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Onward 3 February 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, DC Politics, Egypt, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Pan Arab Revolt - 2011.

An anti-government protester wears a makeshift helmet during a stone-throwing battle with supporters of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo

An anti-government protester wears a makeshift helmet during a stone-throwing battle with supporters of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Tahrir Square, Cairo [GETTY]

I see ObRama is at the [fucking] Prayer Breakfast this am… pontificating.  Can’t someone get him papal raiment, so he can get happy and STFU?



1. marisacat - 3 February 2011

Live from Prayer FooFoo… Life Coach Barry trying to pitch to the youth.

Maybe Suleiman give him tips?

Madman in the Marketplace - 3 February 2011

AstroHubby dribbled some drool about “fate” at that stupid event, too.

marisacat - 3 February 2011

Special people for a special country.


2. catnip - 3 February 2011

USA Today:

Mark Kelly, the husband of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, will deliver the closing prayer at the National Prayer Breakfast later this morning.

3. catnip - 3 February 2011

Globe reporters released by Egyptian military

When the Canadian reporters asked why they were being detained, they were told it was because the military was “planning a large operation,” Ms. Verma said. Soldiers also said they were keeping their passports because they were looking into their backgrounds.

The Globe journalists were released unharmed after being held for three hours.

And this tweet:

CBC’s Margaret Evans says secret police searching hotel rooms to stop journalists from taking pictures of Tahrir Sq from balconies. #Egypt

4. catnip - 3 February 2011

I think the American cable stations are tiring of reporting on Egypt already. Their coverage seems to be diminishing today.

marisacat - 3 February 2011

they reeally like weather mess and campaigns best.

catnip - 3 February 2011

They really seem to be pumping up the commercials. Must have lost some revenue.

5. marisacat - 3 February 2011


Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

‘Fed Up’ Egyptian President Tells Christiane Amanpour He Would Like to Leave Office Immediately but Cannot

6. catnip - 3 February 2011
7. catnip - 3 February 2011

Mubarak’s estimated family wealth: between $40 – $70 billion.

They could just buy a new country.

8. catnip - 3 February 2011

Oh, heeeere’s Hillary…

catnip - 3 February 2011


MansfieldReport VP Suleiman earlier: “Mubarak is our father.” Please tell me where I can report him for child abuse. #tahrir #jan25 #egypt #cairo #mubarak
half a minute ago via web

catnip - 3 February 2011

Oh, the irony. AJ crawl: Hillary Clinton says those responsible for the violence must be punished.


No word about the renditions, murders and torturing under Mubarak for 30 years and whether HE should be punished.

9. marisacat - 3 February 2011

FLASH: The US-arranged coup may have already taken place

I am learning from sources in Cairo that the Egyptian Army is now in full control of the regime and that Mubarak is now under their control. They are waiting for the right moment to decide on when to dispose of him. This explains why the US is now satisfied with “reform process.”

Posted by As’ad at 9:10 AM


The Egyptian Army coup

A human rights activist in Cairo sent this:

“@ gamaleid رجال الجيش هم من اقتحموا مركز هشام مبارك واعتقلوا احمد سيف مدير المركز ،، بداية مقرفة لحكم عسكري يتطلع للسيطرة #jan25” (thanks Lara)

(It says that “the men of the Army were the ones who raided the Hisham Mubarak [human rights] center and arrested Ahmad. A disgusting beginning for military rule attempting to take cover”)

Posted by As’ad at 9:25 AM

ts - 3 February 2011

Yep, I think Mu is toast like a Quizno’s hero sandwich. Suleyman will be appointed as the interim leader by the junta, both protesters and anti-protesters will be shot indiscriminately when the military moves in (if there is anyone left who hasn’t beaten each other senseless).

If Mu has any pull left he may be allowed to “flee”, but it would look better if the military arrested him and tried him on corruption charges. Most of his family is already out of the country with presumably most of their wealth. He’s 82 and could probably tolerate a show trial and a few years of house arrest before he dies of natural causes at one of his estates.

In the end, meet the new boss, same as the old. All that fury signifying nothing.

ts - 3 February 2011

And IMO, more like Desert Storm than Ajax. Goad him into aggression and then make him the scapegoat and remove him “heroically”.

marisacat - 3 February 2011

I cannot imagine more tepid, disinterested faces and voices from Obster, Hilary and Lipless.

they act as tho in a drugged slow moving fog.


10. catnip - 3 February 2011

Gunshots in Tahrir square.

catnip - 3 February 2011

I think that might have been a clip from yesterday on AJ online.

catnip - 3 February 2011

Or not.

11. catnip - 3 February 2011

Oh please save us from Irshad Manji on Ratigan’s show. So.bloody.annoying. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

12. marisacat - 3 February 2011

oh very funny… Mubarak in interview with Christiane, says he’d go but it would plunge the country into



And appaently Obster made some mention this am about the skirt length one of his daughters wears… (Malia, no idea which one that is, but then it took me 8 years to get straight which was Barbara and which was Jenna)

13. mattes - 3 February 2011


Still think there is a fight for power taking place. Multiple orders.

No one listening to Obama/Clinton/Bush1

14. mattes - 3 February 2011

…ya, hard to type in the dark…)))

catnip - 3 February 2011

Should we be concerned? 😉

(Get some sleep! No sense getting sick over all of this.)

mattes - 3 February 2011

A 4000+ year civilization. Hard for me not to get emotionally involved. Did you read Cole, he was on fire.

Can’t believe how there’s barely a mention on dk, They have very effectively isolated the subject with the “mother” diaries.

catnip - 3 February 2011

Haven’t read Cole.

I was reading one of the “child” diaries there yesterday (cute little family structure they have going on) and one of the nannies came up with this bit of brilliance to keep the unruly munchkins in line:

Sorry you’re irritated (1+ / 0-)

I don’t feel like being an AJ voyeur anymore

My opinion is that Obama should make a statement saying that the US no longer supports Mubarak.


You can’t hack reading that?

by frenchman on Wed Feb 02, 2011 at 01:45:33 PM MST

that may be so, but we do need to be aware (9+ / 0-)

that for this series to be meaningful, with diaries flying through so quickly, we need to limit ourselves to keeping one comment per diary for a particular thought. I appreciate your cooperation.

is it an identity crisis to have no signature?

by UnaSpenser on Wed Feb 02, 2011 at 01:48:38 PM MST


I see a Monty Python skit there.

marisacat - 3 February 2011

I appreciate your cooperation.

god are they weird. all of these learned and parroted responses. hot air.

marisacat - 3 February 2011

I don’t evenwant to ask what this idea of mother or child diaries is.

Is it like the week that pastor shitface had people declaring, diary after diary, they were xtian AND democrats? (that was bad…) As I recall pastor shit face cracked up and conffessed to being bi polar and off his meds. After losing it in a couple of spectacular diaries.

BoooHooHooMan - 3 February 2011

Pastor Dan? HA!

As I recall pastor shit face cracked up and conffessed to being bi polar and off his meds. After losing it in a couple of spectacular diaries.

😀 / 😦

😦 / 😆

And so forth..

I used to call him Pastor Shwag Bag.
They happily posted pics of him and the Orange Trekkies gathered at the Daily Kos Vegas conflab..
Oh Lord, LMAO: The faithful were gathered at his sort of Democraticish, Promisekeepery Full-Quivering Americn Legionish “services” or something…with tables of cheap Orange Trekkie gear they made available – LOL – nice bags tho!,,heh..with Moulatsis branding effort on them.. LOL. 😯 / 😆 TOO Funny.

marisacat - 3 February 2011



mattes - 3 February 2011

You are braver than I am, couldn’t get through the main diary much less the babies…lol.

Not bad for booman:

Okay, Worry, But Be Happy

catnip - 3 February 2011

He calls Cole “grumpy” because of his analysis and then says it’s some sort of victory that Mubarak said he won’t run again (when he wasn’t going to anyway)?

Typical boober. Simplistic analysis at its worst. He might as well just give up the blog and have a twitter account.

marisacat - 3 February 2011

A Twit acccount.

mattes - 3 February 2011

I gave him points for quoting Cole. LOL.

15. mattes - 3 February 2011

Sandmonkey freeed, after being beaten by police.

16. diane - 3 February 2011

I absolutely love that hat, and the unwavering expression ….Honey is fine! (faahhhhn) ……and I love those black and white, tassled scarves, which always remind me of the Palestinian tradgedy stilllllll waiting to be rectified….to my mind, you have such a good eye for photos Marisa …. ;0)

diane - 3 February 2011

unwavering,…and dreaming,…of something much, much better ….far more humane ……

diane - 3 February 2011

Oh and before I fall down yet another, long since vacated by the rabbits, rabbit hole (with asps await for the thumpers, at the bottom of that depth), have been wanting to post this, and this feels like a good time, from Who is IOZ

The modern western mind is mostly notable in civilizational history for its colossal contribution of violence and destruction. I mean, I guess it’s true that the occasional stoning-to-death of an adulterer is indicative of a somewhat atavistic mind, but by that light, the principal characteristic of modernity is its committment to the slaughter of millions through the advent of mechanized warfare. Wait, oh, uh, whut? Hang on guys, there’s a transmission coming through. It’s a little fuzzy. You say . . . you say that is the principal characteristic of modernity. Oh, shit. Europe “made peace with democracy” by slaughtering two generations its youth.

marisacat - 3 February 2011

BTW, speaking of, IOZ has a great slap at Miss Digby today… riding at the top.

diane - 3 February 2011

yup, Honey has been on quite the role, many little peeps in the ‘burgh, are beautiful at their depths, despite the ugliness there …and yeah it does apply all over the map ….just speaking to what I’m familiar with …..

diane - 3 February 2011

the ‘role’ of: and just who the fuck is: “I [iz] OZ”

marisacat - 3 February 2011

he’s disclosed enough at the site, over the years, that he couldl probably be found.

diane - 3 February 2011

oops, I should have clarified much better, my thought is that his choice of WhoisIOz, might pertain to a an entity proclaimed, to be all powerful, wise and knowing, therefore “who is I OZ, I [am] OZ, being that entity.

mattes - 3 February 2011

>“made peace with democracy” by slaughtering two generations its youth.<

ya, but that was before the internet and youtube.

catnip - 3 February 2011

I thought I saw a news crawl blurb in the past couple of days with the US urging Iran to cut back on executions (or some such wording). Surely, you jest.

Wait, here it is:

On Monday, the U.S. State Department said it was “deeply concerned that Iran continues to deny its citizens their human rights.”

“Judicial cases, trials, and sentences continue to proceed without transparency and the due process rights enshrined in Iran’s own constitution,” it said.

Yes. Surely, you jest.

diane - 3 February 2011

truly, hon, with all the murderous drones, this country has going on, most of the politicians in DC need to line themselves up and be cuffed, like little peeps (for far far lesser crimes), for questioning as to just why they are allowing this ghastliness to continue without speaking to it.

mattes - 3 February 2011

Saw that LOL. Wonder who pays for that non-profit PR Group.

17. catnip - 3 February 2011

The stupidity continues. NYT reporting that Obamalama is pushing for Mubarak to quit now with Suleiman taking over.

Yup. He’s their man.

mattes - 3 February 2011

There’s really only three prerequisites. Open the Suez Canal, pay your debt to the central banks, and honor Treaty with Israel.

catnip - 3 February 2011

Keep up the peachy rendition cooperation.

mattes - 3 February 2011

How could I forget that one.

Mubarak sucked as a pharaoh. Only reason he survived was due to Israel. He should print his own money, and build a couple pyramids. Put everyone to work. Artists, engineers, labors, and farmers.

18. BoooHooHooMan - 3 February 2011

NYT latest piddle…

U.S. Discusses Plan for Mubarak to Quit
Vice President Would Be Interim Leader Under Deal

AJE presently taking a sniff,
Al Jazeera, pretty literally when you think of it… are unimpressed.

Obby’s press ops and the NYT hacks note “Constitutional” problems in having elections under Sulie till September.

It’s Official: They’re Flabbergasted.

catnip - 3 February 2011

So it is Plan B for Mu – minus the heart attack (so far).

BoooHooHooMan - 3 February 2011

Seems to be where the dart landed on the board in our bar. Not drinkin here, mind you, 😉

But it is amusing watching our policy imposers grope. AlJazeera had a piece this eve that showed how the USG is just floundering.
Particularly hard on Hillary. (Aw)
Showed clips of her in rapid succession just flip-floppying all over the place.
Especially brutal as they progressed from her

“We believe the goverment of Egypt is stable”
(Oo THAT’s gonna hurt in the History books!)
as she just floundered along to an almost

“OH FOR FUCKS SAKE!” take as time wnet by…

They then switched to the US Sen – LOL – ( they cut to over to John Forbes Cleopatra Heinz-Kerry chairing the Senate Foreign Relations.
Heck of a Job, Heiny! Kerry! Whatever!

Anyways Kerrypoof and McCain were both gasping for air, worried about – wait for it – the relevance of the American Presidency or something…
LOL Palookaville IRONIC coming from those punch drunk mooks after their combined centuries of ticket-punch seeking…

Heh. As I’m typing another piece on:
Was The US Government Caught Off Guard? AND
What Does That Say About The Intelligence Services?

marisacat - 3 February 2011

I think their whole thing is they don’t want to be bothered.

Anybody with half a brain knew that Mu was winding down one way or the other.

BTW, I gather Gamal and Mama are inside Eqypt, not in London

diane - 3 February 2011

this is a total asides (sorry), and likely off the hook, as I, unlike, apparently you, have been drinking, but, speaking of Heinz can anyone tell me the difference between ketchup and catsup?

catnip - 3 February 2011

And one has to wonder (if one is prone to such wondering, which I’m not) why Obamalama or one one of his official mouthpieces didn’t come out and say this publicly instead of relying on a leak to the NYT.

This trial balloon will deflate extremely fast.

19. diane - 3 February 2011

…fuck’em all but six….

ya misr wee peeps! ;0)

20. catnip - 3 February 2011

The Ballad of Mu:

darling, you gotta let me know
should I stay or should I go?
If you say that you are mine
I’ll be there till the end of time
So you gotta let me know
Should I stay or should I go?

I’ll always tease,tease,tease
you’re happy when I’m on my knees
one day is fine and the next is black
so if you want me off your back
well, come on and let me know
should I stay or should I go?

Should I stay or should i go now?
Should I stay or should i go now?
if I go there will be trouble
and if I stay it will be double
so come on and let me know

21. catnip - 3 February 2011

BTW, I had to google the name of the current US ambassador to Egypt because I have NFI who it was. Not much point having a current ambassador when the admin keeps pulling in all of these old farts who apparently have nothing better to do than to deal with a crisis in whichever country said ambassador is actually supposed to have some influence in. Not that “ambassador” is anything more than a boutique position anyway, but still…

marisacat - 3 February 2011

iirc it is a woman and the Obramas have effectively cut her out of discussions.

Jes boyz in DC chatting I guess.

i am so sick of it all.

diane - 3 February 2011

indeed, ……Scobey,…I think her name is, and yeah overdone window dressing/not that it matters,….Wisner (1986-1991) appears to be the “go to guy”…..as far as favored ambassadors go..

marisacat - 3 February 2011

Scobey.. that is it…. well she is not a political appointee, she is a career diplomat.

diane - 3 February 2011

speaking of the walking, yet supposedly dead, I’ve been wondering what Negroponte (oh fuck the spelling if it’s wrong) is doing these days, likely still feelin those oats just like that deformed squat fuck Kissinger, are they just giggling in their elder, sidelines, or partaking of the bloodbath? like Cheney, Moo, and the General, I’m pretty sure they are all pulseless, hooked up to the machine as they are.

marisacat - 3 February 2011

I’m sure they are all capitalising, via investments

diane - 3 February 2011

yup, one thing is sure, they’re able to buy the finest of elder diapers, in their late years…thinking of that song by Tracy Chapman Miles of Things

diane - 3 February 2011

oops, very sorry, that was Mountains, Mountains O’ Things

catnip - 3 February 2011

Wisner was in and out of there quickly so that was pointless.

diane - 3 February 2011

well, it may have been pointless, but it wasn’t pointless as far as the folks pulling strings were concerned ….. they made a clear point of sending him and his family lecacy, to Egypt, knowing that the public at large, wasn’t aware of his hideous family legacy.

catnip - 3 February 2011


22. catnip - 3 February 2011

Video: Mob attacks CBC News team

They managed to escape thanks to the pleadings of their female Egyptian translator. If she hadn’t been with them, who knows what might have happened?

23. catnip - 3 February 2011


Senior administration officials said that the proposal is one of several options under discussion with high-level Egyptian officials around Mr. Mubarak, though not him directly, in an effort to convince him to step down now.

IOW, they’re trying to convince the military to Plan B Mubarak.

24. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 February 2011
marisacat - 3 February 2011

oh that is pretty stunning!

catnip - 3 February 2011

Die hards. It’ll warm up to -10C around here and people are out in shorts.

diane - 3 February 2011

now, now ….:0) ;0) …

hmmmm if I recollect correctly I used to sleep naked out in 5 foot snowdrifts, walked to the store barefoot, be it blizzards, fire, or flood, and I’m doing fine! What’s wrong wit younz assholes …

pick a liitle, peck alittle, pick a liitle, peck alittle, pick pick pick….

(in jest hon ;0) )

catnip - 3 February 2011

My toes froze just reading that.

In other news, did you know they have Snuggies for dogs? I kid you not.

diane - 3 February 2011

hrumph ….I have no toes! and look at what I’ve made of myself! (fabricating tales)

no I hadn’t known that, though I’m sure there’s quite the market in Cali …though to be serious I do pamper Miss Ruby the cat by running water in the tub, cuz she’s one of those swimmer kitties who loves water.

catnip - 3 February 2011

At least cats are smart enough to never be caught dead in the Cult of Snuggie – no matter how much swimming they enjoy. 😉

diane - 3 February 2011

kiss the kitty!

Astonishing, Miss Ruby sends back kisses to catnip and Marisa!

(jeesh I should be so lucky with her grumpyness …fuckin diva….)

marisacat - 3 February 2011

she prolly wants, you know, a ruby.

diane - 3 February 2011

don’t give my little sweetheart any ideas hon, she’s got a ruby red ‘necklace,’ that will have to do for the time being…..

marisacat - 3 February 2011

kiss the kitty!

25. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 February 2011
26. BoooHooHooMan - 3 February 2011
27. marisacat - 3 February 2011

Moving right along… As I channel smurfed… I see C Rose has Tom Friedman and Kissinger.

Always so bright fresh and NEW!!

BooHooHooMan - 3 February 2011

Friedman and Kissinger.
Always so bright fresh and …

He couldn’t exactly book Meir Kahane, now,
could he? LOL. I am shocked tho.
What, no Dershowitz? LOL

marisacat - 3 February 2011

oh snicker snax!

28. BooHooHooMan - 3 February 2011

Anybody… got a match? 😈

Israel Worries About Gas Pipeline

TEL AVIV—Turmoil in Egypt is fanning concern in Israel that a new government in Cairo might shut down the natural-gas pipeline that fuels as much as one-fourth of Israel’s electricity network.

At stake is a major economic link between the Middle Eastern allies, a 20-year supply agreement that yielded about $300 million for Egypt last year and reduces Israel’s energy costs.

Hey heyhey – Smoke em if ya got em

marisacat - 3 February 2011

hmm I thought that aws th gaz where E was subsidising Israel to a tune of tens of millions.

BooHooHooMan - 3 February 2011

Up to a QUARTER of Izzies electricity.

Owned by these coventuring connivers, American Israel Gas.

Their pipeline which only recently came online – UGH – runs off the coast of Gaza

marisacat - 3 February 2011

iirc the gas fields off the GAZA coast is one of the reasons for a lot of the subjugation and war(s) of recent years (plus ”just because we wanna do it”, etc.).

The fields should benefit the Palestinians.

diane - 3 February 2011

welllll, if that pipeline isn’t/hasn’t been providing any warmth or comfort to the Palestinians helplessly sandwiched between those two “States” I might have one floating around here.

catnip - 3 February 2011

They have candles in Israel, don’t they?

29. catnip - 3 February 2011

I must be dense or just lacking curiosity. I just ran my mouse over the avatars and suddenly they’re showing little boxes of info. Is that a new thing?

marisacat - 3 February 2011

I noticed it a few weeks ago, but no idea when it started…

30. marisacat - 3 February 2011



…………… 😯

31. catnip - 3 February 2011

Nightline: I see Christiane is wearing her black war correspondent’s shirt. I’ll have to put one of those on my thrift store list.

marisacat - 3 February 2011

doesn’t come on here til 11:30… if I can manage to remember, will catch it…

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