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Moving East 29 March 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, AFRICOM, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Pan Arab Revolt - 2011, WAR!.

A burnt tank on the road to Sirte [Youssef Boudlal/Reuters]




1. marisacat - 29 March 2011

Sad mess. Fighting for power to hand it over to the neo colonials. Well, and: become rich.


Reporting from London— With the U.S. handing off responsibility for military action in Libya, scores of diplomats and international officials gathered in London to start plotting the country’s future and declared their resolve to maintain pressure on Moammar Kadafi until he stops attacking his own people.

But there were no Libyans included in the blue-ribbon guest list Tuesday. Nor was there a consensus among NATO countries taking command of the military action on its ultimate goal, or whether it would be enough for Kadafi to flee to another country rather than face prosecution.

A few representatives of the rebels fighting Kadafi hovered on the fringes of the high-level talks. However, their absence from the meetings was a reflection of just how politically delicate the crisis in Libya remains, and how much its outcome could depend on outside factors.

2. marisacat - 30 March 2011

Oh noes. Ob to give major, but!, non-prime time speech today. On energy. 11:30 am ET.

Time to pop in a disc of Mad Men!

3. BooHooHooMan - 30 March 2011

Necrophiliac cannibal of organ trafficking Gangster State Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu sues media for libel

m - 30 March 2011

So convenient that some Palestinians have similar dna.

4. m - 30 March 2011

Ron Reagan: Father ‘a fetish object for the far right’


5. BooHooHooMan - 30 March 2011

Yes, Why Not bring back Bush…

“Breaking” News now in every outlet, Obama used secret Executive Order for the CIA to have theirway in Libya several weeks ago…

Remember Bush? The Obama con of transparency?

Good Luck all ye so Liberalshnizer Democrats, Good Luck!
There’s some consistency out the ole poltical pooperoo there, right?

marisacat - 30 March 2011

oh we had a further update.

It excludes military materiel.

So I guess sweetened condensed milk is OK’d thru a secret finding? Plenty of people have said, if you want to support them, air drop food.

Yeah no weapons. Bridges for sale in all ailes.

marisacat - 30 March 2011

aisles? That looks better anyway.

BooHooHooMan - 30 March 2011

I happened to have obtained the internal Obama White House charge sheets for the revised
Operation Libya, Love Ya!

Flying Robot Bomb Requisition.

__ Military
__ Intelligence

__ Military
__ Intelligence

Street Killings, Trophy Pictures.
__ Military
__ Intelligence

TORTURE Whoops! 😳
Enhanced Interogation Techniques™!
__ Military
__ Intelligence™

Cargo Planes of Cash to Go Missing.
__ Military
__ Intelligence

marisacat - 30 March 2011

oh that gave me a laugh!

Although I think “Interrogation” is now

Medical Services.

marisacat - 30 March 2011


[I]n 2009 Mr Obama gave a similar authorisation for the expansion of covert US counter-terrorism actions by the CIA in Yemen. The White House does not normally confirm such orders have been issued.

Because US and allied intelligence agencies still have many questions about the identities and leadership of anti-Gaddafi forces, any covert US activities are likely to proceed cautiously until more information about the rebels can be collected and analysed, officials said.

According to an article speculating on possible US covert actions in Libya published early in March on the website of the Voice of America, the US government’s broadcasting service, a covert action is “any US government effort to change the economic, military, or political situation overseas in a hidden way.”

The article, by VOA intelligence correspondent Gary Thomas, said covert action “can encompass many things, including propaganda, covert funding, electoral manipulation, arming and training insurgents, and even encouraging a coup….

BooHooHooMan - 30 March 2011

ALL of which is going so well under the Nobel Prize Winner.
You know, the Change Guy –

Oh Lordy. Anybody in need of a laugh?

Dear Markos: Are We ‘The Left’ Or Are We Big D Democrats?

Which way do we go George, which way do we go?

marisacat - 30 March 2011

Change Guy.

just reminds me how many people are begging on the streets.

6. BooHooHooMan - 30 March 2011
m - 30 March 2011

We are all an open book.

7. marisacat - 30 March 2011

I hadn’t been to IOZ since Sunday and … he is just smacking Oblation around like crazy. Several posts Monday thru Wednesday… AND Libya.


I cannot decide which one I love best… tho the two with pictorials are pretty fab.

BooHooHooMan - 30 March 2011

Provacative lad, that IOZ, provocative lad.
His use of the 2000 Bush v Gore Supremes decision alongside Oboma’s Newspeak on Libya is superb.

8. BooHooHooMan - 30 March 2011

Libyan Foreign Minister bolts to Britain.
Evidently prepared for lifetime of rhyming name taunts Moussa Koussa now enters exile as
..Vamoussa Koussa.

9. BooHooHooMan - 30 March 2011

Yep… right on schedule…

Within Obama’s war cabinet, battle looms over Afghanistan pullout

..from The WaPo, there.

And for any remnant Pwogwessive bloginis out there who happen to be staggering by,

Got it! – > just because Robert Gates and Peter Petraeus happen to have very similar names, physical appearance, and wardrobes like Bush’s last Defense Secretary and much celebraterd General , no inference should be made that these berzerkers are the same Obama guys, nor preclude of course, that President Peace Lovin’ LoveBaby isn’t his own man.

marisacat - 30 March 2011

Did you see the piece in Wapo? ooo the knives are out. And he continues to rehab Dub and GHW.

U.S. wants other nations to pitch in on Libya

President Obama has touted his emphasis on multilateralism in the U.S. military intervention in Libya, but — for political, operational and legal reasons — his “coalition of the willing” is smaller than any major multilateral operation since the end of the Cold War.

The Cable compiled a list of the countries that contributed at least some military assets to the five major military operations in which the United States participated in a coalition during the past 20 years: the 1991 Persian Gulf War (32 countries participating), the 1995 Bosnia mission (24 countries), the 1999 Kosovo mission (19 countries), the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan (48 countries) and the 2003 invasion of Iraq (40 countries), at the height of the size of each coalition.

As of today, only 15 countries, including the United States, have committed to a military contribution to the war in Libya.


Michael O’Hanlon, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, said the administration’s effort to build the coalition was hampered by its stated desire to hand off the leadership of the Libya intervention to NATO.

“Obama, in his deference to [getting out of the lead], has not only wanted other countries to do as much as they could, he has essentially forgone his responsibility to build the coalition,” he said. …

So cruel. How could they attack like taht. he is doing the bestest he can.

BooHooHooMan - 30 March 2011

his “coalition of the willing” is smaller

Well, as I’ve heard on occasion,
“What can be done with ~THAT?
Oh I dunno, he might try wearing bigger shoes.
Or insist that it be viewed only from certain angles. LOL.

Maybe consult his Doctor. As the saying goes considering the starting point of situations like this, any “coalition of the willing” that lasts longer than four hours should be immediately declared a fucking miracle.

Poor Barry, poor limp Barry.

marisacat - 30 March 2011

Quite a few digs in there.

God knows why, he seems to be doing their job….

But back in the primaries I thought, they can slice dice mince EITHER a woman or a POC who is allowed in.

BooHooHooMan - 30 March 2011

It’s all about slithering back to the Smart War. The Coalition of the whatever hoo-hoo’s. I love how the use of the term “defects” is being bandied about when some pliant despot fuck or other client up till a week ago decides they better cash out.

“Defects”..or “the Allies” is another..
So desperate to keep their crumbling post-WW thru Cold War bearings.

Germany? Out. Japan? Pretty much as we left things 1945. Thanks for the Hondas.

The BRIC? Brazil, Russia, India, and China?
Oh they had an answer for Barry , Hillary and Susan Rice..Something akin to Thanks but no thanks, team!
Their abstention along with a
“No, we won’t embarass you.
Ya’ll Americans are doing fine on your own.”

Oh I think everybody is down with this cartoon by now.

marisacat - 31 March 2011

I especially loved how the Norwegian planes headed out, but turned around and flew back

Plus look at Sarko, Cam and Oblation.

WHO in the name of anything would go to war with them. (and sadly it helps rehab Shrub and father)

10. BooHooHooMan - 30 March 2011

Obam and Hill really building the coalition now.
Bulgaria sends warship to join operation against Gaddafi
Saw it in the “Gigs” section on Craigslist under
‘NATO – Wanted, Part time’ , I guess.

11. BooHooHooMan - 30 March 2011

Then again, No NEED to bring back Bush.

<a href="Green bundler with the golden touch
Obama fundraiser got clean energy aid, then perch to advise Energy Secretary

So. This Obama camp money bundler on Obby’s Energy Task Force got 500 million in the last two years for his 4 year old VC company by taking the old Dem city machines energy credits and home winterization scams to an entirely new level of green: parlaying the big splashes of Obby Admin contracts into the old pump and dumpy in deals littered about NASDAQ.

This scandal, hmm, via the Center for Public Integrity, (I thought that excuse for drinks with Schlesinger , assorted ex-PBS staffers and Carter Admin types died 10 years ago) is picked up by the HuffPo . Maybe the Republicans won’t get wind of it. LOL.

No matter, Barry and his Dem ilk of lawyers, Warriors, Bankers and stock promoters have done as much to thwart and literally discredit legitimate “Green Energy” development as any other Cheneyite Oilman, Coal Barron, or Nuclear Energy shill …

BooHooHooMan - 30 March 2011
diane - 31 March 2011

Ms Huff was recently appointed as some muckety muck at CPI just recently, I think very, very near to her SUPERBOWL SUNDAY/AOL coup …and yeah ….while I’ve found a few things of value (or at least I thought so at the time) like a very large report on Water that they did, I’ve come to pretty much the same conclusion about CPI. Such a small, tight band of Educators; Finger Wagger Parents to the masses; and Truffle Snuffers we have ….to learn uz ….

12. diane - 31 March 2011
13. marisacat - 31 March 2011

Not, of course, that the old regs mattered.

“In the wake of the continuing nuclear tragedy in Japan, the United States government is still moving quickly to increase the amounts of radiation the population can ‘safely’ absorb by raising the safe zone for exposure to levels designed to protect the government and nuclear industry more than human life.

It’s all about cutting costs now as the infinite-growth paradigm sputters and moves towards extinction. As has been demonstrated by government conduct in the Gulf of Mexico in the wake of Deepwater Horizon and in Japan, life has taken a back seat to cost-cutting and public relations posturing.

The game plan now appears to be to protect government and the nuclear industry from “excessive costs”… at any cost.” (Washington’s Blog)

We are so blessed to have ObRama, Salazar, Lisa Jackson (EPA) and Chu on the job. So glad they have jobs. (Not that their predecessors were any better.)

in a Cpunch article…

BooHooHooMan - 31 March 2011

moving quickly to increase the amounts of radiation the population can ‘safely’ absorb

Call Baby Faby Fat Hunter back from her Safari!
We need them Fat Babies!
to soak up GE’s nuclear fallout by the POUND!
Identify the ones who did well on the BP dolphin then step em up quick to the fish and vegetable puree!

marisacat - 31 March 2011

I saw her on with some woman interviewer back when Rev Wright flap was at its height, before his Great Phildelphia SPeech. The interveiwer tried to raise it, but BFH unter said (looking very worried)

Please! We need to move on! This is not Helping The Children!!!!

Of course it made no sense.

diane - 31 March 2011

hhhhm wonder how Micky’s garden is doin …..any recent rains? ….. how’s din din? …oopsie? too many creepy critters ….we don’t eat from it? ……

[or should that have been Minnie [rat]]

diane - 31 March 2011

Washingtons blog also has a good post on the Daini reactor:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Smoke Rises from DIFFERENT Nuclear Complex … 7 Miles from the Leaking Reactors

The 6 problem reactors which have gotten all of the press are located within the Fukushima Daiichi complex.

However, the same nuclear power plant operator that runs the Daiichi complex – Tepco – runs a separate nuclear complex 7 miles away, called Fukushima Daini. There are 4 reactors located at the Daini complex.

On March 12th, Tepco reported:

Unit 1

– At 8:19am, there was an alarm indicating that one of the control rods
was not properly inserted, however, at 10:43am the alarm was automatically
called off. Other control rods has been confirmed that they are fully
inserted (reactor is in subcritical status)


– At 6:08PM, we announced the increase in reactor containment vessel
pressure, assumed to be due to leakage of reactor coolant. However, we
do not believe there is leakage of reactor coolant in the containment
vessel at this moment.

– At 5:22AM, the temperature of the suppression chamber exceeded 100
degrees. As the reactor pressure suppression function was lost, at 5:22AM,
it was determined that a specific incident stipulated in article 15,
clause 1 has occurred.

(Article 15, Clause 1 of Japan’s Act on Special Measures Concerning Nuclear Emergency Preparedness simply provides that there are elevated radiation levels or that “an event specified by a Cabinet Order as an event that indicates the occurrence of a nuclear emergency situation has occurred.”)

On March 14th, Reuters reported:

Tokyo Electric Power Co Inc said on Monday it had detected a rise in radiation levels at its Fukushima Daini nuclear power plant.

A company spokesman said that the cooling process at the plant has been working properly and that the rise was probably due to radiation leak at the nearby Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex, where cooling functions were damaged by Friday’s massive earthquake and tsunami.

Today, Tepco announced that smoke was seen rising from Daini reactor number 1:

Smoke was spotted at another nuclear plant in northeastern Japan on Wednesday, Tokyo Electric Power Co. said.

The company said smoke was detected in the turbine building of reactor No. 1 at the Fukushima Daini nuclear power plant around 6 p.m. (5 a.m. ET).

Smoke could no longer be seen by around 7 p.m. (6 a.m. ET), a company spokesman told reporters.

(there were some good posts there on the bp spill too … and this pic is good for some bleak ‘humor’)

marisacat - 31 March 2011

runs a separate nuclear complex 7 miles away, called Fukushima Daini http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fukushima_II_Nuclear_Power_Plant

How awful, that is the other 4, which are almost never heard about as being other, not shown reactors…. Altogher there are 10 reactors there on that coast that at Tepco. (that we know of)

And from almost the get go they have tried to obscure what is Daiichi and what is Daini. They use both words and hope people think it, whatever thye refer to, is encompassed with in the 6 most at issue.

Apparently next thing is some silicone shrouding. When they get to it, of course.

I wonder IF ANYONE, there or at a global nuclear agency (like IAEA) will get TEPCO off its ass for the second loc. I bet not.

We’ve sent over a calcified mess Dr Robert Gale, an American who teaches at Imperial College in London a hemaetologist who claims vast radiological knowledge (some at Chernobyl iirc), to say

All Clear. Nothing to happen to anyone. Even people working at the site are perfectly safe.

Meanwhile no one will pick up the bodies inside the 20 mile exclusion.

diane - 31 March 2011

Daiichi and Daini are numerical references. Fukushima Daiichi refers to TEPCO nuclear plant number one, which contains six units/reactors, and Fukushima Daini refers to Tepco plant number two, which contains four units/reactors. That makes 10 for TEPCO alone, then there’s the Onagawa nuclear plant, which is owned by Tohoku Electric Power Company Inc:

Onagawa nuclear power station, which is owned and operated by Tohoku Electric Power Company Incorporated (TYO:9506 ) (Tokuden) (Sendai, Japan). Onagawa, which has an operating capacity of 2,174 megawatts, had shut down safely following Friday’s earthquake, and Tokuden authorities determined that the radiation, measured at 21 micro Sieverts, did not originate at Onagawa. Tokuden believes that the radiation originated from Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1, following the hydrogen explosion at the unit on Saturday.

All reactors at Fukushima Daiichi, Fukushima Daini, and Onagawa are light water boiling water reactors.

The Onagawa plant has three reactors

The Onagawa Nuclear Power Station (hereinafter referred to as “the power station”) is located in the middle of the Oshika peninsula, is surrounded by the Minami-sanriku Kinkazan National Park and has three boiling water reactors. Unit 1 started operation in June, 1984, Unit 2 in July, 1995 and Unit 3 in January, 2002. The rated electric output for Unit 1 is 524,000 kW and 825,000kW for Units 2 and 3. The Onagawa Nuclear Power Station has been playing an important role as the source of the Tohoku region’s energy since Unit 1 began operation.

Oh and speaking of which … ugh, from yesterday’s Guardian:

As a tsunami ravaged the Japanese fishing town of Onagawa hundreds of residents fled for the safest place they knew: the local nuclear power plant.

diane - 31 March 2011

looks like there are many more nuclear reactors in Japan, wiki has this worldwide list)

marisacat - 31 March 2011

I have read something between 30 and 50, seeveral different operators…

marisacat - 31 March 2011

Yes but i have listened very carefully to NHK and they obscure it as much as tey can.

You need show and tell .. A PICTURE with this sort of thing. As I sai they have used the two names from the beginning (and i have mentioned this before) but I bet very few people lnow that 4 separate reactors sit near by.

BP did the same thing, with flipping around measurements of the leaking oil.

it’s all by design.

diane - 31 March 2011

indeed by design …a nasty semantics game being played by all the players and their dependents ….

marisacat - 31 March 2011

As a tsunami ravaged the Japanese fishing town of Onagawa hundreds of residents fled for the safest place they knew: the local nuclear power plant.

And I will say again, if they are so fucking safe then don’t just, as many suggest, buid them in city centers, hell build condos OVER them.

Glow Condos. Hot Condos. Safe for 24,000 Years Condos.

I’d favor, [you’ll be the] First to Go Condos: No fear of living thru the shortages!!


diane - 31 March 2011

that shilling by the powers that be from the Guardian had such a stench to it I had to get a tad of red …..

marisacat - 31 March 2011

which one? Monbiot?

There have been so many…

diane - 31 March 2011

I was generally refering to those with the yay or nay power at the Guardian not to let any asslickers with no fucking humanity off the hook though…

diane - 31 March 2011

that nuclear ‘shelter’ deception kinda reminds me of how many fled to Obama after the Bush travesty ….. stampeding folks before they could say no wait ….wait …..you’re not heading away, you’ve run in a circle, …to exactly the same spot…….

marisacat - 31 March 2011

ugh, Obama stank to high heaven in 2004. And it just gets worse and worse.

diane - 31 March 2011

yup …indeed, obama was just the last ‘point’ on a straight line to death.

14. m - 31 March 2011

Sky Games:

Why did website linked to Syria regime publish U.S.-Saudi plan to oust Assad?

“A regime-linked Syrian website reports on a U.S.-Saudi plan to foment unrest and oust Bashar Assad through killings, mass demonstrations and arson, not unlike what is happening now. ”


15. m - 31 March 2011

‘U.K. didn’t always feel safe to share intelligence with Israel’


Moving right along:

Israeli, Palestinian launch West Bank venture capital fund

“Middle East Venture Capital Fund boasts a list of high-profile backers, including the EU’s European Investment Bank and an investment fund of billionaire George Soros.

They said their aim is to boost the West Bank’s community of software entrepreneurs and build a robust economy for an eventual independent state. ”


Poor Bibi. And Peres.

16. m - 31 March 2011

Rebels: Gaddafi using Israeli weapons

“Libyan opposition forces say army is using bombs, rockets that originated in Israel, Al Jazeera reports”


Who’d have thought!

marisacat - 31 March 2011

Arms dealers the world over stand and cheer. A spreading hot war.

It really is all that matters, along with control of geopolitical areas and control of resources.

17. diane - 31 March 2011

welp, ya just can never have enough letal toxins to go around ….spread the luv, so to speak:

Last week the Prime Minister appeared to improvise a new British policy on depleted uranium during the debate on military action in Libya, when he stated that British forces: “…do not use those weapons and are not going to use those weapons” [note 4]. However, the MoD website [link – diane] still displays the previous policy position that: “DU anti-armour munitions will remain part of our arsenal for the foreseeable future because we have a duty to provide our troops with the best available equipment with which to protect them and succeed in conflict.” [note 5] An MoD spokesperson confirmed this remains the position.

The clarification is being sought after confirmation that US A-10 aircraft were in action over Libya during the weekend [note 6]. The A-10 can fire depleted uranium armour piercing ammunition from its rotary gun, and it has been confirmed that this gun was used to attack two Libyan boats which were reported to be firing at merchant vessels [note 7]. Their use over Libya itself threatens both Libyan opposition forces and civilians.


brinn - 31 March 2011

So right you are, Diane!

groundwater containing radioactive iodine 10,000 times the legal threshold

but ya know, as long as they keep increasing the threshold, all will be well!

diane - 31 March 2011

;0( wish I were wrong hon.

marisacat - 31 March 2011

I think everyone, UK US La France (as Sarko and Areva are on the ground! to lend “support”!) and Japan, is just saying whatever to get thru the day.

Quite some time ago, early on in this mess, the Japanese raised the Official Daily Rate (or whatever they call it) of emissions (milisieverts bequerels, whatever I am lost in the lexicon) that a nuclear worker can be exposed to.

From 100 to 250.

I think that is readiness. WIth a soupcon of flexibility…

diane - 31 March 2011

so very fucked …

18. Madman in the Marketplace - 31 March 2011

Dolphins die after underwater Navy training exercise near San Diego

Three dolphins died earlier this month during a Navy training exercise using underwater explosives off the San Diego coast, authorities said Friday.

Scientists have yet to officially determine what caused the deaths at the Silver Strand Training Complex near Coronado, but examinations of the animals showed injuries consistent with blast trauma.

The unit conducting the underwater training exercises on March 4 had scanned the area and spotted no marine mammals before starting a countdown to detonate the explosives about 10:45 a.m., said Cmdr. Greg Hicks, spokesman for the U.S. Navy’s Third Fleet.

“They saw the dolphins before the explosives went off, but it came so late it would have put humans at risk to stop the process,” he said.

“After the detonation, despite all required protective actions taken to avoid marine mammal impacts, three dolphins were found dead in the area.”

After the explosion, government biologists retrieved the carcasses and took them to a veterinary lab at Sea World to undergo necropsies.

Genetic testing showed the animals were Long-Beaked Common Dolphins, said Sarah Wilkin, a marine mammal biologist for the National Marine Fisheries Service, which is responsible for investigating sick, injured and dead marine mammals.

Samples from the dolphin carcasses are being analyzed to rule out other factors that could have contributed to the deaths, such as disease or poisoning.

Wilkin said the deaths should not have a significant impact on the species’ population.

marisacat - 31 March 2011

Wilkin said the deaths should not have a significant impact on the species’ population.

Of course not! Safe!! No danger! The DOLPHINS overreacted. They wanted to be victims.

diane - 31 March 2011

I don’t think I even want to know how many MIC Flipper[s] (Hollowwood ) have been murdered, …same with the chimpanzees …..and certainly, the human beings …….?

diane - 31 March 2011

(for those like me, having a hard time with an exponential nuclear ‘mushroom’ of acronyms: MIC = Military Industrial Complex (generally considered to be run from the “US”))

19. marisacat - 31 March 2011

hmm looks like the sclerotic leading the venal :

Japan will take control of Tokyo Electric Company, operator of Fukushima Nuclear Plant, via public fund injection, according to Reuters.

Although the government is unlikely to take more than a 50 percent stake, the fund injection will give the government some level of management control, an official told the Mainichi Daily news.

Rumors about temporary nationalization have been heard for days, contributing to an over 80% drop in share price since the crisis began.


diane - 31 March 2011

likely too much red but, where the fuck is that asteroid…..could things be much more insane …..why the death embrace? …but if that’s the irrefutable case, where the fuck is that asteroid?


20. marisacat - 31 March 2011



…………… 8)

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