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New 21 May 2011

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

A newborn Galah, or rose-breasted cockatoo, looks out of a box in Gross Schauen, Germany

A newborn Galah, or rose-breasted cockatoo, looks out of a box in Gross Schauen, Germany [EPA]




1. diane - 21 May 2011

baby looks pretty hungry,..and I’m positive there are are loads of worms around that we could feed to baby ….of course they’d have to be chopped down to swallowable size for honey,….mutant, enormous worms that they are…

2. marisacat - 21 May 2011

hmm We just had a tiny earthquake. Not sure I would have felt it if I had not been curled up in bed watching Netflix……

I wonder if that was Camping, blowing a gasket…


diane - 21 May 2011

I didn’t feel a thing, :0) …;0) ….ts?

the fuckers will at least want the pleasure of destroying any form whatsoever of social security, before they allow anyone to Rapture out… anyway …

catnip - 21 May 2011

I am Rapture-Proof once again!

diane - 21 May 2011

and just in time for some oven heated berry pie with ice cream! ;0)

marisacat - 21 May 2011

The cat held you down and said

You can’t take her!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. diane - 21 May 2011

I usually check out Susie Madrak regarding PennsylvaniA nooz, but this sure got my attention: How to Spot A Psychopath …I’m not quite done reading it thoroughly yet, but from what I’ve read so far, it’s both heart rending, and horrific.

(Do have to say though, far easier to lurve Jerry Brown at a distance, than live under him (speshully being fairly familiar with his partners in “Government” ….whom he’s quite silent about) ….yeah he’s preferable to czar Arne Duncan, on education, ….but is that really the point at which he becomes a wonderful Governor?????? Really? …….We’ve sunk pretty low then, haven’t we?)

diane - 21 May 2011

(oops Susies ‘website’ … for one, some fracking news, not commonly available)

diane - 21 May 2011

(for another, a bunch of music suggestions (yeah, I do love alot of ’em ;0) ) and more, Fuck em, opinion, on PA local Assholes.)

diane - 22 May 2011

and more, …. a link to this:What has Obama done for African Americans?

WHEN DO you know election season is upon us? When the Obama administration announces an aggressive campaign aimed at organizing 100 meetings and engaging 1 million voters in African American communities across the U.S. The Obama administration has even launched a page on the White House website aimed at Black voters.

Usually, the administration just ignores Black people and the devastating impact of the recession on African American communities during the two-and-a-half years since Obama became president. There have been barely audible complaints from the Congressional Black Caucus about Obama’s insistence that there’s nothing particular he can do for African Americans, despite the fact that they are disproportionately bearing the brunt of the economic crisis.

But it’s never too late to shore up a voting bloc that ensured Obama’s historic victory in 2008. According to Michael Blake, the administration’s newly designated liaison to African Americans: “We’re crisscrossing the country and taking our stories directly to people about how the African-American community is benefiting from the Obama administration…For those who say we don’t have a Black agenda, I would challenge them and ask, ‘How are our policies not helping the African-American community?'”

Blake’s question reflects how utterly out of touch the Obama administration is with the impact of the crisis in Black communities:

— Despite media enthusiasm for the supposed economic recovery, Black unemployment has gone from 15.3 percent in February to 16.1 percent in April. The percentage of Black adult men who are employed fell to just 56.9 percent last month, the lowest level since statistics started being kept in the 1970s.

(bolding mine)

marisacat - 21 May 2011

Hard to sink lower than Arnold. And anyway, all I ever saw for years was the Dems being quiet little political partners of Arnie. DiFI immediately “loaned” Arnold her CofS, forge the first name, that Kennedy woman. And DiFi is very close to Jerry. Married him and the wif.

We’re very very screweddddddd.

diane - 21 May 2011

I was thinkin of Arne Duncan, but yeah, ya really can’t sink too much lower than the Groper either, as a “Public Servant” …such a hideously mind blowing experience to live in a state governed by someone who, with no solicitation: grabbed woman’s breasts, when he didn’t even know those women, let alone the fact that it’s totally unacceptable, even if one knows the victim.

I had some Cali Asshole grab my breasts while riding by on a bike one time, while I was carrying a large plant, …I’ve never recovered, and I’ll never totally recover from being taught that the country I was born in: claims to stand on high moral ground, when assholes like that bike assaulter can get “elected” to govern me, and those I love.

marisacat - 21 May 2011

well…. they are all over the place. Marauders, ass holes. And so on.

What I really don’t like is that the world only stops and assesses in horror SOME of the stories. It is quite happy to let rape (of all ages) and various and sundry sexual assault be a quagmire. For the victims. Like the thousands, tens of thousands of forgotten, lost, never gotten to, rape kits around the country, sitting there, untested.

diane - 21 May 2011

yeah…and then all those unreported rapes with no kit used …..I certainly never reported the breast grab, to what end? …and I had to get Back To Work … Buck up, Grow Up, That’s What It’s all about ..Little Lady (barely audible: bitch) ….. …yup, good thing I don’t own a gun ….(sad thing is, I might be tempted to shoot myself first anyway, just trying to evade the fuckers)

marisacat - 21 May 2011

BTW, imo his wif is right down there in the gutter with him. Filthy drain water swirling around both of them.

The Shriver woman I mean. Oh please, she did not know? She aggressively, very agrressively, re sold him and defended him in 2003, to the Cali electorate.

And of course she comes frm a rapacious family. (NTIM and Not That I Care, NTIC)

diane - 21 May 2011

oh, yeah, same take here, she had to have known, likely why she looked such a mess during, and after, the whole Cali Recall Clown/Clownessa Show …quite the cesspool … well shit, Nixon, Reagan …(Clint….Bono) …etc……..

4. ts - 21 May 2011

On the funny side: Next Media has a new video up on the rapture;

5. marisacat - 21 May 2011

Oh little Republican hearts are breaking….

Headline at Politico……….

Daniels won’t run in 2012


diane - 22 May 2011

I might be mistaken, but I think the RNC money, and potentially WallStreet money, is/might be on this particular
billionaire predator currently:

Huntsman stopped by Riley’s Gun Shop, a familiar stop on the first-in-the-nation primary campaign trail, to talk to employees and check out the merchandise. After inspecting rifles on the wall, Huntsman said he was a hunter, and explained that though he had not hunted recently, he had been around guns “my entire life.”

Asked by POLITICO what he hunted, Huntsman took only a second to reply.

“Oh… large varmints,” Huntsman said with a smile.

marisacat - 22 May 2011

He is defintely casting himself as an alternative to Mittens. No idea what he is like on the stump tho…. or the schtupp!!, LOL!

diane - 22 May 2011

Reading in between the lines, it sure looks, to me, like the Bush Crime Family connections are behind the Billionaire Mormon, and maybe exerted pressure on Daniels to back out: :

The lunch will allow Huntsman to introduce himself to the Bush family — and, by extension, their vast political network of still-uncommitted donors, advisers and supporters. Many are still waiting to see if Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, who served in President George W. Bush’s administration, will jump into the race. If Daniels doesn’t, the money machine that powered both Bushes into the White House could be up for grabs.

Huntsman has a long history with the Bush family. Bush 41 appointed him as ambassador to Singapore in the early 1990s, and his son tapped Huntsman as deputy U.S. trade representative in 2001.

Upon Daniels ‘demise’ he jumped right in to note that he’d carry on in Daniels hideous fiscal‘spirit’:

“Mitch Daniels will be missed in this presidential debate, but his message about the most immediate threat facing our nation — this massive debt — will not go unheard,” said Huntsman in a statement to POLITICO early Sunday.

And he and his backers were sure prepared from the jump with a clever story line to mitigate ill repercussions from his extensive business dealings (under both Bushes and Obama) in China:

“You hear how the Chinese economy is going to swamp us. Don’t believe it,” said Huntsman, who is in the middle of a five-day tour of the first-in-the-nation primary state as he mulls a bid for president in 2012. “China has its own problems. And we have our own strengths. I mean, there is a reason that Google was started in America and not Russia or Germany or China.”

UGGGGHHH, I’m so not looking forward to 2012, and praying some third party candidate can derail the Rat/Thug Partay system.

6. BooHooHooMan - 22 May 2011

So how IS it going under Obama , the Continue the Wars Guy?
Under Mr. Historic Prefselldent Bullshit-About-it Fellah?
How DID the Big vote work out?

Count em.

18 Reported Killed in Series of Blasts in Baghdad
Published: May 22, 2011

BAGHDAD — Fifteen explosions, including one 🙄 that appeared 😆 aimed 😯 at a United States military convoy, 😯 😯

shook Baghdad over the span of four hours on Sunday morning, killing 18 and wounding 77, according to an Iraqi security official.

Didn’t they get the gorilla suit memo? Hmm??
About how Obama Got Osama™ and all?

The most deadly attack occurred at about 9 a.m. in north Baghdad when a suicide bomber detonated explosives near police officers who had responded to the scene of an explosion near the American convoy, the security official said.

Still loyal, Dems? Get the fuckin memo?
How Precious is doing and his lock on ‘012?
About Barry and his Big, ah, ~WIN?

marisacat - 22 May 2011

We must fight the good fight over fat children.

Something like that.

People should be afraid, I caught a presser the other day on Deutsche Welle, Germany talking about how to remake its military for all the “engagements to come”.

It ws NOT a good idea to wake both Japan and Germany. And we of course are totally at attention – and wide, wide awake…. In a dumb and stupid killing machine way, Slave Patroller Days Are Here Again! way, certainement!

I won’t be here for the Bigger Worser Wars To Come. And I am glad.

BooHooHooMan - 22 May 2011

BUT- 😉 factoring in time, one need not be pessimistic. Consider the end of World War 1 thru 1933. Then ’33 to 1945. Look how much was done!

Why, under Barry we’re only 3 years into the **Post Bush** Era!

BooHooHooMan - 22 May 2011

So get your darts out folks.
Who is behind the attacks?
Friend or foe?
Who knows in this real estate deal?
A Partner ~ Gasp ~
in one of our Sacred Relationships?
So many to choose from, afterall.
Be it the Iraq Interior Ministry or Israeli Prime…

Of course, they’ll blame it on Iran either way.
Besides, they don’t have Osama Bin Laden to kick around and slide off an aircraft carrier anymore.

marisacat - 22 May 2011

Lest the glow of capture and kill fade, I noticed this on the side bar to the right:

Reuters / Politics

Obama: would raid Pakistan again if militant found

22 May 2011

LONDON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama would approve a new incursion into Pakistan if the United States found another leading militant there, he said in a BBC interview broadcast on Sunday.

ts - 22 May 2011

It would be interesting to see if Pakistan upped the ante to something like shooting down a Predator drone if another high profile territorial invasion happened.

7. marisacat - 22 May 2011

O’Ham. In the land of O’s:

SNEAK PEEK: Team Obama thinks the week-long Europe trip (Dublin, London, France, Warsaw) will play fantastically back home:

lots of comparisons to JFK, Clinton, Reagan. Look for POTUS to ham it up when he visits a pub tomorrow — accepting a pint of Guinness, etc.

Still yearning to be a dead white man, I see. Or a too-out-of-it to shut-yo’-mouf white man (that would be Clinton)-

(Please God, let it end!)

diane - 22 May 2011

He likely used that Ronnie Reagan Black dye when they did that touchup for the Assassination Success presser.

catnip - 22 May 2011

Like anybody’s paying attention?

marisacat - 22 May 2011

Agree.. I don’t see anybody caring. Much at all.

I read that most Irish kind of roll their eyes at the whole idea of yet another Pretzel claiming to be Irish, but that Moneygall hopes to make………. what else, money off it.

GOOD LUCK everybody!

8. BooHooHooMan - 22 May 2011

I need a drink just watching the Patrick Kennedy well, I guess “Special” on CNN.

marisacat - 22 May 2011

hair of the dog what bit ya……………….!!

BooHooHooMan - 23 May 2011

😆 VERY funny.
I just couldn’t quit ’em!

As in, – > Do we want the WASP Republicans running us over, off a bridge, and selling us bullshit health insurance?!!? Do we?!!
Another round O’Camelot, McGinty!


marisacat - 23 May 2011

Newsflash… Obama says………………………

The Irish punch above their weight.


Obama: “Ireland punches above its weight”

USA Today – ‎32 minutes ago‎

President Obama had heaps of praise for Ireland and its people today during his first official remarks with Taoiseach (prime minister) Enda Kenny.

marisacat - 23 May 2011

AND speaking of punching above your weight… the local CBS affiliate reports, not sure how, that Camping garnered a cool hundred mil off the End Times Rapture NOW scam.


Harold Camping’s Family Radio Completely Redesigns Website With No Mention Of Rapture

Read more: Business Insider

diane - 23 May 2011

Wow, I’ll bet some of Poperah’s, New Age Spiritualist, con artist buds are seething with envy, like that sweat lodge killer …..

Surely someone will start offering Rapture Prosperity Conventions, if they haven’t already been trademarked by Camping.

marisacat - 23 May 2011

Oh I am sure. Apparently people sent money to his church.

Geesh, go figure.

9. marisacat - 22 May 2011

I sort of took today off, then landed on an Al Jazeera report…. film of fires from the blast looked pretty spec-ta-cu-lar…

Three weeks after the killing of Osama Bin Laden, militants in Pakistan are staging a major attack on PNS Mehran, a military base in Karachi that’s also used by US forces.

According to Dawn News, there are at least 6 dead after multiple explosions, and there may be as many as 12 militants currently inside.

Officials said the base was under “terrorist attack.”

TV broadcasts from the base show huge fires and smoke. …..

Vid at the link at BI:

Read more: Business Insider

10. ts - 22 May 2011

After Fianna Failed, another EU government that chose austerity policies gets trounced.


11. ts - 22 May 2011


12. ts - 22 May 2011

After Fianna Failed in Ireland, another government that puts bankers above the people goes down: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Spains-Socialists-trounced-apf-2016504631.html?x=0&.v=20

marisacat - 22 May 2011

I found the comments in the spam file and released them WP hiccups a lot. Sorry about that…

I was just looking at photos of the biggest rallies going on in Spain, even during the few days before elections when they are not by law, supposed to publicly gather en massse and demonstrate… and of course they did back when they voted in the Socialists!! Refused to leave the small square outside the conservative party HQ…

just makes me so happy… and reports say they, the protest rallies, are going on in several towns…


13. ts - 22 May 2011

Okey. WP doesn’t seem to like my link – ate it twice now.

marisacat - 22 May 2011

you can send it to me if you like and I will try to post it.

where.is.the.cat at gmail dot com

a period after each word, but not after cat just the at @ symbol….


14. jam.fuse - 23 May 2011

On a T-shirt I saw today: “I’M MUSLIM DONT PANIC”.

marisacat - 23 May 2011

oh, that gave me a laugh!

15. marisacat - 23 May 2011

Long time coming. And not the State SC, the US SC, in another 5/4 decision:

Supreme Court orders California to release tens of thousands of prison inmates

By David G. Savage, Washington Bureau

May 23, 2011, 8:56 a.m.

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court ordered California on Monday to release tens of thousands of its prisoners to relieve overcrowding, saying that “needless suffering and death” had resulted from putting too many inmates into facilities that cannot hold them in decent conditions.

It is one of the largest prison-release orders in the nation’s history, and it sharply split the high court.

Justices upheld an order from a three-judge panel in California that called for releasing 38,000 to 46,000 prisoners. Since then, the state has transferred about 9,000 state inmates to county jails. As a result, the total prison population is now about 32,000 more than the capacity limit set by the panel.


Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, speaking for the majority, said California’s prisons had “fallen short of minimum constitutional requirements” because of overcrowding. As many as 200 prisoners may live in gymnasium, he said, and as many as 54 prisoners share a single toilet.

Kennedy insisted that the state had no choice but to release more prisoners. The justices, however, agreed that California officials should be given more time to make the needed reductions.

In dissent, Justice Antonin Scalia called the ruling “staggering” and “absurd.” . . . .

diane - 23 May 2011

I’m sure Wall Street Prison Industry Investors everywhere, are ringing their sweaty hands at the injustice of it all, …and certainly Jerry, as he works on further overcrowding County Jails with non-criminals, will want it appealed, as he did as Attorney General in 2009:,

Attorney General Jerry Brown, the former governor, said [in 2009 – diane] he would appeal the final ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“This order, the latest intrusion by the federal judiciary into California’s prison system, is a blunt instrument that does not recognize the imperatives of public safety, nor the challenges of incarcerating criminals, many of whom are deeply disturbed,” he said in a statement.

hmmm, Jerry, if being deeply disturbed really qualified people for incarceration, how do you explain all of the Deeply Disturbed, and Venal, US Politicians, and their Deeply Disturbed, and Venal, Corporate Masters, freely frisking around …. like rats at a garbage dump?

marisacat - 23 May 2011

yup! Jerry fought this under Arnold.

OF COURSE we can find several tens of thousands to release. I think we are the only, or one of a tiny number where everyone, every single fucking prisoner is released to probation, parole. And we have a history of picking people up, returning them to prison, for small infractions.

I am all for prison/ long term, for brutal crimes of violence, assualts, rape, murder, etc.,… but that is not what we are doing.

diane - 23 May 2011

I am all for prison/ long term, for brutal crimes of violence, assualts, rape, murder, etc.,… but that is not what we are doing.

Exactly, what it looks like Cali is doing, is supporting a Ghastly Fucking Industry. For example, from: from green.ca.gov…..:

Responsible Manufacturers:

The Prison Industry Authority (PIA) strives to operate all of its manufacturing, service, and agricultural enterprises in a responsible, green manner. PIA’s efforts help to conserve resources, reduce waste, control global warming, and prevent pollution. PIA products and services can be purchased by governmental entities.

By providing inmates with real world work experience, PIA helps to prepare them for successful re-entry into society. In this sense, PIA is the ultimate recycler. PIA provides inmates with the training and experience necessary to recycle these inmates from their prior lives into productive citizens.

(Some US jobs, which used to be able to pay a meager rent for the non-incarcerated, seem to have moved solely to US prison jobs, such as assembly work)

marisacat - 23 May 2011

Well I am for s o m e prison work… but obvioiusly a lot of the prison industry stuff is utter scam. Trapped workers, no union, no labor leverage, of any type. And there should be no or extremely limited, supervised access to any computer with internet access. The problem is the guards are in on the scams.

Big mess.

About a year and a half ago I saw on Deutsche Welle a program on a Max Security prison in Aarlborg Germany. Wht a difference. I don’t mean to embrace the whole of the German prison system, but that one example was so different.

diane - 23 May 2011

yeah, agreed on “some prison work,” and yeah, that’s not what has been done, they’ve made prison, a life option for persons they consider their tools, many of whom aren’t criminals ..pretty horrifying.

Will have to read up, on the Aarlborg program.

marisacat - 23 May 2011

It’s probably findable on the Deutsche Welle site.

16. marisacat - 23 May 2011

Are these people tense – or what?

[T]he White House press secretary refused to comment, insisting the embarrassing mishap was being dealt with by the secret service.

It was not clear if the president and Mrs Obama were in the car or if it was a decoy leaving the embassy grounds.

The president’s cavalcade always contains two identical limousines. It is said some of his closest security staff do not know which car he will be in.

Security staff eager to avoid footage of the blunder being beamed around the world quickly called in a blacked-out minibus to cover the gates and sight of the limousine.

A double-decker Dublin bus was later driven up as a bigger shield. . . . . . .

Why not a tanker hauled in to cover the embarrassment? Attack drones to kill anyone who might have seen. Seen something, anything.

marisacat - 23 May 2011

If the details in this are correct and not disinfo misinfo or mischief of some sort, Ob andhis crew have gone functionally nutz. And i don’t think it is because we got all puffed up and offed Osama.

[T]he President’s security team have raised eyebrows at Buckingham Palace after they insisted on bringing their own bottled water.

White House staff told the Queen’s household that they could not risk Mr Obama touching a drop of London tap water – or even the palace’s own bottled mineral water.

According to sources, when one staff member asked why, they were told that ‘they didn’t want to risk a change in water in case it gave Mr President a stomach upset’.

The President and his wife are due to arrive at Buckingham Palace tomorrow morning after landing at Stanstead Airport where they will be greeted by the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.

The couple will lunch with the Queen before a glittering state banquet in the evening.

The Mail revealed yesterday that White House staff have brought along their own portable double-glazing style glass to cover up the 1820s glazed windows in his bedroom in case of a mortar attack

Staff have also revealed that they have been barred from using their mobile phones while the president is in residence due to the communication hardware his security team have brought with them.

And all servants have been subject to a criminal record check, even if one has been carried out already.



diane - 23 May 2011

kinda sounds like vengeful pay back for not being invited to that wedding.

marisacat - 23 May 2011

They seem perfect representatives of Boobus Americanus. Just like George 2 and George 1 and Babs before them. And the looney mix of loose goose skirt chaser / drooler and Hillarious as stern Governess in the middle of the run..

diane - 23 May 2011

So many proud, historic moments, didn’t George 2’s security helicopters rip the shit out of one of the royal gardens or something.

marisacat - 23 May 2011

oh yeah did do that. They insisted on landing in an area of garden they had been asked not to…. I think some hydrangeas met an early death.

Scared the peacocks somewhere too, maybe Windsor.

Except that idiots who live in one street towns come out for the jerks, I think we are too damned much trouble. (I know I know, Ireland is in some level of trouble, Moneygall hopes for a little cash dividend, the Celtic Tiger is something we built of Papier Mache and now ObSlob is there to shore up the Irish corporate haven we built. Assisted building…. Etc)

17. diane - 23 May 2011

Certainly not surprised, but still sick to mystomach anyway, from Glenn Greenwald: The Patriot Act and bipartisanship

The law that was once the symbolic shorthand for evil Bush/Cheney post-9/11 radicalism just received a vote in favor of its four-year, reform-free extension by a vote of 74-8: only resolutions to support Israel command more lopsided majorities.

Of course DIFI was one of the extensions loudest supporters.

18. diane - 23 May 2011

The Fight Over Fracking: Josh Fox vs. Big Gas – The Oscar-nominated filmmaker exposed the dirty secrets of gas drilling. Then the industry decided to play rough.
By Alexander Zaitchik

Since releasing Gasland, Fox, a veteran theater company director, has spent a good deal of his time in Washington, D.C., where he often visits, sometimes with Ruffalo in tow, lobbying Congress and federal agencies. “The regulators at the EPA and Justice Departments are dying to do their jobs – it’s the lawmakers who are the problem,” says Fox. “Obama’s people are not listening . We led a letter campaign in which thousands of people wrote the president expressing concern over drilling in their communities. The White House sent back a form letter about the importance of national parks. We were like, ‘Did they send us the wrong letter?’”

In early May, energy secretary Steven Chu announced the creation of a panel tasked with studying the environmental impacts of fracking and coming up with recommend guidelines for state and federal regulators. The panel of seven, which has six months to issue its report, is led by former CIA chief John Deutch, currently director of Cheniere Energy, a Houston-based firm and a major player in the development of liquefied natural gas. (The company’s slogan is, “North America’s LNG Gateway.”)

(bolding mine)

marisacat - 23 May 2011

I think our fate is sealed.

We look like glow ‘n the dark jokes anyway.

diane - 24 May 2011

Things sure aren’t looking well, don’t even want to know the FEMA nightmare all the recent flood and tornado victims will end up in…there have got to be tens of thousands of people made homeless in the last month just due to weather, and I don’t get the impression the powers that be really care at all.

marisacat - 24 May 2011

well like the Japanese… parents are upset and demonstrating as officials have raised the allowable radiation for children to 20 x the recommended level.

It’s hard out there for governmental pimps.

19. marisacat - 24 May 2011

We are trapped inside a joke.

With He Himself and the religio-whack-a-nut nuts.

BULLETIN – President Obama, to the White House pool, at the U.S. ambassador’s residence in London, as he begins a state visit:

“[O]n Sunday, I myself will travel to Missouri to talk with folks who’ve been affected, to talk to local officials about our response effort and hopefully to pray with folks and give them whatever assurance and comfort I can that the entire country is going to be behind them.”

diane - 24 May 2011

Joplin will rise again, by virtue of He, Himself’s Presence. …As we all know: He, Himself, his beloved Czars, and Bipartisan Public Servants, have already comforted, and taken care of, the country’s: millions of unemployed; elderly; foreclosure victims; and the sick and uninsured …

Your Money: Billions in Stimulus Funds Paid to Tax Delinquent Contractors

“For many years now, we’ve known…. …said Democratic Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan. “Now the executive branch should get on with it and actually debar the worst of the tax cheats from the contractor workforce.”

such as:

…. An unnamed security company, which received over $100,000 in Recovery Act funds and still owes more than $9 million in taxes, reportedly paid debts to other creditors but not the IRS and has repeatedly violated federal labor laws.

marisacat - 24 May 2011

I think it is all about the manna that drops from his fingertips…

diane - 24 May 2011

His, Hisself’s divine fingertips, ………get it right hon.

20. marisacat - 24 May 2011

they all seem to be losing it… moiv sent this around


diane - 24 May 2011

jeesh …..Duck!

and of course that Cannes comment from another of our dear Hollowwood Muses ….will serve to even further beef up the already insane security measures against those of us who can’t escape to Cannes …and don’t own our very own jets.

marisacat - 24 May 2011

will serve to even further beef up the already insane security measures

That is what I thought, the looney white boys shoring up ObRama have now tightened their sphincters up to their nose hairs…

diane - 24 May 2011

yup. Humvee sales, with night vision, for the wealthier of them, are probably skyrocketing ….

lucid - 24 May 2011

Well, once the food riots start, who knows…

marisacat - 24 May 2011

yeah who knows what is coming…. even with historic (gulp!) lows in violent crime, in region after region, town after town, across the country.

Tho we have one of the big standouts! Vallejo, with a massive increase in violent crime, over in the East Bay. Even with a major nut case religio whack job as mayor… who declared Vallejo a City of God a few years ago (even as the town went officially bankrupt). Oh and his hatred, bible based, of gays.

That too.

21. diane - 24 May 2011

California’s Toxic Prison Conditions

The photo at the top of this post was included in the court’s opinion:

Prisoners in California with serious mental illness do not receive minimal, adequate care. Because of a shortage of treatment beds, suicidal inmates may be held for pro-longed periods in telephone-booth sized cages without toilets.

California’s prison suicide rate is 80% higher than the national average.

A psychiatric expert reported observing an inmate who had been held in such a cage for nearly 24 hours, standing in a pool of his own urine, unresponsive and nearly catatonic. Prison officials explained they had “‘no place to put him.’”

When the former head of Texas prisons says this, you know there’s a problem:

He described conditions in California’s prisons as “appalling,” “inhumane,” and “unacceptable” and stated that “[i]n more than 35 years of prison work experience, I have never seen anything like it.”

(bolding mine)

marisacat - 24 May 2011

Honestly I doubt Texas prisons are any different from ours.

Anywy, California, esp down at the level where this has to be adminstered, has known this was coming. So has Jerry. Long expensive game with the Prison Lobby. Which is NATIONAL.

I’ve read it is bigger in DC than the commodity / farm lobby. And with the whole of congress butt kssing Bibi, Israel hardly needs a damned lobby. Truth be told.

brinn - 24 May 2011

I haven’t has the pleasure of any prisons here in Tejas, but if the city and county jails where I have been lucky enough about 10 years ago to spend a night or two are any indication….I have no doubt that the adjectives “appalling,” “inhumane,” and “unacceptable” would apply!

marisacat - 24 May 2011

Here the Sheriff and his deputies run the city/ county jails, CCSF, City and Co of San Francisco… and we have a long time Sheriff from the much more liberal days in the 70s, who is also a good manager… and STILL our system for the poor is rough. We also have a very good head of the Public Defender office. REALLY good…. But again – because it is only one part, a part and dependent on several systems…

Not to even start on other counties, much less the state and Federal prisons. Ours have been under federal mandate, Federal watch, judicial orders relating to law suits, corruption etc for EVER. Or so it seems.

diane - 24 May 2011

Long expensive game with the Prison Lobby. Which is NATIONAL.

yup, one enormous Vampire Squid of a National, Stimulated, Security Industry, Partnered with Israel …

(yeah, and fuck Jerry, of course he’s known ….and is so very glad it’s not him in one of those toiletless cages.)

22. marisacat - 24 May 2011



…… 😯 … 🙄

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