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Thank god it’s over… 25 January 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Israel/AIPAC, WAR!.

A carpet of Brunsvigia bosmaniae at Hantam National Botanic Garden, South Africa. This spectacular autumn display occurs after late summer rain.     [Sanbi/NH]

I could live in a world carpeted in a ground cover that looks like miniature pink trees…



1. catnip - 25 January 2011

Left this after you added the link to the new thread:

Oops. Just switched over to CNN and there’s Bachman. Who the fuck is she looking at??

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 January 2011

you have a stronger stomach than I do.

2. catnip - 25 January 2011

It’s Robbie Burns Day. Bring out your haggis!

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 January 2011

only if I can go commando in my kilt

catnip - 25 January 2011

Is there any other way to go?

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 January 2011

where, there’s always a nice tartan thong …

catnip - 25 January 2011

Or Scotch tape, I guess. 🙂

BooHooHooMan - 26 January 2011

What the Hell is going on here?
And why is there a KILT draped over the sofa?!?
And WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING with that steaming organ meat and a piece of Scotch tape on the Dining Room table?

Not to mention the haggis!

And With a Buffet?!??

WTF! 😯
😆 😆 😆

BooHooHooMan - 26 January 2011

Oh I dunno,
Kinda perfect on State of the Union Night:
The whole BraveHeart / Eyes Wide Shut thing.
With plenty of haggis to go around.

3. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 January 2011

Police fear ‘war on cops’
At least 11 shot in 24 hours; death toll apace with 2010 uptick

A spate of shooting attacks on law enforcement officers has authorities concerned about a war on cops.

In just 24 hours, at least 11 officers were shot. The shootings included Sunday attacks at traffic stops in Indiana and Oregon, a Detroit police station shooting that wounded four officers, and a shootout at a Port Orchard, Wash., Wal-Mart that injured two deputies. On Monday morning, two officers were shot dead and a U.S. Marshal was wounded by a gunman in St. Petersburg, Fla.

On Thursday, two Miami-Dade, Fla., detectives were killed by a murder suspect they were trying to arrest.

“It’s not a fluke,” said Richard Roberts, spokesman for the International Union of Police Associations. “There’s a perception among officers in the field that there’s a war on cops going on.”

The “justice” system is incredibly draconian, defense attorneys for all intents and purposes nearly impossible to get, second chances (or even first chances) after any kind of charge are almost impossible to get … people are getting pushed further and further, and once you start rapidly expanding a hopeless underclass it’s only a matter of time before they push back … usually violently.

marisacat - 25 January 2011

well the 2010 “uptick” was weighted by the death of 4 cops in Oakland… and while it is never talked about, the after event analysis, carried out independently, not done by OPD, indicated they did every thing wrong. 2 died in a traffic stop and then 2 more died in a hunting party sent out to where they thought the shooter had fled to.

4. catnip - 25 January 2011

From the Department of WTF Are You Talking About??


We believe in lower taxes, a limited view of government and the exceptionalism of America. And I believe America is the indispensible nation.

Just the creation of this nation was a miracle. Who’s to say that we can’t see a miracle again?

The perilous battle that was fought in the pacific, at Iwo Jima, was a battle against all odds, and yet the image of the young G.I.s in the incursion against the Japanese immortalizes their victory. These six young men raising the flag came to symbolize all of America coming together to beat back a totalitarian aggressor.

Our current debt crisis we face today is different, but we still need all of us to pull together. We can do this.

5. lucid - 25 January 2011

Barf, drewl… Vomit!
rinse… ok… it wasn’t that bad…
Repeat… because we realize it will only get worse, we get used to the nightmare of our life.

America reminds me of the famous rape scene from ‘Last Exit to Brooklyn’. [If you haven’t seen that movie, netflix it, or something…]

This is probably the only Greek tragedy I’ve watched on film.

marisacat - 26 January 2011

one movie that did not screw the book…

6. marisacat - 26 January 2011

I admit, I heard 10 words of the Obama Will Teach You speech and I dropped out.

Went back to MI-5/Spooks Season 8.

Skipped all the post touchdown analysis too..

7. marisacat - 26 January 2011

hmm from the Bachmann speechola… and I do kind of wonder how Ob survives these three things.

“President Obama made promises, just like the ones we heard him make this evening,” Bachmann said, “yet still we have high unemployment, devalued housing prices and the cost of gasoline is skyrocketing.”

(This is not a Bachmann endorsement)

catnip - 26 January 2011

(This is not a Bachmann endorsement)

broken clock…right…2x a day…

8. marisacat - 26 January 2011

Everybody face Wall St and Bow Down.

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

The Dow Trades Above 12,000 Points for the First Time Since June, 2008 [10:18 a.m. ET]

AND face Houston and genuflect: St Gabby was moved to the rehab this am.

(are we anything BUT a joke?)

BooHooHooMan - 26 January 2011

What a sick Bankster’s trick, all of it.
From its levitation by the Fed, thru their daily looting leaving people desperate for 10 bucks of food wondering whether they have enough in the swipe card to cover the racketeers and their ATM fee. Which is 20 to 30% on a five minute run thru the bread and milk aisle.
Which the Pols all protect for a cut.

Oh, somebody start shootin.the.right.people.already.

In the meantime we see Goldman , JP , and a regatta of Hedgeholios doing what? Chumming waters with paper tuna? For what?? That unsuspecting minnows may still be out there and possibly bite?

A Stock Market ~rally.
What a privileged game of ping pong with all that loot beat out of everyone compelled by deposit to have skin in the game.

Oh take aim people, take aim.
The rich do it. Why miss?

marisacat - 26 January 2011

I ahve no idea when it hits but we sure seem headed for some big big bubble bursting in air, rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air


BooHooHooMan - 26 January 2011

Especially after the love of the ever bleating pre-game music selection wears off.

So I’m thinkin the near-term PreFuture should be a blast: The Senate is werkin’ on a plan™ how to let the States go bankrupt thereby allowing – what else – them to renegotiate pension obligations – allowing the Federales off the Bailout hook and thus insure deliveries hot off the Federal funny money printing presses proceed without lighting any of the precious monetarist’s equipment on fire. Oh, the spectacle of it all: seeing with regularity a series of state retainers come unglued as they can’t even keep the Homeland’s {Drink!} provincial police armored or meet their payroll. And there’s the other Hero’s Sandwich: Vets coming home and finding out how Solemn Pledges work out here in the American Promised Land. Yes, quite the explosive growth, as some of them will have retained a few bits regarding the placement of IEDs.

marisacat - 26 January 2011

Yes, quite the explosive growth, as some of them will have retained a few bits regarding the placement of IEDs.

Oh very good point.

ts - 26 January 2011

The return on the Dow since the 2000 peak has been a whopping 300 points or about 0.02% a year. Pretty much every index that is not the Dow is still about 15% below where it was eleven years ago. S&P 500 was 1500 in 2000 and it’s just below 1300 now.

You’d have been way better off keeping the money in a saving account the last decade. I expect people will feel the same way when the next decade rolls around as well.

BooHooHooMan - 26 January 2011

It is unreal, it really is, watching them loot commissioned trade by insider peek’d stock bloc transaction : every last dime, every pensioner’s nickel, every state trust fund, everything.

Yeh I don’t think Putin or anybody else will be taking a lecture from our Numbers Runner in Chief.

BooHooHooMan - 26 January 2011

*Unreal* in the sense of that hatchet bearing flash mobs have yet to set upon them and their fixers.

marisacat - 26 January 2011

You’d have been way better off keeping the money in a saving account the last decade. I expect people will feel the same way when the next decade rolls around as well.

Yes, talk about puffery…

9. BooHooHooMan - 26 January 2011

Judge won’t recuse for Rahm
By JENNIFER EPSTEIN | 1/26/11 2:34 PM

Her husband endorsed an opponent for mayor.

I’m goin out for a Club Sandwich.
Hopefully with plenty of clubs. LOL.

marisacat - 26 January 2011

yum yum.

Maybe time to move to Israel.

Love how the story goes that his service in the IDF was part time lorry repair.

yeah right.

10. marisacat - 26 January 2011

Yes what a surprise… PA, Israelis, UK /MI6, US (check the dates, under ObRama regime) – – – all in it up to their necks. Extra judicial killings, torture, subversion of legitimate resistance… etc.

Electronic Intifada

BTW, I read somewhere or other, that in Tunisia they, those in street demonstrations, battles, revolt, were using the word “intifada” on the streets…

I wonder if its use has spread to the other countries rising up.

11. ms_xeno - 26 January 2011

I thought it was just the flu, but then I realized that I was really just sick with grief for poor, beleaguered Rahm.

Outside this underpolished mud wallow, I’d say the go-to guy for “war on cops” opinions would be The Drunken Pundit.

Enjoy! And sorry for the poor post placement. I really am fucking ill and need to go lie down in the worst way. :/

marisacat - 26 January 2011

oh ms_xeno… go rest! Liquids! Hot teas and various infusions… Feel better!

brinn - 26 January 2011

Take care of you, ms. x!

ms_xeno - 26 January 2011

Thank You, my muddied brethren! (Or sistren. Whatever.)

Yeah, I’m having plenty of liquids. Lotsa’ fruit juice and asceptic-packed chicken broth. I’m pretty sure I sweated out a lake’s worth of water in the last 36 hrs. (approx.) I’m craving solid food actually, but I lack the energy at this point to manage anything other than crackers. Unless fruit sorbet counts as a solid. mr_xeno was kind enough to bring me some last night. Feels great on a sore throat.

What’s new with you, brinn? I usually don’t get to ask, because by the time I’ve checked in here you’re off doing real-world things again… 😀

marisacat - 26 January 2011

I’m craving solid food actually

This is a good sign.

brinn - 26 January 2011

Hey thanks for asking, ms. x! I hope you’re on your way to a speedy recovery! …and of course sorbet counts as a solid! 😉

Short version:
Got my teaching certification in December, still don’t have full-time work, boys and I are squeaking by on my two PT jobs (online teaching), still in the house, but unsure for how long….erm. Took a break from smoking for a week at the beginning of the year, but the addiction kicked my butt once again. We’re all healthy, and for the most part happy, things could be a hell of a lot worse, so I just keep on telling myself that that, and applying for jobs in my oh, so copious free time! 😉

Yeah, that’s the short version!

Feel better, lady!

ms_xeno - 26 January 2011

Sorry about the smoking thing, b. :/

Yeah, I got up and went out to get some food earlier. So doing much better. Thanks.

catnip - 26 January 2011

Meringues! Stat!

catnip - 26 January 2011

Oops. Or is it macaroons? I can never get those straight…

Either way: sweet sustenance! stat!

ms_xeno - 26 January 2011

Any port in a storm. 😀

We were at an Indian restaurant earlier, so I got a little rice pudding. That was nice.

marisacat - 26 January 2011

Indian food was a good choice…

There was a great little study in the past couple of years about how useful hot food (even just “hot”, as in ”cooked”), spicy food, even cofee and tea are -if hot, it naturally cleanses the throat.

dr-gonzo - 26 January 2011

I think c.f. oxtrot was on to something in the comments to an IOZ post:

Charles F. Oxtrot said…
I was saying it before He Who Measures Radiation, but no matter. It’s true. The shift from “peace officer” to “law enforcer” is a huge one, perspective-wise… but a subtle one, culturally.

Peace officers see residents and transients as fellow humans, see their role as keeping peace among human equals. Equals.

Law enforcers see residents and transients as beneath those who make and enforce laws. Subjects, in other words.

It started in the 1970s with the deification of SWAT teams in a TV show dedicated to that notion.


marisacat - 26 January 2011

yeah very true… and it has been discussed that as various traffic infractions are carrying higher and higher cash penalties and thre are more and more “lifestyle” and Nanny laws… there is a ton if friction between cops, various enforcers and just plain old ”people”.

And then … they gots the guns. The cops I mean.

Oakland, San Jose AND San Francisco have all had slews of murders in just the first month of htis year. San Jose hit 12 … I am sure Oakland is at 12 or 13 by now and we were at 9 a few days ago… and there has been one since in SF

So, I would say the year is popping. And bleeding.

ts - 26 January 2011

I noticed an old quote from Hunter S. Thompson the other day that seemed apropos:

“We cannot expect people to have respect for law and order until we teach respect to those we have entrusted to enforce those laws.”

Madman in the Marketplace - 26 January 2011

feel better!

ms_xeno - 26 January 2011

Thanks, Madman. 🙂

If I still have a temp job to drag myself to tomorrow morning, I’ll consider myself the luckiest drone/drudge alive.

12. marisacat - 26 January 2011

oh I just saw film of the Hidden, The Secret Saint, St Gabby. Coming out of the ambulance … they have a box of some sort over her head and a towel or sheet over that.

I say worship at that shrine at your peril.

catnip - 26 January 2011

they have a box of some sort over her head and a towel or sheet over that.

I’m having flashbacks of the Unknown Comic…

Madman in the Marketplace - 26 January 2011

Like this?

marisacat - 26 January 2011

A big box… over her head.

It really was very odd.

marisacat - 26 January 2011

I know what it was like, what they place over a burned leg, to keep the linens from touching it…. Not small at all.

BooHooHooMan - 26 January 2011

Well sooner or later she’ll have to think outside the box.

marisacat - 26 January 2011


made me laugh..

13. catnip - 26 January 2011

Bowers gets predictable weasel-words from Axelrod on SS. Bottom line: everything is on the table except maybe, sorta privatization.

marisacat - 26 January 2011

There is a slew of reporting today, goosed by congressional budget office ”numbers”, that SS is in Deeper Trouble Than the Wingers and Handmaiden Dems were telling us.

I am so tired of this crew. And the previous crew. And the crew next time.

14. BooHooHooMan - 26 January 2011

NYT Editor Bill Keller, feeling the need to vent now….on their dealings with Julian Assange.

I just started it, but it already whiffs of that journo diaper creme for U.S. Intelligence agencies..

Their Sunday Mag FEATURE.
Yeya Baby.
L’il ‘splainin to do.
Oh I wonder what. Overkill? Sorry, Hosni?

BooHooHooMan - 26 January 2011

Oh ya,
Bill Keller wants out of the relationship now. Baad.
Apparently he’s got another family. 😉

marisacat - 26 January 2011

Keller is such a useless nothing.

BooHooHooMan - 26 January 2011

Yah, apparently
Keller’s just a flirt with journalism.

Well. Once you get past the schmeers, really 6 web pages of painstakingly assembled, cookie cutter hit piece narrative-building; Keller eventually characterizes that silly, goofy lad Julian of his from down under murky lagoon way : as outright crazy paranoid .

Yep, who could think it, (the underlying offer way oversold by Keller) – that Assange might be concerned about his security when dealing with U.S. Warring now… You’d think that Keller would be ecstatic to find, ya know, that SOME people STILL DO READ PAPERS.

But no, he moves to the whole Tarzan tone, too:

Assange : source.
New York Times : Journalists.

Nah, Bill’s got another family with the Sulzbergers, the shareholders, and the US Government.

I have vivid memories of sitting in the Oval Office as President George W. Bush tried to persuade me and the paper’s publisher to withhold the eavesdropping story, saying that if we published it, we should share the blame for the next terrorist attack. We were unconvinced by his argument and published the story, and the reaction from the government — and conservative commentators in particular — was vociferous.

Especially, Funny: Keller recounting the NSA story AS IF Cheney, Bush and Co DIDN’t want the reminder of Big Brother poked right up everybody’s ass – while at the same time either undermines the credibility of the NSA’s Big Bro Nefarious Awesomeness story or discredits his present gaslighting of Assange over security concerns regarding the handling of leaked material. Ah well, never mind. Time for Keller to plug Obby to the NYT sheepleship:

This time around, the Obama administration’s reaction was different. It was, for the most part, sober and professional. The Obama White House, while strongly condemning WikiLeaks for making the documents public, did not seek an injunction to halt publication. There was no Oval Office lecture. On the contrary, in our discussions before publication of our articles, White House officials, while challenging some of the conclusions we drew from the material, thanked us for handling the documents with care.

Oh Go on Bill. Shall we?

{ The aide then held up a finger, mouthing “One minute” , reaching for the phonel:
‘ Why YES! Mr Blankenfein! How Are YOU?!’}

Hillary and Gates, on the other hand, according to Keller, had nothing but crickets. Which sounds about right to me, frankly, given the reflection the leaks cast on them. Let it die Bill, seems to be the vibe.

And I don’t know whether to be shocked or laugh as he forgets to mention Holder, (yeh Bill, he’s the guy that brings Lanny Breuer coffee at DoJ), regarding threats of prosecution….I’ll go with the chuckle:

The secretaries of state and defense and the attorney general resisted the opportunity for a crowd-pleasing orgy of press bashing. There has been no serious official talk — unless you count an ambiguous hint by Senator Joseph Lieberman — of pursuing news organizations in the courts. Though the release of these documents was certainly embarrassing, the relevant government agencies actually engaged with us in an attempt to prevent the release of material genuinely damaging to innocent individuals or to the national interest.

So it’s not gonna work out.

As 2010 wound down, The Times and its news partners held a conference call to discuss where we go from here. The initial surge of articles drawn from the secret cables was over. More would trickle out but without a fixed schedule. We agreed to continue the redaction process, and we agreed we would all urge WikiLeaks to do the same.

But this period of intense collaboration, and of regular contact with our source, was coming to a close.

I find the take away in Keller’s All The News That’s Fit to Print (or Not) is that “there is no serious desire to prosecute Assange”.

Which I suppose means that Assange and his merry band did indeed score the keys to the vaults.

marisacat - 26 January 2011

The NYT was fully Bush/Cheney’s partner in the push for war, both wars, all wars. And so on.

It wasn’t ”just” Judith Miller (who ws clearly, imo, a government operative)… it was all of them.

marisacat - 26 January 2011

Though the release of these documents was certainly embarrassing, the relevant government agencies actually engaged with us in an attempt to prevent the release of material genuinely damaging to innocent individuals or to the national interest.


BooHooHooMan - 26 January 2011

I was so fuckin dumb.
Just fuckin Liberalish brain dead.
I held out HOPE with every revelation

It’s right there! There!
The Democrats will will will will
~DO Something!

What a rube. They were all in it, just like Nader and the Communists said.

But I’ve come a long way, it taking me 50 years to learn how to read.

marisacat - 26 January 2011

oh yeah it is all of them.

Just snipped this from something at Cpunch (and the Cockburns are waaaaay too cosy with the Democratic party, even tho I do find “stuff” there… LOL)

[T]o illustrate how absurd the politics of violence is consider the case of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who now refers to himself as “the most progressive member of the United States Senate.” So progressive is Sanders that he currently supports:

– (1) all funding for the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq,

– (2) the deployment of Vermont National Guard troops abroad,

– (3) military aid for the apartheid state of Israel,

– (4) the replacement of the Vermont Air National Guard’s F-16 fighter jets with F-35s, and

– (5) the highly racist war on terror.

He is also promoting a Vermont-based satellite station to be designed and built by the U.S. government-owned Sandia National Laboratories. Sandia designs, builds, and tests weapons of mass destruction.

Unfortunately, Sanders, who claims to be a socialist, does not stand alone in the hypocrisy which he brings to the culture of violence. Like many of his other left-wing Democratic colleagues in the Congress, Sanders is an unconditional apologist for the Pentagon and the right-wing Likud government of Israel. ….

BooHooHooMan - 26 January 2011

I still go in for the shows now and then, Bernie’s talk-a-thon recently, the occasional sign of life from Denny…
I’m a simple man, it’s either that or Jackalopey. 😆

marisacat - 26 January 2011

LOL I am pinning a thinner-than-a-dime’s-worth of hope on the new mayor of Oakland.

But still breathing and not going to be shocked if it goes the way of all flesh.

BooHooHooMan - 26 January 2011

The Maureen Murphy article at CP is a must read…

as the harrassment of anti Israeli Occupation and anti U.S. War activists continues.


BTW, They DID NOT testify for Mr. Fitzmas, seein as how They blew off the Grand Jury entirely, yesterday.

15. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2011

Fort Hood Gunman Sane, Fit to Stand Trial, Army Panel Reportedly Rules

The ruling by the Army’s sanity board clears the way for the Army to pursue a court-martial against Maj. Nidal Hasan, who could face the death penalty, Agence France-Presse reported

Allen Stanford ruled unfit to stand trial for fraud

* Judge delays Stanford fraud trial
* Fraud-charge Stanford in hospital

A US federal judge has ruled that Texan billionaire Allen Stanford is unfit to stand trial at present over accusations he led a $7bn (£4.5bn) fraud scheme.

And yes, from Neurology News Today,
Researchers Find Breakthrough in
Cardboard Box Over The Head Therapy
For Traumatic Brain Injuries

marisacat - 27 January 2011

No sympathy for either of them… but I do think Sanford got a severe beating in jail… tho I am sure there are things various and sundry are glad won’t come out (the Bidens)

Neurology News… very funny. 😆 … 🙄

Soon to be in Popular Mechanics too…

BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2011

We’re gonna make stuff! 😉

16. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2011

Whatever you do,
don’t stop when surfing by Hardball.

Gahd, Matthews REALLY humping Ob’s speech with pals Howard Fineman…
and Affirmative-Test-for-Polio, Bob Shrum. 😆

17. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2011

I think there are two things that signal the beginning of the end for a police state.
One obviously is when police themselves stand down, I never thought I’d see it, but locally here, the police all but did so a year ago for shoplifting calls to the big chain stores. Of course it resulted in a big haul for the Mob shoplifting rings, it’s Jersey, go figure.

But when you see this, I think general insurrection might not be far away.

Woman Accused Of Threatening Cop With Dildo Speaks

God Daaamn, I say: Screaming and with arms raised overhead, Fall in with the Dildo Brigades!

BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2011

😯 < – WordPress really need to modify this to make it dildo wielding.

marisacat - 27 January 2011

the funniest thing is that the cop, wearing a gun and a taser, apparently felt threatened. They SO need to start wearing pale pink. That dark blue is false advertising.

BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2011

Well 🙄 😉
I coulda sworn I heard last night in the soaring rhetoric:

We can Future Stuff.
Yes We Can.
While Protecting Our Heroes.
From Dildoes.
Which rhymes, Heroes and Dildoes,
IF YA pronounce Dildoes like DEELdoes.
{More Applause, Pan to Hillbilly Critter}

Thank You. Please.
Protecting our Heroes From Dildoes and the Kind of Dildo-wielding Banshees that have no respect for the rule of Law…


18. marisacat - 27 January 2011

Early am news out here in the Wild West… gas likely going to 4.00, in about a month.

They credit a combination of factors…

19. marisacat - 27 January 2011

Oh what a hoot…

Apparently, ‘Winning the Future’ was the title of a 2005 book by Newt Gingrich.

via corrente

20. marisacat - 27 January 2011



…………… 😯

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