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Pattern 15 April 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, Divertissements.

The recent weather at Noahs Ark Zoo Farm in Bristol seems to have had a warming effect on the relationships between some of the animals. The zoo's male giraffe Gerald has amused visitors and staff by making close friends with the zebra family. The family of three Chapmans zebra named Zebedee, Zara and Zelda and the giraffes share a spacious paddock in the African continental section of North Somerset's award-winning family park.

The recent weather at Noahs Ark Zoo Farm in Bristol seems to have had a warming effect on the relationships between some of the animals. The zoo’s male giraffe Gerald has amused visitors and staff by making close friends with the zebra family. The family of three Chapmans zebra – named Zebedee, Zara and Zelda – and the giraffes share a spacious paddock in the African continental section of North Somerset’s award-winning family park.    [APEX]

I think IOZ’s commenter, Mr Fundamental, has hit on the only right, righteous, right-on! slogan for L’Obster to run on:

Mr.Fundamental said…


11:26 AM


1. brinn - 15 April 2011

Awww! I love that pic! Non-human animals are awesome!

2. lucid - 15 April 2011

Those last two threads at Ioz are pretty brutal though… It’s not like I’m some rah-rah Amy Goodman follower, but not only is he misinterpreting the article, many of the commenters are being flat out jackasses about Amy’s career…

marisacat - 15 April 2011

Oh I agree. He picked on the wrong broadcaster. And he misread her article in the Guardian, it was a little awkwardly written, a bit of an old twist on presenting, but in no way deserving of his slams. Nor is she.

I noticed one commenter told him to go back to Yggles.

ts - 15 April 2011

He had a good point, just the wrong person to use as an example of it.

marisacat - 15 April 2011

oh he is absolutely right on the point. No question.

3. brinn - 15 April 2011
marisacat - 15 April 2011

ugh.. aside from how punitive and egregious it is in the case of abortion (women in some states must be told it contributes to a higher probablity of breast cancer, for which there is no scientific link), the reality is there IS NO informed consent in any medicinal care, esp the most dangerous, procedures and surgeries…

The person of least consequence in terms of being informed is the patient.

I really think the only thing that saved me was that I knew to fuss and fume esp before the “small procedure” which was anything but.

brinn - 15 April 2011

Agreed. As with anything these days, if you don’t fuss and ask questions and demand actual answers, your “consent” is anything but “informed”!!

marisacat - 15 April 2011

oh even so I was left out. Wht I did manage to avoid was anything other than a full fledged surgeon doing the “small procedure”.

brinn - 15 April 2011

At least that’s something! I have every confidence in Ethan’s doc, we’ve been seeing him since Jan ’09 when he broke his leg in the first place, even so, I worry when hospitals and general anesthesia are involved….

Then there’s the estimate were given…two things struck me about it, as I was telling Dr. K’s nurse yesterday. One, the actual price for Dr. K’s services was very reasonable (under 2500) — of course that doesn’t include all the crap the hospital will tack on, even though it is a day surgery, and the bill from the anesthesiologist, cost us $450 out of pocket in ’09 — but get this, our estimated out of pocket is nearly 800!! About 35%!! Because we haven’t met the deductible yet…and of course actual co-pays for doctor’s visits and prescriptions and etc. etc. don’t count toward the deductatble….and on and on it goes. Add this to the $$ fr the monthly premium and our “cadillac insurance” is near to worthless!

I hate this fucking country.

marisacat - 15 April 2011

o it really adds up. I take a very small, believe me, SMALL… check to the cardiologist’s office when I go there… and if I could, would write a check to the surgeon, whom I liked…. AND the anesthesiologist.

The only reason I calmed down enough for the surgery, 😳 I mean, small procedure that left me with a huge bandage, stitches, a drainage tube, a foley catheter and 5 days in post op ICU CCU where I was not only bed bound, but mostly flat on my back (they moved me around the damned bed). ”Small procedure”. The only reason, was I was able to trust the surgeon and the anesthesiologist.

Only reason.

But just not possible to pay anyone more than Medi-care….

A neighbor asked me if I would mind telling him how much it all ran, the 18 days, the surgery, the two massive drop-ins to ER…e tc. And I said I don’t know. There is literally nothing i can do about it, so …no point adding it up.

brinn - 15 April 2011

So right….I have to concentrate on Ethan and forget about the $$ part of it…

A big part of the worry is that taking the rods out won’t help alleviate the problems he’s been having with his knee (where the bottoms of the rods have been poking/pressing on his ACL for the past year) — I hope like hell that there is no permanent damage to the ACL…then of course, there is the bone cyst, though breaking his femur helped activate the growing of the bone and it has filled in a lot, while the doc has him under, he’s going to take some bone out of his hip and inject it into the cyst as well….poor little bugger is going to have some hurts down his left side next week! 😦

brinn - 15 April 2011

There will be more than the bills that we will literally be able to do nothing about soon enough:

The Holes in the Health Care Law

I mean, not that any of us who paid attention to the POS that was passed are surprised by this, but it will get progressively worse…

marisacat - 15 April 2011

The expansion of Medicaid is the health care law’s solution for providing coverage for low-income people who won’t be able to afford plans offered by private companies through the insurance exchanges. Medicaid will become the de facto insurer of millions of people–its expansion accounts for almost half of the projected increase in health coverage under the PPACA.

oh it is worse than is painted in that article. Medicaid is NOT expanding. Medi-cal which was good to very good, a top of the line MedicAid plan, for more than 2 decades, into the early 90s has been under assault since the 90s. The latest I heard about, they n longer cover prescriptions.

I only know about Medi cal as the mother of a friend was on it for 30+ years. The cut backs are increasingly severe.

AND on-going cut backs in Medicaire as well. Much is gone and they pay hosptials and drs less and less. Same with Medi-cal… Drs started dropping or taking no new MediCal patients ages ago.

Clinics free and charging on a deep curve which would serve Medical patients, are closing here in SF and Cali.


marisacat - 15 April 2011

oh I see the article does get to how bad it is already getting to be.

ts - 15 April 2011

It’s one of the big cost contributors to the system too. Since the patient can’t make an evaluation of what procedures are necessary and which are optional, the s.o.p. is just to throw everything onto insurance (or lack of it). The extra diagnostic might be completely worthless, experimental, and/or the doctor might be getting kickbacks from the company who provides it, but nobody wants to face adverse health consequences, so they pay (through the nose) for bad advice.

ts - 15 April 2011

Finally got some painkillers for my back – after calling the 16th doctor on the provider list. Most hadn’t heard of my insurance company that recommended them, and anyway there were no appointments until May.

The one I finally visited did an x-ray, which the doctor tells me (after) was useless at detecting soft tissue damage, but who was I to resist (I could barely get off the bed to limp into the office).

I told my wife that we’re moving to Taiwan on or before my 50th birthday. I refuse to spend my elder years here, especially considering what the system might look like in a decade. It’s either that or catnip’s backyard.

brinn - 15 April 2011

I vote for catnip’s backyard! My 50th is coming up in 5 years…I will have to wait until the boyos get older before I get there though….

What happened to your back, ts?

ts - 15 April 2011

Was putting the 2 year old (now 35 lbs) in the car for daycare and felt a “pop”. Only hurt a little at first, but three hours later I couldn’t twist my upper body without it feeling like knives being stabbed in my back. Was popping 4 Advil at a time and 15 minutes of scalding shower massage with no success. Same thing happened in January and it took two weeks to go away.

I don’t like it because it feels degenerative and nobody’s told me yet whether it’s a bad disc, cartilege, muscle tear or what. And I can’t stop picking up the daughter – she’s at the age where it takes 5 minutes to get her in the car.

brinn - 15 April 2011

Oh, hon, that sounds terrible! My mom has had a lot of issues with degenerative bone loss in two disks in her back since she was about my age and some of the crap they have tired to put her through (fortunately, my mom is not afraid to say “oh, hell no!”) with no tangible results would make your hair stand on end! Beware docs touting “long-term pain management therapies”…they are most likely shills for drug companies!!

I hope it gets better soon! When I have back/neck things sometimes putting myself flat on the floor with my bottom scooted up against bed/couch/whatever works with my legs bent at the knee helps to relieve the pressure/pain….

marisacat - 15 April 2011

you probably need the … oh I forget the name of it… the scan where you go thru a tunnel.

I had two of those, and on the second had a dr that pointed out the problems in the lumbar and cervical. I could see them..

If you do go for one of those, make the dr write it so you get a copy of the radiology, the results and the photo…

marisacat - 15 April 2011

ugh painkillers are a nightmare in this country. I spent several years on morphine sulfate, pill form. Because of it I managed to work longer, I am absolutely certain. And xanax.

But what a fucking struggle.

marisacat - 15 April 2011

i agree. And in a for profit medical system/business the doctors and the hosptials DO sell procedures. Just read the history of diagnostic angiograms.

Which was what I used to create some space and air, between myself and ANY “small procedure”. I just barely brought up what happened to each parent. And that occasion for invasive procedures is when things go wrong…. Things I had mercifully forgotten. Believe me, they did not want to hear about it, which after it just burst out of me, I counted on… they were leery of those stories… . Esp the asshole “Fellow”, some exalted resident, who was sort of the leader of the mini dr team.


brinn - 15 April 2011

hee hee “mini doctor team” hilarious! (well, if it wasn’t life threatening, that is)

marisacat - 15 April 2011

the junior wannabes. The residents and fellows. I did not have anything rare, but I must have landed at a point in the resident training taht it was instructive to have me around. I had crowds. Really.

4. brinn - 15 April 2011

Oh, and Marisa, I get part-time pittance from both of the places mentioned in that Whitney article from CPunch that you mentioned in the last thread…

Everything he says is true.

marisacat - 15 April 2011

the only one I knew of was U of Phoenix which ahs been exposed here, in undercover camera stings. Just ludicrous. Filming in the financial aid, admittance departments. The recruiting I had not heard of….

Huge scam… and bipartisanly supported.

brinn - 15 April 2011

BridgePoint, if it’s possible, is even worse than UofP….I started working for Ashford at about the same time…there I don’t “teach” per se, I am called a Teaching Assistant, that is, I am expected to grade 50-60 papers within 72 hours each week for five weeks….I go back and forth about which job is actually the suckier one…they both pay very very poorly, mostly because the “estimated hours per week” that they tell you it will take to do the job is off by about 1/2.

5. brinn - 15 April 2011

Two articles by the same author that nicely set out the raft of BS masquerading as education reform:


And a third one on the asinine zero-tolerance crap.

When I have a few days or maybe even a week where I’m not worried about where we are going to live and/or bills, I am going to put together my thoughts on how to fix this ungodly mess we call public education….

6. brinn - 15 April 2011
lucid - 15 April 2011

I said it before and will say it again. If I was in high school now, i would have been a dropout at age 16 instead of class valedictorian. In fact, beginning with my junior year I probably would have bee expelled even with a 4.0 gpa under the current policies.

I don’t see how the kids can tolerate this crap.

marisacat - 15 April 2011

The whole thing has become more nightmare than anything else.

brinn - 15 April 2011

So right, the kids see the writing on the wall and get out ASAP — most of these kids are a lot WISER, SMARTER than the people trying to “teach” them and/or “lobotomize” them into being the corporate wage slaves that the system is intended to produce by the time they are 12 or 13….

The system is a mess, it is a huge waste of resources, human and otherwise, funneled into the pockets of an elite few for the tangible benefit of even fewer.

As much as I teach my boys things that they should know (spelling, times tables, etc.), what I mostly teach them is how to play the game and work the system to their own benefit…sad but true.

Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2011

they would have drugged me so much I would have been left in the back row drooling.

7. brinn - 15 April 2011

Heh. My kid just called me a “cuteness” and gave me a hug.

All is well! 🙂

ts - 15 April 2011

Woo-hoo! I like that. Amazing how quickly they can turn your mood around.

brinn - 15 April 2011

Thanks, ts, it is indeed! Those two are pretty much the only thing that keep me going these days…I love ’em to pieces!

ts - 15 April 2011

They’ll keep you sane, and insane, and back again.

brinn - 15 April 2011

yepper, and I wouldn’t trade a minute! 🙂

8. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2011

They have plans! Do they ever!

Well, that was then, now we know another one of Walker’s little secrets. We have discovered that Wisconsin’s governor has the same twisted idea for Wisconsin as Michigan’s governor does of his state. The state would be allowed to take over local governments if financial management standards are not met. Who decides? The governor or a newly elected uber comptroller. (I am not making this up.) The secret plan is being prepared by the state’s largest law firm, Foley & Lardner, for the Greater Milwaukee Committee, the Bradley Foundation, the governor, and key legislators. There is speculation that Alberta Darling is the Walker point person on this nutty scheme, but no need to speculate: call Senator Darling’s office and ask!

This drastic measure will be “fast-tracked” by the Walkerites unless we slow down the train–again! Clearly Walker wants it passed before any recall elections are held. We must get involved in stopping this absurd attack on democracy and local government.

A fancy brochure is almost ready for distribution. Page one has five pictures of happy people apparently because there is a new Milwaukee County “that is the destination for new businesses, young professionals and tourists.” (Really.) And this carrot: “Working together, we can make this bold vision for Milwaukee County a reality.” You must read ASAP.

A Republican operative, Gene Ulm, was hired to conduct surveys to support this idea. Ulm supposedly asked tough questions leading to such simplistic findings as “92% SUPPORT decreasing the size of the (Milwaukee) County Board.” Yah sure!

All of this is going to to be spun under the heading “Make It Your Milwaukee County.” Check on it at makeityourmilwaukee.com. Whoa Nelly!

marisacat - 15 April 2011

The state would be allowed to take over local governments if financial management standards are not met. Who decides?

Governors want to run everything, so IMO, the Democrats will find a more underhanded, less advertised, way to accomplish the same thing. Eventually…

Just a stray thought……………… 😉

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2011


This morning, Dan told you that Rick Santorum’s campaign slogan, “Fighting to make America America again,” was stolen from gay poet Langston Hughes. This afternoon, Slog tipper Aaron points out that someone finally asked Rick Santorum about the slogan:

Said Santorum: “No I had nothing to do with that. I didn’t know that. And the folks who worked on that slogan for me didn’t inform me that it came from that, if it in fact came from that.”

diane - 15 April 2011

with any luck Dick Sanatorium’s own, however many neglected, offspring, ….. will turn against him like some Rod Serling episode, of all the folk being ‘medicated’ who really shouldn’t be, … one gets to see the true ugly of the “US” …there are some who, if not medicated, should, at the very least, be prevented from doing the damage they appear so ‘hell’ bent on.

10. diane - 15 April 2011

I love that picture honey, it reminds me of the seventies, when my mom, stepdad and I were in a Florida ‘wildlife’ ‘attraction’ …a giraffe was about to put its head through the window I was sitting next to (got a pretty sweet piccy ;0) ) when my stepdad told me to shut the window, ….after all, …that giraffe,…may want to bite you, ….. I guess my stepdad might know about that vengence, when one of the naval ships he was on, was never acknowledged as being SUNK, off the CALI COAST, though he spent at least a year having his foot reconstructed, collateral damage, for big Daddy and Momma?

diane - 15 April 2011

… oh, but aftah all …he was just some taylor’s son, mother’s kid, gangsta WOP ….from urban Bloomfield …jus a few minutes from the Carnegie Mellon Scaife Legacy, …it’s kinda tricky, and so many CAVE …that it is really hard to discern …what exactly to do …I, I for one, minuscule, come up short for any advisement, sad as that is, reverbrating back to me ………….

diane - 15 April 2011

we hate to leave ya…… but we got to go….

Marvin Gaye – Checking Out (Double Clutch)

diane - 15 April 2011

hmmmm suicide stats ….floatin about, well let me just say this, …and fuck the Center for disease Control, and NAMI (pretending that BLATANT ‘MIND’ABUSE, doesn’t have a role in one’s will to live) I truly want to DIE, knowing what the ruling class, (and, so very unfortunately, those lower echelons …..who scheme and conive, …… to be the same as that ruling class) in the countryI was born in, is responsible for, …. there is not a day that goes by, that I don’t ‘entertain’ myself with the thought of suicide. And, ….believe it, ….or not …, I am quite sane.

diane - 15 April 2011

jeesh country, not countryl.

diane - 15 April 2011

oh yeah …and fuck “WHO” (“The World Health Organization … the word “organization,” and their lack of actually hiring, “Want Ads,” should give anyone a clue) ..and the “good ship” Hope, not to say there aren’t those youngsters who thought they started out on the right endeavor….. and that is truly heart wrenching…… sigh …..:0( …

marisacat - 15 April 2011

Obama-Care will make everything better.

One thing is certain, the Dems are gearing up to spit into the wind and proclaim that for the next 18 mos or whatever it is til election day.

Goood luck!!

diane - 15 April 2011

…yup ..I’m searchin for hankies now, to pass out I didn’t know! If I had …I’d have done the right …thing,………..by “the people” …… …oh but wait, ..oopsie, there a appears to be a “bubble,” …. on linen hankies ‘currently’ …and I can’t afford none for none y’all assholes ,…..without starving my own family, ………..whom, despite any issues, have certainly done more for “me,” than any y’all in DC …

11. marisacat - 16 April 2011



………. 😯

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