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Gone 11 February 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election.

Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary, listens to questions on Egypt during his daily news briefing at the White House in Washington. [J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press]

But of course, not gone far.

Tho I think he needs a new nickname:




1. marisacat - 11 February 2011

I have to say, the Caucus blog at the NYT found the photo. And used it atop their report on Syonara Gibbsy….


2. diane - 11 February 2011

to Gibbs:

Well, …YOU WANTED “THE JOB,” MOTHER FUCKER, …and I do mean your mother, you, your bosses, and your wanna be lackeys are despicable. ….. not human.

marisacat - 11 February 2011

well really he was just a guttersnipe Dem operative.

Who made 3 out of 4 of Bush II’s press guys (whihc included one woman) look GOOD.

diane - 11 February 2011

indeed ..and talk about about lipless …ate his own lips ….. ;0)

3. Madman in the Marketplace - 11 February 2011
4. diane - 11 February 2011

oopsie ….obombster (urged by wifie, baby fat hunter?) ‘nouncin’ they won’t be no ss cuts …cood be anuther misr ……(afterwords, he “washed his hands” with one of those creepy, ‘dry wash’ pump things that shrub loved so much)

5. catnip - 11 February 2011

Okay. Yikes.

I clicked the New Link comment in the last thread and up popped Gibbsie’s BIG HEAD.

I’m awake now!

marisacat - 11 February 2011

put shades on, it helps!

snicker……………………. 😉

catnip - 11 February 2011

Yeah. Not really enough though. 🙂

Who will lull me to sleep in the middle of the day now? I guess I’ll just have to watch his old briefings when I feel the need to nap.

marisacat - 12 February 2011

well… here is some comfort. We don’t know how bad or, depending on one’s view, how good, Jay Carney will be.


catnip - 12 February 2011

Let the Carneyval begin!

catnip - 12 February 2011

Pervy’s a wanted man.

Pakistan issues arrest warrant for Pervez Musharraf

A Pakistani anti-terrorism court has issued an arrest warrant for former military ruler Pervez Musharraf over the assassination of opposition leader Benazir Bhutto in 2007.

Perhaps he, Mubarak, Bin Ali and Dubya could all retire to some remote desert island together.

Madman in the Marketplace - 11 February 2011

I thought it was a close-up of a pimple at first …

catnip - 11 February 2011

Ouch. 😉

6. catnip - 11 February 2011

AJ: Algeria – police in riot gear, 30,000 police officers have been brought in…

7. catnip - 12 February 2011


A military communiqué yesterday morning called for “free and fair elections”, adding that Egyptian armed forces were “committed to the demands of the people” who should “resume a normal way of life”. Translated into civilian-speak, this means that the revolutionaries should pack up while a coterie of generals divide up the ministries of a new government. In some countries, this is called a “coup d’etat”.

The army has decided to protect the people. But who will curb the power of the army?

8. BooHooHooMan - 12 February 2011

Chief Palestinian “Negotiator”
Israeli CONCILIATOR Saeb Erekat Resigned.

Oh I say we all chip in and invest heavily in the
Luggage Sector.

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 12 February 2011
catnip - 12 February 2011

I like to play “Where’s Anderson Cooper?” with those crowd shots.

10. catnip - 12 February 2011

BBC: Is California the most miserable US state to live in?

A new survey of the “most miserable cities” in the US suggests that five of the 10 worst are in California.

I guess sunshine is overrated?

catnip - 12 February 2011

Miami is #2 on the list. Interesting.

marisacat - 12 February 2011

it is the massive overbuilding of condos………….. I think they have stock into 2075 at this point.

catnip - 12 February 2011

The stats accompanying those pics sure are devastating.

marisacat - 12 February 2011

We overbuilt, massively…. and the unemployment/employment inside the state has long had fragilities.

That wretched asshole Robert Reich was here on Labor Day in… think it was 2006. Sat on a stage with Gavin… and RR tried to say (to a largely Democratic audience in this town) that NAFTA had not affected the US labor .

Jesus, Gavin gasped (his mouth dropped open), the audience gasped. Gavin pointed out it had adversely affected San Francisco, aside from inland, poorer areas.

We are scrooed.

ts - 13 February 2011

I see my former home in Stockton is at the top of the list.

Miserableness seems to be heavily skewed towards housing price declines and bad sports teams. This is Fortune magazine, after all.

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 12 February 2011

speaking of devastating stats:

January 23 2011: Only 47% of working age Americans have full time jobs

The total non institutional civilian labor force (Americans 16 years and older who are not in a institution -criminal, mental, or other types of facilities- or an active military duty) is reported as 238.889 million. Of these, we see:

Employed: 139.206 million people (58.3% of labor force)

Unemployed: 14.485 million people (6.1% of labor force)

Obviously, that can’t be the total picture, we’re only at 64.4%. This is why:

Part time employed for economic reasons: 8.931 million people. This concerns people who want a full-time job but can’t get one.

Part time employed for non-economic reasons: 18.184 million people. Non-economic reasons include school or training, retirement or Social Security limits on earnings, but also childcare problems and family or personal obligations.

But the by far largest category “missing” from both the Employed and Unemployed statistics is the “Not In Labor Force”: 85.2 Million people.

The BLS definition states: “Not in the labor force (NILF). A person who did not work last week, was not temporarily absent from a job, did not actively look for work in the previous 4 weeks, or looked but was unavailable for work during the reference week; in other words, a person who was neither employed nor unemployed.” (Clearly, this does include lot of unemployed people). [in other words, in this culture, the DON’T EXIST – MitM]

To summarize: 108.616 million people in America are either unemployed, underemployed or “Not in the labor force”. This represents 45.5% of working age Americans.

If you count the “Part time employed for non-economic reasons”, you get 126.8 million Americans who are unemployed, underemployed, working part time or “Not in the labor force”. That represents 53% of working age Americans.

So only 47% of working age Americans have full time jobs. While the official unemployment rate is 9.4%. Something’s missing somewhere.

marisacat - 12 February 2011

Business Insider has run some graphs on the overall “non working” and “underemployed” numbers, versus earlier decades.

Maybe there is a lot new info released from the BLS or something… but it is fucking scary.

Going to be impossible to recover (in my scatter brained assessment), esp with no or little help from the Gubmint.

catnip - 12 February 2011

They just need to buck up and Win The Future!

marisacat - 12 February 2011

I think Ob misspoke. he plans to WOUND the future.

catnip - 12 February 2011

He’s off to a damn good start then.

BooHooHooMan - 12 February 2011

Lemme ask ya – seriously..

Would you hire this guy as your lawyer?

How’d this kid ever get picked up out of law school??

Our National DUI Attorney shows up to court.. all DUI

BooHooHooMan - 12 February 2011

No teleprompter, no breathalyzer on the mic,
gahd the press corps shouldn’t go anywhere near s’lick’r there without plastic sheeting…
Oh that’s right,
the Press Corp IS the plastic sheeting… 🙄
“Obama Weighs In” etc

marisacat - 12 February 2011

forehead to toe lobster bibbing!

marisacat - 12 February 2011

a lot of attys are reeeely bad. One reason he got thru. And then you know, all that fixer work at Judson Miner, he was fine with that. and let’s get real about the teaching gig.


12. marisacat - 12 February 2011

hmmm trying again, WP didn’t pick up the text of my comment… so here goes.

Angry Arab was sent a report on the demonstrations Friday evening in San’a…. this is just the last third or so and inserted graf breaks….

Demonstrations in Yemen

[R]esponding to former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak’s decision to step down, independent Yemeni activists in the capital city of San’a called for a candle light vigil to celebrate the events. By 8:30 in the evening hundreds of Yemeni students, academics, activists and citizens gathered in front of the new university. It was very spontaneous. One activist told another activist ‘why dont you have a celebratory candle vigil for Egypt?” some phone calls were made and people gathered quickly. The timing was right in terms of the qat chewing cycle. People had been home chewing and talking and watching al Jazeera for hours. Soon their numbers grew to the thousands. People chanted in support of Egypt.

Chants included: “The Egyptian people brought down Mubarak” “Long live the Egyptian people” “Revolution until victory” “One thousand greetings to al Jazeera” and other chants for Egypt which soon became chants focusing on the Yemeni regime such as:

“yesterday Tunisia, today Egypt, tomorrow Yemen will open the prison” “down with the regime” “the people want the regime to collapse” “revolution oh Yemen from San’a to Aden”
“the Yemeni people is fed up with Ali Abdallah Salih”

They decided to march to the Egyptian embassy. It took an hour and as they marched their numbers grew to the thousands. They marched past neighborhoods and were cheered by onlookers. They were eventually met by soldiers guarding the Yemeni embassy and they turned around and gathered in San’a’s Tahrir (Liberation) Square. By about 10:30 pm several trucks full of heavily armed soldiers began to arrive but until then the demonstration had been peaceful. At least ten army trucks carrying dozens of men in civilian clothing who are likely members of the Yemeni security forces arrived as did many security force pick up trucks and jeeps. Hundreds and hundreds of men in civilian attire carrying sticks, knives as well as automatic weapons arrived carrying pictures of President Saleh. They attacked some demonstrators with knives and sticks and at this the majority of the anti-regime demonstrators dispersed. Hundreds of uniformed members of the Yemeni security forces were present facilitating the arrival of those chanting support for Saleh.

The security forces also closed off the roads in the area of Tahrir square, allowing only pro regime demonstrators in who came running with signs, sticks, knives and automatic weapons. The remaining few hundred anti regime demonstrators lasted for a while with a few dozen of them sitting on the street. There was some pushing back and forth as the columns of pro and anti regime demonstrators met, and some water bottles thrown back and forth. But dozens of police in riot gear separated the two sides. Anti regime demonstrators burned pictures of Saleh. They shouted at the pro regime demonstrators “army wearing civilian clothes!” Pro regime demonstrators shouted “with our spirits with our blood we sacrifice for you oh Ali!” Anti regime demonstrators responded by chanting “oh oh leave oh Ali” and “oh god oh god down with Ali Abdallah” Demonstrators on both sides danced and sang. Then hundreds more pro regime demonstrators charged them and pushed them forcing them all to flee.

This happened under the eyes of the chief of security for the area, hundreds of various security forces and the general secretary for San’a, Amin Jum’an. In the end thousands of pro regime demonstrators had occupied the square singing, banging on drums and dancing. At least ten anti regime demonstrators had been arrested.

Demonstrations were more violently suppressed in Aden and there were said to be over ten thousand demonstrators in the central town of Ta’iz.”

Posted by As’ad AbuKhalil at 8:17 AM

13. marisacat - 12 February 2011

I get the most ridiculous silly kick out of these Gaza tunnel alerts:

Gaza tunnels: an update

I have received word that the Egyptian train service will now be going through the Gaza tunnels. Please purchase your tickets in advance. Tunnels have been crowded in the last few days as tanks have been making their way.

Posted by As’ad AbuKhalil at 12:38 PM

catnip - 12 February 2011


14. Madman in the Marketplace - 12 February 2011
marisacat - 12 February 2011

if one listens to the west … all you need is global tweeting. Nobody has to show up in a big open square. AJ will film tweeting.

15. marisacat - 12 February 2011


Saturday, February 12, 2011

A prisoner in the Four Seasons in Cairo

One of the most corrupt billionaires in Egypt, Ahmad `Izz (former secretary of the ruling party) is held under house arrest you read. In fact, he is staying at the Four Seasons Hotel. This is how the ruling junta will fight corruption.

Posted by As’ad AbuKhalil at 5:52 PM

BooHooHooMan - 12 February 2011

In fact, he is staying at the Four Seasons Hotel. This is how the ruling junta will fight corruption.

I fear much of this as a TV timeout.
The thing had reached critical mass, people were moving on to the State TV, moving on the Presidential Palaces.

I think Mu had to go, buy some mollifying time while they stiffen things up as far down the chain of command can go.. There is now doubt in my mind we don’t have full blown ops doing that very thing right now coupled with political counter-insurgency tactics 101 which is easy to see: The CIA is pushing all sorts of “man/woman in the streets” types in front of cameras talking about an Egyptian Republic “just like America has”.. “just like Europe has” < — ❓ ❗ ..
in writing a new Constitution.

As that State Dept. money for "opposition Party" "development" , straight up BRIBE $$$ as AA notes comes into play..

I see the U.S. Saudi Royalty and the Israelis simultaneous pushing for provincial atomization, (hell Mu and his henchmen are already in Dubai 2.0 down in Sharm el Sheik) and laying groundwork for bicameral legislature with a meaningless lower house and an Oligarchs Club in the upper lock-down, just like here.

marisacat - 12 February 2011

The thing had reached critical mass, people were moving on to the State TV, moving on the Presidential Palaces.

oh I agree… two days prior they had announced, you, you mean people of th square!, are pushing a coup.

E voila. Or Viola!

But the people have not been stupid. So…… they won’t be “turning stupid” either..

16. BooHooHooMan - 12 February 2011

Ron Paul wins CPAC Straw Poll .

30% to Miitens 23. Fuckin toasts everybody else.

OH, I know he’s a trinket, but Talk about delish. A guy who openly speaks of defunding Israel, demolishing the Fed, non interventionism, end the Wars…Oh yeah I get the deal with the guy , but YUM.

LOL Of course-
They ALSO might as well have voted HIM
“Most Likely To Be Assassinated by Joe Lieberman Too”

mattes - 12 February 2011

Trump repeatedly said [at that convention], Ron Paul could not get elected…but he could. LOL.

Trump looks like a used car salesman.

BooHooHooMan - 12 February 2011

You know what Donald Trump is without money?


Oh It’s a scream really — how many times he’s put up buildings with Jewish Banking Cartel underwriting and they’d fuck the investors out of their money. In the 80’s when Japan was swimming in dough, they just HAMMERED the Japanese like REPEATEDLY on Trump deals – just beat ’em out of their money on payments until they got a clue that their pols and fund managers were in on it.
Not to worry for Donald once Greenspan and the Clintons got on a roll! They went all pension pillage here. His Casinos have gone broke and touted in full recovery and gone broke again — like how many times now?

Fucking crook. The guy -relatively minor shit he is in the scheme of things, nonetheless should be on an Enemies of the State list along with his Underwriters and Media Hosts.

BooHooHooMan - 12 February 2011

Of course the way it works the Union goons and the NY pols get a cut on each and every hustle..They run the same scam in AC, Florida, whereever he goes..

marisacat - 12 February 2011

Gee Calvin and Ralph [Lauren], both boys from the hood, just cleaned up so much gooder than The Donald.

– hysterical laughter off stage –

BooHooHooMan - 12 February 2011

Well Ralph Liftshitz, icon of old WASPdom, he.
He did pretty pretty well for himself.

He just Liftshitz’d himself up an entire wearable line of WASPy American Mythology. Which is VERY VERY Funny, when you get right down to it. 😆

BooHooHooMan - 12 February 2011

Seein as Ralphies shit all evoked English gentry
and Irish Catholics ate it up. 😆

Couldn’t get enough of it. For 3 thousand bucks you could turn your average American potato shack into your own Hobnobian Manor. 😆

Deck out your heir apparent all Little Lord Fauntleroy. LOL. Not to mention the graceful Laura Ashley. Oh the wailing and gnashing of white yuppy-chick teeth here when she not so gracefully doffed the landing in her UK home, fell down the staircase of her Baronial manse, and ended up fatally Shemping her neck.
Elegant Days, those Reagan Years. LOL.

BooHooHooMan - 12 February 2011

What’s next? A movie about Margaret Thatcher of course.
Love Meryll Streep, but, c’mon.

marisacat - 12 February 2011

I remember when Cate Blanchette was shivering with exitement thinking she’d be asked to play Hilarious….

One night on Charlie Rose when the primaries had not yet worn thin.

It ws pretty funny.

Shoudn’t they wait til Miss Maggie is…. like…. you know … D E A D?

marisacat - 12 February 2011

yup… and both he and Calvin had long time partners from the hood who never changed their names.

Too funny.

He just Liftshitz’d himself up an entire wearable line of WASPy American Mythology

Must be bout his 40th season…

BooHooHooMan - 12 February 2011

Yeh and for like 30 years my sisters have been giving me that apple spicey..lemonadey.. kallogny stuff of his for JeezisCristmas. By the mid 90’s I was figurin I’d have to install a tap, may a soda gun dispenser with a “Free Polo Cologne, Help Youself” sign in my front yard.
You know guys late to work could just pull over gas up etc. The hapless sorts on Date night. Elder gents on their way to the Church social, plenty to go around.. Sort of a Win/Win /lotsa Polo in the wind… situation.

And I’m not kidding at all about this: if ya keep some in the car and you run out of gas you can throw a pint in and it’ll mix with the last drops of gas and get ya to the nearest petrol oasis if you’re not entirely out in the boonies.

Okay 2 posts about after shave.
Clearly Valentines Day is near.
Tho I’m prolly just out of gas.

mattes - 13 February 2011

Don’t forget, his daughter’s marriage.

marisacat - 12 February 2011

I personally LOVED it.

17. mattes - 12 February 2011

Clinton, Biden, Gates, Wisner, off message.

In fact, some of the differences in approach stemmed from the institutional biases of the State Department versus those of the White House. The diplomats at the State Department view the Egyptian crisis through the lens of American strategic interests in the region, its threat to the 1979 peace accord between Egypt and Israel, and its effects on the Middle East peace process.

For Mr. Obama, the turning point came on Feb. 1, when he watched Mr. Mubarak give a defiant speech on television and then called him to make the point that if the Egyptian leader thought he could avoid reform, he was mistaken. The next morning, he instructed his press secretary, Robert Gibbs, to not to shy away from his demand that day that meaningful reform must begin “now.”

“I want you to be clear that I meant what I said when I said ‘now,’ ” Mr. Obama told his aides, according to a senior administration official. The result was Mr. Gibbs’ line that “now started yesterday,” which appeared to harden the administration’s position even more.


Back in Washington, though, Mr. Obama was moving quickly to counteract the comments in Munich.

The White House recruited Senator Kerry, the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, who appeared on the NBC News program “Meet the Press” and declared that Mr. Wisner’s comments “just don’t reflect where the administration has been from day one.”


marisacat - 12 February 2011

Kerry is nearly begging to be Secretary of soemthing. He knows the Navy won’t take him so he hopes Hilarious wants to go somewhere, sometime soon…

Anytime soon.

mattes - 13 February 2011

Maybe she can be major of NYC. Their darling.

18. marisacat - 12 February 2011

yum yum

Hafiz Mirazi puts Al-Arabiyyah TV on notice

Saudi media have been pathetic in their propaganda on behalf of Mubarak. They have been vilified by Egyptians for their fabrication and distortion of news: they even distorted a message by Wael Ghonem to help Mubarak. So the host of “Studio Misr” Hafiz Mirazi (the former bureau chief of Aljazeera in Washington, DC), says on the air that he will devote tomorrow’s show to Saudi policies towards Egypt and that if he won’t be allowed, he will quit the station. Watch. (thanks Ashraf and Nada and Jihad)

You have to watch this: here, Mirazi asks (bravely) whether Saudi media dare to criticize the Saudi king. Wow.

Posted by As’ad AbuKhalil at 6:09 PM

19. marisacat - 12 February 2011

This is a long time ago (December 2007), but I posted on it, back when it happened.

A longtime, local animal activist has always said, she believes the men, at least two of them (the Dhaliwal brothers who lived) PEED on Tatiana.

SAN FRANCISCO (KTLA) — The female Siberian tiger that fatally mauled a man at the San Francisco zoo on Christmas Day 2007, was likely provoked, according to a federal investigator.

Documents obtained by the Associated Press, state that “It appears the tiger was able to jump from the bottom of the dry moat to the top of the wall, and gain enough purchase over the top to pull herself out over the moat wall,” and “With my knowledge of tiger behaviour I cannot imagine a tiger trying to jump out of its enclosure unless it was provoked,” wrote Laurie Gage, a tiger expert who investigated the scene for the US Dept. of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

While the statement was written in a draft on Dec. 27, 2007, it was removed from the final version of the report because it was “irrelevant from an Animal Welfare Act enforcement standpoint,” said David Sacks, a spokesman for APHIS.

The documents were provided to The AP more than three years after a Freedom of Information Act request and they offer the first glimpse into the findings of the APHIS investigation and details from the scene written by some of the officers who killed Tatiana.

Tatiana was killed in a hail of police gunfire following the fatal mauling of 17-year-old Carlos Sousa Jr.

Two of his friends — brothers Paul and Kulbir Dhaliwal — were also injured in the attack.


20. BooHooHooMan - 12 February 2011

All over the map.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Obama, Who Refused to Lead,
Is the Big Loser on Egypt

Oh, I could think of Bigger losers on Egypt, Shmuley.

I’m sitting and watching President Obama’s speech on the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. He is eloquent as usual, giving compelling visuals of the protestors demanding a free government amid personal peril. He is quoting Gandhi and Martin Luther King. ❗ But say what he will, for Obama it’s too late. The leader of the free world simply refused to lead. President Obama watched the events unfold in Egypt just as you and I did. He was afraid to push, afraid to nudge, afraid to call for the autocrat Mubarak to immediate resign from his illegitimate perch. Obama reacted, the people of Egypt led. Too REVEALING, Shmulley! 😆 ~BHHM}

America as symbol of global freedom has been significantly diminished as a result. {AND??!? ~ 😆 }

Obama was supposed to be a transformational president. An African-American had risen to the highest office in the land and the most powerful post on earth. Surely, even more than President George W. Bush — a son of privilege and wealth — he would emerge as a champion of freedom and democracy. Surely such unmatched eloquence would be employed in the cause of human liberty. 😆

But we were all given pause when Obama, in the first months of his presidency, embraced dictator Hugo Chavez with a wide grin and bowed to the tyrant-king of Saudi Arabia. Chavez had called George Bush ‘the devil’ from the rostrum of the United Nations and has singled-handedly dismantled democracy in Venezuela, throwing his political opponents in jail. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia presides over a regime so ruthless that women are imprisoned and lashed simply for being in a closed space with a man who is not their husband and can’t even drive a car. Perhaps these were just glitches. Perhaps Obama really did have a freedom agenda tucked away that he would finally pull out. 😆

But from there it only got worse, with Obama’s foreign policy repudiating most of President Bush’s democracy-building gestures 😯 and opting instead for Kissingerian realpolitik, with America prepared to do business with almost any kind of dictator so long as it served our interests. Obama even won a Nobel Peace Prize simply for not being George Bush. We thought Obama’s lauding of tyrants reached its zenith with Obama holding only his second State dinner last month to honor the President of China, one of the most oppressive regimes on earth. It’s one thing to do business with China. But to honor its brutal leadership?

Wow! Shmuley actually did it!
CoExist man, CoExist!
Proof you can be New Agey,
AND utterly Dumbfuck all at the same time.

BooHooHooMan - 12 February 2011

So, Rabbi Shmuley ,
IIRC a fav with the Oprah Up With People crowd,{You got a Rabbi! And You Got a Rabbi! ETC}
she signed him actually in some Bullshit Distribution deal,… 😆

the lamenting Rabbi Bo NOW figures…

“””President Obama watched the events unfold in Egypt just as you and I did. He was afraid to push, afraid to nudge, afraid to call for the autocrat Mubarak to immediate resign from his illegitimate perch.”””

..The Fierce Urgency of Nudgey-Push LETDOWN is suddenly…NOW??
After Mubarak had been in Power 30 years?
After Obby had had the opportunity to nooodgey-push him for these last two?
After Mubarak had been our torturer for at least the last 10?

Fuck these exceptionalist sorts who are easily seen-thru on their lame lawyerly and Rabbinical scholarly scratched surfaces.

marisacat - 13 February 2011

Poor Rabbi.

Apparenlty the ecumenical beanie is holding on to what few brains he has left.

21. marisacat - 13 February 2011



…………… 😯 … 🙄

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