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Saturday 2 July 2011

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

A Tufted Duck has a bad hair day in Regents Park, London

A Tufted Duck has a bad hair day in Regents Park, London [Mike Lane / Rex Features]

Bedhead, maybe……. 😉



1. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 July 2011
2. diane - 2 July 2011

oopsie! …… pull another trick out of the bag as to why just folks need to vote for the oBombster (versus not voting for any of the mother fuckers). Not that he would appoint a non ReThug/DemRat Tool anyway:

WASHINGTON — Democrats and liberals have a nightmare [THREATEN with a – diane] vision of the Supreme Court’s future: President Barack Obama is defeated for re-election next year and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, at 78 the oldest justice, soon finds her health will not allow her to continue on the bench.

There are few more indelicate questions to put to a Supreme Court justice, but Ginsburg has said gracefully, and with apparent good humor, that the president should not expect a retirement letter before 2015.

ha, ha, ha ……could it be that Ruth really doesn’t care for the MURDEROUS THUGS using her as an excuse?

diane - 2 July 2011

Hmmm, yes I did leave any basic counting ability, like 12 plus 4 equals 16, in bed when I got up this morning.

I still say it won’t matter, as whoever is appointed (by either ReThug or oBombster) will be thoroughly vettted by Wall Street and the MIC.

marisacat - 2 July 2011

She has repeatedly said, Sorry to disappoint, not going away into the night to help the agenda..

Personally I think she is on to the abortion agenda (Obby is a ”born again” Xtian, which people try so hard to forget!), if nothing else. Too often in business (Kelo for that horrid eminent domain ruling) the so called Liberals are antyhing but… but on abortion she is the single strongest vote.

diane - 2 July 2011

While generally, I think that the life appointments are fucked, since we’re stuck with them, may Ruth live a very long and healthy life, and stay on the Court as long as possible.

marisacat - 2 July 2011

and the harsh reality is we have no fucking clue about Sotomayor OR kagan.

I prefer to think the worst til they do something of substance.

I have not read how many recusals Kagan has had to do, but TOO FUCKING MANY would be my guess.

And Kennedy has gone rightward for years…way back in the horrid “PBA” [“partial birth abortion”, the wingers phrasing] ruling in … 2007 I think it was, I listened over and over to the audio and I could clearly hear him influenced by Roberts.

And Roberts was disgusting…

A complete tragedy.

diane - 2 July 2011

Given the rest of oBombsters choices, I’ve absolutely no faith in Sotomayor, or Kagan.

3. diane - 2 July 2011

Well, the only possible good news about this same ole, same ole …report, would be that Uncle Dick’s fly fishing off a tributary might be fucked.

Exxon oil spill in Montana’s Yellowstone River prompts evacuations

LAUREL, Mont. – An ExxonMobil pipeline that runs under the Yellowstone River near Billings in south-central Montana ruptured and dumped an unknown amount of oil into the waterway, prompting temporary evacuations along the river Saturday morning.

Company spokeswoman Pam Malek, who was at the scene, said the pipe leaked for about a half-hour, though it’s not clear how much oil leaked.

The cause of the rupture wasn’t known.

Brent Peters, the fire chief for the city of Laurel about 12 miles east of Billings, said the break in the 12-inch diameter pipe occurred late Friday about a mile south of Laurel.

He said about 140 people were evacuated starting about 12:15 a.m. Saturday due to concerns about possible explosions, and the overpowering fumes. He said they were allowed to return at about 4 a.m. after instruments showed fumes had decreased. He said more evacuations occurred farther downstream outside his district but those numbers weren’t immediately clear.

yup, once again: we don’t need no fucking maintenance, or interference; ….the best reason not to vote Libertarian/Ron Paul. Me? I can’t see any reason to vote for any of them, period.

4. marisacat - 2 July 2011

Gah. Forget fire, flood or nuking ourselves…. we will die of strangulation by the horrible commerce of speculation.

BULLETIN — The cover of Barron’s is “READY FOR $150 OIL? [Average was around $110/barrel in quarter just ended.] After a decline this summer, crude’s price is likely to rise sharply by next spring. The jump will hurt the economy, but it won’t lead to disaster,” by Gene Epstein:

“[H]ighs on crude, heating oil, diesel fuel, jet fuel and gasoline seem likely over the next 12 months. Following some further easing over the summer, the second leg of the long-term bull market in petroleum — the first occurred in 2007-08 — probably will begin this fall . As oil producers’ spare capacity gradually declines to worrisome levels, the average monthly price could reach a record $150 per barrel by next spring, with spikes to $165 or $170. With this, $4.50-a-gallon gasoline will become the norm. That will put a huge dent in consumer wallets, while ramping up the desirability of fuel-efficient cars. … [C]ommercial hedgers … are ‘overwhelmingly bearish’ and are putting their money where their convictions are.”

I have no idea but if 4.50 is the coming norm out in the rest of the US, in SF and the inner Bay Area, it will be well over $5. We hit 4.55 and upwards in the last bubble

diane - 2 July 2011

not to even mention Food Speculation, …we are, have been, so very fucked. Coming up, will be WATER.

5. diane - 2 July 2011

WOW, :0) Talk about sucking it dry. Men over forty, wimmins over 27, have pretty much been informed they are too old to be re-employed, …yet: the FOR PROFIT, blooming like pond scum, EDUCATION INDUSTRY figures they can still suck money out of folks desperate for employment; after all, the average age of the Senate must be close to 75, how about that “Supreme” Court …..and all those MIC mother fuckers who never go away? ….etc., etc.:

[prefacing piccy (the [gut] punch line) – diane

Go Back To School With A Grant

Return to school online with a grant. You’re losing up to $21,900 every year you don’t go back to school. Qualify now! More

Nasty Mother Fuckers. (In case I need to clarify, I have no problem with “public servants” over fifty. What I have a real fucking problem with, is their clamped mouths as to their public “employers,” in the millions, ….unable to find gainful employment unless they are impossibly young, and therefore, considered moldable, …or eye candy.)

diane - 2 July 2011

(I saw that ad on the ABC/newsnet5 ’page’ I linked to in comment #3, above.)

diane - 2 July 2011

Then, to further clarify: even those in their twenties are now unable able to find work, or afford school, unless they’re hooked up of course, ..for example: they might have gainfully employed ReThug/DemRat parents, who hook them up with a ReThug/DemRat “internship.”

Speshul folk aside: so then, how are middle aged, employable, layed off parents supposed to take their unemployed kids back in, take care of older parents who are getting sick at increasingly younger ages, with no affordable healthcare, and take care of themselves?

marisacat - 2 July 2011

Congress is impossibly old. But that is one of the problems with this country, by hook or by crook, win a political, pundit or entertainment spot and, barring massive scandal, keep it for 60 years. Or until dead.

Which ever comes first…………

diane - 2 July 2011

Congress is impossibly old.

yup, and they don’t have fuck to say about millions, near half some of their ages, unable to get jobs due to nothing but their age.

6. diane - 3 July 2011

Doesn’t take too long to guess the majority ethnicity, poverty and unemployment of the community stuck using this Massachusetts, STATE RUN, PUBLIC, Veterans Memorial Pool from Hell.

Yup, racism is alive and well in this fucker, just not allowed to discuss it an’ all, wouldn’t want to hurt any Public Servants’ feelings, since they’re all trying so hard to abolish inequality and poverty in the Pater Land. This shit, is beyond disgusting, no words for it:

FALL RIVER, Mass. (AP) — A preliminary investigation shows “murky and cloudy” water in a public swimming pool helped conceal the body of a drowned woman for two days while people swam there, authorities said Friday.

The Bristol County district attorney’s office said the body of Marie Joseph was submerged at the bottom of the 12-foot-deep end of the pool from Sunday afternoon until Tuesday evening.

Joseph, 36, was a hotel housekeeper in Newport, R.I. She was from Haiti and had five children. Her body was discovered after it floated to the surface shortly before some youngsters sneaked into the pool for a clandestine swim Tuesday night.

The medical examiner’s office has determined the manner of her death to be accidental and the cause to be asphyxiation by drowning.

The probe shows the water in the Fall River pool was murky from the time the pool opened for the season last Saturday. Visibility tests conducted Wednesday revealed a diver couldn’t be seen at a depth of 3 1/2 to 4 feet below the surface of the water.

Worse, there were six lifeguards on duty

Six lifeguards were on duty last Sunday at the Fall River public pool when a woman drowned, the state acknowledged yesterday, but the mother of a boy who saw her sink in murky water — where her body would remain for days — says none of the guards ever searched for her after the child begged for help.

“Those lifeguards need to be fired,” said Danyelle Hunt, 30, adding that her traumatized 9-year-old son is now getting counseling. “He’s stressed out. He keeps crying and he thinks he could have saved this lady.”

diane - 3 July 2011

(sorry, that last link should have ended before the blockquote, it works though)

marisacat - 3 July 2011

well 6 lifeguards doesn’t indicate “cheap”. But maybe cheaper, somehow, than keeping the water clean. A really sad story any which way… I did not realise the person trying to alert the guards was a child. So sad..

I HATE public pools with a pathological passion, but the last time I was at one in the US, in the 70s in North Beach at a SF city pool, two big side by side indoor pools… think there were only 2 lifeguards…

diane - 3 July 2011

Yeah, that many lifeguards did seem expensive, but it does look like there is significant poverty in Fall River.

marisacat - 3 July 2011

I think Fall River is pretty hard pressed working class… No idea the minority population tho, or if white ethnics…

7. marisacat - 3 July 2011

oh what a scream! DSK is ahead of Sarko in polls by 27 pts…

BEFORE This mess he was ahead by 19.

8. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 July 2011

Some With Histories of Mental Illness Petition to Get Their Gun Rights Back

When Mr. French’s daughter discovered that her father’s commitment meant it was illegal for him to have firearms, she and her husband removed his cache of 15 long guns and three handguns, and kept them after Mr. French was released in January 2010 on a new regime of mood-stabilizing drugs.

Ten months later, he appeared in General District Court — the body that handles small claims and traffic infractions — to ask a judge to restore his gun rights. After a brief hearing, in which Mr. French’s lengthy history of relapses never came up, he walked out with an order reinstating his right to possess firearms.

The next day, Mr. French retrieved his guns.

“The judge didn’t ask me a whole lot,” said Mr. French, now 62. “He just said: ‘How was I doing? Was I taking my medicine like I was supposed to?’ I said, ‘Yes, sir.’ ”

Across the country, states are increasingly allowing people like Mr. French, who lost their firearm rights because of mental illness, to petition to have them restored.

A handful of states have had such restoration laws on their books for some time, but with little notice, more than 20 states have passed similar measures since 2008. This surge can be traced to a law passed by Congress after the 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech that was actually meant to make it harder for people with mental illness to get guns.

As a condition of its support for the measure, the National Rifle Association extracted a concession: the inclusion of a mechanism for restoring firearms rights to those who lost them for mental health reasons.

This country is, quite literally, insane.

marisacat - 3 July 2011

I think without closing the ”gun show loophole” (which is a euphemism for anybody being able to go to a gs and buy any gun for sale with no waiting and no check) it really doesn’t matter.

And we sure do live in a ”drive-by shooting” culture… the phrase describes so much of our way of life.

marisacat - 3 July 2011

By which I mean, I don’t think, finally, that America works anymore, at any level.

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 July 2011
marisacat - 3 July 2011

I’d love to see the private To Do list that Obby has in hand. Wriitten for him by someone else. Elses plural.

He’s managed to check off a lot of them.

Madman in the Marketplace - 3 July 2011

he’s been a very effective ratchet to lock in the corporate war state agenda

marisacat - 3 July 2011

I am watching Jacques and Julia make sausage. I think it looks a LOT better than politics being hammered into us…

10. marisacat - 3 July 2011



…… 8)

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