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Imperium 19 June 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, Afghanistan War, Culture of Death, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Total fucking lunatics, UK, WAR!.

On 24 May 2011 President Obama made a State visit to the UK. These behind-the-scenes pictures capture him and the First Lady during the three-day visit

On 24 May 2011 President Obama made a State visit to the UK. These behind-the-scenes pictures capture him and the First Lady during the three-day visit [PETE SOUZA/THE WHITE HOUSE]

The pic of Obby being presented to the Head House Cat / Mouser-in-Chief at 10 Downing is pretty funny.  Larry is not happy to be there…


Liberal use of the name “Obama” in this piece from Tom Dispatch, so many white liberals seem unable to say the name in conjunction with crimes and misdemeanors…

From the Tom Engelhardt preamble to a piece by Karen Greenberg:

Every time we get a peek inside Washington’s war on terror, it just couldn’t be uglier.  Last week, three little home-grown nightmares from that “war” caught my attention.  One you could hardly miss.  On the front page of the New York Times, Glenn Carle, a former CIA official, claimed that the Bush administration had wanted “to get” Juan Cole, whose Informed Comment blog devastatingly critiqued the invasion and occupation of Iraq (and who writes regularly for TomDispatch).  Not only that, administration officials called on the CIA to dig up the dirt on him.

. . . .

In case you think taking down Cole was just a matter of the bad old days of the Bush administration, note that the journalist who revealed this little shocker, James Risen, is being hounded by the Obama administration.  He’s been subpoenaed by federal authorities to testify against a CIA agent accused of leaking information to him (on a bungled CIA plan to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program) for his book State of WarIt’s worth remembering that no administration, not even Bush’s, has been fiercer than Obama’s in going after government whistle blowers. 

In the meantime, in case you didn’t think American law enforcement could sink much lower while investigating “terrorist activity” and generally keeping an eye on Americans, think again.  According to Charlie Savage of the Times, a revised FBI operational manual offers its 14,000 agents new leeway in “searching databases,” using “surveillance teams to scrutinize the lives of people who have attracted their attention,” and “going through household trash.”  Yes, that’s right, if you see somebody at the dumpster out back, it may not be a homeless person but an FBI agent.

And then there was Peter Wallsten’s account in the Washington Post of a nationwide FBI investigation of “prominent peace activists and politically active labor organizers.” According to Wallsten, news leaking out about it hasn’t sat so well with union supporters of President Obama (or, for all we know, with the president himself), since “targets” include “Chicagoans who crossed paths with Obama when he was a young state senator and some who have been active in labor unions that supported his political rise.”  All are (shades of Cole in the Bush years) “vocal and visible critics of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and South America.”  . . . .

That last might be dicey – if US labor had any balls.

All the years the party regulars have spent, arguing in a blizzard of verbiage and TV banter, that the Democrats are the 2% fat milk, or something. “Better for you”… 

A waste of breath.



1. marisacat - 20 June 2011

Trouble trouble boil and bubble. I guess Obby blew off a big annual Latino function. NALEO: National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials

“It is getting harder and harder for the president to go into a venue where he is confronted by Latinos because he is in a jam,” said Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.), one of Obama’s earliest Hispanic supporters and a member of NALEO.

“In front of a group like NALEO, blaming Republicans for their intransigence on immigration reform and not addressing what the president’s own administration is doing to immigrants would not wash,” said Gutierrez, who traveled with Obama to the 2008 NALEO conference. “So it isn’t surprising to me that the president is not showing up.” . . . .

Gutierrez has long, even during the 08 GE, made sure to take issue with Ob, publicly…

Right now I am wondering what group, if any, he wins in 2012. Urban white fake lib Dems? Urban blacks?

Who else?

2. marisacat - 20 June 2011


Gay marriage is up for the vote in the NY state leg today…. and the Catholics, some of them anyway, are a prayin’.

“We Catholic pastors and people here in the state of New York are trying our best to persevere in our prayers and efforts to defend the timeless definition of marriage as the loving, faithful union of one man and one woman, leading to children,” said Archbishop Timothy Dolan.

more by Timothy Dolan – 13 minutes ago – NBC New York

Madman in the Marketplace - 20 June 2011

in other words “vote ‘no’ or another young boy pays the price!”

marisacat - 20 June 2011

I think all they do is bugger children and order extravagant lace drapery…

Madman in the Marketplace - 20 June 2011

threaten women

marisacat - 20 June 2011

oh Right! Hwo could I forget!

marisacat - 20 June 2011


Standing… ah, um… firm!!

At today’s briefing, Jay Carney again clarifies that another aide was mistaken to claim that Obama did not sign a questionnaire supporting same-sex marriage.

Obama has been “very clear that his position is evolving.”

3. ts - 20 June 2011

More on the Athens protests

For their part, protesters with salaries and wrinkles are fuming at the spending cuts already inflicted on them. Chryssa Michalopolou is a teacher who calculates that her annual pay has already gone down by the equivalent of one and a half months, while her living costs have shot up, thanks to rising taxes and inflation. Does she buy the government’s line that it needs to trim the public sector? “After 15 years’ service, I’m only on €1,200 (£1,056) a month,” she says. “I didn’t see any boom; I simply paid my taxes and now I am being punished.”

When Greece was all but locked out of the financial markets last May, Papandreou accepted a €110bn loan from Europe and the IMF. The idea was that the money would tide the country over for a year, in which time his government would at least start sorting out its public finances. For Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy and the rest of Europe, the loan came with some pretty tight strings attached: they charged the Greeks interest well above the official eurozone rate, and set demanding budget targets for the Pasok socialist government.

A year in, and the deal is not working. Greece has been in recession for two years and on official forecasts this will be its third. When I ask Athens University economist Yanis Varoufakis to describe the economy, he shoots back one sentence: “It’s in freefall.”

Sitting on the balcony of his flat behind the Acropolis, he throws out some statistics: 50,000 businesses went bankrupt last year, industrial production fell 20% and will drop another 12% this year. Unemployment has surged, so that one in six of the workforce doesn’t have a job. These are the sort of figures associated with a depression, and the predictable result is that the public finances are getting worse. Greece’s debt has ballooned to 153% of GDP; on Varoufakis’s projections, even if ministers manage to make all their promised cuts, the government will owe three times the entire national income.

Behind these numbers lie the stories of a society in distress. One man talks about his daughter who works in the in-store restaurant of a large supermarket outside Athens; at closing time, she and her workmates have started giving out the unsold meals to the newly unemployed – the 21st-century equivalent of a soup kitchen. An employee of a local council notes that they pick up 17% less rubbish than a year ago, simply because people have cut back on food. The owner of an art gallery tells me her son has just started his first job; holding a master’s in accountancy, he works six hours a day in a mobile-phone shop

Wealthy Greeks have always treated the country’s tax system like a church collection plate: what they give is strictly optional. This gap was covered up for as long as the Greek state could get cheap credit; then in 2008 it became glaringly obvious. The other problem covered up during the boom years was the rotting away of the industrial base. That too is now the subject of angry public discussion.

I take a tour of the shipbuilding yard in Perama, just outside Athens. Greece has the largest commercial fleet in the world, and yet Perama is utterly silent. There is a rusting hulk, abandoned a few years ago, when those who commissioned it could no longer afford to pay for it. A decade ago, this yard employed 7,000 workers – now it has around 500. There was a time when assembling small cargo vessels was seen as pedestrian work; last year, the yard was contracted to build two boats, and the jobs were fought over. A few minutes away lives Tassos Alexandris, who was laid off from Perama in 2008. The hall of his flat is decorated with needlepoint; inside are pictures of the Virgin Mary put up by his wife, Nikki. She is ill, and his 26-year-old daughter has worked for six months in her entire career. How do they make ends meet? Nikki snorts with laughter.

“The electricity connection is inside the flat; otherwise the board would have cut us off,” begins Tassos. His mother-in-law lives upstairs and, while he is too ashamed to ask her for food, she allows him to raid her fridge at night. They had a small green Citroen, but couldn’t afford to keep it. Now he runs a motorbike, although with no plates and no taxes. “I can’t sleep at night for worry,” he says. “It has affected every part of our lives: personal, sexual, the lot.” How many families in this block do they think are in a similar situation? Nikki tots them up: “80%.”

Tassos doesn’t just support the protesters of Syntagma; he thinks they will go further. “Don’t be surprised if Athens goes up in flames,” the 50-year old says. “And don’t be sad, either.” His words initially sound melodramatic, but the anger keeps coming up. “Politicians now walk around with bodyguards,” says Aris Chatzistefanou, the co-director of Debtocracy, a film about the Greek crisis that has become a sensation. He quotes a newspaper report of how restaurateurs are taking down those cheesy framed photos of dining politicians, of how one government spokesman went to dinner a few weeks ago only for the rest of the restaurant to start shouting “You are eating the blood of the people”.

marisacat - 20 June 2011

One reason the protests will not stop, aside frmo the fact they have been going on for years…

Wealthy Greeks have always treated the country’s tax system like a church collection plate: what they give is strictly optional. This gap was covered up for as long as the Greek state could get cheap credit; then in 2008 it became glaringly obvious. The other problem covered up during the boom years was the rotting away of the industrial base. That too is now the subject of angry public discussion.

marisacat - 20 June 2011

oh wow! How great is this:

He quotes a newspaper report of how restaurateurs are taking down those cheesy framed photos of dining politicians, of how one government spokesman went to dinner a few weeks ago only for the rest of the restaurant to start shouting

“You are eating the blood of the people”.</

diane - 20 June 2011

“You are eating the blood of the people”.

what else could be said, … it’s true.

Thanks so much ts! ;0)

ts - 20 June 2011

There’s a lot of parallels to Argentina circa 2001-2.


brinn - 20 June 2011

Um, I’m sorry, but what part of this doesn’t apply nearly 100% to our little country here in USAisStan?

4. diane - 20 June 2011

displeased,…is our emperor? ………pointer finger hooked, …. in a don’t you realize who I am …moment?

Reminds me of that pic of little billy gates, ….hooking his finger towards his engraved nameplate, …at one of countless get togethers to figure out how to keep the multitude of worker bees: in worship, and in line.

(To qualify, Not at all to say…that the UK, has anyone’s best interests in mind…either)

diane - 20 June 2011

[“male”] pointer finger hooked

…talk about a witch, …. or hag, …..

5. ts - 20 June 2011

From an article on Fukushima of all things… The Luddite in me is most pleased.

So I was asked this question many times: What is the alternative? Here is the answer. We do not need all that energy. Walk down the high street what do you see? Shop windows full of things. We have drifted into a state where all we do (the human race I mean) is make things (using energy and natural resources) and then spend energy (and natural resources) selling these things to each other.

This is a deadly bootstrap culture where we go round and round making things advertising things and buying the same things getting more and more tired and frustrated and sick. Sick: more things. Pollution: more things. Health foods, sleeping tablets, special designer metal sticks to walk up mountains (and get fit, Hah!). Cancer treatment things. Hospital things. Loony bin things (starting with Prozac). Viagra things. Blood pressure things. It is insane. We spend so much time doing this ( increasing competitiveness, increasing the GDP) that we are all unhappy, working all the time, with no time to be with each other and with our children, no time for love, for walking about in the countryside (without metal sticks) in the sun discussing the finer points of philosophy. Wearing white togas. Folk dancing. Science should have taken away the drudgery and struggle. Instead it has made it worse. Do we really need a toilet roll holder in the shape of a donkey? Twenty different types of washing powder, vaginal deodorant, hair dye, wrinkle cream with nanoparticles. All those things. All that energy. Going to work, coming back. Running about, exhausted, no time for love.

So what is it that has hypnotised the human race into believing that this breathless vortex of work, of continuous manufacture of every conceivable thing, of consumption and waste, and its associated requirement for vast amounts of energy is the “good life? The politicians are clear: Education, Education, Education. Or rather what passes for it these days. Blimey. What can I say? I have been watching the education system over the last 30 years becoming dumber and dumber, crazier and crazier, more and more frenetic.

The helpless children have to work harder and harder. This project, that project, this deadline, that marking scheme. Andre Gorz, the French philosopher, wrote in Farewell to the Working Class in the 1970s that there were two possible futures following the discoveries that Science and Technology could take the weight from the shoulders of mankind. The good one was a development of the nice laid-back peace love and understanding of the hippie state (in which I included myself). The other (evil?) one was that one half of the population teach the other half a lot of useless rubbish for money. The taught half end up with a piece of paper that says “degree” or “A-level” or something important sounding. And to get this piece of paper, originally paid for by the State (i.e. the taxpayers) they now have to hock their lives away, paying out maybe £70,000 so that they get this worthless piece of paper. And make no mistake, these degree courses are pretty bad, most of them. I have seven children and have seen them through their schools and colleges so I know. I had a young friend a few years ago who went up to a good class university in Scotland. The course was easy-peasy, in fact a lot of her essay assignments required nothing more than a bit of common sense and Wikepedia. She now has a 2.1 degree and a big debt. But not as big as the one my youngest daughter will have to take on next year because of the Banksters. Talk about boiling the frog.

So let’s all step back a bit and think about what’s happened to us, the poor human race.

diane - 20 June 2011

thank you for that, it’s almost as if people are embarrassed to express those types of thoughts anymore. I’m tatting myself a Luddite Badge, if that’s what a Luddite is.

6. ts - 20 June 2011

My goodness, even Justin Raimondo is thinking happy thoughts today!

While the neocons are hoping “American leadership” exercised in Libya (and possibly Syria) will co-opt the Arab Spring, what they really fear is an American Spring. And just as they never foresaw the Arab awakening and the overthrow of US-supported dictators in Egypt and Tunisia, so they are blind to the coming American awakening – a massive grassroots rebellion against the political status quo right here in this country.

For more than half a century the foreign policy consensus of both parties has been a “politics stops at the water’s edge” interventionism, in which the role of American “global leadership” was never questioned (except briefly, during the Vietnam era). That ideological hegemony is now being broken, as ordinary Americans – not the usual “foreign policy types” cashiered by the big defense contractors – are demanding the US begin minding its own business instead of everybody else’s.

The neocons thought they could get away with declaring that “everything changed” after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and that Americans were too damned scared to question whether US foreign policy had to be one long killing spree extending into the indefinite future. Not so.

The present condition of the American people is often described as “war weary,” but they’re weary of a lot more than that: they’re sick unto death of self-proclaimed “experts” like Senor Kristol and the Kagan family, who’ve never been anywhere near a battlefield, telling them we have to conquer the world and make sure it stays conquered.

The War Party has lost the intellectual battle – and it’s just a matter of time before they lose the political battle as well. The wind is in the sails of the USS Isolationist, which might be renamed the USS Tea Partier – Captain Ron Paul at the wheel. Before you know it, the neocons will set sail for another shore and hightail it back to the Democratic party, where they were spawned. If the Dems are smart – and they aren’t – they’ll rebuff these parasites, who attach themselves to larger political animals and feed until their host is nothing but a drained husk. Which is what the GOP was in the wake of Obama’s election victory.

Revived, and renewed by a populist upsurge, the Republican party – incredibly enough – is becoming the main political vessel of anti-interventionism in the US only a few years after leading this country into two of the most unsuccessful wars we’ve ever fought. There’s a lesson in there, somewhere, which I wonder if the present Republican leadership is capable of understanding, let alone learning.

ts - 20 June 2011

I think I left a tag dangling there, Marisa. Doesn’t look like its blown up yet.

marisacat - 20 June 2011

whatever it was, maybe WP closed it for you… I looked at the HTML and it looked fine… 😉

marisacat - 20 June 2011

the Republican party – incredibly enough – is becoming the main political vessel of anti-interventionism in the US only a few years after leading this country into two of the most unsuccessful wars we’ve ever fought

it certainly has McCain irritable… and I expect that Lieberman will chime in any day. As soon as prayers are over… [snicker]

diane - 20 June 2011

Really liked that, until he got to Ron Paul and the USS “Tea Partier”

Saw Justin in a 20-30K person march against the War in Iraq in San Francisco, it struck that he looked like he ‘sounds,’ to me. At least he’s honest about it, but I’m pretty sure, I wouldn’t want to inhabit his, Cap’n Ron Paul, …world either, despite how much I agree with certain arguments Ron Paul has made. The whole Libertarian thang is what fueled the megalomaniacs running the Male Techie world.

7. marisacat - 20 June 2011

via the boys over at SMBIVA… this whole Protect the Foundling and the Consort has gone seriously nuts…

SF Gate :

As the $2,500 (and up) guests dined on beet salad and Chicken Rollata at a San Francisco fundraiser Tuesday for Michelle Obama, waiters and waitresses in the Julia Morgan Ballroom began confiscating everyone’s silverware – handing out plastic forks and knives instead.

Less of a security threat, you understand.

diane - 20 June 2011

That SMBVA commentary was hilarious (on a side note, so’s the goldfish ban as Rome burns. …I bleakly laughed at that earlier today, the San Francisco “Public Servants” are busy representing all the citizens as they lose their shirts.)

8. ts - 20 June 2011

Well Justin is an inconvertible Paulite. I don’t think the SS Ron Paul will ever get out of the dock, but more “mainstream” GOP candidates are also starting to pick up a whole different kind of populist rhetoric.

For example, Michael Hudson was going on the other day about Michele Bachman of all people.

diane - 20 June 2011

yeah, I saw some conservadems blathering about how wonderful the Huntsman ‘populist’ is, ya might think they’d have bothered to mention that he’s on record as supporting AUSTERITY.

9. marisacat - 21 June 2011

And the beat goes on!!

Weiner and his wife, Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, were last seen at a Long Island supermarket en route to the Hamptons. His spokesman told the New York Post Sunday that Weiner’s office is open for business . . .

Lo-o-o-nger weekends now in the Hamptons, I bet!!

BooHooHooMan - 21 June 2011

He should repair to the coast. Get in touch with the simple life, uh, in the Hamptons, relax, maybe touch base with the neighbors back home via postcards.

You know, what kid back in the city doesn’t look forward to the ole,

It’s another one from Mr. Weiner!

😆 😎 😯

marisacat - 21 June 2011

Long beach walks with his beloved. Who ever that may be.

BooHooHooMan - 21 June 2011

And Phyllis Borkenferns-Shtubby is having a shower for Huma!

Kids need that stuff.
You know, Ever since Teddy died™… LOL

BooHooHooMan - 21 June 2011

Of course a shower might be dicey if they go all POMO and invite the guys.
…Rahm runnin around all naked poking people,
a confused Weiner thinking it a cue to start urinating on attendees,
Ah, those golden days of summer. .etc.

marisacat - 21 June 2011

Maybe they should all go to Fire Island.

Get it out of their systems… communally.



BooHooHooMan - 21 June 2011

They could invite Bill and Chuck.
The black guy won’t be able to make it, tho.

marisacat - 21 June 2011

He’s busy “evolving” on gay marriage.

Hey, it’s a job in a tough economy!!

BooHooHooMan - 21 June 2011

I laughed my ass off at that quote you put up yesterday from WH Spokesfool Carney.

It being “CLEAR that his position is evolving”.

So yeh, poor All Hunt andhis like among the retainers in the press corps lamenting a shopworn Obby and the whole in in-over-their-heads operation. something along the lines of,
Can’t the poop out some HIGHER QUALITY horseshit?

marisacat - 21 June 2011

oh and he claimed not to know Ob’s position on somthing major (I forget what!) said to ask him next tim there is a presser.

But all we get is speeches.

I read the review of the most recent (yesterday?) speech by Bashar al Assad. Just substitute the name L’Obster for Bashar. Same review. Empty phrases, old offers, non statements.

It all fit.

10. marisacat - 21 June 2011

hmm Al Hunt is pretty much a dumb cluck (imo) but it sounds like even he is departing from Obby. (Or it is too embarrassing to defend him.)

It seems Obby is past shelf life date. Or something.

ts - 21 June 2011

Just talked to a long time Dem friend of mine who mentioned she was registered independent now, which in DC is like being “stranded on a desert island”. But she said she just couldn’t deal with it anymore. She said the words “terminally clueless” a number of times.

marisacat - 21 June 2011

it really is bad out there…

11. BooHooHooMan - 21 June 2011

Obama is Calling For a Reduction in the Troop Surge!
In Afghanistan!
WHICH!! – is like practically like ending it – back to Bush Levels –
WHICH!! –come to think of it – is ALMOST like not having a War at ALL!


So. Gotta ask –
Just What IS going on inside the skull of the average Obama groupie?

marisacat - 21 June 2011

Something like:

My master owns me. And he relies on me for my vote. I will comply. He needs 4 more years to TRY!!!!!!


Or like Ismael Reed: As long as the racists oppose Obama, I will support him. No, that is not blood coming from my head. No that is not a wall I keep banging my head against.. No that is not my skull cracking…

BooHooHooMan - 21 June 2011

Of the groupies, weinies all really…And then there is the sort like Matt Stoller.
Hanging his hat now at Politico with a piece saying Weiner was a distraction that served D’s from their bum record for a few cycles.
Now before I was ready to give him a break on that minor point, hey nothing like finding relief where you can et it, eh, Matt? I actually read his piece looking for the inevitable white liberalish crack-pipe to be broken out. LOL.
Didn’t take long.

Translation. Hand MORE money to the banksters and brokers to put in their pockets…

One, the solution most cited now, is to use the government’s control of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to spark a refinancing boom, adding dramatically to consumer purchasing power. These entities could change the net present value test to allow more loan modifications, write-down debt or simply refinance loans with high loan-to-value ratios.

If the administration pushed bank regulators to account for the value of mortgages and home equity lines of credit now on their books, the write-downs would make good commercial sense as well as helping the economy.

And Um, Obama could use his power.
Cuz we’re still a great nation and all.
AND We Can Win the shit out of China – AnyDay, ANYDAY he tells ya!
Good Lord, what a lost and dumb…fuck

The second solution would be to use government power to create jobs. For one example, the administration could dub the Chinese government a currency manipulator and spark domestic manufacturing by shifting our terms of trade.

It’s not as if the government is powerless. Though creativity, boldness and wisdom might be required to find the appropriate tools, I’m sure that those who have found the legal authority to attack Libya without congressional authorization could tackle our domestic problems.

Third, the Obama administration could take legislation to create jobs — an infrastructure bank, or a Works Progress Administration — and use a barnstorming tour to pressure Congress to go along.

Dying Empire, Budt. LOL. Get a clue.
EVERYBODY is a wannabe Staffer now, MAtt. Including Herr Pretzeldent.

marisacat - 21 June 2011

I just heard this morning about the idea being floated… [snicker, til sinks!] about a 50K quasi (as in may be forgiven down the line!) loan to people in trouble on their mortgages. For various reasons…

Wow… how to sugar coat a total non solution. A convoluted way of handing 50K per bad loan, per pre foreclosure, etc., straight to the banksters.

SOmething that needs a real solution, something along the lines of permanent loan modification available widely and enforced thru tight regs on the bankstersfraudsters. Sheila Bair had a plan more than a couple years ago, ”cramdown” thru the bankruptcy judges was another soslution, years ago. Both ignored.

Of course that would mean we still had the shreds of a sane and rersponsible fiduciary class.


L’Obster is drowning. All this scheisse is window dressing in tragic times to float his broken boat.

BooHooHooMan - 21 June 2011

SO Spot On.
It’s one billion dollars. JAck-Shit that might , Might help 200,000.
Out of – OH! – foreclosures that are only averaging about 300,000 – A MONTH.

Which will be used to hand out as political chits hell maybe they’ll throw in a chcken or two.

As – Gasp- the NYT reported today
Politically connected lawyers reap foreclosure benefits pillaging the public till as court appointed receivers.

Which – it being what it is – political plunder – is kicked back in cash along with what is graciously funneled to campaign coffers as well.

But that street hustler Obama and the con artist Dems get this cheap lying headline, a cruel hoax on the millions who have already (Thanks Bill!, Thanks Chucky! Thanx, Harry Thanks Nancy!) – and those who WILL lose their homes. But!™….. Cheap lying Obama gets a cheap lying headlline, a cruel hoax on the millions left out in the cold, WHO WILL eventually, lose their homes.

BooHoohooMan - 21 June 2011

None of this shit would have happened if the Dems didn’t pass Grham Leech Bliley FOR the Republicans, Rubin, Larry, and the New York Jews. To be…concilliatory.

marisacat - 21 June 2011

The girls the [cough] First Daughters wore flags of SAfrica, totally wrapped neck to foot (and not looking happy) on the tarmack in Pretoria. Family conflab, Big Mama, daughters, other Robinson relatives, MIL, doing a week in SA and … hmm Botswana.

I am guessing she and L’Obster become part time residents of SA after the WH sojourn.

Good riddance.

BooHooHooMan - 21 June 2011

Whoops. Forgot the Link to the Stoller

Anyways ..heading out for now… in New Jersey, a place apparently designed so other Americans can Thank Fuckin God. LOL

ts - 21 June 2011

The second solution would be to use government power to create jobs. For one example, the administration could dub the Chinese government a currency manipulator and spark domestic manufacturing by shifting our terms of trade.

Um…what was that middle part again? Dear god. Everyone that made a lick of sense has left the building, and what’s left is just herp derp derp.

Hey, that could be Obama’s next campaign slogan!

Obama 2012: Derp.

12. marisacat - 21 June 2011

meanwhile… I’d like a COLA raise…. this decade … mebbe.

Madman in the Marketplace - 21 June 2011


marisacat - 21 June 2011

I decided I am going t call the Pelosi office and ask WHEN will there be a COLA raise. And mention the 50K.


13. marisacat - 21 June 2011

The absolute definition of W A S T E

Could the Republican convention black out Tampa?

The St. Petersburg Times reports it’s a possibility:

With each television network and 13,000 to 15,000 journalists in attendance, it is expected to use more cables and fiber connections and draw more electricity than anything ever held in Florida.

“We’ve not been involved in a convention in recent times … where a facility had enough power to handle the entire convention,” said Greg Lane, the national project director for Freeman, the GOP’s general contractor for the convention.

As a result, organizers are working with Tampa Electric to determine whether they need to bring in additional power.

. . . . .

via Ben Smith.

I assume the Dems will do the same to…………is it Charlotte? Raleigh Durham? NC I know, but …

Good luck to them all. snicker.

diane - 21 June 2011

what’s a Circus Maximus, ….without a Clown Show…

14. lucid72lucid - 21 June 2011

Occasionally there is some quality stuff on dkos. I find this prospect fascinating. I really hope the NY Supremes uphold the decision of the appeals court.

Great explanation nuts and bolts of the ongoing state AG investigations as well.

15. lucid - 21 June 2011

I hate auto-complete things…

16. lucid - 21 June 2011

I think there’s a comment in mod… because of the new auto-complete feature in wordpress…

marisacat - 21 June 2011

got it out… think ”lucid72lucid” is a new wcreen name. Not that WP does not fcuk up hiccup all the time…

Took a while as I was havign a last minute decision to roast some chicken… 😉

17. diane - 21 June 2011

Poor DIFI, her massive Republican support is dwindling. That isn’t vewy fwendly after she’s been such a fwend to them and all.

Don’t let that wolf knock DIFI: as has been proclaimed by the Cali Media, unemployed women past their forties are too old, and may never work again (way past your prime there); certainly wimmins can’t rely on any, near non-existent, stimulus; … (Federal Numbers Show 88 Percent Of Recovery Jobs Go To Men); and plenty of Cali unemployed, with the 2nd highest unemployment rate in the country (the armpit, Nevada, wins that prize!), you’d have to play Musical Chairs with.

Well, …you’re right, …. mebbe you could opt for possible tardive dyskinesia and being treated with psychotropic meds, (if you can find yourself an affordable lawyer). Why not! … You trust big Pharma, don’t you? ….Get on SSI to pay for the food and rent, as some clever, aspiring Cali Dem Rep Interns may apparently be suggesting (I know of one instance where it was suggested to a friend by a young, up and coming State, Dem Rep Intern), since it pushes the costs to the Feds:

As low-income families experience growing economic hardship, many are finding that applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments on the basis of mental disability is the only way to survive. It is more generous than welfare, and it virtually ensures that the family will also qualify for Medicaid. According to MIT economics professor David Autor, “This has become the new welfare.” Hospitals and state welfare agencies also have incentives to encourage uninsured families to apply for SSI payments, since hospitals will get paid and states will save money by shifting welfare costs to the federal government.

Growing numbers of for-profit firms specialize in helping poor families apply for SSI benefits. But to qualify nearly always requires that applicants, including children, be taking psychoactive drugs. According to a New York Times story, a Rutgers University study found that children from low-income families are four times as likely as privately insured children to receive antipsychotic medicines.

(bolding mine, and yeah, this has been going on since at least George’s Reign, as growing millions became permanently unemployed.)

Of course I’m probably just being pessimistic about your particular case, DIFI. I mean, …. after all, our “Honourable,” Public Servant Legislators, such as yourself, DIFI, never have to inhabit the reality they strive to create;… that’s for their chump, citizen “employers,” isn’t it.

diane - 21 June 2011

Oh, and how could I forget yet another possibility for the, for 99.999999% of their lives, law abiding, citizen ‘lepers’:

N.C. Man Allegedly Robs Bank of $1 to Get Health Care in Jail

“He’s sitting on the sofa as you walk in the front door,” the bank teller said in a 911 call.

Police arrested Verone where he sat. He was unarmed.

Verone said he asked for $1 to show that his motives were medical, not monetary, according to news reports. With a growth in his chest, two ruptured disks and no job, Verone hoped a three-year stint in prison would afford him the health care he needed.

“I’m sort of a logical person and that was my logic, what I came up with,” Verone told reporters. “If it is called manipulation, then out of necessity because I need medical care, then I guess I am manipulating the courts to get medical care.”

(hat tip to Susie Madrak, but really Susie, did the netroots bit fry your sanity, or ….has AUSTERITYalways, … been your take? …..anyhow, thank you for the links, you put out some very good ones.)

diane - 21 June 2011

I came home from [netroots -diane] convinced (not by anything I specifically heard, but by the general mood of the place that we have to help moderate Republicans reclaim their party. They’re out there, and since the number of extremists who vote in their primaries is relatively small, it’s doable. The question is, how to best make it happen?

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marisacat - 21 June 2011

we have to help moderate Republicans reclaim their party.

oh they all NEED to shit can this reclaim business.

What a fucking joke.

diane - 21 June 2011

(I mean …seriously, …is that you, philly gal/Dailykos ….. …the same who chided about how adults in New Orleans, could be getting jobs at Micky Dees ..or some such …after Hurricane Katrina…. …if not, …..ya sure sound like it.)

diane - 21 June 2011

(and…if that is, by chance, correct, ….how fucking dare you put out your virtual TIN CUP (and sooooooo fucking FREQUENTLY), in the hideous, FAKE HOPEY CHANGEY, … VIRTUAL WORLD ™ …you so fervently promote.)

marisacat - 21 June 2011

If he can just believe! and hang on til obamacare in 2014, he’ll be fine.

I half expect a mob to run L’Obster and Congressshitnits out of DC. ”Nobody” would be preferable.

diane - 21 June 2011

A POX, …on all of the slimy mother fuckers …

(gotta run honey….)

18. marisacat - 21 June 2011



……. 🙄

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