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Anti-dote 28 March 2011

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra recording The Fauna Seasons, the first classical album specifically made for plants to grow to, at Cadogan Hall in London. The unorthodox audience was made up of over 100 different varieties of plants and bulbs including geraniums, fuchsias and perennials    [HO/AFP/Getty Images]

Another version of the fox, sleeping away, his nose in a posey of Daffodils or Narcissus…




1. marisacat - 28 March 2011

hmm Full text from a pub. called Dong-A Ilbo, English version:

Japan nuke reactors` pressure vessels punctured`

MARCH 29, 2011 08:20

A Tokyo Electric Power Corp. source said Monday that pressure vessels in nuclear reactors Nos. 1 and 3 at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant 1 are believed to have punctures.

The corporation previously admitted that nuclear fuel rods were damaged by the overheating of nuclear reactors, but denied damage to pressure vessels. A pressure vessel is a core sealing device that blocks radioactive materials from leaking, and if punctured, radioactive damage could become uncontrollable.

In a news conference Monday evening, a corporation source said, “Pressure vessels Nos. 1 to 3 were damaged and open to the air. You can imagine images of pressure vessels with punctures,” adding, “Water has not been filled to capacity in nuclear reactors despite efforts to inject water perhaps because pressure vessels have punctures.”

If the 16-centimeter thick pressure vessels have punctures, melted nuclear fuel could have fallen into the bottom of the vessels to form a puncture or the inner wall of the vessels could have melted, the corporation said.

Japanese nuclear authorities say they have no choice but to continue injecting water to cool down the reactors. If pressure vessels are damaged, they cannot prevent high-density, radiation-contaminated water from constantly leaking. [they need to seal those suckers… – Mcat]

The power corporation also said Sunday that the level of radioactive iodine 134 in water contained in turbine room of reactor No. 2 reached 2.9 billion becquerels, or 10 million times the normal level. It issued a correction Monday morning that the level of cesium 134 was found to be 29 million becquerels, 100,000 times the normal level.

I cannot remember if it was Michio Kaku or Joe Cirincione today, who said the crack (no IF) in No 3 is long, vertical, both above and below the cooling water AND whoever it was reminded, cracks don’t get smaller.

m - 28 March 2011

kaku also said weeks ago to seal them ASAP in concrete.

marisacat - 28 March 2011

yes he did, I made a search today of news articles on Fukushima with commentary from him… he said it almost right away.

2. brinn - 28 March 2011

I love “puncture” — makes it sound like an itty bitty pinhole, right?

They are CRACKED and they’ve been “leaking” since DAY ONE!

I had the week from hell last week, but all through it, I just kept thinking about all of the people left in Fukushima prefecture….got me through just fine…

Though we all may be in various stages of bad-isotope hell before too long….

marisacat - 28 March 2011

nicked. Just a nick.

A rendering one of the news shows used was a joke. A small horizontal itty bitty crack far above the water line.

brinn - 28 March 2011

I like to check here:

for updates

ok, maybe “like” is the wrong word, but at least they are actual scientists! 😉

marisacat - 28 March 2011

I like the Union of Concerned Scientists… but the problem is, even as they get info out, their foundational basis is arguing, lobbying, etc., for greater safety for the nuclear industry.

Ain’t gonna happen.

This show in Japan is a joke, a tragedy of careful bumbling and so much like BP+ Obrama admin and soon to move on to the Feinberg ‘screw the people out of their damages’ stage.

Corporate in charge, the government and regulatory agencies – academics too – long since bought sold traded leashed and happy to be whipped. A sclerotic and CRIMINAL government.

“Greater safety” won’t be happening.

brinn - 28 March 2011

Agreed…and agreed.

I was actually thankful, despite all the shit going down, that I had zero time to look at any of this crap last week….

Damn, but humans are really too stupid to survive much longer….I just wish I could take the kiddos elsewhere!

3. BooHooHooMan - 28 March 2011

My God, you two –
GE nuclear reactors have melted down in Japan, you say?

What will this do to the ongoing Michele Bachmann coverage on MSNBC? Smoke THAT Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich!

Somebody needs to get this to Olbermann at, well, wherevah!

I see they did manage tear themselves away from their incessant Bright Shiny Object baby rattling
{Look Over Here! Look Over Here!}
to powder Obama’s bottom on Libya.

brinn - 28 March 2011

Speaking of MSNBC…..

What the fucking hell?!….

MA? Really?! So the next time it rains here, I guess I better get a lead umbrella, eh?


brinn - 28 March 2011

How did t manage to reach the east coast when everything on the West Coast is all so, well, you know, safe and all?

marisacat - 28 March 2011

I read today it is in Paris.

One of the links I posted and excerpted from, a study conducted by the Science Secretary to the EC for radiation effects, charted a spike in 7 countries, including the US, after Chernobyl… a spike of Leukemia in children whe were in utero as the fall out spread.

And this is going to go on for months while everyone on view but the victims is strategically bumbling?


brinn - 28 March 2011

Absolute bullfuckingshit…

Thing is, they can’t actually Chernobyl it..it’s too hot and too big and too close to the ocean and not on “solid” ground….

totally FUBAR.

marisacat - 28 March 2011

Michio Kaku said over 11 days ago they need to start sealing it. That they are just lurching from crisis to crisis.

They did fr a while dump a concrete mud on No 3. I have no idea if they stopped.

The radioactive sea water they pumped in… is getting out, it has flooded drains and sewers.

brinn - 28 March 2011

Interesting…I’d love to know what happened to the mud….

marisacat - 28 March 2011

well they have known about that craaaack! for a long time… and that one is where the plutonium, POX, is. Along with everything else.

This game is ridiculous, they think they can do whatever and the other 4 (out of the 10 that are there), hardly ever mentiond, can somehow still go on producing.

m - 28 March 2011

you beat me to it….yes, the only reasonable thing to do, but when EVERYONE has been told not to talk about worst case scenarios, no one is dealing with the whole story.

another too little too late

marisacat - 28 March 2011

but it was immdiately called, not a danger to health.

brinn - 28 March 2011

Yeah, well, life is dangerous to health in the long term, seeing as how we all end up dead…doesn’t mean I want to stuff my head into a barrel of radioactive waste….

I was telling kid the elder just the other day that the world is full of liars and the ones who you hear talking most often (on the TV, radio, etc.) are the biggest ones….

Am I a horrible parent?

marisacat - 28 March 2011

oH I think that is the right attitude… children should NOT be taught to respect authority. They can be taught ways to get along with it, to survive… but this bullshite of respecting all manner of authority leads to the Obs and the Bushes nd the Clintons of life. Tasering. CDS and fiduciary malfeasance painted as ordinary Americans beng greedy.

Hell I thought Greed IS our national side dish. On the way to dessert.

brinn - 28 March 2011

Thanks, Marisa, I needed to hear that…some days, when my head is spinning from just trying to stand up straight and string a coherent thought together, I second-guess how well I’m doing with the boyos, but mostly I think I’m doing well…they’re great little people so far! 😉

marisacat - 28 March 2011

oh it is like “respect the office” disagree with the “policies”.

Alwys sounds like “lie down and die” to me.

Madman in the Marketplace - 28 March 2011

no, you’re teaching a vital survival skill.

brinn - 28 March 2011

thanks, madman — it has kept me alive thus far, but it is a sweet little balancing act to teach to kiddos who must often respect my authority…the trick so far has been to establish a huge pool of mutual respect and open communication…still, they have to take “no” for an answer!

Combine the parenting with the job hunting with the two part-time jobs and some days, I wonder how I do it?!

Madman in the Marketplace - 28 March 2011

of course, the trick is learning to distrust authority while avoiding provoking authority … unless of course you want to provoke them.

brinn - 28 March 2011

exactly! I am hoping to impart the former on yon boyos without them having to make the same mistakes with the latter as yours truly! As I always tell them though, different mistakes are expected!

poor guys!

Madman in the Marketplace - 28 March 2011

they’re too busy pimping for energy discussions on Dylan Ratigan’s “Steel on Wheels” tour (sponsored by a steel company):

Since December, he’s been taking “The Dylan Ratigan Show” on the road with the Steel on Wheels tour, traveling around the country so experts can come together and discuss what he identifies as the nation’s “trillion-dollar problems.” Later this week, he’s heading to Oklahoma to talk energy and plans to follow up the forum with a trip to Washington.

“Energy is the one that is the most solvable and that we have the most political and social appetite to deal with, which is why I’ve chosen it,” he explained. He’s recruited a political potpourri of guests to appear at the summit including T. Boone Pickens, Ashwin Madia of VoteVets.org, Bob Deans of the Natural Resources Defense Council, former CIA Director James Woolsey and Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla.

“The reason they agreed to it is that I called everybody up and said, ‘Listen, this is a s—show, the greens are getting nowhere, the industrialists are getting nowhere, oil is going through the roof, I just have to turn on the news in Asia or the Middle East to understand what’s at stake,’ ” Ratigan said. “We all want to get off Mideast oil, we all want to get onto domestic energy production.”

Ratigan noted that the push could create more American jobs. “Let me ask you a question,” he said. “Why the f— wouldn’t we do that? Excuse my language.”

Yup, sterling group of “progressives” in that bunch. I caught a nuke industry flack on there today before I quickly changed the channel.

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 March 2011

I’m not sure I posted this or not:

What really happened in Trafalgar Square

It’s midnight on 26 March, a day that saw almost half a million students, trades unionists, parents, children and concerned citizens from all over Britain demonstrate against the government’s austerity programme. All day, street fights across London between anti-cuts protestors and the police have turned this city into a little warzone. Barricades burned in Piccadilly as militant groups escalated the vandalism; the shopfronts of major banks and tax-avoiding companies have been smashed and daubed with graffiti, and Oxford Street was occupied and turned into a mass street party. Now, night is falling on the Trafalgar kettle, and the square stinks of cordite, emptied kidneys and anxiety. We’ve been here for three hours, and it’s freezing; we burn placards and share cigarettes to maintain an illusion of warmth.

Commander Bob Broadhurst, who was in charge of the Metropolitan Police operation on the day, later states that the clashes in Trafalgar square began because “for some reason one of [the protestors] made an attack on the Olympic clock.” That is not what happened. Instead, I witness the attempted snatch arrest of a 23 year-old man who they suspect of damaging the shop front of a major chain bank earlier in the day.

It starts when a handful of police officers moved through the quiet crowd, past circles of young people sharing snacks, smoking, playing guitars and chatting. They move in to grab the young man, but his friends scrambled to prevent the arrest being made, dragging him away from the police by his legs. Batons are drawn; a scuffle breaks out, and that scuffle becomes a fight, and then suddenly hundreds of armoured riot police are swarming in, seemingly from nowhere, sweeping up the steps of the National Gallery, beating back protesters as they go.

Things escalate very quickly. In the space of a minute and a half, the police find themselves surrounded on both sides by enraged young people who had gathered for a peaceful sit-in at the end of the largest workers’ protest in a generation. The riot line advances on both sides, forcing protesters back into the square; police officers are bellowing and laying into the demonstrators with their shields.

Both sides begin to panic. Some of them start to throw sticks, and as the police surge forward, shouting and raising their weapons, others band together to charge the lines with heavy pieces of metal railing, which hit several protestors on their way past. Next to me, young people are raising their hands and screaming “don’t hit us!”; some are yelling at the armoured police – “shame on you! Your job’s next!”

Madman in the Marketplace - 28 March 2011

sorry, that should have all been blockquoted.

Madman in the Marketplace - 28 March 2011

Minutes after the fights begin in Trafalgar square, so does the backlash. Radio broadcasters imply that anyone who left the pre-ordained march route is a hooligan, and police chiefs rush to assure the public that this “mindless violence” has “nothing to do with protest.”

The young people being battered in Trafalgar square, however, are neither mindless nor violent. In front of the lines, a teenage girl is crying and shaking after being shoved to the ground. “I’m not moving, I’m not moving,” she mutters, her face smeared with tears and makeup. “I’ve been on every protest, I won’t let this government destroy our future without a fight. I won’t stand back, I’m not moving.” A police officer charges, smacking her with his baton as she flings up her hands.

The cops cram us further back into the square, pushing people off the plinths where they have tried to scramble for safety. By now there are about 150 young people left in the square, and only one trained medic, who has just been batoned in the face; his friends hold him up as he blacks out, and carry him to the police lines, but they won’t let him leave. By the makeshift fire, I meet the young man whose attempted arrest started all this. “I feel responsible,” he said, “I never wanted any of this. None of us did”

Back on the column, a boy in a black hoodie and facerag hollers through his hands to his friends, who have linked arms in front of the police line. “This is what they want!” he yells, pointing at the Houses of Parliament. “They want us to fight each other. They want us to fight each other!

“They’re laughing all the way to the bank!”

brinn - 28 March 2011

Wow! It’s Quadrophenia!

Madman in the Marketplace - 28 March 2011

so little changes, except good music is harder to find.

marisacat - 28 March 2011

“This is what they want!” he yells, pointing at the Houses of Parliament. “They want us to fight each other. They want us to fight each other!

well bingo on that.

I saw… think on Deutsche Welle, but might have been Euro News… about the soccer “hooligan” groups that are gearing up, they say, for the coming big soccer play offs (or whaever it is, even tho I like soccer I don’t really follow the system of the play offs) the various hooligan groups, Germany, Poland and the UK are preparing for mass battles.

Hell I believe it, even if some of it is orchestrated by infiltrators… and some of it is bully bravado ”talking” ahead of time.

It all feeds that warring impulse.

marisacat - 28 March 2011

Sounds provoked to me…. I mean, by the police.

I read that possibly 200 out of, depending on what numbers one accepts, of 250,00, 400,000 up to a half million, engaged in disorder or violence or mayhem or whatever.

Madman in the Marketplace - 28 March 2011

me too … I think the UK Uncut movement was getting too much good press, and it was time to dirty them up.

brinn - 28 March 2011

I hope to hell that takes off here….

brinn - 28 March 2011

strange that usuncut doesn’t have anything about 3/26 in the UK on its site…

5. BooHooHooMan - 28 March 2011

Thanks to Catnip on her earlier post on USA Kill Teams in Afghanistan


I see MJS at SMBIVA has Mike Flugennock’s latest as well.

All so sadly spot on…
but for any Obama fans a little queasy now,
Too bad Obama didn’t end the Wars, no?

Oh but he’s doing that as we speak, right? ~ in Libya!
Surely this is nothing like Afghanistan. Righto. More like Iraq! Which Obama Won!

Ghaddafi is a bad guy, see, Bad Guy!
And Nothing to do with Oil, Israel, or that crazy NeoConiberal Imperialism!
Obama is there to help!

marisacat - 28 March 2011

They are still shipping out, from the West Coast at least, for Iraq.

Even Jackie Spier (D-San Mateo and a big slice of SF) —-not that she cares but it means she has seen polling that tells her what to do —- said Libya has the “fingerprints of Afghanistan” all over it. No end game, no real objective (or just a bad one) and whoops.

It will be like Bosnia and the other “former Yugoslavia”, we will be there for 20 years or more. 40.

BooHooHooMan - 28 March 2011

20 or 40 years..Well, not factoring in stateside GE nuclear plant life expectancy we won’t.
So we got that goin for us.

It won’t be for lack of Tryyying™ tho!

marisacat - 28 March 2011

He triiiieeedddd.

he really really did……………………..

Well, not factoring in stateside GE nuclear plant life expectancy we won’t.

I surely mistyped.. I surely did. I think I meant 24,000 years, to start anyway.

BooHooHooMan - 28 March 2011

Could be worse. There is one thing that might last longer than our murderous and moneygrubbing wars and that is the half life of Plutonium 239, yep, only about 24 thousand years.

But More and Better Democrats are always an historic election away, the Fight Goes On, the Dream Will Never Die, Now is Our Time you know, etc. Of course, the face may melt off, but not everything is like that, ya can’t have everything, Change takes time. It’s only Obama’s first term. Next time the Dems control Congress and the White House, baby, why then…

ETC. 🙄

marisacat - 28 March 2011

I read today that Tommy Franks has gone to Tejas, to manage the campaign of Williams for the senate. Both old Midland boys and THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION. Ehvah!

We (they say, Tommy says) must change the course the country is taking.

Don’t make me laugh TOO FUCKING Hard.

brinn - 28 March 2011

bad guy, got it! 😉

oh, remind me to tell ya’ll some of my mom’s stories about working in the Lybian Embassy in DC back when there was one….not tonight tho…

brinn - 28 March 2011

er, and the Libyan Embassy too…

Damn, I should go to bed!

BooHooHooMan - 28 March 2011

Just 5 more minutes!

Come on, tell us the Lib~ you know, Embassy one!

6. catnip - 28 March 2011
BooHooHooMan - 28 March 2011

Oh yes, beginning with the absurd “NATO operation now” assertion.

{Transition to NATO Checklist:
__ New email addresses everybody!
__ Change Org Chart and Commander’s picture on wall!

The Grand Coalition rides again!

catnip - 28 March 2011

Bloody stupidity – and people are buying it.

We’re turning it over to NATO now!

What? We’re in NATO too?

Well there’s NATO NATO and then there’s NATO NATO!

marisacat - 28 March 2011

except therer is a piece in the NYT that we are still moving heavy war making “stuff” to the area, and still, we dropped allthe bombs but for 7… but that NATO schtick was what they devised for the war on the FYugoslavia iirc.

As we actively sought to break up a country. Same thing here.

There is stuff coming out about members of some of the so called Libya opposition going to Paris last October. One scenario is that this intervention (in which I think again we hired out the Big Fuckign US War Making Machine) is to head off loss of contracts between France and whoever else… and Libya.

There probably is some element of that in the figuring. Seems more than possible.

marisacat - 28 March 2011

Here it is:


[B]ut interviews in recent days offer a fuller picture of American involvement, and show that it is far deeper than discussed in public and more instrumental to the fight than was previously known.

From the air, the United States is supplying much more firepower than any other country, with American bombing missions increasing to 107 on Sunday, from 49 on Thursday. Besides taking part in the airstrikes, the American military is taking the lead role in gathering intelligence, intercepting Libyan radio transmissions, for instance, and using the information to orchestrate attacks against the Libyan forces on the ground. And over the weekend the Air Force quietly sent three of its most fearsome weapons to the operation.

The strategy for White House officials nervous that the Libya operation could drag on for weeks or months, even under a NATO banner, is to hit Libyan forces hard enough to force them to oust Colonel Qaddafi, a result that Mr. Obama has openly encouraged. ….

BooHooHooMan - 28 March 2011

As we actively sought to break up a country. Same thing here.

There is stuff coming out about members of some of the so called Libya opposition going to Paris last October. One scenario is that this intervention (in which I think again we hired out the Big Fuckign US War Making Machine) is to head off loss of contracts between France and whoever else… and Libya. – mcat

So spot on…. much like your archived posts on Dk around the AUMF as we began bombing Baghdad.
I wonder how long before the dreadful results come in on this one.

marisacat - 28 March 2011

hmm I am thinking Eastern Libya agreed to be the HQ for AFRICOM, among other things.

There was a very telling little event, reported only once that I came across. Christiane, in interview with either Qaddafi or Saif (I forget which) was challenged to find victims of the big guns, the anti aircraft artillery or the big 50 mil guns. Which we said, and websites exhorting for US involvemnt and to spread what Qadafi was doing, said he was using on “his ow people”.

She said they sent reporters around to hospitals, doctors, MEs and Coroners could show them people shot, full frontal and head shots and so on, but no bodies, no injuries from what we said the Libyan mil had been doing.

This is not an endorsement of Qaddafi… but all that Mad Dog crap was started by Reagan, in a speech. It’s hung on and he has cultivated it, as have we.

7. catnip - 28 March 2011
catnip - 28 March 2011

The Guardian reports that if some unnamed African country that doesn’t recognize the ICC will take Gadaffi, that’s just fine with the US and the UK.

Maybe it’s just me, but that sounds an awful lot like aiding and abetting the escape of a war criminal.

marisacat - 28 March 2011

Except he has been the BFF post 911, for a few years, recently to many of us Western Imperial Powers… so, you know, we owe him. And he helped us into war.

Gotta be grateful.

marisacat - 28 March 2011

Surely Ob has some leverage in………… Kenya?



There has got to be somewhere for an old frenemy.

marisacat - 28 March 2011

I know! Morocco. Hilpac said it is a model for the rest, or she like Moroccans. Something like that.

8. marisacat - 28 March 2011

You made me love you! I didnna wanna do it! You made me love you.

Oh the force of going to war. All laid out again for us.

A STAIN! What?, like Plutonium?

Obama Says Libya Massacre Would Stain World Conscience

Bloomberg – Mike Dorning, Hans Nichols – ‎23 minutes ago‎

President Barack Obama said the US and its allies had to take military action in Libya to avert a massacre of civilians that would have “stained the conscience of the world.

BooHooHooMan - 28 March 2011

How hideous coming from Barry,
the Buck Stops Here Guy,
the GITMO Closer Primary Dude,
the Drone President,
the matching set of lips for Petraeus cock,
the Kill Team Commander in Chief.

marisacat - 28 March 2011

We can’t have a stain!

BooHooHooMan - 28 March 2011

This Bush is no Clinton!

9. BooHooHooMan - 28 March 2011

Sounds to me like the U.S. just blew up a 110 civilians in Yemen.

Factory Explosion Follows Yemeni Forces’ Pullout


Published: March 28, 2011

SANA, Yemen — Yemen’s political crisis deepened Monday when an explosion tore through a crowd of looters at an abandoned government weapons factory in the south, killing at least 110 people and underscoring an ominous collapse of authority after six weeks of rising protests.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh cast the government’s losses in stark terms on Sunday, telling a committee from his political party that 6 of Yemen’s 18 provinces “have fallen.”


One thing is clear: Yemen’s opposition parties, as well as the loose-knit youth groups that led the protests challenging Mr. Saleh, believe the chaos and violence are nothing more than a cynical political ploy.

On Monday, the opposition parties, known as the J.M.P., released a statement saying of the factory explosion: “This horrible crime came after the order of the authority to openly withdraw its military and security in favor of Qaeda and other armed groups, in a desperate attempt of President Saleh to confirm his argument that Yemen is just a ticking time bomb.”

The explosion on Monday took place as crowds of impoverished local residents were looting the factory for valuable weapons, witnesses said. It appears to have been accidental, 🙄

possibly caused by a lighted cigarette on gunpowder or a gun used to open a room full of dynamite.

Riiiight. Yes, sure, happens all the time at Acme Rockets in the cartoons.

BooHooHooMan - 28 March 2011

Sorry, missed the first blockquote, that cartoonish piece is from the NYT

This among the shite inside:

The Saudis have been involved in efforts to secure a “dignified exit” from power, according to an Arab diplomat who spoke on the condition of anonymity in line with diplomatic protocol. The Saudis refused a plea for support from the Yemeni foreign minister, Abu Bakr al-Qirbi, who flew to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, last week.

The Saudis “are not coordinating their initiatives with the Americans,” in part because of lingering anger over the way the United States handled the fall of President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, the diplomat said.


Hitting the hay, ‘night all.

10. marisacat - 29 March 2011

Don’t worry! Not only is it perfectly safe, and not not not dangerous to your health…


Japan’s nuke agency says radioactive water not overflowing into Pacific

Xinhua – Zhang Xiang – ‎42 minutes ago‎

but whoops oops, keep reading and it is just “not confirmed”….

TOKYO, March 29 (Xinhua) — Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said Tuesday that radioactive water from the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant had not been confirmed to have leaked into the Pacific Ocean from the plant’s …

m - 29 March 2011

…radioactive water is being turned into steam and then rain on the west coast.

11. marisacat - 29 March 2011


Be thankful for some things I guess… the japanese cartoon character for PU/Plutonium never caught on. Sounds like it overreached, even for a fictional little lumpling of a cartoon.

The brainchild of a now defunct government research organization, the apple-cheeked animated Little Mr. Pluto debuted in the mid-1990s wearing a green helmet with a pair of antennae and the chemical symbol for plutonium, PU. Promising to “never be scary or dangerous,” Little Mr. Pluto extolled the benefits of plutonium, which Japanese nuclear authorities have viewed as a fuel of the future for fast breeder reactor technology.

But an animated video used in educational materials included a widely criticized scene showing Little Mr. PU shaking hands with a boy who safely downs a plutonium-tainted beverage to make the debatable point the substance would pass through a body without doing harm.

marisacat - 29 March 2011

Guess he doesn’t want to peevishly say he ”wants his life back”.

TEPCO CEO Hasn’t Been Seen In Weeks, And There Are Rumors He Has Fled Or Committed Suicide

12. m - 29 March 2011

Israel warning over ‘Palestinian statehood bid’

Israel’s foreign ministry has told its envoys to warn UN members that the Palestinians could face retaliatory steps if they unilaterally declare independence, the Haaretz newspaper said on Tuesday.

The newspaper quoted unnamed ministry officials as saying Director General Rafael Barak sent classified cables to more than 30 embassies last week directing them to lodge protests against Palestinian efforts to gain recognition of statehood at the United Nations General Assembly in September.
The paper did not specify what measures Israel might take, but National Infrastructures Minister Uzi Landau has said the proper response would be to annex land in the occupied West Bank.


13. m - 29 March 2011

The Great Wall Street Sucking Sound

As one mathematician-turned-trader friend recently put it to me, why should he work on new high-tech products at Bell Labs when he could make five times as much crafting 12-dimensional models of the stock-buying and -selling behaviors of average Joes for a major global-investment house, which could then turn around and make massive profits by betting against those very patterns?


How Long?

How long has this been going on???

ts - 29 March 2011

This has been going on for hundreds of years. Just in fewer dimensions.

14. m - 29 March 2011
15. marisacat - 29 March 2011

Gah… DiFi was on the local talk radio this am… and w/r/t Libya there “are things we are doing she cannot talk about”.

Alwys so reassuring to know there is a secret plan to end the war. On an unspecified date.

diane - 29 March 2011

…on secrets ….this March 21 post just flit across my mind …(hat tip to Dave Lindorff):

At the time of writing there is no definitive evidence that depleted uranium munitions have been used in joint US, UK, French and Italian attacks on Libya. However there is potential for them to be used and ICBUW reminds belligerents of their obligations under IHL. The statement is available in English, Italian and French.


16. BooHooooMan - 29 March 2011

Our Elites, they are such fun at parties.
Enter Bloomberg last night…

Why oh Why can’t utter disaster hit during one of these deals? With footage coming in from everywhere.., our national leaders having rushed to the White House dias to present a united front, Barry and entourage at the mic in sportswear, Bloomberg in tights, The Clintons in hardhats, Rahm with a snow shovel, Kerry all orange vest and Elmer Fudd flanneled, Guilianni in drag, Delay and the lesser mortals commenting fresh off Dancing with the Stars…

marisacat - 29 March 2011

I jsut saw clips of the London Cameron Get Together On Libya… Masses of deader than corpses looking bureacrats in dark grey wool… and there was Hillary doing her head nod routine.

Yes truly.

diane - 29 March 2011

that’s just obscene, guess I should’ve noticed that .jpg extension … cod piece advice from georgie?

17. diane - 29 March 2011

a CBS piece on Whistleblowers from the San Onofre, Cali plant:

SoCal nuclear plant’s safety questioned – History of safety concerns and alleged stifling of whistleblowers raises questions about San Onofre nuclear plant

By Terry McCarthy
March 29,2011

…The 28-year old plant is just five miles from an earthquake fault. Like Fukushima, it has a long history of management problems and safety violations including faulty diesel generators, falsified fire watch reports, and inoperable emergency batteries.

“The thing that was occurring was that there was very little oversight,” says Mike Mason, who worked at San Onofre for 30 years along with Rick Busnardo, who was there for 25. They were in charge of making canisters to store spent nuclear fuel – one of the biggest worries right now at the Japan plant. In 2008, they say they discovered an employee was welding the canisters incorrectly.

“Potentially there could have failed to contain the fuel rod like it was supposed to,” Mason said. “He knew he was doing wrong and we immediately identified that to our senior management. They weren’t really receptive to it.”

Mason and Busnardo were so concerned they took their issue to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. They weren’t alone. By 2009, complaints related to safety from San Onofre workers hit nearly 10 times the industry average.

18. diane - 29 March 2011

NBC Bay Area (Cali) has a piece that looks like it might be interesting, but everytime I click the link: Exclusive: Member of GE3 Speaks Out, Internet Explorer shuts down on me, here’s an excerpt from their main news page:

Exclusive: Member of GE3 Speaks Out

A nuclear scientist was so alarmed by a nuclear reactor he was working on in Japan, he quit in protest. That was three decades ago. Now that same Mark 1 Nuclear Reactor could be the reason behind the…

19. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 March 2011
diane - 29 March 2011

fockers ….same thing the seniors in charge did to at least 152 of us protesting the Oscar Grant Mehserle verdict …’kettled us’…and then, Unlawful Arrest of peaceful protesters, no offer to peacefully disburse ….I do believe the powers that be are planning on shutting down peaceful protest.

20. artemisia - 29 March 2011

The reality is that women are treated differently by society for exactly the same reason that children and the mentally handicapped are treated differently. It’s just easier this way for everyone. You don’t argue with a four-year old about why he shouldn’t eat candy for dinner. You don’t punch a mentally handicapped guy even if he punches you first. And you don’t argue when a women tells you she’s only making 80 cents to your dollar. It’s the path of least resistance. You save your energy for more important battles. -Scott Adams

Read more here

21. marisacat - 29 March 2011



…………… 😯

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