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Friday 4 February 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, Culture of Death, DC Politics, Egypt, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Pan Arab Revolt - 2011.



This rides at the top of the weekend Counterpunch.  No information on the author other than name and email.  But it has tidbits….

Meanwhile, the last touches of a crude plan to abort the protests and attack the demonstrators were being finalized in the Interior Ministry. In the mean time, the leaders of the NPD met with the committee of forty, which is a committee of corrupt oligarchs and tycoons, who have taken over major sections of Egypt’s economy in the last decade and are close associates to Jamal Mubarak, the president’s son. The committee included Ahmad Ezz, Ibrahim Kamel, Mohamad Abu el-Enein, Magdy Ashour and others.

Each businessman pledged to recruit as many people from their businesses and industries as well as mobsters and hoodlums known as Baltagies – people who are paid to fight and cause chaos and terror. Abu el-Enein and Kamel pledged to finance the whole operation.

Meanwhile,the Interior Minister reconstituted some of the most notorious officers of his secret police to join the counter-revolutionary demonstrators slated for Wednesday, with a specific plan of attack the pro-democracy protesters.

About a dozen security officers, who were to supervise the plan in the field, also recruited former dangerous ex-prisoners who escaped the prison last Saturday, promising them money and presidential pardons against their convictions. This plan was to be executed in Cairo, Alexandria, Suez, Port Said, Damanhour, Asyout, among other cities across Egypt.

And this:

Tahrir or Liberation Square has been the center of action in Cairo throughout the protests. It’s the largest square in the country located in downtown Cairo where millions of demonstrators have been gathering since Jan. 25. Eight separate entrances lead to it including the ones from the American Embassy and the famous Egyptian museum.

Around 2 PM on Wednesday Feb. 2, the execution of the plan of attack ensued in earnest. Over three thousand baltagies attacked from two entrances with thousands of rocks and stones thrown at the tens of thousands of peaceful demonstrators gathered in the square, while most attackers had shields to defend themselves against the returning rocks. While a few were armed with guns, all baltagies were armed with clubs, machetes, razors, knives or other sharp objects.

After about an hour of throwing stones, the second stage of the attacks proceeded as dozens of horses and camels came charging at the demonstrators in a scene reminiscent of the battles of the middle ages. The pro-democracy people fought back by their bare hands, knocking them from their rides and throwing their bodies at them. They subsequently apprehended over three hundred and fifty baltagies, turning them over to nearby army units.

They confiscated their IDs which showed that most assailants were either NDP members or from the secret police. Others confessed that they were ex-cons who were paid $10 to beat up the demonstrators. The camel and horse riders confessed to have been paid $70 each.

The third stage of the attack came about three hours later when dozens of assailants climbed the roofs in nearby buildings and threw hundreds of Molotov cocktails at the pro-democracy protesters below, who immediately rushed to extinguish the fires. They eventually had to put out two fires at the Egyptian museum as well. By midnight the thugs started using tear gas and live bullets from a bridge above the protesters killing five people and injuring over three dozens, ten seriously.

Interestingly, one hour before the planned assault the army announced to the demonstrators on national TV that the government “got the message” and then implored the protesters to end the demonstrations and “go home.” But when the protesters begged the army units to interfere during the brutal attacks that persisted for 16 hours, the army declared that it was neutral and partially withdrew from some entrances despite its promise to protect the peaceful and unarmed demonstrators.

By morning, the Tahrir Square resembled a battleground with at least 10 persons killed and over 2,500 injured people, 900 of which required transport to nearby hospitals as admitted by the Health ministry. Most of the injured suffered face and head wounds including concussions, burns and cuts because of the use of rocks, iron bars, shanks, razors, and Molotov cocktails. Al-Jazeera TV and many other TV networks around the world were broadcasting these assaults live to the bewilderment of billions of people worldwide.

Before the attacks started that afternoon, the Minister of Information had also executed his part of the plan. He called on all ministry employees to demonstrate on behalf of Mubarak in an upscale neighborhood in Cairo. He then asked the Egyptian state TV to broadcast live for the first time in nine days of continuous demonstrations- the ensuing confrontation between the protesters and the government-sponsored thugs, in order to show the Egyptian people what chaos would bring to the country as Mubarak had warned them in his address just the previous night.

The battle plan was for the baltagies to block seven entrances of the Tahrir Square, leaving only the American Embassy entrance open for the thugs to push back the demonstrators in order for them to come so close to the Embassy that its guards surrounding it would have to shoot at them and thus instigate a confrontation with the Americans.

But the heroic steadfastness of the demonstrators lead by the youth was phenomenal as they not only withstood their ground but also chased them away every time they were pushed. By the next morning the assault fizzled and the whole world condemned the Mubarak regime for such wickedness, cruelty, and total disregard of human life.

I wonder if the USA even has a glimmer of how badly, publicly and privately, they have fumbled this…

En0ugh that David Ignatius is left, in the Wapo, to keep selling Obster as, oh whatever!, the adult version of some querulous child living with his mother in Indonesia.

Who fucking cares.

This tidbit from the author, as well.  I don’t care if the numbers are inflated or not… reminds me that shortly before Abu Ghraib broke, 70 SEVENTY cities and towns in Iraq rose up…

People from every age, class, and walk of life assembled and marched in every province and city by the hundreds of thousands: two million in Tahrir Square in Cairo, one million in Martyrs Square in Alexandria, 750 thousand in downtown Mansoura, and a quarter million in Suez, just to name a few. It was an impressive show of strength. This time, they demanded not only the immediate removal of Mubarak but also the ouster of the whole regime.

This, from Angry Arab:

Obama and Hillary

If Obama and Hillary were around for the Titanic disaster, they would have advised that the ship was not sinking: that it merely needed the passengers and captain to engage in meaningful dialogue.

Posted by As’ad at 7:23 AM


Don’t be nervous

Some people I know are expressing worries regarding the US and Israeli attempt to abort the Egyptian uprising. Don’t worry. Even if they, temporarily, set up an extension regime, the political culture of Egypt has been altered. The ability of the regime to impose discipline, “order”, submission, has been undermined.

If Egyptian now demonstrate in solidarity with the Palestinians now, for example, no security forces would prevent them from leaving the Al-Azhar or the Cairo University. It is a different country even if the head of the secret police, `Umar Sulayman (the candidate of reform and democracy according to Obama and Clinton), takes over in a transitional period.

Posted by As’ad at 5:32 AM



1. marisacat - 4 February 2011


What is happening in `Arish

What is happening in the city of `Arish [in the Sinai – Mcat] in Egypt is most noteworthy. There, the uprising is more radical and violent. The headquarters of the State Security Apparatus was evacuated due to public rage and it was then destroyed by RPG attacks. You know the significance of that? Let me summarize: Zionists of the world: freak out big time, NOW.

Posted by As’ad at 5:23 AM

2. BooHooHooMan - 4 February 2011

Great post, Mcat.

I wonder if the USA even has a glimmer of how badly, publicly and privately, they have fumbled this…

BooHooHooMan - 4 February 2011

A: Obama is on TV now yucking it up with Harper as intro to the afternoon presser…

And on with canned talking points…
He is “encouraged by the restraint”.
This is actually EMBARASSING TO WATCH.

Can this guy get ANY LESS substantive?

Oh and these network bimbos eager to chat up “all that is going on Behind the Scene”


catnip - 4 February 2011

Harper’s in trouble here for negotiating this “security perimeter” in secret without consulting parliament.

3. marisacat - 4 February 2011

mmm love that Blum named the Cathedral of our holy madness….

[B]ut war can be seen as America’s religion — most recently Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, and many more in the past — all non-believers in Washington’s Church of Our Lady of Eternal Invasion, Sacred Bombing, and Immaculate Torture, all condemned to death for blasphemy, as each day the United States unleashes blessed robotic death machines called Predators flying over their lands to send “Hellfire” (sic) missiles screaming into wedding parties, funerals, homes, not knowing who the victims are, not caring who the victims are, thousands of them by now, as long as Washington can claim each time –- whether correctly or not — that amongst their number was a prominent blasphemer, call him Taliban, or al Qaeda, or insurgent, or militant. How can we reason with such people, the ones in the CIA who operate these drone bombers? What is the difference between them and Mumtaz Qadri [the pakistani who killed Taseer, who dared to speak out against the anti blasphemy law] ?

Qadri was smiling in satisfaction after carrying out his holy mission. The CIA man sits comfortably in a room in Nevada and plays his holy video game, then goes out to a satisfying dinner while his victims lay dying. Mumtaz Qadri believes passionately in something called Paradise. The CIA man believes passionately in something called American Exceptionalism. ….

diane - 4 February 2011

so true…and heartbreaking.

When will the insane, maddening fog in the United States clear ….

I’m praying we will have our own misr, when the onslaught on social security heats up ….


marisacat - 4 February 2011

LOL well, they will never close down the global garrison. (Not as long as they can bleed the nation.)

And, nothing much changes til then…………….

4. catnip - 4 February 2011

Can you please keep Stephen Harper?


marisacat - 4 February 2011

Can’t you ban him to the Frozen North of the North? Squadrons of TerraGeese to keep him company?

Look, we kept Frum. We did enough!

catnip - 4 February 2011

I was hoping he could bunk with Frum – wingnut bunkbeds for 2.

BooHooHooMan - 4 February 2011

This presser Q&A is ludicrous.
The CNN Bimbos are pitful.

catnip - 4 February 2011

Harper: Buy our dirty oil, please? We’ll friend you!

marisacat - 4 February 2011

Gibbs did really badly this am, AlJazzera cut to the presser. So bad.

Can they get deader?

BooHooHooMan - 4 February 2011

You should see Chuck Todd try and answer Did the President say anything new?


Dumbfuck hack Todd said Obama is.. trying..
to use…“The Velvet Hammer”.
I shit you not.

marisacat - 4 February 2011

to use…“The Velvet Hammer”.
I shit you not.

oh no did he?

He couldn’t manage to get the Iron Fist in that Velvet Glove thing going?

Script doctor! Strike “Velvet Hammer” strike it globally!! Hit a button!!

catnip - 4 February 2011

At least the Egyptians have been spared from being told they can “Win the future!”

marisacat - 4 February 2011

They are sort of being told the opposite, we will make the past discipline you… [snicker]…. as in Suleiman saying we will ask their parents to get them home.

What a laugh, plenty of older men in the squares and a range of women.

Even Christiane said, and if the parents won”t… and damn if Suleiman did not say, well then we call the grandfathers.

ts - 4 February 2011

Maybe he should call the Hebrew Hammer. Or use a Hero Sandwich Hammer.

BooHooHooMan - 4 February 2011

LOl, well Chuck was trying to manage some sort of hand- glove – velvet.. thing.
Some type of hand-job for Ob.
I didn’t want to get involved. LOL.
Averted my eyes. LOL.

marisacat - 4 February 2011

Some type of hand-job for Ob.


diane - 4 February 2011

“The Velvet Hammer”.

<<<>>> ™

Too fucking funny, …who the fuck do these people really think they are? They really do need to stop reading their own press and watchin Poperah et al….

Thanks for that hon. ;0)

diane - 4 February 2011

jeesh, looks like I tweeked some HTML code I was ignorant about …missing from the center of the arrows:


ms_xeno - 4 February 2011

Pphht. I got canned the day I went back to work. All I need is one more asshole jockeying for Associate fry-o-later at Burger Kwik or whatever it is I end up applying for next week. You can keep ‘im.

marisacat - 4 February 2011

I got canned the day I went back to work
oh ms xeno

ms_xeno - 4 February 2011

Hah. You should’ve seen how serene I was this morning before I had to start filling out the damn job apps again. One of the cats wandered down the hall while I was filling out some form for a bank position– and started yakking up what was left of breakfast. I’m still not sure whether the offender/offended party was The Sid or Butterscotch the Evil.

:p It’s a sign. Banks bring on terminal hairball buildup. Warn yer’ friends. :p

5. mattes - 4 February 2011

>>In the mean time, the leaders of the NPD met with the committee of forty, which is a committee of corrupt oligarchs and tycoons, who have taken over major sections of Egypt’s economy <

Completely makes sense. At this point Mubarak is just a figure head.

Private armies.

6. mattes - 4 February 2011
7. mattes - 4 February 2011

“We’re all Palestinians today”

Netanyahu’s hint this week that he wants to impose the same kind of ideological conditions on a new Egyptian government that he did on Hamas. If he thinks that his international allies will go along with this, as they did with Hamas, he is deluding himself.



8. marisacat - 4 February 2011

hmm hearing live audio feed, people chanting

Now Now Now Now.

9. ms_xeno - 4 February 2011

Weather-wise, we’ve lucked out here. Cold and dry, but nothing all that out of the ordinary.

I hope the rest of you are staying warm, and well-supplied with necessities. [waves]

catnip - 4 February 2011

There you are. Are you feeling better?

ms_xeno - 4 February 2011

The cough has stuck around, but the rest is better, mostly.

Who wants mac ‘n cheese? I’m boiling up a batch of noodles even as we speak!

catnip - 4 February 2011

I’ll pass on the mac ‘n cheese. Still have some left over in the fridge.

You’re pounding the pavement again? 😦

ms_xeno - 4 February 2011

Yep. They laid me off a week ago, my first day back after Le Flu.


catnip - 4 February 2011

Quite the welcome back. Bastards.

diane - 4 February 2011

Really sorry to hear that ms xeno….the Fuckers

glad you got over Le Flu though, I picked up one, visiting a hospital apparently, almost two weeks ago, and still can’t get rid of it. From everyone I’ve talked to, seems like a real nasty strain going around.

brinn - 5 February 2011

aw, ms. x — that sucks ass (pardon the image) — I am right there with you though! Even though I have two PT jobs, they don’t pay the bills completely and so I am always work that third really shitty job of looking for one….

Glad the virus has left you though! Solidarity, sister! Don’t let the assholes get ya down!

10. catnip - 4 February 2011

Coming up: Lawrence O’Donnell will answer the pressing question, “what’s the big deal about Michelle Obama and N Carolina BBQ?” (An in-depth report with pie charts and recipes, I’m sure.)

marisacat - 4 February 2011

on the ground interviews

catnip - 4 February 2011

Grilling witnesses.

catnip - 4 February 2011

Lawrence O’Donnell: Almost as exciting as OD’ing on Nyquil. Almost.

Madman in the Marketplace - 4 February 2011

he’s definitely made me miss Keith, if only b/c Olbermann was engaging.

11. catnip - 4 February 2011

Skeletor is back – and he’s fearmongering on CNN.

12. marisacat - 4 February 2011



…………….. 🙄

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