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The… 24 May 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Total fucking lunatics.

New photographs released of tsunami hitting the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power station in Japan. Tepco power station’s sea defences seen crumbling as wall of seawater overwhelms facility….
Most of the cars disappear as the waters rise higher – just one can be seen, standing vertically on its nose. [Tepco/AFP/Getty Images]

A gallery of 9 photos at the Guardian.

The… best laid plans of mice, men – and monsters…

They don’t seem to want to show the first shots of the tsunami hitting the square, so artfully designed outerwalls of the blue and white towers. I thought the design looked like tissue paper, art paper designs. And hell yeah, it was tissue paper.

And now we know, because they say so now, that within hours we had initial stages of melt down.  I am so very shocked.

And of course surprised.


A lovely listing of protests, with arrests, just in the Years of Obama, part of our long, slow, inevitable trickle down thru the muddy drains of imperial collapse.

Jack Cohen-Joppa, who with his partner Felice, edits The Nuclear Resister, told me

“Over the last three decades, in the course of chronicling more than 100,000 arrests for nonviolent protest and resistance to nuclear power, nuclear weapons, torture, and war, we’ve noted a quadrennial decline as support for protest and resistance gets swallowed up by Presidential politicking. It has taken a couple of years, but the Hopeian addicts of 2008 are finally getting into recovery  [hmm well, maybe, but!, let’s not rely on the Hopium addicts – Mcat].

We’re again reporting a steady if slow rise in the numbers willing to risk arrest and imprisonment for acts of civil resistance.

Today, for instance, there are more Americans serving time in prison for nuclear weapons protest than at any time in more than a decade.”

If reading the protest list does not cause an almost involuntary sense of rage against the parade of Shuffle Toe’d, Shambles and Mess of Shit for Brains leaders who throw themselves at us… well….

(And that drippy, third-rate, God Bless America! thugdom from Bibi this morning is just the carcinogenic cherry on top of it all…)




1. marisacat - 24 May 2011

hmm I see Irish Times just calls it “triple meltdown”. No beating around the bush…

ENGINEERS IN Japan’s ruined Fukushima nuclear plant have revealed it suffered a triple meltdown in the four days after being battered by a huge earthquake and tsunami on March 11th.

The news confirms fears that reactor three, which contains controversial mixed uranium-plutonium fuel, known as Mox, was among the casualties of the world’s worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl. Mox is considered thousands of times more toxic than uranium nuclear fuel.

Plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco) said yesterday that most of the nuclear rods inside reactors two and three had melted and fallen to the bottom of their containment vessels. Last week the company admitted that most of the fuel rods in reactor one had melted after the plant’s cooling systems were knocked out.

“The situation inside two and three is almost the same,” said Tepco spokesman Yoshimi Hitosugi last night. The company said the fuel in reactor three took about 60 hours to melt. The reactor melted down 100 hours after the magnitude nine quake struck. . . . .

1, 2, 3. Knock out punches.

In other news, criminal boychicks play ping pong, declare themselves “essential for the world” (not merely special like wares on the sale table at Macy*s) and I noticed Mother Michelle looked bored out of her skull at the various displays and events.


2. marisacat - 24 May 2011


Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

US Green-Lights Prosecution of John Edwards for Alleged Campaign Law Violations Tied to Affair Cover-Up [11:05 p.m. ET]

For more on this and other breaking news go to ABCNews.com: http://abcnews.go.com?nwltr=bn

catnip - 24 May 2011

No indictments for BushCo?

marisacat - 24 May 2011


I think Edwards is easy pickins

catnip - 24 May 2011

No doubt. Him and any whistleblower Obama’s DOJ can target.

marisacat - 24 May 2011

60 Minutes just last Sunday did a horrible story of a whistleblower being put on trial under the Espionage Act, by Ob and Holder.

It was horrifying to listen to. And I just fell into it, I had put 60 M on to hear the Lance Armstrong mess….

BooHooHooMan - 24 May 2011

This could complicate Edwards’ comeback.

marisacat - 24 May 2011

Send hair gel now to the prison.

BooHooHooMan - 24 May 2011

Surely they have that readily available.
No? 😯 Well, then.
What’s a hair floofin’ millworker’s son from Carolina ta do?

BooHooHooMan - 24 May 2011

Of course in Edwards favor, he does have the visits with Kerry to look forward to.
Not to mention a grateful Party.
They were all very close. (This close!™)

marisacat - 24 May 2011

Edwards wanted to change his life……………… and HE DID!


catnip - 24 May 2011

Kerry visits? Mon dieu. Just how much is the son of a mill worker supposed to endure in one lifetime!??

3. catnip - 24 May 2011

Protester who heckled Netanyahu in Congress allegedly beaten, arrested at hospital

Nothing like spreading that Israeli-gov’t style “peace” stuff to the US.

marisacat - 24 May 2011

everything is going so well…

4. catnip - 24 May 2011

President Obama Has No Idea What Year It Is

This is how President Obama signed the guestbook at Westminster Abbey earlier today, where he got a tour from the Very Reverend Dr. John Hall and laid a wreath on the Grave of the Unknown Warrior.

It is a great privilege to commemorate our common heritage, and common sacrifice.

Barack Obama

24 May 2008

It was really nice until he got the date wrong by three years. Granted, 2008 was a great year for him, and we might try to live it for as long as possible, too, if we were him. Also, though, he may have had a stroke.

Update: For those who find the European-style date suspicious, the Telegraph reports that a “Westminster Abbey spokeswoman confirmed it was the president who had written the wrong date.”

I see he also threw in an unnecessary comma.

I fear for your republic.

5. marisacat - 25 May 2011

oh mamamama mia.

I landed on the last few mins (replay version at 1:45 am) of The Poperah’s Last Popover or whatever this is.

It is actually kind of mindblowing. Not in a good way either.

All I can think is: Promise? To go away?

diane - 25 May 2011

caught a slobbery write up, which I couldn’t bear to digest, and piccys of that hideous ruffled pink gown and pink chair for She, Herself…will be ever so glad not to overhear again, slobber about her show, since it appears OWN may be heading for disaster.

The following 2007 incident, really nailed down my opinion of the Poperah:

Speaking of Oprah, please check out this piece [unfortunately, that link doesn’t lead to the piece; it appears the piece has been scrubbed from the NOLA archives for Chris Rose – diane] by New Orleans Times-Picayune columnist Chris Rose. Rose was set to appear in a Katrina-related episode of Oprah, and he was thrilled that he’d get to mention his new book about life after the deluge, “1 Dead in Attic.”

Except there was a small problem: Oprah’s producers banned him from mentioning his book, or even propping the tome up in his cubicle. [The book ended up receiving great reviews from customers – diane.]

“[B]eing a first-time author and going on Oprah but being told you can’t mention your book is pretty much akin to having Charlize Theron walk up real close to you, take off all her clothes, look you in the eye — lean so close you can feel her warm breath — and whisper in your ear: ‘You may not touch me,’” Rose wrote.

After Rose’s interview, which he did despite the book ban, Rose was presented with a release form that said he may not write about his appearance on the show. Rose refused to sign, an act of rebellion that a producer said might get him cut from Oprah’s show.

“But even if they do leave me on the cutting-room floor, that’s OK with me,” Rose wrote. “Because then I have the unique and attention-grabbing advertising campaign any new and hopeful author would kill for: AS NOT SEEN ON OPRAH!”

marisacat - 25 May 2011

oh her shows on Katrina were terrible. She was just a government mobster. The ones filmed down there were beyond disgusting. She embraced HORRIBLE people who were making things worse. Esp black thug types like Eddie Compass who was acting Chief of Police.

(Spike embraced him too.. and a lot of slobber for Russell Honoree, the *** general, light skinned black, sent in to make it seem it was all working. Sick empty showboating.)

Dogs. (sorry to be rude to the dogs)

And her shows afterward, terrible too.

She is just government issue, imo.

diane - 25 May 2011

glad to have missed her katrina airings …yeah, Government Issue Mamma, She Herself ….

6. ts - 25 May 2011
marisacat - 25 May 2011

oh thanks! I ran over to read.

I’m so over this.

I will miss him, but I undersand where he is. (I am not going anywhere, however).

It is all “What the Fuck is Next?” now… which I thought again as it is reported today that Obby, in London, says he will continue to pound Libya and work to get rid of Qaddafi. One world, under the USA, til someone rises to take us down. Help us destroy ourselves.

No hope. Much less Hopium.

Most everything seems useless….

diane - 25 May 2011

(I am not going anywhere, however)

utterly selfish, I know,…but that’s the best news I’ve heard in a long time.

lucid - 25 May 2011

All things unfortunately pass… I love Ioz. Hopefully he’ll go write that novel.

diane - 25 May 2011

I hope it wasn’t in utter despair, and more of a pissed off mode, will miss him.

7. marisacat - 25 May 2011

NOW he is involving the creatures. I strayed into He Himself’s speech to the Parliament (and assorted guests, I think) and he spoke of

“… as long as the bird of freedom chirps in the hearts… “

Not even the sparrow is safe.

lucid - 25 May 2011

Who the hell wrote that? The bird of freedom chirps? Christ, that almost makes me miss Peggy Noonan.

marisacat - 25 May 2011

It blew what little was left of my mind, after Popover’s extended good-buy….

We’d shackle and torture the little bird. Even as the little thing chirped to be let go. We’d truss it up and serve with various mice and rabbits to the Big Bad Bald Eagle.

A Holy Sacrifice.

diane - 25 May 2011

I thought at first he might be referring to a Twitter IPO….I can imagine.the Wall Street investors waiting for that IPO and refering to $$$$$the bird of freedom chirps$$$$$ guess that old asshole Churchhill may have been prophetic.

marisacat - 25 May 2011

that old asshole Churchhill

Yes the man who wanted to air bomb Iraq with poison gas. And so many Americans have a slavish love of all things Churchill. As though via his American mother we are invested in him.

His grandson, a very tedious sort, came over to lecture us on the eve of The Bush Wars. I resented it. But the supposed former colony lapped it up.

marisacat - 25 May 2011

Full Text of the speech via CNN… it was part of the great crescendo to the finale, he quoted Churchill.

[T]his conviction lives on in their people today. The challenges we face are great. The work before us is hard. But we have come through a difficult decade, and whenever the tests and trials ahead seem too big or too many, let us turn to their example, and the words that Churchill spoke on the day that Europe was freed:

“In the long years to come, not only will the people of this island but of the world, wherever the bird of freedom chirps in human hearts, look back to what we’ve done, and they will say ‘do not despair, do not yield…march straightforward'”

With courage and purpose; with humility and hope; with faith in the promise of tomorrow, let us march straightforward together, enduring allies in the cause of a world that is more peaceful, prosperous, and just. Thank you.

It is a terrible speech. Short version: We are for Freedom and Peace… and War War War is the way to get to those heart fluttering, bird chirping ideals.

Oh and the UK and USA are essential for the world. We matter. Believe it or we bomb you off the earth. Etc.

That sort of drool. Self Fellate.

lucid - 25 May 2011

Self Fellate

I think nothing sums up contemporary ‘civilization’ quite so succinctly.

marisacat - 25 May 2011


AND he said we are humble. Which was a theme in the utterly gagging 15 minutes of Poperah Popover Time I caugh over night. She is so humble.

8. ts - 25 May 2011

Looks like with IOZ gone I’m going to have to rely on WIIIAI to pick up the slack. Excellent takedown of Netanyahoo’s speech:

marisacat - 25 May 2011

Thanks for that… it was a highly manipulative speech.

AND no longer mentioned, but I plowed alll thru the commentary and track backs a couple years ago when suddenly it was … “must recognise the right of the JEWISH state of Israel to exist”. Even tho it would appear to be counterintuitive it was a new wrinkle coming from the Israeli head of state.

And anyway, so much fucking demanding. So scared of how we will look when, if the Palestinian statehood comes up for a vote in the UN.

Zionists and Israel supporters deny it, but there IS religious friction in Israel between Orthodox and the secular majority. They DO have a nutzo religious ”police”… Actual police have to be sent in to keep the Othodox from bitching at people for being on cell phones, being out and about, driving etc on the Sabbath. Doing much fo the same stuff the Mukhabarat do in Arabia nad so on.

Not at all new. And not going away.

I am so tired of the lecturers.

9. diane - 25 May 2011

hmmm never thought I’d be cheering on Rand Paul, but have to say, thanks for this Rand:

Posted at 04:44 PM ET, 05/25/2011 [Sweat MotherFuckers, like the Public you’re supposed to be serving – diane]

Harry Reid, Rand Paul spar over Patriot Act on Senate floor

By Felicia Sonmez

Tensions between Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) over the renewal of the Patriot Act spilled out onto the Senate floor Wednesday, two days before the measure extending the counterterrorism surveillance law is set to expire.

Reid took to the floor Wednesday afternoon to publicly accuse Paul of holding up progress on the reauthorization of the Patriot Act. Reid said the conservative freshman and founding member of the Senate Tea Party Caucus was endangering national security by pressing for an amendment that would prevent certain gun records from being searched under the law.

“It’s all dealing with a gun amendment,” Reid said of the controversy over the latest Patriot Act renewal….[let’s get beyond that Harry, … explain to us: your fucking reasons for supporting that slimy piece of shit…you pathetic, disgusting, worthless excuse for a Public Servant…you, and all the rest of the Hos – diane]

just for the pleasure of knowing it’s pissing off He, Himself, as the Patriot Act Extensions, must be signed sealed and delivered to Europe for His, Hisself’s signature, by the midnight Thursday (EDT?) expiration date…OR ELSE WE ARE IN DANGER OF TERRERISM FROM WITHIN

I’m sure he was already pissed at Iceland for the dusty threat of flight cancellations. (Hmm the required air flight for signing was noted at the WAPO link directly above, early, early morning on the 24th, the article has since been significantly revised, though, heh, the url still reads: http[colon]//www[dot]washingtonpost.com/politics/congress-races-to-extend-patriot-act-send-to-obama-in-europe-before-friday-deadline/2011/05/24/AFrxmIAH_story.html)

Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., used a procedural tactic to deny any amendments after failing to reach a deal with opponents of the bill on what amendments should be allowed. “I have to get this done,” Reid said. “We can’t let this expire.”

marisacat - 25 May 2011

And as I have said, I am sure none of them has read the PATRIOT Act, yet. 10 years later…

diane - 25 May 2011

Yup. The fuckers are sure clear on the extensions their voting on though:

….The legislation covers three provisions — two from the Patriot Act that was enacted after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks — that are due to expire at midnight Thursday without congressional action.

While most parts of the Patriot Act are permanent law, two provisions were given temporary status because of their controversial nature. One gives law enforcement powers to set roving wiretaps to monitor multiple communication devices and the second permits court-approved access to “any tangible thing,” from business documents to library records, that could be relevant to a terrorist threat.

The third provision, part of a 2004 intelligence act, gives the FBI court-approved rights to secretly monitor non-American “lone wolf” suspects without known ties to a terrorist group.

diane - 25 May 2011

(they’re…not their)

diane - 25 May 2011

(looks like I screwed up the blockquotes somewhat, but I guess it’s pretty clear that the two paragraphs starting with: just for the pleasure…, were my opinion (and the bolding was mine).)

10. diane - 25 May 2011

From Glenn Ford: The Corporate Dream: Teachers as Temps

As Democrats hustle to shovel a billion dollars into President Obama’s campaign coffers – making promises to rich people and their corporations every step of the way – America’s billionaires are spending even more money to seize control of the nation’s public schools. Although super-wealthy capitalists like Microsoft’s Bill Gates, fellow computer mogul Michael Dell, real estate magnate Eli Broad, and the rapacious owners of Wal-Mart, the Walton Family, would like people to think of them as philanthropists, they are nothing more than down-and-dirty investors who hope to reap much more than they sow. This mega-buck mafia’s goal is to gain access to the $600 billion per year that taxpayers pump into public schools, and then to profit in perpetuity by shaping the nation’s educational system to their corporate needs. The corporate education project has nothing to do with growing new generations of smarter, socially aware, independent-thinking citizens, but is designed to raid public treasuries through wholesale contracting-out of public schooling.

so fucking true:

….The American people are being conned by billionaire hustlers who are stealing the public schools – and the national future – right in front of our eyes.

marisacat - 25 May 2011

There was a good analysis of Columbine, in all the mess of verbiage after the killings. It was commented that the school itself looked like the modern suburban office park.

And, the analysis went, it surely did. As that is what the PARENTS valued.

I paid strict attention when the 4 ”Jersey Girls” surfaced in the wake of 9/11. All four were wives of some level or other of corporate executive at Cantor Fitzgerald, which was almost at the top of the building – and in fact had DoD contracts, among other connections to government….

They freely admitted, they did not vote with any regularity (neither do I, anymore, but I pay attention) nor did they know anything at all, down to basics like the 2 houses of Congress, which was which, which was bigger, etc… they admitted they knew nothing at all of how government at any level operated.

Of course not, they took their lead from the corporate structure. They admitted they voted for Bush as they attended events Cantor Fitzgerald put on in support of Bush (and they proceeded to be very disappointed in Kerry, after they signed on to appear with him, extracted promises w/r/t 9/11 and got royally stiffed. I think all have said they are IND now, not R or D).

Of course they HAD voted, whether they went into the polling booth or not….. They were satisfied til their husbands died in quite spectacular fashion.

11. marisacat - 25 May 2011



…….. 😯 .. 🙄

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