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Buds 10 January 2011

Posted by marisacat in DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, WAR!.

Obama walks to the Oval Office alongside former US presidents Bill Clinton, right, and George W Bush, left, after speaking about relief efforts following the earthquake in Haiti, during a statement in the Rose Garden of the White House on 16 January [Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images]

Oh I am so not into all the reverential bullshit they want to force on us. Never have been …

Buds? How about spuds? I say let’s have Mr Potato Head kits for all the pretzels. It can hardly be more tragic – or more dangerous! – then the living reality that is forced on us.

Instead we are making, have made, “regime change” in foreign lands our god-given right. “Targeted kills”, extra-judicial killing by the State is our publicly stated policy.

What does the fool American public think “mopping up actions” are in war? It is killing what is left on the ground.

We are at the start of a week or more of utterly ridiculous drool over an assassination attempt and the death of several others. 

I have yet to hear anything that was not phony.

The wanna-be pulpiteer that is the titular head of government is in the midst of the “moment of silence”, it’s Monday morning….

On a lighter note, here, from the same gallery at the Guardian (a year of Ob) is a photo op that would have been better missed. 

Who plans this junk anyway?


Some drivel from poor Ezra.  Oh get over yourself Ezra and this drum beat that is calling retail politics some passionate cry for freedom and democracy.  Most pols, both sides, want highly restricted access and would prefer to retreat to whatever cocoon can be labeled for their “safety” and sold to us as the ”public safety” as well…. 

via the Mike Allen email:

IF YOU READ ONLY ONE THING — EZRA KLEIN, “What the shooting shouldn’t change”:

“I’ve heard some talk on cable news of giving congressmen security details and using rope lines and so forth at events. I hope we don’t end up going there … I don’t want to minimize the awful tragedy in Tucson. But the reality is that violent attacks on legislators are very rare. … There’s going to be a desire to do something in the coming days, to respond somehow. And we need to take care to make sure our response pushes us in the right direction. A simple principle, I think, is that whatever we do should emphasize our commitment to the sort of everyday democracy that Rep. Giffords and her constituents were practicing. … I think one way to pay tribute to those who died or were harmed in the shooting is to do as they did and attend your congressperson’s next community meeting. Conversely, making community meetings more difficult and politicians more physically distant from their constituents would be giving something important away, and it’s not clear that we’d gain any real safety or security in return.” http://wapo.st/eg4Odc



1. diane - 10 January 2011

…could be mistaken, but that shot sure looks contrived to me …ya gotta jus luv how bill and obster ‘step out’ on the left foot, and true blue suit boy steps out on his right foot ….the only thing I can imagine the three of them being in such a hurry for, other than a leisurely day at the links, is some sadistic shell game against the populace …..

(and I sure hope Billy Boy slipped on his ass, and wrenched a hip, on those leather shoe soles)

marisacat - 10 January 2011

That is how they leave anywhere where reporters are. Even as leashed on choke chains and sedated as our media is.

diane - 10 January 2011

…so well drilled …….

2. diane - 10 January 2011

oh, and how could I forget balancing the sleazy shot out with slick bill and oboma to the right,….and …”shrub” to the left, …. do our masters of the ‘peoples’ media really consider such things? …….they most certainly do,…. tons of power and money at stake, after all, even the smallest of small business owners think of such things ……IMAGE IS EVERYTHING in the short span before people have the ability to give a matter thought …………………

marisacat - 10 January 2011

Honestly I think they get to walk from a podium on the green outside the Oval any way they want.

diane - 10 January 2011

I digressed, and I’m sorry, ….what you say, certainly sounds right for the majority of events, perhaps the ‘balanced seeming’ configuration is ingrained in their coniving ‘brains’ ….

3. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 January 2011

Newark Crime Is Accelerating After Major Cuts To Police Force

What’s going on in Newark right now is deeply depressing: Forced to cut the police budget due to the same tax constraints affecting lots of American cities, Newark is seem crime accelerate.

There was a 60% jump in carjackings in 2010, and huge chunk of those came at the end of the year, when the police layoffs hit the city.

The pace is now comparable to where it was in the 90s, when the city was known for carjackings.

marisacat - 10 January 2011

Oakland has a lot of problems but even their crime rates have gone down the past two years… Pretty much across the board, tho a spate of murders at the end of the year put a dent in the declining numbers. (San Francisco had the same spike in shootings and fatalities at the end of the year as well)

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 January 2011

What’s causing the mysterious mass animal die-offs? Buttsecks

Cindy Jacobs, a “respected prophet,” says birds and fish may be dying off en masse because of the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. In other words: buttsecks kills.

“From Pokemon cards and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to Marilyn Manson and psychic hotlines, this nation is under siege,” she warns in her new book.

The video … words fail. I’m not sure which is worse, her “logic” or her fashion sense.

ms_xeno - 10 January 2011

I would read this book, but only if I could shoplift it from a big chain store. Maybe BooHooHooMan will lend me his copy. I bet it’s even autographed. :p

BooHooHooMan - 11 January 2011

LOL, Well Jeezis, xee, the woman DOES hold
a Doctor of Divinity from Christian International in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.


marisacat - 11 January 2011

Santa Rose Beach Fl, a well known center of learning.

catnip - 11 January 2011

Divinity fudge?

catnip - 10 January 2011

Does she own a gun?

I think that’s a very legitimate question to ask these days…

catnip - 11 January 2011
5. marisacat - 11 January 2011

hmm I caught Clyburn on FOX on Sunday when he floated this.

House Dem calls for ‘beefed up’ security, special treatment for members by TSA

By Sean J. Miller – 01/09/11 10:27 AM ET

A top House Democrat said the attack on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) should change how members of Congress are screened at airports.

“I really believe that that is the place where we feel the most ill at ease, is going through airports,” Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.), who serves as assistant minority leader in the House, said on “Fox News Sunday.”

Clyburn called for the Transportation Security Administration, which administers airport security checkpoints, to interact “a little better” with the Capitol Hill Police.

“We’ve had some incidents where TSA authorities think that congresspeople should be treated like everybody else,” he said. “Well, the fact of the matter is, we are held to a higher standard in so many other areas, and I think we need to take a hard look at exactly how the TSA interact with members of Congress.”

Who cares how he is treated? I sure don’t.

ts - 11 January 2011

Well, I think he needs a body cavity search now. I think he’s packing something…if you know what I mean.

marisacat - 11 January 2011

I thought he sounded like an idiot making that demand the day after someone is shot. Such blather and bullshite.


🙄 …

diane - 11 January 2011

…“Well, the fact of the matter is, we are held to a higher standard in so many other areas ….

well, uh no you asshole, citizens (human citizens) not breaking any laws are generally the only ones held to higher standards anymore, let alone any standards at all. For example diabetics, who now have to worry about being tased if their health takes a dive in the wrong place.

And why shouldn’t you be treated like everbody else at the TSA ‘checkpoints,’ we thought the argument for them was that they’re not really intrusive at all.

6. catnip - 11 January 2011
7. catnip - 11 January 2011

Death penalty fears for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

Assange’s legal team suggested that extraditing him to Sweden could breach Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), which bans torture.

They wrote: “It is submitted that there is a real risk that, if extradited to Sweden, the US will seek his extradition and/or illegal rendition to the USA, where there will be a risk of him being detained at Guantanamo Bay or elsewhere, in conditions which would breach Article 3 of the ECHR.

“Indeed, if Mr Assange were rendered to the USA without assurances that the death penalty would not be carried out, there is a real risk that he could be made subject to the death penalty.”

marisacat - 11 January 2011

Considering that Obby just pissed off the English by declaring Sarko “our greatest friend and ally”, Assange is probably as safe as anywhere in the UK.

Ob even included the French population as our greatest friend.


8. diane - 11 January 2011

Absolutely loved this, from Who is IOZ:

Purity of Essence

…. You see, when you are the plenipotentiary of the world’s foremost death machine, when you are ordering, literally every day, the killing of human beings, the destruction of homes, the bombing of farms and factories, then obviously you can’t just go out and condemn violence. You have to condemn “senseless” violence. You can’t condemn killing. You have to condemn pointless killing.

yup, a purpose – no matter…the morality of it -serves to ‘legitimize’ slaughter, for some.

marisacat - 11 January 2011

Oh I am sure we will know more, and know it purely and with God’s help, when ObRama speaks tomorrow…..

We are blessed!

9. BooHooHooMan - 11 January 2011
marisacat - 11 January 2011

But but but! None other than miracle woman, Gabby Giffords owns a Glock 9.

It is a blessed weapon!

her recovery is already being hailed as a “miracle”, AND she is the only congress critter married to a serving mil man! An Astronaut for ffs. His twin is an astronaut TOO, and in fact is up in “the Bus” right now!!!!

Get with the program BooHoo. The “narrative” is being pounded into stone…

BooHooHooMan - 11 January 2011

Oh I know, they have a narrative all right.
As for the video from the parking lot, the store…not so much. Pakistan, India and Saudi Arabia get their hit videos up quicker.
Nope no vid yet as the spinners spin, no vid.
Let alone a mirror.

Epsecially about the Judge made his bones as a Federal Drug Task Force Prosecutor right there on I 19.
And was whacked first.

He’s quickly spun as the Pwog Immigration guy.

Just passin by from MASS. Gotta love that one.

10. catnip - 11 January 2011

I was curious, so I Googled:

Fri May. 21, 2010 Obama Puts a Silencer on Assault Weapons Ban

I haven’t heard any of the exploding cable news heads mention that little fact.

marisacat - 11 January 2011

Oh the Democrats have abandoned, for real, any gun control, beyond the shredded web of nothing that exists… They abandoned it long long ago.

Fortunately I don’t care, they made a fucking mess of doing hype and little more. The Assault Weapns Ban rose otu of a killing here in SF… the “101 Cal Killings”, a nutter (actually a very angry former client) went into the law firm he had been a client of, in a high rise at 101 California St here… and shot and shot and shot and shot. 1993…

IIRC he got 8. And DiFi rose as Refomer and Crusader. I cannot reember now, but I am sure, as Pelosi does now, she even cloaked herself in the killings of Milk ad Moscone. Which were another terrible joke… and allowed to remain a joke in the vaunted movie, Milk.


The whole thing was a fucking joke. The legislation was full of holes and work arounds. But DiFi got t pontificate. Meanwhile that bitch has a conceal carry permit, has had it for years. Many many years…

NTIM, not really.

catnip - 11 January 2011

I’m not at all surprised about Obamalama’s flip flop. They’re all bought and paid for by the NRA. Fake opportunists.

marisacat - 11 January 2011

I did a post last night on how the NRA has won… will put it up in a bit.

marisacat - 11 January 2011

oh BTW, the evening news here tonight reports that gun sales surged 60% in AZ… but they surged in Cali as well. But just 16%.

I am sure we can rev up and catch up to AZ!!!!!

11. marisacat - 11 January 2011



…………………. 😯

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