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No-fly 17 March 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, AFRICOM, Culture of Death, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Pan Arab Revolt - 2011, WAR!.

Aircraft Maintenance and Regeneration Centre, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson, Arizona, 2006. From the series Oil, 1997-2009 [Edward Burtynsky/Prix Pictet]

Oh I am all for No-fly.  It is just that mine would be different from Ob’s, Hillary’s – – and different from these endless hardliner Rice women who insist on showing up.



1. mattes - 17 March 2011

$$Bibi on Piers morgan right now.

Shin Bet shelves plan for road through Caesarea reserve to Netanyahu’s home

Plan scrapped after it aroused strong public protest due to the damage it was expected to cause to the natural setting.


mattes - 17 March 2011

iraniraniran…the middle east would be a democratic paradise without iran. all iran’s fault.
israelis want nothing but peace. they own all the gas. blah blah. same old same old.

BooHooHooMan - 17 March 2011

Oh I’m watching it, CNN’s Howdy Doody, that Piers Morgan and with the Open-MIC Night for Netanyahu.

Using Japan’s catastrophe and Libya to pivot on Iran.

This from Haaretz earlier…

Netanyahu: World must make clear Iran will face military action if sanctions fail

So predictable.

Any idea, mattes? – Is this asshole in the U.S. now?

mattes - 17 March 2011

I don’t think Piers is buying it. Not one smile.

I am sure piers is on a tight leash.

bibi wants more money of course. 20 billion more.

And rumor has it the jewish family was killed by an asian worker that was not paid.

Israeli Jews continue to attack Palestinians, both in the West Bank and inside Israel, in the wake of Itamar killings


he is loosing support

marisacat - 17 March 2011

I don’t think it a rumor… I htought it had been confirmed…

BooHooHooMan - 17 March 2011

This snippet via Jerusalem Post


The Bethlehem-based news agency Ma’an, which is close to the PA leadership, ran a lead news story that claimed that a Thai worker had been arrested by the IDF on suspicion of killing the five members of the Fogel family on Friday night.

The agency did not say how it obtained the information. However, it said that shortly after the killings, Israeli security forces arrested all the Thai workers who were inside the settlement.

Ma’an pointed out that no Palestinian group had claimed responsibility for the attack and that Palestinians were banned from entering settlements.

Another Palestinian news agency, Qudsnet, claimed that an Asian man who used to work for the Fogel family was behind the killings.

Quoting a Palestinian family living in the nearby village of Awarta, the agency said that the family members were slaughtered because the father refused to pay the Asian worker his salary, which is estimated at NIS 10,000.

The IDF would not comment, due to a gag order imposed on the investigation.

The latest claims came as PA President Mahmoud Abbas, in an interview with Israel Radio, condemned the Itamar killings as “despicable, immoral and inhuman.” Abbas said that a “human being is not capable of something like that” and that if the PA would have had advance information, “we would have prevented this.”

Offering to help Israel in the investigation, Abbas rejected accusations of incitement and said he was prepared to be part of an Israeli-American- Palestinian committee to look into the allegations.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu welcomed Abbas’s condemnation of the Itamar murders, but added during a meeting of the Knesset’s Likud faction that it was more important for the PA leader to say these words in the Palestinian media.

Netanyahu pointed out that a number of senior voices in the PA are claiming that the settlers and the government were behind the murders to scuttle the diplomatic process, and therefore it was critical for Abbas to speak clearly to his own people and put an end to incitement

Generally a good idea not to stiff your Asian serf contractor when expanding your toe-holding ultra-Orthodox land grab about as far into the West Bank as you can go. Maybe they can put that in their wackaloon settlement brochures.

marisacat - 17 March 2011

Yes… it obviously was not going to stop the IDF and whatever other forces fanned out, but I did think that the reporting on the worker having killed the family was accurate.

Thanks for that…

BooHooHooMan - 17 March 2011

My My My, Oh my God fuckin MY.
Here’s a lede for ya from Haaretz now –

Israeli firm which secured Japan nuclear plant says workers there ‘putting their lives on the line’

Magna CEO says Japanese workers at nuclear plant ‘projecting business as usual’ but says it is ‘unclear if they are healthy due to the high level of radiation at the reactor, which is life-threatening.’
By Ora Coren Tags: Israel news

The CEO of the Israeli company that installed the security system at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant said Thursday that those workers who have elected to stay behind are “putting their lives on the line” to save Japan.

Magna BSP set up the security system about a year ago at the facility, which suffered extensive damage after the recent earthquake and tsunami, with particular concern over radiation leakage from the reactors at the site.

So who’s running the disinfo campaign in Japan?

marisacat - 17 March 2011

The other story that is coming out, is that it is actually 180 or so. They work more or less in 50 man shifts.

But a lot of peopl are sacrificing. Perhaps to the death.

More than one hosptial where the doctors and nurses have refused to leave the patients… and one nursing home as well. They knew their elderly (very elderly from the film), ill patients could nto be cared for in evacuation centers, so they got them to the top flroor and they are hunkering down. The building, the only thing standing for what looked like blocks, survived.

2. marisacat - 17 March 2011

Gee. It might be “another Chernobyl”.


[O]n March 14, the Wall Street Journal carried an opinion piece from author William Tucker condemning those who were expressing concern about nuclear safety when there was the full devastation from the earthquake and tsunami to focus on.

“With all the death, devastation and disease now threatening tens of thousands in Japan, it is trivializing and almost obscene to spend so much time worrying about damage to a nuclear reactor,” said Tucker, whose 2008 book “Terrestrial Energy” is an argument for nuclear power.

On Thursday, Tucker told Reuters the situation had changed since his article.

“I think that story probably has to be revised, we seem to be in deeper water now than we were originally,” he said. “I think we are facing another Chernobyl now or something on that order.” ….

Oh DEFINITELY we are in deep water.

BooHooHooMan - 17 March 2011

With Israeli corporate security , otherwise known as the IDF and Mossad…in charge.

3. mattes - 17 March 2011

bibi not happy. piers looking straight on. bibi lower head….sneaky looking. love it.

NABLUS, An Asian worker is suspected of the murder of the Fogel family, a settler family from Itamar settlement near the northern West Bank city of Nablus, according to Palestinian press sources.


also a movie just came out that is making waves…looking for link

4. mattes - 17 March 2011

Artist-filmmaker Julian Schnabel understands why some Jews have condemned his movie, “Miral,” which opens March 25, as an anti-Israel screed: “It comes out of fear,” he told me by phone from New York this morning. “The fear that the Holocaust occurred, that ‘We have been [decimated] and we don’t want it to happen again;’ that ‘these people, the Palestinians, are against us having a state of Israel, and we must fight for that no matter what happens.’ But I don’t believe that’s true. I believe a Jewish homeland in Israel is super important, and a great thing, but we must have empathy, we have to be sensitive. I don’t think it’s a very encouraging way to look at people, as ‘us and them.’ It isn’t us and them. We are all human beings. And what is good for the Palestinians is also good for the Israelis.”

Not everyone agrees with Schnabel about “Miral.” Mainstream Jewish groups such as American Jewish Committee and The Simon Wiesenthal Center have condemned the film as as one-sided propaganda, and in particular its United States premiere at the United Nations on Monday. “Others have attacked me because the film isn’t pro-Palestinnian enough,” Schnabel said. “I really can’t believe I’m even talking about this because ‘Miral’ is a movie about a girl and her family,” he added. “If the movie had been set in Afghanistan, we wouldn’t even be on the telephone today.”

“Miral”—which is based on an autobiographical novel by Schnabel’s girlfriend, the journalist Rula Jebreal—spotlights a Palestinian girl, orphaned after her mother commits suicide, who becomes radicalized while teaching in a refugee camp during the first Intifada in 1987.


mattes - 17 March 2011
5. ts - 17 March 2011

NYTimes just ran out their “Digital Subscriber” service, meaning you get to read 20 articles a month before the cut you off and try and make you pay. Looks like I’ll be moving to bbc.co.uk for my news from now on.

marisacat - 17 March 2011

I don’t think the NYT – nor the Times of London – fully realises that there are alternatives.

How long til even this much much cheaper version dies. The 50.00/mo one sure died, tho it took well over a year as I recall.

6. mattes - 17 March 2011

2009 DIARY:

Likud has a Charter which does not recognize the right of Palestine to exist


and hamas and fatah do resognize israel, also hamas has several times stopped rockets, and israel continued with their assassinations.

and remember the shelling of the family on the beach, right about the time hamas agreed to a 10 year cease fire.

I think it was Weiss that just mentioned with the Palestian Papers out, Israelis back to meme No Partner for Peace.

7. diane - 18 March 2011

This country despises females

Under a GOP-backed bill expected to sail through the House of Representatives, the Internal Revenue Service would be forced to police how Americans have paid for their abortions. To ensure that taxpayers complied with the law, IRS agents would have to investigate whether certain terminated pregnancies were the result of rape or incest. And one tax expert says that the measure could even lead to questions on tax forms: Have you had an abortion? Did you keep your receipt?


diane - 18 March 2011

Homeless woman killed for refusing sex>

Los Angeles – A former city fire captain was found guilty of second-degree murder for beating and choking a homeless woman who refused to have sex with him.

marisacat - 18 March 2011


diane - 18 March 2011

yeah the news just gets better and better doesn’t it.

g’night hon.

8. marisacat - 18 March 2011

My how story arcs change:

USA Today weekend edition lead story, “3 ways nuclear crisis may end: Best case worse than Three Mile Island,” by Peter Eisler and Dan Vergano:

“If all goes according to the most optimistic predictions, Japan would be left with one of the world’s largest nuclear power plants in ruins, half of its six reactors destroyed and probably too fouled with radiation to examine for years. …

Worse case — Off-site contamination: If efforts to refill the spent-fuel pools fail and the used-up fuel rods ignite into a major fire, the resulting release of radiation would be significant. Since those pools already appear to have lost substantial amounts of water, many experts believe a release along these lines is likely.”


9. marisacat - 18 March 2011

By now no one should be surprised.

Duke is one of the major underwriters, fundraisers and promo entities for the DNC Charlotte conflab.


“Just as President Obama was publicly addressing the fallout from the cascading nuclear power plant disaster in Japan Thursday, the CEO of one of the largest nuclear power suppliers in the U.S. was lined up to speak at a closed-door gathering of top fundraisers for President Obama’s reelection. James E. Rogers, the CEO of Duke Energy, the nation’s third largest nuclear energy supplier, was asked to lay out his fundraising plans for the 2012 Democratic National Convention, an effort he is undertaking as the host committee co-chair,” ABC News’ Matt Mosk reports. “The evening before, he was among those invited to join a discussion of the president’s re-election fundraising plans at a private dinner in downtown Washington, D.C.

‘It’s troubling,’ said Dan Hirsch, a nuclear safety advocate in Southern California. Obama ‘is cozying up to large financial interests that might become donors and who wish our policy to be blind to the implications of this catastrophe.’ ? Obama has not only championed nuclear power, he has set aside millions of dollars for loan guarantees aimed at helping spur that new construction. His 2012 budget proposal calls for an additional $36 billion to triple the amount of money used to guarantee loans for nuclear plants.” http://abcn.ws/hFimTx

What is the fucking difference between the two heads of the one monster.

10. marisacat - 18 March 2011

Madman sent me this…

Hopefully, at the least some of the older most vulnerable sites get closed or harrassed to death:

Indian Point

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo now wants to shut the Indian Point nuclear power plant, after it emerged the plant was leaking, according to Metro.

The plant is, according to the U.S. government, the most under threat from an earthquake.

Yesterday, the Union of Concerned Scientists released a report that said the facility had been leaking since 1993, and that a lining meant to catch leaks in the event of an earthquake was already open.

Now, in the wake of Fukushima, Cuomo may actually take action on a facility that is only 38 miles from New York City.

brinn - 18 March 2011

It’s been leaking for 18 years?!?!?

marisacat - 18 March 2011


AND it was just announced this am here that Diablo Canyon, our inland reactor has problems (what did Oblation say about ‘safe”? again?), they say, and now the planned April meetings to extned it for 20 lousy years have been put off.

SF Chron

For 18 months, operators at the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant near San Luis Obispo didn’t realize that a system to pump water into one of their reactors during an emergency wasn’t working.

It had been accidentally disabled by the plant’s own engineers, according to a report issued Thursday on the safety of nuclear reactors in the United States.

The report, from the Union of Concerned Scientists watchdog group, lists 14 recent “near misses” – instances in which serious problems at a plant required federal regulators to respond. ….

But so much death, just for these reviews. When it should never have happened. No person, no dog no cat nor a bird in a cage, no fish in the sea should hve died for this.

“Any given nuclear power plant is such a complex system,” she [Jane Swanson, Mothers for Peace] said. “As we’ve seen in Japan, the domino effect can happen.”

With the Japanese crisis riveting world attention, Sens. Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein called on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Wednesday to perform thorough safety inspections at Diablo Canyon as well as California’s other commercial nuclear plant, San Onofre, in San Diego County.

But the commission’s chairman said Thursday there was no immediate need to inspect any U.S. nuclear plants.

Later Thursday, President Obama said the United States faces no danger of radioactive contamination from Japan’s nuclear plant and has ordered a comprehensive review of safety at U.S. plants.

diane - 18 March 2011

A sane person would think PG&E’s gross negligence in the San Bruno disaster would automatically bar that renewal, let alone all of the other issues surrounding the Diablo Canyon plant.

marisacat - 18 March 2011

Yes teh stuff coming out on San Bruno… and of course they are not telling much, just what they must, is awful.

diane - 18 March 2011

and PG&E’s investor class best buddies at the California Public Utilities Commission need to be fired, ASAP.

Madman in the Marketplace - 18 March 2011

horrible, isn’t it?

11. mattes - 18 March 2011

But even though they’re closed they sit on spent fuel. Ugh.


Mondo Weiss

Marcat, how do I shorten a link here. I seem to have forgotten…..

Looks like Obama is putting pressure on bibi from another weiss diary. Bibibi’s next move will be, {if no partner for peace fails}…..is “I am too weak a leader for peace”.

marisacat - 18 March 2011

[just removing the sub thread on html tutorial to clean up the comments a bit -Mcat]

12. marisacat - 18 March 2011

They need to not drag this out. Entomb it sooner than later.

Via Slate, full text, links to original Reuters article, vid of Chernobyl at the site:

Japan Won’t Rule Out Burying Nuclear Reactors

If dumping water on damaged nuclear reactors fails to contain leaking radiation, Japanese engineers conceded today that it may be necessary to bury the plant in sand and concrete—a strategy similar to the concrete sarcophagus built around Chernobyl in 1986.

Still, it’s a last resort, and officials hope that power will be restored to water cooling pumps by Sunday. “It is not impossible to encase the reactors in concrete. But our priority right now is to try and cool them down first,” an official from plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. said at a press conference today. On Friday, Japan’s nuclear safety agency upgraded the severity of the disaster from a 4 to a 5 on the international scale [yes but, IAEA already put it at 6 ffs! – Mcat], putting it on par with the 1979 Three Mile Island meltdown, and two levels below the Chernobyl disaster.

While Japanese officials have attempted to downplay the scope of the crisis, in what the New York Times considers a bad sign, Japan plans to import 150 tons of boron from South Korea and France in order to spray on uranium fuel rods to stop them from melting.

Efforts to cool down spent fuel reactors have made little progress, U.S. officials said yesterday, and the LA Times reports that cracks have been discoverd in a storage pool used to hold water. But on a more upbeat note [ffs! – Mcat], radiation measurements taken yesterday by American devices found that the worst radiation is still in the “immediate vicinity” of the plant. According to Japanese broadcaster NHK, about 10,000 people have fled their homes to get farther away from the Fukushima reactors.

Read original story in Reuters | Friday, March 18, 2011

13. brinn - 18 March 2011

Nuclear Boy and His Stinky Poo

On that insane note, I have to take a break from all of this…

love ya’ll!

diane - 18 March 2011

Take it easy brinn, love ya too.

14. BooHooHooMan - 18 March 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011
What’s The Difference
I of course know that there is a difference between Republican rule and Democratic rule, but I think at this moment I would have the hardest time actually articulating what that difference actually is to a relatively non-engaged non-political person. The people in charge seem to be completely uninterested in highlighting those differences.
By Atrios at 11:21

Fuckin D E E P, man.
Pass the highlighter.

marisacat - 18 March 2011

I of course know that there is a difference between Republican rule and Democratic rule

Because I am very very smart!

diane - 18 March 2011

now, now …OZ HAS SPOKEN!

BooHooHooMan - 18 March 2011

Of course, I love using “of course”. 😆
It’s the hamburger helper for a burgher’s uncertainty. LOL.

diane - 18 March 2011


marisacat - 18 March 2011

Mais Oui!

15. diane - 18 March 2011

From CNN blog

[1:39 p.m. ET Friday, 2:39 a.m. Saturday in Tokyo] Monitors in Sacramento, California, have detected a small amount of radioactive material from the earthquake-struck nuclear power plant in Japan, an official with the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization said. The exact amounts were not available, but were far less than what would be considered harmful to human health, the official said.

(bolding mine)

16. artemisia - 18 March 2011

I know this is off topic, but as the world melteth down, i couldn’t resist sharing what advice the Good News hath to offer us .

Yes, in the midst of war and famine and disasters both natural and human created, these Christians are debating whether the word “have” or the word “assume” is more appropriate in 1 Timothy 2:12:

New International Version (©1984)
I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent.

New Living Translation (©2007)
I do not let women teach men or have authority over them. Let them listen quietly.

English Standard Version (©2001)
I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet.

New American Standard Bible (©1995)
But I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet.

International Standard Version (©2008)
Moreover, I do not allow a woman to teach or to usurp authority over a man. Instead, she is to be quiet.

GOD’S WORD® Translation (©1995)
I don’t allow a woman to teach or to have authority over a man. Instead, she should be quiet.

King James Bible
But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

marisacat - 18 March 2011

hi artemisia, nothing off topic!!

(…back to reading your comment)

marisacat - 18 March 2011

And…. we all need religion and prayer in our lives.. right? To be moral and upstanding… and good.


Madman in the Marketplace - 18 March 2011

does that mean women shouldn’t comment on men’s blogs? Oh, and shouldn’t Sarah stfu whenever Barry speaks?

Jus’ askin’

marisacat - 18 March 2011

LOL How does it apply to……………………ANN COULTER.

Front line warrior girl (as she heads for 50, if my counting is right. She’s past 40) for a faction of the R party.

17. mattes - 18 March 2011

Heaven help us!

18. artemisia - 18 March 2011

Personally, i think i would have to with “usurp”. Something about usurping appeals to me.

But then what is in a word? Would oppression by any other word smell as musty?

19. marisacat - 18 March 2011

hmm we are obviously in some tempestuous cosmic tidal pool in coastal Cali… fierce winds today, rain and snow – and a “tornado”, which ripped thru parts of No Cali… probably one of the intense air micropressure events we get, the air punches down hard from a above and takes out a barn, that sort of thing.

At one point this morning I realised there was cold air coming in every crevice in this old wood frame and shingle house.

And a Supermoon!

Obviously God Loves Us! He’s giving us plutonium! cesium! krypton! Milisieverts!

Rads and Rods Forever.

20. diane - 18 March 2011

oopsie, doesn’t sound too rosie, but then I’m just an overly emotional female, from LAT earlier, at 1:50 AM PDT:

Reporting from Los Angeles, Kesennuma and Tokyo— U.S. government nuclear experts believe a spent fuel pool at Japan’s crippled Fukushima reactor complex has a breach in the wall or floor, a situation that creates a major obstacle to refilling the pool with cooling water and keeping dangerous levels of radiation from escaping.

That assessment by U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission officials is based on the sequence of events since the earthquake and information provided by key American contractors who were in the plant at the time, said government officials familiar with the evaluation. It was compelling evidence, they said, that the wall of the No. 4 reactor pool has a significant hole or crack.

Unlike the reactor itself, the spent fuel pool does not have its own containment vessel, and any radioactive particles and gases can more easily spew into the environment if the uranium fuel begins to burn. In addition, the pool, which contains 130 tons of uranium fuel, is housed in a building that Japanese authorities say appears to have been damaged by fire or explosions.


(don’t know about anyone else but it’s been seeming to me that there’s been more news blackout than usual for hours now.)

marisacat - 18 March 2011

The CUNY pysics professor that ABC GMA had on said 4 is open ot the air. Completely exposed.

he did a great show and tell of before and after photographs.

It should scare anyone.

But you know, they are plugging in the somthing or other to do, this or that, I guess.

diane - 18 March 2011

I understand people’s desire to just not listen to updates, but some of the lecturing, patronizing, Big Papa bullshit (entirely from males at this point, and to my knowledge none of them from Hawaii, or the Pacific Coast of North america) I’ve read on some US blogs, is disgusting.

Why would anyone in their right mind have any remaining faith in Government pronouncements?

marisacat - 18 March 2011

Well, no reason.

Which makes it all the worse that we have resorted to jingoism, coming off our leaders, this constant undertone, overtone that WE would never have allowed things to reach this point. That, it took days, but the Little Japanese People and Their Leaders were made to understand they needed our help. Because, you know, they are cute and reserved, formal and artistic, but they are Little and Yellow.


As for the authoritarian response to those wanting full investigation of and transparency/accountability from something so dangerous as nuclear installations.. well…

No reason for that old game to… you know, CHANGE.

diane - 18 March 2011

yup, if there were 140,000 plus white folk trapped in a lethal fate, a whole different story would ensue

diane - 18 March 2011

what an ass I can be, should’ve wrote Pacific Coast of the Americas

Madman in the Marketplace - 18 March 2011

Prof Kaku does a good job laying things out in a straightforward manner, imho.

marisacat - 18 March 2011

I like him.. he has taht contagious enthusiam that makes for a good teacher. I realise his segments fit in with th news reporting that pushes “Catastrophe!” etc… but it doesn’t matter to me…

21. Madman in the Marketplace - 18 March 2011

Minnesota Republicans say: Poor people with money should be outlaws

St. Paul, MN – Minnesota Republicans are pushing legislation that would make it a crime for people on public assistance to have more $20 in cash in their pockets any given month. This represents a change from their initial proposal, which banned them from having any money at all.

On March 15, Angel Buechner of the Welfare Rights Committee testified in front of the House Health and Human Services Reform Committee on House File 171. Buechner told committee members, “We would like to address the provision that makes it illegal for MFIP [one of Minnesota’s welfare programs] families to withdraw cash from the cash portion of the MFIP grant – and in fact, appears to make it illegal for MFIP families to have any type of money at all in their pockets. How do you expect people to take care of business like paying bills such as lights, gas, water, trash and phone?”

House File 171 would make it so that families on MFIP – and disabled single adults on General Assistance and Minnesota Supplemental Aid – could not have their cash grants in cash or put into a checking account. Rather, they could only use a state-issued debit card at special terminals in certain businesses that are set up to accept the card.

marisacat - 18 March 2011

Madman I will move this comment ot the new thread (my system hung up on me just as I got the new thread up, before I got a new link to the old thread)

marisacat - 18 March 2011

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