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Pugilist 4 June 2011

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements.

Igor Siwanowicz has spent the last five years carefully acquiring, breeding and capturing bizarre and visually stunning images of reptiles and amphibians

Reptiles and amphibians photographed by Igor Siwanowicz

A baby chameleon excitedly faces the camera lens with what looks more like a gleeful smile than a threatening grimace. “I followed the development of a bunch of Kinyongia chameleons from being just few weeks old to adulthood,” Igor said. [IGOR SIWANOWICZ/BARCROFT]

I just loved this next line of the little legend:

“I admire the attitude of the babies of the species – at just an inch in body length they do everything to intimidate you

Made me smile. It was impossible to pick a photo from the gallery, so many wonderful ones, so I let that little baby-weight pugilist’s demeanor decide it for me….

I see Michelle Bachman is out and about, establishing her Creationist credentials.

WTF?  In my opinion, the human spectrum as troubled as it is, here and there divine, but so much of it inducing spontaneous cringing, panic, writhing in place, a desire to escape… and so on.

Who wouldn’t want to be related, however vaguely, to this?  Or this?  Or this (the color there is mind blowingly beautiful…)?

Hey, face, mouth, eyes, nose, eyelashes… crowning effects at the top of the head, bearding effects on the chin.

What’s not to love…



1. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 June 2011

Because they hate life, they worship a death god, they can’t feel connected to anything, sad, tired, childish xtian denialists.

marisacat - 4 June 2011

Something definitely wrong there.

2. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 June 2011

In Connecticut, Paid Sick Leave for Service Workers Is Approved

After 11 hours of debate in Hartford, state legislators approved a bill on Saturday to make Connecticut the first state in the nation to mandate paid sick leave for hundreds of thousands of service workers.

At about 3 a.m., the House voted 76 to 65 on the bill, which had been approved by an 18-to-17 vote in the Senate on May 25. About a dozen fiscally conservative House Democrats voted with the Republicans against the measure, which, while watered down from earlier proposals, had been vigorously denounced by business interests.

Proponents hailed the vote as a landmark victory for workers’ rights and public health at a time that similar measures are pending or about to be introduced in Philadelphia and Seattle and are being pushed elsewhere. Only San Francisco and Washington, D.C., now require employers to give paid sick days to workers.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, a first-term Democrat who had named paid sick days as a campaign issue, said in a statement that the bill was measured and fair. But Republicans and business interests called it onerous and ill-timed at a period in which businesses are struggling and job growth is anemic.

The bill applies only to businesses with 50 or more employees. It exempts manufacturing companies and nationally chartered nonprofit organizations, day laborers, independent contractors and temporary workers.

The measure covers only service workers who receive an hourly wage, an estimated 200,000 to 400,000 of them, including waiters, cashiers, fast-food cooks, hair stylists, security guards and nursing home aides. It allows each employee to earn one hour of paid sick time for every 40 hours worked, with the number of days capped at five per year.

marisacat - 4 June 2011

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, a first-term Democrat who had named paid sick days as a campaign issue, said in a statement that the bill was measured and fair

oh that is quite a step forward….

SF has it, as of a few years ago, but certainly not the state.

Madman in the Marketplace - 4 June 2011

I was amazed when I visited last week … the whole tone of the state, of New Haven and Stamford, is so different now that the Republicans are out of power.

marisacat - 4 June 2011

Gawd. meanwhile we have the Nazi followed by the ex-seminarian. Two peas, pod.

3. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 June 2011

continuing your thought on the Nazi > Seminarian, in WI we’ve decided to continue the experiment that CT is now trying to recover from:

Walker’s War on the Poor — Part Deux

All this is perhaps unsurprising, coming from a governor who has stated flatly that unemployment insurance merely dissuades people from looking for work. From Walker’s budget document: “The governor believes that the path from welfare to unsubsidized employment is grounded in work experience and for too long the W-2 program has lost focus on this most basic tenet of welfare reform.”

No, Scotty, it didn’t “lose focus.” It was rather, heavily underfunded by thoughtless, heartless legislators who themselves lost focus on what public assistance is supposed to be about. They fantasized — and continue to fantasize — that teaching people how to dress properly for an interview and making them take a class or two at MATC, while struggilng in underemployment or unemployment, an while caring for their at-risk children will all inevitably add up to all of them soon knocking down middle-class, family-supporting wages.

But we went through all this in the early 20th Century and the fantasy wasn’t realized then, either. Don’t, however, try telling that to true believers in our lawmaking class, who simply believe otherwise, despite all the studies and historical evidence to the contrary.

Never mind that even some upper middle income Americans have now been without work way past 99 weeks and have dropped right out of the unemployment statistics because there are so few jobs out there for the thousands that want work that they’ve given up seeking work.

Never mind that many formerly hard-working Wisconsin residents laid off through no fault of their own have now exhausted their unemployment insurance benefits and are scrambling to save their mortgages, working for peanuts in some cases.

Never mind that “welfare” in this country was invented to ensure that the children of poor families would not be left to go hungry or without medical care through no fault of their own.

Never mind that more than a decade ago, Gov. Tommy Thompson essentially eliminated Aid to Families With Dependent Children in this state by ramming through his W-2 (Wisconsin Works) program, intended to push poor adults into work through far more limited cash assistance along with more job training. And never mind that the training has never been sufficient to allow most participants in the program to find family supporting jobs, or that the cash grants have been sufficient to support their children.

As a young newspaper reporter in Milwaukee in the early 1970s, I was once assigned to dress down and go the local welfare office to apply for food stamps, to observe what the process was like. It took me about a week of waiting dull-wittedly in long lines, being told a couple of times to return another day with more documentation before I was deemed in shape for approval. I got so grooved into this hugely demeaning and tedious process that I started showing up with a book and a folding camp stool. The moment I was told I could now get food stamps, I came out of character and went back to the news room to write a story headlined, “Applying for food stamps is hard work.” The article that was immediately attacked by some readers because they perceived it somehow celebrated lazy scum only looking for a handout and trying to rip off taxpayers.

And all that involved a welfare system that, despite its many flaws, barriers and dissuasive tactics, and its tendency to only transform rather than reduce human misery, was considered by conservatives of that era to be way too cushy. Chain gangs? Poor houses? Orphanages? Or maybe just simple “benign neglect”? That’s what these loon buggies thought would serve the society better.

Nope, never mind any of that. Just mind that the number of Wisconsin residents entering the W-2 program is soaring, because, well, these are hard times and people are in trouble and need more of a helping hand. When you start seeing middle class families living in homeless shelters, you know that society is in a crisis. But that crisis, according to our bold governor and his bold Republican delegation in the legislature, is the very reason they have to create an even bigger crisis. Which they are going to fix by pretending it’s not their problem, or our problem. Just like Wall Street has already dusted off its hands as it whistles its way to the nearest investment bank and yacht store.

Because, hey, poor people don’t need society’s help. I mean: They’re poor! So, obviously, there’s something wrong with them. If there wasn’t, they’d be rich, like Donald Trump. Right? It’s not society’s fault. It’s the fault of poor people that they’re poor. It’s their fault they didn’t hit on last week’s big lottery pot. Oh, and they’re lazy, too, and always trying to scam honest citizens out of a buck. And gee, a lot of them are of, er, other persuasions — you know, like our president. Clearly, they are not like us. They are not truly American! They’re wastrels and subhuman and a drag on our most excellent nation.

It’s funny that he tries to blame so much of this on the “legislative class” … when they’re a reflection of a pretty good-sized majority of Americans in general. We’re a hateful, nasty people without compassion, whining that it’s “not fair” that some should get “something for nothing” etc.

… people make me so tired and sad …

marisacat - 4 June 2011

Issues of welfare, General Assistance, cash assistance (Care Not Cash was his mantra) is why I never, not once, even when he was just my district supervisor, ever ever voted for Gavin.

A DLC baby. Which, back when the DLC website still publicly claimed people, raved over him. Looking back, and taking many things into consideration over the years, I think Bruce Reed and Al From were both in love with him. And the Hoover Institute just loved thm some Gavin.

It all comes down to having nothing to do with life, or helping anyone.

Madman in the Marketplace - 4 June 2011

seriously, now does it hurt anybody if someone gets a regular stipend to live on, even if they ARE lazy? They’re going to be less lazy when I’m waiting in line for them to help in whatever shitty job they begrudgingly take? People fall down, they get sick, they have shitty upbringings, they lack marketable skills, they lack social skills … so they should starve/beg/be locked up?

I just don’t get it, and as I get older I get it less and less.

… stupid attitude, yet so many people believe that “job creators” should get help?!?!

Like most of them don’t use it just to pad their own pockets.

Yup, fuck Gavin, fuck our last Governor here in WI, fuck the DLC and the Clintons and Barry and Snob and all the rest of them.

marisacat - 4 June 2011

We’re in for a long seige of it.

When it should just be set up and dispensed… It and other forms of various assistance are so little, they go DIRECTLY into the economy, it keeps people off the steets and out of homeless shelters (an SRO or subsidised housing is a lot better than a shelter) and so on.

Keeping that cash out of the economy should give people pause. It really should. That is malicious in my opinion. It is done to be part of stunting the cash flow in the nation.

Like eliminating the COLA for SS and SS Dis has kept 13 BILLION out of the economy.

diane - 4 June 2011

That is malicious …

heh, you’re kinder than me hon, and I always considered myself kind of “sappy,” ….I believe it’s maleficent,…every bit as maleficent, as those who enforce those policies, try to project their victims as being, while claiming the name of a benevolence they don’t even believe in, and certainly don’t worship.

ts - 5 June 2011

Hey, in economics it doesn’t matter how lazy you are as long as you get down to the store and spend the money.

ts - 5 June 2011

It’s just malicious anger and bitterness to deny people what they need to survive. I mean, we paid billions to the banks for not doing their job and screwing up the economy.

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 June 2011
ts - 5 June 2011

The biggest problem is that like our militarism, the prison-industrial complex is becoming entrenched in much the same way as the military industrial complex. The result being you end up in a permanent state of war and a permanent state of locking people up.

And like the shell-shocked veterans that go to fight for us, and have to figure out how to live again when they return, you have another several million people imprisoned but not rehabilitated. I’m not a big Marxist, but you can see the number of haves dwindling all around us.

diane - 5 June 2011

Yeah, it’s become an industry, with a lot of people there on non-violent petty offenses who shouldn’t even be there (especially with third strike laws), and a source of cheap slave labor for large corporations.

I can’t imagine it getting better anytime soon as more and more people fall through the cracks and are locked up for minor offenses.

5. marisacat - 5 June 2011

Goolsbee getting testy with mild questioning from whatshername on ABC.

Thin skinned crew……..

6. BooHooHooMan - 5 June 2011

Plenty of the ole “Wrong side of History” to go around.

Israel Clashes With Protesters on Syrian Border


Palestinians and supporters marched on Israel’s frontiers and a Syrian news agency said six had died when Israeli soldiers opened fire

as activists tried to breach the border.

Keep those U.S. passports at-the-ready, Israeli LOSERS. 😆
Yep, PLENTY of the ole “Wrong side of History” to go around.

Protesters in Yemen Rejoice as Leader Goes to Saudi Arabia


On Sunday in Sana, Yemenis celebrated after Yemen’s embattled president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, arrived in Saudi Arabia on Saturday for urgent medical treatment.

7. diane - 5 June 2011

Good, if not depressing as fuck, post by LibbyLiberal, wish I could say I was surprised: Pentagon Using Our Tax Dollars For Human Trafficking

There is a shocking article this week in The New Yorker entitled “The Invisible Army” by Sarah Stillman.
Ms. Stillman begins by writing of two women in Fiji, Vinnie Tuiaga and Lydia Qeraniu, who are looking for work in 2007. They get recruited by a local firm called Meridian Services Agency which promises them both jobs in Dubai. You know Dubai. You have seen pictures of that opulent, exciting city I am sure.
But once they get to Dubai, according to Ms. Stillman, they are informed they are actually bound for jobs on U.S. military bases in Iraq. They unwittingly have been dragooned into what Stillman calls the Pentagon’s “invisible army.”

(bolding mine. The referenced New Yorker piece, requires payment, or a subscription, to read in full, LibbyLiberal: provides a recap.)

diane - 5 June 2011

(apologies, I screwed up her paragraph breaks, one at: Ms. Stillman begins …, and one at: But once they get to Dubai….)

diane - 5 June 2011

(jeesh..and her italics, for: The New Yorker ….HTML, what a rapid, and unembarrassing way to get one’s point across ….sigh.)

marisacat - 5 June 2011

I hunted to see if it was lurking anywhere outside the pay wall.. but no luck.

I wish overall the NewYorker was worth what they want for it these days, but too much of it is liberal Dem party screed. Or that wretched little Gopnick. Etc. Sad to say.

diane - 5 June 2011

yup, screed, screed, and more, frothing, flush faced, spittle dripping screed. I guess the lives the worshiped pundits have become accustomed to, demand it. Seems like a hideous, maniacal, adult game of musical chairs.

8. marisacat - 5 June 2011


I see Al Sharpton has some advice for Weiner.

(I did not bother to click on it!)

9. ts - 5 June 2011

More Americans think the economy will never recover.

The mixed signals regarding the economy’s health are taking a toll.

Americans are growing increasingly doubtful about direction of the US economy, according to the latest survey from business-advisory firm AlixPartners.

In fact, an increasing number, some 61 percent, say they don’t expect to return to their respective pre-recession lifestyles until the spring of 2014, if ever.

What’s worse, a full 10 percent said they expect they will never return to pre-recession spending.

That’s a more pessimistic view than last year, when those surveyed expected that they could be back to pre-recession spending levels by the middle of 2013.

marisacat - 5 June 2011

That’s a more pessimistic view than last year, when those surveyed expected that they could be back to pre-recession spending levels by the middle of 2013.

I think all of the above and the rackup of Obamacare nightmares due to hit in 2014 is one reason for the fractured R response to a 2012 candidate. They feel pretty sure of 2016 being, you’ll excuse the expression! a Change Election.

ts - 5 June 2011

Even if Obama wins, if the Dems lose the Senate he won’t be able to do much but wag his finger for four years.

marisacat - 5 June 2011

I think he has shot his wad. If I never saw La Nana or Reid again, it would be too soon.

The Democrats will ride that whole Medicare game, for all they can get from it. Even as cuts have gone on for years, no matter who had what house or senate or WH. They all agree, at the end of the day.

I just read that in the R plan, they want to take 750 billion from Medic-aid over the next 10 years. And only Menendez and Rockefeller even bother to say much about it. [NTIM!]

There really will nto be much left when both parties are done.

10. marisacat - 6 June 2011

Don’t make me laugh TOO hard (via the Mike Allen email)

BREAKING, from a White House official:

“The President in the State of the Union launched a commitment to winning the future by out innovating the rest of the world. [On Monday], Acting Deputy Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank is leading the first meeting of the Innovation Advisory Board, which will further inform the administration’s efforts to meet the President’s mission and create jobs. The Board will build upon the early work and findings of the Jobs Council and StartUp America to advise the Department of Commerce as it produces a report in January 2012 assessing America’s capacity for innovation and our global economic competitiveness.”

Reeks of being a speedy and effective solution to our problems… doesn’t it?

ts - 6 June 2011

The five sentence summary of their future report: Think harder! Think harrrrder! Think! Think! Think harder!

11. ts - 6 June 2011

Whenever I see “win the future”, I just think to myself: “Those people are the stupidest people on the planet, and they are the ones who are running things…”

lucid - 6 June 2011

It makes me think of the movie Idiocracy…

12. marisacat - 6 June 2011

I guess as long as Weiner fully dressed for his 4 PM presser………..

The joke continues….

marisacat - 6 June 2011

As the World Turns:

Andrew Breitbart took over the press conference in New York that was supposed to feature Rep. Anthony Weiner Monday, declaring that everything he’s posted on his conservative Web site BigGovernment.com has proven to be true.

Weiner was supposed to come to the microphones at 4 p.m. but Breitbart took the podium instead, criticizing the media’s coverage of the Weiner scandal. BigGovernment posted new shirtless pictures of Weiner on Monday. …

And to think!, Weiner had been handling things so well.

marisacat - 6 June 2011

And now Weiner takes the stand and basically coughs up his guts.

I wonder if the Democrats realise they have been put on notice. For the long extended expensive silly season that is starting.

13. lucid - 6 June 2011

Does anyone really care about Anthony’s Wiener? I would honestly prefer to be spared the sordid details of people’s private sexual lives.

marisacat - 6 June 2011

When we have separation of Chruch and State, meaning NO ONE In the fucking government cares what any of us do (or don’t do) and all federal andstate rights,all rights accord to everyone… THEN they can have sacrosanct private lives.

To me it is not different than the REAL issue after GE 2000. What the fuck wth the Nader blaming? Whydidn’t the brain dead Dems BLAME Gore?

DID ANYONE, hardly at all, say: Why did Gore not do better? Wasn’t that his responsibility? To WIN Ark and TENN for fuck sake.?

WHY don’t the Democrats do better?

They can CRUCIFY Weiner in public, for whatever, afaiac.

i could care less what arrangement he and his wife have (some would say he is her beard, after all… It was BOTH Edwards and Obama camps that had a whisper campaign against Hillary in NC about an affair with a senior female staffer, none other than Silvestein in Harper’s reported on it).

None of us has any real privacy NOR rights. But they have such disgusting power. Til they crumble in public over nothing.

lucid - 6 June 2011

I guess for me the issue is more the hypocrisy side of it. If you’re rabidly homophobic, but picking up men in airport bathrooms, or in the case of Spitzer – if you avidly prosecute prostitution & then make use of prostitutes. Exposing stuff like that is fine in my book and serves some sort of purpose in undermining puritanical public attitudes toward sexuality [though again I really could care less about other’s sex lives].

I guess I don’t really see the point with Weiner – doesn’t seem particularly scandalous to me, just very typical.

marisacat - 6 June 2011

He had a tiny bit of banty rooster in him. So little that all he really wanted was to pop off a bit at targets and be propelled to the mayoralty in NYC. Bigger perks. I guess.

But he put on just enough of a noisy show that they went after him.

So for 10 days he squirmed in public. Various stories. Tales. Hides, Speaks, hides again… then speaks. And is so hapless that Breitbard can take the podium.


Do better. Or go away. Or be taken down however.

marisacat - 6 June 2011

oh wait.

In his teary drippy mess, he APOLOGISED to Breitbart for calling him a liar.

We are in the stratosphere level of jokes.

BooHooHooMan - 6 June 2011

Wow! I bet Anthony wished he was an Oscar Meyer..
well, you know…LOL ‘CUZ, IF he was an Oscar Mey- and so forth…

marisacat - 6 June 2011

Breitbart darkly hints, “more to come”… which I think is what propelled the IT adept to the microphone today.

Way way back when this broke, as I did not pay attention for a few days, I assumed someone had found an anonymous account of Weiner’s.

But no………. fully forthright.


BooHooHooMan - 6 June 2011

I am just laughing my ass off,
getting in late here in Lurkerville and seein this pic plastered atop HuffPo.

HaHa! Yeh- >Not ruling it out! Could be me!
The little prick was saying last episode on one of the talkies..

Oh I dunno, Anthony. Maybe the other guy™ has, like, a genetically modified forehead with antlers, or hell, another dick attached somewhere up there. Ya never know, ya know. 😆

marisacat - 6 June 2011

It has been an especially special day. INCLUDING but not limited to Rick Santorum… who said, as his daily offering,

“the Founders founded this country to be great”.

In case anyone was wondering.

diane - 6 June 2011

yeah (outside of violence and theft, which I’m sure was implicit in your comment), nail on head

When we have separation of Chruch and State, meaning NO ONE In the fucking government cares what any of us do (or don’t do) and all federal andstate rights,all rights accord to everyone… THEN they can have sacrosanct private lives.

How is it our Public Servants aren’t taking up battle against the stunningly punitive surveillance and nanny state that’s been bestowed onto the citizens, yet feel totally immune to doing things that would get the rest of us locked up.

The situation should be, at the least, opposite: their lives should be far more open to our scrutiny, since they chose to be in a position of legislating our reality and have been legislating us into misery while they masturbate on our dime

(One of the things I find interesting, is that if a woman had sent those photos, there would be a lot more disgust, all the way around.)

14. diane - 6 June 2011

Dennis Perrin, I’d love to be his neighbor. Actually,…. to live in an entire neighborhood of those who are also: …..VOCAL, …in addition to being painfully aware, that:

Applauding the military while taxiing to the gate is a new spectacle. Beefy hands slapping camouflaged backs. Expressions of gratitude and support. Whether or not these guys have seen or will see action is beside the point. Their uniforms alone merit adulation. If we were under siege from invading armies laying waste to cities and suburbs, I could see it. Military/civilian distinctions would evaporate. We’d all be part of the resistance.

But the opposite is reality. We’re the invaders decimating occupied people. In deluded moments we pose as selfless liberators. When honesty emerges we boast of our destructive power — the Fuck Yeah! approach. Those passengers weren’t cheering necessary sacrifice. They were celebrating charred Afghan civilians. Deformed Iraqi children. Extrajudicial assassination. They probably give more thought to the TruGreen on their lawns than to depleted uranium in Fallujah’s soil and water.

(bolding mine)

marisacat - 6 June 2011

Oh is that about the Big Gates Farewell Weeping Tour?

It certainly has been disgusting. In the extreme.

marisacat - 6 June 2011

Oh I get it now. It is about the response in airports.

Those passengers weren’t cheering necessary sacrifice

I gather it has become ritual in some parts of the country.

diane - 6 June 2011

yeah, just another reason not to fly, unless ya absolutely have to to make it somewhere on time.

The pathetic thing is, I’m betting that quite a few of those cheerers did it because they were afraid not to cheer.

marisacat - 6 June 2011

oh please. nobody has to cheer. they can hurry off to their plane.

Americans love to sublimate. To something, anything.

diane - 6 June 2011

Well, I can imagine situations with people: sitting on the flight with hawk parents, new employer, mate etc. where someone may have a fear of conflict and go along (though not close to wholeheartedly) just to avoid yet another emotionally (or physically) overwhelming ‘to do.’ Perhaps fear isn’t quite the right word for some of those circumstances, but when someone is already overwhelmed it might be.

diane - 6 June 2011

(the cheering he referred to, was while everyone was strapped in their seats, not at the gate)

Madman in the Marketplace - 6 June 2011

I heard people clap them on the back when they went to the front of the Amtrak line (they let senior citizens, families w/ small children and now military board first) when I was traveling last week.

15. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 June 2011
16. brinn - 6 June 2011

Just letting ya’ll know I’m still alive…still no AC, the boys and I have been couch surfing for the past week and I even took the dogs for an overnight (they’ve had very little relief, and the 13 year old I worry about…)

Packing for the move of course has come to damned standstill, as it is 100 degrees inside the house and the humidity is brutal….surprised (and rather impressed) that the ‘puters still work as they’ve basically been sitting outside for 3 weeks…

Oh, and the Texas Workforce Commission (unemployment) has decided that I owe them $1001 because I reported my earnings the way they told me to….(i.e., when I was working to earn the $$ and not on the weeks that I actually received a paycheck).

I know one can get brain damage from sleep deprivation (which of course I have because of the lack of AC), but what about from continuous heat exhaustion?

Anyway, I am alive, the boys are at their dad’s enjoying some AC, so things could be worse…as always — I’ve learned not to tempt the universe with questions like “Really?!” and/or “I wonder what else could go wrong?” ..So, please don’t ask them on my behalf! 8)

Will check in as I can! Glad to know that I’m not missing anything in the rest of the fucked up world!

hugs to you all!

marisacat - 6 June 2011

so.. you are moving to the apartment you found in the same school district?

I hope you can get out of the pay back ot the Unemployment … what a mess!!

brinn - 7 June 2011

Yep, we are moving to the 1 BR in boy the elder’s school district AND to my friend’s 4 BR house in South Austin (about an 18 mile drive from here) where we can all have our own rooms and keep our animals…we will likely be spending most of our time down there. I am going to homeschool boy the younger for this next year as they retained him in second grade, even though his final grades for the year were:
English Language Arts = 81
Math = 88
Science = 88
Social Studies = 89

You tell me, how does that translate into failing the grade? Goddes, but our school system is so messed up. Though I was proud of kid the elder for earning 4 As and 3 Bs for this year, passing both of their stupid standardized tests, along with his great strides in karate, I have to wonder if those grades mean a damned thing after getting the other report card!! I just told elder to keep playing the School-game, as he seems to have down now, but that if he actually wants to get educated, that is going to be his responsibility, because they sure aren’t going to do it for him!! Yikes!

Oh, and the AC is on….I’m sure that it will take hours before it cools down in here, the temp inside today was 97, but at least we’ll be able to sleep in our own beds tonight!! Yippie!

marisacat - 7 June 2011

Glad that things, some things at least, are working out. Fantastic that you don’t have to give up the animali or worry with whom they are staying. What a relief.

Quite a few of my friends over the years had to be separated from pets as children, for reasons other than normal death or tragic accident.. and what I have seen, people don’t “get over it”. It remains an emotional pain, seemingly forever.

Schools really, unless people are extremely lucky, are just custodial care. It seems to me.

brinn - 7 June 2011

Thanks, Mcat — nothing like a few weeks of hell to remind one of what is actually important! 😉

I figure that if I can’t get a paying job with my shiny new teaching certifications (which I can’t, because the TX lege is STILL dicking around with the budget and all school jobs are “internal applicants only”), then I may as well spend my time educating the kiddo….I’ll still work my part-time gigs with Phoenix and Ashford, as needs demand as well….maybe I’ll get some sleep here and there, but at least I can feel good about the kids not being traumatized, while at the same time learning to deal with change…’of course, I couldn’t do any of this without my friend be willing to take us all into his house and taking rent when I can get it to him….good thing we’ve known each other for almost 18 years!

marisacat - 7 June 2011

And the one bedroom keeps your Elder Son in the good or pretty good school?

Sounds like a good solution to me!

brinn - 8 June 2011

The 1 BR keeps elder in his school, yeah, I’d say it is a decent school, but the main reason that I am twisting myself into a pretzel to keep him there is because of the Kickstart program — we’d have to move out of central Texas entirely to find another district that has the program….if he’s not going to get educated in middle school, he may as well earn his black belt (actually, he will be a red belt at the end of 8th grade and earn his black in 9th, but I’ll cross that burning bridge when I get to it), but the 1 BR keeps him in for 7th grade, at a minimum….

diane - 6 June 2011

hugs back brinn! hope you can beat that TX bull, and things get cooler.

brinn - 7 June 2011

See my comment to wu ming below — so far so good! 😉

I am sending in my appeal tomorrow, so we’ll see what happens!

wu ming - 7 June 2011

hang in there with that heat and no AC. it was over 100 in taiwan last summer with texan levels of humidity, and i had (a weak-assed) AC, and it about killed me. hope you’re taking lots of cool showers.

brinn - 7 June 2011

Yeah, severely brutal, but the new AC (after three weeks without) is up and running, and it has actually reduced the temperature in here by 6 degrees in the last hour and a half (which is no small feat at starting at 5 pm with the outside temp at 100)….we;re down to 85 and it feels like bliss! 😉

Oh, and yes, TONS of cools showers about 4 a day!

How are you and the Mrs.? Are your DRS. wu ming and wife? Sure hope everything is going great with you!!

17. BooHooHooMan - 6 June 2011

Hey: D-Day! 😆 RETREAT!

Anyways, Timothy Lange, Bullshitter {~du jour!, by the way, this , this , this
Mon Jun 06, 2011 at 08:30 PM PDT.

Open thread for night owls: ‘Sex’ scandal du jour—Diverting our attention and wasting our time

by Meteor Blades

And then of course, here’s Lange some other other ~jour.
Oh just set your balls on the shelf, Timmy.

Another Comment from a ‘Sickening Scold’
Fri Aug 08, 2008 at 01:21 PM PDT

by Meteor Blades

You’re an asshole, John Edwards. Adultery is a private offense, of course, a matter to be resolved between you and your wife. How she chooses to deal with this ought not to be something that holier-than-thou pundits argue she should behave the way so many did in the case of Hillary Clinton in regards to Bill’s philandering. If she forgives you, as millions have done for their straying spouses, then count yourself lucky.

But I don’t forgive you. 😯 And I suspect many of your long-time supporters will not either. How can we? Your betrayal of us and the Democratic Party was not a private matter.

And Don’t let “Meatier”‘s nickname fool ya.
Timmy Lange obviously prefers your run of the mill, New York Jewish male in Schumer’s flock with less breast meat on them than a Cornish Game Hen over a blow-waved floofer-doofer of millworker’s son from Carolina.

What laughingstock all around.

marisacat - 6 June 2011


What goes up must and will come down.



18. BooHooHooMan - 6 June 2011


And Today’s takeaway on the economy from McJoan… McCarter…

The pivot to jobs in the White House needs to be more permanent than the one in January 2010.

Perma-Pivot. LOL.

marisacat - 6 June 2011


At least they are keeping mcjoan off adultery, (“e affair” issues, I guess I should say!) postings. Or, one hopes. Speaking of hypocrites.

19. diane - 6 June 2011

Such a fascist spectacle this country’s become, another clear message to potential whistleblowers; corporate, or government, whistleblowers:

Is American law enforcement colluding with Cisco?
A top Canadian court slams the U.S. for trying to crush a corporate whistle-blower

By David Sirota

As if we needed any more evidence that the United States is fast becoming a Corporate Police State (i.e., systematically deploying police power to protect narrow corporate interests), make sure to check out this jaw-dropping story that broke in Canada late Friday. It details how the British Columbia Supreme Court uncovered what it says is a massive collusion between computer giant Cisco and U.S. law enforcement — a collusion that seems designed to use criminal prosecution to stop a whistle-blower’s antitrust case against a powerful politically connected corporation.

Yup the $US$CORPGOV$ will not tolerate Whistleblowers:

Take it all together, and the motives seem clear. U.S. authorities seemed to have used police power to bar Adekeye from returning to the country when it would have been bad for the corporate behemoth Cisco. But when it would have been good for Cisco — when they could tarnish Adekeye’s name with criminal charges and potentially lock him up for life — U.S. authorities then used that police power to try to force him back into the country. As the Sun notes (emphasis added):

All the U.S. had to do was let him into the country, Justice McKinnon said, but instead astoundingly spurred Canada into launching expensive legal proceedings.

The entire incident was a planned and deliberate act by Cisco, which prevailed on U.S. prosecutors to “grotesquely inflate” a minor civil complaint into a criminal charge requiring 500 years imprisonment.

(bolding mine.)

(In other, recent Cisco nooz: Cisco Sued for Colluding on Chinese Crackdown.Cisco Systems sued for helping China monitor Internet)

20. BooHooHooMan - 6 June 2011


Untold story of the deal that shocked the Middle East

Robert Fisk details the road to unity between Fatah and Hamas which has so disturbed Israelis and the US government.

And, I see via a linky at Drudge to Ynet ((( 😆 )))
that Iran is nuke ready in 2 months! Act Now! ETC!

marisacat - 6 June 2011

The Israelis appear to be itching for a multi front war, iwth a major rev up at the Syrian border….

Be hilarious (and of course a great tragedy) if THEY were the ones to unleash some nuclear bauble.

After all the fucking kvetching over Iran. (and Pakistan, and and and and and and and and……….)

BooHooHooMan - 6 June 2011

Oh I know. But hey! Obby is werkin on it!
Give him time!

( I see Precious is tryin to con Merkl into helping out with Libya)

marisacat - 6 June 2011

America is increasingly isolated.

However, if we annex Northern Mexico and whatever parts of Canada we decide we want, we’ll call them “friends”. On and off Facebook.

That will work.

21. BooHooHooMan - 6 June 2011

a VERY good day for the Popcorn Sector.

But I have to admit I’m sorta sad thinking about the future now, the long decline, with less and less to look forward to. I mean, there once was a Golden Age to look forward to in ‘mrka, a day when your shnoob’s Congressional man-boobs just might make personal exit from that Information Superhighway and arrive well tanned, beefy if not muscular, and certainly oiled up for constituent review. Maybe even Senate-sent from sweet easy terms digs in Europe or the islands somewhere. Everything has gone to shit since Dodd left, Kerry lost, and Teddy died. 😆 😆 😆

G’night all. 😉

marisacat - 6 June 2011

It hasn’t been the same without Old Liberal Lion.

Note to self: Must get country back. Just not sure where it went…. which could be a problem in finding and retrieving.

22. marisacat - 7 June 2011




…….. 😯

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