2011

A caller to KGO a few months ago, maybe close to a year now … a long time dairy farmer in Cali, said there had been a big slaughter of dairy cows by the Feds, to push up milk prices. The second time he knew of it happening. Forget whcih year in the past he said it had been done.

I think the way it worked ws for slaughtering, you got a subsidy on the head count from Uncle Sam.

Riiiight, the wars are “foreign”. Well … s o m e fo them are!

dropout - 5 January 2011

Obi-Wan, Madman posted Bageant, I’m the Huxley fan.

….You caught that Sachs bought a bunch load of Facebook right? Back room deal. Personally, I think it’s just the latest flavor of the month. Look at poor AOL.

I should just post under my original moniker, but I just got tired of getting beat up by the zionazis. Wish, I could just turn everything electrical off, but that would leave me too isolated. So many of the walking dead around me.

I still dream of that perfect utopia…yet, as Huxley wrote….there is none.

“…and when the rest of heaven was blue, of a demon in my view” E. Poe

dropout - 5 January 2011

Babyboomers are in a catch 22. We realize how corrupt our government has become, but we can’t fight too much against it, else some of us will never see a dime from SS.

So many of us have lost financial security because of health or the gutting of property values and pensions. We are stuck. We are dispensable.

marisacat - 5 January 2011

oh I agree!

dropout - 5 January 2011

BooHoo, had to go look these two articles for you, very very interesting:

[NATO politics driving Afghan war Link to Asia Times ]


Afghans pay for fuel halt

Afghans are grappling with rising fuel prices and dwindling supplies in the depth of winter, while convoys of relief aid stand idle just across the border with Iran.

Thousands of fuel tankers and trucks carrying compressed-gas cylinders used for cooking and heating were stranded after Iranian officials imposed a blockade on the Afghanistan-bound deliveries because they claim such supplies would help North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces.

Asia Times

…for 2010, the new reality TV.

5. BooHooHooMan - 5 January 2011

The quote on India and Iran working out their payments quite nicely without us is via PressTV today

Iran oil exports to India unaffected

Anyways…Heading out for a workout. 😯
Lifting a double cheeseburger, frankly. 😆

marisacat - 5 January 2011

oh I would luv to go out for a cheeseburger.

have a second one, for me… 😉

BooHooHooMan - 5 January 2011

On your recommend!

diane - 5 January 2011

hmmmmm, I see you’ve finally digested that PA (was it?) shirt (and I for one, haven’t forgotten about that video which you never provided, I doubt catnip has either), in that case, can you eat a third one for me? and then, I’ll have a fish samwich, easy on that frackin tarter……….

Thanks Sweety!

catnip - 5 January 2011

Which video?

diane - 5 January 2011

around 5/18/10 plus, minus a day or two, Boohoohooman was teased (okay, I helped) about a video of eating his shirt, which, as I recollect he noted he was doing.

(okay, I accused him of eating all of the prime rib,….while you, and the other obvious bilinguals munched on the crudtilde, (CSTAR was there ….)….fuck,…ok,… when I in fact, had a large helping of the prime rib, myself.)

jeesh, I feel like Joe[sephine] Friday………

catnip - 5 January 2011

Oh right! I remember now.

diane - 5 January 2011


I had so much heart felt fun that night, …I could hardly forget,….but then again, it happened to be my frightening background ‘state’ being clowned, and called to task, and not yours, …so I can certainly understand how you might not remember honey.

6. diane - 5 January 2011


Swedish birds ‘scared to death’: veterinarian

A county veterinarian has speculated that the birds that fell from the sky in central Sweden on Tuesday [January 4, 2011 – diane] may have been frightened by fireworks, then run over by a car after landing on the road in the dark.


(hat tip to oculus)

Just what is that brand new ingredient, in all of these fireworks across the earth? (I guess those fish (Arkansas River, Chesapeake Bay) have fallen prey to the BP excuse (quite clever I might add, since BP/Anglo Persian Oil certainly did decimate untold billions of living beings).)

I’ve got my money on the boyz playin wit their toys …..(do I hear a HAARP playing in that background chaos?) ….I suppose ya can’t blame ‘em …so very hard to get it up an’ all ……………

(This may be a duplicate hon, as my dial-up cut out as I was posting it the first time)

7. diane - 5 January 2011

hmmmm, I’ve been trying to figure it out, whether it’s feathers or blue squid in that mouf, ….and have come to the conclusion that that devious puffin stole some of the boyos feathers,….to line its nest, ..perhaps thinking it might impart some speshul protection not available elsewhere…..

Reminds me of reading how sweet little warblers (I think it was warblers,…I know they were teeny) used to (still do?) dive bomb humans, snatching a few strands of hair, …for that nest.

8. catnip - 5 January 2011

So, Sobbing Orange Johnnie was sworn in as speaker today… The crying has just begun.

9. marisacat - 5 January 2011

I luv how the pundits breathlessly recount how Bill Daley was Al Gore’s Campaign Chairman in 2000…

and this is a recommendation HOW?

diane - 5 January 2011

truly hon…

but apparently, the glitter still clings to VC Gore …

catnip - 5 January 2011

I heard Teetwy et al going on and on about how corporate-friendly he was (and what a wonderful thing that is!) and how the CEOs would love him because he’s an “adult”.

marisacat - 5 January 2011

He had an Op/ed piece in the WSJ recently (past weeks) telling the Democrats to move center.

Considering how right wing most are, including Obster, just propaganda….

10. marisacat - 5 January 2011

Craaaack! McCaskill moves away from the mandate.

catnip - 5 January 2011

Seriously? She was one of Obamalama’s biggest mouthpieces when it came to that deal, wasn’t she? Or was she just a huge mouthpiece about everything he did? Hard to sort through the minutiae of all of that butt-kissing slobberation.

marisacat - 5 January 2011

Yup… and she has been a big personal booster of his. Aligned one might say…

I loved the comment from some Republican, that wow maybe yo should coulda thought of that lady before your vote.

And of course the whole thing is a big fat joke as Heritge Foundation and other R have pushed mandate for almost 20 years.

Suckers, all of them. Shills for ins and big medicine, etc.

Madman in the Marketplace - 5 January 2011


jellyfish have more spine

marisacat - 5 January 2011

snicker snax!

In August, 71 percent of Missouri voters approved a referendum opposing the federal health care measure.

AND iirc she went in in 2006, winning agaisnt Jim Talent, who is (again iirc) just one of several who plan to take her on in 2012.

11. dropout - 5 January 2011
dropout - 5 January 2011

New Facebook-Goldman info, including WHY Facebook is doing the deal


dropout - 5 January 2011
12. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 January 2011

What Could Have Been Entering the Public Domain on January 1, 2011?

Current US law extends copyright protections for 70 years from the date of the author’s death. (Corporate “works-for-hire” are copyrighted for 95 years.) But prior to the 1976 Copyright Act (which became effective in 1978), the maximum copyright term was 56 years (an initial term of 28 years, renewable for another 28 years). Under those laws, works published in 1954 would be passing into the public domain on January 1, 2011.

What might you be able to read or print online, quote as much as you want, or translate, republish or make a play or a movie from? How about William Golding’s Lord of the Flies? Golding first published Lord of the Flies in 1954. If we were still under the copyright laws that were in effect until 1978, Lord of the Flies would be entering the public domain on January 1, 2011 (even assuming that Golding or his publisher had renewed the copyright). Under current copyright law, we’ll have to wait until 2050. This is because the copyright term for works published between 1950 and 1963 was extended to 95 years from the date of publication, so long as the works were published with a copyright notice and the term renewed (which is generally the case with famous works such as this). All of these works from 1954 will enter the public domain in 2050.

What other works would be entering the public domain if we had the pre-1978 copyright laws? You might recognize some of the titles below.

-The first two volumes of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of Rings trilogy: The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers

– Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot (his own translation/adaptation of the original version in French, En attendant Godot, published in 1952)

– Kingsley Amis’ Lucky Jim

– Aldous Huxley’s The Doors of Perception

– Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who!

– Pauline Réage’s Histoire d’O

– Fredric Wertham’s Seduction of the Innocent, subtitled “The influence of comic books on today’s youth”

– Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

– Mac Hyman’s No Time for Sergeants

– Alan Le May’s The Searchers

– C.S. Lewis’ The Horse and His Boy, the fifth volume of The Chronicles of Narnia

– Alice B. Toklas’ The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook

13. diane - 5 January 2011

Happy New Year, ….and Hopey Changey Techno Science Math Race Thang …….:

Brutal Reprisals Against Peaceful GA Inmate Strikers Confirmed. Was One Victim Hidden For Weeks By Prison Authorities?

Black, brown and white inmates in 6 Georgia prisons nonviolently locked themselves in their cells for several days beginning December 9, demanding wages for work, educational opportunities, adequate food and medical care, just parole decisions and access to their families. The peaceful inmate strikers, as we reported the following day, were already victims of brutal retaliation on the part of correctional officials, ranging from cutoffs of heat and hot water to unprovoked assaults by correctional employees upon prisoners.

It now appears that at least one inmate, Terrance Dean of Bibb County GA was brutally assaulted by staff at Macon State Prison on or about December 16 was so severely injured prison officials secretly evacuated him to a hospital in Atlanta without bothering to inform his family.



diane - 5 January 2011

even more hideous, is that us average citizens, can not possibly be aware, of how many, are living a horrid life in prison, for crimes …far less than those we have committed in life….

14. dropout - 5 January 2011

Last December UK’s coldest for 100 years

However, the first analysis released of global temperatures shows 2010 was one of the warmest years on record.


Wonder how the rethugs are going to handle our energy policies with our ever changing weather problems.

15. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 January 2011

‘The Left Has Nowhere to Go’

Ralph Nader in a CNN poll a few days before the 2008 presidential election had an estimated 3 percent of the electorate, or about 4 million people, behind his candidacy. But once the votes were counted, his support dwindled to a little over 700,000. Nader believes that many of his supporters entered the polling booth and could not bring themselves to challenge the Democrats and Barack Obama. I suspect Nader is right. And this retreat is another example of the lack of nerve we must overcome if we are going to battle back against the corporate state. A vote for Nader or Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney in 2008 was an act of defiance. A vote for Obama and the Democrats was an act of submission. We cannot afford to be submissive anymore.

“The more outrageous the Republicans become, the weaker the left becomes,” Nader said when I reached him at his home in Connecticut on Sunday. “The more outrageous they become, the more the left has to accept the slightly less outrageous corporate Democrats.”

Nader fears a repeat of the left’s cowardice in the next election, a cowardice that has further empowered the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party, maintained the role of the Democratic Party as a lackey for corporations, and accelerated the reconfiguration of the country into a neo-feudalist state. Either we begin to practice a fierce moral autonomy and rise up in multiple acts of physical defiance that have no discernable short-term benefit, or we accept the inevitability of corporate slavery. The choice is that grim. The age of the practical is over. It is the impractical, those who stand fast around core moral imperatives, figures like Nader or groups such as Veterans for Peace, which organized the recent anti-war rally in Lafayette Park in Washington, which give us hope. If you were one of the millions who backed down in the voting booth in 2008, don’t do it again. If you were one of those who thought about joining the Washington protests against the war where 131 of us were arrested and did not, don’t fail us next time. The closure of the mechanisms within the power system that once made democratic reform possible means we stand together as the last thin line of defense between a civil society and its disintegration. If we do not engage in open acts of defiance, we will empower a radical right-wing opposition that will replicate the violence and paranoia of the state. To refuse to defy in every way possible the corporate state is to be complicit in our strangulation.

“The left has nowhere to go,” Nader said. “Obama knows it. The corporate Democrats know it. There will be criticism by the left of Obama this year and then next year they will all close ranks and say ‘Do you want Mitt Romney? Do you want Sarah Palin? Do you want Newt Gingrich?’ It’s very predictable. There will be a year of criticism and then it will all be muted. They don’t understand that even if they do not have any place to go, they ought to fake it. They should fake going somewhere else or staying home to increase the receptivity to their demands. But because they do not make any demands, they are complicit with corporate power.

“Corporate power makes demands all the time,” Nader went on. “It pulls on the Democrats and the Republicans in one direction. By having this nowhere-to-go mentality and without insisting on demands as the price of your vote, or energy to get out the vote, they have reduced themselves to a cipher. They vote. The vote totals up. But it means nothing.”

There is no major difference between a McCain administration, a Bush and an Obama administration. Obama, in fact, is in many ways worse. McCain, like Bush, exposes the naked face of corporate power. Obama, who professes to support core liberal values while carrying out policies that mock these values, mutes and disempowers liberals, progressives and leftists. Environmental and anti-war groups, who plead with Obama to address their issues, are little more than ineffectual supplicants.

Obama, like Bush and McCain, funds and backs our unending and unwinnable wars. He does nothing to halt the accumulation of the largest deficits in human history. The drones murder thousands of civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as they did under Bush and would have done under McCain. The private military contractors, along with the predatory banks and investment houses, suck trillions out of the U.S. Treasury as efficiently under Obama. Civil liberties, including habeas corpus, have not been restored. The public option is dead. The continuation of the Bush tax cuts, adding some $900 billion to the deficit, along with the reduction of individual contributions to Social Security, furthers a debt peonage that will be the excuse to privatize Social Security, slash social services and break the back of public service unions. Obama does not intercede as tens of millions of impoverished Americans face foreclosures and bankruptcies. The Democrats provide better cover. But the corporate assault is the same.

“Obama has the formula now,” Nader said. “You give the Republicans a lot of what they want. Many of them vote for you. You get your Democrat percentage. You weave a hybrid victory. That is what he learned in the lame-duck session. He gets praised as being a statesman and a leader and getting things done. Think of all the rewards he can contemplate while he is in Hawaii compared to what they were saying about him on Nov. 5. All the columnists and pundits say that now he can work with John Boehner. But once you take a broader view, it is the difference in the mph of corporatism. McCain is 50 miles per hour and Obama is 40 miles per hour.

“The left has disemboweled itself,” Nader said. “It doesn’t even have a strategy every four years like a good poker player. The best example is Richard Trumka and the AFL-CIO. Obama has given them nothing. Therefore, they are demanding nothing. They huff and puff. They make tough speeches. But Trumka hasn’t even made Obama’s campaign pledge of a $9.50 minimum wage by this year an issue. If you want to increase consumer demand, what better way to do it than to unleash $300 billion in wages? The card check for unionization, which Obama pledged as his No. 1 sop to the labor unions, is dead. The unions do not even demand a hearing. And now wait till you see what they will do to the public employee unions. Part of it is their own fault. They are going to be crushed. Everybody is ganging up on them. You have new class warfare. It is non-unionized lower income and middle class taking it out on the unionized middle-income public employees. It is a classic example of oligarchic manipulation. It will start playing out big time in New York State with Andrew Cuomo and others. They will start saying, ‘Why are you getting this? Most workers who pay the taxes, who pay your salaries, are not getting this.’ This plays.”

marisacat - 5 January 2011

We’re in a box.

Madman in the Marketplace - 5 January 2011


dropout - 5 January 2011

Read that one too….but that really got me depressed.

diane - 5 January 2011

I really should apologize for the recent comment I made, regarding Chris Hedges not responding to commenters at Truth Dig, as I basically agree with so much of what he has to say, and because so many of the commenters appear to be hired lackeys (something about wrestling with a pig there…)…..

16. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 January 2011
marisacat - 5 January 2011

hmm strangely enough I was able to understand that…

17. ts - 6 January 2011

The Caucus – NYT

Democratic leaders in Washington plan to spend the next week doing what they all but refused to do during the 2010 midterm elections: mount a vigorous defense of President Obama’s health care legislation.

I’m surprised anyone can read that paragraph and not see it.

ts - 6 January 2011

Oh, but it gets better…

Senior Democratic officials said their effort will be managed by a rapid response operation modeled after the ones Mr. Obama used during his presidential campaign. That team will monitor Republican claims, send out fact-checks and deploy a team of surrogates to get their views on television.

Oh, noes! Fact checks! I bet Boehner is crying in fear right now! Especially when they call it the “Job Killing Health Care Act”.

Just repeal it already. And pass the popcorn.

marisacat - 6 January 2011

ANYthing to repeal it. Works for me…

Politco has a story that Shumer and Reid are cooking up a fast daily response game… prolly same thing, or a part of the same thng….

It rides at the top of Ben Smith http://www.politico.com/blogs/bensmith/ :

Under a plan conceived by the aggressive New Yorker and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Democratic leaders are building a new messaging machine for the entire 53-member Democratic Caucus that replicates Schumer’s tactics in driving national and regional news. The idea is to identify hot-button issues early, frame them in a favorable light for the party and allow Democratic senators to relentlessly drive home the point through press briefings, conference calls, newspaper op-eds and local interviews.

“There will be a far more aggressive, more proactive, more rapid response than we’ve seen in the past,” said Sen. Robert Menendez

EXCEPT I remember innumerable similar announcements over the years, a big one in the run up to 2004, from Reid and Boxer, that they would make sure, for one thing, there was a wider selection of Dems available for comment, interview and appearances.

They even called their operation a War Room.

LOL Boxer is famous for not going on national tv. For one thing she often sucks. To b vulgar. And we all know how well Reid does.

18. marisacat - 6 January 2011

So pre-announced it dies of boredom on delivery. Like Lipless….

The whole shuffle story has been like a too long-running card game.

Everybody migrated to the sofas and fell asleep.

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

President Obama Names Bill Daley White House Chief of Staff

19. marisacat - 6 January 2011



……………… 😯 … 🙄

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