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“Million Man March” – WTF? 31 January 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, DC Politics, Egypt, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Israel/AIPAC, Pan Arab Revolt - 2011.

An anti-government protester flashes the V for victory sign as an army helicopter flies overhead thousands of protesters in Tahrir square

An anti-government protester flashes the V for victory sign as an army helicopter flies overhead thousands of protesters in Tahrir square [REUTERS]


I notice that the march tomorrow is being called, at least at some media outlets, a “million man march”, which is such a mistake. Even al Jazeera is using it…

It’s clear a wide swathe are out on the streets, old / young, male / female – and the women are bare headed, scarved, enwrapped.

The gamut.




1. ts - 31 January 2011

They will have a better probability of actually having one million people show up for it.

marisacat - 31 January 2011

oh yes… no question…

catnip - 1 February 2011

Feel better soon!

2. marisacat - 31 January 2011

Seems clear we will try hard for Suleiman to stick, once he is in.


[I]n 2009, Foreign Policy magazine ranked Suleiman as the Middle East’s most powerful intelligence chief, ahead of Mossad chief Meir Dagan.

In an observation that may turn out to be ironic, the magazine wrote, “More than from any other single factor, Suleiman’s influence stems from his unswerving loyalty to Mubarak.”

If Suleiman succeeds Mubarak and retains power, we will likely be treated to plaudits for his distinguished credentials from government officials and US pundits. We should remember that what they really mean is his ability to brutalize and torture. As Stephen Grey puts it:

But in secret, men like Omar Suleiman, the country’s most powerful spy and secret politician, did our work, the sort of work that Western countries have no appetite to do ourselves.

If Suleiman receives praise in the US, it will be because our leaders know that he’s the sort of leader who can be counted on to do what it takes to restore order and ensure that Egypt remains friendly to US interests. …

And this… which sounds as tho we are closer to Suleiman than even to Hosni.

[O]thers told me that for years Suleiman was America’s chief interlocutor with the Egyptian regime — the main channel to President Hosni Mubarak himself, even on matters far removed from intelligence and security. …

3. marisacat - 1 February 2011

Carrots…. for someone…

[O]n Tuesday, even as Egypt continued to face economic turmoil as a result of protests, the International Monetary Fund said it was ready to put in a place an economic rebuilding policy for the country.

“The IMF is ready to help in defining the kind of economic policy that could be put in place,” IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn said. ….

BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011

Sticks for others

AJ-E, @ 12:30 mid-day Cairo time, reported the following.

Army is arresting ‘Agitators” and “sabateurs” among a crowd @ Tahrir Sq, well over a 100,000, growing quickly..


4. diane - 1 February 2011

Last Modified: 01 Feb 2011 09:29 GMT

“You certainly get the feeling that the organisers will get the numbers that they want. The word is out there, despite the fact that the internet is still down,” .

young, old, rich, poor, Christians, Muslims they are all heading [to Tahrir Square].”


diane - 1 February 2011

Yaaaay, ….though some worrisome notes, this piece notes that broadcasting equipment has been confiscated; the army are filming the protesters; and that: the hated police have returned to the street after a mysterious two-day absence that protesters said was a ploy to sow a sense of insecurity.

5. BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011

More from AJ-E

Muhamed ElBaradia NOT to come to Square today.


NO reason given, Monty Hall.
Again: NO reason given, Bob Barker.
So, anxious U.S. Game Show producers –
No Let’s make a Deal, No Price is Right,
no no NO Deal or No Deal DEAL – NOT YET …
Howie Mandel.

That last one there for the Young Americans.
Or the Israelis goin through Changes.
Seems they might have better luck with these Alladin Sane Egyptians , Hell I don’t know…
if they tried installing David Bowie.

BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011

With all seriousness,
this is so magnificent, so authentic,
and such a defeat for American Imperial Policy ambitions,

This , for observers in the “West” is SO NOT like 79 Tehran. US led PTB are so desperate to identify a figurehead. Which, in the worst possible framing nightmare for US Officialdom and their client states, has Egyptians and people around the world free to draw upon the collective revolutionary ideal in living memory:
This is Nasser, this is Ghandi, this is Martin King, this is Tienanmen Square, this is the Iranian Revolution. Combined.

With no figurehead yet to co-opt, kill, or hate.

6. BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011

<a href="Abdullah Dismisses Gov't in Jordan,
Appoints New Prime Minister…

Via zerohedge – Bingo from the get-go –

The story: “the commencement of real political reforms.” The truth: “we don’t have enough private jets for every member of the upper class.” Prime Minister Samir Rifai has been replaced with Marouf Al-Bakhit, “(born 1947) was the Prime Minister of Jordan from November 27, 2005 until 25 November 2007. and was previously the Jordanian ambassador to Israel and the national security chief.” We fail to see the real political reform.

From Xinhua:

Jordanian Prime Minister Samir Rifai resigned on Tuesday following weeks of protests by Jordanians calling on the government to step down.

King Abdullah II of Jordan tasked Marouf Bakhit to form the new government, state-run petra news agency reported. Bakhit, a former prime minister, served also as Jordan’s ambassador in Israel.

BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011

Sorry. Here’s the link to zerohedge

BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011

And this via Angry Arab..

Jordanian King is freaking out: How much can Zionists handle in a week???

This Yeya Baby Excerpt, here:

Now I only harbor ill will toward all Zionists–of all stripes–but this may be too much. How much weeping can Zionists do in one week? They just don’t have enough tears left. But all will be well, I assure you. The demise of Israel is certain, and when that is accomplished, all will be well. Just turn off the lights on your way out. I suggest that we start making a big neon sign to rename Ben Gurion Airport the George Habash International Airport. And the new airport would not resort to racism as a security measure.
Posted by As’ad at 5:49 AM

marisacat - 1 February 2011

and the national security chief

sounds like a pattern!

7. marisacat - 1 February 2011

i just woke up ….been watching for 20 mins or so… AJ saying there are two million in the sq and large protests all over Egypt.

catnip - 1 February 2011
BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011

I crashed too, nice to wake up to good news!

8. marisacat - 1 February 2011

Angry Arab keeping a running tick tock on “Zionists Freaking Out” and asking for people to send links to … right!, a ZFO…



Alan Dershowitz is freaking out too

“The first casualty may well be the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians.” I never thought I would ever agree with this schmuck.

Posted by As’ad at 8:44 AM


He’s got this little tidbit too, from May 2004 in the Wapo (as I recall, Cam Kerry, brother was in Israel that summer, Election year here, marching with exremist settler factions)…

John Kerry’s priorities in Egypt: from 2004

“”On Egypt, Kerry said that he would not tie foreign aid to greater openness and reform. “I would first want to link it to the warmth of the relationship with Israel and the effort to secure general stability in Middle East,” he said. “You have to put your priorities first.”””

Posted by As’ad at 9:22 AM

9. marisacat - 1 February 2011

Oh what a shock, the Democrats picked Charlotte NC for the conflab in 2012. The mayor is an Axelrod client, another corporate black who ran as…. “another Obama”.

Snicker snax.

BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011

Well, There’s Edward’s opening.
Maybe John can rally the Kos Kiddy masses out at Corn Dog Square in the Fairgrounds.

Orange Plastic Cheese!
Orange Plastic Cheese!
Vote For Me! Orange Plastic Cheese!

marisacat - 1 February 2011

They are known to love Chocolate Fountains. WIth view of hotels.

BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011

Heh. Austerity Measures for the Edwards
Restorationist faction tho.
Legal Bills. Child Support. Stylist.
Adds up, ya know. …. So.

Orange Plastic Cheese!
Orange Plastic Cheese!

😆 😉

BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011

Thing is, they can get some economies of scale with the whole videography, candidate concubinage, and child support thing. Which they can then deftly write out of the same staffer’s account.
They’re so smart.

marisacat - 1 February 2011

Well the deceased wif left less than 2 mil. And Edwards was generally (if one believes reports) said to be worth 37 to 50 mil (on the hoof, snicker).


NC nto a community property state? Mebbe not.

10. mattes - 1 February 2011


Big Brother Obama: White House Plans Internet ID System

11. mattes - 1 February 2011

Sorry for long post:

In Egypt, a devastating IMF program was imposed in 1991 at the height of the Gulf War. It was negotiated in exchange for the annulment of Egypt’s multibillion dollar military debt to the US as well as its participation in the war. The resulting deregulation of food prices, sweeping privatisation and massive austerity measures led to the impoverishment of the Egyptian population and the destabilization of its economy. The Mubarak government was praised as a model “IMF pupil”.

The role of Ben Ali’s government in Tunisia was to enforce the IMF’s deadly economic medicine, which over a period of more than twenty years served to destabilize the national economy and impoverish the Tunisian population. Over the last 23 years, economic and social policy in Tunisia has been dictated by the Washington Consensus.

Both Hosni Mubarak and Ben Ali stayed in power because their governments obeyed and effectively enforced the diktats of the IMF.

From Pinochet and Videla to Baby Doc, Ben Ali and Mubarak, dictators have been installed by Washington. Historically in Latin America, dictators were instated through a series of US sponsored military coups. In todays World, they are installed through “free and fair elections” under the surveillance of the “international community”.

Our message to the protest movement:

Actual decisions are taken in Washington DC, at the US State Department, at the Pentagon, at Langley, headquarters of the CIA. at H Street NW, the headquarters of the World Bank and the IMF.

The relationship of “the dictator” to foreign interests must be addressed. Unseat the political puppets but do not forget to target the “real dictators”.

The protest movement should focus on the real seat of political authority; it should target (in a peaceful, orderly and nonviolent fashion) the US embassy, the delegation of the European Union, the national missions of the IMF and the World Bank.

Meaningful political change can only be ensured if the neoliberal economic policy agenda is thrown out.

Regime Replacement

If the protest movement fails to address the role of foreign powers including pressures exerted by “investors”, external creditors and international financial institutions, the objective of national sovereignty will not be achieved. In which case, what will occur is a narrow process of “regime replacement”, which ensures political continuity.

“Dictators” are seated and unseated. When they are politically discredited and no longer serve the interests of their US sponsors, they are replaced by a new leader, often recruited from within the ranks of the political opposition.


marisacat - 1 February 2011

If the protest movement fails to address the role of foreign powers including pressures exerted by “investors”, external creditors and international financial institutions, the objective of national sovereignty will not be achieved. In which case, what will occur is a narrow process of “regime replacement”, which ensures political continuity.

Pretty obviously this is what we are trying to engineer…

12. marisacat - 1 February 2011

Mooobarak to speak “shortly”… so says AJ… to offer “a solution”.

marisacat - 1 February 2011

Skye news floating that he may annouce he will step down.

hmm… Courageous Freedom Fighter Obling says, don’t run in Fall.

You really ahve to laugh!

catnip - 1 February 2011

The timing is clearly for the US audience since it’s midnite in Egypt.

13. ts - 1 February 2011

From today’s counterpunch, this interesting little tidbit…

Likewise, both of Mubarak’s sons and their families left to London in their private jets. The head of the Cairo International Airport also announced that 19 private jets owned by the richest families in the country left to Dubai on Saturday. One of these corrupt billionaires was Hussein Salem, a former intelligence officer and a close confidant of the president. Dubai airport officials declared that they seized over $300 million in cash from him.

Salem was the head of a private energy company that teamed up with an Israeli conglomerate to secure a long-term contract to sell natural gas to Israel. In June 2008 Les Afriques reported that Egypt was subsidizing Israel with hundreds of millions of dollars every year in energy purchase. By January 2010, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz exposed the secret and reported that Israel was in fact receiving natural gas from Egypt at a 70 per cent discount. The scandal was swept aside by the former Egyptian prime minister who refused to divulge to the parliament the terms of the contract. Subsequently when the government was sued, a judge ruled against it and invalidated the contract, which the government totally ignored.

Paying full price for natural gas is going to be expensive.

marisacat - 1 February 2011


In June 2008 Les Afriques reported that Egypt was subsidizing Israel with hundreds of millions of dollars every year in energy purchase

A “job” that should end…

14. catnip - 1 February 2011

Blaming protesters right out of the gate. FAIL.

catnip - 1 February 2011

Shorter Moo: “Meh, I wasn’t going to run again anyway. What more do you want??”

catnip - 1 February 2011

CNN is so useless.

“Let’s listen to the reaction in the square.”

Sure. Let’s. And let’s pretend we all speak Arabic because you aren’t providing any translations.

marisacat - 1 February 2011

ugh I watched a lot of CNN in the hosptial as there was no other cable news… no MSNBC no Fox No C-Span… etc. And boy is it BAAAD.

Unbelievably bad. Appallingly bad.

15. marisacat - 1 February 2011

hmm from Angry Arab (I put in graph breaks):

Mubarak defiant: it is Israel (and US), stupid

He has just given his speech. He is bizarrely defiant. Says that he won’t seek another term, as if this was the issue. He hit hard against the protesters and even addressed the “peasants and workers of Egypt” (like when Trotsky gave his first speech in New York City and addressed the crowd in the Bronx as “workers and peasants of the Bronx”).

He is so weird: he talks like he is still in control and talks about a process that will last for months. The man is going to leave but with Egypt in flames behind them. The situation only got more tense and more potentially explosive.

But I will say this: this defiance does not come out of nowhere. I can’t believe that this is the same leader who is rejected by his own people before TV cameras. He even reminded us of his military role: yes brag of the defeats of 1967 and 1973.

But I speculate this: Israel so freaked out, and it was so clear and blatant. They realized that peace with Egypt won’t survive. So the US scrambled: sent an envoy to Cairo: realized that there is no US puppet to lead the country so the scenario of defiance was adopted. His tone and stance of defiance is matched by the rhetoric of the Obama administration which is clear in its avoidance of the issues of democracy in Egypt. And don’t forget that many racists lead the US policy making in the Middle East (people like Feltman at State and Shapiro at NSC) and they concur with Kaplan’s racist dictum about the Arabs and democracy.

US is digging itself in a bigger hole, as we speak. Aljazeera is now silent: in the sense it is showing the protesters at Tahriri Square and they are in a state of rage that is even scary from my living room. The man is asking for trouble: they will physically push him out if he does not leave. Israel wants him to fight to the last Egyptian. But that won’t work.

Posted by As’ad at 1:11 PM

mattes - 1 February 2011

Two very interesting articles, getting better than asia times:

“War Without Borders”: Washington Intensifies Push Into Central Asia

The U.S. and NATO have over 150,000 troops planted directly south of three Central Asian nations.

“Clinton said Manas was the central transit point for troops from 49 countries going into Afghanistan. ”

Things Have To Change In Order To Remain The Same

In addition, Egypt and the country’s military have grown accustomed to American support and will want the money to keep flowing. It is the flow of this money
that ensures the purchase of the replacement government.

Because the US dollar is the world reserve currency, the US government has financial dominance and the ability to financially isolate other countries, such as Iran. To break free of America’s grip, one of two things would have to happen. Revolution would have to sweep the Arab world and result in an economic unity that could foster indigenous economic development, or the US dollar has to fail as world currency.

It is unlikely that the Arabs will suddenly unite themselves.

The collapse of the dollar is more likely. Indeed, the policy of the US government to maximize both budget and trade deficits, and the policy of the Federal Reserve to monetize the budget deficit and the fraudulent paper assets of the large banks, have the dollar heading for demise.

As the supply of dollars grows, the value diminishes. Perhaps the time is not far off when rulers cease to sell out their peoples for American money.


diane - 1 February 2011

this defiance does not come out of nowhere. I can’t believe that this is the same leader who is rejected by his own people before TV cameras.

To be sure,….and would have loved to be a fly on the wall of the conversations with Frankie G, Moo’s ‘boo’:

On Monday, Frank Wisner, a former ambassador to Egypt, was sent to the Egyptian capital, Cairo, by the US state department to assess the turbulent situation and meet with Mubarak.

Al Jazeera’s John Terret, reporting from Washington DC, said Wisner “is known to be a personal friend of president Mubarak”.

Nothing in this sentence, not really, to imply that the “US” is actually insisting that Mubarek leave:

“President Mubarak has promised to bring change to Egypt, so the Obama administration wants to see that change implemented quickly and for an orderly transition to democracy to take place.”

Implied, is that the “US” is looking at two Scenarios, A or B, Scenario A being that Mubarek stays, though plans are being made for Scenario B:

Yasser El-Shimy, former US diplomatic attaché, told Al Jazeera that Washington was seeking to prepare for a post-Mubarak scenario [B – diane].

diane - 1 February 2011

indeed, look at this Aljazeera, “Headline”:

Mubarak to stay on till election

I’m gonna pray, that does not happen, in the mean time fuck ‘em all but six…..

Madman in the Marketplace - 1 February 2011

this is not going to go well

16. marisacat - 1 February 2011

oh nice:

The EU has frozen the Ben Ali assets – at the request of Tunisia – and the French have seixed the family jet (after 3 NGOs filed suit)

17. BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011

Military Opening Fire In Square Now.

18. BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011

Al Jazeera correspondents on open mic :
We should go we should go..

19. BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011

Turning violent as Mubarak Agitators moved in,
At least one tank tried to seperate two.

Thinks really escalating now.
Tanks running off crowd, guynfire…

catnip - 1 February 2011

as Mubarak Agitators moved in


The AJ crawl says it’s “anti-govt” vs “pro-Mubarak” but I’ll bet those are secret police stirring things up.

In fact, one guy AJ is now interviewing is saying just that as I type.

marisacat - 1 February 2011


BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011

This is so Rich.

Netanyahu, Barak announce Galant no longer new IDF chief

Announcement comes after months of controversy surrounding allegations that Maj. Gen. Yoav Galant seized public lands near his Moshav Amikam home.
By Haaretz Service

To the Real Estate Development Bunker!
Someone! Quick!
Grab the fabric swatches and tile samples!
Secure the finger food!
Cut the balloons from the mailbox!

BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011

Posted in wrong spot, oh well, all goes to the same place…

marisacat - 1 February 2011

I heard he will “fight to defend himself”.

Oh god La Kerry on the News Hour. Time stops, words slither around. Slowly. For a long time.

BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011

Breathlessly awaiting Obbie 😆

Place yer bets folks. What’s he gonna say.
I’m doublin down on A WHOLE BUNCH A NOTHIN.

20. BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011

AJ now saying tank machine gunners firing into air.

21. catnip - 1 February 2011

CNN: “awaiting Obama on Egypt”.

Oh great. Another say nothing speech.

22. marisacat - 1 February 2011

Angry Arab:

Reports of clashes in Alexandria

Armed goons are provoking protesters in Alexandria. This is the keep-Mubarak-scenario of Israel/US.

Posted by As’ad at 2:21 PM

23. marisacat - 1 February 2011

IBN out of Jerusalem is saying the curfew starts now at 3 pm and the airport is to close from 5 pm to 10 am. (if it can be believed)

How do you close an airport, when people are being evacuated.

24. marisacat - 1 February 2011

Obby will “speak wthin the hour”.

Oh poor us.

BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011

Formally announcing the appointment of Cheney?

catnip - 1 February 2011

Isn’t this the same speech he gave last week?

catnip - 1 February 2011

Is it groundhog day already?

BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011


25. BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011

CNN’s in-character-curmudgeon Cafferty read some responses to Cut off Aid to Egypt?

He capped off the usual
We.Simply.can’t.do.that. responses with two very nice downers for the PTB,
one aimed right at Israel ,
another,Why Stop there?.

Zionists REALLY freak the fuck out when someone calmly says Nothing against Israel, ya just wanna DO IN ALL FOREIGN AID.
LOL, they just freak the fuck out.
As THAT’s the very thing that plays in Peoria.

26. BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011

Reasserting “core principles”.


27. BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011


We are so Blessed!

28. catnip - 1 February 2011

Oh Tweety! What Obamalama is saying “indirectly” is “leave now”.

You’re dreaming.

Poor Mubarak – having to leave “the country of his birth”.

I think Tweety’s gonna cry.

29. BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011

LOL Fouad Ajami after Obby’s hiccup:

“I don’t see any need for this statement.”
(True, BTW)


“David Gergen, David, you’re on! Wake up!”
(Not quite)

Gergen: “Yes. Probably. Pretty Hard.”

Blitzer: “President Obama’s speech?”

Gergen: “No Wolf, this raging boner here.
I was asleep. You SEE this, Wolf?!!??”

Blitzer: David! –

Gergen: Yes, Sorry, ahem, Well.
Whatever the question, of course ,
generally, I agree. But remember, The President is in a difficult situation.”

BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011

Ooo Gergen is gettin a little randy with John King now…

Said He wondered why Obby gave the speech.
Mentioned the tear gas cannister Made in the U.S. of A.

(PennsylVANIA to be precise. 😯 )
Speaking of Pennsylvania,
what is it famous for now?
Sorry, the love of IOZ and the Steelers aside,
other than the tear gas and casinoes biz now, you have your wicked unemployment, bankrupcy and what was that? Something else?
O ya- the Guard Unit at Abu Ghraib and Ed Rendell.

marisacat - 1 February 2011

…and the arms manufacturer, of the tear gas, flies the Israeli flag at its HQ in PA

diane - 1 February 2011

…Judges taking bribes to lock up teenagers in PHARMA DISPENSING institutions, rubberstamped by the STATE, and run by the mafia, ….Elder institutions, where elders are pretty much murdered (also RUBBERSTAMPED), on and on and on …………………………..

diane - 1 February 2011

……a dumping ground for toxic waste from all corners of the country, and the associated cancers that come with it …..

diane - 1 February 2011

….the Fall 2009 assault by the WTO and its Goons in Pittsburgh, Obster’s Fave city…….

BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011

Oh ,by all means, Di, pile on.
It is such the hideous truth.
And while I can’t say this with any data, there is serious marked depression among retiress. Just lost, gone the resilience.
Just beat to hell so many of them.

BTW, President Yes We Can O Teargas is heading to PA I think ..tommorrow?
Also a Steelers fan.

He’s going to lose PA in 012.
Structurally damaged goods all around.

marisacat - 1 February 2011

I hope he loses N Carolina. ESP after putting the convention there.

NTIM. It doesn’t.

diane - 1 February 2011

thank you hon, don’t mind if I do….:0) ….;0(

Apparently the Obama visit (which I’m still searching for info on), has been iced, till Thor’s Day ……

lucid - 1 February 2011

You don’t know the half of it… Gergen’s bro was my college advisor – he and his wife were swingers & on top of that, had swing parties with students…

BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2011

😆 😉

30. mattes - 1 February 2011

Did I miss anything? I was cooking. Wish I could post a photo, must admit, it was scrumptious.

Arugula with papaya, cubie oranges, cherry tomatos and lime juice and bowl of black beans with sugared ginger, cherry tomatoes, and jalepenos over thai noodles.

Beans cooked with piece of pork, onions, garlic, carrots, pinch of cumin, pinch …of cilantro and knox chicken broth. Then 1/3 beans bended in blender.

Delicious bean soup on it’s own, or with sour cream topping, but great on noodles with added ginger and tomatoes are great for diet dish.

Noodles are the ones with no calories.

Madman in the Marketplace - 1 February 2011

that sounds tasty

31. mattes - 1 February 2011

Damn…how can i forget, one chipolte pepper to the beans soup!!

32. marisacat - 1 February 2011



……………. 8)

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