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Sunday 30 April 2011

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

A butterfly sits on a flower in a garden in Dhulikhel near Kathmandu, Nepal [Narendra Shrestha/EPA]



1. Madman in the Marketplace - 30 April 2011
marisacat - 30 April 2011

People forget that good, bad, indifferent and / or hideous, all of the non-aligned countries take not only a different view of us, but often have loads of information on hte US.

I notice Fidel has a piece up this weekend in Counterpunch.

2. Madman in the Marketplace - 30 April 2011

Too bad he doesn’t govern as well as he delivers a punch line.

marisacat - 30 April 2011

Good writers, who call themselves liberals just wanna help him out. You know, like the joke about drones. Very likely written in the joke shop of Jon Stewart.

I read pleasant commentary around about his efforts at the dinner.

But then, I did not always dislike Bush, either, when he was performing.

It’s endless.

diane - 30 April 2011

like the joke about drones.

do you mean that nasty one Obama made as regards having the power to drone at whim, using his daughters as bait?

reminded me of gwb bragging about his power to execute that womman as she begged for life,…despite pardoning Lucas, who murdered his Mom?, not to mention how many others?

marisacat - 30 April 2011

Well, Bush on the execution was his own devising. Off the cuff. People don’t seem to mind much.

And mindless white liberals and stupid blacks seem fine with war jokes, killing jokes, as long as it is Obama making the jokes… Ob studiously ignoring race – – other then using his own for elections.. or erecting a defense for himself, using race.

All just wallpaper.

Madman in the Marketplace - 30 April 2011

Performing is their job.

marisacat - 30 April 2011

yeah I agree. And occasionally both were good at it.

Shit eater tho one is, and a shit kicker the other.

The whole thing is deep in the gutter. Or, down the drain, really, I guess.

3. marisacat - 30 April 2011

gad.. I have been so wrapped up in Treme that I lost, or gained, a day. I find I keep thinking it is Sunday night, not Sat night.

Madman in the Marketplace - 1 May 2011

that show is hypnotic that way.

marisacat - 1 May 2011

I think unconsciously, it is why I got busy to reintroduce myself to coffee again (it was rough but I kept at it, by now I can have a cup without any extreme reaction)…. I could nto have stood to watch something set in NO and be unable to have a cup of cofee.

I also via Netfix am watching the Bourdain series, just saw season 1 ep 1… Paris and NJ. I’d have suffered thru the Paris segment (and, it was better than I had expected it to be) if I was stil unable to drink coffee…


Madman in the Marketplace - 1 May 2011

Last week Bourdain was in Northern Japan, recorded just a few weeks before the earthquakes and tsuanami. The fresh ramen looked so yummy.

marisacat - 1 May 2011

I am working my way thru them… and started picking out of order for the next two or three. The next one coming has a segment (1 of 5) in New Orleans…

The other so poignant thing about Treme, is that it was filmed before BP. I mean, when Desautel’s was struggling, at least it could offer, when she could pay COD, but it could offer Gulf shellfish and oysters.

A local channel here, while that damned fucking thing was still gushing, went to the Gulf coast of Mexico, to check on decades later aftermath of the horrible PEMEX gulf oil spill in the 70s, think it was 79. The oysters are still there, but no one bothers to harvest them. They taste of oil.


Madman in the Marketplace - 1 May 2011

such a horrible crime, and they won’t ever pay for it.

marisacat - 1 May 2011

yup. Ob and Feinberg and all the BPers will just keep moving on the big screen of life…. Alive and well. I took particular note Ob said in AL he had just never seen nothin’ like that.

So easy to forget he was in NO several times in the wake of Katrina, at least once he flew down with Bush on AF 1 (and later scrubbed his site of his remarks on Katrina, that race had nothing to do with it). But history and historic is just so fleeting.

😆 It’s hard out there for a pimp.

One of the commentaries I listened to on the Treme discs said in the year following Katrina, the city alone (to say nothing of the whole of the affected Gufl coast) had a suicide rate 4 x the national average.

Who knows after BP.

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 1 May 2011

Earth to Libertarians: Private Parties Have Coercive Power Too

I’m sick of the free pass given the libertarian blather, “The state is the only source of coercive power.” I doubt that many non-libertarians buy that assetion, but they too often remain silent because most libertarians are rabid on that issue and arguing with them is like talking to a wall. But since that bogus assertion has been showing up increasingly in comments here as right-wing plants are becoming more common, I might as well do a quick shred, since it does not take much effort to show this claim is nonsense.

Let’s look at some simple empirical examples of why this pet argument just ain’t so. The first comes from Tom Ferguson:

American history is replete with examples of business groups and individual firms retaining vast armies of military and paramilitary forces for long periods of time. In the nineteenth century many railroads kept private armies. The Pennsylvania Coal and Iron Police ran their own Obrigkeitsstaat [authoritarian state] for decades. General Motors maintained the Black Legion; Ford sported a veritable Freikorps recruited by the notorious Henry Bennett; and any number of detective agencies, goon squads, “special consultants,” and wiretappers have also been active. . . . Force on such a scale potentially menaces competitors, buyers, and suppliers almost as much as it does workers.

Some modern versions of coercion don’t involve actual harm, but credible threats. For instance, I know three different lawyers who have been suing banks who have gotten ugly warnings (and some follow-up action, like break ins and messages specifying where children were on specific days; one is spending $20,000 a month on bodyguards).

marisacat - 1 May 2011

Everybody should see Coppola’s The Conversation. All those private parties, including now, again, paramilitaries, may work at times for governments, but they are ”for hire”. To anybody.

Libertarian beliefs are fine, but Big L libertarians are, in my book, a joke. They exist to make R look mainstream. One reason R like to have a L in local races and debates… Most of the ones I have come across had a big slice of Thug in the make up.

Madman in the Marketplace - 1 May 2011

That is such a great movie …

marisacat - 1 May 2011

It is still stunning.

diane - 1 May 2011

ooh, I want to see that one.

marisacat - 1 May 2011

If you have not seen it – it is pretty amazing…

5. marisacat - 1 May 2011

I am sure it is less on Oahu, where there is more than one gas station per district, but still….

In Hana, Hawaii the area’s only gas station was charging $6.03 for a gallon of regular gas as of Tuesday. The price for premium gas was $6.25 a gallon.

“Everybody is complaining,” said Nani Kahu ila, who works at the station in the remote East Maui community. “But what you going to do? … You got to pay it. Fifty dollars doesn’t go very far nowadays.”

brinn - 1 May 2011

Holy shit!

$6.03….guess it’s a good thing that they’re on an island and don’t have too far to drive!!

marisacat - 1 May 2011

… even in Hawai’i where every thing has to get colportaged in… it is still a bit of an eyepopper.

diane - 1 May 2011

ugh, don’t even want to know how much their food is costing now.

6. diane - 1 May 2011

I haven’t watched the video at this link: Workers Leaving the Googleplex, but Andrew Norman Wilson‘s post, below his video, is a much needed, unveiling of the google, do no evil culture:

…. However, a fourth class exists at Google that involves strictly data-entry labor, or more appropriately, the labor of digitizing. These workers are identifiable by their yellow badges [oh, why not a star? He notes further in the piece that the yellow badgers are predominately people of color. – diane], and they go by the team name ScanOps. They scan books, page by page, for Google Book Search. The workers wearing yellow badges are not allowed any of the privileges that I was allowed – ride the Google bikes, take the Google luxury limo shuttles home, eat free gourmet Google meals, attend Authors@Google talks and receive free, signed copies of the author’s books, or set foot anywhere else on campus except for the building they work in. They also are not given backpacks, mobile devices, thumb drives, or any chance for social interaction with any other Google employees. Most Google employees don’t know about the yellow badge class. Their building, 3.14159~ [oh how witty, the ratio of the circumferance of a circle to its diameter, otherwise known as pi[e], building – diane], was next to mine, and I used to see them leave everyday at precisely 2:15 PM, like a bell just rang, telling the workers to leave the factory. Their shift starts at 4 am.

I found this social arrangement interesting, and at a certain point I decided to investigate the rationale behind Google’s decision to exclude the yellow badge class from most privileges the company has to offer, despite the fact that their labor takes place in a Google building with a Google sign out front and are being contracted to Google by another company just like my team, and just like other informational laborers, the kitchen staff, the shuttle drivers, the custodians, and more.

(Hat tip to correntewire.)

marisacat - 1 May 2011

their labor takes place in a Google building with a Google sign out front and are being contracted to Google by another company just like my team,

I am surprised they don’t run that operation off site. Or farm it out, rahter than have contract workers on site..

Obviously they work 10 hour shifts… wonder fi that is 4 days, or includes daily overtime or if that is waived adn they sign on for 5 days, 10 hours, all straight pay. I bet they do.

thanks for that, off to read…

diane - 1 May 2011

I’m surprised it’s been kept so quiet, then again, further on in the piece, he discusses the tight security. I tend to disagree with him about how many of the workers didn’t know…. Probably well known in the black and hispanic communities,… almost certainly known by Eshoo, Boxer, DIFI, Pukesom, the Brown[s], et al, ..likely known by the entirety of the 2008 pretzel candidates who ALL slobbered at the googleplex.

I think the young man is very brave for putting this out there.

marisacat - 1 May 2011

well he doesn’t really say the workers are US born he leaves that sort of thing rather blank.

I cannot rememeber the name of the local US rep in that district. It is a woman… Eshoo I think only has part of it. Not the only one.

marisacat - 1 May 2011

Zoe Lofgren, that is the other one.

Nancy took H1b visas away, from a black woman rep in Texas, and gve it to Zoe. 😆 not hard to see why.

diane - 1 May 2011

I thought it was only Eshoo, for Mountain View House Rep (and much/all? of Palo Alto), will go look.

He does leave the nationality somewhat blank. There is a large population of black and hispanic Temp workers from East Palo alto and East Menlo, neighboring the googleplex …..I’m sure ManPower, et al, absolutely luvv them.

marisacat - 1 May 2011

here is a quick thumbnail:

Jackie Speier; 13th District, Rep. Pete Stark; 14th District, Rep. Anna Eshoo; 15th District, Rep. Mike Honda; 16th District, Rep. Zoe Lofgren; 17th District,

… and of course La Nan

diane - 1 May 2011

the 14th/Eshoo includes all of: Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and Mountain view. Hadn’t known it included so much of Santa Cruz County.

marisacat - 1 May 2011

well…. speier, the old Lantos seat, reaches into part of san fran…

i think you have to buy tham all off…

diane - 1 May 2011

yup ..all “bipartison,” bought and paid for.

diane - 1 May 2011

oh I agree hon, there’s nothing which particularly stands out as being “illegal,” just hideously inhumane, ….particularly for a State, and Industry, which has a totally undeserved National Reputation as being liberal, race conscious, gender conscious (curious as to the proportion of females, as the wimmins have been historically ‘treasured’ for those nimble, dexterous fingers, and calmer natures when faced with hideous mind numbing jobs) etc., …sigh

marisacat - 1 May 2011

sigh… all that gibber about Cali is just that, gibberish.

diane - 1 May 2011

Zoe has the 16th, most, or all, of San Jose, and more.

diane - 1 May 2011

(and yeah hon, I’m sure Zoe knows about the yellow badges. Also,…either way, if she doesn’t know about them, she doesn’t deserve her postition, and if she does know, she doesn’t deserve her position)

marisacat - 1 May 2011

I could see them not knowing the details, any of the details…. But what they do know is that there are fewer and fewer good jobs. More and more is out sourced or cheap labor brought in, or various types of contract workers are brought in, etc. Period.

Yellow badges sounds like internal security to me, frankly. On site tracking.

diane - 1 May 2011

All I can think about with the yellow badges, are yellow, ghetto stars, they’re not stupid, and the Jew Wash is so prevalent, I can’t imagine them not connecting those dots, with the yellow badge decision…

Yeah, the reps probably don’t know the details …and yeah, … certainly did everything they could,..to keep from directly knowing them, …most especially in their written and teleconned communications.

marisacat - 1 May 2011

But the thing diane, there is nothing illegal, that I can see. One reason I say it is internal security.

Sure it looks awful, but … terms of contract are terms of contract AND Cali has been a ‘right to work’ state for a long time. A lot went away in that change over. Poof!, gone.

7. marisacat - 1 May 2011

I tuned in for a news update, after taking hours off news this weekend… and whammo:

Obama to address the nation in unusual late-night speech, subject unknown

Channel 6 News Online – ‎15 minutes ago‎

WASHINGTON, DC (BNO NEWS) — US President Barack Obama will address the nation in an unusual late-night speech on Sunday evening, the White House said, without disclosing the subject. The address is expected at around 10.30 pm Eastern. …

CBS is reporting the speech will be about Usama b laden. (caught him? killed him? Lost him again?)

marisacat - 1 May 2011

NYT running a headline that ObL is d e a d.

Would it change the wars?

No…. it won’t.

Madman in the Marketplace - 1 May 2011

probably had him for a while, timed it when they thought it would help with something or another.

who cares?

marisacat - 1 May 2011

I don’t think many will care. Inside the Beltway, inside the inside of the b….

Ob needed two good days in a row or something.

Madman in the Marketplace - 1 May 2011


they’re pointing out on NBC that this is the anniversary of the “mission accomplished” speech by Dubya in fighter jocky drag.

marisacat - 1 May 2011

Wobbly does the same stuff, but differently. Con Law scholarly ways…


Drones a Go Go.

catnip - 1 May 2011

My local teevee channel cut in for that brrreaking news. That doesn’t happen very often!

marisacat - 1 May 2011

catnip! How are you?

catnip - 1 May 2011

Alive! 🙂

marisacat - 1 May 2011

Good News!!


Madman in the Marketplace - 1 May 2011

are you guys getting rid of the conservatives this week?

catnip - 1 May 2011

Commies baby!

diane - 1 May 2011

just in time for heating up the 2012 rerun of Shepicus, ugh, now I’ll really have to be wary of what station I tune into. Yeah, no it won’t change the Forever Wars.

8. marisacat - 1 May 2011

The story is now starting to smell.

First it was drones. Now they say it was Special Ops on the ground… and they planned a “burial at sea”.

But earlier they said, they confrimed DNA, becuase they had earlier gotten the brain of his sister who died of cancer (they went to court to get it!) and so they had a DNA source to test against.

I dunno. Smell-a-vision.

Script re write needed in all aisles! Send in a platoon of script doctors!

marisacat - 1 May 2011

.. gah. And Slobby is running 45 mins late from first time given for Speech-O-Rama.

catnip - 1 May 2011

I see they dragged Wolfie out of bed.

marisacat - 1 May 2011

CBS keeps checking in with the empty podium.

Over an hour late. And this has been the consuming issue behind closed doors for “days”?

Mad script re writing!

catnip - 1 May 2011

Oh Jeebus – save us from the poetic slobberation.

catnip - 1 May 2011

He probably just died of old age.

marisacat - 1 May 2011

oh no! You are slanderous. We shot him. We did. We did!

diane - 1 May 2011

in Crawford Texas.

diane - 1 May 2011

this could get very ‘amusing,’ the AP reported that an anonymous party stated that the US has his body.

catnip - 1 May 2011

Aren’t there Islamic rules about handling/burying the body?

catnip - 1 May 2011

“They took care to avoid civilian casualties” – doesn’t mean there weren’t any.

diane - 1 May 2011

doesn’t mean they took care either, we need the code ring.

marisacat - 1 May 2011

well yes but, we are not held to that…

catnip - 1 May 2011

NO wonder it took him so bloody long to come out. Jeebus.

9. catnip - 1 May 2011

Meanwhile, things are going to Helena, Handbasket in Libya: UN leaves Tripoli amid mob attacks

marisacat - 1 May 2011

well bombing a city of a million people will get messy!

Stiff upper UN lip fellas.

10. marisacat - 1 May 2011

oh ffs. NOW David Martin on CBS is saying it “happened today“.

Get one story straight fellas

11. marisacat - 1 May 2011

The crowd outside the WH looks like yokels and rubes and yahoos.

Proves they are everywehre.

Adn Wobbly gave a speech that Bush could have given.

12. Madman in the Marketplace - 1 May 2011

A crowd is forming outside the White House reportedly chanting “USA, USA!” Pictures of meat heads bumping chests and pumping their fists in the air.

Maybe they can parade his head around on a pike.

Civilization advances my ass.

marisacat - 1 May 2011

looks frat party to me!

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 1 May 2011

blech, I’m going to bed.

14. catnip - 1 May 2011

Great, now whichever canucks are still awake have to wait for PM Harper (may this be his last day as that – election tomorrow with commie takeover) to speak.

catnip - 1 May 2011

I’m watching Desperate Housewives…

marisacat - 1 May 2011

I just read Ignatieff support “fading”.


catnip - 1 May 2011

That’s been fading ever since he was anointed. Big blow to his ego.

15. BooHooHooMan - 1 May 2011

Big fuckin deal.
Elvis is STILL missing WHILE Syria and Iran refuse to comment on his whereabouts.

{Looking suspiciously around room}

We drive on!

BooHooHooMan - 1 May 2011

Well, Roman Polanski is laughing his ass off.

16. marisacat - 1 May 2011



…….. 😯

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