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Aggression 2 February 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, Culture of Death, DC Politics, Egypt, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Pan Arab Revolt - 2011.

Mubarak’s supporters are reported to be armed and highly aggressive. (Gee no shit  -Mcat)     [AFP]




1. catnip - 2 February 2011

Just catching up on the last thread. If they want to Plan B Mubarak, they could just claim he had a heart attack, create some sympathy (not much, but enough to maybe pacify the crowds) and try to ease in Suleiman (which won’t work in the long-term but the west will claim Egypt needs the “stability” in the meantime).

I either:

a) watch too many movies


b) know the history of the CIA

BooHooHooMan - 2 February 2011

I’d agree, except for a) of course. 😉

I wonder tho, And I attempt this by construct while discarding the most basic questions, but here goes, Can the US be so insane as to PREFER a total melt-down in Egypt?? To NOT move quickly to get this guy’s head on a pike? (bear with me) And do what they do, celebrate some “Reformed” Egyptian Military who “stepped up” on behalf of “the people”?

Wherein lies the rub of the essential questions:

Does the U.S. HAVE any influence here?
Or perhaps more precisely, Is this not the inevitable outcome of U.S. Policy whether intended or not? A much more hardened Arab street, resulting in WESTERN self-immolation in the ME?

Unintended consequences being a bitch?

catnip - 2 February 2011

Well, one comment I heard on the teevee today was that the military made no effort to block the onslaught of pro-Moo thugs into the square SO although it’s been “supporting” the pro-democracy people so far, that was a chink in the armour. And who funds the military?

The US admin is playing a very dangerous game by not demanding that Moo leave immediately – none of this “transition now” crap. Everybody and their dog knows why this violence has escalated. Obama can’t continue to deny it. If there is a total meltdown, Obama will get his share of the blame. No doubt about that.

catnip - 2 February 2011

And let me add that all of this reported nonsense about Obama’s sternly-worded phone call with Mubarak is just pure BS. We already know it’s his nature to pre-emptively cave and to compromise endlessly until he gives whoever he’s negotiating with practically everything they want while declaring that’s some sort of victory and that he did all he could.

BooHooHooMan - 2 February 2011

I agree, Obby’s not part of this equation.
It’s the concerns of our MIC in conjunction that will drive US intervention. If they want any hope of returning to the Status Quo. Maybe some of our top dogs don’t or figure they have time to fuck around make something of a protracted Egyptian Civil War. Otherwise I see them trying to pick a winner here quick. Not that it will work or should. Maybe there is an Egyptian Hugo out there to REALLY freak them out…

catnip - 2 February 2011

Well, they don’t seem to have much love for ElBaradei. And the Muslim Brotherhood seems to scare the shit out of them.

If Suleiman is the CIA go-to guy, that’s who they’ll push as long as they think they can get away with it.

marisacat - 2 February 2011

Does the U.S. HAVE any influence here?

there is speculation around about that……. If Mooey has been a problem to us in some way, the day is long past that we could engineer the semblance of an internal coup, keeping Army in line with no cut in the share of Foreign Aid that has been going to them…

AND reinstating the subsidies to the poor that Mooey has reportedly cut over and over again along with not using the aid for infrastructure. (Country crumbling in palin view)

That day seems past. More food for the people won’t be doing it.

2. catnip - 2 February 2011

Our parliament is having an emergency debate tonite about Egypt. I haven’t heard anything similar about the US congress(?) Or would there even be a point?

3. catnip - 2 February 2011
4. BooHooHooMan - 2 February 2011

DC Freakin out now.
John King on CNN is saying the Pretzeldent and TOP US Military are screaming at the Egyptian Mil that Mubarak must. go. now.

Welp. They wanted to be Management.
They better get a’managing things…

5. catnip - 2 February 2011

Critics question billions in aid funneled back to US contractors

Defund the Egyptian military and you defund US military contractors. Ergo…

marisacat - 2 February 2011

yes the route is very tight… all the big “defense” companies it seems.

The other thing is Democracy NOW had a segment on how it is US UK and … and a Scandinavian company (forget which one) that has the technology developed and used, that Egypt used to shut down internet and finally more and more comunications.

diane - 2 February 2011

Ughhh Raytheon …of course it’s on the list. I want to vomit, every time I hear that name…a company in the business of manufacturing devices which literally give people the sensation of being on fire, yet leave no wound evidence (except for the hideous and deadly instances where that technology malfunctions), needs to be to be shut down …permanently………….

Won’t be happenin though Obama not likely to “unfriend” Raytheon after “friending” it so vigorously and completely.

diane - 2 February 2011

I’ve no doubt the sick minds that drummed up that technology, had absolutely no compunction as to testing it on unwitting subjects.

catnip - 2 February 2011

It’s all about the $$$$.

I was just reading about this guy: Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris knows a thing or two about operating among strongmen in their dictatorships.

Whoever makes the most money, wins.

diane - 2 February 2011

he sounds like a real ‘charm’ …..ughhhh

Madman in the Marketplace - 3 February 2011

that is true for almost all sorts of our foreign “aid”.

6. catnip - 2 February 2011

President Obama Signs START Treaty, Doesn’t Allow Reporters in the Room


The White House Correspondents Association protested the White House’s decision to refuse to permit reporters access to the event, in addition to the dearth of press briefings since the crisis in Egypt began to unfold, a crisis in which President Obama continues to celebrate the great freedoms and openness enjoyed in this country.

marisacat - 2 February 2011

Jake getting sarcastic again. I’v missed that in him.

catnip - 2 February 2011

I thought that was funny. 😉

Hey – if Obama wants to act like Bush, that’s what he gets.

marisacat - 2 February 2011

Apparently, from soemthing I read, he is being called “the black Bush” around the Middle East…

7. lucid - 2 February 2011

Ugh… got a call from my longest standing, 15 year client tonight, screaming at me for no reason and threatening to fire me – on the phone, while she was drunk – simply because I’ve been doing my job & she’s done everything humanly possible to fuck her own company up. And yet despite her, my incredibly competent cash management skills have weathered her through 2 recessions, the 300% increase in silver and gold prices, the death of her husband [who ran the companies prior to 2000] and the halving of the company pension fund by the insane investing practices of her boyfriend of the last 9 years.

I’ve managed to keep her companies hugely profitable & growing in income from about 2 million in 2001 to 5.5 million in 2007, and despite the setbacks with the last recession, they are still profitable and headed back toward their peak…

Some days…

marisacat - 3 February 2011

oh lucid. You need a snow day…. Some retreat and hibernation. (or at least tht is my reaction to a fucked mess of stress off loaded on me)

8. diane - 3 February 2011

Murderous bastards at work, showing their face:

Peter Beaumont and Jack Shenker in Cairo guardian.co.uk, Thursday 3 February 2011 08.19 GMT

The sound of gunfire continued to be heard across central Cairo this morning, as anti-Mubarak protesters held their ground against pro-government assaults.

After a dramatic night of fighting on streets and rooftops around Tahrir Square and the Egyptian museum, violence continued well after dawn. Local news channels reported that four had been killed in the latest clashes, though doctors on the ground told the Guardian that the death toll was higher.

Witnesses who spent the night in the square said there were major shooting incidents at 11pm and 4am local time, the latter involving a sniper equipped with a laser sight. Seven protesters were reported to be confirmed dead at a nearby makeshift medical centre, with three other bodies still unrecovered.

“We had over 1,000 injured through the night, including several dead from gunshots,” said Dr Ibrahim Fata, a professor of surgery and one of more than 70 doctors who have volunteered to help treat those injured at the square. “It’s like a war situation in here; some of the pro-change resistance did not bring their wounded to us because they didn’t want to leave their positions. I haven’t slept in the last day and a half.”

As Fata was speaking the Guardian witnessed a man with a broken spine being brought in on a corrugated iron stretcher, while others walked around in bandages. Some protesters had taped cardboard boxes to their heads to serve as crude helmets.

The shootings came after protesters seeking an end to President Hosni Mubarak’s three-decade-long dictatorship were attacked yesterday by supporters of the Egyptian leader, many of whom were found to be carrying police identification. Molotov cocktails were thrown from buildings and several fires burned through the night.

The people are holding out though, stay strong:

Some sections of road are so littered with debris and ripped up by those seeking rocks to throw that they are now impassable. But organisation amongst the pro-change forces remains strong, with groups cooking breakfast over fires and handing out food to the crowds.

diane - 3 February 2011

In the meantime, as the “US” condemns the “violence” the “US” had a very large hand in, murderous drones continue to assault the sky, the earth, and it’s inhabitant’s in an even more chilling manner than the bloodshed in misr.

diane - 3 February 2011

Hmmm, what to make of this from the Guardian blog

8.32am: A retired Egyptian general told the BBC that the troops stand ready to fire at pro-Mubarak supporters, if they attack protesters today.

This seems to confirm what Peter Beaumont has been seeing on the ground. The general claimed the army could turn on Mubarak as early as tomorrow.

The general told the BBC’s Jon Leyne that Mubarak “would be out of office tomorrow”.

We’ll post a link to the audio when it becomes available.

The ‘Good’ Generals put the screw to moo, and all is fine? …Transition complete? Morning of the Generals

marisacat - 3 February 2011

Well if the Army does do that, it means we hve made some deal with them.

9. BooHooHooMan - 3 February 2011

Uh oh.
Some anti-Obbie criticism on DK over Egypt this morning.
Obbie and Mubarack supporters rally and push back!

10. mattes - 3 February 2011


Under the emergency powers provisions of the Telecoms Act, the Egyptian authorities can instruct the mobile networks of Mobinil, Etisalat and Vodafone to send messages to the people of Egypt. They have used this since the start of the protests. These messages are not scripted by any of the mobile network operators and we do not have the ability to respond to the authorities on their content.

Vodafone Group has protested to the authorities that the current situation regarding these messages is unacceptable. We have made clear that all messages should be transparent and clearly attributable to the originator.

11. mattes - 3 February 2011


The British telecommunications company Vodafone is being accused of sending out text messages urging pro-Mubarak supporters to “confront” protesters.

According to this Flickr gallery, put together by Riham Nabil, this is what some of them said.

The Armed Forces asks Egypt’s honest and loyal men to confront the traitors and criminals and protect our people and honor and our precious Egypt.

Youth of Egypt, beware rumors and listen to the sound of reason – Egypt is above all so preserve it.

To every mother-father-sister-brother, to every honest citizen

12. mattes - 3 February 2011


A retired Egyptian general told the BBC that the troops stand ready to fire at pro-Mubarak supporters, if they attack protesters today.

This seems to confirm what Peter Beaumont has been seeing on the ground. The general claimed the army could turn on Mubarak as early as tomorrow.

The general told the BBC’s Jon Leyne that Mubarak “would be out of office tomorrow”.

We’ll post a link to the audio when it becomes available.

Update: Here’s that link. The Egyptian army ‘will fire on pro-Mubarak protesters’.

13. mattes - 3 February 2011
14. BooHooHooMan - 3 February 2011

Mooby’s Prime Minister
“apologized” for yesterdays violence….

Whoops ! Sorry about that!

Do these batterers, Our murderers & torture subcontractors to be precise –
do they really think they can manipulate their way through?
Obviously their answer seems to be … yes.
But Hell, this kinda shit can be taken from the Obama campaign book, no need for the failsafe dossier over this dumbshit.
Which would contain what, anyways? A box-set of some We Are the Change We’ve been Waiting For videos? Complimentary shampoo?

Maybe today they’ll withdraw the daily stipend for Mubarak agitators, ( I DOUBT IT!)but hows that gonna work?..You could argue as long as money and materiel from the US, the Arabian Peninsul, and Israel pours in that their Mil will stand fast that a “peaceful” stalemate could continue ..You could also argue as the lower echelons approach moral crisis as people they know starve, whats to prevent them from taking the money and ultimately turn on Mooby and the General Staff anyways?

Sorry to be all Coup 101 for you guys who are far more sophisticated than I , ( besides I say so much dumb shit I’m not about about to stop now) , but I’ve been thinking about what Mcat said here wrt a buy-off…

That day seems past. More food for the people won’t be doing it.

makes sense to me, much larger than the customary American box of chocolates point of view: it’s visceral , this is about dignity, ain’t gonna work whether Mooby and Co are following some Rope a Dope contingency plan, whether they’re the Obby Admin’s best-laid mouse squeeks or not.

marisacat - 3 February 2011

Well I think at one time More Food would do it.. not that I “know” egypt, I surely do not… but there is a less than totally volatile point were re-instating subsidies that had existed, would do it.

There have been reports from witnesses in the protests that so much changed Wednesday, it is now open hatred between the groups. Fear and Loathing.

And Angry A talks about how that horse and camel assault was hatched in some hideous sick dream of producing “Orientalist” visions. Bingo. SO MANY pundits said, oh it is from the Middle Ages, from medieval times. (Pagentry! Lights! Action! Script doctor!)

Ugh so offensive, I would think. And just now, AJ is reporting, again eye witness on the ground, that when the Pro Mooers moved in, local Egyptian reporting moved to saying “the square has been cleared” as if all was over.

“Food” I suspect won’t do it. Not when you have endured snipers from the roof tops..

15. BooHooHooMan - 3 February 2011

I would love to be a fly on the wall at the NSC . I figure I could take a little fly-duke on the pastries while listening in as they tried and figure out what the fuck they’re gonna do:

What Can We Do?!Keep Him! Wait em out!
Aneurysm Him!-Sorry Joe! What does Bibi say? Worked for Sharon! Go with Sulie!
ElBaredei anyone? Has Barry been fed?

And of course,
{All together into the conference call mic}

I bet the only guy not saying a word is Gates, if he’s even there.

marisacat - 3 February 2011

Has Barry been fed?

very funny…. about where it is, he and Mouchelle (as Rush calls her) are so clearly disinterested.

16. mattes - 3 February 2011

my online al jazeear went down, watching on roku…anyone else having problems?

tweet:Al-Jazeera says 2 of its reporters have just been attacked on way from airport to central Cairo

marisacat - 3 February 2011

I get it thru a local station that picks up satellite feed almost around the clock from english language foreign news desks… no problem here, in fact they seem to be keeping AJ on longr than normal.

mattes - 3 February 2011

I wonder if comcast is blocking.

marisacat - 3 February 2011

😆 they can say what Vodafone is trying to say… we wuz forced! we didna wanna do it! they made us!

mattes - 3 February 2011

Can’t believe for the last week I have barely slept, and this is how I really go into a flare.

I think Obama and his generals/bush1 told Mabarak to step out asap yesterday, and I think we are witnessing a civil war starting. Also, several of the pro-moo forces said they worked for an oil company and were paid to be there.
I also think, the government has completely lost control even of the promoo forces.

Army is completely confused by now, don’t step in, step in on one side, no now, on the other side.

mattes - 3 February 2011

from al j, but it keeps going down. I think it’s just crashing.

President Hosni Mubarak is still refusing to step down, amid growing calls for his resignation. Protesters continue to defy the military-imposed curfew. Thousands remain gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square and hundreds have marched through Alexandria. Egyptian State TV has actually changed its stance and is now airing much more video of the protests, as seen in this still image from our broadcast:

mattes - 3 February 2011

10:38pm Amid a growing media crackdown, one of our Al Jazeera correspondents on the ground in Egypt just tweeted:

Difficult day for aljazeera crew. it was hard to film anything. will keep trying! #jan25 #egypt

10:31pm Egypt’s vice president has promised dialogue in order to push through constitutional reforms. Protesters may not be satisfied with this pledge, as preparations are being made for massive Cairo demonstrations tomorrow.

10:13pm Twitter reports from this evening say that four large screens have been installed by protesters in central Cairo to show Al Jazeera Arabic and Al Jazeera Mubasher (Live) to the crowds gathering around.

BooHooHooMan - 3 February 2011

Web access via a comcast WiFi
just got knocked out here too.

Could be the 9A rush here in the east.
And Gawd nows people are hitting up AJ heavy around the world…

mattes - 3 February 2011



You need roku. Love it!

The clique of online activists behind several WikiLeaks revenge attacks, as well as Tunisia anti-censorship operations, has thanked Al Jazeera for its Egypt coverage. Here’s some of what Anonymous said today in an open letter:

As the protests escalated, so did the amount of people across the world watching Al Jazeera. The free, 24 hour, online stream has become an invaluable tool for coverage of real time news. In addition to thanking you for providing this great resource, we would like to thank all of your reporters throughout Cairo, Suez, Alexandria, and the rest of Egypt. They demonstrated courage and passion standing amongst the protesters in the face of regime thugs and fear mongers….The ideals of freedom and human rights are sought after throughout the globe. Starting with Tunisia and spreading as far as Yemen, Jordan, and Algeria, these protests represent a historic change in the history of mankind.

5:58pm The EU is now calling for free and fair elections in Egypt. More details to come…

5:26pm In light of the Egyptian government’s detention of six Al Jazeera journalists earlier today, the Middle East coordinator for the Committee to Protect Journalists tells Al Jazeera that the Egyptian government has not been able to control the media effectively during recent protests.

Egypt has a long and atrocious record of suppressing the media…that Egyptian state TV is showing cooking shows today is an indication of the level of denial…but frankly no one is watching Egyptian state TV…the government seems intent on shooting the messenger and blaming the victim…I urge the Egyptian authorities to learn something from Tunisia…the media blackout is not working.

5:18pm Worldwide investors continue withdrawing significant capital from Egypt amid rising unrest. Read more on the looming financial crisis affecting the country in crisis.

mattes - 3 February 2011

Ok..interesting. My win7 won’t load al jazeera at all…..but old computer XP loads site off an on.

Pro=moo forces gathering…jouralists getting arested/…human rights people arrested….sandmonkey arrested, and website blocked.

marisacat - 3 February 2011

I heard AJ report that sand monkey has not communicated in over 5 hours, they think he has been arrested… AND that thugs / whoever went into Human Rights offices, atty offices and arrested people who were known to be helping the anti Mooers.

It maybe painted as some Civil War n Tahrir Sq but we are moving to full state crack down. I think…

17. mattes - 3 February 2011

habib eladly and four business men banned from traveling…

18. mattes - 3 February 2011

attorney general ordered to stop former minister from leaving…ahmed ezz banned from travel. fights are escalating….AG freezes accounts of wealthy businessmen

19. mattes - 3 February 2011

Heard on weiss cole has good article:

cole’s on a roll

Mubarak is taking his cues for impudence from the far rightwing government of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, which began the Middle Eastern custom of humiliating President Barack Obama with impunity. Obama came into office pledging finally to move smartly to a two-state solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Netanyahu government did not have the slightest intention of allowing a Palestinian state to come into existence. Israel was founded on the primal sin of expelling hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes in what is now Israel, and then conniving at keeping them stateless, helpless and weak ever after. Those who fled the machine guns of the Irgun terrorist group to the West Bank and Gaza, where they dwelt in squalid refugee camps, were dismayed to see the Israelis come after them in 1967 and occupy them and further dispossess them. This slow genocide against a people that had been recognized as a Class A Mandate by the League of Nations and scheduled once upon a time for independent statehood is among the worst ongoing crimes of one people against another in the world. Many governments are greedy to rule over people reluctant to be so ruled. But no other government but Israel keeps millions of people stateless while stealing their land and resources or maintaining them in a state of economic blockade and food insecurity.

………(clip, go read it)

Because Israel’s enterprise in denying Palestinian statehood is so unnatural and so, at its fundament, immoral, it can only be pursued by the exercise of main force and by the infusion of billions of dollars a year into a poverty-stricken region. The US has in one way or another transferred over $100 billion to Israel so as to ensure it can remain a tenuous fortress on the edge of the Mediterranean, serving some US interests while keeping the millions of Palestinians in thrall.


When Netanyahu steals Palestinian property or deprives Gaza Palestinians of their livelihoods, and when Mubarak uses American military aid to crush a popular demonstration, they underline to the peoples of the Middle East that their corrupt and unacceptable situation is underwritten by Washington. That message generates fury at the United States.

20. marisacat - 3 February 2011

angry Arab:

Jihad Amn-Ad-Dawlah (the Security of the State Apparatus)

This is the most terroristic of all the state security agencies in Egypt, and it is believed that it sent out the goons yesterday (which were funded by the wealthy businessmen cronies of Jamal Mubarak–Karl Marx would have loved that more than a footnote to the story how the wealthy billionaires are now funding the terror of the regime: read the Communist Manifesto again.

This apparatus of oppression has been working closely with CIA, FBI, Mossad and all other Western agencies. It has been at the corner stone of “counter-terrorism” plans and plot, and it is the one that always seems to discover Al-Qa`idah plots.

Yesterday, they trained a woman (who were later exposed as a Mubarak journalist) to appear on TV disguised and to claim that she was trained to sabotage Egypt by Mossad, Hizbullah and she railed against Jews. Do you notice that the blatant anti-Semitism of the Mubarak regime has not been getting any attention in the Western Zionist media because they have been so pleased with Mubarak’s role in Gaza?

Hell, if Mubarak dons a Hitler mustache (as he is portrayed in many portraits in Tahrir Square) and if he puts the Swastika on his shirt, the Zionists would still be cheering him.

Posted by As’ad at 8:01 AM

21. marisacat - 3 February 2011

I notice “Astronaut Capt Mark Kelly” is out and about, bouncing around today, saying how wonderful it is to be married to a wounded saint.

And there is this in Ben Smith (snicker)

February 03, 2011


Gabby Giffords, iPad spokeswoman

The Daily leads its interview with Gabrielle Giffords with what reads like ad copy for its partner, Apple:

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is doing “rigorous” speech therapy every day and her recovery is progressing — thanks at least a little bit in part to her favorite gadget: the iPad.

There’s no disclosure of the Apple-News Corp. deal, though perhaps it’s obvious enough not to mention. Still, quite the synergy.

Posted by Ben Smith 10:19 AM

Oh iirc it was first in a press release from the Giffords office, mentioning iPad. She was madly iPadding, they tried so hard ot make us think. (I sort of doubt it)

Rather like the two Obrama kidlets tightly buttoned, scarved and gloved, into nearly matching J Crew outfits for the Inauguration, with Mother Michelle often sporting J Crew as well.

22. catnip - 3 February 2011

Interesting that the only place I can watch the full interview w/ Suleiman going on right now (I assume this is live) is AJ online and the BBC on the teevee.

catnip - 3 February 2011

He actually thanked “the youth” for “starting the reform process”.

Had to hold myself back from banging my head on the wall watching that guy.

marisacat - 3 February 2011

The pantomime is just so thread bare….

23. marisacat - 3 February 2011


To readers around the world, and to people in Egypt

Mubarak armed goons have kidnapped Aljazeera’s producer, Mysa khalaf al-tawil (daughter of dear friend, Kamal). Mysa just arrived in Cairo two days ago to help in the coverage for the channel. I urge all of you if you can help to obtain her release or to provide information that could help in locating her. Please spread the message and inform me if you learn anything. Add this to the list of crimes for the Mubarak regime. It is personal now.

Posted by As’ad at 8:36 AM

24. marisacat - 3 February 2011



………………………. 😯

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