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New 19 January 2011

Posted by marisacat in Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

A southern pochard duck stands on the head of a hippo at the zoo in Berlin

A southern pochard duck stands on the head of a hippo at Berlin zoo Picture: AP

Just catching a quick snip on a news update, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz (D-FL) bleating that any repeal of health care from the R (destined to die in the senate anyway!) will be “putting the insurance cos back in charge”.

Don’t make me laugh TOO hard, girlie.

It’s going to be a long few years, not just with ObRama, but with the likes of Wasserman-Shultz and Gillibrand marshalling the Democratic wimmens vote.  And St Gabby of the Sunland Parking Lot, as soon as she can ambulate and speak, which, if one listens to the stub of a husband, should be this weekend.

But, of course, all the stupid, deluded voters in the country are Republicans…





1. marisacat - 19 January 2011

From catnip … posted at the end of the last thread:

Joe Lieberman: Democratic hero? By Ezra Klein

Spit out my tea over that one.

Madman in the Marketplace - 19 January 2011

Ezra is such a fucking tool.

marisacat - 19 January 2011

He really is a nut case. If I were a parent of his I would b frantic I had produced such a fucking idiot.

He’s drooled all over himself w/r/t ObRama.

2. marisacat - 19 January 2011

oh you have to love it!

Reid pops off and calls Hu Jintao a “dictator”.

Moving right along…

Of course Mother Michelle looked bored as all hell at the formal arrival ceremony in front of the WH.

Carry on!! We’re coasting along at some manufactured mid-point, so this can go UP or DOWN.

Suspense! Drahma!


11 AM

Wish me luck, I am about to dissassemble the real self and reassemble the parts and pieces, for public outing, to the hospital for blood draw and tests… of course.

Hope to be back late afternoon… if not sooner…

diane - 19 January 2011

The best of luck sweety! Perhaps concentrating on the fuckers you’d love to flambé, will assist with the luck!

ms_xeno - 19 January 2011

[just ducking in to offer best wishes. Hope it was quick and -relatively- painless, Mcat.]

3. mattes - 19 January 2011

This is what happens when we eat too much beef. Well, maybe we just had common ancestors.

Man Grows Horn On His Head


marisacat - 19 January 2011

oh maybe he kissed satan…


4. ts - 19 January 2011

Breaking news: House votes to repeal health care bill.

ms_xeno - 19 January 2011

Let a kajillion stupid “true believer” Pwogs commence their bawwwwwwwing…

5. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 January 2011

“putting the insurance cos back in charge”.

jeebus, they’ll say anything.

marisacat - 19 January 2011

They really will, before the bitch was done she (Debbie Wasserman Shultz) even linked it all to the Trageddeeee in the Parking Lot.

Maisch, the woman who got the second clip away from Loughner, was at the Safeway parking lot to meet St Gabby and beg her to stand up for health care. And L’il Miz Debbie made sure she told that fucking bible story too.

Meanwhile more than one political reporter has even stated (since the leislation is all passed and everything) that the ins cos are suspiciously silent on repeal. And why? Because it all worked out to suit them…

And, hell, out here in Cali ins rates have taken the second HUGE uptick, two years running now, 30, 40, 50 and 50%+ per year.

I also heard Rep Cleaver, that fucking idiot. White black, male, female, in-between, Dem, Republican, publically they all PLAYED it to string along their fucking dumb consitutents.. but THEY ARE ALL GETTING RICH SELLING OUT …

and what else is new.

6. marisacat - 19 January 2011

OK.. the country is FULLY insane.

I had to go to Google. I could not believe it. But it is real.

diane - 20 January 2011

jus’ a little CHANGE ……like Schmidt being replaced by the even creepier, mostly publicly silent till now, Larry Page, as CEO ……

…. “Day-to-day adult supervision no longer needed!,” …

marisacat - 20 January 2011

Somebody pointed out that not too long ago, the three PROMISED (they pwomised!) to stay around for … 20 years was it? In their jobs…Maybe it was when it went public… think in 2004.

It certainly s e e m s sudden.

And lacking that certain frisson of the Hero Sandwich model.

diane - 20 January 2011

…the pwomised twiumviwate: ….not to wowwy …unc schmidt will still be in the shadows as executive chaiwman …

7. BooHooHooMan - 20 January 2011

I may be a bit confused with the history,
perhaps sidestepping the whole Catholics roasting Protestants, Jews, Gypsies, and assorted Heretics imbgoglio… Just a bit. Because as Pwogwess marched on, of course the WASPs had their Catholics. To do the General Warrior thing…
(See Spanish American War right on thru…)

Hell, the Catholics had their Catholics.
(See JFK and McNamara.)

So. Could it be?
That under President ChangeYerPants Black Guy we’ll yet see ButtonMan Orthodox Jew Loon Joe Lieberman as Secretary of Defense to take Gates spot?

Why Yes We Can
so winks Joe anyway, in true to form fashion, stoking the whispering campaign.

Anybody wonder now what Joe’s (cough) “principled position” on DADT was all about? Puts a whole different light on Ezra’s position now, too, doesn’t it?

Disclosure: Back when I was Brain Dead, I happily humped Gore and his Veepster. So anybody similarly situated and passin thru Purgatory or Hell later, maybe we can do dinner on the mezzanine at the Flambe’d Fool.

marisacat - 20 January 2011

Obster and Joe are aligned, as I see it.

yeah the Dems pretended to be OK iwth Lamont, but really they pulled it out for Joe.

Could easily happen, is my guess…..

BooHooHooMan - 20 January 2011

Oh definitely aligned.
Back when He was Jr. Senator Rockstar, didn’t he drop off the planet when it came time to go up to Connecticut for the GE? And while rich dude Lamont –
{‘Nother Man Uhda Peepull!) ..was a lameass candidate, the party apparatus puts plenty of lame-ass candidates in year after year. So Close!

But in a rising tide year like 2006? GMAFB.
They could have put the word out to the CT hacks, not a dime out of appropriations. 🙄
If that’s how it worked.

Instead, the Party hacks elected him, the Senator from Israel got his Chairs and the rest of the country was treated to another round of happily eating his shit, which they continue to do.. still.
And will.

Not to be pedantic! LOL.

marisacat - 20 January 2011

welll Lamont was such a mess imo. But a predictable sort of mess. AND the Dems kept it pretty quiet that his wife heads up, or did then, the biggest hedge fund in the USA…

ts - 20 January 2011

You can’t live in CT without a relative working for a hedge fund unless you live in New Haven.

The nice seats on the Finance committee will be reserved for both senators for all eternity.

diane - 20 January 2011

You can’t live in CT without a relative working for a hedge fund unless you live in New Haven. ….

well, after all, isn’t that where Investor Class Gramps, Prescott Bush, was elected as a Senator, in 1952, for ten years, ……after having been named Hitler’s Angel, on July 30 1942 , by the New York Herald-Tribune. (and I’m pretty sure, millions of others …)

mattes - 20 January 2011

Heaven help us. i.e. Lieberman.

He has already gotten into our panties with his X-Ray machines, now what does he want?

marisacat - 20 January 2011

Special guy!

8. BooHooHooMan - 20 January 2011

I just think..where that conniver is concerned, and given his latest efforts at centrist makeover 🙄 …its really early for him to hop out unless he has something bigger in the works.

His whole m.o. , even standard numbnuts CW on incumbent politics says otherwise. He could have waited till June at least…Of course that’s beat, too, as it hardly matters: any notion of fundraising concerns among a crop of indistinguishable orifices on a level playing field.

9. marisacat - 20 January 2011

Lieberman, as I have said for years, a true Democrat, even when he was campaigning in So Florida FOR Bush (2004), from rally stages and in temple… (no really he did, Mona Charen and Gingrich had a discussion – which Cspan carried – about how to thank him, at the opening of the first GOPAC after the election)

At Tiny Revolution

This morning Lieberman told Morning Joe that:

LIEBERMAN: …the evidence is very clear that [Saddam] was developing weapons of mass destruction…Charles Duelfer conducted the most comprehensive report on behalf of our government…he found, and proved I think, that Saddam…was developing chemical and biological weapons.

Lieberman followed up this embarrassing performance with snide condescension toward Arianna Huffington, who was also on the program:

HUFFINGTON: Well, based on this completely unfounded assumption, I sincerely hope for the sake of the country that you do not become Secretary of Defense.

LIEBERMAN: Now Arianna, these are not unfounded. Go read the Duelfer Report.

HUFFINGTON: There is nothing in the report that proves anything that you have said.

LIEBERMAN: I don’t think you’ve read it, sweetheart.

10. marisacat - 20 January 2011

Boeing lays off a 1000 in Cali.

But? but! but! but!, obster said his deals with china were for jobs. Jobs Jobs Jobs…


11. marisacat - 20 January 2011

Kaine says the DNC is dedicated to working in the spirt of the 9 y/o in AZ.

We are saved!

(and St Gabby is said to be iPod-ing, so says the husband…)

ts - 20 January 2011

Why does this remind me of the last years of the USSR where the fearless leader at death’s door (if not already on the slab) was reported to soon go out dancing like Boris Yeltsin after two bottles of vodka?

She is going to need months or years of rehab, if she ever fully recovers. Stop milking them and leave them in peace.

Just when I think I can’t throw up anymore, Tim Kaine says something else.

marisacat - 20 January 2011

Yeah.. too true on the Soviet comparison…

Angry Arab has said for months that the Saudi King is either fully dead or so near dead it is not funny, because there are constant reports of him rallying in some hosptial, being discharged and being “fine”.

Doctors not near the miracle land of the Safeway parking lot, are a LOT mroe guarded about her recovery. her stub of a husband also siad in 2 montsh she’d be “walking and talking”.


I’d add, as we enter year 10 of constant Big War, “penetrating bullet wounds to the head”, etc., how come Walter Reed or similar is un-able to do the job.

Federal employee, federal facility, I say.

BooHooHooMan - 20 January 2011

her stub of a husband…mcat

That is so wrong. 😆

{On behalf of Stubbies and Ex Stubbies Everywhere!}

marisacat - 20 January 2011

Did you see him next to Mother Michelle?


I stand by stub… 🙄

BooHooHooMan - 20 January 2011

With or without heels?!
And She’s bigger on TV!
Her hair makes her look taller!
Retract it, damnit! Retract it! 😆 😉

marisacat - 20 January 2011

She’s bigger on TV

Oh good one taht… 🙄

BooHooHooMan - 20 January 2011

She is going to need months or years of rehab

I think we don’t know that.
I’d ask What do we really know?
If she has sight retained her previous level of speech, is up and around and doing a jig by St Gabby’s Day it means only one thing : that the severity of her injuries as intiially reported were simply not so…

marisacat - 20 January 2011

I am starting to think it grazed (ok, maybe a bit more than grazed) her left temple and the outer edge of the eye socket.

That or start novenas to her, now.

BooHooHooMan - 20 January 2011

That’s where I’m leaning given the present IZZAMIRACLE reporting..

And I get it Leave em alone already but it wouldn’t be the first time that TBI survivors were marketed for political ends. And of course I’d rather roll my eyes and shake my head at the promotion of a healthy woman for a surficial recovery than vomit at the craven spectacle of a severely debilitated soul being bloody rag doll waved around for political purposes. Looks like its going to be one or the other tho.

marisacat - 20 January 2011

I don’t think we had a concrete update on the brain swelling. How remiss of them. It was reported that they removed part of her skull for the swelling.

Ah well. Just pray to her, that would be safe either way.

ts - 20 January 2011

I remember reading it was over half the skull they removed. Doctors were also saying that it was fortunate that the bullet didn’t cut through the hemispheric membrane or the outlook would have been much poorer.

I read a ton of minute, incremental improvemtents not specific on her condition or prognosis – she could be anywhere from 100% perfect in a month to Terry Schiavo. No cameras in the hospital room but a lot of eyewitness testimony by Congresscritters trying to score brownie points.

ts - 20 January 2011

A fog of non-information thicker than a San Francisco winter evening.

marisacat - 20 January 2011

Oh I did not read it was over half the skull…

Well … she is standing on two feet, ipad-ing… and stub says in two months she will return ot the hosptial in AZ, walking and talking, and thank them.

They made her into a propaganda cartoon imo.

diane - 20 January 2011

Nothing would surprise anymore, after reading how the CIA poisoned a local bread supply in France, just because they could ..and were amused and curious ……resulting in people jumping out of windows ….death, ….incarceration for “MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES,” …innocent lives destroyed …………..FUCKING SOCIOPATHS ……and all this shit being openly acknowledged by our “PARENTS” now….when it appears way to late …..”they” call that “Transparency?” …I have another name for it, as ‘child like’ as that name may be.

diane - 20 January 2011

the straw on the cake, being the lack of UMBRAGE and HORROR, by those who pass as our Responsible, Adult, Benevolent, News Outlets.

just a little daily blip ….after all, it happened so long ago …..the fifties and all ….we are so much more Adult and accepting of those ‘necessities in life’ now ..’collateral damage’ (in the millions now), for the better “good” …..

diane - 20 January 2011

Round Off™…

ts - 20 January 2011

After the “she’ll walk out of the hospital and thank her doctors” part of the article, they always follow with something like this:


Kelly, who has been photographed by his wife’s hospital bed holding her hand, said there is a habit of hers that has convinced him that she recognizes him.

“If I hold her hand, she’ll play with my wedding ring,” he said. “She’ll move it up and down my finger. She’ll take it off. … She’ll put it on her own finger. She’ll move it to her thumb. And then she can put it back on my finger.

“The reason why I know that that means she recognizes me is because she’s done that before. She’ll do that if we’re sitting in a restaurant. She’ll do the same exact movements,” he said.

Kelly was struck by Giffords’ progress again when “she stuck her hand up on the side of my face” and began giving him a neck massage.

“She spent 10 minutes rubbing my neck and I keep telling her, ‘Gabby, you’re in the ICU. You know, you don’t need to be doing this,” he said with a chuckle.

Kelly added, “I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t do that to somebody else. And she’s looking me in the eye.”

Nevertheless, he is still unsure about the extent of her eventual recovery.

marisacat - 20 January 2011

yes I heard the husband say that …. thnik with Diane Sawyer of ABC.

He’s updated it a bit… as the days pass.

Of course this is how congress critters for life can be made.

ms_xeno - 20 January 2011

My thoughts exactly. Except I don’t watch or listen to that shit. It just pisses me off too much.

12. BooHooHooMan - 20 January 2011

The thing that’s great about the Tucson Tragi Stub Massage story is how it’s fully customizeable.

Who needs video evidence for the Public to see?
Pakistan with Bhutto’s assassination still leading us in National Press Transparency BTW!
Not to mention local store stick ups gone wrong!

Nah this, baby is Fully customizeable.
With hardly any miles on it.
Don’t like the account of who got shot first or second or who tried to save who?
hit the reset button and
Choose from options A,B, or C.

Fully customizeable.
Hardly any miles on it.
We’re just gettin goin..

Tucson Survivor Describes Chaos of Rampage

Published: January 20, 2011

TUCSON — Since the shooting, Ronald Barber has retold his memory of the scene over and over — to his family, to a psychologist friend and to investigators. The vivid images of a pool of blood on the ground, the “pop-pop-pop” sound of a gun and seeing bullet casings on the ground.
Enlarge This Image

But he does not remember Judge John M. Roll trying to save him.

Well maybe because all the initial eyewitness reporting said Roll was hit first.
Ooops! Because Gabby was hit first! First!
And He instinctively tried to save her!
After he was shot in the head and killed instantly! But before her Death!
And HER Resurrection and HIS Death!

Okay whattawe workin on now?
Take 8?
And Everybody! Get your lines straight about the little convo with the Judge and her staffer over Judiciary money! And don’t give us any more shit about the implausibility of the script!

Lots of Federal Judges drive to Safeways to personally deliver political thank yous for DoJ line items after Saturday Mass!

Judge Roll stopped by the Safeway that morning only because he was eager to thank Representative Gabrielle Giffords. Just a few days before, she had sent a letter urging the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit to help ease the case overload at the federal courthouse here.

“John, as only John would do,
{Got THAT right! :lol:} had come by just to thank her for that,” Mr. Barber, who is director of Ms. Giffords’s district office, said in an interview.

A surveillance video of the Jan. 8 shooting, according to the chief investigator of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, shows that Judge Roll guided Mr. Barber to the ground, lying on top of him to protect him. Mr. Barber does not doubt that it is possible.


Okay! Anyways, this was YESTERDAY’S Report (whenev!) the LAT first leaked on how the descriptions of what is so chrystal clear on the tapes that we can’t see yet but will be clear when they talk about them in a courtroom hearing a year or so from now when its discussed whether to seal them or not because of the sensitivity of the matter that is chrystal clear.

Anyways, The LAT , the LAT everybody! –
on the LOL ~”Reams” of videotape according to their Lawn ‘forcement source!

Tucson video ‘leaves no doubt,’ officials say

{Then Show It!
Let’s not fall behind Pakistan!

‘Reams’ of videotape clearly show the deadly rampage in the Safeway parking lot, law enforcement officials say, leaving no question ‘about who was doing the shooting.’

{Which isn’t the question! -BHHM}

As an example, one official who has had the video described to him in detail ❗ said it showed that Giffords was shot first, followed by U.S. District Judge John M. Roll, who was standing near Giffords. Roll, 63, Arizona’s senior federal judge, was killed.

“You see him shot in the chest,” the official said. “He tried to get up. He started to get up but then fell back down again. He didn’t make it.”

So Roll was hit…
BLAM… right in the chest.
Tried to get up.
Then he fell back down,
performed a rescue mission on Gifford’s staffer , brought in the shopping carts,
restocked the Produce aisle,
THEN died.

Let’s go with that one. Why not?
Back to the NY Times..and the Giffords staffer..

The recollections he has of the day are vivid. He remembers the conversation he had with Judge Roll just before the shooting and remembers that the judge was wearing a black leather jacket. He has retold the story of that day so many times, he apologizes to his wife, Nancy, for describing the scenes once more.

Well, he should apologize to his wife who is prolly just bracing for the move to second base.
Getta load of this shit..

Holding his hand in a fist above his forehead, Mr. Barber, 65, takes a long pause and closes his eyes before he begins.

Yeh Yeh. Dexter – Season 3.
Ice Truck Killer Victim Interview in Hospital.
Close yor eyes. Try and remember.
Use a tie next time.

“I saw the shooter, I saw him shoot Gabby, and then he turned his gun on me,” Mr. Barber said. “He was just spraying. It seemed like it was just coming and coming. It was like a wave of his arm in our direction after he shot her.”

Cut! Cut! Take 9! Fuck it!
We’ll work with what we already got on tape!

BooHooHooMan - 20 January 2011

I think I need a blockquote after closes his eyes before he begins.


marisacat - 20 January 2011

followed by U.S. District Judge John M. Roll, who was standing near Giffords. Roll, 63, Arizona’s senior federal judge, was killed.

“You see him shot in the chest,” the official said. “He tried to get up. He started to get up but then fell back down again. He didn’t make it.”

Oh noes. I heard via NYT, think I read it overnight, that a surveillance vid shows !!SHOWS!! that Roll was ”shot in the back”, as he covered Mr Barber.

The Judge died “a hero”. Which is all that matters right? Not how when where much less why.

A hero, cut from hero stock.

Script doctor! is there a script doctor in the house!??

This crew needs a script doctor badly. Ba-a-a-a-a-a-dly.

BooHooHooMan - 20 January 2011

that Roll was ”shot in the back”, as he covered Mr Barber.

Well they could borrow form other scripts.
Would you believe the shooter-
momentarily all Honey I Shrunk the Kids like-
was sanwich’d in there ~BETWEEN the staffer and the Judge and goin all Liliputian San’wich Pulp Fiction on their ass, I dunno, maybe blasting the one guy off over into a position enabling him to render aid all hero like?

Of course we still have a prollem with shopping cart returns and getting stockboy coverage in canned goods, what’s new? – but if we can figure how to handle the whole Liliputian Transformo Killer thing it might hold together…

Yep, a lotta bullet points holes in this story.

marisacat - 20 January 2011

…was sanwich’d in there ~BETWEEN the staffer and the Judge and goin all Liliputian San’wich Pulp Fiction on their ass…

it’s a Hero Sandwich! Who cares how they piled up!

BooHooHooMan - 20 January 2011

Oh.MiGod. That is Perfect.
Working in the catering angle, too!

ts - 20 January 2011

What do they call a hero sandwich in France?

BooHooHooMan - 20 January 2011

Heh. 😉 The Royale with Cheese?

13. BooHooHooMan - 20 January 2011

so sotto voce when they talk about the Judiciary Appropriations. Surely all the accounting is in order on what’s spent there.

So I wonder what they’ll tell us…
About How much cash was found at the scene?

marisacat - 20 January 2011

Do you luv the power of a letter from a mere two term (or is it three so far?) term house member.

BooHooHooMan - 20 January 2011

I never thought it’d come to this, LOL,
but I’m more interested in the old dudes.

Mr. Barber will most likely be a key witness for prosecutors, as they build their case against Jared L. Loughner, who is accused of opening fire at Ms. Giffords and others on Jan. 8, killing six people, including Judge Roll, and injuring the congresswoman and 12 other people. While there were numerous witnesses to the attack, Mr. Barber was standing just steps away from Ms. Giffords and Judge Roll.

He was also the last person to speak to the judge. He can attest that the judge was there on business, a key point if prosecutors hope to convict Mr. Loughner of the murder of a government official.

When Mr. Roll arrived, Mr. Barber greeted him warmly. The two were friends from their college days at the University of Arizona.

“I said to him: ‘I will let her know you are here, and I know she’ll want to greet you,’ ” Mr. Barber recalled. “That’s the last I remember of our conversation and then this — the shooting started.”

Wait a minute. Sorry.
I worked a lot of events with candidates.
And painting it like beforehand, the District CoS and the Judge were..what loading groceries outside the Rep’s entourage…Oh big Bullshit on that.

I have to say..after finishing that latest NYT effort, seeing the bandaid Pics of this guy – Left side Pic 1 ..Frontal With Right Side visible Pic 2 ..and reading the story this whole thing really reeks.

It was not only Judge Roll. A woman who had been on her way into the market applied pressure to Mr. Barber’s wounds while they waited for ambulances to arrive. Mr. Barber looked at a picture of her at the scene, the woman’s jeans covered in red.

“That’s my angel, that’s for sure,” he said. “That’s my blood.”

There are still times when Mr. Barber thinks he may have imagined the horrific scene. Then he feels his face, where a dark pockmark on his cheek shows where the bullet tore through his face, before exiting from his neck.

The bullet missed his carotid artery by millimeters, the trauma surgeons told him. Had it hit the artery, he said, “I guess I wouldn’t be here.”

The second bullet that struck his groin damaged a major vein in his left thigh, he said. At one point, the surgeons told his wife they might have to amputate. But they managed to repair the damage by removing part of a superficial vein from the other leg and using it to replace what the bullet had destroyed.

Now, his left foot is weak and floppy. Although his lower leg is numb, he still feels shooting pain there, like a haunting ghost. When he glances down at the large brace and boot, he remembers exactly what happened to put it there.

They hit a Level I trauma center in minutes.

Amputate? Really? Oh GMAFB. Any local yokel hospital would have dealt with the tourniqette and ran blood in him with a cell saver till the the cows came home or were done on the grill till the Vascualr attendings could come in and finesse the plumbing work. Amputate? GMAFB.

My man seems to be goin out of his way.

BooHooHooMan - 20 January 2011

😳 Sorry! Can I have another blockquote?

From…It was not only Judge Roll… thru
When he glances down at the large brace and boot, he remembers exactly what happened to put it there. 🙄

{Stepping away from the keyboard now}

marisacat - 20 January 2011

He was also the last person to speak to the judge. He can attest that the judge was there on business, a key point if prosecutors hope to convict Mr. Loughner of the murder of a government official.

Obster screwed that pooch in his Great Speech in AZ. He said the judge was just there to say hello to a friend. (I have no idea why no one caught that and made his speech somewhat different on that point, but who knows!!)

Of course then he got Hero Sandwiched. As we all know!

BooHooHooMan - 20 January 2011

It will be interesting to see what they come up with on Barber and all that money poured into Court directed programs over the years. This couldn’t be the end of the Buddy Movie where two college pals run the ole DPW Bagman and Bench graft game going back to 1974 now could it?

Ron Barber, the recently retired district program administrator of the Arizona Department of Economic Security’s Division of Developmental Disabilities, agrees.

“We’ve made strides in finding these children as soon as possible–which is critical–and in getting the families information and services, but this disease is just emerging as a high-rate diagnosis. There’s still work to be done getting physicians into the loop,” he says.


Reich and Linn, both attorneys, also felt the financial impact of autism. Faced with caring for both a newborn and a preschooler whose needs were enormous but as-yet undefined, Linn quit her job. (She is now an assistant state attorney general.) Reich had recently changed his specialty and was building a new practice in elder law. And in anticipation of the new baby, the family had moved into a new house with a bigger mortgage.

“We got through that year without serious debt only because both my parents, for the first and last time, helped us with gifts of money,” says Reich. “That saved us.”

Talking with other parents of autistic children–a community that makes heavy use of the Internet–Linn heard that they should contact the Pima County office of the Division of Developmental Disabilities.

“Somebody mentioned that there were services there. We were lucky, I guess, in our timing, because just a few years before, some parents had gone to Ron Barber and asked him to fund an educational program that they thought would help their kids. After we looked around, we thought that it was what Ben needed, and thanks to DDD, it was possible.”

::It’s not too much to say that Barber is a hero {Drink! And a Sandwich!} to the families of the developmentally disabled in Southern Arizona. Arizona–uncharacteristically–provides probably the best services for the autistic of any state in the nation, and Barber, backed by activist parents, established the model for the state in Pima County.
Arizona has not always been a model for progressive treatment of the developmentally disabled.

When Barber started working for what was then the Bureau of Mental Retardation in 1974–the division serves people with mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and autism–the only services were provided in three shockingly overcrowded, understaffed state institutions.

“If you had a developmentally disabled family member, and you needed help, you had to go to the Superior Court and petition to have that person committed. The facility for Southern Arizona, at Coolidge, had been built for 350, but when I toured it in ’74, there were more than 1,200 people housed there. Many were drugged all the time so they’d be less trouble. It was a horrible choice people had to make,” Barber says.

Over the last three decades, the division has moved its clients out of the institutions and back into the community.

All but one of the institutions have been closed–about 130 people still live at the Coolidge facility at the request of their families– and the division now devotes nearly all of its resources to home- and community-based services.
Deinstitutionalization and normalization were well underway by the early ’90s.

BooHooHooMan - 20 January 2011

That Heroic slobber…from 2006

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 January 2011

not that it matters, but:

Obama’s Social Security Talk Is Turning Voters Off, Pollsters Say

President Barack Obama’s apparent willingness to consider cuts in Social Security benefits may be winning him points with Washington elites, but it’s killing him with voters, who see the program as inviolate and may start to wonder what the Democratic Party stands for, if not for Social Security.

That’s the conclusion of three top progressive pollsters who spoke to reporters Wednesday at a briefing sponsored by the Economic Policy Institute, the Century Foundation and Demos.

“For the public, cutting benefits is the problem, not the solution,” said Guy Molyneux, a partner at Hart Research Associates.

As a result, the pollsters said that any Democrat seeking elected office in 2012 should be begging Obama not to say anything about Social Security cuts in his State of the Union address later this month.

A post-election poll by Celinda Lake’s Lake Research Partners found that, by a margin of 3 percentage points, Americans now trust Republicans in Congress more than Democrats when it comes to Social Security — surely the first time since the program became a signature issue for the Democratic Party in the 1930s.

The poll found confidence in Democrats on the issue dropping 14 points just since January 2007, accompanied by a 13-point increase for Republicans.

The public favors congressional Republicans over Obama on Social Security by an even larger 6-point margin. Obama’s 26-percent rating is not only less than half Bill Clinton’s (53 percent), it’s even lower than that of George W. Bush (37 percent), whose proposal to privatize the program went down in flames.

marisacat - 20 January 2011

The poll found confidence in Democrats on the issue dropping 14 points just since January 2007, accompanied by a 13-point increase for Republicans.

It seems baring an event bigger than Sunland Parking Lot Awash in Hero Sandwiches, that it is just going to ratchet back and forth for a few cycles.

Madman in the Marketplace - 20 January 2011

should be loads of fun …

ts - 21 January 2011

Since it’s a third rail, it should be a club sandwich.

marisacat - 21 January 2011



15. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 January 2011
wu ming - 21 January 2011

yeah, and the crazy thing is that it barely scratches the surface of the past two decades. a comparison of shenzhen in the same period would be even more stark.

16. diane - 20 January 2011

After cutting value of life, EPA ditching the term

…. Under the current EPA economic calculations, people are troubled by the question of “how do you put a value on a human life,” …

With the new proposal, “we’re not putting a value on a human life,”

The new method is more understandable for the public ….

well, …. the new method, is certainly more recognizable, …..human lives have no value to their “Public Servants”….(ok, so what, I don’t consider the Investor/Thug Class (interchangeable) particularly human, they are certainly not humane.)

17. marisacat - 20 January 2011



………………. 😯

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