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Whaaambulance! 10 February 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, DC Politics, Egypt, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Israel/AIPAC, Lie Down Fall Down Dems, Pan Arab Revolt - 2011, Riyadh, Total fucking lunatics.

Opposition supporter waves flags after a senior army general addressed the crowd inside Tahrir Square

Opposition supporter waves flags after a senior army general addressed the crowd inside Tahrir Square        [Reuters]

I hear Suleiman has told the people in the Square to “go home”.

Well, we knew that one was coming.

Since Obbly Wobbly won’t, I call Moo plus the Eqyptian leadership, Saudis, Israelis, many too many US Jews –  AND Wobbly himself:


Gives me a laugh.  I love tossing that shit, originally lobbed by Obby during the election, to a somewhat-to-very rich crowd just a few blocks from me, on the San Francisco RE “Gold Coast”.

He was performing for whites, imo, calling out a lot of Americans who are not and never will be as wealthy nor as priviliged as the wealthiest in San Francisco.  Oh sure, the crowd had some “diversity”.  In this town it always does.

Not enough to matter to my jaundiced eye.



1. catnip - 10 February 2011

A card-carrying member of the Obama Defender Squad prematurely ejaculated victory for him:

UPDATED 2- Mubarak [not] Stepping Down! Obama Did Not Miss Any Chances In Egypt!
UPDATED! Whoopsie!

I thought this bit was hilarious:

The bottom line is Mubarak is stepping down (see live MSNBC feed) without an all out civil war and bloody violence and the United States approach to the conflict has prevailed.

mattes - 10 February 2011

egyptian ambassador on cnn now.

mattes - 10 February 2011

HAHAHA…’no really…he does not have any authority any longer’…’he’s just still the president’

marisacat - 10 February 2011

the jokes write themselvs

Madman in the Marketplace - 10 February 2011

Barry or Moo?

I’m confused …

marisacat - 10 February 2011

See? The jokes write themselves. TJWT

mattes - 10 February 2011


Just just went to spy at the orange, and I am convinced, the Zionists have gone to the mattresses.


2. marisacat - 10 February 2011

hmm apparently the call now is for a

Twenty Million March, tomorrow.

mattes - 10 February 2011

Ambassador looked in the dictionary…they found it!!

de facto president, okay, got it. all in a word. everyone can go home.

marisacat - 10 February 2011


Mubarak and Sulayman

They don’t even look the roles of dictators anymore: they look like caricatures of dictators.

Posted by As’ad at 1:36 PM

mattes - 10 February 2011

The Protest Movement in Egypt: “Dictators” do not Dictate, They Obey Orders

“Dictators” do not dictate, they obey orders. This is true in Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria.

Dictators are invariably political puppets. Dictators do not decide.

President Hosni Mubarak was a faithful servant of Western economic interests and so was Ben Ali.

The national government is the object of the protest movement.

The objective is to unseat the puppet rather than the puppet-master.

The slogans in Egypt are “Down with Mubarak, Down with the Regime”. No anti-American posters have been reported… The overriding and destructive influence of the USA in Egypt and throughout the Middle East remains unheralded.

The foreign powers which operate behind the scenes are shielded from the protest movement.


mattes - 10 February 2011

end of article:

America is no “Role Model” of Democratization for the Middle East. US military presence imposed on Egypt and the Arab World for more than 20 years, coupled with “free market” reforms are the root cause of State violence.

America’s intent is to use the protest movement to install a new regime.

The People’s Movement should redirect its energies: Identify the relationship between America and “the dictator”. Unseat America’s political puppet but do not forget to target the “real dictators”.

Shunt the process of regime change.

Dismantle the neoliberal reforms.

Close down US military bases in the Arab World.

Establish a truly sovereign government.

mattes - 10 February 2011

OMG…wolfie, e. abrams and arron baron? on fox.

abrams says army will need to make a decision in two three days. obviously that means to open fire.

marisacat - 10 February 2011

well the people in the square not stupid… noo sign of that yet. So, we shall see.

marisacat - 10 February 2011

The Billionaire has spoken

The Egyptian billionaire, Najib Sawiris, is speaking on Al-Arabiyyah TV (news station of King Fahd’s brother-in-law). He is one of the “Wise Men”–self-appointed and self-designated. He called on people in Tahrir Square to respond favorably to the speech by Mubarak. All the billionaires in the Square cheered Mr. Sawiris, and the rest ignored him.

Posted by As’ad at 3:49 PM

Communique Number Two

The Egyptian Military High Command just issued its second communique: it said that it has met and will meet again, and that Communique number 3 will confirm that.

Posted by As’ad at 3:16 PM

hmm AJ reporter from the square… that people who thought, before the speech, well OK if he goes in September NOW say: He Must Go.

Love it!!

Madman in the Marketplace - 10 February 2011

was Abrams licking baby blood off his fingers as he talked?


ts - 10 February 2011

I’m sure he was slavering for a massacre. I don’t think he will get it.

ts - 10 February 2011

That’s about all they can do. The people are not going home unless Mu and Sully are both gone.

I think even if they were able to somehow survive the international shitstorm from slaughtering tens of thousands of nonviolent protesters, the people would regroup and it would be wave after wave of strikes that would cripple the country. Listen to the googleman – he’s not stopping until he is dead or they are gone.

I would not be surprised if it comes to a point, that the military escorts mu and sully out of the country, and probably most of the cabinet and Congress.

I don’t think they can pull off the trick they’re being asked to do. If the U.S. and Israel think they can, they’re even stupider than I think they are now.

marisacat - 10 February 2011

I think even if they were able to somehow survive the international shitstorm from slaughtering tens of thousands of nonviolent protesters, the people would regroup and it would be wave after wave of strikes that would cripple the country.

So true.

3. BooHooHooMan - 10 February 2011

on their Moo A Go Go story..
REALLY trying to extract something of their ass right about now..

Tweety had Brian Williams on and now has that eyelid Irshad Manji on …yippering something about Birthing the Future or something, some shite about “process”…then quickly she jumps to how Jewish women who want to marry Egyptians have a rough time – no, seriously – and then Matthews gymnastically introducing foot to oral cavity innovative I must say via his trademark colo-rectal approach as he slobbered on something about how Jewish Husbands make the bestus husbands of all – some MORE SHITE. 😆

The US networks are an absolute trip tonight…
Really are.
Like trippin’.
‘Cept with freaked out political “analysts”/ turned monkeys furiously throwin poo in a studio.
On live national television.
Oh I am So glad I got teh cable.
{Shoulda laid off the acid back in the 70’s tho.} LOL. 😉

catnip - 10 February 2011

Okay. So, you’re saying I’m not missing much while I’m on my cable teevee hiatus? Good to know!

4. catnip - 10 February 2011

My cat seems to have bonded with the (unplugged) vacuum cleaner in the midst of all of this reno chaos. Hmmm…

marisacat - 10 February 2011

Kitty Meet Vacuum.

Vacuum (if you can hear) Meet Kitty.

Maybe because the vacuum cleaner is not currently being used and, with window, flooring and dry wall… you have all surfaces going!

catnip - 10 February 2011

🙂 It was one of the few things not making noise today. Maybe he figured he had conquered it.

marisacat - 10 February 2011

A strong silent hero. Or, conversely, Shipley dun conquered the standing beast (unless your vacuum lies down)

What a hoot!

5. catnip - 10 February 2011

The comedy gold at L’Orange never ends:

Update II: I would like to capture this comment from a commenter who has spoke for me. Thank you!

Just because Mubarak apparently pulled a bait and switch does not negate the premise of this diary … if Obama had fully embraced the protestors, Mubarak might have done much, much, worse. He could have, as I mentioned in another comment, chosen to ally himself with Iran, maybe Russia, and in the process torn up the Egypt-Israel peace treaty. If Obama had forcefully called for Mubarak’s resignation, Mubarak might have dug in his heels even earlier. What the critics fail to realize is this is not a fucking game.

Finally, I notice many of the critics seem to be very happy Mubarak gave the speech he did … in order to tear down the diarist and declare his diary wrong since the diarist (and EVERYONE ELSE, INCLUDING the critics) believed Mubarak would be stepping down. To those who rejoice in this turn of events, simply to bash the diarist, I say SHAME, SHAME ON YOU!


catnip - 10 February 2011

Update III: The anger is overwhelming me. My point is praising President Obama makes some people just sick to their stomach, I just don’t get it. Why is it so difficult to support a Democratic President but resort to discredit him? Some would get to a low point like the comment displayed below.

I wish I could HR your update multiple times (0 / 0)

Fuck you. With every ounce of my being you self-involved establishment cheerleader.

For there our captors demanded of us songs, And our tormentors mirth, saying, “Sing us one of the songs of Zion.”

by Alec82 on Thu Feb 10, 2011 at 05:34:36 PM EST


marisacat - 10 February 2011

hmm sounds like the usual over there. Everybody strangling.

catnip - 10 February 2011

I love these pie fights – although they usually don’t start til Thursday. This is Special Occasion Cheerleader Pie™ (ice cream costs extra).

6. ts - 10 February 2011

Chris Floyd:

I was among the million people who marched through London on February 15, 2003, to protest the imminent invasion of Iraq. I don’t think anyone in the crowd thought a single march would stop the Anglo-American coalition from launching a war of aggression, but most felt it was important that the widespread anger and dismay at this murderous course of action be embodied, literally, on the streets, by a broad cross-section of the public.

This was done. And it was not totally unimportant, as an act of bearing witness. But now, years later, the people of Egypt — especially the young people — have shown us what a small, feeble act that 2003 march really was, and how we all let thuggish leaders play us for fools. We showed up, we marched, we massed — then we quietly went home, back to our lives, and let the brutal machinery of aggressive war roll on.

What would have happened had we possessed the courage and commitment that the Egyptians are demonstrating today? What if we, like them, had refused to go home, and had stood our ground, thronged in the center of London, day after day, railing against a regime bent on aggressive war: “the supreme international crime, only different from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of all the others,” as Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal put it. (It also added: “To initiate a war of aggression is a crime that no political or economic situation can justify.”)

Day after day after day, the Egyptians have withstood the blows of a vicious police state, the savage attacks of paid goons, the strain, exhaustion and deprivation of constant vigil under threat of arrest or death — and still they are standing there, more and more of them all the time, in a remarkable, near-miraculous display of moral courage that will undoubtedly topple the criminal regime, despite the desperate, clueless delaying tactics that Hosni Mubarak pulled on Thursday night.

But in London on that long-ago day, which now lies behind us across a surging river of blood choked with the bodies of a million innocent dead, we simply melted away in the course of an afternoon. A single day; a few hours; a few speeches — then nothing. How Blair and Bush and all the militarist apparatchiks must have laughed at that! “Let them have their little march. Who gives a shit? Give them their permits, redirect the traffic for them, let them wave their signs. What does it matter? When it’s over, they’ll just go home, and we can get on with our business.”

But what if we had stayed? By the tens of thousands if not the hundreds of thousands? What if we, like the Egyptians, had gotten in the way of business as usual, and brought more and more pressure to bear on the system, forcing the issue of aggressive war on the public consciousness, unavoidably, day after day — and by this, as in Egypt, forcing officials of the system to declare where they stood? How badly would the power structure and its functionaries have been shaken? How many of the latter would have been emboldened to begin at least asking questions and demanding more information about the senseless rush to war? How many indeed might have voted “no confidence” in a government so deeply enmeshed in a scheme of deliberate deception aimed to perpetrate mass murder?

Maybe it would not have stopped the war. There’s no way of knowing now. But we have seen in Egypt and Tunisia how an explosion of mass moral courage — and physical courage — can tear a hole in the zeitgeist and make a space for new realities, for transformations which seemed unthinkable only days before. Such kairotic moments (to borrow Tillich’s phrase) are rare, and if they are not seized, the window closes. There we were, a million people in the center of London, of all classes, all races, all creeds, all professions, united against war. Kairos hung heavy in the air, like the invisible pressure before a thunderstorm.

But we turned away. We let it go. The moment passed. “And the war came.”

That’s why February 15 will remain nothing more than a brief footnote in a long, still-churning saga of atrocity and slaughter, while January 25, the day the Egyptians first took to the streets — and stayed in the streets — will be honored for generations as a landmark of human liberation.

marisacat - 10 February 2011

Such kairotic moments (to borrow Tillich’s phrase) are rare, and if they are not seized, the window closes.

Yes that is what the Egyptian people had over everyone who opposed them…. they saw the window. They knew it was the moment. IS the moment.

marisacat - 10 February 2011

I think Athens knows to keep going too. It hasn’t stopped now in over 2 years.

ts - 10 February 2011

And not just marching, but withholding economic support from the powers that be, striking, gumming up the works, while helping their fellow citizens get through the tough times that will result.

It won’t happen here. Most people, even if they don’t have much, have too much to lose from keeping the system in place.

marisacat - 10 February 2011

I’ve said for years, it will take food riots here.

brinn - 11 February 2011

Oh, those may not be too far in the future….though I’m not sure even that would do it here.

marisacat - 11 February 2011

well I expect food riots… at some point. Cali is breaking up tent cities… one on the back end of the East Bay happened this am.

mattes - 11 February 2011

That was great.

brinn - 11 February 2011

“an explosion of mass moral courage”

A beautiful turn of phrase.

Tho I won’t be holding my breath for our fellow USAistanis to be exploding with anything but the usual stinking rot….

I marched with my then 3 1/2 year old on my shoulders on 2/15/03 and I know exactly what Chris is talking about…it was like, “ok, there, can we go home now?”

No staying power, no courage.

7. ts - 10 February 2011

Uh, that didn’t work out well. I thought i needed to blockquote each paragraph like i need to italicize…Can you fix?

marisacat - 10 February 2011

oh sure, will do…

all you need do if you want a single blockquote is the once, at beg and at end.

I am sorry WP doesn’t offer at least simple html clickables for comments.

8. marisacat - 11 February 2011

HA! A few weeks ago we traded insults with Venezuela and tossed out their ambassador. I get the idea we are searching for a dog to kick.


US tells Pakistan to release Davis or its envoy would be kicked out

Times of India – ‎30 minutes ago

ISLAMABAD: The US has threatened Pakistan that its envoy will be “kicked out” if it fails to release the American official arrested for gunning down two men in Lahore by Friday, according to a media report.

Court in Pakistan Extends Jailing of US Official

New York Times Pakistani court orders American diplomat held for 14 more days

CNN International Reuters – AFP – Financial Times – The News International

all 442 news articles »

mattes - 11 February 2011

Diplomatic immunity shit.

marisacat - 11 February 2011

My guess is, the Pakistanis keep him.

9. BooHooHooMan - 11 February 2011

How this Egyptian Revolution thing is gonna gather steam without a Kos Media and Jerome Armstrong astroturfing contract I don’t know, just don’t know. I mean, Jesus, this thing won’t be blogged about without Digby.

And they won’t even hire Dana HOULE fer Chrissakes.

So what are Bowers and Stoller supposed to do?

What if the masses get desperate. I mean fuck,
what if they hire Joe Trippi?


10. marisacat - 11 February 2011

Pretty stunning day… Moo has resigned.

mattes - 11 February 2011

A little cardamom in my coffee today and a smile on my face. I truly hope life becomes better for the people of Egypt. They will never forget this day.

catnip - 11 February 2011


marisacat - 11 February 2011

AJ interviewed a woman in the Sq who even mentioned Hillary having called Moo “stable” as head of state.

Whoo hooo!

catnip - 11 February 2011

I see Joe “he’s not a dictator” Biden is speaking now. Got my cable teevee hooked up again…

BooHooHooMan - 11 February 2011

Hillary ..Biden..Ob..Panetta…

Surely Egypt will fall silent.

mattes - 11 February 2011

🙂 Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

marisacat - 11 February 2011

ObRama will speak soon… gah.

BooHooHooMan - 11 February 2011

LOL. Just spied this on DK.

The entirety of Obby’s forthcoming speech leaked?

Obama un-friends Mubarak
by mattinjersey


11. marisacat - 11 February 2011

New…. (really!)


………………… 😆

12. BooHooHooMan - 11 February 2011

El Baradei just said on CNN as far as he knows Sulieman is out too..mildly interesting if true.

But E.B. quickly says he talked to Papandreou Jr of Greece 🙄 on the difficulties ahead.
Yeh. Well.
Papandreou just hosted a delegation of AIPAC investors to come and pick through the ruins…

THESSALONIKI, Greece — A group of American Jewish leaders has begun a five-day visit to Greece, amid an improvement in once cool ties between Greece and Israel.
Greek and Israeli officials say the two countries are in preliminary talks on potential energy deals involving Israeli offshore natural gas deposits.

Yeh, whose caost are they talking about?

Baradei went on to say there is “much goodwill in DC.”
Says The Proceessssssss will take a very , VERY Lonnnnng time.
Says he wants to hear Obama saaaay we won’t ever support authoritarian regimes.

Ah well.
The fucking carpetbagging weasels are , what else – on the ground.

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