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Crescent bleed 19 March 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, AFRICOM, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Israel/AIPAC, Pan Arab Revolt - 2011, Riyadh, WAR!.

NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE, captured this image of the star Alpha Camelopardalis. The big red arc is a bow shock, similar to the wake in front of the bow of a ship in water.

NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE, captured this image of the star Alpha Camelopardalis. The big red arc is a bow shock, similar to the wake in front of the bow of a ship in water. [REUTERS/NASA/JPL-Caltech]


1. marisacat - 20 March 2011

Not to worry because all the news lately has been good.

I see what they say about the second caller, except there are all kinds of people in the Gulf who have spent time in the Gulf oil business, on the water, and in helicopters. I would not be so quick to assume it is not credible.

Times-Picayune – nola.com

[A] helicopter crew and pollution investigators have been dispatched to Main Pass Block 41 in response to two calls to the National Response Center, the federal point of contact for reporting oil and chemical spills, said Paul Barnard, an operations controller for Coast Guard Sector New Orleans.

The first caller, around 11 a.m., described a sheen of about a half-mile long and a half-mile wide, he said.

About two hours later, another caller reported a much larger sheen — about 100 miles long — originating in the same area and spreading west to Cocodrie on Terrebonne Bay, Barnard said.

“We haven’t been able to verify that, and it would be very unlikely for an individual to be able to observe a 100-mile long sheen,” he said, adding inspection teams were en route around 3 p.m. to the site. ….

BI reports that at about 3:30 pm, the shares of the rig owner, W & T Offshore, tanked “hard”. (That was their phrasing.) And yes they are hot for cheap dramatics…

diane - 20 March 2011

…. can’t find any denials (nearing 24 hours later from the first notice given) nor other info, guess the Coast Guard is still ‘researching’ …… as this link, dated the 19th and currently stating that: The incident is under investigation and more information will be released as it becomes available, is the last District 8 External Affairs Information Site Release as of 5:15 AM CDT on the 20th …


mattes - 21 March 2011
diane - 21 March 2011

UPDATE 2: Coast Guard responds to reports of oil in Gulf of Mexico

Date: [Monday] March 21, 2011

NEW ORLEANS —The Coast Guard is continuing clean up and recovery operations in Grand Isle, Monday, after an oily substance [can’t imagine what that may be – diane] began washing ashore.

marisacat - 21 March 2011

Ina few weeks they will announce IT was Oil! We are shocked… shocked.

BTW, this was at Cpunch…

An enormous oil spill off the coast of Louisiana (yes another one) seems to have occurred over the weekend. Light patches of “weathered oil” have appeared in the bays around Grande Isle. Reports of a petrochemical sheen upwards of 100 miles long have also been described in the Gulf waters around the “Birdfoot,” the Mississippi River’s terminus where the mighty river splits into three stems, the Southwest Pass, Pass A Loutre, and South Pass.

According to the Times Picayune, the Coast Guard is “investigating that as a separate incident” from the mysterious oily pollution floating around Grande Isle. So we have perhaps two spills of unknown quantities, large enough however to force officials to mobilize miles of booms and other materials in a frantic effort to try to contain the damage?

As of this writing the source(s) of oil are unknown, but some Coast Guard officials have speculated that the sheen offshore may have been caused by flooding and dredging far up the Mississippi River watershed, carrying toxic pollutants mixed with sediment out the river’s mouth. It’s an interesting theory that stems from a sad fact; the once majestic waterway that some call “America’s sewer” is now so horribly fouled as to produce oil spills as though they were seasonal regularities, vomited up with the March equinox in some kind of natural cycle like snow melt. Oil film, heavy metals, plastic particulates, pesticides, nitrates, they all flow down the Mississippi when their moon rises, just like the salmon used to run in now mostly dead streams of other great American rivers.

The source of oil floating around Grande Isle is rumored to have come up from a well that is being plugged. Sound familiar? If you don’t read or hear about it in the news, besides here, don’t be surprised. After BP’s oil-pocalypse anything less than a rig the size of the Empire State Building going up in thousand foot tall flames is probably not going to be green lighted for “all the news that’s fit to print.” Without a New Jersey-sized oil slick it’s unlikely the national media will pay attention. What does this say about us, about the world we’ve created? …

diane - 21 March 2011

If you don’t read or hear about it in the news, besides here, don’t be surprised. After BP’s oil-pocalypse anything less than a rig the size of the Empire State Building going up in thousand foot tall flames is probably not going to be green lighted for “all the news that’s fit to print.”

seems so

2. diane - 20 March 2011

Rest in Peace Lorenda Starfelt, Basement Angel

3. ts - 20 March 2011

Love that picture. I am such an astro geek.

4. marisacat - 20 March 2011

Death toll to exceed 15000 in Miyagi alone: police chief

The Japan Times – ‎33 minutes ago

The death toll from last week’s devastating earthquake and tsunami will top 15000 in Miyagi Prefecture alone, the local police chief said Sunday, as the Self-Defense Forces, police and firefighters continued relief efforts. …

5. marisacat - 20 March 2011

Moving right along:


“In the morning, the First Family will tour Ciudad de Deus Favela. … In the afternoon, the President will deliver a speech at Theatro Municipal in Rio de Janiero. In his speech, the President will discuss the deeply held values and interests that bind our countries together. This relationship is particularly important because of Brazil’s role as a rapidly emerging power on the global stage. … In the evening, the First Family will tour Christ the Redeemer Statue on Corcovado Mountain.”

catnip - 20 March 2011

In the evening, the First Family will tour Christ the Redeemer Statue on Corcovado Mountain.”

You had that pegged.

Let’s see if he does his Jeebus impression in front of it. Why not?

marisacat - 20 March 2011

Supposedly he spoke to us at 1:30 PM, sometime, somewhere. Somebody’s 1:30.

I am watching the commentary audio over of The Dreamers. Boy, Obslob seems far away…

6. marisacat - 20 March 2011

Ferry or tugboat it gets described variously, but an Italian ship of some sort, with crew has been seized… AS Danish fighter jets, F-16s, take off from an Italian base, to join the fight.

What a mess..

Have to love it, beside the article reporting on the fighter jets is a Google ad for cheap f-18s

7. catnip - 20 March 2011
8. catnip - 20 March 2011

CNN cut away from the pentagon briefing to just show the shock & awe in Tripoli. Hello?

9. catnip - 20 March 2011

Great pic, btw.

10. marisacat - 20 March 2011

I dinno, ABC tonight reported that 11 years of records supposedly detailing rigourous safety checks and testing were falsified.

Might be one reaosn the CEO is almost completely MIA.


[S]ince the crisis, he has largely left it to TEPCO spokespeople in Tokyo to be the public face of the company and answer increasingly aggressive questions, and criticism, from reporters frustrated at the lack of information.

Mid-level executives often have no answers other than something along the line of “We are in the process of confirming”.

“He’s making the low-ranking people do all the hard work,” said Satomi Aihara, a 46-year-old Tokyo resident. “I wonder where he’s hiding — it makes me mad.”

Taro Kono, a prominent member of parliament with the Liberal Democratic Party and an opponent of nuclear power, was more blunt about TEPCO officials: “They don’t tell the truth … It’s in their DNA.”

11. catnip - 20 March 2011

You know it’s war when Wolf Blitzer’s working overtime. CNN has a new “Libya War” banner with heavy duty militaristic music.

12. catnip - 20 March 2011
13. catnip - 20 March 2011

Fisk: First it was Saddam. Then Gaddafi. Now there’s a vacancy for the West’s favourite crackpot tyrant

So we are going to take “all necessary measures” to protect the civilians of Libya, are we? Pity we didn’t think of that 42 years ago. Or 41 years ago. Or… well, you know the rest. And let’s not be fooled by what the UN resolution really means. Yet again, it’s going to be regime-change. And just as in Iraq – to use one of Tom Friedman’s only memorable phrases of the time – when the latest dictator goes, who knows what kind of bats will come flying out of the box?

And after Tunisia, after Egypt, it’s got to be Libya, hasn’t it? The Arabs of North Africa are demanding freedom, democracy, liberation from oppression. Yes, that’s what they have in common. But what these nations also have in common is that it was us, the West, that nurtured their dictatorships decade after decade after decade. The French cuddled up to Ben Ali, the Americans stroked Mubarak, while the Italians groomed Gaddafi until our own glorious leader went to resurrect him from the political dead.

Could this be, I wonder, why we have not heard from Lord Blair of Isfahan recently? Surely he should be up there, clapping his hands with glee at another humanitarian intervention. Perhaps he is just resting between parts. Or maybe, like the dragons in Spenser’s Faerie Queen, he is quietly vomiting forth Catholic tracts with all the enthusiasm of a Gaddafi in full flow.

marisacat - 20 March 2011

Could this be, I wonder, why we have not heard from Lord Blair of Isfahan recently?

Accordng to Cherie he is diddling her and she is very excited.

If only they would die, exit stage right, whatever.

marisacat - 20 March 2011

Aidid of Somalia, Noriega… and so on.

As we were bombing Aidid, his wife and children were living in the states.

I wonder if we will ever run out of tangled webs…

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 March 2011
15. mattes - 21 March 2011
marisacat - 21 March 2011

All sorts o headlines… cables, electricity… and more quietly, black smoke that caused another “temprorary fleeing” and hidden here and there, despite headlines and leading graphs about “containment is intact” it is reported they are dumping concrete on the damned things.

16. mattes - 21 March 2011

“This is huge news, and there was absolutely no viable reason for the Federal Reserve/Bernanke to be able to hide behind the FOIA, except of course, to keep the American people in the dark about who ‘their best friends are,’ and who is favored in the Wall St./Banking cartel that destroyed our national and international economies, then of course, got paid off for doing so. ”

“In the “Faustian Bargain” series, Pittman explained how 5 percent of U.S. mortgage borrowers missing monthly payments could lead to a freeze in lending throughout the world.”


17. mattes - 21 March 2011

“The U.S. Treasury Department plans to wind down its $142 billion portfolio of mortgage bonds guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by selling as much as $10 billion per month.

Sales will start this month and be subject to market conditions, the department said today in a statement. When combined with principal repayments currently ranging between $3 billion and $5 billion a month, the sales may eliminate the portfolio in about one year, the Treasury said.

“We will exit this investment at a gradual and orderly pace to maximize the recovery of taxpayer dollars and help protect the process of repair of the housing finance market,””


18. Madman in the Marketplace - 21 March 2011

This woman is just amazing in this clip:

Pakistani Actress Veena Malik schools a mullah about Islam

19. Madman in the Marketplace - 21 March 2011
20. catnip - 21 March 2011

US Army ‘kill team’ in Afghanistan posed for photos of murdered civilians

Commanders in Afghanistan are bracing themselves for possible riots and public fury triggered by the publication of “trophy” photographs of US soldiers posing with the dead bodies of defenceless Afghan civilians they killed.

Senior officials at Nato’s International Security Assistance Force in Kabul have compared the pictures published by the German news weekly Der Spiegel to the images of US soldiers abusing prisoners in Abu Ghraib in Iraq which sparked waves of anti-US protests around the world.

They fear that the pictures could be even more damaging as they show the aftermath of the deliberate murders of Afghan civilians by a rogue US Stryker tank unit that operated in the southern province of Kandahar last year.

21. catnip - 21 March 2011
catnip - 21 March 2011

And by that I meant “Cover Your ASS”.

marisacat - 21 March 2011

oh let little Kuc lead the band (with no one in it, with a working instrument) toward impeachment. Just so cute of the little guy from .. Cleveland is it?

catnip - 21 March 2011

He did have some back up…I’ll see if I can find the list.

catnip - 21 March 2011


A hard-core group of liberal House Democrats is questioning the constitutionality of U.S. missile strikes against Libya, with one lawmaker raising the prospect of impeachment during a Democratic Caucus conference call on Saturday.

Reps. Jerrold Nadler (N.Y.), Donna Edwards (Md.), Mike Capuano (Mass.), Dennis Kucinich (Ohio), Maxine Waters (Calif.), Rob Andrews (N.J.), Sheila Jackson Lee (Texas), Barbara Lee (Calif.) and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D.C.) “all strongly raised objections to the constitutionality of the president’s actions” during that call, said two Democratic lawmakers who took part.

marisacat - 21 March 2011

Sad to say I just see it as electioneering… pandering to upset whupset quasi liberal groups, more HillPac than Obama.

I guess Barbara Lee gets a soft nod, at least she voted againt Afghanistan War, way back when. Then again, in the end it is all meaningless.

Dumb enough – the ones pining for Hill over Ob, as she is bats for war, and he likes to hang back, no matter the game at hand, well I guess but for basketball and brackets… .

Of 122 Tomahawks dropped in the first forays, 120 were ours. 2 were Britain’s…. but we are not leading. I love how we game the air space.

catnip - 21 March 2011

Well, at least somebody from the so-called left is making some noise.

marisacat - 21 March 2011

I wish it meant anything… but over and over, it does not.

22. catnip - 21 March 2011

Turkey Blocks NATO Mission in Libya

NATO decisions must be taken unanimously, but this week the alliance is showing greater division than it has in some time. Diplomats aren’t placing the blame squarely on Turkey, either. France is also reportedly blocking an agreement because it does not want to turn command for the operations over to the alliance. Several NATO partners commented critically on the NATO Council meeting on Sunday, saying that France, Britain and the United States were pushing ahead and not doing enough to inform their partners. Currently, no agreement is expected before Tuesday.

Food fight!

marisacat - 21 March 2011

I think we will just end up leading, by default.

Soemthing like that. Til of course he hangs on and we must decided what next.

23. marisacat - 21 March 2011



………… 8)

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