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Beach 17 June 2011

Posted by marisacat in California / Pacific Coast, Divertissements.

Carbon Beach Malibu




1. marisacat - 17 June 2011

Read it and weep copiously (or laugh like hell!).

David Swanson makes the case Obama’s arguments and lawyers make BushCo look (gasp choke gag vomit) smart.

Making Bush’s Lawyers Look Smart

Obama’s Libya Defense


The arguments made to “legalize” war, torture, warrantless spying, and other crimes by John Yoo and Jay Bybee and their gang are looking rational, well-reasoned, and impeccably researched in comparison with Obama’s latest “legalization” of the Libya War.

. . . . .

The Obama report to Congress spends half its time claiming that the United States is not part of the NATO operation in any major way, and the other half warning that the NATO operation would collapse without the United States:

. . . .

Dare I say it? Win the future!!

diane - 17 June 2011


Yup, Bush apparently even had better Acronym providers; Obama and crew have yet to beat such maliciously ironic acronyms as:

Coalition Provisional Authority (ultimately responsible for that historic, unparalleled theft of billions in Iraqi Oil Revenues and UN Oil-for-Food funds)

Not that Obama and crew aren’t trying, but really, WTF,…doesn’t even come close to having as maliciously ironic an undercurrent as CPA, …just makes the Obama crew look like incompetent lightweights.

marisacat - 17 June 2011

The continued resurrection of W, via the mess of Ob.

I did not see that one coming. Tho it has certainly been unrolling for a long time now, it was months ago, maybe more than a year when Madman mentioned it was on-going.


diane - 17 June 2011

gah indeed…..

I wish I were truly able to find some humor in it all…..however bleak,….but I just cannot. I can barely even pretend laughter anymore.

It just doesn’t fucking need to be this way, where progress …actually equates to death, degradation, and hideously prolonged misery…An exponentially increasing round off of the living to benefit a handful of sadistic sociopaths.

Madman in the Marketplace - 17 June 2011

different Emperor, same empire.

marisacat - 17 June 2011


hmm last night a very pompous host on the local talk radio got some serious push back from several callers on the theme of “You must vote for Obama anyway, he is better than any R”.

It ws pretty strong. Made me a little happy.

Madman in the Marketplace - 17 June 2011

Lt Choi was on Lawrence O’Donnell tonight, (great clips of him throwing the campaign lit back in the Obamite’s face at the Netroot’s conference today), when Larry did the whole ‘well, who are you going to vote for?’ gambit, Choi said that was a shitty choice, and it reminded him of being in Iraq, when they would ask Iraqis if they were happier under Saddam.

Madman in the Marketplace - 17 June 2011

Lawrence O’Donnell – Lt. Dan Choi On Netroots Nation Conference

The statement about the lesser of two lessers question is at about 12:25.

marisacat - 17 June 2011

I love the line that Oriana Fallaci used when asked who she would vote for, Prodi or Berlusconi… she said, “Why would I sneeze on myself, voting for either”.

2. diane - 17 June 2011

Must say though, the DemRats are pretty good with the unintentional symbolism of names and titles:


netroots (small case, important)

(oh…and jeesh I certainly feel MadMan’s frustration with posting …without logging in,…in my case (jus one more netroots ….”improvement”), …sigh, takes absolutely forever to even get a phrase in…..please don’t take this as blame to you Marisa, I believe what you are doing is very significant, and important.)

3. marisacat - 17 June 2011

Holder stamps his itty bitty foot… and sounds a lot like a peevish Mukasy or peevish Ashcroft … or… I forget who came in between the two of them.

And, his message is hopelessly muddled.

What a fucking mess. (WTF!!)

diane - 17 June 2011

He put his bitty foot in
He pulled his bitty foot out

He put his bitty foot in
Then he shook it all about ……..

He did the Hokey Pokey and he turned himself around,
That’s what that’s all about….

marisacat - 17 June 2011

yeah pretty much….

except the standard is and has been so bad, I’d say substandard. But……………..

diane - 17 June 2011

horrifying how bitty feet can leave such oversize footprints/stomp marks.


4. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 June 2011
5. marisacat - 17 June 2011

Everything is going well.

Japan suspends waste water nuclear operation

(AFP) – 1 hour ago

TOKYO — Tokyo Electric Power Co. halted an operation to clean highly contaminated waste water at a crippled Japanese nuclear plant due to higher-than-expected radiation levels.

The embattled operator of the stricken Fukushima Daiichi facility said it had suspended the procedure just hours after it started because a new part was needed, adding that it did not know when it would resume.

Part of the system that absorbs radioactive caesium had reached its processing capacity and needed to be replaced far earlier than expected, TEPCO officials said.

The operation started at 8:00 pm Friday (1100 GMT) and was stopped five hours later, said TEPCO, which had earlier expected the part to last for one month.

“We are studying the cause of this,” said Junichi Matsumoto, TEPCO official in charge of nuclear operations. . . . . .

6. BooHooHooMan - 18 June 2011

{ twirling hair, snapping gum}

President Obama took his licks from progressives who are meeting in Minneapolis at the Netroots Nation Convention

, the annual gathering of liberal bloggers and other social media activists.
{Like its a real thing and all}

The panel that drew one of the biggest crowds at Netroots Nation so far was called “What To Do When The President’s Just Not That Into You.”

“It’s like the president’s not our boyfriend anymore,” Joan McCarter, an editor at the Daily Kos website, said during the discussion.

John Aravosis, another panelist, who blogs about gay-rights issues on AMERICAblog, reminisced about the heady early days of the left’s relationship with Obama.

Via NPR.

– Barry Barry Barry.
– McJoan.
– Aravosis
– Days of Head.

BooHooHooMan - 18 June 2011

The next panel, entitled, “What to Do When You Can’t Seem To Find That Cock You Were Sucking “

BooHooHooMan - 18 June 2011

Yes, Stay tuned, folks, for MORE Neutered Poodle Roots Nation coverage from Minnesota featuring a LIVE report graveside at the Hubert Humphrey Memorial a visit to the Larry Craig Bathroom, AND an interview with a guy who knew a guy who was gonna talk to another guy who had a roomate who was gonna try and put in a good word for Dana Houle to get on with the Wellstone campaign.

BooHooHooMan - 18 June 2011

Which,come to think of it, for Wellstone it turned out pretty much just like Houle was onboard..

marisacat - 18 June 2011

Poor Joan. Still missing whatshisname.

marisacat - 18 June 2011

Fernando? Armando? poiunick?


diane - 18 June 2011

Bottom line, the “Middle” Management Class and those, heady early days of the … relationship …(bolding and bracketed inserts, mine):

“[We]… honest to God thought …[we were]…voting for these guys and that it was going to be the first time …[in our]…. Lifetime[s] that ….[WE were]….finally in a position of power, where…[we]… could be working with the White House on a regular basis, saying, ‘OK what could we do this year….

from childhood, I’ve thought that Musical Chairs ….was a nasty, blatantly vicious “game”………………

diane - 18 June 2011

figures: that Musical Chairs …was “taught,” …as if it were the thing to do,….at such a tender young age,….all across the $US$ ….

marisacat - 18 June 2011

It’s all over the world… via Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musical_chairs :

The game’s name in different languages

Assamese: “Xongeet Soki”

Malayalam: “Kasera Kali”

Cantonese: 爭凳仔 (literally fighting for chairs)

Mandarin: 抢凳子 (literally fighting for chairs)

Catalan: “El joc de les cadires” (The game of the chairs)

Danish: “Stoledans” (Chair dance)

Dutch: “Stoelendans” (Chair dance)

Filipino: “Trip to Jerusalem”

Finnish: “Tuolileikki” (Chair game)

French: “Chaises musicales” (Musical chairs)

German: “Reise nach Jerusalem” (Journey to Jerusalem)

Greek: “Μουσικές Καρέκλες” – Musikes Karekles (Musical chairs)

Hebrew: “kisot muziklayim; כסאות מוזיקליים” (Musical chairs)

Hindi: “Sangeet ke saath Khursi” (Music with the Chairs)

Hungarian: “Székfoglaló” (Chair taking game)

Italian: “Il gioco della sedia” (The Chair Game)

Japanese: 椅子取りゲーム “Isu tori game”(Chair Taking Game)

Norwegian: “Stol-leken” (The Chair Game)

Portuguese: “Dança das cadeiras” (Dance of the chairs)

Polish: “Gorące Krzesła” (Hot Chairs)

Romania: “Pǎsǎricǎ mutǎ-ţi cuibul” (Birdie, move your nest)

Russia: “Скучно так сидеть” (It’s boring sitting like this)

Sinhalese: “Suthu kuthi Tharagaya” (Musical Chairs)

Slovakian: “Stoličky” (chairs)

Spanish: “El juego de las sillas”, “El juego de la silla” (The game of the chairs); “La sillita musical”, “Las sillas musicales” (The musical chair);

in Argentina: “El baile de las sillas” (Dance of the chairs)

Swedish: “Hela havet stormar” (The whole sea is storming)

Tamil: “இசை நாற்காலி” (Musical Chair)

Thai: “Kao’ee Dontri” (Musical chairs)

Türkçe: “Sandalye Kapmaca” (Catching chairs)

diane - 18 June 2011

not surprised, ….ugh, ….sigh….

marisacat - 18 June 2011

hmm as I used to say about Dkos,

More than legs will be spread.

diane - 18 June 2011

yup,….cheeks …. too!

diane - 18 June 2011

I love how NPR highlighted the following quote, off to the side, …as if it weren’t connected with the: FIRST PERSON SINGULAR & PLURAL,….. ASSHOLERY,… going on:

This is the time when Barack Obama has to care. This is the time when he needs your vote. So don’t give yourself away cheaply. Ask for what you need and what the country needs and this is the time to do it.
– Jane Hamsher, Firedoglake

right, …..snerk…

There is only one fucking PARTY …(goin’ on)……most, are not invited to it.

marisacat - 18 June 2011

They sound very young and stupid. Does he love me? WILL he love me? Did he ever love me? I DESERVE to be loved!!

Except they are old and boring.

diane - 18 June 2011

They certainly sound like they’ve chosen the sheltered life from having to face the harsh adult (and childhood) realities so many are facing, under yet another THUG. If not sheltered, ready to take a behind the back, two by four to someone’s legs, in order to claim that privileged chair of belonging to the GANG.

ts - 19 June 2011

Dear Jane: Barack Obama has never, does not, and will never care…about what you think.

diane - 19 June 2011

truer words ….

(by the way, Happy Dad’s Day ts! Same to all the other Dad’s here!

7. Madman in the Marketplace - 18 June 2011
8. Madman in the Marketplace - 18 June 2011
9. marisacat - 18 June 2011

OK… I did not think a whole lot about this supposed schism – or whatever it is – over Libya War … but I see this piece in the NYT is getting a lot of play. A lot.

[A]s the May 20 deadline approached, Mr. Johnson [Pentagon General Cousel] advocated stopping the drone strikes as a way to bolster the view that the remaining activities in support of NATO allies were not subject to the deadline, officials said. But Mr. Obama ultimately decided that there was no legal requirement to change anything about the military mission.

The administration followed an unusual process in developing its position. Traditionally, the Office of Legal Counsel solicits views from different agencies and then decides what the best interpretation of the law is. The attorney general or the president can overrule its views, but rarely do.

In this case, however, Ms. Krass was asked to submit the Office of Legal Counsel’s thoughts in a less formal way to the White House, along with the views of lawyers at other agencies. After several meetings and phone calls, the rival legal analyses were submitted to Mr. Obama, who is a constitutional lawyer, and he made the decision.

A senior administration official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk about the internal deliberations, said the process was “legitimate” because “everyone knew at the end of the day this was a decision the president had to make” and the competing views were given a full airing before Mr. Obama.

The theory Mr. Obama embraced holds that American forces have not been in “hostilities” as envisioned by the War Powers Resolution at least since early April, when NATO took over the responsibility for the no-fly zone and the United States shifted to a supporting role providing refueling assistance and surveillance — although remotely piloted American drones are still periodically firing missiles. . . . . .

He s also opposed by Kass, the acting head of the DOJ Office of Legal Counsel.

That person that emerged during the GE, mostly but a bit during the primaries as well, that Obster-perceived person, as the smartest person in the room, no matter the specialties nor qualifications of any person in the room… and smartest on ANY subject, to boot, is in full sway.

hey, Good luck! (He’ll probably always have Michelle, who lobbed out that scheisse in LA this week, that Ob knows more than the people who brief him)

diane - 19 June 2011

Well, in addition to his Empress, he still has Bauer and Koh, and I often wonder if he holds frequent chats with Cheney, Addington, or Yoo.

marisacat - 19 June 2011

I would imagine he does. Kissinger too.

diane - 19 June 2011

yup, makes sense to me.

10. ts - 19 June 2011

Say what?

George Papandreou also blamed Greece’s bloated and inefficient state sector for bringing the country to its knees and vowed to effect deep changes with a fall referendum on the constitution that would make it easier to get rid of inept officials or workers.

His proposals were a populist response to widespread popular anger at politicians as austerity measures cut deeply into disposable incomes. Riots erupted on the streets of Athens last week against a new round of spending cuts and tax hikes being demanded by the European Union and the IMF.

I’m sorry, but that paragraph makes no sense. This guy clearly doesn’t get it, and he should say goodbye right now rather than keep asking for giveaways for the banks and call them “populist”. Buh-bye, Poppy.

diane - 19 June 2011

This could really get some attention, good for them:

Keeping up the anti-austerity drumbeat, GENOP, the powerful union of state electric employees, was to begin rolling 48-hour strikes at midnight Sunday, threatening blackouts across the country.

diane - 19 June 2011

(Lights, ATM’s, and ‘puters out, FOCKERS!)

marisacat - 19 June 2011

Think a widespread version of what happened to United airlines this week, in a sense…

diane - 19 June 2011

thanks for reminding me, …wasn’t that interesting? ….More interesting was that it had happened at US Airways a few days earlier, but wasn’t brought up at all in any of the articles on United that I read.

TEMPE, Ariz. — A power outage near one of US Airways’ data centers in Phoenix has grounded or delayed numerous flights nationwide, but officials at the Tempe-based carrier couldn’t immediately say how many flights or passengers were affected.

They say the computer systems outage affected its website and airport computer systems around the country.

Outside of Hacking possibilities, regarding electricity, I’m sure the energy Cloud Computing, is devouring, is gettting absolutely no press. And then there’ve been meek whispers of grid outages due to Teslas and other electric cars, sucking up insane anounts of electricity. Don’t know how much the new cell phones require to juice up, but I’m sure it’s more than the older, original cell phones.

diane - 19 June 2011

heh, …anywho, GENOP, ….could be performing, … a tru Go The FOCK To Sleep ….”moment” ….


marisacat - 19 June 2011

San Francisco is a hub for United, a big one… and camera crews out at the airport showed people were mad. Reaally mad…. Sounded like desk services just totally fell apart.


11. marisacat - 19 June 2011

well whoopsie. No wonder he came out with a statement against corn ethanol.

Politico on Huntsman Corp Iran issues…. but they cover other things as well…

[H]untsman Corp.’s Iran operation isn’t the first time the multibillion dollar company has caused Huntsman headaches.

Earlier this year, after Huntsman said he didn’t plan to compete in the critical Iowa caucuses because of his opposition to ethanol subsidies, several media outlets reported that the company is one of the nation’s largest producers of the chemical MBTE, a substitute gas additive competing for market share against corn-based ethanol.

Then came a column by influential columnist John DiStaso of the Manchester Union Leader pointing out that the issue could resonate in the New Hampshire primary — thanks to local lawsuits alleging that MBTE had contaminated local groundwater.

diane - 19 June 2011

would love to have seen the expression on his slimy face when that news broke.

Thanks for the snicker lunch hon, I wuz gettin kind of hungry.

:0) …..;0)

ts - 19 June 2011

Not treally just local lawsuits – it contaminates the groundwater in CA and everywhere else it’s used.

12. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 June 2011
marisacat - 19 June 2011

I read a few days ago about the Fort Calhoun plant… no pictures, few detail but it sounds bad. Fire and flood. But now there is a SECOND site.

AND I am expecting Russia Today to be covering it any minute… TV….

We shall see…

Seems to be something that a contender could use. By pass being anti nuclear, hone in on proper notification. Because our big propaganda during early days of Fukushima was that WE would have done it differently.

(Speaking of failure and secrets: Watching Treme over again, from the top)

ts - 19 June 2011

While the Russian media has been a wee bit sensationalist since the fall of the Berlin Wall, this has a very creepy The Stand like quality to it.

marisacat - 19 June 2011

oh I agree.. RT is rolling and roiling propaganda… but still, practically the only place to hear American dissidents. And here and there a good one.

They really beat the drum, as Russia has for years not just now, about poverty in the US…

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 June 2011

Found this thru google news: Cooper Nuclear Station declares “Notification of Unusual Event”

Brownville, Neb. —

Cooper Nuclear Station, an electric power plant in southeast Nebraska, declared a “Notification of Unusual Event” this morning at 4:02 a. m. The declaration was anticipated throughout Saturday by the power plant’s operators, who closely tracked the river’s steady increase in elevation due to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ releases from dams upstream.

The notification was made as part of safety and emergency preparedness plan the station follows when flooding conditions are in effect. The plan’s procedures dictate when the Missouri River’s water level reaches 42.5 feet, or greater than 899 feet above sea level, a notification of unusual event is declared.

marisacat - 19 June 2011

I think for Fort Calhoun they have used, “stage 4” incident…. they should cut out being so secretive … it just feeds rumor and innuendo. And why not.

Left hanging…

14. marisacat - 19 June 2011



……… 😯

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