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Hopeless 19 April 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, Culture of Death, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, The Battle for New Orleans, Total fucking lunatics.

A dead sea turtle washed onto the shore at Waveland, Mississippi. Endangered sea turtles and dolphins are still dying in high numbers in Mississippi, which continues to be impacted by tar balls and weathered oil following the Deepwater Horizon oil leak   [Mario Tama/Getty Images]

From the above link:

[T]he view from her submarine is different, and her attachment is almost personal. On her descent to a location 10 miles from BP’s well in December, Joye landed on an ocean floor coated with dark brown muck about 4cm deep. Thick ropes of slime draped across coral like cobwebs in a haunted house. The few creatures that remained alive, such as the crabs, were too listless to flee. “Most of the time when you go at them with a submarine, they just run,” she says. “They weren’t running, they were just sitting there, dazed and stupefied. They certainly weren’t behaving as normal.”

Her conclusion? “I think it is not beyond the imagination that 50% of the oil is still floating around out there.”

At a time when the White House, Congress, government officials and oil companies are trying to put the oil disaster behind them, that is not the message from the deep that people are waiting to hear. Joye’s data – and an outspoken manner for a scientist – have pitted her against the Obama adminstration’s scientists as well as other independent scientists who have come to different conclusions about the state of the Gulf. She is consumed by the idea that she – and other colleagues – are not really being heard.”It’s insanely frustrating,” Joye says.   . . .

The Guardian article included this little tidbit:

[K]en Feinberg, the independent administrator of BP’s $20bn compensation fund, says he is close to finishing compensating individuals and businesses who were hurt by the disaster – without even coming close to exhausting the $20bn.

He paid out only $3.6bn last year   . . . .

In other news, I see Hapless Hopeless, our iron-deficient so-called leader, is in Annandale today for a dry run, with some hapless kids, of the speech he will give at Facebook tomorrow.

We are blessed to have Leader with us for two whole fucking days.  Here on Wednesday and Thursday in Los Angeles. 

Something around 35K per ticket.

Oh right!  The Democrats pretend to take  a principled, spine-filled stand against the Citizens United SCOTUS ruling.

Bridges for sale and moving fast over in Aisle 4!

[M]ore than 150 dolphins, half of them infants, have washed up since the start of 2011. At least eight were smeared with crude oil that has been traced to BP’s well, NOAA said, and 87 sea turtles – all endangered – have been found dead since mid-March. [that would be 87 in just over a month – Mcat]

“To me it makes no sense to think that it is random consequence, but it is kind of maddening because there has been a lot of energy and effort put towards beating the drum of everything is wonderful, everything is going to be fine by 2012,” says Joye.

Other studies have disputed Joye’s findings. Terry Hazen, a scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, failed to detect any traces of underwater oil in the six weeks after the well was capped. But he did find evidence of naturally occurring bacteria that ate the oil. John Kessler, a scientist at Texas A&M, found that the huge quantities of methane gas, which were released along with the oil, had also rapidly degraded.     . . . . .

Oh please.  Lawrence Berkeley (Chu had been head of it) and Lawrence Livermore Labs are part of the Defense Industry.  Get a clue.  Lawrence’s widow has campaigned for what seems like two decades to have his name taken off the labs.

None other than RUSH, as in Limbaugh, loves to push that oil eating bacteria.  I have no doubt that such an organism exists and functions with naturally occuring oil leaks.

We’re talking massive, on-going disaster here.


1. diane - 19 April 2011

Obombster Facebook Speech, …pretty much saiz it all for me, …so many millions of the kiddies getting their homework assignments from facebook and such (and no concrete text needed, just an ever mutating sermon, invisibly edited dependent on discussions at Davos, et al) ……….will Gibbs be presenting? Someone should hack it with piccies of all the collateral Hope/Change damage, dead and dying life, as far as the eye can see.

marisacat - 19 April 2011

Plus admittedly it’s Maui, but their gas is over 5 bucks. Ours here will be there soon. We are crossing the 4.50 mark… Quite independent of our ‘special summer secret sauce gas at the pump’ price jack.

diane - 19 April 2011


2. diane - 19 April 2011

Henry Chu, heh, another “$US$” import, like Yoo and Koh, from lands where despotisom was part of the daily diet if you wanted to survive at all, but if ya had the connections, the $US$ may well wanna hire you, or your children, into Management.

diane - 19 April 2011

(and SLy COn Valley, Cali, is loaded to the lethal fangs, with despotic: work through mealtime, piss in your cubicle/assembly area, somplace away from that $puter$/$widget$, who are imported (directly and indirectly) Management, …has been…. for decades.)

diane - 19 April 2011

not at all to say there haven’t been those “imported” who were sweet, as the day is long …. I’ve loved two of them, still do.

marisacat - 19 April 2011

Believe me, there were no Latinos at California Pacific Medical Center. None. And I enountered all of two native born blacks.

diane - 19 April 2011

Same can be said of Sly Con Valley Corporations, no representative Black or Latino population, unless you consider janitorial services.

marisacat - 19 April 2011

Yes but, Hospitals always had latino and black. That is a big difference. There were no latino nor black in janitorial, either… and they had me whizzing around in wheelchairs at all hours for tests.. I was on several different floors, different departments and so many different rooms (i mean where I slept) I was dizzy.

It means people here, on the ground, trained and with experience are being pushed aside for imports. And i am very adept at listening to non-native born English… but quite a few people i encountered sought never to say a word, or were so heavily accented I was swimming in it.

It does matter in a hospital setting.

diane - 19 April 2011

It means people here, on the ground, trained and with experience are being pushed aside for imports.

nothing I feel the need to add to that, hon, ….truer words …., ..’n all …..

diane - 19 April 2011

nor, when I think of it, representation of the caucasion population possibly (not sure), in middle management.

something I thought was telling was when the Murky Nooz proudly announced (was it 2007?) that the majority ov Sly Con Valley IPOs were founded by H-1B visa PEEPS, and, near that time, one of their editorialists suggested that Chinese be made a formal second language, ….not Spanish, like so many of the closest neighbors, Chinese.

marisacat - 19 April 2011

well in terms of language, Spanish English and Chinese are in tandem, in a lot of Cali

diane - 19 April 2011


diane - 19 April 2011

the words middle management, bieng a key to a mundane, very tightly kept “secret,” if nothing else, our masters are certainly clever, …. with initiating hatred.

marisacat - 19 April 2011

I think Chu is native born. I would think Yoo and Koh as well.

So sad, if I am recalling correctly, Koh clerked for Blackmun and i heard a wonderful hours long interview he did iwth Blackmun before he died.

diane - 19 April 2011

Yoo was born in South Korea, Koh’s parents were from South Korea, and Henry Chu, was born in Hong Kong..

marisacat - 19 April 2011

Well several decades ago, the Rand Corporation said the plan was to introduce people from countries with no history of democracy.

Not that we can hold ourselves up. At all. All three come from products as much of the West as of the East.

diane - 19 April 2011

I did assembly grave shift work in CALI, under the Rand name, wasn’t familiar with Ayn then, if I had have been I might have opted out (if I could’ve gotten rent assistance), as it was, I ended up letting them know they could get fucked, in no uncertain terms …in my own teeny way.


marisacat - 19 April 2011

yes but what gets out in public from Rand studies is almost always interesting.

Did she come from RAND, I thought it was an old acronym

diane - 19 April 2011

I’ve always presumed a connection (however cosmic), but yeah RandCorp is stated to have been an acronym for research and development.

diane - 19 April 2011

Something from answers .com re: Rand Corp.

Nonpartisan think tank whose original focus was national security. It grew out of a research-and-development project (its name is a contraction of “research and development”) by Douglas Aircraft Co. for the Army Air Force in 1945. In 1948 it became a private nonprofit corporation. In the 1960s it expanded its focus to address domestic public-policy issues. Its mission today is to improve policy and decision making through research and analysis. It employs several hundred scholars in many disciplines. Its funding comes from government contracts, charitable foundations, private corporations, and earnings on its endowment. Its headquarters are in Santa Monica, Cal., and it has offices in Washington, D.C., New York, and overseas.

diane - 19 April 2011

she came from Russia.

diane - 19 April 2011

and yeah, Ayn does certainly appear to have been yet another import from a despotic realm, brought into the Land of the Free and Brave, … oddly idolized, at a time when the born and raised here females, of the united states, were treated even more like dog shit, than now (if that’s imaginable), ….for Management purposes.

marisacat - 19 April 2011

Where did she come from?

diane - 19 April 2011

she came from Russia

(and oopsie, can you delete my misplaced, duplicate response above hon? … sorry.)

marisacat - 19 April 2011

oh that si right, I’d totally forgotten that about her…

diane - 19 April 2011

Mr. Koh’s father, Kwang Lim Koh, served as minister to the United States for the first democratically elected government in South Korea…

diane - 19 April 2011

(linky …the quote re [Harold] Koh has moved away from the post that prompted it, a true downside to “the web,” …sigh ….. ;0( …)

diane - 19 April 2011

(and the prefacing linky, to that one, hell, the more the merrier! ….:0) …;0) …)

diane - 19 April 2011

It’s not been the greatest week for the Obama administration’s commitment to open government. But Harold Koh, the State Department’s legal adviser, told Shane Harris of National Journal that the administration is open to disclosing the legal underpinnings of one of its most controversial and beloved national security programs: the missile strikes it fires on suspected terrorists from remotely piloted aircraft, principally in Pakistan. Great! When should we expect that disclosure? Oh, at some point.


marisacat - 19 April 2011

I’ve got a feeling AUMF does the trick. In any case, just like Bush, nothing is stopping Foundling.

diane - 19 April 2011

identical twins …. The Turn of the Screw, flits across my mind ….

diane - 19 April 2011

(to clarify, on the identical twin bit, many times one might appear totally opposite the other, but it’s generally compensation, which appears to be ultimately for the survival of both, as one ….., is my, very much thought about, guess)

diane - 19 April 2011

more, re Harold Koh:

Koh, a former dean of Yale law school, is also the man who authored a legal opinion for the Obama administration this past March stating that the president had the right to authorise “lethal operations” to target and kill alleged terrorists anywhere in the world without judicial review. This is in spite of the fact that other respected law professors and human rights organisations from Amnesty to Human Rights Watch have expressed grave worries that such actions also endanger the lives of countless individuals.

marisacat - 19 April 2011

Just like 2004, the reelection vote numbers will tell us who thinks Obby should do just as he pleases.

IMO all of the fuss and muss – all that does is go in the history books. It might show we did not all agree.

But nothing is stopping Obby.

diane - 19 April 2011

I really dread a solar storm, or an asteroid hitting, but if that’s what it takes for a turn around from the worship of killing for the sake of a momentary Hard On, ….and some hollow, worthless “treasure,” for a handful of despicable – I’m frightened, but pretty much for it, or whatever ‘natural disaster’ could occur.

diane - 19 April 2011

(in other words/i.e./id est: some natural disaster which would null the power of “currency” and “title,”)

3. marisacat - 19 April 2011


Tapper’s column

First lady Michelle Obama’s plane, dubbed “Executive One Foxtrot” had to abort its landing at the Joint Base Andrews after it came closer to another military plane than it should have, officials said.

The first lady’s plane didn’t have as much “separation” from a military jet as it should have when approaching Andrews Air Force base, an administration source said. It was three miles away from the military jet, Federal Aviation Administration officials told ABC News, whereas the standard distance is five miles.

Air traffic controllers told the plane’s pilot to do a standard go-around and circle for additional time to create the appropriate distance, which they did, and there was no panic caused by the incident.


4. diane - 19 April 2011

First lady Michelle Obama’s plane, dubbed “Executive One Foxtrot

thanks hon, now I won’t have to go search the fridge …. for that snack …..

marisacat - 19 April 2011

Yeah I wonder what it really stands for………

diane - 19 April 2011

I would think it stands for the old fashioned connotation of the word fox …and yet another, fairly blatant: FUCK THE peepsle, calling card.

but that’s just me, and at this point I’m clinging to any sanity I can get a hold of … in the midst of the devastation going on.

marisacat - 19 April 2011

well aside from a dance step it is military call lingo.

diane - 19 April 2011

couldn’t agree more.

5. diane - 19 April 2011

okay, where are you m and brinn?

diane - 19 April 2011

(and where is “nepeta cataria?”)

marisacat - 19 April 2011

She did not feel well for several days… but I emailed her… think last night, and she was starting to feel better…

diane - 19 April 2011

small fucking wonder that no one worth caring about, …. appears to be doing quite well …..

fox trot, etc., etc., et al ….. indeed …..

6. diane - 19 April 2011

US claims no depleted uranium used in second Fallujah siege

Following a lengthy Freedom of Information process, the US has claimed that no depleted uranium weapons were used in the Iraqi city of Fallujah during Operation Phantom Fury in November and December 2004. However, it has also revealed that no records were kept on the use of the weapons in Fallujah prior to July 2004.

18 April 2011 – ICBUW

diane - 19 April 2011

and who, at this point, would doubt …..that there are two sets of records, from July 2004, forward …., ..indeed, ….currently?

7. diane - 20 April 2011

thinkin of you: brinn, brinn child, and m, and hoping you were just too worn out from the stress of the day, to let us know all was well.

8. marisacat - 20 April 2011

Lordy. I was idly flipping thru the many many [unopened, as in, what can I do about any of it?] bill envelopes from my sojourns at the hospital… and noticed the Fire Dept has sent a bill.

Out of curiosity I am going to open that one later. Later today. Or, tomorrow.


9. marisacat - 20 April 2011

Can’t someone stuff a dead fish in his mouth?

Anything t shut him up.

So like Bush:

[“F]rom the beginning, my administration brought every available resource to bear, amassing the largest oil spill response in our nation’s history.

“At the height of the response, approximately 48,000 men and women worked tirelessly to mitigate the worst impacts of the spill. While we’ve made significant progress, the job isn’t done.” . . .

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 April 2011
marisacat - 20 April 2011

HA! I had rushed right over to Drudge.. but I see it is a couple lines from Drudge at Twitter.

On and on it goes.

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 April 2011
brinn - 20 April 2011

The article doesn’t say, what the hell are they using to justify this???

Oh, and happy belated, madman, I hope you’re cold is/was short-lived!!

Madman in the Marketplace - 20 April 2011

Well, they’re police, so they’re keeping people “safe”.

thanks for the birthday wishes!

Just a cough and congestion, I’ll get better (hopefully!).

marisacat - 20 April 2011

I did not rrealise it was your birthday… Happy! Happy!

Madman in the Marketplace - 20 April 2011


12. brinn - 20 April 2011

Hi all!

Boy-child and I got home yesterday at 10:30 am — the surgery went perfectly (I love that boy’s doc!!) and we got out of the hospital unscathed….

He’s on his meds and resting comfortably — we had some serious bout of pain and stomach problems coming out of the anesthesia yesterday afternoon, but he got a good night’s sleep (well, aside from the waking up at 2 am in pain), woke up for a few minutes this morning and is sleeping again…

And I am off to do the same here shortly.

Thanks everyone, for all of the good thoughts and energies! It means a lot!

I hope we hear from mattes soon!

Madman in the Marketplace - 20 April 2011

good news!

brinn - 20 April 2011

Yes! Thanks!

marisacat - 20 April 2011

Good to hear the surgery went well…


brinn - 20 April 2011

Thanks, M.! I am glad it is over with!

m - 20 April 2011

Glad all went well for you two. :))

I am 100% better….well maybe 50%. Need another MRI, and they are recommending surgery, but it’s my choice. Cutting out sections of bad intestines.

As for bills….consistent minimum payments. It works. Paid off two ankle surgeries like that.

brinn - 20 April 2011

Thanks, m! And right back atcha! I hope the “betterness” improves at the current rate! 😉

Ouch, though, even if they’re bad, cutting out parts of intestines sounds uncomfy!

And yep, minimum payments is what they’ll get, I’ll be paying of the docs first, 2400 for the doc who did the surgery and 700 for the anesthesiologist (insurance pays after deductible 80/20, so that’ll be about 1K) the hospital can bite me, they’ll get 10$ a month until I can afford more, regardless of their freaking “payment plan” as their charges for the FIVE HOURS we were in the hospital came to over 11,000 dollars….and they want $2200 out of my pocket….

I am ever so glad we have insurance…NOT!

marisacat - 20 April 2011

omigod. The hospital wants 11 K for 5 hours in there? This was ambulatory surgery?

brinn - 20 April 2011

Yes, ma’am, he walked right in!

I can’t wait to see the itemized bill! This is the same hospital that when kid the younger broke his collar bone 2 1/2 years ago stuck a totally bogus $800 charge for a surgeon on his ER bill — we had a $100 copay for ER visit regardless, but I told BCBS they should really check that out if they paid it because it was BS….told them to give me a call back if they needed something in writing, but I never heard from them again, so I have no idea whether they tracked it down or not…..methinks that it isn’t only people WITHOUT insurance that are overusing ERs — $100 out of pocket vs. 2200$….hmmm, which would I rather pay???

BooHooHooMan - 20 April 2011

Sweet. And you know what? Even as memories of childhood fade, the Brinnsons will know that Mom was there for them.

Which, of course, should be used for maximum parental advantage!

brinn - 20 April 2011

Thanks, BHHM — when I woke him up this morning to give him his meds and have him drink some water, he said “Mom, I cannot tell you how thankful I am that you’re and doing all of this for me.” He went right back so sleep, so maybe he didn’t remember saying it, because the next time he woke up, he said it again…I told him that I’d do anything for him, but that I couldn’t tell him how much it meant to me that he said thank you.

I have the greats boys ever! 😉

BooHooHooMan - 20 April 2011

And glad to hear, mattes.
Possibility of the GI work being done laparoscopically?

m - 20 April 2011

Dr. say more expensive and harder. Says one one day recovery difference and he still has to take out the intestine to reconnect anyway.

NO more nuts, seeds or beans!!! Ever.

Next time in hospital I get a bag….

diane - 20 April 2011

So glad everything went okay healthwise, brinn and mattes (ugh about outrageous bills)!

13. BooHooHooMan - 20 April 2011

Hmm. Germany with a little scratch back.. against Swiss based Julius Baer ..

Julius Baer to Settle German Probe for $72 Million

ZURICH—A year after Germany bought stolen data about Swiss bank accounts, Swiss private bank Julius Baer Group AG has agreed to pay German authorities €50 million ($72.2 million) to end an inquiry over hidden assets held by German clients.

Julius Baer said that, under the settlement, Germany won’t pursue the bank or any of its employees on possible charges of having helped German clients avoid taxes in their home country.

..set against what happened a couple weeks ago..

Twenty Quit UBS German Private Bank

ZURICH—UBS AG said Friday roughly 20 staff have left its German private banking arm, reportedly for the Bad Homburg-based Harald Quandt Trust, which manages the money of the wealthy Quandt family.

The 20 employees left after the Swiss bank ditched plans to ring-fence part or all of the German private bank into a separate corporation, thus allowing it more autonomy from Zurich…

..and we see further circling of the wagons – (rough in Alpine hills and lakes!) – wherein the SWISS summon cool towels against against sweaty brow and the unthinkable: Collapse.

Swiss Big-Bank Laws Go to Parliament

ZURICH—The Swiss government backed a raft of measures sent to parliament Wednesday aimed at better insulating the Swiss economy from a collapse of one or both big Swiss banks, saying the taxpayer shouldn’t be perceived by investors as a lender of last resort to UBS AG or Credit Suisse Group.

“The too-big-to-fail package of measures should be suitable to effectively limit the implied state guarantee of the big banks,” the Swiss government said in a 75-page report prepared by the State Secretariat for International Financial Matters, also known as SIF, and governmental economic agency Seco in conjunction with the Swiss …

14. marisacat - 20 April 2011

Pretzel’s Facebook HooHaw is starting.

Both he and Zuckersnucker have taken off their ties and jackets.

Working men.

Got it?

marisacat - 20 April 2011

Jesus I have no idea what it means, but the local talk radio, quasi stupid liberal, quasi whatever, is openly laughing at the Facebook thingaroo… monitoring the questions coming in for Obby and the feed from the Facebook Townhall.

and boy, are mad upset angry crazed Democrats, 40 – 60 male and female calling in to the radio station. I mean MAD.

One guy said, I feel I voted for RFK and Nixon took office!

What a hoot.

I hope the peopl who voted for him chew the inside of their mouths out.

brinn - 20 April 2011

Er, what’s going on??

marisacat - 20 April 2011

well I am just listening to the local talk radio with ongoing coverage… but Ob and Zuck just wound it up and Z gave O a hoodie.

The event was treated as a joke, pretty much, judging from the questions fed thru Facebook… and as I said the local radio callers were lots of disgusted Democrats up and down the state. (the station is strong enough to carry into Mexico and parts of Texas and up to Alaska)

brinn - 20 April 2011

First time since I cut it off that I miss cable — would’ve loved to have seen that! Sure hope Ob PR advisers were smart enough to tell him not to put on the fucking hoodie!! 😉

Nice to know that it was treated as the joke it was in some quarters!!

marisacat - 20 April 2011

You could follow it online… and KGO set up an independent feed, other wise you do have to go to Facebook and “friend” the WH then log onto the feed.

Oh yeah a mix of “what a joke” and “fuck! I voted for that guy! godfucking damnit”.

KGO also had callers offering their questions – which were in fact while angry and mad, serious.

brinn - 20 April 2011


I feel out of it — what’s KGO?

marisacat - 20 April 2011

sorry KGO is the local talk radio. http://www.kgoam810.com/

They also broadcast over the internet.

15. brinn - 20 April 2011

thanks! 😉

16. m - 20 April 2011


“A government list obtained by The Associated Press shows that in addition to 27,000 oil and gas wells that were sealed with cement and abandoned without any regular monitoring, another 3,200 old wells have quietly been left unused without any cement plugging to help prevent leaks.

Without those plugs, there is little to prevent powerful leaks from pushing to the surface, so these wells could be an even greater environmental threat than wells that have been sealed and classified as either temporarily or permanently abandoned. The 27,000 sealed wells were first tallied and reported as a major leaking threat in an investigative report by the AP in July.”

17. marisacat - 20 April 2011

In case diane stops around, I landed on this today on the corkscrew light bulbs.

Gave me laugh. Not recommended for prolonged use (!!), nor on fr long near the head (no reading?!!) nor in enclosed low or no ventilation areas.

SO…………………. 😆

diane - 20 April 2011

Thanks for that hon, I’m not at all surprised, but hadn’t known it was that bad (about the vapors). The horror is that in much, if not all of the housing for disabled, elderly, and/or poor, their use is enforced, they can’t be removed or replaced in Cali.

There’s such a ghastly underbelly to the $Green$ movement, but it won’t be discussed until it’s too late. Same thing with the hideous underbelly of the tech industry, amazingly equated with the Green Movement; never mind, for one, the stunning, planned obselesence rate, and consequent sucking up of what they’re now calling “rare earths,” and of course, water and electricity.

marisacat - 20 April 2011

Green washing. Like Poor Washing. And Pink Washing.

diane - 20 April 2011

what’s pink washing?

marisacat - 20 April 2011

Female and/or breast cancer washing.

diane - 20 April 2011

thanks, thought as much, but wasn’t sure, and wasn’t there some recent scandal regarding the Komen Foundation? So many fucking washings, ya’d think things would be spotless, eh. sigh …..

marisacat - 20 April 2011

Komen Foundaton fronts for a couple of big pharma companies, ones involved in particular new meds. IIRC

diane - 20 April 2011

ugh vaguely brings to mind the enormous Estrogen Therapy scam that ended up in breast cancer for so many women, and a Breast cancer Thermal Imaging scam that Dick Secord, of Iran Contra infamy, was involved in, in the early 2000’s. He was slapped on the wrist for insider trading.

Looking it up, I guess some form of Estrogen Therapy has been claimed to have good results per a recent government study. I have a friend whose doctor told her it was likely the Estrogen Therapy that resulted in her breast cancer (no family history, and pretty healthy lifestyle). At this point, I wouldn’t believe much of anything this government promotes, especially as regards females, whom they appear to despise.

marisacat - 20 April 2011

well nobody in this country will discuss it, nor even admit to it in any high profile way, but the system of pumping various drugs and therapies to produce these late in life children is quite dangerous. Or can be.

The British editor of Vogue, I forget her name now, died, sometime ago, of a horrid cervical cancer and at least then it was discussed that therapies associated iwth having her children may have contributed.

Of coure dead silence on the Edwards version.

diane - 20 April 2011

The “industry” of producing late in life children has always seemed insane to me (my friend’s Estrogen Therapy wasn’t for that purpose).

Reading the Estrogen Therapy piece further, it looks like the promo is limited to those who’ve had a hysterectomy, which I’m sure will be the new “necessary operation,” for women past forty, in hospitals.

18. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 April 2011
marisacat - 20 April 2011

rolling right along!

19. BooHooHooMan - 20 April 2011

Meet Keratea: Greece’s War Zone
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/20/2011 17:40 -0400

* Greece
* Middle East
* Unemployment

One of the more interesting “war zones” that most have never heard of is not in North Africe, nor in the Middle East, but in Greece. Meet Keratea, a small city of 15,000 people located close to Athens, where after over 100 days of struggle between authorities and the broder population, the riot police has officially decided to abdicate the city to its fate in what is the first popular mini-revolution in the developed world. From the Independent:

“As explosions boom, the town’s loudspeakers blare: “Attention! Attention! We are under attack!” Air-raid sirens wail through the streets, mingling with the frantic clanging of church bells. Clouds of tear gas waft between houses as helmeted riot police move in to push back the rebels. This isn’t a war zone, but a small town just outside Athens. And while its fight is about a rubbish dump, it captures Greece’s angry mood over its devastated economy. As unemployment rises and austerity bites ever harder, tempers seem to fray faster in Greece, with citizens of all stripes thumbing their noses at authority. Some refuse to pay increased highway tolls and public transport tickets. There has been a rise in politicians being heckled and even assaulted. Yesterday, in Thessalonika, scores of activists were arrested after violent clashes with police.”

Meet the new and improved face of austerity: now in a small town in Greece, which is about to default all over again, and soon in many other places in the increasingly more insolvent European periphery.

BooHooHooMan - 20 April 2011

That fate is now over: As Occupied London reports, the city is now in the hand of the rioters.

As announced a few hours ago, the ministry of citizen protection announced its plan to withdraw all police forces from Ovriokastro and Keratea. It has also been decided that the construction machinery will be withdrawn from the area and that the ministry of environment will enter into negotiations with the municipality.

At 17.08 GMT+2, the largest part of the riot police forces had withdrawn from Keratea.

There is a feeling of victory running across the barricades of Keratea as the police buses leave. Is this a victory for the people of Keratea? Or a tactical move on the side of the government, ahead of the easter break?

marisacat - 20 April 2011

The Greek people have been amazing for years, a fascinating combination of peaceful and non peaceful. But I had not heard of Keratea.

20. BooHooHooMan - 20 April 2011

And more in “Hey- Fuck You” News:

Cameron’s austerity call ignored by EU


April 20, 2011, 10:02 p.m. EDT
China sets U.S. dollar-yuan at a fresh record-low

Fresh underwear and life-jackets, everybody.

marisacat - 20 April 2011

We are so screwed… I just saw an extended segment on how employment is faring in Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale and San Jose and the various environs. One business leader said bluntly, if you have a company that “supports Asian business” (read off shore manufacture) you are doing well to fine…… but the employment picture in S Valley will not improve “til 2015”.

Whch is a bald faced lie. It is not going to improve.

marisacat - 20 April 2011

On the upswing, however, it seems Gibbs’ talks with Facebook have fallen apart.

diane - 20 April 2011

wonder who got the position?

marisacat - 20 April 2011


Some other jerk.

diane - 20 April 2011

yup, no doubt.

BooHooHooMan - 20 April 2011

HAW-HAW! Poor Gibbs!

marisacat - 20 April 2011

I wonder if he wanted just too damned much $$$ to be corporate government liaison hack.

diane - 20 April 2011

I just read some hunger stats recently on Santa Clara County noting that over 30% of the population was “food insecure.” In one of the country’s so-called “wealthiest counties.”

marisacat - 20 April 2011

Oh well, the Democrats running will just promise “food”. No real discussion of the WHY of it all.

diane - 20 April 2011

and, once again, rename the Cali foodstamps to an even cuter name. Recently discovered they had been renamed to Cal Fresh, …goes along nicely with the Green and Fit theme, they must have conferred with Mickey.

Im sure things will go just fine, and Cali’s certainly prepared themselves with enough prisons to ‘house’ anyone tempted to shoplift a loaf of unaffordable bread, and then they can finally get a job for one of the large Corporations, making prison wages to farm fish, or some such.

I was stunned to read happy commentary by presumed liberals recently about the wonders of prisoners doing jobs that people used to make a living at, Fucking Stunning.

marisacat - 20 April 2011

Jerry and his wif just cut the prison guard lobby a big fat deal. It does have to make it thru the lege… but who trusts them.

diane - 20 April 2011

I guess the real plan is for all the 99ers, those who sunk before them, and the coming ‘crop,’ to eventually end up institutionalized, I’m sure they’re unhappy there isn’t a rocket yet, equipped to dump multitudes of folks off on Mars, with mining hats and picks; not to worry though, Page, and the Sly Con Valley Wizards of the Universe are working on it…… Australia II Dawn … or some such insanity provoking logo …..

21. brinn - 20 April 2011

The air conditioner has been running all day and it is still hot as hell in here (80 at 10:35 pm)… guess I’ll have to put in my annual call to the landlord about the fucking 25 year old air conditioner….every year they tell him that he needs to fix it and every year he has them do some sort of stupid ass stop gap measure…last summer I had 400$/month electric bills four months running.

Sorry. I’m hot and grouchy and had to just bitch. Boy just woke up, his leg is hurting, so I’m out…

diane - 20 April 2011

something that helps a bit (if you haven’t already tried it) is hanging a cold damp washcloth over your neck, or tying a damp scarf around your forehead.

22. marisacat - 20 April 2011



……….. 8)

23. BooHooHooMan - 20 April 2011

US Treasury to press on with $20bn AIG sale

By Tom Braithwaite in Washington and Francesco Guerrera in New York

Published: April 21 2011 00:11 | Last updated: April 21 2011 01:42

The US Treasury is pressing ahead with plans to sell $20bn of AIG shares next month even though a sharp fall in the insurer’s stock price will lead to smaller-than-expected profits 😆 {Like NONE} for taxpayers, according to people familiar with the plans.

Shares in AIG have fallen by more than 25 per cent in the past three months to close on Wednesday at $32.35, eroding the paper profit on the Treasury’s 92 per cent stake acquired as a result of the government’s 2008 rescue of the company, from $24bn in January to $6bn today.

Bummer, man. Seems to be a little snag from those March plans to spread the AIG pain around…
remember this extruded turd?

Mar 1: Prudential buys AIA for $35bn
March 1 2010: UK insurer Prudential has agreed to buy AIA – AIG’s Asian operations – for $35bn in cash and shares. To finance the deal, Prudential will need to raise $20bn through a rights issue ….

Well, that turd never pinched off. It got mashed n that crude mess of Spring right there between market cheeks and turlet seat.

Probe launched into Pru’s failed AIA bid

By Paul J Davies in London
Published: April 20 2011 23:03 | Last updated: April 20 2011 23:03

An investigation is under way into the handling of Prudential’s $35bn aborted bid for Asian life assurer AIA, {Please AIA IS AIG} according to people familiar with the matter.

The London-based insurer was ordered by the UK financial watchdog to commission law firm Clifford Chance to conduct an inquiry because of concerns about the management of the AIA deal, the people added.

LOL. Won’t SOMEBODY rescue AIG and the congealing fuckball of derivative holders? Won’t Somebody sucker prod a tepid EU Germany and , gasp, the increasingly inhospitable China?

LOL. Looks like the plan is to trot out Trump.
And I’m only half joking about that, gettin everybody all het up about China now.

Of course, Obama is too valuable doing advanceman’s work for the delayed but much vaunted Facebook IPO .

Hmm, makes ya wonder tho – what is AIG Asia’s insurance exposure in….. JAPAN. Surely they will disclose all.

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