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Winning… 14 April 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Total fucking lunatics, WAR!.

Gaza City, Gaza: A man watches from his window while a worker walks on a concrete slab at a construction site [Marco Longari/AFP/Getty Images]

Winning the future. 

moiv’s cousin, who has been in SE Asia for a long time, previously in Saigon and now in Singapore, sent this email to her today (she gave me permission to post it):

Singapore dumped some of their holdings of US debt today in response to Ob’s incomprehensible “budget” rant yesterday.

They also fixed their SG$/US$ exchange rate for the 1st time. Singapore is about the size of Houston with twice the population.

But it’s extremely rich & very influential. They’ve been intermediary between China & DC on buying our worthless paper.

Next to Japan, they are our strongest Asian ally.

IOW: they’ve decided it’s time to cut their losses & bail out.

Japan has been holding out on dumping our debt, but that won’t last much longer. They need cash badly.

Yesterday I was out buying a network hub at the big Bangkok outlet mall & met this young Polish woman. We chatted a while. She’d just completed her degree in Australia & lamented that she’d already committed to a master’s program there.

Her lament:
the zloty buys a lot dollars these days. She regrets not applying in the US.

Remember the early 90s when Poles were close to eating newspapers because they couldn’t afford food?

I hope I get home before the crash. I’d hate to be stuck here dependent on my professional skills to make a living.  I’d have to turn to prostitution.

Geesh.  The ZLOTY!  Think of it!!

Winning the Future!!


1. moiv - 14 April 2011

I hope I get home before the crash. I’d hate to be stuck here dependent on my professional skills to make a living. I’d have to turn to prostitution.

This is even more serious than it sounds, because he’s almost as old as I am. 😉

diane - 14 April 2011

hi moiv, an abundance of hugs to ya!

marisacat - 14 April 2011

Is he trying to transfer back home?

moiv - 14 April 2011

Oh, he isn’t “stationed” there — just travels to Asia now for prolonged business trips. He’ll be back home in a few weeks.

marisacat - 14 April 2011

well that is a relief, at least.

BooHooHooMan - 14 April 2011

Thanks for that, moiv. A whole lot of “simmer downs” now propagating through the market press, of the don’t believe what you see and experience variety.

Asian investors urged to ride out volatility

By Sam Jones

Published: April 14 2011 19:00 | Last updated: April 14 2011 19:00

Investors in Asia should be ready to ride out volatility caused by events such as Japan’s recent earthquake and tsunami, according to one of the region’s most prominent money managers.

Asian markets are ultimately in hock to “massive structural headwinds” that investors should concentrate on, according to John Ho, the former Asia head of activist hedge fund …TCI.

And while it might be easier for 34 year old Ho to reconcile his position from last year, it’s not lookin good-

“The capital that’s coming into Asia is generally shorter- term, and capital constrains investment strategy,” Ho, Janchor Partners Ltd.’s chief investment officer, said. “We only raise long-term capital because we want to focus on doing longer-term investing. The fees are a little lower to reflect that it’s long-term capital.”

Seventy-five new Asia-focused hedge fund firms started since 2009 with an average $16.9 million and now manage about $28.9 million each, according to data compiled by Eurekahedge Pte in Singapore.

Ho left London-based Children’s Investment Fund, founded by Christopher Cooper-Hohn and also known as TCI, in July 2009 to set up Janchor, a play on the initial of his first name and the word “anchor,” with four former TCI colleagues.

He led TCI’s three-year battle to press Electric Power Development Co., Japan’s largest electricity wholesaler better known as J-Power, for higher dividends, disposal of cross- shareholding and the appointment of independent board members.

Hmm.. those “structural dynamics”:
Asian capital as ballast in the USS-inking ship. Short term speculative capital that rushed in to Asia, much of which was used for “unassailable” blue chip assets (like the Japanese power grid).

Oh it should be good.
With everybody filer in the US this April 15th trying to write off any and everything from their Grandmother down to their toenail clippings to claw back SOMETHING, ANYTHING from the American Kleptocracy.

As for the cousin thinking of professional cocksmanship, I personally wouldn’t know where to start. So many things to consider.
Pricing for one.
I’d have to go to the SBA, more like SCORE for advice.
“~Say you have this product, see, that you can’t give GIVE away, how can I price THAT?”

Maybe follow up with a trip to the library.
“Do you have any titles, oh, like,
“Hard Out There for A Simp: The Beefy Mantitter’s Mid-Life Guide to Making It in the Erotic Services Trade” ?? Just askin.


BooHooHooMan - 14 April 2011

(The second quote on Ho, TCI and last years Pacific Rim hedge fund inflows was pinched via Bloomberg )

BooHooHooMan - 14 April 2011

So many laughs last year from the Hedge Fundies who claimed they were Speculators, Pshaw!, Global Opportunists!,Thnx, Ben! Long Term Investors!

moiv - 14 April 2011

Oh, yes, “ride out the volatility” — always sterling advice. Just ask the Japanese.

My cousin emailed that he would try to find the links for me, because he had read some comments in the local news about the Singapore issue yesterday, and added, “Later in the day I talked to a Brit who was in a mad panic. He lives in Singapore & gets paid in US$. I think his cost of living had jumped 10% yesterday.”

For those of us who will never advance to coupon clipping, I say we need to bring back S&H Green Stamps.

BooHooHooMan - 14 April 2011

Green tongues all around!
600,000 books for a toaster!

Purple thumbs up!

diane - 14 April 2011

and do you remember those blue, “save and scrimp, then cash in” stamps, … they were chunky (from the mid to late sixties?), and about 4 times larger, and more rectangular than those green stamps moiv? …our family (ok, not my dad, who likely knew it was hopless (and hopeless) anyway…but wasn’t allowed to tell “the wife”) fastidiously kept track, …me mum bought that Currier and Ives (hideous to the elite, fake Delft [sic]/US SNOWBOUND plateware), one by one by one by one with either the blue or green stamps, …..or, perhaps, via A&P (Atlantic Pacific grocery stores) bargains – for the average mom. with kids she didn’t necessarily expect, nor was necessarily prepared for (with absolutely no assistance from society at large), ….so soon in her youth.


ts - 15 April 2011

Or Blue Chip Stamps. Mom used to clip those when I was a very young un.

brinn - 15 April 2011

Hi moiv!! Long time! Glad to see you!

ms_xeno - 15 April 2011

Just stopping by to say hello, moiv.

[offers fresh coffee and leftover mac]

2. diane - 14 April 2011

oh …. now I see him ….how tiny, ….no, …. teeny, ….. on that bottom floor, …. looks a bit graying ….premature graying (get ya some o that hideous fake chestnut shit boy)? …. maybe conflicting emotions (the elite certainly revel in that), …good for you son, … then again, maybe: how come none of my family can’t get a job ….etc., etc., pretty heart wrenching, …or liver wrenching .. etc. (dependent on your culture).

marisacat - 14 April 2011

I never could see him. Even in the bigger version

diane - 14 April 2011

third window from the left, ground level floor,,…second window from the left where the sun is hitting, …’he’s’ wearing black, …actually I would have mistaken it for a woman, ..wearing a black head scarf,……..or whatever one chooses to call it … as if it matters, at this point…….

moiv - 14 April 2011

Hi diane.

I wondered at first whether he wasn’t a woman, too. He resembles Terry Jones playing Graham Chapman’s mum in “Life of Brian.”

diane - 14 April 2011

I’m sorry sweety, I’m so disconnected from movies etc. I don’t get the reference, though I think I might understand if I saw it sweetness, … hugs to you baby doll. ;0)

moiv - 14 April 2011

“Life of Brian” is a Monty Python movie from about 30 years ago. It’s about Brian Cohen, who is born in the stable next door to “the” stable in Bethlehem, on the same day, and spends his life being mistaken for the Messiah.

Terry Jones plays Brian’s mother, Mandy Cohen.

Here’s a picture.

diane - 14 April 2011

thanks honey, I think I get it.

diane - 14 April 2011

how ugly of me I would have mistaken it….. that is certainly not what my pulse is telling me, but it is certainly what my “US” educational backdrop has been ………

moiv - 14 April 2011

Until you said something about it, I had presumed that you used “it” as a pronoun for “image”, which is gender-neutral — as even the subject of that image certainly is, unless we do some squinting.

Besides … the caption says it’s a man, but who believes what they read in the papers anymore?

diane - 14 April 2011

thank you sweetie, you’re very loving…

(nonetheless I could kick myself, I really do need to look at what I’m stating before I state it … and, decide whether I’m mostly on the side of human beings, or not ……I can be pretty untrusting, to the point of just wanting to die, when I know that there are actually humans who mean well out there ….however few, …. jeesh ;0) )

marisacat - 14 April 2011

but who believes what they read in the papers anymore?

right, who believes anything anymore.

marisacat - 14 April 2011

all i can see is a speck, at the window.

diane - 14 April 2011

give me a call honey, I’ll pick ya up to do the eye vision update, when I go in to do mine … these puters kill your fuckin eyesight …and you appear to be on a, perhaps sight lethal, near 24/7, ‘puter watch for assholes, …. sigh ….does it matter? …. I sure hope something does ….

marisacat - 14 April 2011

ugh I know I cannot live thru eye dilation, not again. It was tough enough when I was healthy.


diane - 14 April 2011

oh honey….take at least some eye rest then, …. something slightly chilled, on your sweet eyelids …?

(for a lack of words to speak, I shabbily suggest)

3. lucid - 15 April 2011

A poem – first in a long while… and brief

Of Drowned Appetites

Still, adrift in the tide
The teething undertow
Strips sanctimony
From forgotten ideas

Caressing limbs upward –
An affront to the sky.

Our savagery settles
As we slip beneath sand
Blood born parasites
Enrich new demand.

4. lucid - 15 April 2011

Substitute forgone fore forgotten…

Of Drowned Appetites

Still, adrift in the tide
The teething undertow
Strips sanctimony
From forgone ideas

Caressing limbs upward –
An affront to the sky.

Our savagery settles
As we slip beneath sand
Blood born parasites
Enrich new demand.

ms_xeno - 15 April 2011



brinn - 15 April 2011

wow, lucid, that one so fits my mood right now! As always, beautiful and haunting imagery!

5. marisacat - 15 April 2011

Yeah… so important to get an education.

So, for-profit colleges are netting $24 billion from the government and only graduating 22% of their students? It’s mindbogglingly.

Fenn continues:

“The top executives for the top 15 for-profit colleges pulled in $2 billion last year. Two billion dollars, practically all taxpayer money.

And that student loan money?—the default rate at these for-profits is 43 percent!

So, only 22 percent graduate and 43 percent default on the loans, leaving us holding the bag because students have been sold a bill of goods by slick marketers.” (“Congress Should Put a Stop to For-Profit College Rip Offs”, Peter Fenn, US News)


Apparently recruiters from the for profit schools, go to places where the most disadvantaged are, homeless, long term unemployed, ex-military, etc., knowing they will be awarded Pell grants and student loans…but often the people are too marginalised already to make it thru the system all the way to the end.

brinn - 15 April 2011

Yepper, and they’re paying desperate people like me near minimum wage to do the heavy lifting (i.e., teaching and interacting with students).

I wish I lived in a country where I didn’t have to decide between selling my soul and feeding my kids.

marisacat - 15 April 2011

I was listening to one of the audio commentary episodes of Breaking Bad… and an actor mentioned being in Australia to do PR when it was showing there… and people being appalled that any teacher, but esp of science at the HS level, would need a second job.

Well here they do. Or they get out, have a secured second income in the home, or a lot of years and tenure.

brinn - 15 April 2011

Most of the teachers that I’ve met over the years who do not have second (or third) jobs are those with a second secured income in the home. Even many years of experience doesn’t really pay the bills….I know one teacher with nearly 30 years experience who makes under 60K.

marisacat - 15 April 2011

That’s right! Some of these would be the poeple you encounter in that part time job you have…. I forgot about that!

ms_xeno - 15 April 2011

You can’t use jobsites like Monster without dodging tons of spam from those assholes, either.

Yeah, like I’ll get my tuition back from the for-profit fucks if I’ve still got no job after I get their fucking useless degree.

brinn - 15 April 2011

It is so sad, really, in some of thee cases, I have had students who would not be able to function in my 6th-grader’s classroom, but they have been sold the bill of good alright…even the ones who can function alright with the written word, reading and following instructions, meeting deadlines and the like, have been sold the bill of goods that their Associates Degree is going to get them a better job, more pay, etc. you should see some of the things that they list as reasons…it is all so really pathetic. Sometimes I feel like writing back and saying: NO!! IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN! I have two masters and a teaching certification and look at me! Of course, I can’t be truthful with them….I feel like such a shit every day.

6. marisacat - 15 April 2011

Start laughing now… via Mike Allen in People Mag:

OPEN MIKE – CBS News: “In what he thought was a private chat with campaign donors [in Chicago last evening], President Obama offered the most revealing behind-the-scenes account to date of his budget negotiations with GOP leaders last week.

CBS Radio News White House correspondent Mark Knoller listened in to an audio feed of Mr. Obama’s conversation with donors after other reporters traveling with the president had left the room. … Obama [spoke] into a microphone … still relaying his conversation to a distant press room — where Knoller remained the sole reporter after the planned opening remarks concluded.”

–Obama, recalling a conversation with Boehner staff:

“I said, ‘You want to repeal health care? Go at it. We’ll have that debate. You’re not going to be able to do that by nickel-and-diming me in the budget. You think we’re stupid? … Put it in a separate bill. … We’ll call it up. And if you think you can overturn my veto, try it. BUT DON’T TRY TO SNEAK THIS THROUGH.’ … When Paul Ryan says his priority is to make sure, he’s just being America’s accountant … This is the same guy that voted for two wars that were unpaid for, voted for the Bush tax cuts that were unpaid for, voted for the prescription drug bill that cost as much as my health care bill — but wasn’t paid for … So it’s not on the level.”


Oh but L’Obster IS on the level? (Don’t make me laugh TOO hard, now…)

And keep laughing.. apparently one of the Obster’s plans is a “volunteer connection with every 2008 voter”.

Pretty damned funny.

marisacat - 15 April 2011

It is so clear they just slap stuff together at this WH.

–Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told ABC’s Jonathan Karl on yesterday’s ‘Top Line’ that Obama didn’t tell him about his new deficit plan until SATURDAY, the day before David Plouffe announced the speech on Sunday shows.

7. BooHooHooMan - 15 April 2011

Woah. Bill Clinton and Wesley Clark’s General thug from Croatia is jailed for War Crimes. “Winning”.
24 years for Gatovina.
Another story for the abettors: Bill, Wes, the Catholics and other realtors.

Croatian generals jailed for war crimes against Serbs.

Two Croatian commanders of the 1990s war against the Serbs have been found guilty of war crimes for overseeing a policy of ethnic cleansing aimed at expelling tens of thousands of minority Serbs from newly independent Croatia.

Judges in The Hague found Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac guilty on eight of nine counts for commanding operations that entailed the shelling of civilians, the torching of Serbian homes in south-west Croatia, the murder of hundreds of elderly Serbs and the forced exodus of at least 20,000 from the Serbian minority rooted in the Dalmatian hinterland for centuries. A third accused, Ivan Cermak, was acquitted.

It is the most damning verdict on Croatia’s conduct of the 1991-95 war against the Serbs in 17 years of investigations by the international war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

Gotovina was given a 24-year jail sentence. He commanded the August 1995 operations that ended a four-year Serbian insurgency and partition of Croatia and effectively won the war for Zagreb. Markac, who commanded police paramilitaries in the same Operation Storm, was jailed for 18 years.

The verdicts were met with outrage in the cities of Croatia, where thousands of former fighters rallied in central Zagreb and in cities on the Adriatic coast to watch giant screens transmitting from The Hague.

A former French legionnaire who returned to Croatia when the war erupted in 1991, Gotovina commanded the central operations that won the war for Croatia in August 1995, retaking the strategic town of Knin in the Dalmatian hinterland that was the seat of the four-year-old Serbian rebellion that left Croatia crippled. He was indicted for war crimes in 2001. Tipped off by contacts in the Croatian government, he went on the run for four years until he was arrested in a Tenerife hotel at the end of 2005. For years the Croatian government blocked attempts to locate him until it performed a U-turn to unlock its EU negotiations.

Of course™, What War Crimes Trial would be complete without the Catholic Nazi Bishops (The ORIGINAL Riviera Development Co.) weighing in. For the Catholic Nazis, who else? Of course™.

For many Croats, especially on the right, Gotovina is a national hero. Catholic bishops this week denounced the tribunal, accusing it of deliberately confusing victim and aggressor. The prime minister described the August 2005 operations as part of “a just and liberating war”.
The verdicts were met with outrage in the cities of Croatia, where thousands of former fighters rallied in central Zagreb and in cities on the Adriatic coast to watch giant screens transmitting from The Hague.

The judges in effect incriminated the state of Croatia for a policy of systematic ethnic cleansing against its Serbian minority. The verdict will create major problems for the prime minister, Jadranka Kosor. Her administration is squeezed between a nationalist backlash supported by a recalcitrant and powerful Catholic church, and pressure from Brussels to be more proactive on war crimes and the treatment of minority Serbs as Croatia seeks to conclude its negotiations to join the European Union.

In the most telling findings from the panel of judges, the tribunal found that the Croatian state under President Franjo Tudjman, a hardline nationalist, had prosecuted a policy of terror, persecution and violence calculated to rid the country of its Serb minority. Almost 200,000 Serbs fled Croatia in the summer and autumn of 1995.

“Croatian military forces and the special police committed acts of murder, cruel treatment, inhumane acts, destruction, plunder, persecution and deportation. There was a widespread and systematic attack directed against this Serb civilian population,” the judges found. “The fear of violence and duress caused by the shelling created an environment in which those present there had no choice but to leave.”

While focused on Gotovina and two fellow accused, the three-year trial loomed larger because it has been the main opportunity for examining the strategy and conduct of the leadership of Croatia during the war. The decisive political leaders such as Tudjman, the defence minister Gojko Susak and the army chief Janko Bobetko all died before having to face trial. The Gotovina case has served as a proxy trial…

I was thinking of moving there.
Oh yeh, that would have been great!
But why move, really?
When you can enjoy all the benefits of an economically cratering and Significantly Catholic Fascist FuckWhack State right here in the U.S.? Run by all the same guys!
So I was like: Screw the great adjustable mortgage offer from Citi for a hundred grand stone shell that Joseph, Mary, the Baby and farm animals would have passed up.

marisacat - 15 April 2011

the torching of Serbian homes in south-west Croatia, the murder of hundreds of elderly Serbs and the forced exodus of at least 20,000 from the Serbian minority rooted in the Dalmatian hinterland for centuries

From what I read, we so demonised the Serbs that most all/any who sought to emigrate as refugees were refused refugee status.

We definitely have our favorites…

BooHooHooMan - 15 April 2011

..and delighted in the butchery all around, then moved in on the spoils.
Sell! Buy! Buy! Sell! ReFi Your COUNTRY!
Flip that Province!
Don’t be the last on your Bloc!
Have we got a deal for you!

marisacat - 15 April 2011

We seem to be refi-ing Africa. At a fast clip.

how soon t NATO forces on the ground in Libia. gah.

marisacat - 15 April 2011

Screw the great adjustable mortgage offer from Citi ….

fro three years or more I have been free of the 5 – 10 automated calls I got daily for years, to refi at 2%, 0% …etc. Even as 1-5 and 1-7 ARMs are getting set to explode in Cali and elsewhere.

All starting up again. Got two this week (and the brochures in my mail box, for top of the line cruises have started again too!)

lucid - 15 April 2011

It took them 17 freaking years? I was reaading articles about the Krajina massacre by 1996…

BooHooHooMan - 15 April 2011

Prosecute them sooner? And delay the privitization of all that to-die-for coastline and state industries?

And drag up inquiry into Clinton Commerce Secretary Ron Brown’s ill fated plane, the “Mountain Magnet”. LOL.

Greenburg (late of AIG), Ben-Moshe ,(NY, Tel Aviv, current AIG gangster, late of MetLife, the usual) …big loot parked in Croatia after the partition, the American and EU banks made a lot of easy money available for speculators and vacation home seekers to buy in, a trophy item popular among German and Russian purchasers, AND the Irish – particularly among the upwardly mobile during their tech bubble. Oops.

marisacat - 15 April 2011

parts of the former Yuoslavia are very beautiful. But imo it never seemed assured of being settled. The LOCATION seemed to preclude it being left alone, long term. SO many divisions among the people, loaded iwth old and new hatreds. And now of course a big fat fucking base for us.

8. brinn - 15 April 2011

Thanks, everyone for scaring the holy shit out of me with the MRSA and hospital stories in the last thread!! I trust kid the elder’s doc, but just wish he could do the surgery in his office!!

I cannot wait for Tuesday to be over with.

9. ms_xeno - 15 April 2011

Also relevant to brinn’s comments in the last thread. Yeah, I remember some wonderful teachers in public school back in the Seventies and Eighties, and how often their time with us was fleeting– thanks to the heavy hand of Admin. know-nothings.

Everything old is new again. :/

I need another pot of coffee…

brinn - 15 April 2011

Heh. I’ve moved past coffee and on to the harder stuff already…hell, it’s Friday!

10. marisacat - 15 April 2011



………….. 8)

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