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The Dog Show 15 February 2011

Posted by marisacat in Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

A standard poodle named Gem stands with his owner at a news conference for the 13th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York

A standard poodle named Gem stands with his owner at a news conference for the 13th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York      [GETTY, from a Telegraph picture gallery]



1. marisacat - 15 February 2011

oh noes. I just heard the excuse Silvio is giving for (think I got this right!!) sex with Miz Ruby, late of Morocco.

That he thought she was Hosni Moo’s grand daughter.

She, meanwhile, denies categorically that she ever had sex of any kind with Silvio.

I’d be denying it too.

ts - 15 February 2011

Lol, I saw that she had tried to pass herself off as Egyptian. I think the rest of that is creative thinking on Silvio’s part. He’s gonna have to start wiping the poop out of his ears soon.

2. marisacat - 15 February 2011

hmmm apparently Petraeus will leave the Afghanistan campaign sometime this year…

marisacat - 15 February 2011

Politics Daily has a story up drawing from … Times of London and Reuters. Ugh.

May be promoted to Mullen job, ChJointChiefs… or pretzel run.

The Times of London reports that “General David Petraeus, the most celebrated American soldier of his generation, is to leave his post as commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan.”

“The Times can reveal that the Pentagon aims to replace General Petraeus, who was appointed less than eight months ago, by the end of the year,” it adds.

A Petraeus departure might raise serious questions about continued support for President Obama’s Afghan plans, as well as rekindle speculation about a possible 2012 presidential run for General Petraeus (though if he were to stay on until the end of 2011, that would obviously be impossible).

While this may seem shocking, Petreaus’ departure has been hinted at — and it’s possible Petraeus may be looking at a promotion.


Madman in the Marketplace - 15 February 2011

just in time to run in 2012?

marisacat - 15 February 2011

In a khaki and camo tutu!

3. BooHooHooMan - 15 February 2011

standard poodle named Gem stands with his owner at a news conference

Statndard Poodle Press Conferences. 😆
Just too much twisted fun after watching the pooch “Obby” present his owner “Poppy” earlier.

How do you come up with these things?!?
You really are the best. What a hoot!

marisacat - 15 February 2011

oh I caught his looooooooooooooooong send up of Poppy.


BooHooHooMan - 15 February 2011

Oh I know. LOL.
And lemme tell ya, I Shoulda got a medal for watchin him fellate Warren Buffet like he did. D A M N! LOL. I held up tho!

What was the excuse they used that Shrub couldn’t be there. I mean how was the One Turd gonna praise the Old Turd about Iraq with the Third Turd: Unmistakable-Fucked-Face-of-Iraq W, sitting in the room?

marisacat - 15 February 2011

Wonder how they kept GHW from drooling. The snips I caught never put the camera on him.

4. diane - 15 February 2011

dearest homezy, ts! ;0)

(hugs all, gotta run ;0) )

diane - 15 February 2011

errrm …well I probably don’t need to be that cryptic ……SOME CALI MOTHER FUCKERS, LITERALLY, TRIED TO ‘KILL’ MY MOMMA (ergo: have her in a hideous nursing home, though she is quite competant, ….physically ….and mentally!) …..on a feeding tube, …having her social security check…signed over to a ghastly nursing home for as long as they put all of their efforts into keeping her alive for that Social Security check)………clearly, ……though quite in between the lines,………all within what the CALI POLITICAL system has set in place, ….quite deliberately …………………to my mind. …….I’m lookin’ at: everyone who votes ‘REPUCLICAN’ in the US, ….Obama and his Wifie, …..ALL SENATORS, …….ALL CALI, Federal Congress critters, …highlighting the duplicious .WAXMAN (spelling? …..an “e,” versus “a”?), …and, likely, ……99.9999999999999999 of CALI LEGISLATORS” ….my momma is far more worthy of living…… than all of you, mother fuckers on board that ‘train;’….fuck all of ya’ll .but the 6 who put my body in the ground cause ya can’t stand the stench of the humans you have allowed to die without proper burial..and then, …fuck ya’ll too.

marisacat - 15 February 2011

Do you or your brothers have durable power of atty?

If she can still sign (her name), get it now.

diane - 15 February 2011

yes indeedy (…those stupid motherfuckers thought she didn’t set that up) …. better yet, we didn’t have to declare her incompetent, which she isn’t …

(we may get lucky honey, and be able able to do at least a little damage at this point ;0))

marisacat - 15 February 2011

well if a child has durable POA, the hospitals, nursing home, Social Services can do nothing.

diane - 15 February 2011

…my brothers and I, …. have some ‘hankies’ for those motherfuckers,…..mutts that we are…..



diane - 15 February 2011

duh, should have written, more clearly, that they clearly intended her to be on a feeding tube …(my mom is not on a feeding tube, sorry if that’s how it read,……jeesh, I can be fuzzy.)

diane - 15 February 2011

…just to clarify a typo, meant:

I’m lookin’ at: everyone who votes ‘REPUBLICAN’ in the US,….

diane - 15 February 2011

and then,…..I’m lookin at anyone still on board with the democRATS


diane - 15 February 2011

…ahhh well, atrocious spelling:

duplicious = duplicitous = WAXMAN [“for ElderCare”]

Top 10 Interests Funding

Interest Contributions
Health Professionals $161,250 [fuck the ones who care though?]
TV/Movies/Music $139,150
Hospitals/Nursing Homes $113,250

(I love when my misspellings allow me to be redundant with my main point, ..at least I get something out of it, despite the embarrassment :0) )

ts - 15 February 2011

Well, it sounded like it worked (a little). Excellent. Time to play lotto…maybe after the storm passes by…

diane - 15 February 2011

three hundred and sixty degree turn around, for my mom’s well being, under less than twenty four hours I’m talking about. …… Withheld food and medications, …in between the lines, ………rehab was not rehab …..

I am not kidding you honey.

ts - 15 February 2011

My dog, greedy frackin bastards. Too bad the escape couldn’t have been more like Terminator 2…

“There are 215 bones in the human body. that’s one. now, don’t move.”

diane - 15 February 2011

…well, …I momentarily entertained a hefty lead pipe …. not much for large swathes of the color red though, ……nor, ‘punkin’ orange jumpsuits ….


ts - 15 February 2011

Joe Bageant managed to escape the hospital, too.

After a month in hospitals, cussing doctors and wanting to escape, Joe Bageant is back home in his own bed in Winchester. He is continuing the chemotherapy as an out-patient.

marisacat - 15 February 2011

My fingers are crossed for him.

Except for all-out prison, I cannot think of a worse thing than the hospital………….. Even tho it was major to me, what I had was in the overall scheme minor. But I don’t see how I would ever make it thru someting bigger.

diane - 16 February 2011

I’m so glad you made it out Marisa, same for Joe Bageant.

5. BooHooHooMan - 15 February 2011

Well, at least Obby has Petraeus in the field!
Where things are going swell in AfPak right? No?

Uh-oh. That time again!
More Luggage, Bellhop! Time to Jump!
So says AOLHuffPo bin WaPo. bin Times of London.
bin Reuters too. LOL – > Not so! ~ the Pentagon spokesholes rushed to say later today..

Well , reported everywhere now, Petraeus to Jump UP, OUT and BACK to the DC huddle , where else, to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, so says the Reuters bin WaPo version, anyways.

Buried in the Washington Post story on Marc Grossman 😆 taking over as the new U.S. envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan are some interesting references to the possible departure of U.S. commander General David Petraeus.

“… virtually the entire U.S. civilian and military leadership in Afghanistan is expected to leave in the coming months, including Ambassador Karl Eikenberry and the embassy’s other four most senior officials, Gen. David H. Petraeus, commander of the U.S.-led international coalition, and Lt. Gen. David Rodriguez, who runs day-to-day military operations there,” it says.

Petraeus has been talked about for a while as a possible successor to Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS), who is expected to retire in October. Any move would be part of a broader shake-up in the administration, which will also see Defense Secretary Robert Gates retire this year.

Talk about leakage ala Rahm.
Yeh some “references” there.
Like EVERYBODY rolling.
Like when the grenades roll in.
Like before 2012.

What a delicious clusterfuck. We haven’t seen any scampering de-campering like this since Obby’s Top Jews parted the waters of the Potomac and began Exodus around midterms. LOL.

Pretty clear what kind of serious retrenchment going on a day on the heels of Mullen reporting in to Israel. He’ll be moved out sooner rather than later. Fuck if Mullen’s going in OCTOBER.
I’d guess they do this makeover 12.0 very soon.
Certainly before Summer ’11 heats up.

Another Flotilla is being organized by Free Gaza
For the anniversary of the Mavi Marmara Massacre.

We’re getting ready to go again in the Spring. And we need your support. Follow us on Witnessgaza.com; join us on twitter and Facebook, then donate to help us.

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 February 2011

Philly homeowner forecloses on Wells Fargo

Patrick Rodgers, an independent music promoter in Philadelphia, has won a judgment against his mortgage lender, Wells Fargo, which Wells hasn’t paid, and so he’s foreclosed on them and arranged for a sheriff’s sale of the contents of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, 1341 N. Delaware Ave to pay the legal bill.

Rodgers made all his mortgage payments on time, but Wells decided out of the blue that he had to carry insurance for the full replacement value of his home — $1 million — and started to charge him an extra $500 a month in premiums. When Rodgers sent a formal letter to the lender questioning this, they did not answer in good time, so a court awarded him $1,000 in damages, which Wells wouldn’t pay. So the court is allowing him to sell the contents of the lender’s office to make good on the bill.

7. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 February 2011

South Dakota Moves To Legalize Killing Abortion Providers

A law under consideration in South Dakota would expand the definition of “justifiable homicide” to include killings that are intended to prevent harm to a fetus—a move that could make it legal to kill doctors who perform abortions. The Republican-backed legislation, House Bill 1171, has passed out of committee on a nine-to-three party-line vote, and is expected to face a floor vote in the state’s GOP-dominated House of Representatives soon.

marisacat - 15 February 2011

I don’t know what to say anymore. IIRC that lege is oen of the early adopters of all manner of hard core bullshite. AND at least several years ago had more than its share of democrats pushing the shite.

One older Jewish man in the lege, as I recall, a Democrat, took issue but because he saw xtianity impinging on HIS faith.

Loved it.

Madman in the Marketplace - 15 February 2011

SD is a seriously fucked up place, the legacy of basically being a jail for the remnants of a genocidal campaign. IIRC it’s got one of the highest rates of rape per capita in the country.

marisacat - 15 February 2011

Is SD the Daschle state?

Madman in the Marketplace - 15 February 2011


ts - 15 February 2011

And we complain about the Iranian legislature calling for the opposition to be killed..?

marisacat - 15 February 2011

I see moiv is sending this around on that:

Rapid City Journal Blog comment

Stan Adelstein Says:

February 14th, 2011 at 8:35 pm

Interesting what REALLY motivates those presenting “anti” bills, surrogacy or abortion. I presented a bill to the Health and Human Services Committee that would have saved 9 babies lives a year, by increasing the prenatal poverty allowance. The facts were not contested, testimony uncontradicted.

As I walked out of the committee room – after losing -the lobbyists for “Eagle Forum,” and “Concerned Women of America” were sitting in the back row.

I could not resist saying “l thought that you were concerned with what you call “the unborn children’s” lives. How come you sat on your hands – why weren’t you protesting this kind of what you are fond of calling it

Hardly a change of expression. They, of course spoke in opposition of my temporary sales tax to cover medical costs.

As long as I am opposed by people like those two — I am grateful to be alive under a flag that lets me get elected and act on my conscience — specially in South Dakota!

Stan Adelstin

mattes - 16 February 2011
8. BooHooHooMan - 15 February 2011

AJ English TV
now has a piece..love it…
Fuckin nuclear winter, has a blip on the “Guardian Angels” coming in to “help out”.

Oh, impromptu street-defense collection of men with sticks, anyone? LOL, Not even with sticks or kitchen pot helmets.

And tho they don’t get into it in a 5 minute blurb, I should send them a note how Rendell across the river Philly, and the Norcross brothers in Camden, One the State Dem boss AND Comerce Bank Bankster, his brother a Dem Union Goon atop the Electicians Union, with a series of NJ Democratic Govs, [really taking off with McGreevey and Corzine ] aside from using Camden as a veritable Philly / NY regional meth lab and crack and heroin trucking facility and warehousing hub, also used the gad forsaken wasteland used it as defacto social services dumping ground as the Philly , AC, and North Jersey waterfront bubbles really hit stride.
Which they made money off too: Halfway House and juice clinic capital of the region too. They sold muni bonds and built an Aquarium and a Minor League Baseball Stadium tho! Gotta love the scams.

Now they can set up Armored Personnel Carrier dealerships. And the Camden can sell street vendor licenses for ammo, flak jacket, and hot dog carts. You know, so people can maybe take their chances and make it INTO the shark tank for cover, maybe take in a Ballgame with the kids in their body armor before the speculative team in their speculative Stadium folds… The NJ Dems and their just-like-Rendell lawyerly Bond Issue thieves also put up an Arena in Camden. Also on life support with plenty of Parking for Armored SUV’s…

marisacat - 15 February 2011

Russia Today has also been touring the down and out enclaves in USA-istan (thnx to brinn for that!). Of which Camden was one with RT, as well.

Never could stand Curtis Sliwa.

BooHooHooMan - 15 February 2011

Never could stand Sliwa, either.

Same Con, different fanciful hat.
Also very ironic the assorted beanies missing the level of wanton criminal activity that IS committed without regard to financial necessity. And the perennially connected sorts behind it.

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 February 2011

We, The Spiteful

In the summer of 2004, I published an article in the New York Press that answered Thomas Frank’s question “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” The Bush-Kerry campaign was heating up, and it was clear to me that the American left was going to make the same mistake it’s been making for 30 years, and will continue making until it faces some unpleasant truths about the rank, farcical psychology that drives American voting habits. Why don’t they vote in their own economic interests? Why don’t voters vote rationally, the way we were taught in grade school civics classes? In a rational world, with rational voters voting in their rational economic interests, Bush—who dragged America into two lost wars before destroying the entire financial system—would’ve been forced to resign before the first primary and exiled to Saudi Arabia; rationally, rational voters would have elected anyone or anything, John Kerry or a coconut crab, over that fuck-up of fuck-ups, George W. Bush.

The answer came to me just I was just finishing my book Going Postal. Researching and writing that book was a real mind-fuck: spending all those isolated months sloshing through Middle American malice. I realized something obvious when I pulled back from all that research and looked at the Kerry-Bush race: malice and spite are as American as baseball and apple pie. But it’s never admitted into our romantic, naïve, sentimental understanding of who Americans really are, and what their lives are really like.

If the left wants to understand American voters, it needs to once and for all stop sentimentalizing them as inherently decent, well-meaning people being duped by a tiny cabal of evil oligarchs—because the awful truth is that they’re mean, spiteful jerks being duped by a tiny cabal of evil oligarchs. The left’s naïve, sentimental, middle-class view of “the people” blinds them to all of the malice and spite that is a major premise of Middle American life. It’s the same middle-class sentimentality that allowed the left to be duped into projecting candidate Obama into the great progressive messiah, despite the fact that Obama’s record offered little evidence besides skin pigment to support that hope.

marisacat - 15 February 2011

Well I thought Kerry AND Bush, both, had enough malice in both their faces. It did not matter who voted for whom. Or what.

BooHooHooMan - 15 February 2011

Ames…”mean and spiteful” …

Seems pretty weak tea to me..

The whole thing was absurd, of course—when Yasha Levine and I first broke the story in February, 2009 that the Tea Party was an Astroturf campaign funded by the (then little-known) Koch brothers and FreedomWorks, no one was more surprised by it all than we were.

It took a long time for the left 🙄 to get behind our story, largely because it was just too damn depressing for the left to accept.

and way too close to Warren’s club chair…

All we have to do is drive home the obvious to Americans:

There’s a class war going on, like Warren Buffett says, and they’re kicking your asses every time and laughing all the way to the bailed-out bank—just in time for the bank to foreclose on your house! Americans don’t have tea parties, we have bar-b-ques for fuck’s sake, and we drink Coke or beer. “Tea Party”—what’s next, the “Vienna Ball” protest movement? Hundreds of thousands of “Viennaballers” in Mozart costumes hitting the streets demanding hereditary titles for our billionaires? Suck up to them all you want to, they’ll still despise you. They have yachts and airplanes and mansions all over the world and children who will never see a bill or worry about a single thing beyond remembering their servants’ names– and it’s all thanks to robbing you and your family blind. No shit you’re angry! You have every reason to be angry!

Wake up and smell the spite—or choke on it. There’s no other choice. It’s not going away.

Warren Buffet owns Coke, BTW. LOL.

BooHooHooMan - 15 February 2011

..and Kerry’s kept-man-age allowance coming out of barbecue sauce

BooHooHooMan - 15 February 2011

Maybe its my read, but to me it whiffs like another Dem call to out- fauxrage the righties.
Like taking a lesson or something..

It seems very inchoate to me. (Me! I know!)
And still whiffs Dem-heavy on the lamentations over Kerry.

No shit Kerry’s war record would set off all that envy and malice among middle-aged white Americans—and draw them closer to the side of the shameless war deserters– the side with and the rest of them.

“the shameless war deserters Bush, Cheney, Limbaugh” I’m a little past that Old Time Religion. I’m not sure where the author is frankly…

marisacat - 15 February 2011

ugh I picked thru Kerry’s war record, such as it is. And got some email accusing me of listening to the Swift Boat Vet crowd.

No… just the actual record. The thing was a FUCKING JOKE. He had tried for his OWN umpteenth deferment, wanting to (get this) spend a year in Paris iwth the new wif. Finally after a big fat gloriouis 4 mos (iirc) on the boats, he was airlifted out (literally), to serve some high politik general in DC.

One of th Purple Hearts was because he and buddy double backed after being part of an attck on a river village, and burned their rice stocks. A grain of rice, a grain of rice, burned his arm.

ETc. I am all for avoiding service, leaving the country, going to Canada, taking compromising photos, but not when you then proceed to play both sides, your entire life.

The famous medal toss, were medals from a buddy. And one of his own, which was in fact returned to him… and his medals were framed in his senate office. (they are on he wall, but Kerry himself has, over the years, told three versions of the medal toss… not to worry, GHW has THREE versions on record of his big fat war moment)

mattes - 16 February 2011

Well, that explains it. I’m not crazy. Everyone else it.

10. ts - 15 February 2011

Here’s a feel good story: Homeowner in scrap with Wells Fargo forecloses on the bank’s office

Frustrated by a dispute with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and by his inability to get answers to questions, the West Philadelphia homeowner took the mortgage company to court last fall.

When Wells Fargo still didn’t respond, Rodgers got a $1,000 default judgment against it for failing to answer his formal questions, as required by a federal law called the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act.

And when the mortgage company didn’t pay – does something sound familiar? – Rodgers turned to Philadelphia’s sheriff.

The result: At least for the moment, the contents of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, 1341 N. Delaware Ave., are scheduled for sheriff’s sale on March 4 to satisfy the judgment and pay about $200 for court and sheriff’s costs.

11. marisacat - 16 February 2011



………. 8)

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