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Who knows. 3 April 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, Afghanistan War, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, WAR!.

Afghan protesters hold an effigy of US President Barack Obama and a cross during a rally in Jalalabad    [Rahmat Gul/AP/Guardian gallery]

Rage over a far away nutty preacher man in Florida?  Well… maybe.

But it seems more a multi-pronged, organic or planned, protest.  Mazar e Sharif, where the UN HQ was breached and foreign staff died… but also Kabul, Kandahar, Jalalabad.

Oh the risks when you invade and then occupy a country.  Let us count the ways.


I mentioned at the end of the last thread that Judge Goldstone now regrets and disputes his own UN report on the War on Gaza… Angry Arab has a post up about this:

Judge Goldstone

It is actually hilarious how much space the New York Times has allocated to this man today based on an op-ed column he wrote for the Washington Post. The website of the paper is promoting it right and left. You can’t escape it. But his words carry no weight whatsoever: he wrote the piece to the Washington Post as a person, while the Goldstone Report is an official report sanctioned by the UN. There is a big difference.

Of course, this lousy man who has a history of white supremacy while he worked as a judge in South Africa (yes, he saw the light about racism, years later like all white supremacists) did not accept to take his job unless he is allowed to the investigate possible war crimes by the Palestinian victims. If this man was around during the holocaust, he would not have accepted to investigate Nazi war crimes without having a mandate to investigate war crimes of concentration camp survivors.

But I resent how much support was lent to this lousy man from many in the Arab world and among the Left in the West. Go back to my blog and you shall see that I never liked him or trusted him and always wrote negatively about him. As his own daughter said at the time: daddy has been a life-long Zionist.

This last paragraph of the New York Times says it all to explain his death bed conversion:

“After the report, Mr. Goldstone was ostracized by Jewish communitites in South Africa and elsewhere, even though he had long expressed devotion to Israel. A year ago, there was an attempt to bar him from his grandson’s bar mitzvah in Johannesburg, although he was able to go.”

Also, I implore all in the pro-Palestinian community not to hang on every word uttered by the White Man in support of Palestinian rights: as if we need the blessings of the White Man before we can march on to freedom and liberation. But Israeli propaganda is so amusing those days that it has made Ba`thist propaganda to look sophisticated and smart in comparison. So they want to avoid any embarrassment so they argue over the details of this report or that report for this or that massacre as if the history of Israel is not one which is characterized by systematic war crimes.

Hell, if there were no war crimes this horrific occupying entity would not have come into existence.

Posted by As’ad AbuKhalil at 8:27 AM



1. BooHooHooMan - 3 April 2011

So, Goldstone flip-flopped.
God Damnit, another highly recommended Hebrew bites the dust.

marisacat - 3 April 2011

Outstretched arm… hand holding hanky. Everybody weeping.


m - 3 April 2011

Just wondering what it took….

2. brinn - 3 April 2011

Er, they got the color of his head wrong…and, um, what the hell is up with the bootie in the front?!

Yeesh, if you’re going to burn someone in effigy, at least make sure he’s recognizable!

marisacat - 3 April 2011

Except he is just one more generic pretzel of the USA!! USA!!

Personally I think they got the color white.

NTIM… who knows who they are burning.

marisacat - 3 April 2011


i mean

”got the color right

but, either way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brinn - 3 April 2011

Sweet! I thought you did that on purpose!


BooHooHooMan - 3 April 2011

But he’s a shapeshifter, brinny.
Catch Barry at the Red Pants Blue Shirt,
Pig Face Manufacturers Association…
{“Great to be here with RPBSPFMA!
It folks like Ripbissfma who..” }
.. 🙄

and that’s what we’ll see. 😉

brinn - 3 April 2011

He’s a shifter alright! As are they all…

3. marisacat - 3 April 2011

hmm The article itself carries three (or four!) .. what sound like frantic denials of the deal.

BP plans to resume drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, according to British news media reports.

According to the British newspaper Financial Times, BP could return to Gulf drilling as early as July. The Sunday Times, another British newspaper, also reported the news.

However, a spokeswoman for the U.S. government agency that oversees drilling denied that the government had reached any agreement with the British oil giant and said no permits have been issued to the company. The New York Times reported that while BP is in negotiations to return to the Gulf in exchange for stricter government oversight, no deal has been reached.

Melissa Schwartz, spokesperson for Michael Bromwich, the director of the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement, denied that any deal had been reached between the U.S. government and BP.

“There is no such deal,” she said in an email to reporters.

No no no not not not

SO GLAD we elected BamaBaby… McCain and Palin would have OK’d this three weeks ago. Obby has the grace to deny and wait.

BooHooHooMan - 3 April 2011

Melissa Schwartz, spokesperson for Michael Bromwich, the director of the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement,

Henh. Heh-henh. Heh-heh hehn-heh heh.. 😆

m - 3 April 2011

Can’t fight a war with oil…lots and lots of it.

marisacat - 3 April 2011

BP is also a global banker and iirc a big buyer (or they were) of US Treasuries.

And you know, the Gulf didn’t vote for BamBaby anyway. So no skin off his nose. There’s still basket ball and golf and Hawai’ian vaca villas, hand raked sand for her in Spain.


m - 3 April 2011

SO…..the only ones left able to purchase US Treasuries will be…..drumroll….BP and The Fed??

brinn - 3 April 2011
marisacat - 3 April 2011


brinn - 3 April 2011

I know, right? It’s like they KNOW there’s nothing they can do that will arouse the somnulent sheepy masses…baaahhh

brinn - 3 April 2011

Oh and, can you say Corexit??

I knew you could!

marisacat - 3 April 2011

A few weeks ago ABC news took a camera down to the bottom. Nothing was alive. Nothing.

brinn - 3 April 2011

I almost don’t want to ask, but is there a link?

marisacat - 3 April 2011

Not that I have, but I am sure there are You Tubes around of it and other forays to the bottom. I know others on te Gulf have gone down… I saw the ABC report on their national evening news … not sure when, maybe 3 weeks ago. It will be at their site…

There was nthing, but if you stuck your hand in the sandy/whatever material of the bottm you could get oil – and whatever else.

But you know, a lotta white crackers who never voted for Ob. Me me me me Mine mine My my. Etc.

So like Bush it is painful

marisacat - 3 April 2011


The report (vid a the site) is dated Dec 3, but I was in the hospital then, and i know I saw it not that long ago, and at home.

It looks like everything’s dead,” University of Georgia professor Samantha Joye said.

In an exclusive trip aboard the U.S. Navy’s deep-ocean research submersible Alvin, ABC News was given the chance to observe the impact of this summer’s massive oil spill that most will never see.

The ocean floor appears to be littered with twigs, but Joye points out that they are actually dead worms and that Alvin is sitting on top of what is considered an 80-square mile kill zone.

Having taken nearly two dozen dives in the Gulf inside the tiny sub that helped discover the Titanic, Joye is leading a team of scientists who are investigating how much oily material is left on the sea floor.

It is a US navy deep submersible… but I liked Joye. I caught several of her reports thru the mess.

4. BooHooHooMan - 3 April 2011

In late February, Charles Ferguson’s film – Inside Job – won the Academy Award for Best Documentary. And now the film documenting the causes of the 2008 global financial meltdown has made its way online (thanks to the Internet Archive). A corrupt financial industry, its corrosive relationship with politicians, academics and regulators, and the trillions of damage done, it all gets documented in this film that runs a little shy of 2 hours.

Highly recommended for anyone capable of concealing their rifle in and out of DC, yes, a cinematic “go” too for those who can refrain from randomly shooting TILL they get to Wall Street or in position around the better buildings flanking Central Park.

Anyways, I found it to be far better than Moore’s Capitalism A Love Story . Obama is NOT spared in the end of Ferguson’s film.

m - 3 April 2011

Watching this is just getting me mad. I remember listening to the Hearings on the Rating Agencies.

marisacat - 3 April 2011

Is it 15 CPW that is like some new Medici 100 storey pallazzo? It is just so overbearing.

BooHooHooMan - 3 April 2011

All financed by GS, and last I read,
Blankfein in the “Tower” penthouse. The type of joint called home by assorted Banksters, global corporate despots, warlords, strongmen etc with a sprinkling of entertainment sorts mixed in to round out Pinochle Night I guess.

Apologies about getting back late and not being clear on the movie link. And agreed, brinn, not news, the Big Bubbly story to be sure, but there were many squirming vignettes, rollicking denials, obfuscations, and minimizations acquired by interview for the film, outside of stock network footage (tho all that served as base.)
We don’t prosecute this shit so I figured what the hell….

marisacat - 3 April 2011

All financed by GS, and last I read,

That makes sense, it always seems to be Finance People…

If only the windows opened.

brinn - 3 April 2011

Got three different error messages trying to load it from that link…anywhere else I might take a look?

marisacat - 3 April 2011

here is th elink to Inside Job at IMDb


brinn - 3 April 2011

That’s only the trailer tho — I actually wanted to watch it…not that I think I’m going to learn anything that I haven’t known since about 2005, but still, I do like a nice film! 😉

brinn - 3 April 2011

NM — I got it!!

marisacat - 3 April 2011

oh sorry I have no idea where to stream it… I read often of various sites tho… so they must be out there…

brinn - 3 April 2011
brinn - 3 April 2011

er, make that nothing I haven’t known since 1985….

Great soundtrack though…

5. ts - 3 April 2011

Hadn’t checked over there recently, but Joe Bageant died last week…


marisacat - 3 April 2011

Very sad… I looked back again, over his recent postings at his site. Late summer fall he was in Australia, then October to Ferrara, then back to Mexico by December, Jan out of Mexico to the VA hospital, then home. Then dead by end of March.

m - 4 April 2011

I always thought he was Markos’ conscience.

6. marisacat - 3 April 2011

I could care less what he says about Ob (or anything else), but how in th hell is that hair constructed.

m - 3 April 2011

The definition of spam.

marisacat - 3 April 2011

Sliced Spam would look better on his head….

brinn - 3 April 2011

But he’s gonna RUN!!!

We’re gonna need HUGE tubs of popcorn!!!!

marisacat - 3 April 2011

hmm well he loves to disrupt. So have at it tsunami wave hairdo boy.

marisacat - 3 April 2011

Gee ask about The Donald’s hair and Vanity Fair answers wiht a pic.

I think it could be a triple comb over.

My baldly-stated thesis: this could be evidence of a rarely-sighted, possibly unprecedented “double comb-over.” It looks as if a length of hair growing from the part on the left side of Trump’s pate has been combed left-to-right over the crown of his head, while a second length of hair, growing from the back of his head, has been combed back-to-front over the first length of hair. Salon-strength hair products likely play a role in the final construction of this lattice-like structure—which could also explain the “ship’s prow” look one sometimes sees in side views of Trump.

BooHooHooMan - 3 April 2011

Well then that Donald is one asymmetrical hairy freakshow who doesn’t shower with other guys at the club.

Motherfucker would look like he just fended of a hatchet attack once that turf got wet. 😆

marisacat - 3 April 2011

oh I forgot abut the semi public Athletic Shower.

Life is hard for The Donald.

BooHooHooMan - 3 April 2011

I’m not sure, but I think the hair might be our plan for Libya.

m - 4 April 2011

I know someone that owns one of his little apartments in NY. Wish I could say more….but I think it’s too personal.

7. marisacat - 3 April 2011

Ha! Scroll down to the imagined scene in the Oval. Ob with a known Dem blogger sycophant.

Or by now a better term is psychophant.

8. marisacat - 4 April 2011

Truly, what next.

TEPCO workers tried to plug the Fukushima leak with shredded paper after an attempt using cement failed.

“From the afternoon, the workers began pouring polymeric powder, sawdust, newspaper – things we could think of to clog up the holes,” nuclear safety agency spokesman Hidehiko Nishiyama told the Telegraph.

While TEPCO tries to stop the leak, strangely they are also trying to dispose of less radioactive water. TEPCO said Monday it will release approximately 11,500 tons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean in an effort to clean out the plants, according to WSJ.com. …

Surely all they need is a few thousand tons of Corexit.

Read more: Business Insider

9. marisacat - 4 April 2011

I wonder if using the word “jobs” in this way was so smart. (NTIM)

PRESIDENT OBAMA launches his reelection campaign with a video, ‘It Begins With Us,’ featuring snippets of interviews with grassroots reporters around the country, talking about why they have to get involved and not leave it up to chance.

–Alice from Michigan: ‘Unfortunately, President Obama is one person … plus he’s got a job. … We’re paying him to do a job, so we can’t just say, ‘Hey, could you just take some time and come and get us all energized?’ So we better figure it out.’

Get a clue Alice and vamoose.

m - 4 April 2011

Starts with government reform and accountability. Passing the buck. Cutting babies in half. Government by Wall Street/Fed, for Wall Street/Fed.

marisacat - 4 April 2011

There is no interest in washinigton in stimulating the economy at large. It’s very clear.

m - 4 April 2011

I want to blog….diaries, but where? Maybe Diane’s place?

m - 4 April 2011

But will it just feel like I was masturbating into the flux….

I don’t seems to have any illusions left. Just want to know if anyone else out there feeling the same. Listening to 60’s 70’s music.

marisacat - 4 April 2011

corrente I think has a diary section… I think they rotate thru the FP, automatically, but not sure. I just read there, I don’t participate.

Not sure, I don’t tour the bigger community blogs anymore…

m - 4 April 2011

….somethings never change:

You poisoned my sweet water.
You cut down my green trees.
The food you fed my children
Was the cause of their disease.
My world is slowly fallin’ down
And the airs not good to breathe.
And those of us who care enough,
We have to do something…….

10. marisacat - 4 April 2011



………. 8)

11. diane - 4 April 2011

Have been away from the nooz much of the last few days, but have to say, it looks like this one: Two Japan nuclear plant workers found dead (written by “PA” ? …at The Independent, …on Sunday, the third of April))

“Twenty some” year old victims, …missing since the date of disaster, …..tsunami victim blood loss ….”they” say, … ( of course at that point all concerned with radiation, are supposed to drop the radiation fears, and feel guilty that they haven’t mourned the tsunami victims enough ….even though they surely have …oh…and sure slipped under the “US” major media radar), ….curious that there was no explanation of where exactly they were found, …. because surely it would have toned down certain nagging questions if they had.

The first question becomes, did they keep the families in the dark for two weeks, until they verified, or fixed things, so that it couldn’t be blamed on TEPCO ?

marisacat - 4 April 2011

The early reports way way back, near the initial event, was that one, possibly two, had died in a “crane accident”. It did not get reported or repeated much, but did appear a few times.

it stank then.

diane - 4 April 2011

yep, a stench, and if these were those ‘crane’ victims …of course that would have been referred to … who even knows then, how many workers there died early on.

marisacat - 4 April 2011

That’s it. We have no clue. None.

And i caught a report on NHK (bad as it is) that when the PM of Japan went to the NE to say whatever he said, he visited a school where the workers are living. They travel in buses to and from the nuclear plant. ANd it sounds again as tho there are hundreds, overall. (I never bought the “Fifty” crap)

marisacat - 4 April 2011

“PA” is the UK Press Association. I ssume their version of our AP.

diane - 4 April 2011

thanks hon … and sorry for the sloppiness of that last link …it does work though, so need for cleanup.

diane - 4 April 2011

(oops, “no need,” not “so need.”)

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