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Obviously… 31 March 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, AFRICOM, Culture of Death, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Israel/AIPAC, Pan Arab Revolt - 2011, Riyadh, WAR!.

Libyan rebels flee an area near the eastern town of Brega

Libyan rebels flee an area near the eastern town of Brega [AFP/GETTY]

Obviously, North Africa, bordering the Med, has always been part of Eastasia.  Someone needs to sue the estate of George Orwell  for not being clearer.

Democracy NOW!  had on Scahill and a former DIA person… sigh, he does use “homeland”, and as always I hear “Fatherland”

JEREMY SCAHILL: Well, you know, I think it’s much ado about nothing regarding the CIA teams being there. I mean, the United States has CIA operatives around the world, and of course they had them in Libya before this no-fly zone attack began, and they’re going to have them well after it. What I think, though, is happening here is that the United States is flailing to try to figure out a position on the Libyan rebels. If you read Jon Lee Anderson of The New Yorker, his recent dispatch where he’s with the rebels, he said that there are maybe a thousand of them and that they are not a fighting force, that they do not have the equipment, they do not have the skill or the training to overthrow the Gaddafi regime on their own. So, President Obama stuck his neck out and said that Gaddafi has to go; he said regime change. Now he’s tried to back off of that. But the reality is that these rebels are not going to be able to take down Gaddafi’s government without substantial support from the United States or potentially France or another government.

But there’s really no such thing as NATO without the United States. And so, this idea that the mission is being passed off to NATO under Canadian command is really kind of a farce, and I think a lot of people that are within the military community and the intelligence community are really suspicious of what they see as kind of a mission creep here, where the United States could end up being embroiled in a civil war in Libya for many years to come.

If Gaddafi emerges from this still in power, what does that say about Obama’s—President Obama’s credibility, having gone so far as to say that he has to fall? I think there’s a lot of reactionary policy making going on here that in the end could prove dangerous for Libyans and for the United States.  …

The conversation goes back and forth between Libya and Yemen… which considering the differences in our publicly voiced approach is interesting.

Nice little description of this “kinetic” phrasing the US has been using…

JEREMY SCAHILL: You know, the United States has had—I mean, we don’t know the exact number, but a couple hundred Special Operations Forces people on the ground in Yemen, primarily in a training capacity. We also of course have CIA people there that are doing intelligence operations. And those could all be called into serious question if the Saleh government falls, in terms of the on-the-ground presence. So there is talk of moving those operations to Djibouti, where AFRICOM is headquartered, and it’s the main command for the U.S. in the attacks against Libya right now. But Djibouti, in the early stages of the Bush administration’s war against the world, was really the hub of action for covert ops in the Horn of Africa and also, to an extent, in Yemen. When the Bush administration sent a drone in to kill six individuals in Yemen in 2002, including a U.S. citizen from Buffalo, New York, Kamal Darwish, that was the first kinetic action or direct action, killing operation, targeted killing operation, outside of Afghanistan. So it could be that they shift over to Djibouti. And you’re seeing this area, North Africa, really becoming a hub for a kind of—for U.S. military policy in that region.

It is not mentioned in this transcript, but “stories” (and who knows) are coming out of the regional press and what are called “Yemeni reporters” (again, who knows, I have not seen a link, just a reference from an operative, information release sort of site) that Southern Yemen has been declared separate, by none other than AQAP!, and under Shari’a law (cue the US women neo lib warriors!), thus it is forbidden for women to leave home alone.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has declared Yemen’s Abyan province an “Islamic Emirate” and banned women from going outside, according to Eurasia Review and accounts from Yemeni journalists. 

AQAP, which has established full control over the southern province, made an online statement Wednesday declaring Abyan an Islamic Emirate governed by Shariah.

The statement said women in the province should not go out except under necessary circumstances, “and she who urgently needs to go out, should be with one of her male relatives, and should have ID with her.”

AQAP’s announcement comes just a few days after jihadists looted an ammunition factory in Ja’ar, a city in Abyan province, killing 150 people in an apparently accidental explosion. Al Qaeda militants have also taken control of local communications facilities in the province.

Obviously we MUST invade to head off partition and to save the women.  Mustn’t we?

”We Are The Saviors” is running thru my head, sung to the old Queen song… We are the champions….  I heard a snip of Gates this am, openly calling for a senior mil officer in Libya to “take out” Qaddafi and (basically) dial  1-800-Pentagon to “cut a deal”. 

Who knows…. other than these are wars of US-centric de-stabilisation, above all.

Somebody (or other) will be hosting AFRICOM out of this, whether they like it or not.  Whether we can afford it or not.


1. Madman in the Marketplace - 31 March 2011
brinn - 1 April 2011

That is just fucking pathetic.

My boys, 7 and 11, know, and correctly use, I might add, the words “uterus” AND “vagina”!

I wonder how long it’ll be until I get dragged away fro child abuse….

Color me most unamused.

2. diane - 31 March 2011

excuse me for the knee jerk but whats up with all the white SUVS ….. could’ve been shot in Cali’s portion of the Mohave, on I40 from the Arizona Point Of View …(with all of “its” white SUVs), ….after the current nuclear ‘adjustment’…..

(your choice of pics is generally priceless, no doubt eternal honey ;0) )

marisacat - 31 March 2011

They (various insurgents) ahve been using pick ups fora long time. Masses of white ones in Iraq as well.

I assume a useful vehicle in desert areas and easy to pop a big gun onto or a couple of fellows iwth rocket launchers…

diane - 31 March 2011

I’ve no doubt there’s an explosion of white SUVs in Libya …(to clarify for anyone,….the Cali equation was meant to be somewhat symbolic )

diane - 31 March 2011

(I40 equals “US” Route 66, of wut the fuk …why not get yur kicks ? ™ radio fame …….formally, innocuously renamed I40 ….sounds (felt) like a Dust bowl… Grapes of Wrath route to me, …if ever there was one, …….watch those fuckin rabbit holes with the asps at the bottom, ……oh,…and the sand fleas……)

marisacat - 31 March 2011

They have renamed every thing for purposes of intercnnectedness (or so it seems to me). The East Bay has a tangle snarle whatever of “80”s… 580, 680 and so on.

diane - 31 March 2011

there is that….the zero ending numbers: I80, I70, I40 …generally running East/West, the others North South ….

diane - 31 March 2011

(for anyone not familiar with the US, Interstate road system, “I,” above, equals the letter “I,” not the number: “one hundred.” Very sorry for not clarifying.)

diane - 31 March 2011


the others North South ….

or, somewhat North South but intrastate (within the state), trying to remember, are the 5 ending numbers also interstate, but generally North South? …all other ‘odd numbers being intrastate, ……or some 5 ending numbers: intrastate, some not?)

marisacat - 31 March 2011

all I really know is not to get stuck in a massive traffic jam on one of the big freeways.

diane - 31 March 2011


3. BooHooHooMan - 31 March 2011

Oh yes,
as Barry’s Operation You’ve Got a Friend in America
(In Your Area! Tonite! LOL. Still.)…

U.S. Treasury exempts Libyan-owned bank from sanctions

By Kevin G. Hall | McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON — Although Libya’s government and state oil sector are the targets of global sanctions, the U.S. Treasury Department has exempted from them a financial institution that’s almost 60 percent owned by the Libyan Central Bank.

The Treasury Department on March 4 granted the Arab Banking Corporation an exemption to President Barack Obama’s executive order authorizing sanctions on Libyan businesses. Last December, the Libyan central bank upped its ownership stake in that bank to 59.3 percent.

“It is business as usual at Arab Banking Corporation,” the Bahrain-based bank says on its website in a bulletin published on March 6. The note states that the company is regulated in Bahrain_ a U.S. ally in the Persian Gulf — and that the Kuwait Investment Authority, the overseas investment arm of the Kuwaiti government, another U.S. ally — owns a 29.6 percent stake in the bank.

marisacat - 31 March 2011

And of course as devout Muslims (what?!, they are not?!), nobody takes a percentage on their investment. Nor anything that might be earned interest.

So fucking tired of it all, all sides.

4. BooHooHooMan - 31 March 2011

THE top story at WSJ now.

Subprime Bonds Return

Subprime and other residential mortgage bonds that helped trigger the financial crisis are back in vogue with long-term investors, in the latest sign that American credit markets are healing after the worst downturn in a generation.


marisacat - 31 March 2011

in the latest sign that American credit markets are healing after the worst downturn in a generation.

Well… I have to say that is an inappropriate use of “healing”.

And how.

ts - 31 March 2011

They said that the markets were healing. Didn’t say a thing about the people.

5. diane - 31 March 2011

too fuckin ‘funny’ ….Obama’s [nuclear, Odyssey Dawning] Sunshine Award:

The discrepancy between the honor and the circumstances under which it was delivered bothered open-government advocates in attendance, they said Thursday. They were even more perturbed when they discovered later that the meeting hadn’t even been listed on Obama’s public schedule, so there was no way for anyone to know about it.

(if I recollect correctly DiFi, Blum, Blum’s BBF, Klein (wuz it?) were all wrapped up in the Sunshine semantics via a a nonprofit they fed millions through after DiFi was momentarily spotlighted on the Appropriations Committee for the DOO spending that so fed her and hubby’s never to be satisfied appetite for more, and yet more, power. Hat tip to vastleft.)

diane - 31 March 2011

(clarification: DiFi’s hubby, Dick “Namaste” …white hanky of peace from the Dali Llama … Blum, (not jus any ole fuckin blum bum.))

6. BooHooHooMan - 31 March 2011

I see that transnational Jewish Banking Thug, IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn is thinking of running against Sarko.

LOL. Spiegel –

‘Yes We Kahn’
IMF Boss May Challenge Sarkozy for French Presidency

One look at the guy and ya know he’s a Shyster.

diane - 31 March 2011

he prefers to let the world watch him grill a steak

fully knowing such ‘hunger’ as is going on …..can, at least temporarily, rob persons of their senses……

7. Madman in the Marketplace - 31 March 2011
8. catnip - 31 March 2011

Obama’a clusterfuck intensifies: NATO Warns Rebels Against Attacking Civilians

catnip - 31 March 2011

Noncombatants and the various shades of opposition, resistance and rebellion “are so intermixed that it is not feasible to discern where the boundary between the civilians and opposition forces lie,” the official said, adding: “There are also those civilians entitled to protection that may be armed in order to protect their families, homes, businesses, and communities. Other civilians may join the rebels at certain stages, becoming armed combatants, and then decide to return home for whatever reason, thus transitioning back to civilian non-combatants.”

It’s a Monty Python skit.

diane - 31 March 2011

reads like a skit to me…

…civilians entitled to protection that may be armed …. … and then decide to return home for whatever reason, thus transitioning back to civilian non-combatants [in Virginia – diane].”

catnip - 31 March 2011

in Virginia

No doubt.

diane - 31 March 2011

yeah, not much,…I mean it could certainly be Tejas or Cali, but VA seemed the most appropriate catch word ….after all, government jalopy fuel is $4 per and knowing how deficit minded DC is, would only make sense that a patriot should be within near walkin distance.

BooHooHooMan - 1 April 2011

You two are spot on.

Libyan rebel leader spent much of past 20 years in suburban Virginia

By Chris Adams | McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON – The new leader (LOL) of Libya’s opposition military spent the past two decades in suburban Virginia but felt compelled — even in his late-60s — to return to the battlefield in his homeland, according to people who know him.

Khalifa Hifter was once a top military officer for Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, but after a disastrous military adventure in Chad in the late 1980s, Hifter switched to the anti-Gadhafi opposition. In the early 1990s, he moved to suburban Virginia, where he established a life but maintained ties to anti-Gadhafi groups….

Ah yes, another piece of destined-for-gluefactory horseflesh trotted out of the CIA barn. Gates and his gang are nothing if not consistent.

9. catnip - 31 March 2011

Now it’s the Vatican vs Obamalama: Vatican: Airstrikes killed 40 civilians in Tripoli

ROME – At least 40 civilians have been killed in airstrikes by Western forces on Tripoli, the top Vatican official in the Libyan capital told a Catholic news agency on Thursday citing witnesses.

“The so-called humanitarian raids have killed dozens of civilian victims in some neighborhoods of Tripoli,” said Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli, the Apostolic Vicar of Tripoli.

diane - 31 March 2011

and too bad the Vatican destroyed any credibility by ‘enjoying’ the repeated raping of young males, and historically condemning females in their totality …. one then cynically gets to wonder what the tit for tat is …with Obombster…..

BooHooHooMan - 31 March 2011

I would also read the Vatican as Burlescozy with certain Italian , French and Maltan Papist business interests.
Something for every Crusader in this deal.

Ghaddafi’s best move at this point?
Claim his mother was Jewish but he was raised Catholic.

BooHooHooMan - 31 March 2011

OMG I was just JOKING about the last part…

Get this via the HuffPoi and AOL
AND purportedly some Catholic Cardinal in the service of God, The Vatican, the CIA, who knows?

Anyways, God the boys in Tripoli must be hot! 😆 –

The Mystery Behind Gadhafi’s Birth:
Some Say He’s Jewish

Mar 31, 2011 – 1:28 PM
Dana Kennedy

What if the biggest mystery surrounding Col. Moammar Gadhafi had nothing to do with his long, brutal reign as the world’s most eccentric and violent leader turned pariah? 😯

And what if a long-lost letter from a Catholic cardinal 😆 who knew Gadhafi’s true identity was evidence that could have solved the mystery?

To many Libyan people, the biggest question mark about Gadhafi does not involve his repressive and dictatorial rule, delusional statements or brazen lies. Behind closed doors, for years, they’ve wondered if he is Jewish. Last week the issue came out in the open, as NBC’s Richard Engel reported from Libya that one in five rebels was fighting Gadhafi because he believes the leader is Jewish.


A more specific claim, backed up by a Libyan historian, is that Gadhafi was born out of wedlock to a Jewish woman and an Italian soldier in a village east of Tripoli. Because of the shame surrounding the birth, the baby was given to a Catholic cardinal who in turn gave the child to the sheepherder and his wife.

For decades, some Arab regimes have used hatred of Israel and Jews to deflect attention from their own shortcomings and have labeled their perceived enemies as secretly being Jewish when it suited their purposes.

Many contemporary scholars of Libya and policy experts interviewed by AOL News drew a blank when asked for more details about Gadhafi’s origins and early years.

A spokesman for the U.S. State Department’s Libya desk said it was of no concern, and the Vatican had no comment. Mohamed El-Jahmi, a Libyan-American activist who left Libya 30 years ago, said that the rumors have always been strong in Libya and that there are reasons to believe they are true.

“But I’d prefer not to talk about it,” El-Jahmi said. “It doesn’t matter if Gadhafi is Jewish or not, in the long run. What’s important is that he is evil, and he needs to go. And the Arab people need to embrace Jews and Israel if the Arab world is ever going to really grow.”

😆 {Bingo! Joint CIA Vatican Journolism for ya! -bhhm}

Mohamed Yusuf al Magariaf, 71, a prominent Libyan dissident now based in the U.S., investigated Gadhafi’s past for several of his books and believes much of what the dictator has told people about his origins is a lie.

During research for one of his books, Magariaf tracked down a letter he said was written years later by the cardinal whom he believes was given the infant Gadhafi and who turned him over to his Bedouin parents. Gadhafi’s mother, Aisha, reportedly died in 1978, and his father, Abu Meniar, in 1985.

The Oxford University-educated Magariaf was a professor at the university in Benghazi in 1971 when he joined Gadhafi’s cabinet and later became the Libyan ambassador to India. In 1980, he became the first diplomat to break with the regime and formed the National Front for the Salvation of Libya. 🙄

BooHooHooMan - 31 March 2011

Because of the shame surrounding the birth, the baby was given to a Catholic cardinal who in turn gave the child to the sheepherder and his wife.

Oh FerFuck’s Sake, now my Aunts will be out looking for a ceramic Libyan Nativity Scene complete with hand-painted porcelained Cardinal and Baby Muammar alongside the shocked sheepherder and his wife.

catnip - 1 April 2011

What a hoot.

marisacat - 1 April 2011

Soon we will hear that Magi followed a star in the sky at his birth.. and THEY called the cardinal.

This is a complete riot…

Can all the parties in the Big Fat Libyan Proxy War keep it all straight??

10. catnip - 31 March 2011
diane - 31 March 2011

that is reminding me of Ciara Durkin … haven’t finished the piece, but I feel like weeping about what seems might be the ending.

diane - 31 March 2011

well, certainly not the same ending, but horrid all the same.

g’night all …

11. BooHooHooMan - 1 April 2011

Just say it.
U.S. Helicopters shot down. Oh they Pentagon will fess up to an incidental 6 dead body count, but fuck if they are going with the iconic imagery of collapse after Viet Nam.

6 U.S. Soldiers Die in Afghanistan
Published: April 1, 2011

KABUL, Afghanistan — Six American soldiers have been killed in a single operation in eastern Afghanistan over the past two days, a spokesman for the international coalition said on Friday.

“I can confirm that six coalition soldiers have been identified as U.S. soldiers, and were all killed as part of the same operation, but in three separate incidents,” said Maj. Tim James. The deaths took place from late Wednesday through Thursday.

The operation, a helicopter-borne assault into a remote part of Kunar Province close to the Pakistani border, was continuing. The area is frequently used to infiltrate fighters from Pakistan. The purpose of the operation, Major. James said, was to “disrupt insurgent operations.” 😳

Ah yes, THAT War (like the rest): Progress assured on the ground by raining Death from the skies above.

I dunno, silly me, but I’m thinking if we stopped sending in kill teams and quit bombing them, maybe, just maybe we… wouldn’t have people shooting back?

BooHooHooMan - 1 April 2011

‘night all, x 2.

12. marisacat - 1 April 2011

Aaron Datesman over at TR takes a look at the Iodine and Cesium released over Illinois from Fukushima.

But as he points out:

[T]hat is about 160,000 times the best estimate of the amount released during the TMI accident in Pennsylvania (15 curies) and about 140,000 times the maximum estimate of 17 curies. It is about 10 percent of the estimated amount released during the Chernobyl accident, according to the IRSN.

140,000 times more! Well, OK – 140,000 x 0 = 0. Because we know that the accident at Three Mile Island didn’t harm anyone.

13. marisacat - 1 April 2011

This certainly sounds weak. Weak.

BULLETIN — Libyan opposition sets conditions for cease-fire – AP/Benghazi:

“A Libyan opposition leader says the rebels will accept a U.N.-demanded cease-fire if Moammar Gadhafi pulls his forces from all cities and allows peaceful protests.”

It is almost laughable. He should not step down? Present his neck for slashing?

14. marisacat - 1 April 2011

Break out the champagne! And everybody with a lesser job than they ever had in their lives will line up to buy a house.

Yes? No?

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

216,000 Jobs Added in March; Unemployment Rate Falls to Two-Year Low of 8.8 Percent

brinn - 1 April 2011

200,000 jobs per month are needed just to keep up with population growth and we can expect the unemployment rate to drop over the next 6-12 months as more and more of us run out of benefits and drop off of the rolls….

Forget the champagne, I need a bolt of whiskey.

marisacat - 1 April 2011

it is an unending nightmare. I wonder if they have bothered to slow LEGAL immigration, whcih tops out over 1 million a year.

It, along with all those H1b/other visas, is not appropriate in a period of extended contraction (and worse).

ts - 1 April 2011

We were just talking about weak. The sick fact is that both sides are going to rush to take “credit” for this at the same time they’re slashing the few remaining helpful programs out of the budget.

brinn - 1 April 2011

Oh, they couldn’t give a rat’s infected ass about what is really going on with people, just as most who’ve “got theirs, jack” can’t be bothered to educate themselves about what is really going on…the country is circling the drain.

15. catnip - 1 April 2011
16. catnip - 1 April 2011

Farrakhan defends Gadhafi, pans US role in Libya

Farrakhan said his friend Gadhafi has played the role of a forceful parent in post-colonial Libya.


Farrakhan gave several reasons why the U.S. lacks the moral authority to intervene in the Libyan conflict, including the deaths of black people at the hands of law enforcement during the Rodney King protests in 1991 and the unhealthy food that the federal government allows into the marketplace.


He talked about the importance of strong family units, conservative outfits for women, healthy food and land ownership. But he also espoused controversial views on some subjects, saying that interracial births pose a threat to the white population and that Jews control the mainstream civil rights movement.

He also alleged that Obama had backed down from pushing a Palestinian-Israeli peace accord and banning settlement-building in the West Bank, calling him “the first Jewish president.” Obama is a Christian.

“He was selected before he was elected,” Farrakhan said. “And the people that selected him were rich, powerful members of the Jewish community.”


marisacat - 1 April 2011

He also alleged that Obama had backed down from pushing a Palestinian-Israeli peace accord and banning settlement-building in the West Bank, calling him “the first Jewish president.” Obama is a Christian.

“He was selected before he was elected,” Farrakhan said. “And the people that selected him were rich, powerful members of the Jewish community.”

Golly Gee. … and here Foundling paid due deference to Minister Farrakhan in the primaries, by referring to him just like that

Minister Farrakhan.

Obama under the Bus!!

catnip - 1 April 2011

“rejected and denounced”!

Remember that? 😉

marisacat - 1 April 2011

oh yeah, they constantly subjected one another to it. Over and over.

it was a cartoon.

17. brinn - 1 April 2011

Jim Hightower on Texanity

“As a female state senator dryly noted, “[Perry] is going to shrink government until it fits into a woman’s uterus.”

Gads, I hate that guy….

18. m - 1 April 2011
19. m - 1 April 2011

OMG…don’t know what to say:

Confessions of a Jewish infant genital mutilator

Not that they I necessarily agree with the intactivists − actually they seem rather creepy − but we need a better case to defend the forcible removal of an intimate part of our baby boys’ anatomy than the ADL’s line that “this is a coveted ritual.”

Just use your imagination and think of the long list of atrocities and crimes against humanity that come under the heading of “coveted rituals.”


The New York mohel who allegedly caused the deaths of two babies from Herpes, transmitted when he did old-fashioned metzitza − sucking the cut on the baby’s penis, instead of using medically and rabbinically approved more hygienic methods − should have been hounded out of town and given up to the authorities, instead of being shielded by the Haredi leadership and by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.


So I looked up Metzitzah, and still can’t believe this is accepted by anyone in this day and age.

“Metzitzah” is defined as drawing “deeper” blood from the circumcision spot, which some view as a medical necessity while others view it, based on modern medical knowledge, as a ritualistic remnant of what may have once been deemed a medical requirement (Shabbat 133a-b).

Over time the idea of doing metzitzah with the power of the mouth was introduced, which is defined in two ways: either put a mouth directly on the wound, or use the power of the mouth through a sterile pipette. The latter avoids direct contact and the sharing of body fluids between mohel and baby.

Both are halachically sanctioned, while only one meets the approval of any unbiased modern medical sensibility. Arguments such as “saliva heals” and “one’s first instinct is to suck a cut on your finger” are irrelevant to the case of a mohel’s mouth touching a fresh wound in a newborn.

Any parent who insists that metzitzah be done with direct oral contact should do the metzitzah himself.


brinn - 1 April 2011

Ok, I just threw up in my mouth, more than a little. This is horrifying!

marisacat - 1 April 2011

hmm I had not heard he killed TWO, I thought it was just one.

m - 1 April 2011

Something serious wrong happens in every religion. I am beginning to think it’s in our dna. Ugh.

brinn - 1 April 2011

Perhaps, but then I have always been proud to be a mutant in THAT regard!

marisacat - 1 April 2011

I wish the religionists would manage very effective Inter Faith War Fare. Leave the rest of us out of it. But no they all have to be some form of fucking evangelical. Proselytisers, etc.

20. BooHooHooMan - 1 April 2011
21. brinn - 1 April 2011

BHHM — link not working! 😉

Not that I need to read it to know that it is full of shit! 8)

BooHooHooMan - 1 April 2011

Unemmploymnt statistics not working

Oh what the hell, then let’s get that bullshit re-employed!

BooHooHooMan - 1 April 2011


Jobless rate drops, signaling economic growth

Just drowning in shameless propaganda….

BooHooHooMan - 1 April 2011

Not to be out humped by the WSJ or WaPo above,

Job Growth Suggests Resilience of U.S. Recovery

… that from the NYT for the Propoganda Trifecta.

brinn - 1 April 2011

Gads! That piece was vomit inducing!

brinn - 1 April 2011

Thank you muchly!

This little gem is fucking priceless (near the end):

“Average hourly earnings of all employees were unchanged at $22.87.”

It’s funny what happens to an “average” when you factor in the hourly wage rates of fuckers who are making 3 mil in bonuses, ain’t it?

22. BooHooHooMan - 1 April 2011

Standard and Poor’s Downgrades Ireland One Notch.

Yes, but unfortunately the official notice was hacked off a piece of sod and copy-chunks sent forth by fast sailing ship seeing as how the office equipment and TelCo repo-men have hit both Ireland AND Standard and Poor’s… LOL.

23. BooHooHooMan - 1 April 2011

{ Sotto voce now..}

The Congressional Oversight Panel’s Final Report on the Financial disaster.

…following the 911 Commission Report, I dare declare it the second volume needing only the capstone findings of an International Tribunal on U.S. War Crimes to make our Collapsing Empire Trilogy complete.

Remember Barry humping his GM “success”?
Just a month or so ago, Remember?
How Barry sold our Shares in GM for us at A PROFIT! 😆
Yeh, well the Oversight Panel now says we got the fuck beat out of us. Thanks for the news.

Maybe no one will notice …Whoopsie!
The Moonies got it at the Washington Times now.
Though Democrats tout the auto bailout as a success, recent reports illustrate the taxpayer cost of the GM auto bailout was substantially larger than the Obama administration and a Congressional Oversight report has owned up to.

“American taxpayers are now positioned to recover more than my administration invested in GM,” President Obama said, according to a piece in USA Today last November. Steven Rattner, former head of the Treasury’s auto task force agreed, telling CNN in November: “Recent progress at GM gives reason for optimism that it may be possible for taxpayers to get every penny back.”

In fact, Investor’s Business Daily reported that even the White House’s Director of the National Economic Council remarked that the Treasury Department Department had a good chance in “recovering most, if not all, of its investment in” GM.

However, a March 16 Congressional Oversight report, tells a different story. It estimates taxpayers will be out of $25 billion. Additionally, the report points out that “full repayment will not be possible unless the government is able to sell its remaining shares at a far higher price.”

That’s only the beginning. Both the White House and the Congressional Oversight report omit the fact that during its bankruptcy, GM got a $45 billion tax break, courtesy of the American people.

GM is driving “away from its U.S.-government-financed restructuring with a final gift in its trunk: a tax break that could be worth as much as $45 billion,” reported The Wall Street Journal last November.

Over one year after the promises President Obama and his administration made about the auto bailout, a February piece on AutoBlog also confirms that GM will also get a $14 billion dollar domestic tax break…


However, the Obama administration and its allies presently continue to celebrate the success of the auto bailout, regardless of the facts. “I don’t think there’s any doubt that this was a success,” said (H/T Detroit News) acting assistant secretary at the Treasury Department Tim Massad, who oversees the TARP program at Treasury, to a House panel on Wednesday.

And that’s just a sliver of the 390 page indexed blow-by-blow. The Bank holdings details, the AIG section in particular with its forecast of shit-sandwich for recouped returns is quite the cud to chew..

BooHooHooMan - 1 April 2011

Sorry mcat, may I have some HTML help? The WT quote is from the hyperlinked “Though Democrats..” thru
“…House panel on Wednesday.”
{Stepping slowly away from keyboard}

marisacat - 1 April 2011

I’ll move with revised formatting to the new thread… and don’t worry bout it, WP should have preview. Honestly….

which is at


………… 8)

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