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Hail… 5 May 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, Culture of Death, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Total fucking lunatics, WAR!.

A South American dead leaf mantis

A South American dead leaf mantis     [IGOR SIWANOWICZ / BARCROFT MEDIA]

Hail the real insects…  😉


And I flatly do not believe the utter shite being spit up tonight, that the “treasure trove” extracted from that concrete slab nothing tells our CIA that AQ was planning a 9/11 anniversary event, on trains.

They want, our CIA and intelligence services, the military –  corporate complex –  and the government, to utterly destabilise our lives.

We’re so fucking trapped, it is not funny.



1. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 May 2011

I think more and more people are getting sick of, and seeing thru, these games:

PA Governor’s Spokesman Gets Pwned After Marcellus Shale Protesters Are Censored

2. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 May 2011

Rep. Chris Smith: Fetuses ‘Most Persecuted Minority In the World’

Bill sponsor Rep. Chris Smith, the guy who originally stuck something into this bill that would define for women the “correct” way to have been raped if they hoped to get an abortion, said on the House floor that “some of our politicians, while they talked about human rights, never lifted a finger to protect the most persecuted minority in the world: the child in the womb.” Of course.

Because if there’s one person who knows which minority group is persecuted the most, it’s a rich white male Republican politician.


Let’s skip trying to find out who wins the contest for “world’s most persecuted” for a second, despite the glaring contenders for that prize, and decide if fetuses are persecuted at all. Well, what are fetuses? They are tiny little beings that lounge around all day doing absolutely nothing while they leech all their nutrients off their host human. A fetus doesn’t even feed itself, much less get off its ass and get a job. Sure, it doesn’t have the right to vote, but neither do children or teenagers, and at least most of them have the decency not to roll around in their own waste for months on end.

Even when Republican legislators try to force fetuses to testify about their “plight,” the fetuses refuse to cooperate. When was the last time fetuses held a protest march? They’ve “endured” their plum position for millennia without complaint.

But you’d better watch out, fetuses: if conservatives start to treat you the way they treat other minorities, you’re in big trouble.

marisacat - 5 May 2011

If the fetii are so precious.. I still say people should be able to insure them, after the first trimester. Give the fetus a SS number too…

Let’s all play ball!!

3. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 May 2011
4. Jack Crow - 5 May 2011

There’s a way out. It requires us to do math, though.

Not complex problem solving, even.

Just divide the total population of any town or city by the number of cops hired to police them. Then, factor in the national guardsman not yet deployed to a theater of industrial murder.

Let the disparity sink in.

And then let it sink in some more.

marisacat - 5 May 2011

oh god. I failed math more times than I took it. 🙄

Take pity on me… what does it mean?

As a point, during Bush Reign, media here, in a registered Democrat plurality state, were very happy to tell tales of number of NG in Iraq… but silencio under Black Jesus. Everything is tightly buttoned up…

Jack Crow - 6 May 2011

A city of 100k persons has about 250 cops, on average.

They cannot police a people who don’t want to be policed.

marisacat - 6 May 2011

oh I see what you mean… I don’t know, eventually we will reach food riots, gas / fuel, other commodity / price riots. The next two wave of foreclosres due to come from waves of ARMS that were issued, may be tumultuous… But we are well into the private paramilitaries, hired by the corps, era.

5. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 May 2011

Equality—If Not Quite Marriage Equality—Comes to Brazil

Brazil’s Supreme Court ruled Thursday night that civil unions between same-sex couples must be allowed in this nation with more Roman Catholics than any other. In a 10-0 vote, with one abstention, the justices said gay couples deserve the same legal rights as heterosexual pairs when it comes to alimony, retirement benefits of a partner who dies, and inheritances, among other issues. The ruling, however, stopped short of legalizing gay marriage. In Latin America, that is legal only in neighboring Argentina and in Mexico City.

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 May 2011

Major Union Victory for Rite Aid Workers Offers Roadmap for Labor Movement

Using a creative campaign Rite Aid workers were able to force management to sit down at the table and bargain with them. Workers started by attending yearly stockholder meetings and opening lines of communications with stockholders and board members. They released detailed reports about how much money the union busting efforts of Rite Aid was costing the company. Workers were able to persuade some stockholders to put pressure on Rite Aid to negotiate a fair and equitable contract.

Likewise, they used their leverage against Rite Aid by expanding the fight across various unions and the country. They formed a coalition of nationwide Rite Aid workers from various unions including UFCW, SEIU, and Teamsters who coordinated their strategy. Workers reached out to powerful community allies with groups like United Students against Sweatshops and Jobs with Justice. They held protests in nearly 50 cities across the country against Rite Aid and promised to apply more heat if Rite Aid didn’t settle the contract dispute in California.

Most importantly, the workers union had a strong presence within the distribution center in Lancaster, California. Workers even engaged in “work to rule,” where they purposely slowed down movement in the distribution center in order to put pressure on the company to settle a contract. Even last year, 75 workers walked off the job for a day in Lancaster, California to protest Rite Aid’s lack of good faith bargaining.

Finally, when negotiations seemed to be breaking down at the last second, they launched a “pinpoint” boycott campaign at two Rite Aid workers at two Rite Aid Stores in San Pedro, California on April 1, 2011. They persuaded hundreds of seniors to switch their prescriptions to other pharmacies. The threat of a larger boycott spreading forced Rite Aid to finally settle the contract a month later.

The feat that the Longshoremen’s Union (ILWU) achieved is a rare one in the labor movement. Nearly half of all union drives result in defeats for workers trying to organize a contract. Less than half of the workers who do get a contract are able to get one within the first year. Often failure to reach a contract in the first year can kill a union all together. Overall, fewer than 1 in 6 organizing drives ever results in a union contract for workers in the workplace.

Many unions have now negotiated card checks agreements, wherein the union agrees to weaker, concessionary contracts ahead of time in exchange for the right to organize a workplace without the type of brutal interference from the employer. While these types of agreements can often result in contracts for workers, they are weak contracts – the type of contracts that ultimately the employer wants. It gives all the power to the boss in terms of what type of contract to give workers and very little to the workers. The ILWU campaign at Rite Aid shows that it is still possible for unions to win good first contracts.

marisacat - 5 May 2011

kind of stunning isn’t?

Madman in the Marketplace - 6 May 2011

sounds like they kept their goals in mind, hung in there thru the usual BS. Hope it spreads.

marisacat - 6 May 2011

They seem to have been very efficient spreading THEIR side… which is where most unions lose the game. or so it seems to me.

Cannot have been easy to get seniors to swtich where they get scripts.

7. marisacat - 6 May 2011

ugh no escape. which is no surprise considering there were chants of USA!! USA!! at his political rallies before he was pretzel…

Stories coming out now of the “private” meetings Ob had with 9/11 families in NYC yesterday, people chanted USA!! USA!! as he walked into the room.

it’s a form of “Heil”, imo.

Madman in the Marketplace - 6 May 2011

it’s a form of “Heil”, imo.

That’s what I think, too.

8. marisacat - 6 May 2011

On Tuesday, White House press secretary Jay Carney read a statement revising Deputy National Security Adviser John Brennan’s account of the raid. Then officials became nearly mute.

During Thursday’s gaggle aboard Air Force One, Carney referred reporters to the Pentagon for further clarifications or questions about the raid. But defense officials — for the third day in a row — canceled the usual off-camera morning gaggle.

Here’s a look at some of the remaining mysteries surrounding the death of bin Laden: . . . .

Birtherism just became deatherism.

9. catnip - 6 May 2011

CNN has obtained OBL’s final gas bill. I kid you not. The gas bill for the house. Can you say “desperation”?

marisacat - 6 May 2011

do you by chance remember how much it was? Just curious….

catnip - 6 May 2011

Nope. I posted that and then went out. It’s probably on CNN’s site. Breaking News and all of that.

marisacat - 6 May 2011

I googled… but saw nothing… will tackle CNN when I have a fresh connection… it loads oddly on my computer…


Madman in the Marketplace - 6 May 2011

CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh examines the last gas bill for Osama bin Laden’s compound.

Bonus, the story is paired with a natural gas industry propaganda ad.

10. diane - 6 May 2011

I love you, Who is IOZ.

Friday, May 06, 2011
Who dines on the diners?

We have previously discussed, in these lonely pages, how economics is the eugenics of our time, a neatly fraudulent epistemology that serves principally to permit all the inhuman varieties of psychopathy to flourish in the all-permissive cannibalistic abattoir of pseudoscience. Thus, Yglesias:

In support of his view, Ferguson marshalls two arguments. One is to quote a constituent from a town hall meeting who reportedly said that the falling price of iPads doesn’t offset the increased price of food because “I can’t eat an iPad.” Which is true. But you also can’t send email from a banana or watch streaming video on a bag of rice. When electronics, communication technology, and entertainment get cheaper then you have more money left over for bananas.

Well, there you have it. I sort of envision a world in which all children are in possession of a digital device that allows them to watch with keen, malnourished intensity as Sally Struthers pleads for their very own lives.

diane - 6 May 2011

(sorry, hopefully working link to Who dines on the diners? must see the pic he posted)

diane - 6 May 2011

(coments ..priceless ….

IOZ said…

Is there a Consumption Bunny who delivers that basket?

2:47 PM

jeesh, I love him…………..)

Lucid - 6 May 2011

The comment thread is priceless. There’s a neo-lib getting classic ioz commentors treatment.

diane - 6 May 2011

yup … priceless.

marisacat - 6 May 2011

Sally on a split screen doing one scam, BFH on the other side of the screen with HER scam.

diane - 6 May 2011

That went over my head hon. ?

diane - 6 May 2011

(are you refering to the comments? Who are “Sally” and “BFH” ?)

diane - 6 May 2011

(oh, Sally Struthers (embarressed faced emoticon), …but who’s BFH?)

marisacat - 6 May 2011

Baby Fat Hunter = Michelle Obama

diane - 6 May 2011

Michele ….jeesh, I really should have known that one.., that’s one of my favorites of your snicker snacks …..I’ll chalk it up to the miserable, frantic fucking day I’ve had … ;0(

11. ts - 6 May 2011

Greece may withdraw from the Euro.

About time somebody did.

marisacat - 6 May 2011

I agree.. and if Greece manages it, several will follow. I hated the imposition of the Euro. And the masses of rules from the EU and the various entities that trailed along.

I read the other day that French production cheese from raw milk, once 100% is now down to 10%.. I nearly sobbed.

All due to EU rules…

ts - 6 May 2011

Ireland tried to ramp up the austerity programs and the Feanna Fail did just that – got trounced worse than the Democrats.

I would imagine that most of the majority parties in Greece, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Italy, etc., if not hanging by a thread already, wouldn’t survive long by agreeing to any more cuts in spending.

People are finally starting to call the bluff of the banks who say they’ll cut off countries that default. So what? If they want to see any of their money again then lets start talking haircuts. I’m thinking Parris Island length.

marisacat - 6 May 2011

Bring back the drachma!

12. marisacat - 6 May 2011

Now we are targetting al Awlaki… in Yemen. Who is of course a US citizen. (we say we missed him but got 2 AQ.. why would anyone believe us?)

Interesting that so many people cannot see what this is. What is happening (tho we are not new to torture nor assassination – nor invasion)

I stumbled into Charlie Rose last night, a terrible segment with Brian Williams sitting in for CR, with Bobby Ghosh of Time, that wretched fake historian, Doris Kearns Goodwin.. and that minimum of nothing from the New Yorker, Gopnick.

I went hunting for the transcript, but there seem to be none anymore… Gopnick was disgusting (they all were). That wth bin Laden we showed that it was not “nationalistic” killing but righteous “liberal” killing.

Obama, Up on the top of Blood Hill with Bush. Liberators of millions.

13. marisacat - 6 May 2011

Angry… and actually I have just read, the dead were 8 men, a woman and a child. The child is mentioned in one of several pieces over at CPunch

Navy Seals

So the elite of the elite, as it is called, Navy Seal’s Team 6, killed an unarmed woman in the house during the raid, and for no explained reason?

Posted by As’ad AbuKhalil at 8:03 AM

I am not a fan of Cockburn, over at Cpunch.. BUT he mentions in his lead piece it is not inconceivable, with tracking location of the Carl Vinson on Monday, that salvagers may try to find the body.

Well you never know……… would nto be more fantastical than the rest of this runny treacle.

diane - 6 May 2011

ugh, I see a whole new industry ‘blooming’ with the scavenger bit, ….. ‘momentos the sharks spit out’ (of the ‘momentos’ the $MIC$ left behind if it was him), site tours, bottled water …

marisacat - 6 May 2011

Supposedly (tho who knows) th jihadis have already started calling the northern Arabian Sea, Martyr’s Sea.

I was over at corrente, and lambert has a pst up that at least Hillary was honest in her “look” – tho isn’t itdamned shame she so supports empire and war (geesh). He posted it today, and seems not to know that days ago, from Panetta’s own mouth that the transmitting cam failed.. and in fact, again from Panetta, it failed BEFORE the Seals entered the building.

diane - 6 May 2011

Whatever they were viewing (I think, if bin Laden/someone? was killed, they were viewing that video, Live), or if not viewing something, discussing something (and who knows at what date?). Just my opinion, but Obama looked to be honestly sweating bullets…to me, …not saying it was for the right reasons, ….. but he looked nervous as fuck to me, far more than Hillary did.

diane - 6 May 2011

(Hmmm sorry for the grammer fuck up on that one, but I guess it’s clear enough that I don’t need to clog up the thread with a correction …sigh …really fuckin jangled today…)

marisacat - 6 May 2011

yes but Panetta has been pretty clear, there was little video relayed.

they admit as much as 25 minutes of 38, there is nothing. AND from Panetta that it failed before the Seals entered the house.

All the hyperbole yesterday about the highly trained dogs (whose names are a secret FFS!), it was stated over and over they are outfitted iwth a cam themselves in addition to audio whereby the handler can command them. Seems the dog’s cam failed or was never turned on as well.

This thing is like some exploding dead rotted animal.

Other than fear of a replay of what happened to Carter, it is a certainty no one in that room cared at all, about what was going on. Not that I would expect them to… all trained political animals. About their only “talent”…

diane - 6 May 2011

Oh to be sure, if Obama was sweating bullets during that pic, I would think it was about ELECTION 2012.

marisacat - 6 May 2011

Nothing else matters.

14. diane - 6 May 2011

Looking toward the immediate future, ….Winning The Future, …makes perfect sense to me:

Obama sees China as a partner in Mars mission

Why not make money off all of those incarcerated citizen terrerists with galactic chain gangs, ….. besides, if ya flood the market with too many fresh organs, that profit will tank. Mars ….the new Siberia ..etc… …soon to be sponsored by private prison equity investor groups everywhere …….

Gotta love the Rethuglican umbrage in that article when their Boyo Bush was every bit as obsessed as his twin, Obombster, with that rare earths mining mission, …even during the heighth of bombing the fuck out of a Sovereign Nation. I’m sure Bush wouldn’t have been bothered one single bit by a China Partnership.

A pox on both of them.

15. catnip - 6 May 2011

Judge Files Complaint against Merkel over Bin Laden Comments


Schadenfreude, the enjoyment of others’ suffering, may be a famously German concept, but it is apparently not a feeling that many Germans aspire to. The political and public fallout following Chancellor Angela Merkel’s statement on Monday that she was “glad” Osama bin Laden had been killed was among the most hotly debated topics in the German media this week.

Politicians, including those within her own center-right coalition, said that no death was cause for celebration, and reproved the remark as un-Christian and vengeful.

But Hamburg judge Heinz Uthmann went even further. He alleges that the chancellor’s statement was nothing short of illegal, and filed a criminal complaint against Merkel midweek, the daily Hamburger Morgenpost reported Friday.

“I am a law-abiding citizen and as a judge, sworn to justice and law,” the 54-year-old told the paper, adding that Merkel’s words were “tacky and undignified.”

In his two-page document, Uthmann, a judge for 21 years, cites section 140 of the German Criminal Code, which forbids the “rewarding and approving” of crimes. In this case, Merkel endorsed a “homicide,” Uthmann claimed. The violation is punishable by up to three years’ imprisonment or a fine.

diane - 6 May 2011

yum! Popcorn wit Cheddar!

marisacat - 6 May 2011

Thanks for that… I think there is a lot more disquiet around about this mess than the frantic jingoistic hordes know…

As i was poking around at Charlie Rose for transcripts (I hardly ever watch him anymore and there were several shows this week that dealt with it in some form) the comments were, at least what I read, mostly negative… Not the rah rah, jumping up and down that, frnakly, I had expected.

16. diane - 6 May 2011

Oh please, if you didn’t want the press to know, why did you inform them: Billionaires gather in Arizona to discuss giving – Gathering a chance for billionaires who pledged to give away some of their fortunes chance to know each other

The media was banned from the first annual meeting of the group that has accepted the giving challenge by Buffett and his friend Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. So were extended family, advisers, secretaries and the CEOs of the foundations represented by the billionaires at the Miraval Resort in Tucson.

(bolding mine)

What they always fail to mention about these philanthropy gatherings, attended by the same robber barons who got us into the mess we’re in, is that for someone that obscenely wealthy, even giving away half of their obscene wealth, earned off everyone else’s sweat, is no skin off their back,… it would still leave them with enough wealth for generations, and generations; …It’s not even closely comparable to someone jobless, and without any income or assets, who gives someone even less fortunate $10, and there are millions of those people falling through the cracks every day.

Even uglier, is that they fail to mention that the average person doesn’t envy that obscene wealth, what they actually envy, is the ability to wake up in the morning without fear of their loved ones, and/or themselves, falling through the cracks.

What they’re doing isn’t charity, it’s what they’ve done all along, it’s called Social Engineering.

marisacat - 6 May 2011

I actually don’t think hat any of them, from Buffet to the Lecturing Gates Harpy Pair and onward, are giving away anything.

Foundations are ways to hide money from public overview and hide money from taxes. The laws governing how foundations operate are loose (they need only disperse soemthng like 5% per annum to remain a functioning foundation) and unless there is structured outside review, there is no oversight. The foundation can hire and pay whom it likes and if he guidelines are loose, fund who it likes.

When the Gates and Buffett staged taht big sloppy PR game a few years ago, I cringed for a solid week. Ithought I’d ahve to wait two years for some unravellmnt… withn a very few months the LAT did a big piece on what a farce the Gates Foundation is (they looked at the fondation as against Gates investment of foundation money, a pure ugly mess)… tho after that crticism went pretty damned silent.

diane - 6 May 2011

…[they’re not] giving away anything.

I agree 100%,

(Do you have that LAT link, I missed that one and would love to read it?)

marisacat - 6 May 2011

went with the old computer… I did do a piece on it when it was published in the LAT, will see if I can find it at Mcat.

I have a horrible feeling it may have been spirited off… or the URL changed so it is not findable. And I am a pretty lousy googler…

marisacat - 6 May 2011

Here it is … LAT on Gates Foundation It’s from Jan 7, 2007. I am amzed it is still there…

😳 Here is the single page version.. Single Page

diane - 7 May 2011

Thanks hon! Off to read… ;0)

diane - 7 May 2011

That was pretty damning, would love an updated list of those Foundation Investments, …still invested in BP, Billy? …..That Billys a real fixer of the world isn’t he, …. gonna fix our educational system with Arne too:

When the federal government made $4.35 billion in federal Race to the Top awards available—favoring applicants that agree to link teacher pay to test score gains, increase the number of charter schools, and adopt common curriculum standards—the Gates Foundation paid for consultants to prepare applications for 24 states, as well as the District of Columbia. One of two winners announced so far is Tennessee, which had help from Gates. The state will receive about $500 million from the Obama Administration.

The Gates Foundation, which bankrolled development of the common curriculum standards, is also funding outside evaluations

Little Billy Gates, another Psychopathic Master of the Universe.

marisacat - 7 May 2011

Arm of the government.


Luv all that Omaha, Big Foot of Omaha, etc., blather about Buffett, whose whole life has been DC Centric…

diane - 7 May 2011

Ohh yeah, they really slather it on with that humble, salt of the earth, boot strapper, Grandpa Buffet crap …

17. brinn - 7 May 2011

I want to kill some computer hackers right about now in horrible and painful ways…like I have the fucking time to be removing/cleaning fucking assware from my computer! Damnit!

I am going to get through this course and then do a complete system reinstall…hopefully the asshats won’t have done too much damage by then…I have most of it quarantined, but it is still a huge pain in the ass!!

How is everyone?
**hugs to ya**

marisacat - 7 May 2011

well I am lucky not to be invaded by hackers… 😆 as if i would even know what to do but lie down and surrender.

Long crazee summer ahead…

diane - 7 May 2011

jeesh hon, …sounds awful, I hope the repair goes well.

18. diane - 7 May 2011

Well, I know next to nothing about Rashard Mendenhall, (and stubbornly refuse to finagle my non scripting settings just to read tweets), but from what I’m reading, elsewhere, about his comments, for one:

“What kind of person celebrates death? …

the Hounds of War for Profit are now at his heels. Yeah, looks like he might have stated some things about bin Laden, that sounded a tad naïve (likely his youth) to me, but I’d rather him be close by if I were in distress, than any of the Assholes who’ve ganged up on him.

Fuck Champion, with their raggedy ass, supposed to be the authentic, tried and true for years, sweats, so fucking cheap, they can’t be bothered to foot less than a penny to run that drawstring through the entire waistband so it doesn’t snap out of the side seam, and become unrepairable after the third time you wear them, they’re doing him a favor here in the long run:

Rashard Mendenhall fired as Champion spokesman after controversial Osama Bin Laden tweets

Oh, and fuck Rooney too, in his high hypocrisy UMBRAGE,… how are those AUSTERITY plans in Ireland doing,…. Asshole, ……can we pontificate about that, …too?

diane - 7 May 2011
diane - 7 May 2011
marisacat - 7 May 2011

All the links are working.. I don’t see a problem..

diane - 7 May 2011

(I was referring to my own failed, ants in the pants, attempt to boldface the quote hon)

marisacat - 7 May 2011

oh I see, well they all work.

diane - 7 May 2011


marisacat - 7 May 2011

I’d never heard of him either til a couple of days ago… but he did the right thing. Free Speech and all…

But it is clear day after day, if you are not on board with Obby you are not an American. Or you are a suspect American.

I feel more alienated than I ever have from this country. To me it sharpened up, heightened perceptibly, during the problems with TSA… they desperately needed to shut down dissent. At any level.

KGO by the way, was still, as of last night, the 2 evening hosts, split across 7pm to 1 am, still shrilly supporting Obby and brooking no discussion, even, of what went down. I smell some level of panic…

It all reminds me of during the GE when some one posting here sought to “explain” things to me… didn’t I understand? that the McCains are white supremacists?

My answer was, Who cares? Ob and Michelle are supremacists!

diane - 7 May 2011

I feel more alienated than I ever have from this country…,

I believe there are millions and millions of us who feel exactly the same.

marisacat - 7 May 2011

If the country were prosperous, even fake prosperty like under Clinton… it might all glide along. But with things the way they are, and based on non recovery of RE anytime soon, commodity prices, etc., it all may not fly.

But yeah, I have no rationalisations left I can make for the country. None at all.

And I am so fucking offended by this “game” that is being played: The ONLY racism in the country is what may be perceived against Dear Obby and his Consort. (People are so mean to them!)

Ordinary people, of all kinds, are left to shift in a worsening world. While they whine.

diane - 7 May 2011
19. diane - 7 May 2011

Smile!you’re on Candid Camera … (yeah, …how long has it been since we haven’t been?):

An unmanned Atlas 5 rocket lifted off into a cloudless sky Saturday afternoon from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. It carried the Space-Based Infrared System geosynchronous satellite.

hmmmmm, and who might ow $$$UZ$$$ fwends be:

The spacecraft will provide missile warning, missile defense, battlefield reconnaissance and technical intelligence for the United States and its allies.

…..sigh …..

diane - 7 May 2011

(looks like the “Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, “ and “Infrared System” links, in the first quoted paragraph, were set up so they can’t be accessed/’clicked’ outside of the my San Antonio [TX] article, so I can’t correct them, they’re both search results of the my San Antonio [TX] site itself.)

20. brinn - 7 May 2011

Animal Kingdom at 20-1 …. the irony does not escape me! 8)

BooHooHooMan - 7 May 2011

A gutsy run, AND with no need really for a
Photo Finish.

Why? Oh I think the HORSE was appearing in the latest round of Bin Laden videos.
Why not? Not Bad, actually. Close Enough!


marisacat - 7 May 2011

Last week the horse, wth titanium teeth and nostrils and hooves, was air dropped into Abottobad.

BooHooHooMan - 7 May 2011

With Special Forces inside!

marisacat - 7 May 2011

Oh very funny! The dog rode in on the horse.

21. diane - 7 May 2011

Glenn Greenwald: U.S. tries to assassinate U.S. citizen Anwar al-Awlaki:

Yesterday, riding a wave of adulation and military-reverence, the Obama administration tried to end the life of this American citizen — never charged with, let alone convicted of, any crime — with a drone strike in Yemen, but missed and killed two other people instead:

A missile strike from an American military drone in a remote region of Yemen on Thursday was aimed at killing Anwar al-Awlaki, the radical American-born cleric believed to be hiding in the country, American officials said Friday.

The attack does not appear to have killed Mr. Awlaki, the officials said, but may have killed operatives of Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen.

The other people killed “may have” been Al Qaeda operatives. Or they “may not have” been. Who cares? They’re mere collateral damage on the glorious road to ending the life of this American citizen without due process (and pointing out that the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution expressly guarantees that “no person shall be deprived of life without due process of law” — and provides no exception for war – is the sort of tedious legalism that shouldn’t interfere with the excitement of drone strikes).

marisacat - 7 May 2011

Ob’s had a high flying week. They tried for Qaddafi… 😳 they got several somebodies in Abottobad… and they tried for al Awlaki. Who is after all a US citizen.

I expect they are on a roll, that there will more named targetting. Always a new made man / boogeyman to pop up.

diane - 7 May 2011

yup ….THE LAW ..on a roll now.

Thursday, having made a long trip, I saw more cop cars on the road than I’ve seen on the road in a whole year. BOOYAA! ….Wouldn’t have been at all so bad, if not for the fact that: since Bush, average cops doing simple, helpful things on the roadways, …for the public – like keeping some asshole driver from terrorizing other drivers – have been pretty much non-existant.

…Further, ..It wouldn’t have felt so funky …if so many of the decent TASERLESS cops, hadn’t been, seemingly, dismissed, quite a while back.

marisacat - 7 May 2011

a lot of that had nothing to do with Bush, imo, wretch that he was. It’s all about infractions, midemeanor moving driving tickets…parking tickets, fees, fines, city and county tickets… and so on.

A broken turn light now, state-wide, is some ridiculous dollar amt, SF was the last to raise ti, and was just told by Sacramento to raise it or.. else. $137 or $157 now, I forget which…

Even here in SF, they have admitted the so called DUI stops they set up, have little to do with catching drunks.. few if any turn up. It is for catching unlicensed and often illegals driving.

And so on.

marisacat - 7 May 2011

Oh! Speaking of whcih, I am just hearing that Cali is planning to implement total video recording on all the freeways, beginning next year. And somehow or othr, it being vid is in a loophole, they don’t have to put up signs that they are monitoring.

They will issue tickets, for speeding or whatever else I guess is verboten, thru the mail.

PS: reminds me of something a friend of mine used to say back in the 70s: No running jumping laughing.

hey No Breathing!

ts - 7 May 2011

Well good luck for them doing that! Who’s gonna look at all that film? On a furlough day? You throw out twenty or so tickets and your multi-million system becomes useless.

Up in Laguna Woods they used to have a bunch of stop light cameras. My wife got tagged for being 0.1 seconds late in a long line of cars making a left turn. The 6-month old was clearly visible (they do take good pictures) in the backseat.

We went to court to protest the $520 (yes, that is how much it was) ticket. They announced the docket at the start, with about eleven people (including my wife) tagged by the same officer – which was the one that reviewed the film and signed the tickets.

My wife was the first name read out – dismissed. The next ten were all dismissed before we left the courtroom.

The following week I read an article in the OC register about how many rear-end collisions were happening at these intersections because most of the drivers in the area were older and were panicking and slamming on their brakes because of the cameras. Probably couldn’t afford a $520 ticket on their SS payment.

Anyway, all the cameras seem to be gone now. I’m sure the company that made them and lobbied hard to put them in still got paid.

So again, good luck with that one! Dumb springs eternal.

marisacat - 7 May 2011

$520 (yes, that is how much it was) ticket

Yup, I just heard a list of barely moving violations that run $500 and $600…

diane - 7 May 2011

ugh, …they already have plans to institute fast lane tolls on the major thruways, always catering to their obscenely wealthy Robber Barons, who don’t care to wait in line. … I get a kick that $Green$ cali never dropped the speed limit back down to 50 (or was it 55? …bumped up during the Dot com BOOM, before all those private jets were purchased) since it’s said to reduce gas consumption.

Speaking of transportation, it’s going to be amusing when the wealthier Sly Con Valley communities start having power outages from $Green$ Teslas, juicing up in garages, ..as they’re apparently very, very GREEDY for ‘POWER:’

The Tesla Roadster, an electric sports car with a huge battery, can draw 16,800 watts. That’s the equivalent of 280 60-watt light bulbs.

of course, the rest of us will not only have to pay for that Tesla Juice, but we’ll also be jacked up with obscene gas prices; .. just like Cali citizens were jacked up when Google invested Tesla, received that enormous sales tax exemption, while the CALI economy was rapidly imploding.

marisacat - 7 May 2011

There was a good stretch of time when hard limits were relaxed and cars were to maintain a corresponding speed to the traffic.

But that sure did not result in tickets

22. marisacat - 7 May 2011

There has been so much damned news (Too Much Nooz!) that I only caught small updates on the Mississippi as it moved along, flooding almost everybody….

But I caught a news up date a couple of days ago, the entire flood keeps moving… til of course it hits, whatelse! SELA, SOuth East Louisiana… and New Orleans.

Where is it expected (and projections always come true, right?) to j u s t miss topping the levees.

diane - 7 May 2011

Oh dear, last I looked they blew up that levee, …to keep poverty ridden, Cairo, Illinois residents, from being absolutely devastated, which the Missouri side was fighting (Cairo’s troubles ease but worries grow farther south). Looks like the elite US news feeds, have been near ignoring the extent of the flooding disaster, for all the DEATH HOORAH.

This, from the UK Daily Mail:. Last line of defence: Young and old rush to fill sandbags as four MILLION people face record-breaking floods sweeping the Mississippi delta

23. marisacat - 7 May 2011


Baby Fat Hunter gave the commencement speech at Univ of Iowa today:

Just imagine, a small group of brave men, dropped by helicopter in the dead of night into unknown danger inside the lair of the most wanted man in the world,” she said. “They did not hesitate. Risking everything for us, for our freedom and security.”

diane - 7 May 2011

all about making things secure for us Royalty …did she have them run twenty laps with their gowns on?

I’m betting she wears a tiara around the private quarters …who knows, perhaps even a full blown crown.

marisacat - 7 May 2011

Looked at the right way, she is a hoot (and a nutter).

I think back in 2007 only a few conservatives, like Hugh Hewitt and the like – and I, 😆 were listening to her speeches. A few of hem were mind blowing. The white boys behind Obby obviously were completely ignoring her… til the Big Stumble. 😆

It was all pretty cultish, frankly… and she was back there with the commencement speech. IMO very limited, narrow view of life….

Very emphatic shout outs that “I need you to go forth and… “, “I need you to carry with you the great values you learned here…”

They’ve given her some overly dramatic public speaking classes. Lots of bizarre drama.


I tended never to take that sort of barely couched ordering about well. Even at 21 or whatever I probably would have faked fainting and found a way to leave.

diane - 7 May 2011

would be hilarious if a group of graduates pulled the fake faint on one of her hideous speeches.

Not having listened to her earlier, my defining moment for really, really disliking her, was her trip, with fucking Geithner in tow, into a high poverty area grocery store in Philadelphia, on one of her creepy, I hate Fat children, missions…. Bringing Geithner with her (WHY?), really seemed to me, like a blatant, deliberate insult to the neighborhood. I really dislike her.

diane - 8 May 2011

I need you to…go forth and..

that first person singular, …I, ME, MINE, so predominant with her hubby and bush.

24. marisacat - 8 May 2011



……….. 8)

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