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Cat 29 June 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, la vie en rose.

Photos courtesy of Eli Klein Fine Art

hmmm When I saw this write-up and gallery of a Chinese artist, Liu Bolin, who paints himself into the landscape, I thought he was a copy cat of some I had seen a couple of years ago… but going thru the gallery, it is all him. Beijing, points in Europe and now NY. 

I think his earlier efforts were considerably more successful than the recent in NYC.

Maybe in some metaphysical way, you cannot obliterate NY!

I, however, showed up for the pink cats in Arles…. Les chats rosees … 😉

(Oh politics… yeah somebody did a soft shoe this morning.  Of no use to anyone…)




1. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 June 2011

A belated “hi” to Brinn and congrats on the nearly complete move.

I just got in from the final show of Peter Gabriel’s latest tour at opening night of Summerfest here in Milwaukee. He and the New Blood Orchestra were great, wonderful re-imaginings of his songs and others, some quite reworked from their originals. Like this one:

Madman in the Marketplace - 29 June 2011

So anyhoo … the show was really good, but Americans … what assholes. I’ve watched people meekly submit to bag checks when traveling, checkpoints on roads, random patdowns on the street, not to mention all of the horror stories you see online. Of course, that’s usually submitting to a authoritarian thug in uniform, so what are you going to do?

However, some nice, polite young women ask to see your ticket to get into a section, and OH MY GAWD, the infringement of their liberties!!!! “What, you need to see it AGAIN?” Bitching and moaning and swearing and abusing these very professional, polite working people because you don’t want to show your ticket …

People are assholes.

Dear gawd, you’d think they’d never gone to a concert or theater or any other public venue before.

Madman in the Marketplace - 29 June 2011

Anyway, sorry to bitch, but it put a taint on an otherwise wonderful experience.

marisacat - 29 June 2011

oh don’t worry about that… So wonderful you had a lovely evening…. 😉

Here’s to more of them at Summer Fest…

marisacat - 29 June 2011

Disheartening isn’t it?

Madman in the Marketplace - 29 June 2011

I did have some nice chats with other fans, though, so that was good. Everybody was either REALLY nice, or REALLY not.

Oh, and on my way out to find a cab I walked past a stage with Meat Loaf leading a rousing sing-along of “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”, which is just SUCH a summer night’s song.

Need to get this old man some rest now!

2. marisacat - 30 June 2011

Drowning in the fucking wars. Drones launched over Somalia….

why vote to elect a Raj. Really.

diane - 30 June 2011

Pretty fucking stunning isn’t it …we’re dropping remote control bombs on the average , just getting by, citizens (okay, plus a handful of potential bullies, (according to $US$)) in six or seven (more?) countries …isn’t that six or seven undeclared, pre-emptive massacres? ….Not to worry, not that “$WE$” would impose on others, what “$WE$” wouldn’t impose on the citizens of the $US$;….

It’s certainly looking ensured that us’ll be seeing it soon, …FIRSTLY: in the poorest areas of the Pater Land, whenever some “emergency” comes along, and it’s easier, and FAR MORE “PROFITABLE” …to kill people via remote, ..than to address the greed, negligence and malfunction that was allowed (actually aided and abetted) to predominate…in the first place.

Katrina, …. will end up looking like a an every day occurrence, sometime in the very near future, if the psychopaths aren’t shackled, and that infested swamp in the core of D.C. isn’t fumigated, to rid it of the MIC, ReThugs, and DemRats, …maybe it could be made into an asylum for the diseased, and “mentally ill.”

3. marisacat - 30 June 2011

So sick of Israel, so sick of America:

Dead Americans could really help Obama with the Jewish vote!

As I mentioned a few days ago, former CIA analyst and presidential briefer Ray McGovern reported that his administration sources have told him that “White House officials” were “perfectly willing to have the cold corpses of [Gaza flotilla] activists shown on American TV.” On hearing this same report, former UK ambassador Craig Murray decided to look into it himself:


4. marisacat - 30 June 2011

fwiw… the case against Strauss kahn may be in trouble.

Also fwiw, I had been following the unfolding via Cockburn and Pam Martens at Cpunch… and some oddities had def developed.

The accuser’s change in attys, she is apparently being sequestered wtih NO contact with anyone… and now more. Also her route into this country has remained opaque. Not a good idea in the climate in the US rightnow.

But, on verra!

BooHooHooMan - 30 June 2011

$$$,….or, another Dreyfus affair.

Enh, I go with the money.

And just when French fries became safe again.

marisacat - 30 June 2011

The whole thing just moved to big fat mess. Bigger Fatter Mess than it was…..

5. BooHooHooMan - 30 June 2011

Mike Flugennock , has put out the most searing indictment of a sitting War Criminal – in – Chief that I can recall seeing in the form of an editorial illustration ..EVER.

Precisely because it graphically triggers – and blows away all while capturing Obama as the messianic American exceptionalist historico-fulfillment fantasy figure that he, hey, Happy 4th** everybody! / How’d that Vote werk out fer ya ? USA!USA!?……

**Happy 4th Year of Obama The Peace Prize Fraudster ..

Oh yeh, he’s got my vote all right.

marisacat - 1 July 2011

think I heard today we had the worst June over june, for three years in IRAQ…. One attack took out a lot iirc, but all the same.

They are still shipping out to Iraq, at least from the NW, that I have read about.

Bombs Away!!

As one commenter said at Distant Ocean, McCain went from secret Kerry pal with a view to Veepessa-hood in 2004 to “crazy fucked old man who picked even crazier Palin”.


thebokononist - 1 July 2011

Makes me feel all hopey and changey inside.

marisacat - 1 July 2011

He blesses us every time His fingers dispense manna. We drip with blessings….


Pretty much how they want to paint the picture.

6. BooHooHooMan - 30 June 2011

Uh oh! Somebody muscling in on Barry sucking up to the White Bald Guy vote.

lucid72 - 1 July 2011

Hey now… I’m a bald white guy.

BooHooHooMan - 1 July 2011

Jeezis. 😯 😀 😉

7. marisacat - 1 July 2011

Lordy…Reading around, the DSK case is not just collapsing… it is going out in spectacular all jets firing fashion.

BooHooHooMan - 1 July 2011

Of course the system will work in the end
Justice will be served.
The Truth will out.
Nah, I’m only kiddin’.

Now if I had to write the ending of this here clusterfuck, I’d have it go that the maid wasn’t really a maid at all. She was in fact Sarkozy dressed as a maid. A French maid.
Things got out of hand. Mistakes were made.gurgle gurgle gurgle ETC.


And so forth.
Everything has gone to shit since Weiner left.

marisacat - 1 July 2011

Big Fat Mess. BFM.


BooHooHooMan - 1 July 2011

Welp……Let’s Win It!

Gawd. Think of the job opportunities now for
Script Doctors with BFM experience.

marisacat - 1 July 2011

A Fixer is needed!! A Fixer to the wescue!!

8. diane - 1 July 2011

thanks for the introduction to Liu Bolin honey, really loved this one.


diane - 1 July 2011

shit, wrong link, this is the one I was referring to

(This one, took a close second for me.)

diane - 1 July 2011

jeesh ;0( …hmmmmm this is the one I was referring too? (hidden amongst the trees).

9. diane - 1 July 2011

I think this: Nugget of Unavoidable Truth was one of the most sincere, honest, non condescending commentaries I’ve read, regarding a serious, beginning discussion of the near future, and how we (small case) might avoid our seemingly planned annihilation. It’s something I spend most of my time thinking about: what can we do to put a stop to the Death Cult. I really appreciated it, even found the comments serious and worthwhile also, I read all of it.

(to anyone (of the millions/billions) with an old browser and high “security” settings: like many of the blogspot blogs, the link may bring you to an unreadable ‘page.’ I was able to access it by the enable scripting option, without having to enable active x controls, etc…. but had to patiently click the you are a loser ludite (tis fine with me, I consider the techie megalomaniacs, losers too) pop-ups about not having allowed active x controls , numerous times before I could read the post.)

marisacat - 1 July 2011

oh that is a good post from Jack Crow… thanks for posting that….

diane - 1 July 2011

you’re welcome hon. Looking over his main ‘page,’ it looks like some nasty mother fuckers in DC may have him in their sites………. Not surprised.

diane - 1 July 2011

Violence is inevitable, as regards to putting an end to the death spiral we’re in. .…Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use all means possible to minimize bloodbaths ….hitting the powers that be in their wallets and purses, ….can help to, ………

diane - 1 July 2011

well,…and anyone with objections to minimizing bloodbaths … let them be the first to: in true, non virtual blawghhy world, …put that real life bullet through someone’s head, or knife through their back, …and see,…just how they feel ..when they try to sleep in peace …

jus sayin … ;0(

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 1 July 2011
11. marisacat - 2 July 2011



……. 8)

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