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New… 6 March 2011

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

The orang-utans at Melbourne Zoo have become one big happy family once again after the newest arrival was introduced to her big brother....

The orangutans at Melbourne Zoo have become one big happy family once again after the newest arrival was introduced to her big brother…. [Alex Coppel/Newspix / Rex Features]

Quite a few rather sweet family groupings in the Wildlife Gallery at the Telegraph this week… including one of a family of cat, rat and pit bull in Venice California… and this charming one of a dog who rises to walk on two feet and puts his paw in the hand of his companion, to cross the street in Nanning, Quangxi province, China.

Something soft – –  in a harsh world.



1. catnip - 6 March 2011

The dam has burst. Grab a sandbag!

slinkerwink wrote a diary asking about the rumoured new moderation policy and posted a link to MoBetta Meta in the comments.

There have been many (0+ / 0-)

others who were targeted, and I’m certainly not the only one to have been. You might want to check this out here:


I work with B2B PAC, and all views and opinions in this account are my own.

by slinkerwink on Sun Mar 06, 2011 at 10:46:38 PM MST

In case anyone’s wondering, she and I have no personal animosity towards each other so that was her attempt to highlight the clusterfuck that’s been going on at L’Orange Cirque de Malaise.

This could be interesting.

Now back to watching a doc about Bradley Manning (which will be posted here if anyone’s interested.)

marisacat - 7 March 2011

hey way to go catnip!

they seem to live to be offended over there.

ms_xeno - 7 March 2011

I refuse to engage with people who play these kinds of games. Both because I lack the intestinal fortitude and because Obama is a worthless specimen of humanity. If people want to debase themselves by going to the mat for a worthless specimen of humanity, that’s their own affair. I’ll just… be over there.

Of course I’d say the same thing about Clinton II, Rahm Emanuel… any of those hateful fucks.

I was told once on an anti-racist blog that I was thus one of those bigots who was in denial about her bigotry;one of those people who “is hostile to everyone regardless of race, color, gender, creed…” et al, and thus (wrongly) thinks that she is not racist.

Uh, no. I think I hate the Democratic Party and that nobody who rises to its top tier can do so without being a complete shithead willing and able to sell the base out for a nickel 365/24/7.

It’s why I make a practice of now only lurking on anti-racist boards. Watching people debase themselves for the likes of Obama & Co. is really depressing. I’d love to live long to see a few of them acknowledge that they’ve been royally had. But I’m not counting on that.

catnip - 7 March 2011

Yes, because there aren’t enough actual racists to go after out there. They have to create new ones.

I’d love to live long to see a few of them acknowledge that they’ve been royally had. But I’m not counting on that.

One kossack said he refuses to criticize Obama online – that he send whatever criticisms he has to the WH. (Sure.) Dog forbid Obama is criticized out in the open. It’s one huge, dysfunctional family and dad must be protected at all costs.

ms_xeno - 7 March 2011

Yeah. Kind of like how Feminism must protect Clinton II at all costs.

And then there’s Israel, of course… [clears throat]

It’s a rigged game and I prefer to avoid it. There’s nothing I can do for the apologists. I have my own shit to deal with, thankyouverymuch.

I’d love to see some of those twerps on DK head on over to BAR to pull that kind of apologist shit, though. They’d be toast in about fifteen minutes.

catnip - 7 March 2011

I believe BAR is on the shit list – as is any site or person that has the gall to criticize Obamalama’s policies.

Looks like kos has decided it’s a free for all over there now – leaving it to the “community” to moderate itself. In that case, I’ll be lobbing as many “Fuck You!” comments as I can. 😉

marisacat - 7 March 2011

I noticed BAR was on Meteor Shades blogroll. A game from him I am sure.. he had a couple of others too, Angry Arab for one and Empire Burlesque, when they BANNED whatshisname (the keeper of EB, forget his name)

Such fucking shits all of them. Party thugs.

ms_xeno - 7 March 2011

I’d forgotten all about that dipshit. Hope he’s sitting pretty in his Admin. post, along with the rest of the weasel brigade.

catnip - 7 March 2011

Chris Floyd.

That’s MB’s weak attempt to be “fair and balanced”.

(Hi MB!)

marisacat - 7 March 2011

oh i think it is his atttempt to fake people out: “I am not a party thug”. Etc.

BooHooHooMan - 7 March 2011

it’s still the place to go for insightful discourse on policy and political strategy. HeHe –

Farmers Grow Monsterous Crops with
Alien Space Poop

by mem from somerville
Comment Count 22 comments 17 Recs

Just sayin. 😉

catnip - 7 March 2011


Alien donations? Send Money Now!!

mattes - 7 March 2011

Same old crowd, but with zombie faces. Same energy, different names.

2. marisacat - 7 March 2011

Hopefully that storming of the Eqyptian security offices yielded some gold.

[T]hese documents may contain evidence linking former officials to crimes including torture, along with possibly evidence of US-led torture in Egypt.

Among the documents, protesters found footage of an Egyptian businessman having intimate relations with a member of a Middle Eastern royal family, according to the WSJ.

Another file claims Egypt’s Grand Mufti had several wives.

Former CIA analyst Bruce Riedel tells the WSJ this leak puts informants and sources at risk.

Yeah right. Riedel is the ret. CIA guy who has been advising ObRama… and believes the British never lost in Afghanistan.

3. mattes - 7 March 2011

(Bank Of England Governor) Mervyn King: Bankers Exploit Gullible Borrowers To Pay For Their Bonuses Updated at 12:42 PM

A fragile peace pact between the government and Britain’s top banks has fractured as the Bank of England’s governor, Mervyn King, delivered a scathing rebuke to top financiers for taking big bonuses while exploiting “gullible or unsuspecting” customers.

In an attack that drew an angry reaction from the Square Mile, King suggested that “imbalances” in the banking system are beginning to grow again, posing a risk of another credit crunch.

The governor, who will get broad powers to regulate the banking industry when the Financial Services Authority is abolished next year, accused high-street lenders of taking a short-term view to “simply maximise profits next week”. And he asked: “Why do banks in general want to pay bonuses? It’s because they live in a ‘too big to fail’ world in which the state will bail them out on the downside.”

King’s remarks, to the Daily Telegraph, are his sharpest swipe yet at banks, which had hoped that last month’s Project Merlin agreement to increase small business lending would draw a line under criticism of their behaviour. The governor’s comments were widely interpreted as a warning to the chancellor, George Osborne, to heed any recommendation of a break-up of big banks by an independent commission.


BREAK them up….till they are in tiny little pieces. Before they collapse every single country that they control. Obviously, central banks and their cohorts, the investment houses, only respect force. Jail them all…..if only.

4. ms_xeno - 7 March 2011

I borrowed the earlier link from Madman about the G.S. in WI page for my own blog. Probably the only time I’ve ever thought of linking to Facebook. :p

Madman in the Marketplace - 7 March 2011

spread the word!

5. mattes - 7 March 2011

Something tells me, that if this is not what the banks want, another public execution is in the future.

Banks must be broken up, King insists

Delivering his strongest defence yet of the argument that risky “casino” banking must be hived off from workaday retail deposit-taking, King said the UK could not afford to give the markets the impression that its banks would have to be periodically bailed out by the taxpayer.

He said: “Our ability to sustain a large international financial sector in my view depends on demonstrating to others, as well as to ourselves, that it doesn’t depend on taxpayer guarantees.” While Washington could probably afford to bail out the US banking sector every few years, he added, that would be impossible in the UK, where banks’ assets were five times the size of the economy.

Giving evidence to a commission on the future of banking, organised by the consumer group Which? in London today, King insisted that there must be “firebreaks and firewalls” between racy investment banks, which must be allowed to go bust, and savings institutions, which should be forced to back deposits with safe, liquid assets.


6. mattes - 7 March 2011

Barclays banker accrues £33m in shares as Bob Diamond get £6.5m

• BarCap co-chief Jerry del Missier accrues £33m shares
• Bob Diamond awarded £6.5m bonus
• One banker received £10.9m in pay and bonuses
Project Merlin means high-paid traders can stay anonymous


TAX every trade!! Only solution, if they can’t be broken up.

7. marisacat - 7 March 2011

Snicker. Mr Change Man.

Think iirc the “election” that determined the new South Sudan was over 90% for partition.

Yeah right.

The army of the new South Sudan Republic

Why is there no coverage of the crimes against civilians by the army of the new South Sudan Republic? Is it because the US played the mid-wife for the new state, and thus their crimes would be automatically tolerated and covered up?

Posted by As’ad AbuKhalil at 7:31 AM

8. catnip - 7 March 2011
marisacat - 7 March 2011

They need a profile that admits so many there are party operatives, keeping seats and computers warm in Hill offices and state party offices.

NOW that would be a bit of truth.

catnip - 7 March 2011

No doubt.

diane - 7 March 2011

Truly, first thing came to my mind when I read there was a Black Kos, was, isn’t that an oxymoron? At least from what I recollect of the place, think I remember approximately 4 or so black posters who always seemed highly discouraged by the white, ‘managerial’ claSS atmosphere there …

marisacat - 7 March 2011

What little I read of the Offcial Black KosWhacks, this crew is very down with the management shit.

Obbers it seems, most of them. But that is one night or at most two nights prowling around.

😆 Truly ain’t my thing.

diane - 7 March 2011

who even knows …perhaps …some/most/all of them are even white as the driven snow (not to say there aren’t ‘black’ mother fuckers also though …)

catnip - 7 March 2011

They still bitch about that but they’re on a Mission from Dog to change the site.

One exchange:

A: Why not invite more AAs that you know to check the site out?

B: Not a chance. It’s too hostile. (This, coming from one of the most hostile little fucks on the site.)

This is just another “we’re being victimized here!” diaries. The diarist and some of the Black Kos commenters there are the same ones who’ve been attacking me. But they sure put on a nice face to those who have absolutely no idea how they really treat people.

And the stats are based on cookie tracking. Totally inaccurate.

Time for a Blogger Outreach Panel!

What a joke.

marisacat - 7 March 2011

Whiner Thugs. A division of both Whiners and Thugs.

About it.

And you know, the Shit Division.


This happens to be an hilarious comment about Ross Douthat, over at Ioz…. and it gave me a fit of the giggles.

With small changes as appropriate, it fits so many blahggers, hangers on, weak shit kickers, operatives, Ob tit hangers, fellators, self fellators, etc.

RedPhillip said…

@ Anon, 2:11pm:

No offense to any straight buddies here in the House of IOZ, but deities forbid that Douthat ever come out. I don’t want him in my tribe. He should get him to a nunnery, or some such. Wherever there is an enforced vow of silence. (A basement where he’s kept gagged and his hands in puppy gloves comes to mind, but I don’t want to feed or clean up after him. Guess he’d starve and die gagged in his own waste — which is fitting, in its way.)

2:56 PM

Love te “puppy glove” reference.


marisacat - 7 March 2011

they’re on a Mission…

oh more of the “work from within” that inevitably leads to

More and Better Democrats.

diane - 7 March 2011

not to mention the non-managerial class whites posting there who were either: consistently patronized; ultimately slapped down in attempting to pretend to be the managerial class; or BANNED ….

(hope this isn’t a duplicate post hon…one of those odd days on dial-up where I’m inexplicably, repeatedly disconnected, and additionally, am getting weird land line ‘blank’ phone calls today, that are a first …who fucking knows …….maybe those are about my comment that I wish the sadists enjoying the hideous humiliation of young Mr. Manning would promptly die….wish I could take that back, but I won’t….I believe they are EVIL…well, at least I am hoping they die quickly …perhaps in their sleep …with no human assistance.)

diane - 7 March 2011

(the Mother Fuckers want him to commit suicide. That is Perfectly Clear. )

marisacat - 7 March 2011

other than banging his head against the wall to commit suicide, I doubt he has the means. he is in the land of force feeding.

diane - 7 March 2011

…may as well be a suicide of sorts, they are deliberately murdering his ‘spirit’ to make him shut down all resistance ….. ;0(

marisacat - 7 March 2011

well they killed Padilla’s mind. Not news what they can do.

I just read mil tribunals are starting up again at Gitmo.

Hail Pretzel Change.

diane - 7 March 2011

yup, ….. we are being run …by murderers, …of the body, mind …and spirit.

catnip - 7 March 2011

ghosts in the machine…

diane - 7 March 2011

fuck’em honey!

;0( …. and yeah, …it is fucking heartbreaking,…to be perfectly honest…and openly vulnerable….


ms_xeno - 7 March 2011

Get your freshly-popped popcorn here!

Ta daaa!”

[sings]Kos got the hull world
In his hands
He’s got the hull world in his haaaaaands…[/sings]

9. catnip - 7 March 2011


This takedown of mahakali overdrive after she tries sucking up to kos is, as one commenter put it, a thing of beauty.

catnip - 7 March 2011

Except that again, most of the ones crying the loudest aren’t even black – they’re whitey white mcwhitersons – like you, blindyone, soothsayer and blueness.

Gasp!! You mean they’re…Scottish??


10. marisacat - 7 March 2011

ooo yum yum…. a call for a million women to march in Egyot tomorrow. (Well, Tuesday)

catnip - 7 March 2011

Speaking of the wimmen folk: Equality for women can reduce world hunger, says UN report

Giving women better access to land, technology and other agricultural resources could reduce the number of hungry people by up to 150 million, according to the UN food agency.

That’s if [invite reader to insert name of major chemical company here to avoid a lawsuit] doesn’t end up killing everybody off with their GMO crap by the time that happens.

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 7 March 2011

Update on Wisconsin

One Republican senator, Dale Schultz, after extensive consultation in his district, has announced that he will vote against the collective bargaining provisions of the budget repair bill, and the polls are consistently looking worse for Walker and the Republicans—and recall efforts are gradually being coordinated reasonably effectively. It takes two more Republicans to flip, and there are rumours that one might be flipping soon (but there are lots of rumours, put about by each side to demoralize the other).

The Wisconsin 14 are still solid. It is clear that there is considerable variation in their commitment – some would be perfectly happy to spend the rest of their lives their if that’s what it would take, whereas others (eg some with young children) are, understandably, really feeling the strain. They have lost their parking spots, are being fined $100 per day for every day they are not in the Capitol while the Senate is in session, have had their paychecks withheld till they pick them up in person, and the Republicans have passed a statute requiring that they all be arrested “with or without force” (a statute that is almost certainly illegal). So here’s the request for help. I’m told this is the most effective page through which to contribute to their campaign coffers, which money they can use to support living expenses etc. [1] (In discussing whether to post this my wife said “you’re not going to help fund-raise for the Democratic Party are you?” so I checked to ensure this would go direct to specific campaign funds—good grief, even I’m breaking my rule of only contributing to the best Democrat in the State now).

… posted by a professor at UW Madison.

12. Madman in the Marketplace - 7 March 2011

Wisconsin protests—now with farmers (and tractors)

This has been a very weird event, by U.S. standards. We don’t often have protest movements that sustain their momentum, at this level, over this long a period of time. Hell, one day is usually the maximum. So it’s been interesting to me to see the Madison protests evolve. Up next, apparently, are theme protests. Next Saturday, March 12, starting at noon, it’s farmer-labor day at the Wisconsin Capitol Building—with farmers from across the state set to bring a tractorcade of support to the protesters in Madison. Yes. A tractorcade.

marisacat - 7 March 2011

someone at corrente picked this up and I just read it there… Oh it sounds great!

http://www.correntewire.com/ (rides at the top)

catnip - 7 March 2011

You don’t want to mess with farmers in a tractorcade!

mattes - 7 March 2011

Amazing what a week brings.

Madman in the Marketplace - 7 March 2011

it just won’t die, the protests, and they keep spreading to other groups.

Voters have been siding with the wingers for several years here now … it was becoming increasingly depressing … but all the sudden they’re balking.

catnip - 7 March 2011

If only that would spread here. The way it’s looking though is that the Cons in this province don’t think the current Con gov’t is Con enough so we might be in for an even more wingnut gov’t the next time around.

Madman in the Marketplace - 7 March 2011

I think a lot of voters who thought us hippies were just exaggerating and who believed Walker’s puppies and flowers ads had a rude awakening.

catnip - 7 March 2011

Puppies and flowers? Sounds like an SNL skit.

13. mattes - 7 March 2011

Desert Rebel, now I’ve seen it all:

Madman in the Marketplace - 7 March 2011

that’s not bad!

catnip - 7 March 2011

Catchy tune. 🙂

catnip - 7 March 2011

Obama’s debt expert yells at kids

Alan Simpson might need to freshen up on his pop culture.

The co-chairman of President Obama’s deficit commission tried to scold the elderly on Monday for complaining about their Social Security funds being targeted, but instead he found himself making a reference to “Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dogg.”

“This is a fakery,” Simpson said on Fox News. “If they care at all about their children or grandchildren, and sometimes I doubt that – I think, you know, grandchildren now don’t write a thank-you for the Christmas presents, they’re walking on their pants with the cap on backwards listening to the enema man and Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dogg, and they don’t like them!”

He also added: “And get off my lawn!!”

yet another primo Obama appointment…

marisacat - 7 March 2011

and he is NOT senile. I am sure he was a shit at 20, and is still/again at 75 or whatever babbly drooly age he is.

hmm I bet he means Eminem.

catnip - 7 March 2011

I’m pretty sure he’s Homer Simpson’s uncle.

ms_xeno - 7 March 2011

That kind of thing would be right at home over at Digby’s place. :p

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 7 March 2011

Protesters Keep Wisconsin State Rep From Walker Rally

Representative Warren Petryk was scheduled to speak at the Americans for Prosperity rally in support of Governor Walker Saturday morning. But he didn’t make it there.

The 93rd Assembly District Republican was stopped in a nearby parking lot, as protesters asked him questions. He didn’t make it inside the Eau Claire hotel in time for the rally.

Emotions ran high in that parking lot. One retired school teacher was visibly upset, as she told Petryk she felt workers’ rights were being taking away without proper debate.

“I felt like he listened to me,” said Rozanna Bejin, of Eau Claire, afterward. “He said he was going to call Scott Walker. My request was that Petryk talk to people in the assembly and the senate, all of his colleagues, to people sit down and talk to the 14 Democratic Senators who are in Illinois.”

The conversation ended with a hug between Representative Petryk and Bejin.

15. Madman in the Marketplace - 7 March 2011

Guess why Walker wants to freeze self-supporting State Life Fund

If you need a prima facie example of how this extremist Republican governor is taking the side of the big guys against the little guys, I’ve got one for you.

Hidden in the 1,300 or so pages of his 2011-13 budget is the dismantling of Wisconsin’s little-known State Life Fund, a small state-operated life insurance plan that was enacted 100 years ago this year by progressive Republican legislators in the wake of insurance scandals that rocked the state back then.

The fund costs Wisconsin government nothing, but operates off investing the premiums paid by the 30,000-plus state residents who hold policies with face values ranging from a minimum of $1,000 to a maximum of $10,000. The fund, which isn’t well-known because it is forbidden from doing any advertising, nevertheless earns dividends that substantially reduce the insureds’ premium costs plus build cash values that policyholders can cash in if events in their lives make it prudent to do so.

In 2010, the State Life Fund sold 146 new policies with $69,000 in new premiums. The plan is totally self-supporting and continually runs a surplus. It requires no extra workers in the Office of the Insurance Commissioner. It’s a good deal for young families who want to have at least a little life insurance protection. Some cash in their policies and use the cash value to help pay for their children’s college. Older folks are known to purchase a policy to cover funeral expenses.

Yet Walker wants to freeze it in place come July 1 and close it to further purchases.

It’s a blatant giveaway to the private insurance industry, which has long bristled at the existence of the fund, insisting that it is “socialized insurance.” It has tried without success for several decades to get it killed. The most recent attack on it came from dishonored former state Rep. Scott Jensen of Waukesha, himself an insurance industry shill. Even Tommy Thompson’s Republican administration wouldn’t go along with Jensen’s scheme to close it down.

But now comes Walker, who received substantial campaign contributions from insurance interests in his race last fall. And because of the acquiescence to his machinations by the Republican majority in the Legislature, the threat to the fund is much more serious. Walker will get his wish unless the proposal is removed from the budget bill before it passes.

Mary Sprague, who has directed the State Life Fund since June 1980, has trouble understanding why the insurance industry is so intent on destroying the plan adopted by the 1911 Legislature, considered the most productive in state history. She comments that most insurance companies won’t even sell life insurance with such low face values. Plus, 146 policies sold in one year doesn’t appear to be a formidable competitive challenge to the private firms.

The longer people have to look at his budget, the more horrible shit they find.

ms_xeno - 7 March 2011

Beautiful. The insurers don’t want to insure them, so nobody else should ever be allowed to insure the people that the insurers don’t want in the first place.


I’d call them jackals, but I wouldn’t want to offend the real-life version.

16. catnip - 7 March 2011

Protesters at the BoA in DC

No tractors though…

17. Madman in the Marketplace - 7 March 2011

an overview of the recall efforts here in WI.

18. catnip - 7 March 2011

Oops. Posted “Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dogg” up there ^^^^

19. Madman in the Marketplace - 7 March 2011
20. mattes - 7 March 2011

I’m going to go throw up now:

Scott Walker Believes He’s Following Orders from the Lord


This illness has a name:

Walker said that God has told him what to do every step of the way, including about what jobs to take, whom to marry, and when to run for governor.

When he had first met his wife, he said, “That night I heard Christ tell me, ‘This is the person you’re going to be with.’ ”

21. catnip - 7 March 2011

Someone at dkos asked me about Ductape Fatwa and linked to this that he had just re-read: 2003: Advice for the New Poor

I miss that guy.

22. marisacat - 8 March 2011

Maybe those crazee old Norwegian men could rescind a few of the “peace” prizes….

Bangladesh court upholds removal of Nobel winner as bank head

Reuters – Anis Ahmed – ‎47 minutes ago‎

DHAKA, March 8 (Reuters) – A Bangladeshi court on Tuesday upheld an order removing Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus as head of the microlending bank he founded, a move seen as part of the government’s vendetta with him over his …

23. BooHooHooMan - 8 March 2011

Picked up by ABC, humped by idiots Drudge and Breitbart…Gates and Petraeus “caught” on cam making joke about attacking Libya…

Operation Conflabulous. Brilliant. 🙄
Right there on the tarmac.
Sure. Right. Prolly staged, doesn’t matter,
all we got, and oh-so-obvious now:
the leaky leaky, the drip drip,
and sinking in their own gravitas puddles at this point.

Much like the back and forth titters in the press these days: Ghaddafi battling back, no, no- scratch that: he may leave, no really, some people say™, 🙄 AND – wait for it – Barry, they say™, is using the Saudis to arm the Arab streets. Uh~ hump.

Yeh, well… if you think that’s weak and forebodes a last ditch effort, now they released Barry from his timeout in the silent corner:

Obama threatens military intervention in Libya

In his “strongest threat yet”…they say™…

Somebody fish the Brother out of Gravitas Lake and notify his kin, okay?

In other… relevant news… of course Yemen is about to go under, is begging for money and arms to quell the revolt.

And Roubini says Oil is more likely to hit $150 a barrel rather than drop below a hundred. While futures trading is setting in
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, around $200, afterall, somebody’s got to pay to keep our overlords afloat, right? So it will be done at the pump. That worked out well 4 years ago, right? 🙄 To bad for them tho, eh? – > as demand destruction along with every other economic destruction sets in.
They think China or anybody else is going to double their petrol consumption overnight?
Good fuckin Luck.

So Here? I think we might see our food riots yet.

mattes - 8 March 2011

Goldman predicted oil at $200/b two years ago.

BooHooHooMan - 8 March 2011

They also predicted growth in the Spring.
Remember their bullish diddly from a few months ago?

via TD at zerohedge…

Goldman’s Hatzius Launches Pre-Emptive Mea Culpa
Tyler Durden on 03/06/2011 22:54 -0500

One of our key predictions from early this year has been that Goldman Sachs’ formerly crack economic team (and now considered by some to be nothing but a propaganda team on crack) will in the coming weeks and months materially downward revise its dramatic economic upgrade from early December (just coincidentally coinciding with the minute the Fed released previously secret bank bailout records), which ended the firm’s skeptical stance on the US economy, and launched it into all out Kool-Aid mode on nothing but one-time adjustments courtesy of a last gasp attempt at fiscal stimulus. While we are still scratching our heads why Hatzius would totally discredit himself by doing nothing more than what momentum traders do at an inflection point, and calling for a paradigm shift in his outlook when the most recent bout of gains is not driven by any recurring fundamental improvements, frankly we don’t care. What we do know is when Goldman turns outright bearish again, some time in late March, early April, it will be time to buy QE3 with both hands, following a dinner or two between Hatzius and Bill Dudley at the Pound and Pence.

Truth is the Status Quotididians *in the markets* – (easy money/ rabbit hole accounting and accountability etc) are fighting for survival whether they know it or not. Their run to oil will come at slash and burn for the rest of the Dow.

Of course they could print more money.

24. mattes - 8 March 2011


Israel may ask U.S. for $20 billion more in security aid, Barak says
Defense Minister tells Wall Street Journal that Israel must be on guard considering the unrest sweeping the Arab world, adding increased aid could help make Israel a ‘stabilizer in such a turbulent region’.

25. BooHooHooMan - 8 March 2011

Pass the ether. Please. Now.
I’ll take it right off the tank.

Just an example of the titters in the press..

These from WSJ now –

Gadhafi Escalates Assaults

Muammar’s a little slow getting the airport shuttle,eh?
And this gem-

Distrust Between Gadhafi, Eastern Libya

Ya think?
But today’s Prizewinner is this-

U.S. Stocks Waver Despite Oil’s Dip

Which all has me VERY optimistic.
Here’s my ethereal dream:
After the corp stocks get trashed while inside, overconfident money streams to oil speculation, The Saudi regime hits the skids.

26. BooHooHooMan - 8 March 2011


Is This The Mysterious Gadaffi Rumor Source?
Sender: Col.Gadaffi@Libya.com

To: Tips@BBC.com

Hello Distinguished Sir or Madam,

I hope this email reaches you in time. I would like to offer you a business proposition. I am the owner of $60B in Swiss and US bank account and would gladly offer you a fee of $1B if you will release a press statement that I am about to surrender to the rebel Transitional National Council.

However, to get the banks to release the money, I need you to forward me the transfer fees in the amount of $1MM so that the banks will transfer the money to you. Please forward this payment into my new untraceable swiss account so that I may send you the $1B payment.

marisacat - 8 March 2011

So appropriate…. it fits.

For an alternative view…. this was at Cpunch from Diana Johnstone, who is based in Paris, I have caught her as guest on the various foreign news shows, France 24, Euro News, RT, etc.

Somebody has been funding at least some of the so called rebel factions, some have new camo, good military boots and bigger guns, just what I can see from snips and bits… Other groups look much more rag tag, wearing whatever and carrying smaller, disparate weapons.

So far, the dogs of war are sniffing around for more bloodshed than has actually occurred. Indeed, the US escalated the Kosovo conflict in order to “have to intervene”, and the same risks happening now with regard to Libya, where Western ignorance of what they would be doing is even greater. …

BooHooHooMan - 8 March 2011

She makes her points: Idiocy from the “Left” cheering war, Balkanization essentially not just for the Balkans where the U.S. & Co are concerned. I do find a whiff off this tho – from her use of “Islamist” thru her suggestion of some rising managerial class “embarassment” over Ghaddafi that just doesn’t sound right.

….The Albanian rebels in Kosovo were a mixed bag, but as frequently happens, the US reached in and drew the worst out of that bag.

In Libya, the situation could be even worse.

My own impression, partly as a result of visiting Tripoli four years ago, is that the current rebellion is a much more mixed bag, with serious potential internal contradictions. Unlike Egypt, Libya is not a populous historic state with thousands of years of history, a strong sense of national identity and a long political culture. Half a century ago, it was one of the poorest countries in the world, and still has not fully emerged from its clan structure. Qaddafi, in his own eccentric way, has been a modernizing factor, using oil revenues to raise the standard of living to one of the highest on the African continent. The opposition to him comes, paradoxically, both from reactionary traditional Islamists on the one hand, who consider him a heretic for his relatively progressive views, and Westernized beneficiaries of modernization on the other hand, who are embarrassed by the Qaddafi image and want still more modernization. And there are other tensions that may lead to civil war and even a breakup of the country along geographic lines.

And while her conclusion is reasonable I don’t see Hugo as a factor.

The Chavez proposal for neutral mediation to avert catastrophe is the way of wisdom. But in NATOland, the very notion of solving problems by peaceful mediation rather than by force seems to have evaporated.

As far as the question of Balkanization goes, nothing near the level of sectarian divide for the PTB to exploit… the question becomes who get’s the goods and who gets the ghetto?

I’m getting the sense that the crux of this for the West, any amenability in efforts to rehab Col. Q to some alliance-of-convenience grace( talk about a back flip Obama’s coaches will have him attempt if need be, of course they won’t want Hugo brokering the deal) I think this is because Benghazi and the East are indeed in the hands of its own people with supplies and reinforcements being fed thru western Egypt. While “us” and the rest of our pro Moo patrons were concerned with Suez and Sinai. Which is where the heretofore exclusively Western serviceability of this Balkan analogy breaks down. Because once “kinged”, the notion of being unimpressed with official borders, this checkerboard game works both ways. So while Ghaddafi is hunkering down in Tripoli, and while the despots du jour are securing their wedge of Sinai or handling 5 alarm fires elsewhere, the people of Benghazi and the Libyan East find brethren along the Northwest coast of Egypt to the Nile. Ah well, Win some , ya Lose some.

I think the worst fear of US PTB wrt Libya is the Balkanization of its oil …not working the way they planned. Kinda like
What if that reb, Jed Clampett…
never moves to Tripoli?

What if they just …sit a spell?

Of course, I think “we” should do nothing.

marisacat - 8 March 2011

the question becomes who get’s the goods and who gets the ghetto?



I have no idea if it is true, but headlines around that Somali pirates have cut their rates. Backlog of hostages. They need to clear space…

MarkDown! Get ’em now! Pre Pre Pre Xmas Sale!

27. marisacat - 8 March 2011



…………….. 8)

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