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Sunday 8 May 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Contemporary marineconservation must incorporate an array of world views and cultural understandings of the ocean. Here an Antiguan freediver flaunts western scuba diving etiquette to pick up a stingray from the floor of the Caribbean.

Contemporary marine conservation must incorporate an array of world views and cultural understandings of the ocean. Here an Antiguan freediver flaunts western scuba diving etiquette to pick up a stingray from the floor of the Caribbean.   [James Morgan]



1. marisacat - 8 May 2011

HA! A longer version of the quote from Baby Fat Hunter:

“We’ve all seen, just in the last week, how much these folks deserve our support. Just imagine, a small group of brave men, dropped by helicopter, half a world away in the dead of night … into unknown danger inside the lair of the most sought after man in the world. They did not hesitate, risking everything for us, for our freedom and security. And they did it not just as Navy SEALs. They did it as husbands, as fathers, as sons. Their families were back here, with no idea of their mission or whether their loved one would ever come home. That is the very essence of the word ‘service.’ And the least we can do is give something back to these troops and their families who have given us so much.”

Don’t make me laugh too hard. In the audio I heard, she made her voice close to breaking. Tremulous….(stifled sob?)

BooHooHooMan - 8 May 2011

Well, now…

They did it as husbands, as fathers, as sons.

…Da bitch won’t exactly say the Brotha’s went all Superthug on his ass up in da crib now will she?

Tho she might as well have…

BooHooHooMan - 8 May 2011

Good luck to the Dems and the cruise missile liberals with their latest national play for Barry in identity politics.

Goin after The Wiggers, now, I see.

Obama 2008 : Hope. Change.

Obama 2012: GANGSTA ~BABY!

marisacat - 8 May 2011

Winning the Future….

marisacat - 8 May 2011


As I said in the last thread, her repeated use of “I need you to…” to the graduating class, would have had me, somehow, cutting out. Without her even getting to the Rockets Red Glare stuff.

Reminded me of the time when I was 8 and somehow got myself out of the line to curtsy and KISS The Ring of the local Archbishop. It involved some time behind a big potted palm.

2. ts - 8 May 2011

Every once in awhile somebody tries something that makes sense: rehabilitation versus incarceration.


Note that the recidivism rate is 16% (versus 70%-75% for Europe and 20% for Norway). The guards prefer to work there too.

3. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2011
4. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2011
marisacat - 8 May 2011

If it is not one fuckling censorious religion, it is another.

5. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2011

Hasidic newspaper edits Hillary out of Situation Room photo

According to Jezebel, “the religious paper never publishes pictures of women, as they could be considered ‘sexually suggestive’.”

fucking religious nuts.

lucid - 8 May 2011

Nothing says sex like a pantsuit.

marisacat - 8 May 2011

yup.. Middle-aged Oscar de la Renta custom pantsuit.

Boiling with sex.

marisacat - 8 May 2011

Did they miss the dame in the back…. ? I guess so. Maybe they are unclear what women look like.

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2011

I think they erased her, too.

6. BooHooHooMan - 8 May 2011

Obama for America, afterall.

Just inspiring people everywhere now.

“A Picture is worth” etc.

But I find this offering at FT really illustrates the makeover. More like a highlight really.
Brings out the inner Barry –

A deliberator no longer

The pic is a keeper too.

marisacat - 8 May 2011

I like the flash of red on his upper teeth. Seems appropriate. At least to a non-cruise-missile-anything sort of person like moi.

Well, back to Bourdain and the No Reservation series… (thank you Netflix snic snac)

7. marisacat - 8 May 2011

Ugh I’ve poked around and read quite a bit about the whole Cali Medical MJ mess… but had not heard of this case:

[I]t wasn’t until June 22, 2005 —two weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the Raich case that an individual’s right to use marijuana as medicine under California law was superseded by the federal prohibition- that Fry and Schafer were indicted. The charge was conspiracy to grow (“manufacture”) and distribute marijuana between August ’99 and September ’01. Because they had grown more than 100 plants in this period, they were facing five-year mandatory minimums. Dale says he was completely blindsided by the feds basing their charges on a cumulative three-year total.


[T]he Real Crime

Why did federal prosecutors add up plant counts from three years of cultivation to push the total over 100? Why were they so bent on making Mollie Fry [doctor] and Dale Schafer [atty, husband and wife] face [five year] mandatory-minimum sentences? Why were Mollie and Dale a much more important target than Maggy, the freed informer, who had grown 900 plants and had numerous other offenses on his record?

Because unlike Maggy, Mollie and Dale were political organizers.

Anybody who joins a movement or a party has been organized by another person or persons. Being organized (in the sense I mean it) is not the same as being moved by a speech or a leaflet (no matter how briliiant the orator or writer). It involves a closer, more direct connection. There’s always a person who confirms your inclination to throw in with the group, or convinces you by example or explanation that the cause is in your interests. That’s what Mollie Fry and other MDs following Mikuriya’s leadership did with their patients -they organized them. They did more than define the patient’s pain (emotional and/or physical) in medical terms, they enabled the patient to tell the truth about their illegal drug use, i.e., their subversive behavior.

Mollie Fry and her colleagues have helped organize hundreds of thousands of legal medical marijuana users in California. This was the insight of Phil Denney, MD, a neighbor of Mollie’s. A brief conversation with her at the mailbox in 1999 led Denney to get into the field, too.

Supposedly the word all over Cali about the Med MJ ballot measure, Prop 19, defeated last November, was that if we passed it, the Feds.. (that would Osama Hunter and AG Holder, the DEA, FBI, local sheriffs and so on) would come down hard on the state with prosecutions.

ugh… I believe it.

diane - 8 May 2011

How typically ghastly of the times. It sounds like the husband may end up dying in prison:

…. Schafer, who turns 57 this month, will be sent Taft, near Bakersfield. His looming concern is medical care —he’s a hemophiliac with severely painful, blood-swollen joints, and is currently taking high doses of morphine and other analgesics.

Torture, alive and well in this FUCKER, it never went away. …Oh wait, I’m sure our Golden Showers State, Public Servant Senators, <a href=Boxer and DIFI, representing us in Rome, will cry out in UMBRAGE ….Guv Jerry ROTC JESUIT Brown will cry out in UMBRAGE, ….Rep NAN[ny], will cry out in UMBRAGE……

California Sen. Barbara Boxer has a message for marijuana law reform activists: Just say no. [more]

(re the “more” link, funny how Babs wasn’t at all concerned with traffic accidents when so many were caused by obscenely wealthy assholes on cell phones in the days when most people weren’t using them in autos.)

marisacat - 8 May 2011

It sounds like the husband may end up dying in prison:

Yeah i think so…

The other thing that I think is a huge boondoggle for ever reaching the other side. The Feds will never, not for decades, ever ever take MJ off Schedule 1, which is where, iirc, Heroin is also classified.

NOR will the Feds permit growing hemp. They just are not going to do it.

marisacat - 8 May 2011

See I do’t care about cell phones either. I really do not. I never did… AND there are conflicting studies about it all…

BECAUSE what is coming down the pike is moving violations, for eating, for fiddling with music, for attending too attentively to fractious children.

I am so sick to death of criminalising so much behavior I could die. I made a joke, as Oprah lectured and bitched and pontificated and had people SIGN to prohibit cell phone usage in cars, that Let’s Ban Small Children. Ban them from cars, at the very least.

Seems I was not far off.

diane - 8 May 2011

well I was broadsided by an idiot on a cell phone, and had way too many close calls, by self centered assholes on cell phones, at a time when they hadn’t been made ‘necessary’ yet,…which they’ve now been made. …Just my opinion, but it should have been made clear upon the FORCED cell phone rage, that you’ll get a ticket if using while driving. Instead, they waited till the technology allowed those obscenely wealthy assholes to use more advanced, legal devices …to institute those penalties.

marisacat - 8 May 2011

Well it seems all Cali did was move to not very expensive ear things… when the law came dwn.

Not that too many even conform.

I jsut have had it with the laws. A lot of this started with Harvey Milk wanting to regulate dog poop on the streets…. Because he felt if he could, he could be mayor. He gave a flying foo foo about dog droppings….

NOW the fines can add up to almost $800.00 and the ticketing officer has the RIGHT to search your pockets as absence of plastic baggies in your pockets is proof you are a real recalcitrant (criminal) and had no intnetion of ever pooper scoopering.

Please, the laws have NOTHING to do with properly regulating lack of common sense behavior. Nothing.

The objective and the agenda is not that at all. It is about punishment, selective at that.. AND imposing very high inappropriate fines and fees.

San Francisco is starting to talk about how collecting the dog poop in plastic bags and dropping it in the garbage “is not enough”. Maybe you should take it home and flush it.

God fucking help us.

diane - 8 May 2011

I’ve unfortunately, gotta run …so my lack of post, doesn’t mean I’m ignoring your thoughts …I really value them hon, and would like to not do a knee jerk on them.


diane - 9 May 2011

I’ve never read the exact legisation re cellphones (because I don’t use them while driving), But you’re right, you can use an ear device and dial legally, I was assuming that under the new law you had to use a more expensive, voice activated dialing system.

The dialing, is one main reason why I never used them while driving when they were legal, because I had to take my eyes off the road , for an extended period of time, much longer than glancing at another passenger, to dial a number. The few times I initially did it, I really felt like it was a bad idea, in addition to the lack of road concentration I felt while someone on the other line was rapidly saying something I felt the need to concentrate on . A passenger, generally stops talking if a situation where more road concentration is needed comes up.

I do understand your point about what is now approaching insanity with penalizing and fines, most particularily what I feel is the classism behind much of it.

NOW the fines can add up to almost $800.00 and the ticketing officer has the RIGHT to search your pockets as absence of plastic baggies in your pockets is proof you are a real recalcitrant

That’s fucking nuts, was that something the Pukesom had on the burner before his promotion to Lieutenant?

marisacat - 9 May 2011

Oh they did that last, the 800.00, way last year, maybe earlier.

diane - 9 May 2011

Sadistic Lunatics, with way too much power, are running fucking rampant.

Speaking of which, reading Glenn Greenwald’s piece today (Bin Laden’s death doesn’t end his fear-mongering value), re our dear public servant’s desire (Schumer’s, for one) to make railways and buses the punitive horror that air flight has become for the majority of us, I sure wish he would have gone further, and included the Operation Northwoods ‘incident,’ – when Sadistic Lunatics in the US $MIC$, seriously discussed taking down our own civilian planes, and blaming Cuba for it – into the discussion somehow.

Operation Northwoods was a series of false-flag operation proposals that originated within the United States government in 1962. The proposals called for Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or other operatives to commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities and elsewhere. These acts of terrorism were to be blamed on Cuba in order to create public support for a war against that nation…

marisacat - 9 May 2011

The Terrist industry is large. And they are out in force, knitting up their cottage industries, this week, last week, etc.

I remember a commenter at Booman Tribune (hiss spit) “Boston Joe”, did a diary on a long list of operations like Northwoods and others. He had a couple in there that I had never heard of.

Some people just FLIPPED out. I mean, near to total breakdown. “Sally Cat” for one. Absolute crack up. 😆 Her solution was to leave one bent fry pan and move over to another. DKos, actually. I got a huge kick out of it as she was a tiresome, lecturing mid-level economist at some downtown SF big firm.

Snicker snax.

diane - 9 May 2011

(because I have absolutely no doubt that the powers that be in this country are not beyond blowing up a commuter train and blaming it on ‘terrerists’ elsewhere.)

diane - 9 May 2011

Did they attack “Boston Joe,” and accuse him of lying?

Ignorance is, apparantly, bliss.

marisacat - 9 May 2011

oh a lot of fur flew thru the air…

diane - 8 May 2011

and ..yeah,..

…obscenely wealthy assholes…

like Oprah the Poperah

marisacat - 8 May 2011

i’m pretty sure Oprah has a driver, drivers… and pretty damned sure he uses his phone in the car as he wishes…

8. marisacat - 8 May 2011

Oh The temerity of it all.. Blabberblob tells people to “shut up”.

“Those SEALs did exactly what they should have done, and we need to shut up and move on about the realities of what happened in that building,” the Massachusetts Democrat said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

The man whose speechwriters in 2004 would craft 2,000, 2,500 word speeches and wring their hands, roll their eyes, faint dead to the ground as his version would extemporaneously, on the stump/schtupp!, morph to 5,000, 5,200 and higher.

The man who had to take John Glenn not just to certain venues and towns but to entire STATES, as cover.

9. brinn - 9 May 2011

“The American people have clearly sided with Arizona on the righteousness of Senate Bill 1070.”

Leaving aside Gov. Brewer’s sadly mistake on “the American people”….Righteousness? Righteousness?!?

Gag. Puke and ack.

marisacat - 9 May 2011

As we near 2012 the Democrats will rev up again, against Brewer… but not really for any sort of immgration reform.

I’ve come to believe that that idiot dud, Janet Nap, was moved to DC IN ORDER that Brewer ascend from Lt Gov to Governor, Janet is a terrible lousy horrible choice, but it begins to make sense looked at that way.

And Slobby needs paper dragons. Or real ones.

brinn - 9 May 2011

No real dragon would touch him with a 40 foot pole….

as you always say, Mcat, may they all bite each other to death…with big, sharp pointy teeth! 8)

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 9 May 2011

Bankrupt Bay Area homeowners shed second mortgages

Stung by the crash of the housing market, some struggling homeowners are using a little known but increasingly popular provision of the bankruptcy code to eliminate second mortgages and avoid foreclosure.

Statistics are hard to come by, but bankruptcy lawyers say the provision has been used effectively on hundreds, if not thousands, of cases in the Bay Area during the past two years.

“It’s a big thing in our valley,” said James “Ike” Shulman, a San Jose bankruptcy lawyer. “But it’s not widely known.”

Shulman, co-founder of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, said he has helped a number of clients who have filed for personal bankruptcy use the law to hold on to their houses — including three last week.

Cathy Moran, a Mountain View bankruptcy lawyer, said one of her clients had a $132,000 second mortgage voided by the court.

“This is a really big-ticket issue that allows people to keep a home and conform the mortgage to something closer to real value,” Moran said.

Bankruptcy laws prevent homeowners from eliminating the debt of a first mortgage if they plan to stay in their home. But second mortgages are treated differently. They can be declared unsecured debt when there is no equity to cover them, as is the case for millions of houses that are now worth far less than a few years ago.

When that happens in a personal bankruptcy proceeding, the second mortgage is put on hold and no payments

are required while the homeowner completes a repayment plan for other debts — which typically takes three to five years. At that point, the second mortgage is eliminated.

Many of these second mortgages were granted during the housing bubble, when home prices were going in one direction only — up, up and up.

“A lot of these are loans that shouldn’t have been made at all,” said Henry Sommer, editor of Collier on Bankruptcy, a publication on bankruptcy law.

marisacat - 9 May 2011

oh how very clever… if they don’t move to shut it down…

Madman in the Marketplace - 9 May 2011

I like that they found a reporter willing to help them spread the word.

11. marisacat - 9 May 2011

I see The Skulls, as I call them, are separating, after 25 long, tedious, far too public years of marriage.

“The Skulls” would be Arnold and Maria.

BooHooHooMan - 10 May 2011


I don’t know which is funnier in the pic accompanying the NYT piece on the happy couple happily separating: the clapping monkeetta to the left? (so delighted to applaud!) or what appears to be Maria happily leading an equally happy Ahnold around by his dong. Next Frame!

diane - 10 May 2011

Speaking of Cali Royalty, seems to me this event (now over) was certainly suppressed by all the Big Blawwwgs , who would likely have heard of it, just given the multitude of posters they have (if not through their own private suppression channels) mustn’t talk bad about the Moon Beam:

Peace of the Action (POTA) , Cindy Sheehan, United Progressives and several other entities are calling on us to occupy Sacramento beginning May 9, 2011.

We seek your endorsement for – and participation in – this occupation to strengthen our approach, our numbers, and our will.

No More Taxes for Wars & Occupations
No More Tax Breaks for the Rich & Their Corporations

To be clear, this is a march and strike in direct challenge to Governor Jerry Brown and the legislature’s austerity measures in California. The budget “fixes” proposed will come down on the backs of the most vulnerable, while continuing to provide corporate welfare, funds and use of California National Guard in wars of aggression, and a regressive tax structure.

We believe there is a better way:

hmmm, doesn’t seem too moon beammish to me:

About 65 teachers and students protesting budget cuts at the Capitol were arrested this evening after the building closed and California Highway Patrol officers warned them repeatedly to leave.

So much for peaceful assembly:

Representatives of the American Civil Liberties Union and of peace activist Cindy Sheehan’s group Peace of the Action monitored the demonstration and said booking the protesters into jail was unwarranted. They said protesters should instead have been cited and released.
“It’s ridiculous,” said Gregory Vickrey of Peace of the Action. “This was clearly a nonviolent event.”

(hat tip to hipparchia)

diane - 10 May 2011

(what a dope, I forgot to provide the link to the march announcement. Regarding the United Progressives link, I pasted it correctly, maybe it’s temporarily shut down?)

marisacat - 10 May 2011

So many people believed the Jerry Brown campaign hype that he would not touch K-12.

Whoooopsie! :oopsie: … :oopsie: hmmm…. that should be: … 😳 .. 😳

Kinda like Obby vs Bush. Obby, more drones and more deportations. No mere threats of prosecuting whistleblowers like Bush Baby… Oh no. Babu Baby actually DOES it.


12. lucid - 10 May 2011

Noticed a link to this over at Dkos.

If the world doesn’t begin investing far more seriously in family planning, much of our progress fighting poverty in sub-Saharan Africa over the last half-century could be lost.

Um, don’t you mean ‘our progress in creating utter destitution in sub-Saharan Africa by devastating local subsistence economies’… just sayin’.

marisacat - 10 May 2011

yeah we don’t fight poverty. quite the opposite.

ts - 10 May 2011

Well, if he meant “fight” it in the sense that we carpet bomb it.

diane - 10 May 2011

Oh..but..but but…BiG Dawg Bill; ..Little Billy, the Page, Gates; …Gramps (I know ya’ll are dissed on that Taxed End, …and I feel so vewy vewy sowwy, I’ll twanspawently admit it!) Buffet; ….Bono; ……Ambassador Clooney; …..Mia; ……Eric Prince! ….Madonna; …..Poperah; ….Brand Jolina; ……Tom, Red Eyed, Poleece escorted in Los Angeles to take careof Haitians!, …frum Oak Town, Hanks?

All of whom, don’t appear to really give a rats ass about anyone in the country where they born …so, certainly why would they really give a rat’s ass about some starving people in Africa, other than to gloat in their own deformed sense of themselves, and the obscene amounts of wealth they can manipulate?

And certainly they love the mythology that they’re the only ones who are ___________ enough (fill in the blank(s)), to have gotten as obscenely powerful/influencing/wealthy, as they are.

diane - 10 May 2011

The Age of Twanspawency! … we get too see who ouw bettews ow, vewy, vewy, vividly. …..Because now, they proclaim it loudly and clearly, with no shame whatsoever, …not even a momentary flush of blood to the face,….(that only shows when they’re in destruction mode).

diane - 10 May 2011
diane - 10 May 2011

(there are three “links,” …… of a chain, above)

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 May 2011

Pitiful wages, anti-union policies and corporate welfare to make America competitive with China

According to a Boston Consulting Group report, the US is in for a manufacturing renaissance, thanks to plummeting wages and toothless labor protection policies in the American south. These factors, combined with the rising value of the Chinese RMB, rising wages in China and government handouts for corporations who locate in the USA make it more profitable to pay sub-starvation wages in America than in China.

14. brinn - 10 May 2011

huh, Hisself was in Austin today and I didn’t even know about it until now!

I’m kinda happy about that, for no apparent reason! 8)

Thankfully, I had NO business at all downtown today!

marisacat - 10 May 2011

Well I don’t know about Austin but he is really good about helping ot snarl traffic, big time, in Los Angeles and SF.

brinn - 10 May 2011

Austin traffic sucks out loud at the “best” of times, but looks like Himself really timed his speechifying wonderfully this afternoon:

Air Force One is scheduled to touch down at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport at 5 p.m. after an earlier trip to El Paso. The President is then expected to head immediately downtown, just in time for rush hour traffic.

Good thing I didn’t leave the house today!

marisacat - 10 May 2011

He hits towns and main feeder roads right at commute time. If a town is REALLY unlucky (SF for one) he can snarl AM and PM traffic

I noticed his last visit to LA, just recently, which would have tied up big areas around WIlshire, after 3 pm, this time they put him in a helicopter for 2 or 3 transfers…. but iirc thy STILL shut down blocks and blocks and blocks.

Advisories went out by email the day before to stay home, stay on the East side of town, do this do that. And so on.

brinn - 11 May 2011

Yeah, it seems that there was a lot of that yesterday too — I’m just glad I stayed clear of the whole mess! 😉

15. brinn - 11 May 2011

And life goes on per usual in the nuthouse they call the Texas lege:

HElping the Neediest Among Us: The Yachters

I dig Jim Hightower, but manoman, do I miss Molly Ivins!!

16. brinn - 11 May 2011

Wait a minute, I thought I heard this wrong on NPR this morning, Jindal is actually going to open this spillway?!

That’s the best solution that the corps of engineers could come up with? Intentionally flood 24,000 people out of their home to protect oil and gas?


brinn - 11 May 2011

Or am I missing something? Six meters is about 25 feet….are these places already flooded? Stupid articles without actual information….


marisacat - 11 May 2011

thye have been doing intentional flooding (of farm land) in a few spots along the Mississippi… I will see what is latest for Jindal.

17. marisacat - 11 May 2011



….. 😯

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