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Popcorn days… 7 June 2011

Posted by marisacat in California / Pacific Coast, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, San Francisco, Total fucking lunatics.

A curious owl turns its head upside down when confronted with a camera lens in a bid to figure out what it could be. Rob Palmer photographed the inquisitive bird in Colorado, America.

A curious owl turns its head upside down when confronted with a camera lens in a bid to figure out what it could be. Rob Palmer photographed the inquisitive bird in Colorado, America.    [Rob Palmer/solent]

We had local amusements today as well.  If possible, this year’s Apple display of themselves was even drippier than in the past.  In terms of the yearning mob waiting in line to touch the hem of the holy robes.

This year, perhaps because Jobs seems about to ascend to celestial sainthood, the patron saint of Cali IT… or some other scam, the verbiage was penitential.

They all but came crawling on their knees, like Lourdes… dragging their canes behind them.

They yearned to be “in his presence” to “absorb” what he had to say. Much talk of his “imparting” his IT knowledge…  One even said it was the equivalent of ”going to hear Thomas Edison”.

[cough]  It was a developers’ conference.

Alert Benny, another Santo Soubito is revving up.  Prepare the devotional cards depicting Jobs, in his black cotton mock turtle neck and blue jeans. 

Commence building the memorial temples to accept the prayerful.

California, land of the fruits and the nuts.



1. diane - 7 June 2011

Meanwhile, in Hamburg:

Vandals posing as builders paint Microsoft Windows logo on Apple store under construction in Hamburg

Yup, you’re no different than all the other techie megalomaniacs stevie…(I’m positive they would be have been snipered had had they done that in Sly Con Valley.)

2. brinn - 7 June 2011

Er, question:
What are these 4 buttons below the comment box all about?

I know I’ve been out of the loop, but please don’t tell me that what I post here is getting harvested by facebook and/or twitter…..*sigh*

brinn - 7 June 2011

Oh, and what does it mean to “log in” to WordPress?

marisacat - 7 June 2011

No idea, but it is taking your comments. A good sign.

Madman in the Marketplace - 7 June 2011

If you have a wordpress blog, you can log in under your account and it autofills your name and links to your wordpress blog. I imagine the twitter and facebook do the same thing.

diane - 7 June 2011

like minds, I just made a post about the WordPress “coments” change, which is still in spam.

I’m hoping Marisa isn’t having posting problems, but thinking she might be.

marisacat - 7 June 2011

No clue. I am seeing it forthe first tme.

When I just posted my comment on Weiner Nation.

THEN I tried to reply (all of this using the WP blog page rather than a back page I can use) to you brinn and seemed all cauht up in my Weiner comment, still.

I will look at the forum at WP… see what they say. Usually they say something whne there is a BIG change. Which tis seems to be.

3. diane - 7 June 2011

Bummer, I hope this new, as of today, WordPress change: Post Comments Using Twitter and Facebook hasn’t created problems for you hon, I searched out the reason when I realized the comment box had changed and I wasn’t able to post a comment without changing my security features.

I notice a number of commenters, at that link, asking if they can’t return to the old comment box but apparently it’s not currently an option.

What I notice off the top, on this end, is that I have to “enable” active scripting now, to comment. (still don’t have to allow ActiveX controls or java applets scripting though.)

diane - 7 June 2011

also, am now noticing it’s taking much, much more time to scroll through comments, allowing the scripting …PROGRESS


4. marisacat - 7 June 2011

As the curtain comes down on Weiner (yeah I do think he is heading for the end)… apparently for weeks, the NYT has been working with him on an article on his tweeting twittering. Twit Nitting.

[O]f course, the risks I was asking him about were that he might offend someone with his sharp voice — I had no idea that he had been carrying on sexually explicit conversations with women via Facebook and Twitter. But some of his comments were, in hindsight, striking.

“With absolutely metaphysical certitude, I will say that I will offend somebody or make a mistake once in a while,” Mr. Weiner told me. “I won’t always be politically correct, and I’m sorry in advance.”

I asked him if he ever worried he would go a step too far, and become a cautionary Twitter tale.

“Yeah, I think about that,” he said, “but that’s true of this interview and it’s true just about anywhere nowadays, you’ve got to be cautious.” . . . .

5. marisacat - 7 June 2011


It seems to me if people are already cmmenters on WP, here or whereever, they are set to go. OR they can choose to use their Twitter or Facebook log ins.

That seems to b what the new buttons are.

I think.

{I could be wrong!}

brinn - 7 June 2011

I haven’t clicked any of the buttons and so far so good, except for weird lag times and having to erase comments that I already posted out of the box when I go to reply to something else…

Thanks for getting me up to speed! 😉

marisacat - 7 June 2011

to erase comments that I already posted out of the box when I go to reply to something else…

yeah tht happened to me too the first time I tried to use the format in replying, my previous comment was there in html format.. ugh…. I closed out the blog page and then reopened it. That seemed to do the trick…

6. lucid - 7 June 2011

I know I said yesterday that I really don’t care to know the sordid details of other people’s sex lives, but I have to admit this transcript is hilarious

marisacat - 7 June 2011

oh I find the whole thing a scream.

Plus as she, the wif, is the practising Muslim, Dearborn MI born child of Indian and Pakistani parents… BUT raised in Saudi Arabia, the story has gone global. WIth the stiff English language S Asian press discussing how she is retaining her dignity.

I get entertainment where I can……….


7. Madman in the Marketplace - 7 June 2011

There Is No Such Thing as a Free Market

The free market doesn’t exist. Every market has some rules and boundaries that restrict freedom of choice. A market looks free only because we so unconditionally accept its underlying restrictions that we fail to see them. How ‘free’ a market is cannot be objectively defined. It is a political definition. The usual claim by free-market economists that they are trying to defend the market from politically motivated interference by the government is false. Government is always involved and those free-marketeers are as politically motivated as anyone. Overcoming the myth that there is such a thing as an objectively defined ‘free market’ is the first step towards understanding capitalism.

brinn - 8 June 2011

The first step to overcoming the myth of the free market is to actually READ Adam Smith — in order for a capitalist free-market economy to function optimally, all actors, both consumers and producers must have access to INFORMATION that is accurate in order to make choices — all of the rest falls down in the face of this simple missing ingredient in the US economy — it is the same reason that we do not live in a democracy.

8. marisacat - 7 June 2011

hmm I don’t know if this is accurate, I don’t hear HStern anymore now that no aspect of his shwo is publicly accessible, but if true, Weiner gets to ascend to hypocrite status.

Personally I always thought even as he (Weiner) put on his shows (on the floor of the house, I mean) that he stank of hack.

But what do I know.

[T]he personal irony for me is that I’ve long thought Weiner is a weasel. I chose to overlook that in this case. Wrong again. I confronted him at a Personal Democracy Forum a few years ago (it so happens that PDF11 is going on right now) over his support of noxious legislation to raise fines on so-called indecency on broadcast. Weiner would go onto Howard Stern’s show as an alleged fan to get the attention but then he’d turn around and throw Stern, the First Amendment, and freedom of speech to the wind for a politically expedient vote. So he voted with prudery and isn’t it always the case that the prudes are the ones with something to hide? Now we see what he was hiding. . . . .

Read more: LInk o Business Insider

9. diane - 7 June 2011

The Port of Los Angeles: Cruise passengers tell of seven-hour security ‘revenge’ nightmare

Although they had already been given advance clearance for multiple entries to the country during their trip, all 2,000 passengers were made to go through full security checks in a process which took seven hours to complete.

The fingerprints of both hands were taken as well as retina scans and a detailed check of the passport as well as questioning as to their background.

Passengers claim that the extra checks were carried out in “revenge” for what had been a minor spat over allegedly overzealous security.

They complain that they were “herded like animals” and made to stand for hours in temperatures up to 80F with no food or water or access to lavatories.

Some are said to have passed out in the heat while others were left confused and bewildered.

When one lady asked in desperation whether she could use a bathroom, one immigration official is said to have replied: “Do it over the side, we won’t mind.”

marisacat - 7 June 2011

Pleasure travellers need to stop coming here.

Just view the USA!! USA!! as practising to be full fledged Nazi Germany, or if one prefers, a new sort of series of Checkpoint Charlies.

diane - 7 June 2011

yup, pleasure, for any but a handful, may has well have been outlawed in the USA.

10. marisacat - 8 June 2011

This is interesting. In terms of how churn works, via political take down.

Three months before Representative Anthony D. Weiner sent a photo from his Twitter account to a 21-year-old Washington State college student named Gennette Cordova, a small group of determined, self-described conservatives were warning young women on Twitter, including Ms. Cordova, to be wary of him.

. . . .

But even by the standards of modern politics, Dan Wolfe and other members of the #bornfreecrew watched Mr. Weiner’s account with particular ferocity, and a sharp focus on his interactions with women. In several instances the congressman dropped his online contact with women after they were identified by the crew, suggesting that Mr. Weiner might have been aware of its actions. . . . . .

11. wu ming - 8 June 2011

dunno if this is old news, but it looks like billmon’s posting again at moon of alabama (unless b is someone else).

marisacat - 8 June 2011

oh thanks for mentioning that!

12. marisacat - 8 June 2011


All I can say is GO Be gone.

Gavin, Jennifer Newsom moving from SF to Marin

San Francisco Chronicle – ‎3 hours ago‎

diane - 8 June 2011

I saw that in the wee hours, and thought of you… The air will be a bit fresher in San Francisco …(will keep my fingers crossed for you that they don’t return from mummy and wealth fund daddy’s hearth ….)

13. marisacat - 8 June 2011

hmmm… CNN has a Q & A with Ellsberg, on the 40th anniversary of the Pentagon Papers.

He has no qualms slapping Obama around.

Just a snippet:

[L]ikewise, where Nixon was the first president in history to use the 54-year-old Espionage Act to indict an American (me) for unauthorized disclosures to the American people (it had previously been used, as intended, exclusively against spies), he would be impressed to see that President Obama has now brought five such indictments against leaks, almost twice as many as all previous presidents put together (three).

He could only admire Obama’s boldness in using the same Espionage Act provisions used against me–almost surely unconstitutional used against disclosures to the American press and public in my day, less surely under the current Supreme Court–to indict Thomas Drake, a classic whistleblower who exposed illegality and waste in the NSA.

Drake’s trial begins on June 13, the 40th anniversary of the publication of the Pentagon Papers. If Nixon were alive, he might well choose to attend.

All Hail Obama, one viciously vindictive man. And why, one wonders? WHAT ever happened to him?


marisacat - 8 June 2011

And Pretzel consort is releasing a child rearing check list. (Via Mike Allen Playbook at Politico)

On the list:

The First Lady will encourage day care facilities and home-based providers to commit to the Let’s Move! Child Care Check List: …

“–Physical Activity: Provide 1-2 hours of physical activity throughout the day, including outside play when possible.

Maybe the 73% + of PUBLIC schools that no longer have regular recess much less sports activities could be persuaded to reinstate recess.

So fucking tired of them both.

brinn - 8 June 2011

I am sick to death of this continuous BS as well. Pretty much everything she suggests must come with STEP ONE:

have ample discretionary TIME and MONEY.

At least Laura Bush was about READING, something that most people can still afford to do….if they know how, of course.

marisacat - 8 June 2011

Laura left us alone more.

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 June 2011

provided the local libraries haven’t been privatized or closed.

diane - 8 June 2011

All Hail Obama, one viciously vindictive man.

Yes, and I was thinking about that when reading the piece about the elderly Brit passengers being abused in the Port of Los Angeles (comment 9). Especially since it happened on May 26, right after the bombster and wifie had been “abused” in the beast,….by that Brit speed bump, and “abused” by that lovely photographer who took that hilarious piccy (oh and how could I forget that Royal Wedding Snub).

marisacat - 8 June 2011

Well it is the insane border control we now have.

I don’t know if you read but the Texas lege, in one smart move, had legislation on the slate to pass that would raise (iirc) genitals being touched by TSA personnel to automatic assault… wtih more than a little gale force wind behind it…. TSA advised TX they would halt all air travel to TX if it was passed.

I DID hear on a local news report last night, one of many reports on ths I guess generated by press releases from TSA or Homeland Security, about the new technology that will be around in about 2017 or so… no disrobing, no removing of shoes, no invasive physical touching. I think not even routine opening of hand luggage, etc. But thsi one news report admitted air travel has fallen and there is a need for a change in approach.

I thought a dramatic drop off might occur. Old people, some families with children etc… People would just skip any impulse travel or “extra” travel and opt for other ways of doing non essential travel.

diane - 8 June 2011

TSA advised TX they would halt all air travel to TX if it was passed.

yeah, I saw that,…and TSA’s sadistic response was predictable. I won’t fly unless I absolutely have to (funeral, etc….). People need to Wake The Fuck Up ….but yeah, ….how long has that been being said ….seems like forever.

(gotta run, hugs!)

14. lucid72 - 8 June 2011

Interesting… and yes, that would definitely fit my Spitzer/Craig criteria.

marisacat - 8 June 2011

He’s terminal anyway….

La Nana AND Kaine both say he should go. They chimed in right after Priebus of the RNC said he had to go.

The party of bruised knees and the outstretched hand.

Oh another tidbit, Weiner not only apologised to Breitbart he has also apologised to Bill C. Forget the silliness of a “Lothario in a box” routine, he should go for the deep desire to apologise.

15. lucid72 - 8 June 2011
marisacat - 8 June 2011

ugh yeah I think it is true.

Could he win? Would he b worse than Bloomwhatever?

I’d start out already tired of hearing him… I know that much.

lucid72 - 8 June 2011

Practically anyone would be better than what we’ve had for the last 17 years, but you know, it might be nice to have a mayor that actually knows something about public policy?

Somehow I doubt Alec Baldwin will be able to deal with the fact that this city is becoming unlivable even for the upper middle class, because ‘the rent’s too damn high’…

marisacat - 8 June 2011

it might be nice to have a mayor that actually knows something about public policy?

Oh well. Gavin knew about public policy… I regret to say he actually did. But it did not matter. V e r y occasionally that persona showed up to work, but very very rarely. Mostly we had sulky boychick.

16. marisacat - 8 June 2011



………… 😆

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