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Enh 3 July 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Total fucking lunatics, WAR!.


China celebrates 90th anniversary of Communist party – in pictures – Revolutionary song competitions and concerts were among events held across China to mark the anniversary of the founding of the Communist party

Yan’an: A boy dressed in Communist Red Army uniform plays with a toy gun at a 1940s communist base [Alexander F. Yuan/AP]


We do it… they do it.  Somehow tho I think ”educated bees” have opted out.  They’ve handed in their AK-47s.  Sent their regrets.

In other news, Obama will have a “Tweet-Up” this Wednesday.  No kidding.  All part of a ramped up social media agenda for the Re-Election.

Hey, ride it to the future fella.




1. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 July 2011

teach your children well

marisacat - 3 July 2011

tweet tweet

2. diane - 3 July 2011

You go girl, YAAAAAY!

Mayor punches Sheriff in the head after he refuses to help the poor

Fighting for the poor is something most politicians like to boast about on a daily basis.

But one Philippines mayor has taken the phrase literally after she was caught on camera punching a stubborn sheriff in the head as he tried to demolish a shanty town.

Sara Duterte-Carpio, mayor of Davao City, was trying to stop the demolition of shanty area where 217 families live.


diane - 3 July 2011

Pleading with Sheriff Abe Andres, Mrs Duterte-Carpio is seen growing increasingly frustrated.

After being turned down by the sheriff, Mrs Carpio asks to have the demolition postponed for two hours while relief work could be undertaken for the families.

But after Mr Andres again refuses, the mayor looses her temper and lashes out at the sheriff, striking him repeatedly on the head.

To cheers from the assembled crowd, Mrs Carpio and Mr Andres have to be pulled apart by officials.


diane - 3 July 2011


…after that gets her nowhere the red mist descends…


diane - 3 July 2011
marisacat - 4 July 2011

oh and I totally missed that at Daily Mail today…………… Thank you!

diane - 4 July 2011
3. marisacat - 4 July 2011


An explosion sparked a fire at a French nuclear power station on Saturday, just two days after the authorities found 32 safety concerns at the plant.

The blaze at the Tricastin plant in Drôme in the Rhône valley sent a thick cloud of black smoke into the sky. A mistral wind sent it south over a nearby motorway on one of the busiest travel days of the year as the French left for their summer holidays.

EDF, which runs the power station, said the incident took place in an electric transformer situated in the non-nuclear part of the plant and had not resulted in any radiation leak or any other contamination. A statement issued by the energy giant raised further concerns as it omitted to mention the explosion – only a fire – and did not give the cause of the blaze.

“This event happened in the non-nuclear part of the installation and had no radiological consequence on the environment and the population. The fire brigade was immediately called and the fire was rapidly brought under control. Nobody was hurt,” it said. . . . .

😆 Just a little fire… no explosion. Nothing to worry about… no lies in view.

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 July 2011


Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner would like to leave the Obama administration this fall if economic conditions are stronger and the debt ceiling debate is resolved in a timely manner, according to a person familiar with his thinking.

Possible replacements to be President Barack Obama’s top economic adviser, according to a senior administration official, include Erskine Bowles, White House chief of staff under President Bill Clinton, and Roger Altman, a prominent investment banker and former deputy Treasury secretary.

Jamie Dimon, chief executive of JPMorgan Chase, is considered a strong dark-horse candidate.Dimon has said he is not interested in public office but many on Wall Street believe he would accept the job if asked by Obama. But the White House will have to decide whether Dimon, who leads the most successful bank in the U.S., is too closely aligned with Wall Street.

We are well and truly fucked.

marisacat - 4 July 2011

Isn’t it appalling he would bring in Jamie Dimon? Maybe he and Immelt can share the Lincoln Bedroom.

I just had to reboot so have to bring the link up again, but Frank Rich unveiling in NY Mag is all about Obster. Bad as FR is, he does have a tid bit or two. Tho he barely opened his eyes.

Have to love the routine they put us thru. Sell the wars, then 10 years later get all detailed on what a mess it is. Even as they excuse new wars… Same playbook: Sell L’Obster then, almost 3 years later, call him some kind of cheat.

Not like there was not handwriting on the many walls.

marisacat - 4 July 2011

Here it is… by page 4 he is hitting Romney… calling him a fake “man of the people”… and that Ob must come to life to win. He says Ob is “passive”.


Except Ob is a fake, too. So where does that leave us? I think in the cosmetics dept of some big box store. Basically.

5. diane - 4 July 2011

Glenn Greenwald:

The emotional problems of loneliness and alienation Manning confronted are hardly atypical for a perceptive 20-year-old, particularly one with a long-estranged father dealing with issues of sexual orientation and gender identity who, after being raised in a tiny evangelical community in Oklahoma, finds himself deployed to Baghdad as part of the U.S. Army’s brutal war in Iraq (the one who ends up looking truly psychologically unstable in this article — and, as usual, deeply dishonest — is government informant Adrian Lamo; see below). What Fishman’s article actually does is bolster the previous view of Manning’s alleged leaks as motivated by noble and understandable horror at what the U.S. was doing in Iraq specifically and that region generally

(bolding mine)

marisacat - 4 July 2011

I jsut always think what a pity he did what he did under Obster… rather than under Bush. Now that our wars are no longer Winger events but are Neo liberal events…

6. marisacat - 5 July 2011

One boat managed to break out of the blockade going on in the Greek port:

French protest boat ‘quits Greece for Gaza’

(AFP) – 1 hour ago

PARIS — A small French pleasure craft with eight protesters on board left Greek waters overnight and set off for Gaza in an attempt to break an Israeli naval blockade, organisers said Tuesday.

The “Dignite al Karama” is so far the only boat in a planned flotilla organised by pro-Palestinian activists to set sail from Greece, after the authorities there blocked other vessels from taking part in the protest.

The 19-metre (63-foot) motor cruiser is carrying, among others, the former French far-left presidential candidate Olivier Besancenot, Green Party Euro-MP Nicole Kiil-Nielsen and trade unionist Annick Coupe.

. . . . .

On Monday, Greek forces intercepted a Canadian boat carrying more than 30 Gaza-bound activists from Canada, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and Turkey and forced it to moor in Crete

Well… other reports say the boat was rammed by the Greeks — and is disabled… it floats, but that is about all it can do.

diane - 5 July 2011

Given that it’s not looking good for them, with so many hideous forces against them, their courage is pretty mind blowing. I think the oBombster will really show his nasty, vindictive streak against US citizens among them for naming the ship which highlighted his meanness, deceit and hypocrisy, sociopath that he is.

marisacat - 5 July 2011

oh no, they named it FOR him… out of misplaced love. Ray McGovern has been especially drippy on this. Loaded with slobber about the naming of the ship. Gah. (Meanwhile it has gotten out, nto sure if I posted it here, that the US – meaning the Obama WH – will be happy for there to be dead bodies and mayhem, so they can bolster support for Israel. Distant Ocean or Tiny Revolution had a good post on it)

Most of the US based (and quite a few of them are Bay Area based) US participants appear to be naive, less than sharp. A couple of the more liberal hosts on the local talk radio have had them on, more than once.

I would guess that perhaps soem of the other nationalities and perhaps some of the US based who do not choose to go on media are better informed and a lot more serious.

Certainly, people are risking their lives… and clearly countries are pulling out of opposing, to whatever degree they ever did (Turkey!), Israel.

For shame.

marisacat - 5 July 2011

Here it is (and DO hs an earlier post as well, linked to in this post) …


Dead Americans could really help Obama with the Jewish vote!

As I mentioned a few days ago, former CIA analyst and presidential briefer Ray McGovern reported that his administration sources have told him that “White House officials” were “perfectly willing to have the cold corpses of [Gaza flotilla] activists shown on American TV.” On hearing this same report, former UK ambassador Craig Murray decided to look into it himself:

…I set my own diplomatic sources to work in Washington, without giving them any indication of Ray’s information. They came back with an independent report from a different source – close to Clinton rather than the White House – with exactly the same result of which Ray was warned. I was told that Obama will welcome an Israeli attack on the US ship, as giving him a chance to confirm his pro-Israeli credentials and improve his standing with AIPAC ahead of the Presidential election race. Fatalities would be “not a problem”.

There was no information that the Obama regime has quietly given Netanyahu a green light to attack the ship. But I strongly expect they will; by deniable means, of course.

So there you have it: not only would Barack Obama be more than happy to let Israel kill a few US citizens, he’s actually thinking it could “improve his standing with AIPAC” and help shore up his vulnerability with Jewish voters
. .. . . .

diane - 5 July 2011

Hadn’t known they named the ship ‘for’ him (jeeeesh, what the fuck were they thinking). I had read about Hillary and oBombster’s willingness for another Israeli murder spree at sea; yeah, I’m sure he won’t let thoroughly misplaced admiration for him get in the way of either ending their lives, or making them a living hell.

marisacat - 5 July 2011

Here is a snippet from an earlier post at DO:

[I] wrote last year about how misguided it is to name a ship to Gaza “The Audacity of Hope”—as though German dissidents in 1940 had called their Poland-bound protest bus the “Mein Kampf”—and everything I said then still applies. I love the folks on this boat, and I’d love just as much to believe that using this name was intended both as a crafty publicity move and an attempt to shame Obama with the words he so hollowly deployed for his own profit and self-aggrandizement, but there’s no evidence that that’s the case. Here’s McGovern again (in an interview published two days after the article of his I quoted above):

“The name of the boat – Audacity of Hope – is inspired. No one can survive without hope. It was a way of saying to President Obama: ‘You inspired us three years ago, and in this spirit we are trying to personify hopes that have been largely dashed.'”

I support the sentiment entirely: McGovern and all the other people on this boat are personifying hope, and risking everything to do it, and they’ve earned a huge measure of respect for that. But when good people like them act as though there’s even a remote possibility that the calculating shitbag in the White House cares about what they’re saying, it just shows that they’re still clinging to the illusions he so artfully deployed to co-opt them in the first place—and worse, it reinforces those illusions for other people.

I actually am not a McGovern fan. I think he is ”placed” as PR and a paternal pat on the head to the wittle left from an emissary of Father.

7. marisacat - 5 July 2011

oh the shifting sands of time:

“I’ve always thought that the perp walks were outrageous,”

Bloomberg said when asked at a press conference about the implosion of the criminal case against former International Monetary Fund boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

“If somebody is innocent, and even if they’re guilty, they’re not guilty until they’re convicted and yet we vilify them for the benefit of theater, for the circus,” he said. “You know, they did it in Roman times, too. It’s nothing new.”

Like the DSK case itself, the mayor’s position on perp walks has changed dramatically since the possible French presidential candidate was first charged: Asked in May to respond to French outrage over how DSK was paraded in front of the media, Bloomberg was less sympathetic.

“I think it is humiliating, but if you don’t want to do the perp walk, don’t do the crime,” he said, adding: “I don’t have a lot of sympathy for that.”


Madman in the Marketplace - 5 July 2011

unless they’re poor or powerless, then it’s great politics. fucker.

BooHooHooMan - 5 July 2011

“In Roman times”? As opposed to…?

Bloomberg on the rush to judgement HA! (more like QUASH) on this BFM.
“You know, they did it in Roman times, too.
It’s nothing new.”
So Jeeeeezis got the short end of the stick on that one.
Of course, the long end of the stick, too.
Which would make it the long and
BFM short of that one, anyways.

I have complete Faith Justice Will Be Served. 🙄
You know, where the fix is put in either way, and the defendant skates or gets shafted. Isn’t there anything we can count on anymore? Not even the dependably efficient American Travesty of Justice?


I saw that Tristane Banon, a writer in France, filed a criminal complaint in Paris yesterday alleging a prior attempted rape in 2003. The statute of limitations in France is 10 years, She is the daughter of a Socialist Party official AND the god-daughter of DSK’s 2nd wif. Good Lord, now the NYT has a piece up making a case for this case of the BFM..

marisacat - 5 July 2011

and, at least at some point, the close friend of one of DSK’s daughters.

He has slapped a countersuit, which is not as dangerous as ti would be here (here it would open up discovery floodgates, all sides – or so I read in a legal analysis…).

I think in her favor is that (as far as we know) her story has stayed the same for years and thre is background of her first conversations with her mother as to why she did not pursue it years ago…

The case here is a dead dog, nothing but.

BooHooHooMan - 5 July 2011

Tags: BFM, dead dog storage,etc.

LOL. Somebody pullin some shit ,tho. One thing, DSK’s peeps here: Branfman ,Dershowitz, et al , REALLY moved quickly. Just fuckin Napalm’d Cyrus Jr. along with the maid. (who as near as I can figure lied to obtain asylum and has some interfamilial pot dealing cash to explain. Who doesn’t?!? 😆 Seriously, I get as a practical matter how it fucks the prosecution yet I see that NYT piece as a little momentary ointment, while all stops are pulled in the press to get the case tossed …and I haven’t the foggiest who the bedfellows are.

Banon thus far has none of the easily smearable complications, an “illegal”, a “goldigger” and so forth. The fact that she was close to the family, and of SP afil,

I’m just wondering if there is anyway that DSK AND Vance and the NYPD can be simultaneously discredited.

marisacat - 5 July 2011

I started to go back a bit and look at the earlier case that was a spectacular loss (in some ways it was – when sifting thru details and how muc went into it from the prosecutor side), the rape case of the two cops and The Gap [young] executive woman…

I think and I thought at the beginning that the DA and prosecutor pushed too hard too early (literally from day two) on how absolutely stellar and uttrly beyond reproach the Sofitel victim was. How rock solid the case, how devout a muslim she is… and so on. It stuck in my craw… and while I so dislike Sarko I am not partial to DSK EITHER. (Nor do I think he is going on to be High Pretzel of France, 😆 )

French press is reporting she may in fact be married to the Gambian prisoner in AZ… so if that is true, not a widder woman EITHER….

BTW, African English language press has reported one of her brothers saying that people “who have no god are lying about her”.


8. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 July 2011

Mother Nature Attacks Jim Inhofe For Climate Change Denial

The Earth was tired of ventriloquist dummy Jim Inhofe walking around with those sweaty Koch fingers up his butt and clacking his jaw all day long about how climate change is all super fake, so nature cold attacked Inhofe with a diseased giant green blob. No, really! Was there a clever trap? No, because Inhofe is so sure climate problems of all kinds are so fake that he willingly took a swim in a fetid lake filled with a massive, unusual algae bloom probably caused by scorching temperatures from Oklahoma’s horrific turn as new location for the third circle of hell. And, surprise, it gave him a horrible respiratory infection that caused him to miss a Koch-funded climate change skeptics’ conference in Chicago!


marisacat - 5 July 2011

And, surprise, it gave him a horrible respiratory infection that caused him to miss a Koch-funded climate change skeptics’ conference in Chicago!

There is a god… Praise Jeeeeesuhs!!!!!!!!!!

Madman in the Marketplace - 5 July 2011

I hope it fucking hurts like hell.

marisacat - 5 July 2011

I hope it SPREADS… I mean, inside Inhofe (not generally)…

If I got some horrible respiratory illness or infection from stupidly swimming in what is described as “unusual” green toxic effluvia I would be very worried it would not stop at my lungs.

Madman in the Marketplace - 6 July 2011

there would be a poetic justice to it permanently disabling him …

9. ms_xeno - 6 July 2011


I feel like I should write about my recent fun experiences with the lovely people at Fannie Mae, but I’m not sure there’s enough booze in the world to make it funny.

Damn. I hope Mom hasn’t already rented out her guest room to somebody else. :p

marisacat - 6 July 2011

oh ms_xeno! none of that sounds good….

But… kiss the kitties (that at least is free… 😉 )

ms_xeno - 6 July 2011

The Sid is too sun-drunk right now to bother biting and clawing anyone… much… :p

marisacat - 6 July 2011

And the kitties lvoe the sun… “warming their bones” as my mother would say watching the kits move with the sun…

diane - 6 July 2011

waves and hugs ms xeno, really sorry to hear about the Fannie Mae nightmare.

ms_xeno - 6 July 2011

Thanks, Babe.

If I have my way, we’ll tell the fuckers to take their miserable idea of “rescue” and stuff it.

diane - 6 July 2011

You’re welcome sweetheart.

I wouldn’t mind kneein’ the fuckers in the nuts, or punchin them in the gut either! :0)


10. marisacat - 6 July 2011

Did Eliot make it a year with his show?

Biiiiiiiig comeback… (not).

(and I could care less about where he puts his plumbing)

11. marisacat - 6 July 2011

hmm I was just thinking that ‘Pretzel does Twitter’ is nothing more than a classic “stupid pet trick” when I saw this:

“In order to reduce the deficit, what costs would you cut and what investments would you keep,” Obama tweeted to himself at the start of the town hall, signing it “bo.”

Read more: Link to People Mag otherwise known as Politico

Send the real Bo next time. Bigger draw.

What a game of skunk, or how to get pretzel, supposedly a powerful man, no matter what skin bag holds the job, to do an entire ad for Twitter.

We are so fucking fucked.

diane - 6 July 2011

yup, just another robo signature, ….B.O. couldn’t give a rat’s ass …..what his citizen “employers” think, ….leastwise, those fool enough to believe all those gated $$$$$$$social$$$$$$$$$ websites were instituted for anything other than self-interest, and tracking.

12. diane - 6 July 2011

Matt Taibbi has a new piece covering the New York Magazine/Frank Rich as regards the increasing anger with oBombster regarding his Wall Street handlers..

I still haven’t gotten beyond the photo Matt prefaced it with. It’s a photo by White House Photographer, Pete Souza. (Apparently, oBombster and his handlers were so pleased with Souza’s other White House Photographer stint, for that nasty asshole, Reagan, that they brought him back for a second round.) What’s amusing to me about the pic is that I’m pretty sure Pete didn’t just walk in without knocking, catching the oBombster in a worn, and worried for the world mood – it was a planned Photo Op.

Wellll, that brought some bleak amusement to my day, even pulled a slight laugh, imagining the discussions that went on …How does this look? …. perhaps far less contempt showing Barry.. ………okay, I’ll try, …how about this?

(note to fellow luddites with old puters and browsers, with no scripting enabled: about 2 weeks or so ago, Rolling Stone tweaked/updated some software, and the pages may come up black, if you anchor your cursor at the top, with the shift key, and then move it to the bottom of the piece, the text will appear in white.)

marisacat - 6 July 2011

I did not realise that Sousa had plied his trade with RR.

Oh You know Slobster he weeps at night alone in his bed for all of us. Yeah right.

I thought the FR piece was the work of a putz myself. Off to read the Taibbi.

Thanks for the link, I need a diversion, I just got a scare that a prescription had shot up in price, more than double. Fortunately it had not.

A fright at every turn.

marisacat - 6 July 2011

Taibbi himself drops his drawers. Gah. I just did not see the Rich piece as so excellent. I thought he punted, big time.

A lot of journalists, myself included, were once enthralled by Obama, and saw his election as a rare uplifting moment in our electoral history, with the candidate himself performing with tremendous grace and class as he helped slay the country’s racial demons. Some of us even thought that Obama might be that rare, once-in-a-generation-type political talent who could help the country rise above itself, an MLK or a Roosevelt. . . . .

Yikes… it is the old “regret” game.

marisacat - 6 July 2011

here is a good comment from the Taibbi thread:

Julia Versau

1 hour, 20 minutes ago

I’m done with Obama. I didn’t get TOO crazy about the hope and change thing — after all, I knew his prevaricating, pro-coal, self-protection-first stances when he was in the Illinois Senate. I think that as a politician, he’s a golden-throated faker, and as a person he’s an Ivy League sycophant whose driving goal is to be “liked” by the powers-that-be. All in all, that makes Obama a selfish coward. And when it comes to policy, it makes him a wishy-washy doofus doing not much about anything. But his words sure are sweet. Sort of. Today, I have the same aversion to hearing Obama speak as I once did to King Shrub the Idiot Son. [I’d rather be stabbed by someone not faking it, than by someone driving the knife in while telling me how much he “cares.”] Obama is weak. And calculating. And not what we needed. At this point, I’d rather have a Republican get elected, totally press the pedal to the metal so disastrously that the country wakes up and revolts, and just get on with it … than suffer another four years of “Government by Goldman Sachs.” Obama is the hugest disappointment in my lifetime. And I ain’t so young anymore.

Madman in the Marketplace - 6 July 2011

that sums things up pretty well

marisacat - 6 July 2011

The few comments there so far were good, iwth maybe one exception.

But I agree with Diane (think it was her!), both he and FR will in all likelihood pull the level for Slobster. And BFH.

diane - 6 July 2011

yeah, …. Pete Souza

Souza worked for the Chicago Tribune at the time, and documented Obama’s first year in the Senate, and his trips to seven countries including Kenya, South Africa, and Russia, in photographs that were later compiled into the July 2008 book “The Rise of Barack Obama,” which made it onto The New York Times bestseller list and was available to the public shortly before last summer’s Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO.

The photographer’s other books include two on Reagan, “Unguarded Moments: Behind-the-scenes Photographs of President Reagan,” and “Images of Greatness: An Intimate Look at the Presidency of Ronald Reagan.” And one of Souza’s documentary projects was published as the book “Plebe Summer at the U.S. Naval Academy.”

(bolding mine)

I get the impression, …. that both Matt, and Frank, will pull the switch for the oBombster at the end of the day …..

Oh jeesh hon, …the pharma shit is horrifying, …I see it in the concerns of my family, I’m so very glad you got lucky.

(gotta run honey…will check back)

marisacat - 6 July 2011

I knew he had been with Slobby a long time… it is kind of an old system that if you covered them in their home state and did so heavily or a mkajor newspaper assigned you to them thru the full 2 years of the primaries and GE, that there is a place for you in DC. Obviously Souza hit the jack pot. Did not know he had covered RR tothat extent…

We have Carter to think for Judy Woodruff, for instance, she had covered him in GA… and Gwen Ifill came to DC having covered Clinton for … I think the NYT, but nto sure, in the whole election/selection mess.

Forward… as we are mired in concrete and literally dying in place. As I see it anyway.

ms_xeno - 6 July 2011

…a prescription had shot up in price, more than double…

Always a possibility, right? Later if not now.

The fuckers who charge us 900-plus a month for our insurance just had a messenger drop off a branded reusable grocery bag with some “health and fitness” doodads stuffed inside. Bike maps, water filters, whatever. Isn’t that sweet? I can’t afford to actually see the doctor, but yay! a “free” bike map!

I’ve got nothing but time. I should march over to their corporate headquarters tomorrow and tell them to take the fucking thing back, and refund us the 99 cents or whatever the hell it all cost them, the filthy fucking leeches. >:

marisacat - 6 July 2011

Always a possibility, right? Later if not now.

yeah… its just a waiting game…. I had thought a half way decent rule in Cali had gone away… on Medicare, I am allowed to pay the Medi-Cal price. The difference for this particular drug is a lot, 14.90 versus 39.00.. (for 90 day supply) I did nearly faint. One I can do, one I cannot.

I am thankful for it, but it is less of a “gift” than some might think.. I used to constantly buy a prescrition face cream for rosacea in France, say I was staying longer than planned, would run out, yada yada… show my tube and box with the script label and my passport, pay 7 USD (even as a foreigner) as oppposed to the Medi Cal price-for Medicare here of FIFTY SEVEN DOLLARS..

Pharmacies all over the place, I would just pop in at one near the better hotels every day I was there. 10 tubes for lttle more than I paid here…

Very big diffference!

ms_xeno - 6 July 2011

Yeah, I understand.

mr_xeno needs his meds paid for and I need the coverage in case my stupid kidneys fail.

I’m actually not surprised that Vermont got at least over one hurdle for public care before we did. I love where I live and it would break my heart to move, but honestly so many Oregonians have an incredibly distorted, inflated view of themselves and our “leadership” and what’s really important. Portland really is Smug Jaggoff Central. Was I like that twenty years ago? Somebody should have slapped me. Hard. 😮

And NYC will likely manage to hold onto the Same Sex marriage thing, which OR could NOT do. Too many knuckle-dragging dipshits.

Or, to quote a short story about a certain county in Ireland:

“They beat the world at holding up their chins about nothing.”

marisacat - 6 July 2011

but honestly so many Oregonians have an incredibly distorted, inflated view of themselves and our “leadership” and what’s really important. Portland really is Smug Jaggoff Central.


Madman in the Marketplace - 6 July 2011

not to be too competitive, but NO ONE can outdo the fucking cheeseheads here in WI for their own certainty of their own wonderfulness and decency, as they destroy everything previous generations left them.

ms_xeno - 6 July 2011

We could have our own Jaggoff Olympics. :p

They each have their own buzzwords and their own special little trinkets to entice us with, I guess. But in the end it’s all the same thing underneath. Like in a sweepstakes: Many will enter. Few will win.

Except they enter you in the sweepstakes even if that’s not what you wanted. Then when you lose it’s all your fault, not theirs. :/

Madman in the Marketplace - 6 July 2011

and they probably got a tax credit for sending their “gift”.

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 July 2011

yup, the lack of COLA updates to Social Security was only a warm-up … CHART OF THE DAY: The Stealth Social Security Cut In Debt Talks

And in recent weeks, congressional aides, strategists, and advocates have been floating, or warning of, a stealth change to the Social Security benefit structure that has quietly been placed on the negotiating table.

The proposal wouldn’t just impact Social Security benefits. It would also shave off yearly increases in federal pension payouts, and result in somewhat higher tax revenues. But the ratio would be skewed toward benefit cuts by a factor of about 2-to-1 and would represent a financial hit to even the poorest retirees unless they were exempted.

The idea is to change the way Cost of Living Adjustments (COLAs) are calculated across the federal government. Currently, the COLAs for tax brackets, pensions, and Social Security are tied to different measures of the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Because spending habits change when living costs increase, some experts think these measures are too generous, and want to change all of the COLAs to a different, smaller measure of inflation: the so-called “chained-CPI.”

On the tax side, this would likely draw more revenue: Tax brackets would rise more slowly than incomes, so people would get kicked into higher brackets more quickly and, voila, more income subject to taxation.

But on the benefits side, this means money out of people’s pockets, even current retirees and pensioners. Responding to a letter of concern from House Democrats’ top Social Security guy the program’s chief actuary explained that moving to “chained-CPI” would constitute an immediate 0.3 percent benefit cut. That may sound small, but the effects would compound, and “[a]dditional annual COLAs thereafter would accumulate to larger total reductions in expected scheduled benefit levels of about 3.7 percent, 6.5 percent, and 9.2 percent for retirees at ages 75, 85, and 95, respectively.”

marisacat - 6 July 2011

I read this “chained CPI” ws coming but that is a better description of it…

Here is an exmple… I get the notice in December of the coming COLA… most years I tossed it on the kitchen table and would open it around March. It was so tiny. 1, 2 %… I think one year some years ago, it was nearly 3%

I was very shocked when the raise based on 2008 CPI was iirc 5.8%… partly because of he cost of fuel prices that last year under Bushiter. That higher percentage actually made some difference for me, when I finally read it in March of 2009.

Cutting out the COLA was almost one fo the first things Slobster (and BFH and Geithner and Sebelius and all the rest of them) did….

Madman in the Marketplace - 6 July 2011

yup, they’ve picked out busses, and they’re eagerly waiting to throw people like you under them …

marisacat - 6 July 2011

I thnk they have enough buses for everyone.

ts - 7 July 2011

Even doing the COLA by CPI is a joke. Particularly when health care is the largest expenditure for SS folks, easily double the national average. A real COLA would have beeen 7-8% every year, going back to the 1960s. They’ve been eating away at it for decades, but now the contempt is coming out (not just from the R’s). Pretty soon we’ll be hearing about “Social Security Queens” (TM).

marisacat - 7 July 2011

well this idea, generally around, that removing long standing supports for poor and middle class is somehow NEW, is utter bullshite. Unless people have been paying NO attnetion, at all. Whatsoever.

It has all been actively plundered for decades. And disappearing.

marisacat - 6 July 2011

HA!!! From the thread (and I saw that TPM is stil running the lie tat AARP is against slashing SS and other benfits)

I remember Mimi Katz from Dkos (if this is the same one, that is). She arrived able to say things of interest (and she is here in SF as well) and soon she became nothing more than a party line bitch. Wanting to identify with the group. Etc.


9 hours ago

in reply to hoconnor208

Reforming COLAs was a very big deal in the 1983 Social Security reform package, but those were the days when inflation was running so high that interest rates one could EARN on a money market account hit 18%. Now I think COLAs are capped. SS recipients did not get a COLA in 2010 nor are we getting one this year. If inflation stays low it is not a huge deal for most people, though it is for some. Certainly to do this without getting a millionaires’ tax in exchange is criminal and immoral. It is still wrong even if there are cuts in tax expenditures.

I’m not opposed to shared sacrifice, but so far the sharing is all NE way. They should not be doing nickel-and-dime cuts that will hurt the poorest recipients. The only sure way to means test is just to raise the top marginal rates on ALL income, not try to cut all SS income.

Madman in the Marketplace - 6 July 2011

AARP has been talking out of both sides of his mouth

Madman in the Marketplace - 6 July 2011

oops, IT’S mouth!

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 July 2011
ms_xeno - 6 July 2011

Funny, except that if I never see Caruso’s name ever again, it’ll be too fucking soon.

marisacat - 6 July 2011

oh he si like all of them. An idiot.

15. marisacat - 6 July 2011



………….. 👿

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