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Heaven speaks… 25 May 2011

Posted by marisacat in Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

A tornado passes near the Ryan Ranch subdivision in southern Denton County, Texas

A tornado passes near the Ryan Ranch subdivision in southern Denton County, Texas [AP]

That is what it looks like. Whole lot of Old Testament raining down.



1. marisacat - 25 May 2011

It is going to be a long, nearly unendurable election season. Banging that drum to death.

To death.

I noticed that Southern demogogue, despite his skin color, Clyburn, also thought the Dems would hold the House last November.

Good luck to them all.

catnip - 25 May 2011

Yeah, because it’s not like Obamalama’s policies have anything to do with…anything!

the president’s problems are in large measure because of the color of his skin.”

Really? It’s not like that stops him from sending drones to kill innocent children or prosecuting whistleblowers or ignoring BushCo’s war crimes or sucking up to Wall Street etc ad infinitum.

marisacat - 26 May 2011

This is interesting.

It sure beats the slobbery mess that Cornel West opened up. So useless.

catnip - 26 May 2011

Harry was already under the bus during the campaign.

diane - 26 May 2011

I really enjoyed Enlightened Cynic’s comments there, and am forever grateful to that commenter, that one of them:

…. The class and divisions of wealth concentration are becoming so great, so obvious, so brazen and unrepentant, the jobs losses appear increasingly as structural, that Americans have no choice but to see Ayn Rand Capitalism for what it is.

I agree also that King became a threat to the Empire when he linked, unfettered capitalism and Imperialism to domestic poverty and social ills. As we can see now with school district and residential patterns, they really weren’t that all worried about “integration.”

If you really want to get a sense of what’s going in in poor, rural, roll up your sleeves White America, and get some good chuckles and searing wisdom, check out Joe:

Adam Smith Meets Cousin Ronnie’s Boy

That ain’t no class underclass; it’s 250 million rugged individuals being pissed on.



Led me to a Joe Bageant post I hadn’t read, http://www.joebageant.com/joe/2006/07/adam_smith_meet.html>Adam Smith Meets Cousin Ronnie’s Boy, which has now become my favorite of Joe’s eats:

Nevertheless, members of the educated American overclass, liberal and conservative, assume we are all equally capable of learning new ways of doing things, and need to learn exactly those sorts of things they perform daily in the service of the empire that rewards them for managing its educational, financial and technical affairs. “All are created equal,” runs the mantra. Every last one of them knows it’s not true. Not in the society we have created. But it’s vital that everyone keep up the pretense that Cousin Ronnie’s flabby 220-pound 16-year-old, who recently speculated on “how they manage to grow spaghetti so straight,” has an equal chance in society with the kid in private school purposefully taking his SATs three times in order to get the highest score possible. Equal or not, somebody has to muck out the Imperial stables and fight the corpocracy’s wars. It won’t be that kid with the huge bookbag lugging his laptop around.

diane - 26 May 2011

continued (and corrected link) Adam Smith Meets Cousin Ronnie’s Boy

Conservatives, on the other hand, entertain no illusions about computers in the schools or anything else. Instead, they stick by the bootstrap myth, and free marketism as the course to personal and national success. We have over 200 years of evidence strongly suggesting that America’s favorite theological premise, Adam Smith’s “unseen hand,” like the gravity defying bootstrap theory, is a sorry thing indeed for any sane person to hang his ass on, given that both are endorsed chiefly by the smuggest, the greediest and richest among us. Most working folks would simply prefer an even start — a fair break for everyone without depending on bootstraps or unseen hand theology crafted by a man who offered that the self-interested pursuit of money somehow made men more altruistic. Despite modern apologists’ assertions to the contrary, Smith also believed the unseen hand was actually that of God, “whose wisdom works itself through competition for wealth,” and that “providence rightly divided the earth among a few lordly masters.” He disliked government except when it was clubbing down “the vice ridden and slothful poor.” Property is government, he said, and “Till there be property there can be no government, the very end of which is to secure wealth, and to defend the rich from the poor,” thereby writing the Republican Party platform a full 89 years before the party was even born. Even allowing for the times, the guy was a bloodless prick. But then, so was Ronald Reagan, yet we are forced to suffer a similar deification of his addled free market cowboyisms. Feel free to hold your head and scream.

diane - 26 May 2011

Lastly, Joe’s finishing touch from Adam Smith Meets Cousin Ronnie’s Boy:

Acknowledged or not, it is also our national shame, this denial of the existence of class. Ultimately, it is denial of the one truth held common by every enlightened civilization existent:

We are our brother’s keeper.

[and from the beginning …it’s juicy, and sizeable – diane]

catnip - 26 May 2011

That was excellent. Thanks.

diane - 27 May 2011

I near wept when I read it myself, I’m so glad Marisa posted the link and I read Enlightened Cynic’s comment.

2. catnip - 25 May 2011

IOZ – done? Well, shit.

3. catnip - 25 May 2011

Slobberation at TPM: Ed Schultz Apologizes On The Ed Show For Calling Laura Ingraham A ‘Right-Wing Slut’

In a remarkably fulsome and sincere apology, though, Schultz announced that he was taking himself off the air for an “indefinite” period.

In Schultz’s defense, I don’t recall him ever “preaching civility,”

Schultz’s apology was as full and heartfelt as any I have ever seen from a media figure…


If Glenn Beck had called Maddow a right-wing slut and apologized would he be getting the kind of treatment Blowhard Schultz is there?

Join me as I mourn for the sudden suspension of Brother Ed and open up your hymnbooks to Psalm 69.

marisacat - 25 May 2011

Join me as I mourn for the sudden suspension of Brother Ed and open up your hymnbooks to Psalm 69.

Can’t we mash Ed S and Laura I together in a salad bowl? Toss ‘n Serve it to someone who cares. ????

catnip - 25 May 2011

(Not that Beck would have called Maddow a RIGHT-wing slut. Whoops. :)) But the point still stands.

They’re all a bunch of cartoon characters, afaic. I can only stand the pushy lecturing for so long.

4. marisacat - 26 May 2011

I dropped in to a few mins of what I guess IS the real true last emanation of Poprah.

Somewhere in the middle of the show….

And all I can say is very very strange. Wearing a pink that … ugh I think even is not in the spectrum of the debased latter day Max Factor Rose Beige old lady junk… Not even Pepto Bismol either.

Very very odd.

5. marisacat - 26 May 2011

Yup yup .. a live birth greatly complicates an affair. Or all of the affairs!


Plus, people are pissed at a few things Arnold did on the way out.

What bullshit. People knew very well what they voted into office.

diane - 26 May 2011

yup. It may as well have been a qualification for the job, and headlined the resumé.

6. catnip - 26 May 2011
lucid72 - 26 May 2011

So many lies told about that civil war.

7. diane - 26 May 2011

I absolutely love you honey, and I love that photo …

;0( :0) ;0)

diane - 26 May 2011

…yeah ..Mother Fuckers,….there is.. a freight train headed straight to your doorstep …one way or another ….

so while the rest of us drown ….locked up below deck ….we get get to inately know ….You’re Day,…..Will Come, …that, …The Good Earth…moment….of enough,…. is a fucking, … enough

diane - 26 May 2011

(Congress Extends Patriot Act Provisions for Four Years

Thanks to Colorado Senator Mark Udall for voting against the bill. [More…]


marisacat - 26 May 2011

well… 23 voted against it, but it is meaningless. It’s like the war vote on Iraq. If they needed for their district to be a “No” (that would be Barbara Boxer, LOL) they were allowed to do it.

Long as it passed.

Kind of like the [too too too] cute little conversation caught between Bill C and Paul Ryan. Compadres, brothers-in-arms.

We is surrounded!!

catnip - 26 May 2011

Wyden (D-Oregon) says that powers they grant the government on their face, the government applies a far broader legal interpretation — an interpretation that the government has conveniently classified, so it cannot be publicly assessed or challenged.

marisacat - 26 May 2011

Wyden says he “can’t answer” any specific questions about how the government thinks it can use the Patriot Act. That would risk revealing classified information — something Wyden considers an abuse of government secrecy. He believes the techniques themselves should stay secret, but the rationale for using their legal use under Patriot ought to be disclosed. [box step? two step? fox trot? – Mcat]

“I draw a sharp line between the secret interpretation of the law, which I believe is a growing problem, and protecting operations and methods in the intelligence area, which have to be protected,” he says. . . . .

sigh. 10, 20 years ago, I would have taken small heart at the Wired article. NOT that things would “change” but that someone somewhere, inside government, got it.

But i htink most all of this, the odd interview with a Wyden, a Boxer, or that old harridan Kucinich, is carefully lain trip wire. To calm us down, make us back off. Turn the page.

In the end the bums and creeps, the kapos, the shits, the thugs and the bullies get their way.

diane - 27 May 2011

yup, carefully lain trip wire, is certainly what it’s come to feel like. I bet Boxer and Kucinich miss steam venter Ted too.

8. marisacat - 26 May 2011

Hmm they are NOT flying the PATRIOT Act to Europe for Daddy-O to sign.

They will be using the “automatic robot pen”.

Really. That is what they said.

Did it take a separate act of congress to reach that decision? I almost think it did.

catnip - 26 May 2011

“They will be using the “automatic robot pen”.”

The jokes write themselves.

marisacat - 26 May 2011

Missy Mama ”peeled off” (their phrase) and is off the 6 day swing thru Europe (dropping France in addition to Poland) with no public release of her “program”. That is their wording… 😆 (snicker snax break, what else is there but jive and gossip!??!)

My guess, someone decided not to also fly the damned Patriot Act across the pond. Presumably she is winging home. He took a ”smaller plane” to the continent, so I guess she took AF 1 home.

Can you imagine the Koswhakian ire if Laura did that.

catnip - 26 May 2011

No shopping in Paris?

marisacat - 26 May 2011

Apparently not…………. Nor wandering the chilly, windswept streets of Deauville. Either.

diane - 27 May 2011

I figured something like that would happen when WAPO scrubbed their early morning Tuesday article about the necessary air flight. I’m betting the signature wasn’t actually legal …but knew they’d “pass” the fucker anyway….

marisacat - 27 May 2011

Well I heard an extended back and forth… it is legal, but … I think the danger is for any future, less publicly acknowledged use.

AFAIK the auto pen was devised for much more casual use…. signing stuff for the fan boys and fan girls, etc. NOT for major legislation.

9. marisacat - 27 May 2011



……. 😯

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