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Tiptoeing… 13 May 2011

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Colourful tree frogs photographed by Angi Nelson

Colourful tree frogs photographed by Angi Nelson [ANGI NELSON/HOTSPOT MEDIA]

 Tiptoeing thru the tulips.  For real.




1. marisacat - 13 May 2011

hmm Dennis Perrin has several good posts… tho I admit the first one he wrote (May 2) after we nicked and snicked bin Laden, I don’t care for. He gets all dewey eye’d over Mandela. How he forgave. Hell no, he just got American brand Neo-Liberal – and Cash On Delivery…. Big time. And a franchise on being a powerful symbol of How Good We Are.

That shite gets old.

But from other more recent posts:

May 11

[H]ow about Uncle Sam gnawing the severed head of a Muslim? Literal-minded, yes, but its deterrent power is inescapable. One look at that and young Muslims will think twice about arming themselves, much less committing violence. They’ll ask, “Do I dare attack a white cannibal wearing a star-spangled top hat?” As they ponder that question, we’ll turn them to mist with some choice drone strikes. The flag’s stark image will give us room to kill more Muslims. It works on various levels. . . . .


May 4

[U]nderlying much of his commentary was a deep contempt for the general American population. Americans, by and large, were idiotic, ill-mannered, credulous, superstitious, petty, vain. They stomped on those below them and groveled before those above them. Americans were a mob of boobs, easily fooled by demagogues. At the time this disturbed me. I was also reading anarchist history and theory, the whole basis of which depended on the humanity and intelligence of average people. If the majority of Americans even remotely resembled Mencken’s caricatures, then we were fucked. Bright-eyed mid-20s me didn’t want to hear that.

While older me retains some faith in common intelligence and solidarity, it’s not going to emerge in the United States. Not anytime soon. Reactionaries are crazy. Liberals cynical and craven. Radicals severely marginalized, scattered. Corporations run the show, bleeding us dry while fattening the One Percent. War is enshrined as a national virtue. Political ignorance and obedience are rewarded. Historical amnesia is at record levels. . . . .

And so on…

2. marisacat - 13 May 2011

ooo Forgot this piece frm the May 3 entry:

The key piece missing from the photo of the dead Osama bin Laden was an Obama 2012 bumpersticker taped over his mouth.* But that would violate the equal-time rule, and we’d have to tape Trump, Romney and Palin stickers over dead mouths throughout Afghanistan and Pakistan. First we need new monsters to fear, then assassinate. Bin Laden’s a tough act to follow. But I trust our owners to find suitable replacements.

Oh, do you think that the wars are coming to a close? That once bin Laden bit it, we were finished? It’s a nice thought. Maybe in another dimension. As William Burroughs reminded us, this is the War Universe. We ain’t stopping. Judging from the reactions to Obama’s hit, that seems to suit many Americans just fine. . . . .

diane - 13 May 2011

This was my favorite from that post, with its addiction to blind aggression implication:

The ease with which many liberals were whipped into a nationalist lather was surely not lost on their Dem keepers. That vein will be tapped again.

marisacat - 13 May 2011

I just read this at Cpunch from one of Cockburn’s

[L]ine up Obama with his fellow assassins, from Eisenhower through Bush, and I believe he’s the most repellent of the bunch, down there with Woodrow Wilson. None of his rivals quite match the instinctive egotism that allows Obama effortlessly to affect the earnestness of a man taking the moral high road while executing a cynical program of electioneering-by-assassination.

Cynical but effective. The Republicans are in a state of total confusion and have no plausible candidate to run against Obama. The progressives are solidly behind their man. . . . .

However! I think he can be taken down. I thought GW could have been taken down in 2004, as well. What matters is does the opposition (HA HA) WANT to.

Now with the Dems in opposition, I believe they get to make measly little tries to capture the golden pots of cashola… try try… til the Republicans say, down little three legged doggie. And the Dems go off to lie by the warm fire and wait for doggie biscuits…

….but with the R, I say watch for a replay of Bill’s second administration. Should Ob go in. The Republicans always have plans…

The other thing is, the media is working hard to drag the bin Laden shit along, day by day, but I think a LOT of Americans have moved on. To the grocery check out, the gas pump, the mess in teh schools, the unemployment and the foreclosure.

diane - 13 May 2011

I’m not looking forward to 2012 at all, yet can’t stand things now. The ideal would be a third party winning, but yeah, UGH, looks like a reThug may be able to do it.….Billionaire Mormon Huntsman looks like he might be able to get a large part of the Independent vote if he runs, …I’m hoping some China related scandal is uncovered there.

diane - 13 May 2011

I think the Mormons may have invented Prosperity Theology, never seen such a seamless, hideous blend of religion and business as I have peeping some predominately Mormon run/founded Corporations.

marisacat - 13 May 2011

ugh the Catholics are too good at all of that, as well.

marisacat - 13 May 2011

I think his plan is to get conservative Dems of a certain stripe, work headlines and comments and so onto get the Indepdendents…. and get moderate NE Republicans. Urban Republicans.

No idea how it adds up. Nor any idea what he is like on the stump. He is def being cagey about wheter he is even an active Mormon. He recently answered that he comes down from saloon keepers AND proselytisers and learned from both.

I am relieved I don’t care who goes in.

diane - 13 May 2011

I’m imagining he was pretty steeped in the Mormanism to learn fluent Chinese as a missionary, and he’s still a member of the church, so he may have a difficult time claiming distance there.

Not that I think any of the other reThugs wouldn’t be equally horrifying, but it looks to me like he’d be far more able to get votes from Independents and dems. He actually, creepily reminds me a bit of Obama, on the “appeal” level.

But yeah, who knows what’ll happen, I’m going to pray against all odds for a viable third party candidate.

marisacat - 13 May 2011

Too few to coalesce around a third party. Too high a percentage hardened on each side. People are fed up, but the exhortation to vote is very strong. The old gibberish of nto ”wasting your vote”. Too many just look at any third entrant as a spoiler. Partly becuase we have had so fucking many.

They weren’t independent runs, they WERE in fact running as spoilers.

Well Romney did his mission year in Western France… HAHAHAHAHA

diane - 13 May 2011

sigh, I bleakly hear what your sayin honey….. although, … if one more major, domestic catastrophe happens (the Mississippi?), where the thugs and rats give “the people” the finger, in no unspoken terms (Locked and Loaded), who knows …

marisacat - 13 May 2011

Well the Mississippi is happening. They open Morganza Spillway tomorrow (last I heard). Worse, not all but the bulk of media reporting leaves out the issue of OIL, much less naming VALERO oil.

And believe me, if, more likely when, the Hayward Fault hits, they will clean out the minority owned, minority population of the Flatlands of Oakland. It won’t matter who is Pretzel.

marisacat - 13 May 2011

yes I just heard an update, they are releasing the spillway tomorrow. It will flood 3,000 square miles.

diane - 13 May 2011

Looks like pretty pathetic US coverage all the way around from what I’m seeing from the online news feeds. Here’s some oil data from Reuters FACTBOX-Refiners monitor flood levels along Mississippi.

And ugh, I have a feeling this House panel approves federal flood insurance changes will have some nasty surprises in it:

…it was residents threatened by the rising Mississippi River who were on lawmakers’ minds Friday.

“Floodwaters across the South and Midwest are on the rise, and so is the debt owed by this program,” said the bill’s author, Rep. Judy Biggert, R-Ill., who chairs the panel’s Subcommittee on Insurance, Housing and Community Opportunity.

“We need to put the National Flood Insurance Program back on stable financial footing so that it can provide homeowners with reliable coverage without putting taxpayers on the line for billions in losses,” Biggert said.


3. marisacat - 13 May 2011

Oh noes. Major speech next Thursday. Middle East…

Get out the titanium umbrellas to protect from the “raining cats and dogs” down pour of pandering and condescension.

4. marisacat - 13 May 2011

Kansas City’s KCIA’s private contractor version of TSA pat down a baby in diapers. The stroller went off going thru security.

Seems it, film of the baby being patted down, has kicked around YouTube and Drudge for a bit, I missed it entirely….

I guess the bsby, in his clever disguise as native born Jihadi had hot wired his stroller.

diane - 13 May 2011

I couldn’t believe they actually tried to defend that shit.

The horrifying thing is with so many millions unemployed, creepy employers can institute any hideous policies they want, and they’ll still have people applying for those types of jobs.

marisacat - 13 May 2011

It’s looking bad… it really is.

diane - 13 May 2011

yeah, and “they” don’t consider it a fault so much as a feature. To call it Evil, suits me.

marisacat - 13 May 2011

oh too right. It is all quite purposeful. I just could not hand over my child for a pat down. I’d be backing out of the airport, screaming.

5. lucid - 13 May 2011

Diane – from last thread, having grown up in Indiana I can attest to the fact that except for the industrial north, where the underground railroad let out, and Indianapolis and Bloomington [where IU is located], the rest of the state is the deep south & run by racist fuckers. It also was the seat of the KKK.

diane - 13 May 2011

A friend from Pittsburgh had told me that his dad had really gotten the blues as a black man in Indiana. Since Pittsburgh was as racist as the day is long when I was growing up there (not that it’s changed much), I figured Indiana must be really bad.

Cali’s pretty bad too, the Aryan Brotherhood has been said to have started here. The dogs who ripped apart Diane Whipple, in San Francisco, were originally owned by an incarcerated member of the Aryan Brotherhood who had been creepily adopted as an adult, days before it happened, by the two attorneys (a married couple whose main clientele were Aryan Brotherhood) in charge of the dog. Both attorneys were found guilty, a really nasty, disgusting affair that was.

diane - 13 May 2011

(should’ve written in charge of the dogs, there were two of them.)

marisacat - 13 May 2011

The Diane Whipple building, where it happened is just a couple of blocks from me… I still went out regularly then, and for a few months I bought the local legal paper, The Recorder, JUST to keep up with that case.

A fucking nightmare. One bad thing that happened is Knoller, the husband, got out quite quickly (and had been charged differently as he was not there when it happened). I have NO sympathy for the wife (the crime was too horrible, in every way) but she was and is an abused spouse.


Oh Cali is very bad for racism. No question. I understand it is underground, but in Northern Cali, north of here, there are active KKK chapters. I would guess around the Ukiah area, which is famous for skinheads and the like.

But remember, it is only racism against Ob and SNob that matters.

diane - 13 May 2011

I think the husband was in a wheelchair, but yeah, too bad, he should still be stuck in there with his ‘son’ (if he’s still there, who knows maybe he’s “serving” in Afghanistan). No sympathy for either of them, remember how she blamed the attack on Diane’s perfume?

marisacat - 13 May 2011

No he is not in a wheelchair, never was.

diane - 13 May 2011

I’ve got them switched, it was her then who appeared in court in a wheelchair, about midway down the page:

….Knoller appeared in court in a wheelchair because of an undisclosed medical condition.

marisacat - 13 May 2011

I had to looke them up … She was Knoller, he was Robert Noel. I always just thought of them as The Knollers.

6. brinn - 13 May 2011

File under “no shit, ya don’t say?”

Nuclear fuel rods may have mostly melted

marisacat - 13 May 2011

oh yeah.. NOW that they say they can finally get in. …. Oh My! It is worse!! My! My! Oh My!!!

The whirled is clearly going to end in a leak, a flood, a fire – – – – – and a huge tsunami of LIES

diane - 13 May 2011

What a fucking tragic mess that is, no doubt will have one in this country in the oncoming years.

marisacat - 13 May 2011

I think it is inevitable. One reason I tried to pay attention. Get the fucking nomenclature down, now.

What with counting measures like bequerels. And so on.

diane - 13 May 2011

yeah, things sure aren’t looking good at all in this country, which appears to be worshipping death at it’s top, and mid, levels …

7. brinn - 13 May 2011

On a brighter note….kid the elder earned his purple belt tonight and was awarded his rank’s “Student of the Year” — so, so proud of him and all of his peers in Kickstart!!!

marisacat - 13 May 2011

oh congrats to him! And you… !!

brinn - 13 May 2011

Thanks, Marisa — I got all teary when his name was called! I love going to Kickstart events, I’m always so proud of all the kiddos! Chuck Norris and I could not be farther apart when it comes to, well, almost everything, but this program he and his wife started has earned him my deepest respect.

Madman in the Marketplace - 13 May 2011

that is so great!

brinn - 13 May 2011

Thanks, madman! 😉

diane - 13 May 2011

congrats brinn!

brinn - 13 May 2011

Thanks, D.!

diane - 13 May 2011

you’re welcome hon! ;0)

8. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 May 2011
brinn - 13 May 2011

Oh, very nice. The stomach turns.

Madman in the Marketplace - 13 May 2011

land of the heartless, home of the zealot.

diane - 13 May 2011

sick fucks.

9. marisacat - 13 May 2011


Apparently there IS helmet cam footage. All 25 little cams were whirring away.

Or, that is the latest story. Historic event… historicity. And so on. (Watch this space for updates, changes, amendments and clarifications, In God We Trust! However!)

It seems that the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound was, in fact, captured on the helmet cameras of the Navy SEAL team that took down the terrorist leader.

According to CBS’ David Martin, the entire 40-minute raid was recorded on the 25 tiny helmet cams of the SEAL Team that went in. They appear to have the whole mission covered from every angle. . . . .

diane - 13 May 2011

guess they must have finished the editing process to their satisfaction.

marisacat - 14 May 2011


diane - 14 May 2011


10. marisacat - 14 May 2011



……….. 😯 … 🙄

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