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Rome 20 May 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Israel/AIPAC, Total fucking lunatics, WAR!.

A Palestinian youth is detained by Israeli border police during clashes in the Shufat refugee camp, on the outskirts of Jerusalem    [Ahmad Gharabli/AFP/Getty Images]

From a gallery of pictures of the protests, at The Guardian


And, here’s hoping

They are extraordinary scenes. Film shot on mobile phones captured the moment on Sunday when at least 1,000 Palestinian refugees marched across no-man’s land to one of the most heavily protected borders in the world, the one separating Syria from the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

Waving Palestinian flags, the marchers braved a minefield, then tore down a series of fences, allowing more than 100 to run into Israeli-controlled territory. As they embraced Druze villagers on the other side, voices could be heard saying: “This is what liberation looks like.”

Unlike previous years, this Nakba Day was not simply a commemoration of the catastrophe that befell the Palestinians in 1948, when their homeland was forcibly reinvented as the Jewish state. It briefly reminded Palestinians that, despite their long-enforced dispersion, they still have the potential to forge a common struggle against Israel.

As Israel violently cracked down on last Sunday’s protests on many fronts — in the West Bank, Gaza, Jerusalem and on the borders with Syria and Lebanon — it looked less like a military superpower and more like the proverbial boy with his finger in the dam.    . . . . .

This at the end:

[T]he protesters in Syria and Lebanon showed that they will not be pushed to the margins of the Palestinian Arab Spring. That message will not be lost on either Hamas or Fatah as they begin negotiations to develop a shared strategy over the next few months.

. . . .

Israel is in a diplomatic and strategic dead-end. Last weekend it may have got its first taste of the likely future.



1. BooHooHooMan - 20 May 2011

LOL. Yeh, Netanyahu is in town.
Hava Nagila!
-> Ed Rendell, Steven Rattner AND Richard Hass on Morning Joe.

BooHooHooMan - 20 May 2011

Oh! But they’re gonna have Gene Robinson on!
Tuh, yaknow, ask the really tough questions!

snicker snicker snicker

2. brinn - 20 May 2011

Fukushima Out of Control

Happy Friday, everyone!!

marisacat - 20 May 2011

Which we all knew, reading thru the lines day after day….

I see visitors to Japan have plummeted almost 70% in the wake of Fuk-us-all-shima.

3. BooHooHooMan - 21 May 2011

On the HuffPo-

Israeli Leader Came Away ‘Encouraged’ After Obama Meeting

So I see the last round of sissy-slap ledes have served their one news-cycle purpose:

Oblibberblabber ~Calls For™~ ’67 Borders!
As Basis for™…( – wait for it!™ – )….
Negotiation™! Of course!
Because Obbie is so..so Presidential!
He di’int?!!? He did! He DID!!!
And Bibi is Whupset! OMG! But happily so, now! See?!!

Et utter shite cetera….

marisacat - 21 May 2011

I dunno. I think everybody is play acting. And doing it badly.

I think Slobsters speech, or that part of the speech in particular, was mostly for public consumption, tryin’ mightily, by god, to shore up his numbers with a couple of slices.

The ex Brooklynite Jew who helms KGO 9 AM – 12 slot ws all whupset, but a wide swathe of callers luved that part of the speech.

Ob polls low in Israel historically…. the Arabs feel quite sour and unhappy with him (what a shock) so he went for what is left. The No Brains for Shit US voters. (or is that Shit for Brains voters?)

4. ts - 21 May 2011

So what’s everyone doing for rapture day 2011?

marisacat - 21 May 2011

Anti histamine. Lots of it. (endless rain and wind here, gah)

I notice I am still here (not that I was a likely candidate for Rapturing)… and I just heard that nutter Camping answer the ”when where” ? When ever your area hits May 21, Rapture should happen where you are.


5. marisacat - 21 May 2011

Just don’t give a speech when ya get back… and ixnay on the last idea. Who gives a hoot in hell about those “powerful images” of L’Obster bein’ pretzel OFF SHORE.

NEXT WEEK’S NARRATIVE — Reuters’ Steve Holland and Jeff Mason:

‘Obama brings Mideast policy push on Europe, G8 trip [to Dublin, London, France and Warsaw; he and the First Lady leave tomorrow night; the president returns Saturday night] … Economy, Libya, Afghanistan on agenda … Powerful images for U.S. voters back home.’

I say we talk on the phone all night, have riotous drunken parties out by the pool and do whatever else (feed the small children donuts and soda!) while the boring parents are outta town.

brinn - 21 May 2011

Hell, yeah! 8)

marisacat - 21 May 2011

yes I really felt that, reading they will b out of the country for a week.

Let’s go wild.

diane - 21 May 2011

That sounds like a plan! Lets light up the grill, turn up the music, ice the brew, set out the chips and dips …let’s have a ball!


diane - 21 May 2011

(oh and buckets of Real Butter to slather on that white Jersey Corn … BooHooHooMan can bring a sack of beefsteaks, along with that corn)


diane - 21 May 2011

I’ll bring the brew, Berry Pie, and ice Cream,…Sherbert too….


marisacat - 21 May 2011

The children get to have potatoe chips too. And so do weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

diane - 21 May 2011

slathered in fuckin dip, …. I’ll have the sour cream with those fresh chives…and then some french onion …for starters….


diane - 21 May 2011

Missy FIT, (along wit’ her boo, lil Tmmy Gman) can do symbolic squat thrusts to work it all off, …. soz those chillens ll be fit as war fodder, when her highness getz back (she may want to do some extra time on her own mid body, $Buttah$ storage, too …or not …. :0) )

6. ts - 21 May 2011

Speaking of rapture related activity. An atheist asks a public school in LA not to read a prayer during his graduation. The school agrees, then it got ugly.


marisacat - 21 May 2011

No one else wanted to stand up for their constitutional right of having freedom of and FROM religion.

ugh… one of the oft repeated phrases of the religionists is that we were never promised freedom FROM religion. And i must say it is always delivered in a smarmy, irritating, self congratulatory manner.


Good for Damon, tho I see his own mother has cut off communicaton with him and his brother. Wow what a mother.

ts - 21 May 2011

And I like the video of the valedictorian and her “i’m a christian and we’re gonna pray anyway fuck you” speech, read to multiple standing ovations. Stay classy, Louisiana.

7. lucid - 21 May 2011
diane - 21 May 2011

I’d love to know the exact person who inititated the May 21’st insanity, I’m sure the Elite loved that one, who knows, they may have helped fan it, or even aided its inception, it’s certainly all over the fuckin nooozzzz.

brinn - 21 May 2011

You mean this dingleberry?

Harold Camping

Sad thing is, he’s predicted it before….several times.

diane - 21 May 2011

figures, so much ‘faith’ in things emanating from oh so temperate, Cali,
whether it’s D rate Actors/Nazi Gropers, technocrat Robber Barons, or supposed Messiahs …

The 89-year-old Californian preacher and radio host had prophesied that the Rapture would begin at 6pm May 21st in each of the world’s time zones, with non-believers wiped out by rolling earthquakers, as the saved ascended into heaven.

marisacat - 21 May 2011

I thought all week that a lot of bland faced media creeps got to pretend THEY belong to the True Church. whatever it may be. Much joking… Mine is not an “End Times Church”.

Of course they are all fucked nut cakes. IMO.

brinn - 21 May 2011

I was really hoping…..would’ve left the rest of us with a few less assboils….


diane - 21 May 2011

I should likely recuse myself from comment on that, since I still believe in a benevolent force, and I still call that force god …cause that’s what I’m used to, as un pc as that may be, and I imagine that force to be androgynous.

not a church goer at all …but yeah, I believe in a benevolent force in the universe……….

brinn - 21 May 2011

More power to ya, d.!

Evidence of said benevolence you’d like to share?

diane - 21 May 2011

you, honey? ;0(

I thought it was a no brainer, here, that we desired benevolence …and I don’t think I’m that wrong there?

diane - 21 May 2011

if I recollect correctly, the ugly Asshole who wrote (cowrote?) that, anti anything but a certain highly narrow category of white male PROPERTY OWNERS, and MUST BE Voluptious, non existant Female cariactures: Left Behind series, lived in sout’ Cali with all his glass, drive-in cathedrals, techno gadgets …..(sea scooters or some such) ….etc……

marisacat - 21 May 2011

co-wrote…. huge money maker.

diane - 21 May 2011

yup,….tons of moooney$$$$$$$$$$

8. brinn - 21 May 2011

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine….

diane - 21 May 2011

well,…I don’t feel too fine …but yeah …fuck it, in for the long run.

brinn - 21 May 2011

As Keynes said:

“In the long run, we’re all dead.”

Can’t really argue with that, though it really does suck as a basis for marcoeconomic policy making…

diane - 21 May 2011

oh honey, energy never dies, it just moves on to a different place and time….speshully the good fertilizer …..sweetness, …physizests …true to their obsession …agree on that one …..I hope someone plants a lovely, a tad sweet, plummish pink centered, black fig tree on my carcass!


diane - 21 May 2011

(hopefully, 5’8″ inches of flesh and bone, and a lifetime of ultimately, desiring peace (amongst much assholery ;0) ) might sustain it for at least a few moments?)

diane - 21 May 2011

amongst much assholery ;0)

(my own assholery, and yeah I shouldn’t have included a smiling face there, because I’m pretty ashamed of my own assholery…it’s really not very funny at the end of the day…..nor, at the top of that morning…)

brinn - 21 May 2011

Was referencing this:

R.E.M. song… one of my faves for lo. 2 decades….

brinn - 21 May 2011

Oppps…wrong URL…

is what I meant!

diane - 21 May 2011

thanks honey, will make it a point a point to listen to that (can’t,let alone won’t, do You Tube anymore), Rapid Eye Movements piece.

Speaking of Rapid Eye Movements, indeed, …we’re all coerced towards hyper vigilance…and death….. thinking about a young Iranian man I met years ago, who fell asleep with his eyes half open…I’d never witnessed anything like that, ..he really was in sleep mode…yet awake… his eyes were really half opened…. for fear of total annihilation if he rested too peacefully?. ;0(

brinn - 21 May 2011

k, then…if not YouTube, then perhaps a lyrics search?

diane - 21 May 2011

thinking about buying the cd it’s on, shouldn’t be too hard to do, May take a bit, way too many things I haven’t done, that are way past do/due, but, it sounds like a valuable experience (actually, I may have already heard it and liked it, and it that case, will be even happier to have it at hand. ;0) )

diane - 21 May 2011

(I love you brinn … blushy faced, pure thang, for another human bean, honey,….:0), …;0) ….)

9. BooHooHooMan - 21 May 2011
marisacat - 21 May 2011

Will this mean weeks of interrupted air travel? (again?)

(I almost hope so, everything is so fucked up, why shouldn’t an earth cauldron take center stage!)

10. brinn - 21 May 2011

Can’t reply above, D., but must ask:

When you wrote:
you, honey? ;0(

I thought it was a no brainer, here, that we desired benevolence …and I don’t think I’m that wrong there?

You were saying that I am your evidence of some benevolent force in the universe?

Before I respond, I wanted to make sure that is what you meant….

diane - 21 May 2011

yeah, that’s what I meant, you, “brinn,” along with countless others.

diane - 21 May 2011

In response to this:

More power to ya, d.!

Evidence of said benevolence you’d like to share?

brinn - 22 May 2011

Thanks, d., for putting some perspective on it, I suppose as far as faith in benevolent forces in the universe, that’s something I can get behind! And love you too! 😉

diane - 22 May 2011

I’m glad you do hon! ;0)

11. lucid - 21 May 2011

Still here!

brinn - 21 May 2011

Yay! Not that I was worried for one second that you’d be raptured, lucid! 😉

12. ts - 21 May 2011

No words for this:


In a statement, the sheriff’s office criticized the media, saying that while questions will inevitably be raised, “It is unacceptable and irresponsible to couch those questions with implications of secrecy and a coverup, not to mention questioning the legality of actions that could not have been taken without the approval of an impartial judge.”

Mike Storie, a lawyer for the SWAT team, said at a press conference Thursday that weapons and body armor were found in the home as well as a photo of Jesus Malverde, who Storie called a “patron saint drug runner,” according to KGUN.

ts - 21 May 2011

And in other news, four more years for the Patriot Act.

marisacat - 21 May 2011

and you somehow just know, they still have not read it…………

diane - 21 May 2011

“We were so worried when he was over there fighting terrorism, but he gets shot in his own home,” Ortiz said. “The government killed one of their own.”

13. marisacat - 21 May 2011


…………. 😯

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