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Not… 7 February 2011

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

An aerial view of the crowds escaping the heat at Bondi Beach, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

An aerial view of the crowds escaping the heat at Bondi Beach, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia [Newspix / Rex Features]

Not snow.




1. BooHooHooMan - 7 February 2011

Well no shit,
Obama’s surging Wars,
his Walter Reeds now, too.

Documents show Army’s disservice to broken soldiers


….Picked by President Obama’s administration in early 2009 to alleviate suffering in the units, former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Noel Koch said his tenure ended abruptly in April when he and his investigators at the Pentagon’s Office of Wounded Warrior Care and Transition Policy were in the midst of a nationwide investigation similar to the Trib probe.

After compiling reams of audits, reports and interviews with commanders, hospital personnel and patients nationwide and in Europe documenting these problems, Koch said he was given the choice of resigning or being fired by his boss, Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Clifford L. Stanley.

Koch says he quit.

“They’re trying to fight two wars at the same time, and everything is breaking down,” said Koch, a Vietnam veteran and high-ranking official in President Ronald Reagan’s administration.

“The Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, is a good man. He has a Pentagon to run and two wars to fight, so he pushed this down to the services to handle. But they need help.”

Insult upon Wounded Warrior Fallutin’ Injury Project, there. The Reagan retainer. Accommodated by Obby and his boychicks. Now pissing diesel <iIN, the tent and lighting it on fire.
Gates above the fray.

Yeh, well. Cue NeoLibs screaming it comes from Richard Mellon Scaiffe’s Tribune Review. That this guy Koch was/is a Scaiffe mole, whatever, ask Hillary and Bill, they’re all pals. NTIM.

Poor Obby, the Jesus Crist as Lord and Savior Guy.
Such the Wounded Warrior. Maybe he should summon St. Gabby when Stubby, Gifford’s what’s’is name husband – Cap’n Outta Here blasts off…

marisacat - 7 February 2011

Cue NeoLibs screaming it comes from Richard Mellon Scaiffe’s Tribune Review. That this guy Koch was/is a Scaiffe mole, whatever, ask Hillary and Bill, they’re all pals. NTIM.

hmm I don’t think Pittsburgh is gonna stay (if it ever was) in the Ob column. And yes right, all friends.

2. BooHooHooMan - 7 February 2011

Financials Lead
Stocks Higher

Stocks Lead Stocks Higher, today’s stock story.

U.S. stocks climbed, boosted by a stream of deals, corporate earnings and some relief as some economic activity resumed in Egypt

Thank God for Arianna’s livestock and the AOL Deal! LOL. PWOG Bellies UP in active trading! 😆

3. mattes - 7 February 2011

Hillary now given her marching orders:

Returning to Washington from an international security conference in Munich, Clinton suggested that the Obama administration was now more focused on encouraging “orderly transition” in Egypt than in seeing Mubarak go quickly. And, she implied that Mubarak’s continued, although less powerful, presence at the top of the Egyptian government may actually help complete the process.


4. BooHooHooMan - 7 February 2011


CNN has gone from its graphics in Take 1, “Egypt in Crisis”,
to its very Obama 2008 Font graphics in (Take 2) ( set against a rather unforunately red background ) to just now trotting out Suzanne Malveaux under a doppleganger of an Obama yard sign in Take 3


same Sans Serif / sans “Change” font,
this time set helpfully against Obama Blue.
Breathlessly awaiting web graphics tho… 🙄
A little tentative I guess!

I see they are also playing with the backlighting of the white “CNN” lightboard in their occasional “busy newsroom” shots: available in Obby blue too! I mean it’s not like they can outright swap the corporate logo now from red to blue, but they’re doing what they can.

Opes! LOL . Lunchtime in New York!
“Egypt Uprising” now set against a menacing BLACK.

5. mattes - 7 February 2011

Over 100 journalists hurt. Seems we have a blackout last couple days.

Reporting on the Egyptian uprising has been not only difficult, but even dangerous for many domestic and foreign journalists. Tactics used against media workers include cutting phone lines, repeated arrests and detention, harassment, the
seizure of equipment and intimidation. The first fatality of a journalist was also reported last week. Democracy Now! senior producer Sharif Abdel Kouddous speaks with journalists in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. He also visits a media tent set up by activists to collect reports from people on the streets.


BooHooHooMan - 7 February 2011

CNN: Is the Muslim Brotherhood Tied to Bin Laden?

They keep this up my Aunt Myrtle and Uncle Floyd will have ties to BOTH of them.

mattes - 7 February 2011

Making up shit as they go.

All over Fox and CNN.

mattes - 7 February 2011

Oh, two Fox reporters were on Fox telling their stories. They got beat up pretty bad.

BooHooHooMan - 7 February 2011

two Fox reporters were on Fox telling their stories

O’Reilly and the Black Guy™ before the Superbowl?

mattes - 7 February 2011


6. BooHooHooMan - 7 February 2011

This is Riiich:

Some Normalcy Returns; Sinai Shelled

The sense of danger was dissipating around Cairo, but in a sign of the security vacuum created during two weeks of protests,

Sinai police barracks were attacked with rocket-propelled grenades.

Via the “Financials Lead Stock Rally” Guys, the WSJ.

G’day all.

7. mattes - 7 February 2011

Cairo attacks continue; reporter dies from earlier shooting

8. BooHooHooMan - 7 February 2011

via the Jerusalem Post

Nasrallah: Unrest in Egypt will transform Middle East

Hizbullah chief says during solidarity rally with people of Egypt, Tunisia that “protests will push out regime that has maintained peace with Israel.”

9. BooHooHooMan - 7 February 2011

More via AP/ JPost

Egypt investigator: Pipeline explosion caused by bomb
02/07/2011 17:06

Judge issues report with testimony from guards saying men stormed the terminal, restrained guards and detonated explosives via remote control.

The chief investigator into the gas terminal explosion in Egypt’s northern Sinai Peninsula said it was caused by four masked gunmen who set off a bomb.

Egyptian Judge Abdel Nasser el-Tayeb said in a report Monday that the terminal’s guards testified that the men stormed the terminal in two cars, briefly restrained the guards and then set off the explosives by remote control.

Gas firm blames Sinai pipeline blast on leak, not sabotage 😆 Script Doctor!!

marisacat - 7 February 2011

LAT is saying was sabotage but that the pipeline only went to Jordan. Etc.

Angry A:

LA Times repeats Mubarak propaganda

“The incident came two days after a Coptic church in Rafah caught fire and saboteurs blew up a gas pipeline to Jordan in the same area.” Excuse me, but it was the pipe line to Israel, in case you have not heard.

Posted by As’ad at 6:47 AM

10. marisacat - 7 February 2011

Angry Arab also has this, he links back to a report in the UK Independent:

Monday, February 07, 2011

Wisner’s cute ties to Mubarak

“The US State Department and Mr Wisner himself have now both claimed that his remarks were made in a “personal capacity”. But there is nothing “personal” about Mr Wisner’s connections with the litigation firm Patton Boggs, which openly boasts that it advises “the Egyptian military, the Egyptian Economic Development Agency, and has handled arbitrations and litigation on the [Mubarak] government’s behalf in Europe and the US”.

Oddly, not a single journalist raised this extraordinary connection with US government officials – nor the blatant conflict of interest it appears to represent.”

Posted by As’ad at 6:44 AM

11. BooHooHooMan - 7 February 2011

Well.Now that ARIANNA got $315 million –
IMAGINE what MArkos Moulitsas can get for his Dailykos..

😆 😆 😆

This from dailykos putz “jotter” the other day, their site statistics tabulating hump who reveals too much about too little:

Yesterday 166 Kogs posted 166 diaries of which 157 were recommended at least once by a cadre of 😆

2293 recommending readers and viewed by 5938; 100 diaries were recommended by 10 or more readers, 43 by 30 or more, and 14 by 100 or more. Commenters (1711) visited 166 diaries; 96 had 10 or more commenters, 31 had 30 or more, and 7 had 100 or more.


Active Kogs: 2858 (writes a diary, recommends a diary, or comments on a diary)
Lurkers: 3132 (only view diaries)

LOL. And I don’t know about anybody else, hell, I notice graphics changes on CNN, LOL, but I haven’t seen that chipmunk Moulitsas on the tube at all in the last month.

Tho I bet businessman Markos senses a merger; HuffPokos.

a ‘course with the failure of Markos Houle Hoop knockoffs, his effort to foist Pastor Dan into some Christian Blogging Mutual Fundy IPO, his utter facefucking entree into political polling, and , if that’s not enough, with Olbermann under media house arrest now somewhere reportedly in dacha on the outskirts of Bratislava, Markos will have the upper hand. 😆

Which of course this should all lift BooBoo out of hallucinating in solitary confinement over there at his Booman Tribune – A Progressive Community™, don’cha~know.
Available in Green and Europe, you know. 😉

catnip - 7 February 2011

I haven’t seen that chipmunk Moulitsas on the tube at all in the last month.

He got into a twitter fight with Joe Scarborough. Buh bye, MSNBC gig. Who else wants him?

Not a bad deal for HuffPo. She had an investment (a couple of years ago) of $25 million into her site and now she obviously hit the jackpot.

I look forward to the new AOL-style “me too” banter in the comments.

The new and improved dkos 4 (ooooo….ahhhhh…ugly…still orange) is supposed to be rolled out this weekend. You can join little groups, block users and self-segregate. We don’t need no stinkin’ diversity of opinions!

marisacat - 7 February 2011

and like so many she relied on free product, givn by people.

I doubt Fineman cares (tho he came over more recently, and I would bet asked if up for sale), but I wonder how Froomkin feels.

BooHooHooMan - 7 February 2011

The new and improved dkos 4…You can join little groups, block users and self-segregate.

Sounds like the only thing missing is Moby and a glory hole.

mattes - 8 February 2011

Marginalize “special interests”. Well, Markos was never much interested in the “fringe”.

12. marisacat - 7 February 2011

UP almost 85 pts to 12, 176!!!!!!!!!!

OK! How long t Dow 13,000?

One week? two weeks? Three? If you say 4 you are anti-american!

13. marisacat - 7 February 2011

hmm Jane Harmon to quit congress. For the Woodrow Wilson Center? I guessss so……….

“I send this note because a decision is imminent and I wanted you to hear the news from me first,” Harman wrote.

“This is an excruciating decision because the distinction of representing the smartest constituents on earth will never be surpassed – nor will my relationships with my exceptional staff and colleagues in Congress. But shaping and leading the Wilson Center is a thrilling new challenge.”

more by Jane Harman – 2 hours ago – Los Angeles Times (40 occurrences)

ts - 7 February 2011

She’s a billionaire so I guess she can do what she wants.

marisacat - 7 February 2011

oh yes. Congress was just a play toy for her.

14. marisacat - 7 February 2011

hmm Wikileaks releases cables on Suleiman. Long been israel’s pick to succeed Mu…

Suleiman was Israel’s top choice for VP:

¶5. (S) In terms of atmospherics, Hacham said the Israeli delegation was “shocked” by Mubarak’s aged appearance and slurred speech. Hacham was full of praise for Soliman, however, and noted that a “hot line” set up between the MOD and Egyptian General Intelligence Service is now in daily use. Hacham said he sometimes speaks to Soliman’s deputy Mohammed Ibrahim several times a day. Hacham noted that the Israelis believe Soliman is likely to serve as at least an interim President if Mubarak dies or is incapacitated. (Note: We defer to Embassy Cairo for analysis of Egyptian succession scenarios, but there is no question that Israel is most comfortable with the prospect of Omar Soliman.)

and BI links back to wikileaks….


From the comments:


” Habib was interrogated by the country’s Intelligence Director, General Omar Suleiman. … Suleiman took a personal interest in anyone suspected of links with Al Qaeda. As Habib had visited Afghanistan shortly before 9/11, he was under suspicion. Habib was repeatedly zapped with high-voltage electricity, immersed in water up to his nostrils, beaten, his fingers were broken and he was hung from metal hooks. […]

To loosen Habib’s tongue, Suleiman ordered a guard to murder a gruesomely shackled Turkistan prisoner in front of Habib – and he did, with a vicious karate kick”

mattes - 8 February 2011

Democracy we can all live…or die with.

15. catnip - 7 February 2011

Democratic Leadership Council will fold

The Democratic Leadership Council, the iconic centrist organization of the Clinton years, is out of money and could close its doors as soon as next week, a person familiar with the plans said Monday.


marisacat - 7 February 2011

They don’t need it anymore… Bruce Reed has moved on… and Al From is old. OLD.

Anyway, one of their little piglets (imo) is on the SC (Kagan – she is absolutely gag worthy on her memories of working along side Bruce Reed in the West Wing in the Clinton Admin.).

There are no liberal Democrats of any value, imo, so why bother with the DLC.

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 February 2011

As I just heard Cenk Unger say on MSNBC, they’re just going to use one name now, the DNC.

16. marisacat - 8 February 2011

hmm GMA all in a lather over gas prices…

HOWEVER, two weeks before Eqypt protests broke out, we were told here that by March our gas would be at or near 4.00….

AND I recall quite clearly that the media was bi-polar over gas prices just as Eqypt broke out. Some headlines said, oil prices shifting down as China slowed… and others saying price spike coming due to Egypt.


17. mattes - 8 February 2011

Holly shit. Anyone been to a grocery store lately?

marisacat - 8 February 2011

it’s horrifying…

BI has an article (I let it slip by me yesterday, but will find it) on How Much Safeway has raised prices in the past few months.

No shit.

mattes - 8 February 2011

That’s exactly where I went, Saveway. Are they nuts?

The haul to Trader Joes is worth it.

Is speculation in commodites the new Goldman game.

marisacat - 8 February 2011
brinn - 8 February 2011

I near to have a panic attack every time I have to get food for me and the kids…and I think I am beginning to have some unhealthy attitudes toward eating because of my desire not to have the kids feel “food insecure”….

my goddes, but if something doesn’t break for me soon, I think I might finally break!

Oh, and gas is $3 here now…I’m pretty sure it will be way upward of $4 by summer (I have been telling people this since before Christmas, and they just tsk tsk me…)

mattes - 8 February 2011

I noticed some ethnic stores have lower priced foods. i.e. Asian and Mexican stores. Even, I hate to say it, Walmart if a Trader Joes is not close by.

18. marisacat - 8 February 2011

hmm I don’t know if anyone else was watching the Lahore Pakistan shooting (remarkable shots too, but then the killer is ex SF) of two locals by an American…. but Dave Lindorff, who trained as a regular city beat reporter – meaning he covered the morgue and the cop/crimes desk along the way… has a piece up in Cpunch:

[W]hat has not been reported in the US media, but which reporter Shaukat Qadir of the Pakistani Express Tribune, says has been stated by Lahore police authorities, is that the two dead motorcyclists were each shot two times, “probably the fatal shots,” in the back by Davis. They were also both shot twice from the front. Such ballistics don’t mesh nicely with a protestation of self-defense.

Also left unmentioned in the US media is what else was found in Davis’ possession. Lahore police say that in addition to the Beretta he was still holding, and three cell phones retrieved from his pockets, they found a loaded Glock pistol in his car, along with three full magazines, and a “small telescope.” Again, heavy arms for a consular security officer not even in the act of guarding any embassy personnel, and what’s with the telescope? Also unmentioned in US accounts: his car was not an embassy vehicle, but was a local rental car.

American news reports say that a “consular vehicle” sped to Davis’ aid after the shooting incident and killed another motorcyclist enroute, before speeding away. The driver of that car is being sought by Lahore prosecutors but has not been identified or produced by US Embassy officials. According to Lahore police, however, the car in question, rather than coming to Davis’s aid, actually had been accompanying Davis’s sedan, and when the shooting happened, it “sped away,” killing the third motorcyclist as it raced off. Again a substantially different story that raises more questions about what this drive into the Mozang district was all about.

Davis has so far not said why he was driving, heavily armed, without anyone else in his vehicle, in a private rental car in a business section of Lahore where foreign embassy staff would not normally be seen. He is reportedly remaining silent and is leaving all statements to the US Embassy. ….

19. catnip - 8 February 2011

From the Dept of SOMEBODY Needs a New Hobby: Comic treatment for health plan

The MIT economics whiz who crafted President Obama’s national health-care overhaul now plans to explain the complex and controversial plan to the masses — in one long comic book.

marisacat - 8 February 2011

about what it deserves, but what a joke.

20. catnip - 8 February 2011

Confession App:

An iPhone and iPad app that helps Roman Catholics seek forgiveness for their sins has been sanctioned by the Catholic Church.

As of Wednesday, the app was number five on the top paid lifestyle apps chart on the Canadian iTunes site, just ahead of “iKamasutra” and just behind “Mixologist: Drink Recipes.”

Well, isn’t that special?

marisacat - 8 February 2011

Digital Jesus!

catnip - 8 February 2011

Flashbacks from my childhood when I used to make shit up because I didn’t have anything exciting to confess.

BooHooHooMan - 8 February 2011

__ Lying ( Minor ) 1 Hail Mary

__ Lying ( Major ) 3 HM’s & a Glory Be

__ Sex (Slightly Conflicted, see Major Lying )

__ Sex (Anything Delicious: MONEY : $100 minimum)

__ Sex – ( Mano-a-mano )
( See Father, Click HERE for a Rectory Near You!)


BooHooHooMan - 8 February 2011

Support our Partners and Affiliates!

> Relics R US
> Versace
> The Association of Organic Phallic Vegetable Growers


Madman in the Marketplace - 8 February 2011



21. marisacat - 8 February 2011

hmmm… Well, I don’t think the area has gotten quieter, but…

via BI (who links back to both Al Ahram and The Lede at NYT):

The news out of Egypt has certainly gotten quieter, but the story isn’t over yet.

According to Ahram Online (via NYT), the first worker strike at the uber-important Suez canal have gone on strike. 6,000 workers are sitting in. Specifically they are opposing weak pay and bad conditions.

So far there’s been no disruptions. That doesn’t mean there won’t be.

Read more: Link to BI

22. marisacat - 8 February 2011

Just Angry Arab himself, no link back (I put in a couple of breaks):

Why this Obama administration is destined to make a fateful mistake in its Middle East policies

Up to the Carter administration, there were Middle East experts in government who could weigh in with their assessment of US interests in the Middle East, free of the considerations of what is good for Israel and its wars and massacres. It is fair to say that this is one of the most major challenges for the US in the region since WWII but there is not a single Middle East expert in the government who can give an assessment of US interests without being obsessed with “what is good for Israel” here.

This is why the Israeli calculations are dominating the crisis decision-making at the White House, and the tone and substance of rhetoric. I mean, with people like Feltman and Shapiro (one at State and another at NSC–and both are Zionist fanatics), there is no Richard Parker or Richard Murphy or William Quandt or Gary Sick to offer an assessment of what is at stake for the US in this crisis. This is why the Obama ministration is following the script of Israeli best wishes–which could prove soon to be disastrous for the US.

I remember on Sep. 11, I kept thinking without any realization about James Forrestal. I kept thinking of his warnings back in 1948. So there is not a single expert around Obama who can dare to offer an evaluation of the situation from outside the Zionist framework. Not one. You can argue that the Zionist lobby’s biggest success since Reagan administration is to monopolize all appointments on the Middle East in the two main branches of government. But Israel’s best wishes could be horrific for the US.

Posted by As’ad at 7:51 AM

23. catnip - 8 February 2011

Tonite’s time-killer:

I’m Tired of being Beat Up Because I’m a Christian

by commonmass

Now what kind of Good Christian™ humility is that??

You think you have it bad? Try being an atheist, buddy.

catnip - 8 February 2011


Attacked? Really? (150+ / 0-)

I got my nose broken for being gay. I got thrown down a flight of stairs for being a Jew. I was threatened with pistols, shotguns, even the threat of an axe being buried in my forehead, because I was a lesbian in Wyoming. I got called a kike by a drag queen in San Francisco. I had a swastika put by my front door in the suburbs of Denver the night that my garage was set on fire.

Tell me about how you get beaten up. I’d love to compare notes.

“You wanted Change. We said NO. Vote for us.” – GOP

by ultrageek on Tue Feb 08, 2011 at 04:18:50 PM MST


She wins!

marisacat - 8 February 2011

I am surprised that ultrageek is stil there. Frankly.

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 February 2011

LOL … poor thing.

I’m fine w/ Christians who do good things, but I have no patience for some of them insisting that they are good BECAUSE they’re Christians, and other people CAN’T be good unless they have “faith”.

24. marisacat - 8 February 2011



……………… 🙄

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