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Paint 23 July 2011

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, UK.

Lucian Freud painting the Queen in 2001 [David Dawson/Government Art Collection]

hmmm I see the reports that Lucian Freud has died at 88… Jeffrey St Clair has a nice piece up about him at Counterpunch

I wonder, would anyone either really in charge here in the USA!! USA!! or just nominally in charge as a constitutional monarch, sit for such a searing painter and his view?  I am unsure it could happen here.  In some eras, a captain of industry with an artistic bent or flair would sit for a Lucian Freud…

The world continues to blow up, here in the curious corner that is California – and elsewhere.




1. marisacat - 23 July 2011

I see Amy Winehouse has been found dead… Poor thing. But I sure understood her song about ”rehab”.

diane - 23 July 2011

Just can’t imagine why so many creative young people flounder, …on this earth, …amongst such fockers running thangs, ….Rest in Peace Amy.

diane - 23 July 2011

Ohhh ….and read all the pwogwessive liberals, insinuating that, weep weep she was soooooo talented ..oh my what a waste!….but fucked up, she just needed big Pharma to step in?…. …yet they’ve accepted a world where remote control slaughter of the tinted skin, for one, …has become acceptable. …What will be left to say, when the drones hit their neighborhoods? ……

marisacat - 23 July 2011

😆 wiht Obam as Commander-in-Chief, they will take it. I just heard an interview on France 24 this week, with Herbie Hancock… he was asked very directly about Obama. Excuses sallied forth. I noticed they let him talk and changed the subject. Why bother with the party line. Or, hell the color line.


diane - 23 July 2011

….ya might think, in early childhood, when we skin our knees and realize that raw, exposed human flesh is pink, the blood red, …. the same as all other humans, we might take a lesson away from that experience ….about false differentiations …

It’s certainly all pretty fuckin’ twisted, …and I wonder whether, Herbie, might be saying to close aquaintances: ‘white people were never questioned about Bush et al, with the immediate presumption that they understood his mindset, simply because they were white,’ ….. along with possibley being now disgusted with himself for defending the fucker.

marisacat - 23 July 2011

If Herbie Hancock ever endorsed Obama publicly, he certainly can now be asked about how our love child is doing.

I think it is truly shameful that people who hated Bush for what he DID, accept the same stuff from Obama

diane - 23 July 2011

I think it is truly shameful that people who hated Bush for what he DID, accept the same stuff from Obama

I totally agree with that, and it’s all over the fucking map,……pretty fucked up, ….actually,…DEADLY!

2. diane - 23 July 2011

Thanks for those links hon. Looking at the finished portrait of her highness, it looks like an almost deliberate partial self portrait of himself.

Credit due to her highness, I’m sure the oBombster and wifie would never let a critical artist get anywhere near them.

diane - 23 July 2011

actually, the more I look at ……it looks like a deliberate self portrait, ….what a rascal! ………… ;0).

marisacat - 23 July 2011

LOL Just recall the reaction to the New Yorker cover. To his credit I read in tiny print somewhere off the main trail that he laughed out loud when he saw it – – – – – but she blew her stack. Or blew something.

I mean, no sense of humor. Teh Germans and Italians do hysterically wonderful papier mache floats of political figures for Fasching and Carnivale… I remember one very irreverent one of Merkel, making her the She Wolf that birthed Romulus and Remus, but she had all sorts of labeled pet projects suckling. Paraded thru the streets of Munich iirc. I am certain she could not have cared less. The Obams are really touchy. And Bill and Hill got really touchy as well, tho a little more political distance than the Obams – and certainly the white handlers who have made preciousness part of the overall persona.

brinn - 23 July 2011

Not only are ours touchy and humourless, the great masses of MURcans would know what the hell was going on with a great piece of satire like the Merkel float in any case….

marisacat - 23 July 2011

oh someone would ban it as disrespectful and a threat to causing a rupture in the firmament of our judeo-xtian civil society.

Or some such drool…. Political satire in any way that matters is dead in the US…

diane - 23 July 2011

yup, buried some time ago.

Madman in the Marketplace - 23 July 2011

they’d call it sexist b/c it had teats.

marisacat - 23 July 2011

I remember one float that had Merkel in her underwear, full fledged hausfrau middle aged body. I am sure she did not care. Nor probably notice, either.

(The manic gay guy on KGO is doing a spectacular tribute to Amy Winehouse… kind of calming me down after several bad days)

marisacat - 23 July 2011

well here some people tried to say just discussing Bachman’s migraines is sexist. Geesh. I don’t htink they matter much, tho anyone running for Pretzel who has a chronic illness or problem needs to be forthcoming… more than the congressional physician providing a vague letter too, LOL… but it is not sexist.

diane - 23 July 2011


3. marisacat - 23 July 2011

I see the Norwegian shooter was a devotee – they say – of the Dexter TV series.

Just don’t take the series away!! I am breathlessly waiting for Season 5, due for release mid August.

diane - 23 July 2011

Oh ..uggggh just tuned into KGO/SF/ABC momentarily. ..Listened to a young woman basically calling those who walk, versus jog [run], at traffic lighted crosswalks …self centered whiners. Didn’t hear any push back about that from the frothing bully getting paid to officiate before I turned it off after not hearing any, what should have been immmediate (to my stupid? mind), pushback.

I may start watching the Dexter Series with just her and the officiating asshole in mind.

marisacat - 23 July 2011

missed that…

Oh I love the Dexter series… the staging, the sets, all of it. But then I LIKE murder.

4. marisacat - 23 July 2011

hmmm car show – low riders they tell us! – shoot ’em up in Seattle, 8 or 10 wounded… roller rink shoot ’em up outside of Dallas 6 dead including shooter… and a motorcycle rally in CO, 3 shot dead

OK what is the same in all these dramas…

marisacat - 24 July 2011

Jesus.. also a shoot em up in FL at a houseparty. 9 wounded…

it’s NOT a full moon… as it happens.

5. marisacat - 23 July 2011

Stumbled on this…

report from the UK

Friday, July 15, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (METI) – Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, opened a call for bids (tender) regarding the “Nuclear Power Safety Regulation Publicity Project”, for contractors to monitor blogs and tweets posted about nuclear power and radiation.

Saturday, July 23, The Japan Times reported, about 1,500 cows that were fed hay containing radioactive cesium, in excess of the government limit, were found to have been shipped from Fukushima and other prefectures to all of Japan except Okinawa, as of Thursday, July 21. Evidence of rising contamination in and around the plant has tempered optimism, and new reports has consumers raising questions about whether it remains safe to eat beef, chicken and pork.

Since March 11, 2011 it has been reported that YouTube videos containing footage or comments unfavorable to Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) or the Japanese government have been removed within several hours of their posting. Examples of offending YouTube videos include excerpts of TV shows with controversial comments like footage showing smoke emitted from the nuclear reactors, and an ex-TEPCO employee speaking on his Fukushima experiences. Likewise, Twitter accounts with too much content regarding nuclear power and radiation issues have been disrupted. . . . . . .

It also says there are indications that large areas of Northern Japan are affected and readings in hay nearly 50 miles from Fukushima are of Chernobyl levels.

Straw found 45 miles from Fukushima is highly contaminated with radioactive cesium, which is an indication that radiation has contaminated large portions of Northern Japan. More than half a million disintegration per second in a kilogram of straw are comparable to Chernobyl levels.

. . . . .

6. marisacat - 24 July 2011

Sooo…. there may be entertainment en route…

Jeb being cagey about running… and so is Chris Christie (whose approval numbers in NJ are in the drains below the flush mechanism!).

Or, they are just playing with the Demos.

Could be!!

Madman in the Marketplace - 24 July 2011

at the very least it gets them some free travel and speaking fees …

marisacat - 24 July 2011

yes gather in cash…

7. diane - 24 July 2011

Unfortunately, I missed the Amy Winehouse tribute on KGO honey. I did hear some of Pat Thurston’s show. Figures KGO has her on in a time slot when so many people are sleeping (I’m sure it’s not a bug …KGO is using her as a steam vent for the no longer working – the unemployed and elderly – and abused, grunt Vets), … I would tune in all the time, if hosts like her predominated on that station. She was talking about the plans of oBombster ((202)-456-1111 …TTY/TDD: (202) 456-6213) and the Gangstahs Six:

“Good” Thugs

Mark Warner: D- Virginia – (202) 224-2023
Dick Durbin: D –Illinois (202) 224-2152
Kent Conrad: D North Dakota – (202) 224-2043

“Bad” Thugs
Saxby Chamblis: R Georgia – (202) 224-3521
Mike Crappo: R Idaho – (202) 224-6142
Tom Coburn: R Oklahoma – (202) 224-5754

And how the elderly, for one group, need to take to the streets in massive protest …. of the Massive Swindling that is going on under oBombster, et al.

diane - 24 July 2011

Ohhhh shit, how could I forget Boner’s number:

John Weepy ™: …Boner against citizens who actually pay for government Public Service: R Ohio – 1011 Longworth H.O.B.
Washington, DC 20515 Phone (202) 225-6205(202)

Or the Nanny’s, lets erect a Ronnie Reagan Statue, …I’ll wear my ice white suit, ….along with that other Nasty Nancy, ……and those obscene ginormous pearls ….I promise not to overtly clutch them ……. …contact info:

Nancy Pelosi – D Cali – 235 Cannon H.O.B. Washington, DC 20515 Phone: (202) 225-4965

(And for ya’ll nasty Slaughter Hawks out there, Pat Thurston is a VET. …most relevant she is more than willing to listen hard ..to what other people are feeling, whether they agree with her or not.)

marisacat - 24 July 2011

yeah i listened to her thru most of the night… that was the slot that opened up…. I am pretty sure her numbers are good as they have begun to use her more and more as daytime fill in, too.

Ben Fong Torres said several times over the past couple of years they had to improve their numbers… one way was a little more lefty, less corporate dem party operative.

diane - 24 July 2011

Those sleazy fuckers, RUNNING THINGS, at KGO/SAN FRANCISCO/LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE ™ CALIFORNIA/ABC (Swanson?) are using her, because they know she’s preaching to the forced into late night hours, where some safety and sanity presides, where so many of the hideously victimized are still awake. If I were wealthy, I’d give her full reign on a daytime program when the fuckers are all up running their dirty work.

diane - 24 July 2011

…and …. I am absolutely positive…that is why I am not wealthy.

marisacat - 24 July 2011

diane… it was the slot that opened up. rothmann did overnight weekends for 13 years.

Wilson, the long time kgo tv newscaster who did kgo radio for quite a few years died suddenly… I guess about three years ago. They moved Rothmann to the old Wilson slot, wk nights 7 – 10… and began a rotating trial period for several hosts for week end overnights.

the trial was long, over a year…. Pat got it finally over the others. I think rightly as she often does extensive prep for her shows, good radio voice and very adept at navigating the waters…

diane - 24 July 2011

admittedly I ‘m not a KGO “listener” …so I wasn’t aware of that history. Has KGO ever had a majority of those like Pat, airing predominately during the hours when the still faithful worker bees are awake …becomes my question then? …because,. nonetheless, it still strikes me, however it all worked out, that the most sane (at the very least, willing to hear someone out) voice, …. is airing when those still gainfully employed, are likely ASLEEP, or is confined to an incredibly small block of time, …it seems to be a formula with the major media, all across the country.

marisacat - 24 July 2011

KGO was a lot more liberal long ago… and looser. But hell so was Dianne F. This town is a Democratic machine town. The [Edmund G “Pat”] Brown-[Phil and Sala] Burton machine. A lot shut down over the years.

Rothmann is so like San Francisco it is not funny. Grew up Republican, worked for Dick Nixon at the WH as a young staffer. Has years in working with the Cal leg… Milton Marks organisation.. Switched to the Democatic party. Like so many in this town.

The weeknight overnight guy, Ray Taliaferro is a long time (40 years) disgusting Democratic operative.

diane - 24 July 2011


That’s The Law I almost felt sorry for him, but certainly, most his age are not more than gainfully employed let alone employed, or able to survive on their well paid for “entitlements” ….what a sleaze bag LIAR…….

marisacat - 24 July 2011

Lotta stupid people just love him. The Democratic party has carried him for decades.

diane - 24 July 2011

He somewhat reminded me of that sleazy DA, was it Hallinan …or some such …uggggh the whole SF Bobo’s Episcopalian set makes me want to heave as much as the Sly Con Techie CLOUD GOD/Our Lady Of Peace ™ patented JESUS ™/JEW ™/BUDHA ™/HINDU ™/JOSEPH SMITH set

marisacat - 24 July 2011

Hallinan… where to begin.

Lot of what runs this town is Catholic. Or Jewish Irish Italian. Some use “Jirish” when a Jew marries an Irish. Some openly use “Israeli”. Some use ‘Triple I” for Irish, Italian Israeli.

Good luck to them all.

diane - 24 July 2011

Well they’ll certainly need good luck after they’ve killed off (Fucking Deliberately!) all those who actually care about other living beings, …I wouldn’t want to witness them gnawing at each others flesh for lack of being able to gnaw on the innocent, outside of petty bullshit, citizens they’ve slaughtered, at the end of the “day,” they are fucking despicable and pathetic.

marisacat - 24 July 2011

I don’t think they will be gnawing at each other.

diane - 24 July 2011

(sorry, that “v” at the end was unintended, a result of repeatedly tying to “paste” my comment using the control key and the letter v on the stupid keyboard …jeesh …what a fucking mess …I miss pure laughter, without fear following it, … so very much, nonetheless I’m kind of grinning at my blunder …)

diane - 24 July 2011

I do. Who the fuck else are they going to gnaw on and brutalize, when everyone else is dead? …They fucking get off exerting their abuse, they’ll still need that high after they’ve killed everyone else off. Not like they are really friends of each other, they haven’t a clue about the age old meaning of love, empathy and compassion.

Love, empathy and compassion …aren’t a figment of our imaginations, we’ve all witnessed those feelings, even if only for a fleeting moment, and they last forever.

marisacat - 24 July 2011

There is an endless supply of victims. Think about it.

WHY people still want to come here, I don’t understand… quite aside from the fact that any era of internal expansion is over for America, on any scale that matters.

diane - 24 July 2011

There is an endless supply of victims.

not in the long run there isn’t, … outside of half human, programmed droids (and what fun could it be trying to abuse something unable to experience pain?). …For just one, the female population is reportedly dwindling, for another, many will increasingly refuse, or not be able to, for lack of cell creating sustenance, bear children into this fucker.

(How many homeless women bear children? The reproductive system shuts down at a certain point of malnutrition.)

marisacat - 24 July 2011

oh please stop for a minute and think. We tromp thru country after country. If not one region then another, if not one country then another, if not one continent then another… A THOUSAND bases, according to whatshisname…. (he died last year, the author of Blowback) we forment war and starvation and hunger and displacement. We have a never ending supply of venal partners, inside this country and globally.

We protect Israel from every consequence, and we will do it as long as we can.

I don’t have to like Qaddafi to know he stood up to various efforts for decades, til just a few years ago, when he pandered for a new game. NOW we and several European countries that yearn for African colonialism of a new sort are beating those people to death, in favor of the Central Bank of Benghazi.

WE have a near global gag rule, anywhere we exert power or can ship in and fund the fucking religionists (think Uganda, which we are drawing back to a horror of a fundamentalist nation) against women and contraception and birth control and abortion, we have a gag rule INSIDE this country over sex education, reproductive rights, abortion… on and on it goes. Water, farmland, death, loss, war we have levers of control well established and are building an hegemony. Anywhere we can. Our competition is other industrilaised nations, the bigger emerging nations… China. BRIC…And so on.

The supply of victims is ENDLESS.

diane - 24 July 2011

I don’t dispute any of what you’ve stated except for the fact that it’s endless. There is a potential finite at the rate these fuckers are running things.

At the rate this earth is being comandeered by robber barons, things very well could come to an end for the majority of the living some time sooner than we would want to ever imagine. the Japan disaster being a prime example. For another instance, even outside of that current nuclear disaster, if the worries of a potential massive solar storm are true, things would get really bad, unbelievably fast, especially in those many places where the weather drops to near zero temperatures, …and certainly, there would be no intertubes to share thoughts on what to do, even for the Masters of the Universe.

marisacat - 24 July 2011

But don’t you see… the disaster scenarios is all about victims?

It sure was not the ordinary Japanese families of NE Japan who were on planes for Australia, nearly immediately. First looking at Osaka and Tokyo, but figuring out, whoops…not all that safe.

diane - 24 July 2011

I do see honey, but I also see that at some point, there will be no where for the fuckers to escape to, or no means for them to escape. If that solar storm happens for instance, a lot of those escape planes/jets won’t even be able to fly, as their puter systems will shut down, or they won’t be able to fuel them because the fueling process requires electricity, they’ll be stuck, with those they’ve victimized for years.

marisacat - 24 July 2011

The extreme wealthy will hve escape hatches. Areas of the US for one, will work for some.. Already speeding that way…

The victims and the ability to victimise will be endless. It already is…

And I don’t expect overwhelming and overlapping multiple simultaneous apocalypse, the way you do.

diane - 24 July 2011

I didn’t say I expected multiple simultaneous disasters, or some immediate worldwide “apocalypse.” I said in the long run, meaning the disasters will overlap over time, and make it near impossible to escape to an unaffected place on earth. I’m sure the remaining effects of Chernobyl and Three mile Island, Hanford, etc… are already overlapping with the disaster in Japan, for instance.

In the mean time, some large events, such as a solar storm blowing out satellites and the power grid in the US (which is not at all beyond the realm of possibility), would severely cripple the ability for anyone in the US, no matter how wealthy, to escape to an unaffected area. Communications, lifestyle and government weaponry rely on ‘the power grid’ for the most part, and the ‘elite’ are massively outnumbered without their communications and weaponry.

diane - 25 July 2011

And I stupidly left out the obvious, transportation, should have written:

Transportation, communications, lifestyle and government weaponry rely on ‘the power grid’ for the most part, and the ‘elite’ are massively outnumbered without their transportation, communications and weaponry.

8. diane - 24 July 2011

I cried (5.00 / 3) (#12)
by suzieg on Sun Jul 24, 2011 at 07:25:43 AM EST

when I saw Obama proudly confirm that he had put social security, medicare and medicaid on the table without any increases in tax rates for 10yrs.
I thought back at all the work I’d done for the Democratic Party and the money I spent to get candidates elected for over 40 yrs, mistakenly thinking that the Democratic party would be the one to protect Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid from the evil Republicans

It’s inconceivable to me that a democratic president and now liberal democrats, such as Pelosi, are stating that they are open to raising the age of eligibility, raising premiums/co-pays and tinkering with COLA to keep the tax rates in place for 10 yrs all because they don’t want to demonstrate against the first black president.

The betrayal is keeping me up at night – I don’t know why it’s affecting me this much. Probably because I’m scared to death of losing my private insurance on August 1, as I’m turning 65 in 2 weeks, knowing Medicare most likely won’t be there for me now, resulting in 6 months without insurance until I can re-apply for my old insurance, if they’ll allow it!

Adding to that it’s probably the disappointment of looking forward to finally be free of extremely expensive private insurance, after counting down the days for the past 2 years and to be able, with the extra money, to enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures, like going to the movies, symphony, theater or even a week-end away, which we’ve not been able to afford and done without for the past 7 yrs.

I don’t think it’s that, as much as the thought of the cruelty that will be perpetuated on millions of elderly and the poor while the affluent continues to bask in their riches – it’s just too galling!

My mind keeps racing about what else I can contribute to try to stop this folly, which I have: I’ve phoned, faxed and emailed the party, Pelosi, Reid, the WH, my senators, house rep – signed every petition out there I could find from the unions, Move On, DailyKos, AARP, The Nation and the groups they’ve recommended, asking to take the safety net off the table and still feel I must do more. I’ve never felt so powerless and know I must stop, this is consuming me…

I’m not a religious person, but in times like these, I hope there’s a hell!

marisacat - 24 July 2011

suzie g… wakey wakey.

stop voting for them

diane - 24 July 2011

Well….I wouldn’t have stated it that way, because I, like you have voted for those fuckers, and our revelations haven’t all arrived with the same timing, ….many times for reasons beyond our control ….really …just circumstance …..but yeah ….certainly don’t vote for them

marisacat - 24 July 2011

People REFUSED to wake up over Bill. I could nto believe how people defended how bad a cmapaign Gore ran, how they bought the Blame Nader (who I have never voted for).. then Kerry. A WORSE campaign if possible.

It really was disgusting to watch. He Bill, I mean, did so many terrible things and the so called rank and file were pretty OK with it. He TOO continued a lot that Bush Sr did. ON and on and on and on and on and on. People were OK with Reid. O my fucking god. They really were. They still are.

The Democrats pull out the old schemes. Our guy is so unloved, assaulted, lied about and he TRIIIIIED so hard. You gotta vote for him… Remember the SC!!

2012 will be interesting to watch. All they have by now is the SC.

diane - 24 July 2011

Pat’s words on the privatized CALI Justices should have been aired all over the ABC network, as should have, the words of that black man, about the tricked out, sleazy ass, oBombster.

marisacat - 24 July 2011

San Francisco is shuttering 25 Superior Ct courtrooms of a little over 60.

diane - 24 July 2011

yup, $$$$$$$JUSTUS$$$$$$$

9. marisacat - 24 July 2011

hmm I scammed this from SMBIVA… Breivik was not only anti Islamic immigration he was heavily pro Israel. (if we believe the manifesto the authorities are offering…)

What a shock.

JPost link

10. marisacat - 24 July 2011




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