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Better… 5 February 2011

Posted by marisacat in Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

A sparrow feeds on an offering placed in the mouth of the idol of Lord Garud in Kathmandu, Nepal

A sparrow feeds on an offering placed in the mouth of the idol of Lord Garud in Kathmandu, Nepal [Reuters]

Better the sparrow than the stone idol.


Not a great piece by Chomsky in the Guardian, but there is this at the end:

[U]nmentioned is what the population thinks – easily discovered. According to polls released by the Brookings Institution in August, some Arabs agree with Washington and western commentators that Iran is a threat: 10%. In contrast, they regard the US and Israel as the major threats (77%; 88%).

Arab opinion is so hostile to Washington’s policies that a majority (57%) think regional security would be enhanced if Iran had nuclear weapons. Still, “there is nothing wrong, everything is under control” (as Muasher describes the prevailing fantasy). The dictators support us. Their subjects can be ignored – unless they break their chains, and then policy must be adjusted.

Other leaks also appear to lend support to the enthusiastic judgments about Washington’s nobility. In July 2009, Hugo Llorens, U.S. ambassador to Honduras, informed Washington of an embassy investigation of “legal and constitutional issues surrounding the 28 June forced removal of President Manuel ‘Mel’ Zelaya.”

The embassy concluded that “there is no doubt that the military, supreme court and national congress conspired on 28 June in what constituted an illegal and unconstitutional coup against the executive branch”. Very admirable, except that President Obama proceeded to break with almost all of Latin America and Europe by supporting the coup regime and dismissing subsequent atrocities.

Perhaps the most remarkable WikiLeaks revelations have to do with Pakistan, reviewed by foreign policy analyst Fred Branfman in Truthdig.

The cables reveal that the US embassy is well aware that Washington’s war in Afghanistan and Pakistan not only intensifies rampant anti-Americanism but also “risks destabilising the Pakistani state” and even raises a threat of the ultimate nightmare: that nuclear weapons might fall into the hands of Islamic terrorists.

Again, the revelations “should create a comforting feeling … that officials are not asleep at the switch” (Heilbrunn’s words) – while Washington marches stalwartly toward disaster.



1. marisacat - 5 February 2011

hmm Cockburn in Counterpunch…. later on he quotes the same poll numbers Chomsky does.

[T]here is a God that’s failing – at least in its benign pretensions – and it’s called capitalism.

Right now, the realities for the White House start with (a) international credibility, and (b) the Israel lobby. After two years, the pledge of a new era of respect and understanding towards the Arab world and Islam, proclaimed by Obama in Cairo, is viewed with derision across the region. Obama is seen as Netanyahu’s errand boy, just as Mubarak is despised as having the role of enabling the myth of the “peace process.”

On the other hand the White House is being besieged by the Israel Lobby which is following the script being hysterically written in the press in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, with headlines such as “We’re on our own,” “Obama’s betrayal of Mubarak,” and “A bullet in the back from Uncle Sam.”

Aside from the spirit of disinterested patriotism, it’s amazing that anyone would want to job of running Egypt, You’d have to be over 60 at least to remember clearly how Egypt was once honored across the Arab world. Politically, it’s a particularly vicious police state. The Army – on which the US has lavished billions — should not be oversold as a relatively benign force, even though the wretchedly poor conscripts would think twice before shooting their fellow villagers or relatives in the cities. Mubarak is despised, as he has been throughout his entire career. These days, mutilated by neoliberal policies forced on it by the usual international agencies, the country is an economic disaster zone, that can only feed its exploding population nine months in the year. The current political explosion has sharply aggravated the economic crisis. ….

2. marisacat - 5 February 2011

omigod. I think this crests thru some very weird thoughts… and images.

Plus, you know, WHY?

I get horrible images of il Papa telling some young boy … “And I am an organ donor!!”.

diane - 5 February 2011

have to say, first thing came to my mind, is that creepy is promising not to sodomize unwilling vitims anymore ………..

diane - 5 February 2011

oops, victim …..

marisacat - 5 February 2011

Seems Ganswein released the info.


diane - 5 February 2011

of course he did… That’s the way they roll

3. mattes - 5 February 2011

Now not getting al jazeer on roku. Surprise.

Wisner and Peres coming out in support for Mubarak. Wisner says it his personal opinion. Surprise. The zionists are getting their talking points down after shakey start.

AlJ just reported Egypt bought Narus to monitor web and phones:


4. mattes - 5 February 2011

…not the company…the technology…

5. marisacat - 5 February 2011

hmm think catnippers was asking where Mis Hilary was, is.

She’s at the Bayerischer Hof in Munich. Sounds like she clucked and wheezed with the Euros.

And so on.

“There are forces at work in any society, and particularly one that is facing these kinds of challenges, that will try to derail or overtake the process to pursue their own specific agenda,” Clinton told a security conference in Munich. “Which is why I think it’s important to support the transition process announced by the Egyptian Government, actually headed by now Vice President Omar Suleiman.”

more by Hillary Rodham Clinton – 2 hours ago – Reuters (800 occurrences)

diane - 5 February 2011

“There are forces at work in any society, and particularly one that is facing these kinds of challenges, that will try to derail or overtake the process to pursue their own specific agenda,”

do you mean, for example, Hillary, like the “RepubORat” (yes do read that to encompass “Democrats”), “Public Servants” (oops, sorry I meant obscenely paid gigolos and prostitutes) in the “United States” giving the finger to those who voted for them?

catnip - 6 February 2011

Huge pie fight at L’Orange this eve with the Obama Defender Squad finding itself in the precarious position of having to justify Obamalama keeping the Egyptian Torturer in power. Winning the future!

6. marisacat - 5 February 2011

yum yum

Bush trip to Switzerland axed over torture protest fears

By Carol Rosenberg | Miami Herald

The United Israel Appeal scrapped a plan to showcase President George W. Bush at a Feb. 12 gala in Geneva amid reports that human rights groups were poised to protest and file a torture complaint.

The charity, also known as Keren Hayesod, notified the former president on Friday morning “that the event has been called off,” a Bush spokesman, David Sherzer, said Saturday.

“We regret that the speech has been canceled,” Sherzer said. “President Bush was looking forward to speaking about freedom and offering reflections from his time in office.”

Read more: McClatchy – DC

diane - 5 February 2011

Snick, snick, snick, snicker snacks!

at least better than swallowing your spit and goin to bed.

lucid - 6 February 2011

I hope he, Cheney and Kissinger take a joint trip to Spain someday and rot in the same cell together.

marisacat - 6 February 2011

oh I hope so………

7. marisacat - 5 February 2011

hmm Franco is still dead, Mu still pretzel of Eqypt and Tunisia still in revolt.

Two protesters killed in clash with police in Tunisia

Xinhua – Xiong Tong – ‎1 hour ago‎

TUNIS, Feb. 5 (Xinhua) — Two people were killed and at least 17 others injured in a clash between protesters and police on Staturday night in Kef, a city 220 km west of the Tunisian capital.

Protesters called for the dismissal of the city’s police … 2 dead in Tunisia after police open fire on demonstrators

CNN International – ‎3 hours ago‎

By the CNN Wire Staff (CNN) — Police in the northern city of El Kef opened fire on a crowd of protesters in Tunisia on Saturday after demonstrators reportedly became violent, the country’s official news agency reported. About a thousand people were …

Two dead as Tunisian police fires on protesters

Reuters – Tarek Amara, Souhail Karam – ‎5 hours ago

TUNIS (Reuters) – At least two people were killed and 17 others wounded in northern Tunisia on Saturday when police opened fire to quell a protest after a senior police officer slapped a woman in the face, official and media sources said …

Tunisia still volatile

WCSH-TV – ‎35 minutes ago‎

TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) — Tunisia’s Interior Ministry says police fired at an angry crowd of 1000 attacking the police station in the northwestern town of Kef today, killing two people and injuring 17 others. The official Tunisian news agency says the …

8. ts - 5 February 2011

Speaking of better, I finally kicked this stupid flu bug. Gettin my shot next year. You betcha.

marisacat - 5 February 2011

oh that is so good. I hope you feel even better soon…

I only had [stomach] flu once, and it left me weak for a long time. A couple of weeks til felt I was back to normal.

diane - 5 February 2011

how long did you have it?

Glad you’re over it!

ts - 6 February 2011

Came down with it last saturday. First three days with 102-103 temperature. Temperature faded but then it went into my chest and head. Still coughing a little.

Daughter and wife got progressively milder versions, but my wife doesn’t like hers any more than I did. No way to stop that. One person gets sick we all get sick.

marisacat - 6 February 2011

how awful! Everybody in sick bay….

I hope your wife and duaghter recover soon, too…

diane - 6 February 2011

The chest congestion/coughing, and weakness was what I’ve noticed, no sore throat or achiness/pain, barely had any temp’ature, just getting rid of it now after almost two weeks, think I picked mine up in a hospital.

Again, glad you’re over it, and hope your wife and daughter kick it real soon!

catnip - 6 February 2011

I’ve been getting flu shots for years without a problem. Glad to hear you’re finally over it.

9. catnip - 6 February 2011

Wisner, meet the underside of the bus:

The Obama administration on Saturday distanced itself from comments about Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak made by a man the president had used as an envoy to Mubarak just days before.

Saying he was speaking for himself, former U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Frank Wisner said at a security conference in Munich, Germany, that “President Mubarak remains utterly critical in the days ahead as we sort our way toward the future.”

Wisner said that Mubarak “must stay in office in order to steer those changes through. … This is an ideal moment for him to show the way forward.”

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said, “We have great respect for Frank Wisner and we were deeply appreciative of his willingness to travel to Egypt last week. He has not continued in any official capacity following the trip. The views he expressed today are his own. He did not coordinate his comments with the U.S. government.”

Not to worry though. He’s still a savvy businessman.

10. marisacat - 6 February 2011

via BI:

A senior member of the US Marine corps is telling people “multiple platoons” are deploying to Egypt, a source tells us.

There is a system within the US Marines that alerts the immediate families of high-ranking marines when their marine will soon be deployed to an emergency situation where they will not be able to talk to their spouses or families.

That alert just went out, says our source.

This senior Marine told our source that the Pentagon will deploy “multiple platoons” to Egypt over the next few days and that the official reason will be ‘to assist in the evacuation of US citizens.” ….

There was an announcement last night that US charters evacuated 2,300 last week, but that with the restoration of commercial flights, those charters were not happening anymore.

Looks like we found the Marines a littoral, after years inland in Iraq and Pakistan… and whereever else…

Read more: Link to BI

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 February 2011

New GOP Bill Would Allow Hospitals To Let Women Die Instead Of Having An Abortion

Of course, buried in the story:

The bill, known currently as H.R. 358 or the “Protect Life Act,” would amend the 2010 health care reform law that would modify the way Obamacare deals with abortion coverage. Much of its language is modeled on the so-called Stupak Amendment, an anti-abortion provision pro-life Democrats attempted to insert into the reform law during the health care debate last year. But critics say a new language inserted into the bill just this week would go far beyond Stupak, allowing hospitals that receive federal funds but are opposed to abortions to turn away women in need of emergency pregnancy termination to save their lives.

marisacat - 6 February 2011

why do I think it was always The Plan.

a natural extnesion of the ever more broad conscience clauses that allow some fucked fundie to NOT refer a person on, much less even find someone at the same facility (i.e., a pharmacy) to help… nor even to offer information.

Because seome fucked fundie’s ego (this has nothing to do with “soul”) is more important than a woman’s entirety.

12. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 February 2011
13. marisacat - 6 February 2011

i know less than zilch about team sports, stadium sports… but I have on the start (well… pre start!) of SB whatver number it is.

Strange thing, I even have Hebrew Nationals in the house, I can fire up some dogs.

Madman in the Marketplace - 6 February 2011

how very American!

marisacat - 6 February 2011

well.. as for the game, even before it started it was American War Gang Bang, with George Laura, Camp Leatherneck…. Rockets Red Glare and a fly over from some bunch of AF planes.

Bombs Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Madman in the Marketplace - 6 February 2011

and now it’s halftime, so it’s time for the meaningless spectacle, with a little watered-down T&A mixed in.

marisacat - 6 February 2011

Missed Half time! Fired up dogs… but! I caught the Steelers play. 😆 …

( 🙄 … As if i know anything.)

diane - 6 February 2011

I tuned in too (FOX, I don’t have cable), and promptly turned it off after seeing a creepy “commercial” with Colin Powell doing the usual of wrapping up football with War, and brute, blind dedication to “country,” which is one reason why I generally can’t stand watching team sports …..ugggghh.

I’ll check back when the game starts at 6:30 EST. Like you I know nothing about stadium sports, but I usually watch at least a little when Pittsburgh is playing in a superbowl.

Say can you fire up a few of those dogs for me hon? Thanks!

marisacat - 6 February 2011

the game is going!

I am watching on the local Fox affiliate too.

diane - 6 February 2011

yeah, duh, I looked at the clock after I posted, and thought (not for the first time …what an ass you are diane) ….I had a real hard time with the reception, but I finally tweaked the antenna the best I could (those digital screen freezes are ghastly …folks look like ghouls) …got the remote at hand to click off any creepy asides and “commercials.”

catnip - 6 February 2011

What a coincidence. I, too, have one of those flashing light bulb outfits.

Madman in the Marketplace - 6 February 2011

and a flashing touk?

catnip - 6 February 2011

You betcha!

marisacat - 6 February 2011

which were those? I mssed them I guess!

catnip - 6 February 2011

The half-time show dancers. That’s the only thing I tuned in for.

14. marisacat - 6 February 2011

I think the only commerical I liked (and I missed some, obviously) was early on, if no the first. The pug dog that charged across the lawn and demolished the door to get to the Cheetos or Natchos or whatever it was.

Go Tiger!

15. marisacat - 6 February 2011

I admit, I am watching as I thought if the game got close it might turn tuf and nasty. (which may be breaking out any min!)

Plus Condi is there too, what is not to like!

diane - 6 February 2011

Well,…I can only hope that whatever team that creepy, sweaty, pre-emptive, techno slaughter criminal, spectator …. and his Stanford wifie, were routing for, lost,………and be glad if obama and baby fat hunter were routing for rooney’s “boys” to “win” (which seems likely to me.),……. oh, and so glad I luckily missed that ronnie worhip.

(oh, and was I just not concentrating, or was the nanny, laura, missing?)

marisacat - 6 February 2011

no Laura was there, right beside Geo. On the other side of George was Madden.


diane - 6 February 2011

Interesting, guess I was so concentrated, and gloating, on the fact that he appeared to be sweating (perhaps thinking of that close call in Europe), I totally missed laura…….

16. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 February 2011
17. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 February 2011
marisacat - 6 February 2011

People who need people….


18. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 February 2011

The Sexorcist

Human Life International (HLI) revealed on February 2 that Father Thomas Euteneuer, who had been the organization’s president since 2000, had stepped down in August 2010 after an investigation into reports of misconduct. The HLI statement came on the heels of another public statement, issued by Father Euteneuer himself, admitting to misconduct.

“The circumstances that led to my departure from HLI were related exclusively to my own decisions and conduct within the ministry of exorcism that I carried out independently from my responsibilities at HLI,” Father Euteneuer said. In his personal statement, released January 31, he insisted that his “violations of chastity were limited to one person only, an adult woman.” Denouncing internet rumors of further misconduct, Father Euteneuer insisted that he had not been implicated in any other misconduct.

The statement from HLI, released by the organization’s board, offered a somewhat different perspective. “Since the time of Rev. Euteneuer’s resignation, the Board subsequently learned of additional allegations in connection with his exorcism ministry,” HLI revealed. The statement indicated that HLI had forwarded the appropriate information to Father Euteneuer’s bishop, and refrained from any further public comment in order to preserve the reputations of all those involved. [Yes, refraining from further public comment about allegations of other misconduct by El Presidente will preserve the reputations of all involved. Just ask BennyXVI! — R.A.]

marisacat - 6 February 2011

So a range of people required application of the Holy Roman Penis in order to be “exorcised”… ????


Madman in the Marketplace - 6 February 2011

reminds me of the Exorcist, only this time the line is ‘your exorcists sucks cocks to keep you out of hell!’

marisacat - 6 February 2011

And Benny is not, now, an organ donor.

(A very confused bunch, I think)

19. catnip - 6 February 2011

Looks like it’s our turn for another blizzard. Snow day!

marisacat - 6 February 2011

well ………….

we drop 10 degrees tomorrow. to………. 56 or so. 😉

20. diane - 7 February 2011

Can’t imagine what some of those “grass roots” journalists at Huffpo are thinking now that Mama has found a mate, Step Daddy, AOL. surprise kids! welcome to ‘adulthood,’……it really is only about the power and money for Mama, always was.

21. diane - 7 February 2011

Aljazeera Live blog Feb. 07, 2011 -Egypt

9:34pm Protesters set set up smoking and non-smoking areas in Tahrir Square – proof that they are a real community and that they don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

(g’night/morning all)

diane - 7 February 2011

(looks like the “PM” is a typo, as it’s morning in Cairo now)

22. BooHooHooMan - 7 February 2011

A real College O’Cardinal’s over at the NYT this Sunday.

Opinion »

Rich: America’s media-fed isolation of the Middle East.
Friedman: In Jordan, measuring the shock waves.
Kristof: Egyptians’ 1776.
Brooks: Egypt’s potential.
Cohen: A republic called Tahrir

Well…From Rich’s chatty, buttizface, Bud Tugly at-the-Ball piece: “Wallflowers at the Revolution” — > “They had T.V. ya know. Even People from the U.S. try and reach them on the Internets now.”
SOoo lookin to dance, that Frank..

Thru another insufferable Friedman Unit to
Kristof’s tie with Cohen for Best-in-Show { hey, consider the show, and Kristof’s “tell” while you’re at it, as if his lede didn’t give it away} :

Militants, Women and Tahrir Square

:: ….I asked an old friend here in Cairo, a woman with Western tastes that include an occasional glass of whiskey, whether the Muslim Brotherhood might be bad for peace. She thought for a moment and said: “Yes, possibly. But, from my point of view, in America the Republican Party is bad for peace as well.”

I Got it. Vote for the Democrat.

But More Kristof, sorry vodka fans:

If democracy gains in the Middle East, there will be some demagogues, nationalists and jingoists, just as there are in America and Israel, and they may make diplomacy more complicated. But remember that it’s Mr. Mubarak’s repression, imprisonment and torture that nurtured angry extremists like Ayman al-Zawahri of Al Qaeda, the right-hand man of Osama bin Laden. It would be tragic if we let our anxieties impede our embrace of freedom and democracy in the world’s most populous Arab nation.

I think of Hamdi, a businessman who looked pained when I asked whether Egyptian democracy might lead to oppression or to upheavals with Israel or the price of oil. “The Middle East is not only for oil,” he reminded me. “We are human beings, exactly like you people.”

“We don’t hate the American people,” he added. “They are pioneers. We want to be like them. Is that a crime?”

A real History buff, Kristof’s ‘Hamdi’, there.

Anyways, you can save gas, skip the Brooks and arrive at NYT’s (Brit born, BTW :wink:) Cohen’s Neoliberalthalish El Baradei humping….
Note the truth in labeling of His offering, tho: “A Republic called Tahrir

All five of those Sunday Times pieces, just a running joke through and through. The full Ganschwein lookin for Papa, if ya didn’t know better. MORE LIKE, Five Jews walk into a bar, WHICH COINCIDENTALLY, is the ENTIRE SLATE of the Sunday’s New York Times Editorial offering on the Egyptian Revolution.

LOL. Ah well, a bit windy wherein the set-up IS the joke. But my bad. LOL. As There are “OTHERS”.

More in Opinion

Dowd: Rumsfeld’s Book
Morris: Dutch Returns
Powers: What is A.I.?
Specimens: A discovery that shook the world.

Laughs all around. Anyways.

Kristof certainly knows better, straight up Intel Case Officer he is, when running el Baradei through the perfunctory punk paces and feign-speaking belovedly of “A Republic called Tahrir”. Get real: The U.S., Israel, and the Saudis are straight-up and imminently gunboat-diplomacy- prepared to move upon Sinai and dispatch the Suez as Egyptian national leverage point and revenue center. The usual suspects are quite happy to leave ‘Tahrir’ walled off in some eventually-spun-as-menacing “Tahriristan“, for God’s forgotten sake, no differently than is done in West Bank, or with Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan ..

No, no, don’t worry, New York Israeli Times hacks, your positions are secured for now: the US , it’s Israeli and Arab Royal partners are happy to leave Tahriristan walled off, and continue on their Imperialist way.

So IMO, failing a decisive coup from within the Egyptian Army this is exactly what happen with Sinai. Invade. Freedom touting ,”Could be Worse” parroting journalistas in tow. And while it can be argued it is mere matter of degree from the present, I’d disagree: Global Despots, Inc., will through Sinai and appropriate the canal. They will move to kill Gaza by Sinai Egypt’s southeastern Mediterranean coast. They will further develop Sharm el Sheik into some Dubai cum Arsenal 2.0 at the tip of the peninsula’s Red Sea/ Suez entrance in the south.

All that said, Good Luck, ye Risk Players now, Good Luck. Because the way they are going, they’re going to get their global Intifada afterall.

BooHooHooMan - 7 February 2011

Sorry. ..a close quote after “…is that a crime?” will shorten the drool…

BooHooHooMan - 7 February 2011

And I was too obtuse in referring to Kristof as a tie for Best in Show. I know Kristof isn’t Jewsih. He just was there on the Anthrax-scare beat and trots outs Armenian genocide any time Turkey needs an Israeli of Nato beat-down.

BooHooHooMan - 7 February 2011

And Cohen, is the Intel Op preparing the NYT’ish palate for “A Republic of Tahrir”. Hard to keep the employees and helpful hands from the agents straight…

23. marisacat - 7 February 2011



………………… 🙄

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