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And still… 30 January 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, DC Politics, Egypt, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Pan Arab Revolt - 2011.

Egypt protests: Police clash with demonstrators demanding the end of Mubarak's rule

An Egyptian protester kicks a tear gas canister during a protest in Cairo [AP]




1. marisacat - 30 January 2011

Whoops. Tiger Tiger not burning bright.

[B]ut he shot 75 on Saturday and dropped out of contention with another 75 on Sunday. He finished the tournament tied for 44th, one shot under par. It’s the first time he’s finished outside the top-10 at Torrey Pines. He’d won the event seven times, including each of his previous five tries. …

2. catnip - 30 January 2011


Anti-American sentiment was growing after Mr Obama’s continued if tepid support for the Mubarak regime. “No, Obama, not Mubarak,” posters read. And Mr Mubarak’s face appeared with a Star of David superimposed over his face. Many of the crowd produced stun-gun cartridge cases fired last week with “Made in the USA” stamped on the bottom. And I noticed the lead tank’s hull bore markings beginning “MFR” – at this point a soldier with a rifle and bayonet fixed was ordered to arrest me so I ran into the crowd and he retreated – but could “MFR” stand for the US Mobile Force Reserve, which keeps its tanks in Egypt? Was this tank column on loan from the Americans? You don’t need to work out what the Egyptians make of all this.

marisacat - 30 January 2011


3. catnip - 30 January 2011

Man arrested with explosives at Michigan mosque

DETROIT – A 63-year-old Southern California man who was traveling with explosives in his vehicle with the intention of blowing up one of the nation’s largest mosques where mourners had gathered for a funeral was arrested in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn, Michigan authorities said Sunday.

Dearborn police said Roger Stockham was arraigned Wednesday on one count of making a false report or threat of terrorism and one count of possessing explosives with an unlawful intent. Stockham had a large but undisclosed quantity of class-C fireworks including M-80s, which are outlawed in Michigan, Chief Ronald Haddad said.

marisacat - 30 January 2011

Back when DiFi was the target of a bomb placed under her house (think it was early 90s, she went to the senate in ’92), I listened to the senate hearings that were called on domestic bombs, fringe militias that make use of bombs and so on…

Cali and Michigan were the all time centers for that sort of thing. And bombs have a stunningly high rate of “being successful”, which just means going off.

4. marisacat - 31 January 2011

hmm from J Post

[T]hey blame Israel and the US for supporting a government because it is convenient for them, not because it is good for the Egyptian people.

“The USA does not support democracy; they’re supporting Israel, which is like their baby,” said Ahmed, a 26-year-old Cairo resident. “They think Egypt is functional because it’s in favor of their considerations.”

“I don’t care if we have peace [with Israel] or not,” Ahmed continued, echoing the indifference of many demonstrators who don’t have a clear agenda for what they want a future Egypt to look like, as long as it does not include Mubarak. “But will Israel allow us to have a real president? For example, Turkey elected an Islamic government, but it was their choice. Will Israel give us the freedom to make the same choice?” he asked.

Demonstrators are relying on the foreign press to get their message to Obama.

“Isn’t this democracy?” they asked me over and over when I said I was a journalist from America, incredulous that the country held as the pinnacle of world democracy could ignore such widespread popular sentiment. ….

BooHooHooMan - 31 January 2011

Surely the Egyptian revolutionaries are enjoying the apocryphal stories in the Jerusalem Post.

LOL. from “Ahmed”, who they DID put a little flesh and bones on ‘im before Herzliya made all Muhtada al Milquetoasty:

“But will Israel allow us to have a real president? For example, Turkey elected an Islamic government, but it was their choice. Will Israel give us the freedom to make the same choice?” he asked.

😆 Gahd, even their propaganda is turning to SHIT.

marisacat - 31 January 2011

ain’t it a h00t?

BooHooHooMan - 31 January 2011

LMAO @ Jerusalem Post.

“Ahmed” is the new Haji.

5. BooHooHooMan - 31 January 2011

Israel urges world to curb criticism of Egypt’s Mubarak

Oh sure, I plan to get right on it. 😆
Right up there on the list.

Jerusalem seeks to convince its allies that it is in the West’s interest to maintain the stability of the Egyptian regime.

Glad they’re thinkin’ of tapped-out us and the broke-ass Euro-zone.
Plenty of leverage to go around.

Pucker up, all Ye Sphynxters? UNITE! 😆
HAW HAW! What a knee-slapper! They can go
fuck themselves with an ice cream cone at Ahdod.

6. BooHooHooMan - 31 January 2011

Converted Papist, Will travel,
Amazingly life-like Rentboy Tony Blair
live on CNN…from Jerusalem. 🙄

A Difficult Situation..
Change.. Hope.. People..
Brrzzt spark suckyafora werwerwer…

Toodles, Tony

7. BooHooHooMan - 31 January 2011

Breakfast courtesy of the Wall Street Journal

Unrest Rattles U.S. Approach in Region

Egypt risks setting off shifts that undermine broad U.S. foreign-policy goals—and, say some strategists, could put the U.S. in its weakest position in the region in half a century.

No syrup, fellahs, FOR THIS BIG FUCKIN PANCAKE?!

Jeezus. They’re even using the “R” word.

‘Front-Row Seat on the Revolution’
For Berkeley-Alum Tour Group, Tear Gas Spurs Memories; ‘Much More Serious’ Than ’60s

😆 {SOo Revealing! – BHHM}

CAIRO—At 10 p.m. on Tuesday, the day of mass protests that thrust Egypt into turmoil, about two dozen people on a package tour organized for University of California, Berkeley alumni landed at Cairo Airport.

The graying group of Cal Bears—most of whom had graduated in the 1960s, when the campus was a hotbed of student activism and the site of regular clashes with police — was told upon arrival that Egypt’s biggest demonstrations in decades were building and that their hotel was in the thick of the action.

“Everybody on the bus said, ‘We’re used to tear gas, we’re used to protest. …

To Continue Reading, Log In or SUBSCRIBE

Yeh, yeh, got it, got everything, the tear gas, the article geared to the Tom Hayden crowd, those Liberalish Berkeley types who levitated every Pentagon and Social Program into an IPO coupon clipping contracting opportunity for the common good, yeh yeh , got it – them ole HoChiMin’rs from the trail now doin the Nile, those VC comrades turned VC Venture Capitalist spreadin Revolución!

Yeh , yeh, got it. Everything EXCEPT the WSJ SUBSCRIPTION to read past the firewall. LOL.

My only question: Is Tim Lange okay? LOL.
He makes ALL the best scenes, you know….LOL.

8. marisacat - 31 January 2011

Oh the boychicks are sufferin’ and strugglin’. Wriggling in their school chairs… wondering why it is so hard out there for a pimp.


[T]hose are the big-picture threats. More immediately, aides are debating how aggressively to prod President Mubarak to step down and/or get the ball rolling on free elections. Western diplomats are convinced Mubarak is UNLIKELY to survive in office. But stranger things have happened in that neck of the woods, so President Obama is being cautious, both to avoid a backlash if the U.S. is seen as trying to engineer a successor, and in deference to other Arab allies. “It’s just a very tough line to straddle,” a senior administration official said. “If [Mubarak] guts this out and stays, we’re going to continue to need him and work with him, and he might not appreciate that we pushed. Bottom line, Egypt’s destiny is Egypt’s to decide, and we’ll work with whoever emerges or is left standing.”…

MEANWHILE… Angry Arab posits this:

US lies

Don’t believe a word about how the US is clashing with Mubarak. Not one word. Much of the rhetoric of the US administration and its propaganda outlets like the NYT and Washington Post are lies layered with more lies. If the US wants Mubarak out, it would have made a public statement to that effect.

I have a feeling that the US stance has in fact hardened against Mubarak’s ouster in the wake of Obama’s phone conversations with two experts on Egypt: Netanyahu and Saudi King.

Posted by As’ad at 5:31 AM

mattes - 31 January 2011

If they want him out. CUT the AID.

marisacat - 31 January 2011

I don’t think Obster is all that interested or knows what to do. Plus, Israel has made it clear, they don’t want any transition.

Various sites are linking to memos and meetings from a range of ME people to and at the WH last September and November, the subject of which was .. get ready, one way or the othr Mubarak is soon coming to an end and thre WILL be instability.

Ob’s political advisors have mostly moved on, to Chicago, t either run for mayor or work the campaing HQ. And hell they were Jews most of them, and the hangers on too.

Obby is all alone it seems. Just a motherless foundling.

mattes - 31 January 2011

Let’s see how he cuts this baby.

Shit or get off the pot.

9. marisacat - 31 January 2011

Love how Obster is getting his bullshite words back at him, from people who MEAN it..

Just catching Amanpour, walking thru a newly blocked off Tahrir Sq in Cairo… a few protestors still there, she spoke to a woman who, when asked what the people want, said in English that stumbled a bit:

Mubarak, Change Change Change.

What a comeuppance for our Foundling.

mattes - 31 January 2011

Hope hope hope.

So will he let Egypt become like Gaza? Starving and bombing the people into submission?

What mass population control are the military people dying to try out?

And will they get their way….after all, if it {revolution} happens in Egypt, it could happen anywhere.

And what about Egypt’s debt? Bankers want their cut. Can’t get their money if Egypt is bombed into the stone age. So where are those fancy bombs that just kill people and leave infrastucture. …my mind runs away with possibilities. Many not so good.

marisacat - 31 January 2011

Ob is clearly nto up to this… neither is Hilarious.

mattes - 31 January 2011

The legacy of the neo-cons. Clean Break. No more land for peace, spreading democracy everywhere.

marisacat - 31 January 2011

… and we are left with that hideous quote that is running around from Huckabee, about how dare anyone discriminate against the Israelis in their own country (short version).

Hell, Ob will be saying it next. He pretty much has and we all know where Hilarious (and Bill) is on Israel.

Pass the Holy Matzoh.

10. marisacat - 31 January 2011


Debt-ridden Dubai Properties announced today it was suspending construction on the Tiger Woods Golf Complex. Again.

The luxury golf complex was supposed to open in September 2009, before the Dubai real estate market crashed. A few months later, Tiger’s marriage, performance and brand value crashed as well.

Unfortunately neither party has recovered from last year. …

But not to worry! It is a market based decision:

The government-owned firm told Middle East Golfer (via Arabian Business): “This decision was based on current market conditions that do not support high-end luxury real estate. These conditions will continue to be monitored and a decision will be made in the future when to restart the project.” …

Read more: BI

BooHooHooMan - 31 January 2011

Welp, there ya go. Some motherfucker shoots 75, the carpet guys are delayed, and the next thing ya know, the Americans can’t move in.

11. catnip - 31 January 2011

This weeks’ episode of Spineless Obama is brought to you by the word “stability” and the colour “yellow”.

marisacat - 31 January 2011

Oh catnippers! You are so mistaken! He is so very very very busy. Busy Bee! Beein’ Busy!

via Mike Allen email

OBAMA’S APPROACH, per a senior administration official:

“The President has been very closely monitoring the situation in Egypt. He’s requested multiple briefings each day, and has personally made key decisions.

For example, at approximately 4:15pm on Friday, the President dropped into a previously scheduled Principals Committee meeting on a different topic so that he could discuss Egypt with his top foreign policy advisors. At that meeting, the President decided to call President Mubarak and to make a statement to the American people. That said, it has not interrupted his domestic policy schedule at all. As you’ve seen, the President’s national security staff has been churning throughout the weekend. [Deputy National Security Adviser] Denis McDonough chaired a [Deputies Committee meeting] on Sunday, and [National Security Adviser] Tom Donilon chaired a [Principals Committee meeting] Saturday before leading a briefing for the President.”

Busy Bees, Bees Bein’ Busy: We do so too know how to Multi task! We do so too know how to govern!

catnip - 31 January 2011

and has personally made key decisions.

That’s funny in a pathetic kind of way. 🙂

marisacat - 31 January 2011

The need to beg that he is workin’ was pathetic.


Angry A linked to a site with anti Mubarak anti American slogan signs… calling him out as a US stooge. AND the site reported tht a Kentucky Fried Chicken was absolutely trashed at Tahrir Sq.

( 😆 th only franchise fast food I can eat, have eaten – esp the delish chicken livers!, other than the fries at the wretched burger places… )

12. marisacat - 31 January 2011

Gathering of ghosts:

Monday, January 31, 2011

Shah’s bones in Cairo

I am told that the Shah’s family in DC is scrambling to transfer the Shah’s bones from Cairo. I kid you not.

Posted by As’ad at 7:45 AM

13. mattes - 31 January 2011

Busy ucknBee:

Huckabee: Israel can build in West Bank, Jerusalem


BooHooHooMan - 31 January 2011

Davos Grilled Applebaum over at IOZ.

And this, LOL, from the thread..

It’s all part of your sick Applebaum thing.

marisacat - 31 January 2011

wow she is a nut. I stopped even occasionally reading her years ago.

14. marisacat - 31 January 2011

oh btw, der spiegel is calling Mubarak:

Pharoah in Fuhrerbunker

15. diane - 31 January 2011

Speaking of ghosts …

US sends envoy to Egypt

Retired diplomat Frank Wisner, who served as ambassador to Egypt from 1986 to 1991, has arrived in Cairo for talks with Egypt’s leaders, State Department spokesman PJ Crowley said.….

…. ‘We’ve sent a very clear message to Egypt, publicly and privately. … Crowley said. ‘But obviously ambassador Wisner will have the opportunity to reinforce what we’ve already said.’

For a minute I thought creepy Frank G. Wisner had risen from the CIA ‘suicide’ casualties, but turns out it’s his equally creepy son, Frank G. Wisner

Frank Wisner, Jr. was a big catch for Enron Corporation. His lineage is impeccable, since his father, Frank Wisner Sr., was a senior CIA official (from 1947 until his suicide in 1965) who was involved in the overthrow of Arbenz of Guatemala (1954) and Mossadeq of Iran (1953). [and “Operation Paperclip” – diane] Wisner Junior was well-known in the CIA and he worked as Under Secretary of Defense for Policy and Under Secretary of State for International Security Affairs; his current boss, Kenneth Lay, Chief Executive Officer of Enron Corporation, also worked for the Pentagon during the US war in Vietnam. With “economic espionage” as a task for the CIA (see PD, 12 October 1997), there is little doubt that Wisner used this instrument during his long-tenure as Ambassador in Asian nations. A Wisner staffer told InterPress Services this year that “ifanybody asked the CIA to help promote US business in India, it was probably Frank”.


The “US” couldn’t be more blunt about their loyalties if ya ask me….

marisacat - 31 January 2011


diane - 31 January 2011

truly…. made me feel kind of ill …all my prayers, for whatever that’s worth, to the people of “Egypt” …hoping to see pictures of millions rallying for one another and overcoming that system ………..

marisacat - 31 January 2011

I hope they are able to rally the million to march tomorrow.

diane - 31 January 2011

me too hon.

Guess we’ll find out pretty soon, the sun should be rising in Egypt now. This piece notes that the National Train Service was shut down to avert some of the protesters, I hardly think it’ll stop the rythym though,… I hope not……

marisacat - 31 January 2011

AJ reported that the government was shutting down trains coming into cairo… but seems maybe a wider shut down…

ts - 31 January 2011

Economic espionage, and he worked for Enron. Seems like blowback to me.

marisacat - 31 January 2011

well I wonder who suggested to Mubarak or the Interior Ministry to cut the internet. Supposedly, at least it is reported, the first instance of a full shut down.

And since we have a bill moving thru congress right now to facilitate the same thing, with special attention to making sure there s no opening for judicial review of what our Pretzel might do…

I am guessing we suggested it.

16. marisacat - 31 January 2011

oh wow, the Florida judge struck down the entire healt care law.

SCOTUS here we come… 😆

[B]ut Vinson went further than his Virginia counterpart by ruling that mandate cannot be “severed” from the whole law, which he ruled must be junked entirely:

In the final analysis, this Act has been analogized to a finely crafted watch, and that seems to fit. It has approximately 450 separate pieces, but one essential piece (the individual mandate) is defective and must be removed. It cannot function as originally designed. There are simply too many moving parts in the Act and too many provisions dependent (directly and indirectly) on the individual mandate and other health insurance provisions — which, as noted, were the chief engines that drove the entire legislative effort — for me to try and dissect out the proper from the improper, and the able-to-stand-alone from the unable-to-stand-alone….

I must conclude that the individual mandate and the remaining provisions are all inextricably bound together in purpose and must stand or fall as a single unit. The individual mandate cannot be severed.

Ben Smith has more than one entry…


catnip - 31 January 2011

There you go: Rachel Maddow just reported on The New Yorker’s article by Jane Meyer that Suleiman was “the CIA’s point man on renditions”.

I was waiting for that “Change You Can Believe In” shoe to drop.

catnip - 31 January 2011

Oops. Wrong spot. Link to Mayer’s article.

17. marisacat - 31 January 2011

yum yum

Via Angry Arab:

Don’t mess with Aljazeera

The Saudi government learned that lesson, the hard way. When Aljazeera started and it expressed a wide spectrum of opinions (much more than now), Saudi-owned media (some 95% of all Arab media, at least) launched fierce campaigns against Aljazeera. Then they realized they failed and orchestrated the reconciliation with Qatar, which certainly lowered if not eliminated the anti-Saudi tone of Aljazeera (since that reconciliation I have not been invited once to discuss Saudi or Jordanian affairs when my first ever appearance on Aljazeera was about Saudi Arabia).

I am told by higher ups in Aljazeera that Prince Nayif was instrumental in the reconciliation with Qatar because he told his brothers that Aljazeera can really affect stability and dissent in the kingdom of horrors.

Mubarak is dumb: he closed down Aljazeera’s offices and arrested Aljazeera correspondents (can you imagine the international uproar of Syria or Iran did that?). So what did Aljazeera do? It has gone all out. Aljazeera is clearly now bent on bringing down Mubarak’s regime. The coverage is non-stop. All other programmings have been suspended. Take that, Husni and Jamal Mubarak.

Posted by As’ad at 4:53 PM

18. BooHooHooMan - 31 January 2011

Izzie’s gettin fidgety in the back seat.
Abandonement issues.

Israeli critics open up on US ‘abandonment’ of Mubarak

Dep. Minister Kara says “disappointed” by Washington turning back on Egyptian president; former Mossad head says US attitude is hint to Israel

I dunno, my druthers here,
now that we’re ~Slowly rolling thru the rest stop is to just set the little Zionist Pains-in-the-Ass out.

Ow, Come ON! Here ya go! You’ll be alright! See Ya!

marisacat - 31 January 2011

I read that Hosni’s wife is British born. I hope this means he follows Gamal to London.

BooHooHooMan - 31 January 2011

As someone now at the Preferred Pedestrian Point level, I enjoyed writing that on so many levels.
The Bourgeoise Fam on Vaca – a cherished favorite obviously – tho frankly my folks were fun to travel with,
right down to “The Buick Dome of Nicotene” as we later called it… Good Times.
Well, like most things…While they last.

mattes - 31 January 2011

We can only hope.

Let’s see how well they can play the bully without us. Catch 22 every where you look. Clean Break used against them. Who would have thought.

BLOWBACK’S a bitch.

“America, which waves the banner of ‘citizens rights,’ ‘democracy,’ and ‘freedom of information,’ turned its back in a day on one of its most important allies in the Middle East.

Obama sold Mubarak for the pot of lentils of popularity among the Egyptian masses,” Haber wrote, adding that the US president did this without a true understanding of the Middle East.

“Our conclusion in Israel needs to be that the man sitting in the White House is liable to ‘sell’ us over night.

The thought that the US might not stand by our side in the day of need causes chills. God help us.”

marisacat - 31 January 2011

No Democratic pretzel is going to abandon Israel (even Bush Sr and Baker retreated). There is no sign of it imo, not with obby and certainly not with Hillary.

Won’t be happening.

And Jesus fuck but do they WHINE.

mattes - 31 January 2011

I have no doubt about us backing Israel, but the honeymoon between Egypt and Israel is over no matter who ends on top.

19. Madman in the Marketplace - 31 January 2011
20. catnip - 31 January 2011

Watching that Indyk(sp?) guy – who suddenly seems to be everywhere – talk about the supposed wisdom of the O admin not speaking up more forcefully, it struck me that this “well, we don’t want the Egyptian people to think the outcome (ie. telling Mubarak to leave) will be determined by DC” is just one hugely empty excuse when DC is funding the military and telling it not to shoot the protesters.

BooHooHooMan - 31 January 2011

O K A Y.
The U.S. State Department has just called Every Ambassador home. From Everywhere.
They say it’s for a post mortem on WikiLeaks. Wha-EVAH!

Clinton calls home US envoys in post-mortem on WikiLeaks crisis

By David Usborne, US Editor

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, has summoned more than 260 US ambassadors and envoys from every corner of the globe for a week of brainstorming and re-evaluation in Washington, just as America’s sprawling diplomatic machine is facing crises on several fronts at once, not least thanks to the work of WikiLeaks.

The unprecedented gathering at the State Department began yesterday and brought together America’s most senior diplomatic representatives from 180 countries. Most have been told to stay in Washington all week for a series of meetings and pep talks. Ms Clinton is set to address them tomorrow and will have face-to-face meetings with envoys from front-line countries where the stakes for America are highest.

Can’t they get their bullshit straight?

Officials stayed quiet about the initial purpose saying only that Ms Clinton was anxious to complete planning for 2011.
However, it comes at a time of multiple challenges for the US in its foreign dealings, including the growing clamour on Capitol Hill for cuts in foreign aid and the impact of the turmoil in Egypt on Middle East policy. That is not to forget the running sores of Iran and North Korea or the perils of American policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Cooper on CNN just said All communications are set to be clipped in Egypt in advance of today’s Million in the Streets..Tho he didn’t say so , All would mean satellites. Anybody seriously think U.S. Officialdom ISN’t Happy – Hasn’t been Happy all along – to have Mubarak liquidate whoever gets in his way?

Our Policy makers have really screwed the pooch now. Which is saying something, pooch-screwers they’ve been…

marisacat - 31 January 2011

well it seems obvious that something much bigger than Wikileaks (to date, anyway) is up.

Everyone from everywhere?

The whole timing of the huge release from AJ about Palestinian and Israeli and whoever else doings is much more on point.

AND the shut down of satellites.


catnip - 31 January 2011

Item 5 on the agenda:

5. Anybody got a sex tape of ElBaradei? Anybody??

21. ts - 31 January 2011

Slipping it in between the North African revolts, the Financial Crisis (non)-investigation Committee report

Matt Stoller at Naked Capitalism…
With that, the FCIC has completed the final act of oversight for the last Democratic Congress, and it held true to what Democrats in the last Congress believed. Everyone was at fault for the crisis, but no one is to blame. This was Bush’s line in 2008, that “Wall Street got drunk”, and Obama’s line throughout the Dodd-Frank mark-up. The Republicans went after the GSEs and “regulation”, and the Democrats sadly lamented the tragedy of the crisis. Again, everyone’s at fault, and no one is to blame. I saw high-ranking Democrat Carolyn Maloney brag yesterday about her vote for TARP in the hearing on foreclosures, noting that the Dow busted through 12,000 as a sign of prosperity. This is what they believe, in their bones. There was no theft, only tragedy….”

marisacat - 31 January 2011

There was no theft, only tragedy….”

It really feels as though we are in a worse bubble. God knows what happens when whatever it is bursts the dam.

BooHooHooMan - 31 January 2011

There’s a very good summary of the Commission’s approach via e mail

😆 {TownHouse? ~ bhhm}
on the naked capitalism website.It was written by Matt Stoller. Here’s an excerpt:

I was on a conference call today with Phil Angelides and Brooksley Born, two commissioners of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission.

😆 😆 😆 :
Matt “On a Conference Call With Brooksley Born” STOLLER. Viva la Revolución!


BooHooHooMan - 31 January 2011

Naturist Stoller…

I asked about the criminal nature of the crisis. I said I didn’t want to know about any specific case, but whether they thought that fraud or crime was a core cause of the crisis.

..over there at Naked Capiatlism now.
Go Figure. What a fuckin fraud, Stoller, by name, him, Specifically.
The nature of it, was there – Gasp – F-f-f-fraud?

Born also repeated that they wouldn’t disclose specific cases of criminal referrals, even though I had specifically said that I was not interested in such disclosures.

reporting in from the Democratic Dickbeater’s beat…

catnip - 31 January 2011

Are you feeling any better?

ts - 31 January 2011

Still feverish, but no longer under fifty blankets throwing my back out with the chills. At first I thought I might have meningitis, but the pounding headache was just coffee withdrawal.

Don’t know how I got it. Wife and daughter were blessedly spared (knocks repeatedly on wood).

ts - 31 January 2011

and thanks for asking!

marisacat - 31 January 2011

…throwing my back out with the chills

oh how awful! I hope you are better soon.

22. marisacat - 31 January 2011

oh what a hoot.. even the Tory Telegraph is calling Mubarak a “pharoah” ad reminding the readers he has a half Welsh wife.

Oh and 20 BILLION. So they say………


BooHooHooMan - 31 January 2011

CNN with their newly marketed “heavy hitter” (LOL) Piers Morgan – “He makes people cry” one of their ads touting his arrival…

Has Reza Pahlavi on.

“Thank you, Prince Reza” the hard hitting intro.. 😆
You can imagine where it goes..
Grateful to Mubarak!
Who will institute Reform! 🙄
Gave us poor refugees a home!
Don’t forget Daddy’s Bones!

23. catnip - 31 January 2011
catnip - 31 January 2011

Though the report focuses on conduct during the George W. Bush administration, it faults the Obama administration for refusing to say whether anyone is currently serving on the intelligence board, a failure that “continues to call into question the legitimacy of current intelligence oversight efforts.”

BooHooHooMan - 31 January 2011

The ones involving the Quaker National Security threat?

The ones where “Nashnull Secluruhby” is regularly invoked to settle tabs at Gimongo-HooterWorld’s Hero Sandwich & All Ya Can Drink Lunch Special?

24. marisacat - 31 January 2011



………… 8)

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