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Pragmatism 11 January 2011

Posted by marisacat in DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Lie Down Fall Down Dems, San Francisco, Total fucking lunatics, WAR!.

A commander watches as recruits of paramilitary police run in a circle during a training at a military base in Hami, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region [Reuters]

I am so damned relieved I don’t care anymore… haven’t for years.

via the Mike Allen email….

GUN CONTROL HOLSTERED — Molly Ball and Shira Toeplitz:

“That the gun issue has been so secondary, and the approach to the gun component of the incident so tentative, indicates the extent to which the issue has subsided in the past decade. A bipartisan truce is in effect on gun control issues in Washington – a truce on the National Rifle Association’s terms. … It hasn’t bothered to mount a major lobbying push to make sure lawmakers have their guns-don’t-kill-people talking points. Congressional office staffers say there’s been no contact from the group on the topic.

 The signal piece of gun legislation to come out of the Arizona shooting looks to be a bill that Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.) plans to bring up as soon as this week. It would ban the manufacture and sale of high-capacity magazines such as the one Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ would-be assassin … attached to his Glock 19, allowing him to fire off 33 bullets without reloading, rather than the 10 or so in a typical clip. … Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) … plans to introduce McCarthy’s legislation in the Senate … But McCarthy and Lautenberg are up against a political consensus that has only hardened in recent years as Democrats made inroads into Republican territory largely on their ability to neutralize the gun issue. Some of their red-state victories were with pro-gun candidates such as Montana Sen. Jon Tester and Virginia Sen. Jim Webb.” http://bit.ly/ie9R95 

I carefully followed a couple of major mass killings using guns, the Washington DC snipers and the VTech massacre.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when we deceive.  There are no “controls”, there is no funding for real background checks, even if they mattered… The gun shows, alone, make a laughing stock of any supposed “system”…

Some radio host out here is in a froth, that Loughner was “allowed” to buy a gun.  WHY?  He was never held nor arrested for mental health issues (whatever his vague “record”, it never resulted in an arrest), nor committed for a 3 day mental health evaluation, so there was no black mark on his background, whatever kind of check was made to get the FBI clearance for his gun purchase… 

The radio host thinks that because he was rejected by the Army he should have been denied a gun purchase.  WHY?  There are alternative reports, one that he “failed a drug test” another that he was rejected for disclosing he had used pot over many years…

It’s not enough.

Get real.  The Democrats haven’t been really serious about “gun control” in years… and one of the most fervent activists on this issue, DiFi, is a zealot.  An authoritarian freak, imo.  She herself has had a conceal-carry permit for years.  And they are IMPOSSIBLE to obtain in San Francisco.  You have to go thru the Sheriff’s Office and the applications are simply lost.

I love all the push to “move to the center”, to worry about the “far left and the far right”, to exhort for “centrism”.

When utter freaks, from Obama to Bush to Hillary to DiFi (oh right, I am supposed to lie awake worrying about Sarah Palin…), are running our lives. 

Not to leave out Wayne La Pierre, of the RNA.   Another freak.

Who has unequivocally WON.


The national news tonight, ABC, is reporting that of over 121,000 AZ citizens who would be barred from buying a gun, based on their criminal or mental health records, less than 5,000 have been entered into the pertinent data base.



1. catnip - 11 January 2011

Americans in denial:

CBS poll

The poll also shows that while three in four Americans say violence against the government is never justified, 16 percent say it can be justified — the same percentage that said as much in April. Twenty-eight percent of Republicans said such violence can be justified, compared with 11 percent of Democrats and independents.

Americans are split on whether such an attack will happen again. Forty-five percent say a shooting like this will likely be repeated, while 47 percent say it was a random attack that will not take place again. While a majority of Republicans (55 percent) see the attack as random, fewer Democrats (45 percent) see it that way.

Random? Hello?

Whoever thinks it won’t happen again has absolutely no sense of history.

catnip - 11 January 2011

A humourous Freudian slip:

The poll also found that the percentage of Americans who believe gun country laws should be stricter has increased slightly to 47 percent, though most do not believe stricter laws would have prevented the shootings.

2. Madman in the Marketplace - 11 January 2011
marisacat - 11 January 2011


lucid - 11 January 2011

In that case, Tishman dramatically overpaid for older apartment buildings.

Ah, in the case of Tishman it was a corrupt mayor turning over the most prized development of city subsidized lower-middle income housing to a ruthless developer, effectively removing thousands of affordable apartments from the market. Both of them should be in jail.

marisacat - 11 January 2011

I remember all of that, but was the development the … was it FDR era or immediate post war complex? that was built to house NYC workers who made moderate incomes, teachers and the like?

The sort of thing that will never exist again. Not on any scale to be of value…

lucid - 11 January 2011

It was built around the same time as much of the other public housing in NYC and, yes, was set aside as explicitly housing for teachers, public servants, etc. IT evolved beyond that, obviously, but it was stricktly rent stabilized and pegged to income – until Bloomie. Everyone that I went to college with that came from middle class families in NYC had their names on the list for a Stuy-town apartment from the time they were in middle school.

lucid - 11 January 2011

apologize for the atrocious spelling in that last post…

marisacat - 11 January 2011

oh don’t worry, I can never clean up all my typos and transposed double vowels and so on.


marisacat - 11 January 2011

That’s the one!

ts - 12 January 2011

Morgan Stanley was walking away from a couple billion odd in commercial property a year ago in downtown SF – a strategic default, in fact, it was pointed out they were current on the loan.


marisacat - 12 January 2011

IMO San Francisco is massively overbuilt. In office space, I mean. In the “downturn” of 1991 (which held on for years here) RE was hit really hard. I used to peer out at the buildings around me and count the empty floors. It took years to recover, both residential RE (condos were hit especially hard in that mess) as well as office space.

There are stories that creep out here of the newer industrial parks in the burbs, both East Bay and in the South Bay, that are devastated in terms of tenants… All sorts of “back office” operations that have shrunk to nothing and small businesses that don’t exist anymore.

I felt very strongly that the “dot com dot died” bubble, as I call it, was configured to get us out (HA!) of the long years of the early 90s recession. That and VC and Silicon Valley had a taste for running a big fat gaseous bubble…

What a fucking mess.

3. catnip - 11 January 2011

Crazy religo-lady in shiny blue leopard made Anderson Cooper’s “The Ridiculist”. She’s famous now!

Madman in the Marketplace - 11 January 2011

and once again, I scooped Anderson!

4. lucid - 11 January 2011

So, talked to my folks tonight. My Dad personally knew both Giffords and her Chief of Staff, who was killed. He’s in total shock. For a centrist Democrat, like my Dad, she was very much representative of what he would like to see in Congress. He said that he had the sense that she really rationally addressed problems and was above all a pragmatist in her approach to legislation.

[Bear in mind, I’m just relaying this – I’m personally neither a fan of American government nor pragmatism…]

She was very much liked in her district though – very responsive to constituent concerns and always had an open door to the public at large. During her campaign a number of disturbing things happened locally that my Dad feels kind of portended this – mostly of the typical Tea Party styled rhetoric, but also vandalism and death threats, etc.

I feel bad for him – he had actually worked with her Chief of Staff on a number of issues related to their retirement community, and as he was a supporter of the health care bill, he feels like the voice of her constituents got through to her.


marisacat - 11 January 2011

Oh I am sorry for your father… he obviously feels this very keenly…

lucid - 11 January 2011

He told me that he’s been overcome with tears many times in the last couple of days. His lifelong work was the study of American politics & so much of who is revolves around what he hopes could be a functioning American representative democracy. For him this fundamentally strikes a blow against that.

catnip - 11 January 2011

But this has nothing to do with politics!

– Your Local Tea Party Loon

lucid - 11 January 2011

Yeah, he was a Communist because his favorite book was Mein Kampf! [googly eyed emoticon]

marisacat - 11 January 2011

Think he also listed Ayn Rand on that fav reads list.


lucid - 11 January 2011

And a bunch of childrens’ books. Those lefties try to recruit our chillen’s with thar crafty language!

Just like teh gayze recruit ’em by infiltrating the public skoolz!

marisacat - 11 January 2011

Why Mommy is a Democrat and why her wife is as well.


Onward and upward!

marisacat - 11 January 2011

I am sorry he is suffering but the damned thing that passes for democracy is on broken crutches…

lucid - 11 January 2011

I’m wouldn’t even characterize it as being anything other the a chimera from the get go… And now it’s a paraplegic ghost. I do have to give my dad credit though – knowing what he comes from. He grew up in a racist backwater in Indiana with a poor and extremely racist family. All of his siblings and almost all of their children are on the extreme right side of the ‘tea party’. My dad, on the other hand, became inspired by the civil rights movement as a college student in the ’50’s, became a lifelong Democrat and taught his children to aspire to social justice… little did he know that would lead his youngest to become an anarcho-syndicalist. 🙂

marisacat - 11 January 2011

oh I agree there was never some Golden Age of Democracy in America. What a delusion that is…

Well I say people make it as far as they make it. Someone who starts in a reactionary racist backwater has come a long way to make it to some sort of centrist Democratic stance.

Madman in the Marketplace - 11 January 2011

I have to admit that when I realized how completely any “progress” that was made was doomed to be put in service of the Empire I was pretty crushed … all of the midwestern/boy scout propaganda had sunk in for many years.

Still have a hard time completely shutting up the hopeful little voice in the back of my head.

lucid - 11 January 2011

Same here… I still dream, some days.

lucid - 11 January 2011

He’s been a pretty decent human being [outside of stupid family drama] and he raised some pretty decent human beings, so he didn’t fit the mold… I think that is why he told me [years after the fact] that he loved it when I grew out my hair to my ass at age 18 [though he rode my ass then] and openly tried to piss them off as parents [which he dramatized to the fullest] – he was living again through me… And sees the fire in me towards them that he once had toward his parents.

Madman in the Marketplace - 11 January 2011

I’m so sorry for him … to both lose friends and have one’s beliefs shaken like that, by the same event …

lucid - 11 January 2011

Thanks MiTM. He got a little choked up on the phone with me tonight. I learned long ago that my parents need their illusions [religion being the biggest one]. Perhaps someday you and I will be the same. While I think that the way in which I view and understand the world is free of it, who’s to say. In some bizarre way, I think I do believe in progress – that my way of apprehending the world is ‘better’ than the generation that bore me – and that is actually a result of the idea of ‘science’ – belief in the aggregation of the most comprehensive ‘knowledge’ we currently have. Or more importantly, the belief that ‘knowledge’ changes as we know more. My post-structuralist underbelly also concedes that is an illusion.

Ultimately, I think all we can do is try to know and express everything we can. Life is Sound and Fury. In my case, my ‘Sound and Fury’ is that I believe in humanity as a species and would love to preserve our existence in some way. So based on the assumption, and the best aggregation of our knowledge, I would like to try to live my life to that end. [Though I’ve done a piss poor job of that up to this point…] 🙂

Madman in the Marketplace - 11 January 2011

I’ve increasingly come to think of the world and life and knowledge as swarms of plankton floating along, and I’m trying to scoop up as much as I can before I’m finally washed up on a beach.

I’m not sure if that sad or wise or pathetic, but the heartbreak of trying to believe in things has just worn me down.

lucid - 11 January 2011

I think ultimately, that is not a metaphor, but the sad fact of life. We’re biological creatures. Our need for sustenance [of a nutritional, atmospheric or procreational measure] fundamentally defines what we are. That we have managed to, very quickly [geologically speaking], codify knowledge and present ourselves with a dream of autonomy, gives me a belief that we don’t have to bend to our nature. [And while we’re not the first species on the planet to recognize, unfortunately we are the first to have opposable thumbs.]

The world doesn’t have to be this way. I have absolutely no idea how to change it, seeing as how it has always been this way, but we have the ability to make life about something other than sustenance.

5. marisacat - 11 January 2011

hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Not much to add to this look back.

Tonight the office of the shot up congresscritter released photos taken at her bedside. Her husband’s hand in hers and so on.

I am sorry to be blunt but the way is being laid for Congress Critter for Life.

Oh I am so very shocked. Sooo surprised.

lucid - 11 January 2011

More ‘fightin’ Dems’!

That’s what we need. ‘Murikan’ heroes.

marisacat - 11 January 2011

That cover just sums up so much of America.

lucid - 11 January 2011

Even most of those residing in the ‘liberal’ Babylons we both live.

marisacat - 11 January 2011

oh yeah.

ts - 12 January 2011

And if she doesn’t recover enough to resume her office the husband can easily step in and take her seat, like Bono, etc. etc. etc. for as long. If not, maybe the Dems can find other relatives that aren’t busy.

ts - 12 January 2011

Ethan over at 6th or 7th rightly points out Derrick Jensen’s fourth premise (echoed in several other places)


“Civilization is based on a clearly defined and widely accepted yet often unarticulated hierarchy. Violence done by those higher on the hierarchy to those lower is nearly always invisible, unnoticed. When it is noticed, it is fully rationalized. Violence done by those lower on the hierarchy to those higher is unthinkable, and when it does occur is regarded with shock, horror, and the fetishization of the victims.”

Watching the daytime show in OC and it’s Arizona, Arizona all the time. It appears to be the only place this particular station has any reporters on site outside the LA area.

marisacat - 12 January 2011

Navy captain and astronaut… even Bill C and Rahm would approve!

A fightin’ Dem.

6. marisacat - 12 January 2011

Snicker Snax:

“Busy days ahead for movers in President Obama’s West Wing. Wednesday is move-in day for the new White House chief of staff, Bill Daley, and his chief of staff, David Lane, who’s been running Bono’s One Campaign and before that was a senior official at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,” The Washington Post’s Al Kamen reports.

And the drip goes on.

7. catnip - 12 January 2011

Sarah Palin charges critics with ‘blood libel’

In the eight-minute video, Palin says, “Especially within hours of a tragedy unfolding, journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn. That is reprehensible.”

Palin’s use of the charged phrase “blood libel” — which refers to the anti-Semitic accusation from the Middle Ages that Jews killed Christian children to use their blood to make matzo for Passover — touched off an immediate backlash.

She steps in it on purpose and heads explode. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

marisacat - 12 January 2011

IMO the whole thing went over the top with the bedside photos.

I just want to sit back and watch the parade of dunces.

catnip - 12 January 2011

There is a saving grace about the fact that the American media has a short attention span. Once the next crisis du jour hits, none of this will mean anything – and certainly nothing will have changed anyway.

marisacat - 12 January 2011

ugh it will drag on somewhat however, mainly because the shooter lived. As did congresswoman. And there is always an election up coming…. etc.

catnip - 12 January 2011

Andrea Mitchell defends Palin by saying that “perhaps she didn’t know” the origin of that phrase.

BooHooHooMan - 12 January 2011


marisacat - 12 January 2011

Foxman has a very restrained comment on the Palin vid.

Madman mentioned that at least one other has used ”Blood Libel” in the past 24 hours, Glenn Reynolds. (I have not read his op/ed in … WSJ I think it was, he may have used it there…)

BooHooHooMan - 12 January 2011

Well I imagine he is now…
As the video itself comes off as positively rational. 😆

AFTER hitting all the points, “Unspeakable tragedy”…”Our exceptional country” ETC…she noted quite thoughtfully,
When wasn’t there extreme rhetoric in politics?

And proceeded without giving a damn to further take the Blood Libeling scolds to task.

Jeezis Christ, They let this shiksa go much longer and by her nomination acceptance speech…
She’ll be convincingly talkin about a Rapture’s Ball and Conversion of the Jews. 😆

BooHooHooMan - 12 January 2011

Correct linked. Palin’s Vid

marisacat - 12 January 2011

i cannot wait for the Dems to actually address that quote which, if I recall, is Jefferson (Jefferson-Jackson annual dinners anyone?) about the tree of liberty needing to be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

If I were a tea partier (snicker, but I am not a joiner, by nature) I’d be TRUMPETING that one.

On t o the next dead-as-can-be election. They say Obby is likely to break a billion in raised cash (but how will they ever know? with both parties god damned fucking money launderers?)

8. BooHooHooMan - 12 January 2011

Nothing like the finest training in euphemism.
So circumspect.

Scandal at prep school
Principal booted

The head of a tony Upper West Side private school has been canned by its co-founder over his inappropriate relationship 😯 with a former student, sources told The Post.

Christopher Durnford, 39, 😆
was suddenly booted {My MY! LOL}

as principal of York Prep Academy over winter break after what students described as months of suspicions that he had crossed the line 😯 with a female volleyball player. Durnford had been serving as the girls’ team volleyball coach.

“People knew about it last school year,” said one student. “She used to go to his office last year a lot — more than she should.”

marisacat - 12 January 2011

A little is ok.

All things in moderation! Move to the middle, embrace centrism. Be pragmatic.

BooHooHooMan - 12 January 2011

Socratic Dialogue …at Catholic Schools

The Principal was BOOTED!
Yes, and?
No No! Really BOOTED!
Monday Morning Leather?
Or after lunch red suede?

WTF?! Serving as the volleyball coach??!
Among other things. And??

BooHooHooMan - 12 January 2011

Nothing like a full exposure to the Nabakov.

marisacat - 12 January 2011

oh I sw that again recently, Lolita… what a fabulous movie! Another that would NEVER be made today (I am sure the remake was like wilted rotted roses or somthing, drippy and dead).

Hell they wouldn’t make Baby Doll today either. Nor Pretty Baby.

BooHooHooMan - 12 January 2011

We had a nun who had the temerity of assigning the Nabokov to the high school Seniors , and the higher ups priests, some curriculum fags at the diocese came in all aflutter and knocked it off the reading list before Chapter 2.

It was only till later years when I heard she left the convent and the whole voodoo scene that I put it together.

marisacat - 12 January 2011

I am not sure if I read lolita, I know I read a couple of Nabokov novels… but in the 70s. Interesting writer, in the imagery, and I remembr thinking it was like watching the storyboarding, the plotting of filming a movie, reading him…

9. BooHooHooMan - 12 January 2011

Well, this Pilgrim’s Progress of a story,
has SO many miles on it….

Catholic leaders warn of ‘totalitarian’ Venezuela

The Associated Press
Tuesday, January 11, 2011; 5:12 PM

CARACAS, Venezuela — Roman Catholic leaders in Venezuela 😆 are calling for President Hugo Chavez to give up special lawmaking powers granted to him by his congressional allies.

{RICH, coming from those maintaining fealty to The Infallible Plenipotentiary Sequined One}

The Venezuelan Bishops’ Conference condemned a package of laws approved last month by the National Assembly, including one that grants Chavez power to enact laws by decree for the next 18 months. Chavez gained those powers shortly before a new congress took office with more opposition lawmakers.

A statement from the bishops released Tuesday accuses Chavez of trying to impose a totalitarian system in Venezuela.

Chavez and the bishops have feuded for years. Chavez has accused the Catholic leadership of neglecting the poor and of siding with his opponents and the rich.

I see this astroturf offered on WaPo is also given helpful travelers aid by Drudge.

Of course, like the Vatican Cables in WikiLeaks reveal, this Vatican taking point conforms quite nicely to certain particularly helpful Public Relations advise

¶9. (C) The Israeli Ambassador did not think that the recent Gaza crisis would play a role in the Pope’s final decision on whether to travel to the Holy Land. Lewy was disappointed with the Vatican’s criticism of Israeli actions in Gaza, and raised his views with Monsignor Parolin, the Holy See’s deputy foreign minister. Lewy urged Parolin to say something positive about Israel to balance these remarks.

Specifically, he wanted the Holy See to state publicly that the religious freedom Christians enjoy in Israel is unparalleled in the Middle East, where Christian minorities are increasingly on the defensive against political Islam. Parolin, he said, committed to do so.

(C) Comment: A Formidable Partner in Need of P.R. Lessons


.. Regardless of whether outsiders agree or disagree with the Holy See, it’s hard to dispute its moral influence, 🙄 geographic reach, and ability to grab headlines.

Welp 2 outta 3 ain’t bad, eh?
Now the money quote.

These qualities can make the Vatican a formidable partner for the U.S. and other nations in the pursuit of common objectives.

¶11. (S) At the same time, there’s no denying the fact that a little more attention to how the outside world views decisions taken inside the Church could help the Holy See protect its image and further its influence. Although Church leaders like Benedict are adopting new means of communication to get their message to a wider audience (ref C), they have not yet embraced fully the need — and tools — for 21st century public relations.

The Holy See’s spokesmen could have resoundingly denounced the Holocaust-denying views of Bishop Williamson at the same time the Pope welcomed him back into the Church, but they waited days to do so, and then did it weakly. By then, much of the damage had been done. Instead of scoring a religious hat-trick — reuniting the Church, demonstrating the Church’s commitment to second chances for those who have erred, and reaffirming the horrors of the Holocaust — the Holy See is playing catch-up. End Comment.

How fucked up is it when the CIA and Mossad are your step up in Public Relations consultants….

Of course everybody is so Pragmatic now.

marisacat - 12 January 2011

HOLY pragmatism!

10. catnip - 12 January 2011

Hezbollah and allies topple Lebanese unity government

Energy Minister Gibran Bassil said the decision was prompted by a dispute over the UN tribunal investigating former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s murder.

The announcement came as Prime Minister Saad Hariri, his son, was meeting US President Barack Obama in Washington.

BooHooHooMan - 12 January 2011

Hezbollah didn’t get the memo? LOL.

11. catnip - 12 January 2011
12. BooHooHooMan - 12 January 2011

if there ever was a must read, eh, catechism,
This cable…circa 2001…
is it on US / Vatican relations. As there is no change.

Global in its review, I found it’s last graf hardly, ahem , exculpatory as it merely fiddles with more chips to be played in the same sick poker game. As in,
We’ll see (and ignore) your global child rape and raise you our War Crimes here…CALL.


BooHooHooMan - 12 January 2011

Not much a game tho, playin strip poker with dudes who wanna get nekkid.

13. marisacat - 12 January 2011

hmmm… well who knows.

A commenter in the thread mentions how Murdoch bought his way to US citizenship, iirc it was a fully bi-partisan effort! (yeah like they don’t work togther!)

14. diane - 12 January 2011

Did we miss another mass shooting (this one in Cook County, Illinois), amidst such a busy Holiday season, in this ‘normally’ kind, … gentle, …righteous nation, or is it just those whining: elderly, foreclosure victims, 99ers, etc., who are headed for a sweet mass county burial? I’m just positive the lovely First Couple will preside over this one also, since it’s so close to home base and all.


“We had this huge upswing in deaths right at the end of the year, and with the holidays being on Saturdays, it really created a backlog because the funeral directors weren’t coming in,” Cook County Medical Examiner Dr. Nancy Jones told WBBM Newsradio.

Jones tells the CBS affiliate a mass county burial is scheduled for next week, which will free up space at the morgue.


(ugh, tried for a source other than fox, and the short CBS piece they linked to ….Nope, didn’t find anything in the Chicago Tribune as of 3:41 PM Central Time.)

marisacat - 12 January 2011

it dosn’t sound like there was a mass killing. More like a spike in natural deaths, back log and I would imagine some froze to death on the streets.

diane - 12 January 2011

no, I’m positive it wasn’t a mass shooting, my tounge was planted firmly in my cheek,…. just sounds like large, large numbers of the abused and forgotten,…..The last such overflow mentioned (in the CBS piece), was fifteen years ago.

marisacat - 12 January 2011

I think a lot of stuff got backed up in the weather mess. Including bodies at the morgues…

diane - 12 January 2011

I was thinking there were a lot of suicides lined up, since that area normally has very nasty winters, the airport generally being one of the first in the US to have weather problems.

marisacat - 12 January 2011

yeah that makes sense, this economy, a tough winter…. job losses moutning up and so on, suicides could easily be up.

diane - 12 January 2011

Along with utility bill problems, which didn’t exist for many of them, when they had a means of surviving, economically.

15. BooHooHooMan - 12 January 2011

good Lord. Joshie’s joint..
All TPM apeshit about Sarah’s Blood Libel copyright infringement.

TPM Editors Blog

01.12.11 — 4:06PM // RECOMMEND RECOMMEND (10)
He Should Know!

Pat Buchanan 👿 says Sarah Palin’s 👿 use of phrase “blood libel” was “excellent.”

–Josh Marshall

01.12.11 — 12:42PM // RECOMMEND RECOMMEND (53)
Where’d She Get It?

The claim that Sarah Palin was the victim of a “blood libel” had been making the rounds in the right-wing media for a few days before Palin decided to make the accusation herself.

–Josh Marshall

01.12.11 — 9:47AM // RECOMMEND RECOMMEND (81)
About ‘Blood Libel’

You know it’s a bad sign when Jonah Goldberg thinks your rhetorical flourish has crossed the line.

–David Kurtz

01.12.11 — 9:27AM // RECOMMEND RECOMMEND (396)

Today has been set aside to honor the victims of the Tucson massacre. And Sarah Palin has apparently decided she’s one of them.

–Josh Marshall

Oh Josh. If you were Catholic,
you’d have Excorcism at your disposal.

So Lemme get this straight –
Pat Buchanan : 👿 EVIL.
Jonah Golberg…GOOD??! :LOL:

marisacat - 12 January 2011

oh josh, such a whiner.

marisacat - 12 January 2011

and where would Jonah be if his long time Republican operative mother had not been Monica Lewinsky’s confessor…


16. diane - 12 January 2011

America: Violent to the Bone

When the rulers of the “greatest purveyor of violence in the world” warn folks to tone down the rhetoric, it’s both a joke and a threat.…

I fear for people with ‘documented’ ‘mental health issues’ at this point; persons whom, to my mind, are likely the least culpable in annual murder tollings. Especially when wealthy, connected sociopaths, psychopaths, et al, such as George Walker Bush, et al, are never brought up in that particular discussion of ‘DANGEROUS,’ ‘mental health issues,’ …. The term, appears to be quite the illusion, for the most part; certainly, the discussion never seems to focus on people who appeared quite ‘normal,’ until the floor (presumed to be provided by a responsible, humane government), dropped out from underneath them, most likely because those people are more prone to commit suicide, than murder.

marisacat - 12 January 2011

oh I have found the 4 days of discussions of how we must force people to hmm basically surrender to mental health care to be chilling.

The system NOW is terrible but the old rules for commitment were dreadful too.

And hell on toast, its not like there has EVER been good care for people with mental problems and issues. Or that most so called “mental health professionals” were ever, then or now, worth a damn.

diane - 12 January 2011

I have found the 4 days of discussions of how we must force people to hmm basically surrender to mental health care to be chilling.


truer words, from anyone – with true compassion and empathy – never spoken………

diane - 12 January 2011

I’m betting if I had $20 for every creepy, hideous, “mental health professional” (can we say APA/GITMO here? …for just one example?) I’d be wealthier than Soros of Dubai…..

marisacat - 12 January 2011

I think as a medical “discipline” it is simply loaded with shysters. Cons and thieves.

diane - 12 January 2011

yup, at about the same percentage as bad ‘security persons’ to good ones…they’ll be the one doing the enforcing, if anyone’s going to be enforcing …. ..bullies at the playground, slamming you down on the ground, then offering ‘a hand,’ after you’re bleeding all over the place…..

17. Madman in the Marketplace - 12 January 2011

Jeebus, this is the most obnoxious, weirdly rock-concert-like, jingoistic-feeling memorial service I’ve ever seen … and it’s only just started.

Oh, and Fanfare for the Common Man? Really?

I predict a rousing sing-a-long of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” by the end of this thing.

marisacat - 12 January 2011

it’s really bad. BAD.

catnip - 12 January 2011

The Native American guy was too Native American, apparently.

diane - 12 January 2011

mustn’t have that…such discord and all, with the changy/progress/we are all homogenous, memory void, bots theme….

Madman in the Marketplace - 12 January 2011

well, compared to many events I’ve been to, that was pretty much the worst blessing I’ve ever heard … and kind of toned down and geared to the gringos.

diane - 12 January 2011

…obnoxious, weirdly rock-concert-like, jingoistic-feeling memorial service I’ve ever seen …


sigh…..evening dreams …….so glad I’m not watching it….

catnip - 12 January 2011

All of this clapping and whooping and hollering is bizarre.

catnip - 12 January 2011

A L’Orange:

It’s more like a football rally or a (1+ / 0-)

political campaign speech….which I suppose it is in its unique way. BTW: Just what have the college students been through the last few days?
I hope Obama is appropriately somber, this is not a fiesta.

“In Youth We Learn…In Age We Understand”

by Jbeaudill on Wed Jan 12, 2011 at 05:23:52 PM PST

marisacat - 12 January 2011

Sometimes there is a really good reason for a formal version of this sort of ceremony….

Gah. I see Mother of Us All wore one of her little high school level sweaters.


Madman in the Marketplace - 12 January 2011

I’m not a big one for propriety, but there is something to be said for some dignity and for NOT treating everything like a pep rally for the big game.

marisacat - 12 January 2011

Really… Mother of Us All shoulda worn jeans.

And Obby a warm up sports suit. Maybe a baseball cap, backwards.

18. catnip - 12 January 2011

Oh noes – Napolitano reading from the old testament.

diane - 12 January 2011

Now there’s a real candidate for ‘mental health issues,’…really, where is SECURITY, when ya really need em?????????????

quick, strait jacket that nasty piece of work………

19. marisacat - 12 January 2011

This is appalling.

Gaby opened her eyes, thunderous applause… and Obby was the reason! He touched her!!

I am unsure Bush could have been THIS drippy.

diane - 12 January 2011

oh my……

hang on tight, to anything that seems better than this nightmare?

and, what a nightmare ….


diane - 12 January 2011

so lucky, and glad, to have some leftover lemon soup, homemade yogurt with garlic, and salad, in the frig ………

catnip - 12 January 2011

Drippy is the word but he enjoys being the preacher-in-chief. Can I get an AMEN?

diane - 12 January 2011


Madman in the Marketplace - 12 January 2011

a friend called, so I was saved from the rest of it.

20. marisacat - 12 January 2011



…………….. 😯

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