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Future 31 July 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, Afghanistan War, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Israel/AIPAC, Total fucking lunatics, WAR!.

Helmand, Afghanistan: US marines walk past a Russian tank left over from the war between the Soviet Union and Afghan mujahideen Photograph: David Goldman/AP

… might as well drink.

For the moment, I am drowning myself in Barry Lyndon.  Seems as good a drowning pool as any…..




1. diane - 31 July 2011

From the last thread hon:

ALL AGREE on suppressing women, suppressing gays, suppressing children….

and elevating some vicious patriarchy.

Yup, one brutal patriarchy is the goal. It’s already here, been here …and in a constant state of refining, furthering, the suppression … and suppressing and destroying, …… anything decent and humane associated with ‘religion.’

And yeah, where were: the DC Christos, oBombster; … Boner; …etc., ….when this happened:

Clergy arrested in Capitol budget protest
Published: July 29, 2011 at 7:06 AM

prefacing piccy
Rabbi Arthur Waskow is arrested as he participates in a group prayer to protest the proposed budget cuts that will threaten programs for the poor and needy on Capitol Hill in Washington on July 28, 2011. The group was arrested after refusing to leave. UPI/Kevin Dietsch

Capitol Police said they were charged with demonstrating within a U.S. Capitol building and taken away for processing.

“Our elected officials are protecting corporations and wealthy individuals while shredding the safety net for millions of the most vulnerable people in our nation and abroad. Our faith won’t allow us to passively watch this travesty unfold. … Today, we offer our bodies as a living sacrifice,” wrote the Rev. Michael Livingston, a past president of the National Council of the Churches of Christ (USA).

The protesters included Jim Winkler, general secretary of the United Methodist Church’s General Board of Church and Society; Rabbi Arthur Waskow of the Shalom Center in Philadelphia; and the Rev. Jennifer Butler, head of Faith in Public Life.

marisacat - 31 July 2011

oh the Catholics Bishops have protested the cuts as well.

I find most of it to be charades.

diane - 31 July 2011

Whatever charades are being played …(and I’m admittedly, very suspicious myself hon,, as to the heads of the “Temples” …arriving: way late in the slaughters going on), .it has become quite clear …that …. empathy is passé (actually, ….it has never, ever been a goal in DC …) …. I have a feeling they didn’t think they would be cuffed that quickly, …yeah ……join the fuckin crowd ….. :0)

2. marisacat - 31 July 2011

I skipped all news all day after am soaps… tune into the evening news, just in time for Big Break in so he, manna from heaven, can address us.

“Countdown to Crisis” from ABC.

Line us up and shoot us now, get it over with.

3. diane - 31 July 2011

yeah, ..that photo, you prefaced with, …is looking …like our future ……there are not enough handkerchiefs to go around ….for that one ….

diane - 31 July 2011

then again, ..”we’ve” been submitting others, to that future…, ….for quite the time …

and anyone sane, has been prescribed, psychotropic meds.

we’ve got a long way to go, …. doesn’t even begin to describe the mess we are in, …with teens, …willfully, …. taking their lives, …with ease!

diane - 31 July 2011

…propped up against a gymnasium wall…


(I would submit also, that that gymnasium wall ….also includes ..”mental” gymnastics ,……in that …the most sadistic, heartless mother fuckers, who win that argument, because they can’t be bothered with considering the downsides to the living,…and therefore, …are the first ones to come up with the “right” answer” …are now being rewarded …like nobodies fuckin bizniss) …

4. ts - 31 July 2011

Not sure if it’s been posted before:

Cancer stricken ground zero worker gets check for $0

CANCER-STRICKEN Ground Zero worker Edgar Galvis has finally received a compensation cheque – for zero dollars.
The New York Post reported the 51-year-old Queens man, who suffered sinus problems and then throat cancer after months of removing toxic debris from the World Financial Center, was relieved to get a cheque in the mail for his court settlement with Merrill Lynch, whose offices he had cleaned.

But he was stunned when he saw the amount: $0.00.

His award had been $10,005, but his lawyers at the firm Worby, Groner, Edelman & Napoli Bern lopped off $2579 for unitemised legal expenses.

Then they took a 33.3 per cent fee of $2124. They also subtracted $352, a fee to the lawyer who referred him.

The remaining $4950 was withheld for unspecified “liens”, the letter says.

Hired by contractors clearing dust and rubble from Merrill Lynch offices next to Ground Zero, Mr Galvis said he toiled 16 hours a day for six months in a jumpsuit and paper mask that would tear when he sweated.

At $8 an hour, he made close to $800 a week.

In May 2005, a friend gave him a business card passed out by the law firm. A representative came to his home.

“The man told me that more than likely I will get sick and I would get 60 per cent of whatever he won,” Mr Galvis said.

“He even mentioned the words ‘millions of dollars’.”

In April 2010, he got a $10,000 offer. A letter from the law firm said he could expect about $5000 after expenses and fees.

It warned that if his case went to trial and he lost, he could owe the firm up to $100,000 in costs.

He took the settlement.

His claim cited chronic rhinosinusitis and sleep disorders. He was diagnosed with throat cancer last August and began chemotherapy and radiation.

But it was “too late” to adjust his claim.

marisacat - 31 July 2011

how truly awful… I had not heard that.

And that breakdown of money withheld is just how they do it. s if he has the strength to fight the supposed “liens” withheld…

I don’t kow if they still have this, but it USED to be that if ordered by the judge, attys got the “costs” paid by te court as well.

Pretty slick huh?

5. BooHooHooMan - 31 July 2011

Yesterday, I pushed back on the bothersome Beltway meme that President Obama is invisible in this epic fight over raising the debt ceiling. Today, I want to dispute Peggy Noonan’s assertion that “nobody loves Obama.” Her opinion piece is all the more noteworthy for calling the president “a loser.” There are many legitimate criticisms you could level against Obama, particularly about his governing style or his personality. But calling him a “loser” was uncalled for.

The notion that “nobody loves Obama” is something Noonan says she’s “never seen in national politics.” She goes on to write….


Noonan said she asked Democrats who supported Obama how they felt about him. She got a lot of comments that backed up her claim. But she didn’t talk to my ex, Giuseppe, an Italian who came to this country to pursue the American Dream and fell head over heels for Barack Obama in 2007. He was the first person I heard speak about the then-Illinois senator in Messianic terms that made me uncomfortable. As a result, Giuseppe has become my Obama barometer. If the president loses Giuseppe, he’s sunk.

Giuseppe remains firmly in the president’s corner.

I asked him to read Noonan’s op-ed and to send me his reaction. Read it for yourself.

Don’t believe her!
I LOVE the guy, and I LOVE the family.
Instinctively. I connect to him like I have never connected with any politician EVER before . . . here or in Italy.
The man could be my friend. He speaks my language, he is smart, he is funny. I could hang out with him any time. I feel I would talk to him or share my life with him like he was you, or Marques, or Willie, or Maurice or ada!
I guess Noonan doesn’t know nobody like us! Or more simply she is just practicing the most popular sport among conservatives. . . . which is ganging up on him . . . cause he is too smart, real and genuine in a way that they could never be .. . .because they live in another reality, one that is shrinking up around them.
It’s time for these people to start realizing that this country and this world do not revolve around them and that they DEFINITELY are NOT the future of this country! And what they believe in and want will matter less and less, it’s just a matter of time.

Giuseppe watched Obama slog through politically debilitating events such as health care, the gulf oil spill, the battle to end “don’t ask don’t tell” — and now this debt-ceiling fight that has the United States staring at default or downgrade or both for the first time in history. And his faith in the man has not wavered one bit.

All presidents should have such “grim support” or be so loved.

Jeezis. LOL. And WaPo actually pays this kid to beat-off….
And today, to peddle Giuseppe’s ass-wares, too!
Good thing I don’t take the print version,
,,,, with all that jizz on it.

marisacat - 31 July 2011

Actually a couple of grafs in Noonan’s piece made perfect sense…. For one, that Obster is singular as a apretzel: NO FRIENDS… none. Which I have said for a long while.

One reason is he doesn’t really acknowlege other people, and certainly nto congress.

BooHooHooMan - 31 July 2011

And his present, shallow, purported “circle” are all the same too.
Insular AND ineffectual.
And while I think anybody is better off without Rahm, Emanual like Schumer simply purchases or extorts what temporal “loyalties” they need. But Plouffe? Pfft. The Staffer from Delaware shtick worked on the college kids. Messina? As shallow as they come, And no juice on the Hill, A supplicant among supplicants. I’d at least say this about Axelrod and this is from peripheral contact with him for a brief time years ago, that, however aloof, he at least had the political ability to project some humanity around those he worked with. Almost REAL, even! LOL. And,a campaign-rescue instinct to bundle whatever baby he was handling aboard floundering ship. Which of course would last until you’d see him with a lifejacket then tossing baby as flotsam. LOL. Some endorsement! LOL.

But you know what I mean. 😉
There is a clip of the two of them on Slection Night, immediately after it was called for Obby. They were getting on an elevator. Really revealing, the facades stripped away, Neither Axelrod nor Plouffe able to fake it thru the earnest, No-Drama thing anymore, They spoke and laughed like they had just boosted an armored car. Which they did.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Axelrod and his Jr. / Diminishing Returns Partner – Plouffe – part ways after Payday 2012 regardless of the inside/outside arrangement they have now or will need to make ,:wink:, : for the campaign. A coupla campaigns together, which, .to borrow a phrase from you, is a “long thieving run” in politics.

marisacat - 31 July 2011

Yeah Noonan pointed up (from her near celestial perch) all the stupid empty crap going on fr 2012. It is just hyper gamer boys on crack doing an election. As I see it.. come be with th techno whiz kids!!!, etc.

She pushed that dumb “purple” crap tho – how wonderful it was, which seh knows very well is/was a crafted schtick that Axelrod has pushed thru several candidates. “One America” shit, whcih to be frank just sounds fascistic…

Not just Deval … Axelrod was with Edwards in 2004 and they pushed that. Freddie Ferrer in 2001.. and others.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 1 August 2011

How unsurprising that right now the High and Holy Speachifier of the blessed Saint Raygun would come down from the celestial palace to spew the Purple schmurple, the hip new jargon descriptor of the mythic “Raygun Democrat”

Certainly It is one of the new Shibboleths required for entry into political “debate” and cavort unicorn-like in abou tthe media’s poppyfields of “reason”.

And we all really need to be reasonable in this time of endless “crisis”

Ain’t freedom wonderful?.

B.Sun editiorial is yet one more formulation of the fable:

Thanks to gerrymandered congressional districts that mean many representatives face competition only in their party primaries, there are few centrists left, and members of both parties’ fringes not only have an incentive to embrace extremism but reason to fear for their re-election prospects if they don’t.

The author has got the gerrymandering right, but name me one “extreme leftist” anywhere on the national political stage.

marisacat - 1 August 2011

yeah there aren’t any. None… you might get some that are a bit more liberal than others… but it is next to meaningless.

I’ve watched Kucinich, whom fools think is some savior, cavort with the party, do its bidding, etc. Bernie Sanders likes to bluster and blow and I am sure he does some qualified good, but big time Israel supporter, etc.

Hell even Franken is an old time liberal… but again, Uber Alles Israel.

They get them all on something.

Jackie Spier who has the old Tom Lantos seat, San Mateo Co and a large swathe of San Francisco as well.. was on the local am show and went harder against Obster than she ever has. Called him “the worst negotiator I have ever seen”. And was probably genuinely angry. She said his approach t o the deal was all about avoiding a similar fight between now and re election. Well yeah.

Two years ago she would not have gone hard against him… but enh.

… it all means nothing.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 1 August 2011

I just had a conversation with fellow “liberal” artist yesterday about Kookinich and Sanders. He was still a little doe-eyed yet; down on the Ooobster yet still believing that somehow the former pols will lead the Dems out of the wilderness of “wussy-ness”.

I told him I thought that those guys were cover for a huge con, and even if you could believe their sincerity on any given issue (and surely all of them are compromised on at least some issues, too), they serve only as window dressing.

W/o Sanders,Franken, the “kookinich,” Grijalva et al. the Dems could no longer claim to be a “left-of-Center” party, IMO

The world and our beleaguered nation would be better if those guys just quit and let the charade end…

marisacat - 1 August 2011

yes they sell themselves as big tent… but they are not.

Pete Stark was on the local am show … last week.. and was very blunt about L’Obster… said he gets in bed with the R. Gee how nice.

But there are details around of decades of Pete Stark sell outs, esp to the medical industry. Another big time gate keeper in congress, like Dingell and Conyers and others.

It is so corrupt and they all share in the spoils as I see it. Only so many womens, only so many blacks, only so many latino.

And it really does not matter as they are all crooked, as I see it. Sell outs, hacks, bag carriers, etc. And all of them are authoritarian. All of them.

BooHooHooMan - 31 July 2011

Gay Italian Ex Lover of Jonathon Capehart {(Who?}
Giuseppe! {(Who?}Still Supports, Obama! {(Who?!!}

– Obama / Giuseppe Relationship Remains Unchanged!
(Like Country!)
– Giuseppe / Obama Love Affair To Continue!
– Just NOT .with . Jonathon! All Remain Close!

marisacat - 31 July 2011

I aso read he has (or had) been the publicist for McGeevey and his boyfriend. 😆 NOT the Israeli one, snicker.


marisacat - 31 July 2011

oh I googled Jonathan Capehart as I knew nothing about him. Guiseppi is his boyfriend. Apparently.

So valuable knowing it is a Obama loving home. Gah. This is like so many relationships, gay straight and upsidedown, we get dragged thru.

BooHooHooMan - 31 July 2011

EX Boyfriend!.
Capehart broke the news in his article! LOL

marisacat - 31 July 2011

I am heart broken.

6. marisacat - 31 July 2011

Too perfect. via “twig” at corrente

Is this perfect or what?

By twig on Sun, 07/31/2011 – 7:42pm

Description of an apparently clueless OFA meeting near me:

“We will celebrate President Obama’s 50th birthday by registering voter, soliciting new volunteers to complete “I’m In”card

and eating cake.”

Seriously, I did not make that up!

Don’t worry twig, we cannot make this shit up. THEY do it, all ready to go.

BooHooHooMan - 31 July 2011
BooHooHooMan - 31 July 2011

‘night all… 😉

marisacat - 31 July 2011

oh gee.

The Republicans won. The wingers won. Pete Petersen won. Cato Insitute won. Club for Growth won. Richard Viguerie won.

To me, the Tea Droop people are so inconsequential, just the latest petit-fours on the tea table.

7. BooHooHooMan - 31 July 2011

Sorry, one more…

Democrats will lose now. But they can win later.
By Ezra Klein

BooHooHooMan - 31 July 2011

First paragraph form Ezra –

Democrats are going to lose this one. The first stage of the emerging deal doesn’t include revenue, doesn’t include stimulus, and lets Republicans pocket a trillion dollars or more in cuts without offering anything to Democrats in return.

Good Fuckin Grief.

BooHooHooMan - 31 July 2011

Jeezus Crifes. Between Capehart and Klein,
Who is passing out the loincloths and gold body paint
Who’s handin out the poppers , lotion, and laurels in DC tonite?
Holy F U C K. 😆

Goooood night.

marisacat - 31 July 2011

I think I will actually read tht. Exra spent so much of 2007 and 08 with his mouth cupping Obama’s nearly non existent balls. He wrote such exuberant slime, I could hardly believe it.

marisacat - 31 July 2011

oh that was pretty bad. Geesh.

8. marisacat - 1 August 2011

EVERYthing is going so well…

The US wants to stay in Iraq to prolong its record of success

“”Iraq remains an extraordinarily dangerous place to work,” Stuart Bowen, chief of the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, said in a report. “It is less safe, in my judgment, than 12 months ago.” The report notes that 44 Iraqi government and security officials have been assassinated since April. It also draws attention to the rocket attacks on the American Embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone enclave and a deadly bomb blast July 7 that killed two U.S. troops near an entrance to Camp Victory, the U.S. military headquarters in Iraq.”

Posted by As’ad AbuKhalil at 6:24 AM

9. marisacat - 1 August 2011

And framing! It is a success – A VICTORY! as people will get their August checks. What spin.

–WHITE HOUSE email to allies —

“Talking Points: A Victory for the American People”: “Even Speaker Boehner was open to a deal with $800 billion in revenues, and nearly 20 GOP senators were supportive of the Gang of 6 framework, which had more than $2 trillion in revenue. … The last time an enforcement mechanism like this was used – with 50% domestic and 50% defense cuts – the threat of defense cuts helped drive the 1990 bipartisan budget agreement under President George H.W. Bush that included both revenues and spending reductions. … For those who say the tough choices included in this framework aren’t good enough, a default on the nation’s debt would result in severe economic consequences and significant hardship on all Americans – from a tax increase on everyone in the form of higher interest rates on their mortgages, car loans, and credit cards to delays in payments for seniors, the disabled, the nation’s veterans, small businesses that have contracts with the federal government.”

10. marisacat - 1 August 2011

hmm The New Yorker has a write up of the getting of bin laden… some crafted fiction I am sure, but it has tidbits that feel real.

[O]n his radio, he reported, ‘For God and country-Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo.’ After a pause, he added, ‘Geronimo E.K.I.A.-‘enemy killed in action.’ Hearing this at the White House, Obama pursed his lips, and said solemnly, to no one in particular, ‘We got him.'”


“For God and Country”…. our universal blessing, I guess, on horror. Our expiation.

And this rings true… Useless and Not Needed goes golfing and then watches it on TV….

[A]t eleven o’clock, Obama’s top advisers began gathering around a large conference table. … Brigadier General Marshall Webb, an assistant commander of [the Joint Special Operations Command], took a seat … in a small adjoining office … [with] the only video feed in the White House showing real-time footage of the target, which was being shot by an unarmed RQ 170 drone flying more than fifteen thousand feet above Abbottabad. …

Obama returned to the White House at two o’clock, after playing nine holes of golf at Andrews Air Force Base. The Black Hawks departed from Jalalabad thirty minutes later. Just before four o’clock, Panetta announced to the group in the Situation Room that the helicopters were approaching Abbottabad.

Obama stood up. ‘I need to watch this,’ he said, stepping across the hall into the small office and taking a seat alongside Webb. Vice-President Joseph Biden, Secretary Gates, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton followed him, as did anyone else who could fit into the office. …

I don’t know the author, Nicholas Schmidle… but I think we are supposed to be impressed he speaks Persian and Urdu.

Whooop de do.

11. marisacat - 1 August 2011

… 😆

“Reagan spoke to America’s longing for order, our need to believe that we are not simply subject to blind, impersonal forces, but that we can shape our individual and collective destinies, so long as we rediscover the traditional virtues of hard work, patriotism, person responsibility, optimism, and faith.

That Reagan’s message found such a receptive audience spoke not only to his skills as a communicator; it also spoke to the failures of liberal government, during a period of economic stagnation, to give middle-class voters any sense that it was fighting for them. For the fact was that government at every level had become too cavalier about spending taxpayer money. Too often, bureaucracies were oblivious to the cost of their mandates. A lot of liberal rhetoric did seem to value rights and entitlements over duties and responsibilities. Reagan may have exaggerated the sins of the welfare state, and certainly liberals were right to complain that his domestic policies tilted heavily toward economic elites, with corporate raiders making tidy profits throughout the eighties while unions were busted and the income for the average working stiff flatlined.

Nevertheless, by promising to side with those who worked hard, obeyed the law, cared for their families, and loved their country, Reagan offered Americans a sense of a common purpose that liberals seemed no longer able to muster. And the more his critics carped, the more those critics played into the role he’d written for them–a band of out-of-touch, tax-and-spend, blame-America-first, politically correct elites

Our Leader Doth Speaketh

Audacity of Hope, 31-32.

Courtesy Mike Whitney who quotes it in his C Punch piece today.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 1 August 2011

Nice pick.

Not surprisingly, liberal pundits everywhere are moaning that Obama was “mugged” or worse, that he was “blackmailed”.

What nonsense. This is the plan that Obama wanted from the very beginning, liberals were just unwilling to listen until now. They were too caught up with his lofty oratory and his personal history as if that was surefire proof of a kind heart and a progressive outlook.

Amen, and pass the ammunition

marisacat - 1 August 2011

see, i always thought his personal story was vry problematical… if people bought the surface stories… and they did with absolutely NO reading of the archives at the big chicago dailies, a treasure trove… nor did people read the local black press… nor apparently were many so-called liberals and others equipped to come to any independent conclusions. clearly. and sorry to be blunt but a boat load of black people were just silly and stupid.

IF they can’t recognise a black overseer, LOL we are fucking fucked.

He is one of the biggest jokes and crimes ever hatched with the compliance of the voters…. Or as BHHM said last night, Axelrod and Plouffe hijacked an armoured car and got away with it.


ts - 1 August 2011

The interesting thing is that if Congress cannot agree on cuts, then everything gets the ax proportionately, including our military budget, which under normal circumstances is the third fourth and fifth rail.

Course, after 2012 there may no longer be disagreement in Congress (or the Presidency), but if O and the Senate Dems can hang on by their fingernails, I may run short of popcorn.

marisacat - 1 August 2011

I heard on an update Bernie Sanders is voting NO

whatever, finally.

marisacat - 1 August 2011

Oh god theatre, the Dems hauled in Gabby Giffords to show up. I am so tired of the games, at the end of the day… I guess no need to read 218 on thsi one… :

7:05pm | The House has reached the required majority to pass the debt limit increase.

7:03pm | Resounding applause for Gabby Giffords as she enters the House chamber.

6:59pm | 6:00 remaining:

Republicans: 148-50

Democrats: 19-52

Total: 167-102

marisacat - 1 August 2011

Sorry that total was before they reached the fll number. Dems held back til the Republicans had enough to put it over.

Gabby, bless her dear nearly assassinated mind, voted YES.


BooHooHooMan - 1 August 2011

👿 😆 😆 😆

12. Ganjafied Gabacho - 1 August 2011

Passes the house by a 54 vote margin…the “lefties” on MSNBC “surprised” its so large a margin. LMAO

Love the Huffed up post headline: Debt Ceiling Deal Paves Way For Potentially Historic Lobbying Campaign

Ya, and not just for the 12 member “super congress”…

OMG Fineman just said bill “sanctified” by Giffords vote…

marisacat - 1 August 2011

I think she needs to wear a tiara, really. Apply to the Vatican for living sainthood.

Absolute fucking joke it has become.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 1 August 2011

Ya a saint for the holy reagan democrats…she’s never been any kind of liberal and here jerrymandered district manages to skip over a lot of poor brown folks to unite whites in the suburbs ringing the mountains that surround Tucson….

Now Chris Mathews has got Rangel on…unbelievable that anyone who can breathe believes these mountebanks…

marisacat - 1 August 2011

Gabby used to be a R, which is a favored sort recruited by the DNC or the local party to run in certain districts.

Oh I have no use for her. She and the husband are, imo, soft fascists. Nor do I think they should continue the fakery that she can serve. Her Chief Admin, think her name is Capusano, spoke, I think probably a littl too honestly, a few weeks ago about what condition GG is in.

it is very very very basic. Single words, or maybe two. Gestures for most things.

Not enough. She needs to move on, and out. Not that it matters, ultimately.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 1 August 2011

“Soft Fascist” is perfectly accurate. Highly tuned to power and ready to be its handmaiden…

re: “moving on”…I think that she’s got most of the lights on upstairs but great difficulty with fine movements and almost no language (bullet took out that part of her cerebellum, i.i.r.c.). But obviously she’s together enough to trot out for long distance camera shot’s to “sanctify” their proceedings…

marisacat - 1 August 2011

I had the feeling her AZ chief was told to talk to the press but not given any guidelines and that she was truthful. But not what they wanted said, as they suddenly hustled out the pics of her that they had been sitting on and that Debbie Wasserman S creature appeared everywhere to say how competent and chatty GG is. She alsmot said she has political discussions with Gabby, but stopped just short.

Yeah right.

When her staff person said something very diffrent.

13. marisacat - 1 August 2011

Our system is a mess, it really is. Black is white, up is down, rain is sunshine… etc:

6:10pm | Pelosi speaking now.

Pelosi: “We have come here to make the future better for future generations. That is what our founding fathers visualized for America.”

Pelosi: “It is hard to believe we are putting our best foot forward with the legislation that comes before us today.”

Pelosi: “I‘m not happy with it, but am proud of some of the accomplishments contained in it.”

Pelosi says this delay has led to uncertainty that has impacted American families

Pelosi: “I urge my colleagues to think of seniors” and support the bill

14. marisacat - 1 August 2011

Oh look at this.. (I am working from a Business Insider update email):

The House will adjourn for it’s five week August recess after tonight’s debt vote, meaning the partial FAA shutdown will continue.

4,000 employees will remained furloughed, and hundreds of construction projects will remain unfunded until Congress returns in September.

Sends a big message, doesn’t it?

marisacat - 1 August 2011

what is the value of a word anyway… apparently at 4:33, I guess addressing Democrats, Biden called Tea Partiers “terrorists“.

sigh. No, just another pressure group that was used to an extraordinary degree by both parties. Nothing more nothing less.


Ganjafied Gabacho - 1 August 2011

Does this have anything to do with Oobster railing against those private jets? (kidding)

R and D working for the future growth of the american ghetto…

marisacat - 1 August 2011

he gets hooked on anedoctal stuff and uses it and reuses it. That seems to be one, for now. Remember when ti was lightbulbs? That got really boring. He used that so many times… til it was a joke.

Part of it, I think, is that he so disinterested. But also, other than scheming talent, I never caught the drift of all that much intelligence. I think he does what is easy for several reasons.

😆 🙄

15. Ganjafied Gabacho - 1 August 2011

I’m not really sure the scheming part comes from him…Michelle obviously read McBeth as a how to manual…I wonder if she read the final act?

marisacat - 1 August 2011

oh I think he has been a schemer his whole life. Or from adolescence, late teens. And I think his dealings with people are pretty dishonest… on a deeply personal level, I mean.

BooHooHooMan - 1 August 2011

I’m not really sure the scheming part comes from him…Michelle obviously read McBeth

Yes! But has she read, , …McJOAN? :
Another classic:

Yes, it’s time to pivot to jobs, and it isn’t going to happen

by Joan McCarter

SOAR with the Verse, Noble Ganjified!

It’s what Democrats should by all means be talking about, non-stop. It’s all they should have been talking about all these past months. But Democrats don’t set the agenda, regardless of having the White House and the Senate.

Oya~ Right up there with the Bard’s-

I have given suck, and know
How tender ’tis to love the babe that milks me:
I would, while it was smiling in my face,
Have pluck’d my nipple from his boneless gums,
And dash’d the brains out, had I so sworn
As you have done to this.

–Lady Macbeth, Act I, scene vii

😆 Just tryin ta stay classy, here. 😉

16. BooHooHooMan - 1 August 2011

Making the rounds from AP…
saw the heap on Politico…

Benjamin Netanhayu reportedly bows to Obama on 1967 borders


By ELIAS GROLL | 8/1/11 5:13 PM EDT Updated: 8/1/11 6:16 PM EDT

President Barack Obama has wrung a big concession from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 🙄 who has essentially 🙄 agreed to accept the 1967 borders as a starting 🙄 point 🙄 for peace talks with the Palestinians, according to an Israeli TV report on Monday.

The decision by Netanyahu represents a dramatic policy shift 🙄 🙄 🙄 for the Israeli prime minister who was incensed in May when Obama publicly proposed that the 1967 borders be the basis for negotiations with the Palestinians.

Obama’s position was seen by many as a sharp departure from longstanding U.S. policy, although the White House insisted it was not. {TRUE, that last part – bhhm.}

According to a report on Israeli public radio, Netanyahu put his position in writing and expressed in that document that he is not willing to return to the borders that predate the Arab-Israeli war of 1967. He will also insist in any negotiations that demographic changes since 1967 – meaning Jewish settlement of the West Bank – be taken into account.

They can’t even get through a few grafs without it piling up nose-deep.

Same ole pre-emptive propaganda.
Welp, if it’s extraordinary bullshit, faux- conciliatory, global news upstaging tortted out of malignant-narcissist Israel, it must be the first day of Ramadan.
(It is)

I see strategic multi-tasking is in this year, .
As.Officials set date for ‘Palestine 194’ march

Mass rallies in support of Palestinian statehood bid at United Nations to begin on September 20 in occupied West Bank.

– As Bibi is feeling a chill at home and Obama is TOAST here.
– As Erdogan in Turkey is consolidating his power and increasing his infuence.
– AsTurkey’s down-the-line US stooges in the Mil have resigned en-bloc.

As Mubarak is set to come to trial.

Oh my, no, I don’t see any new batch of Mil-freaks whether in Egypt or Turkey as certain to do anything other than serve themselves. But the Syrian model, pour example, is not working out so well, is it?, Assad will be dispatched eventually having nothing to do with narratives contrived out of DC and Tel Aviv.. Wherein lies the rub for Israel as the various heretofore neighboring lackey state military establishments reassess their internal tenability, they can no longer be counted on to do Israeli bidding, certainly not on the cheap.
Ah well, they will always have the U.S. and Obama.
Well, at least one for a time…

marisacat - 1 August 2011

BHHM I will move tis ahead to the next thread…

BooHooHooMan - 1 August 2011

Thanks, Mcat. 😎

I see the McJoan/ Shakespeare commentary didn’t make the cut! 😆 😉

marisacat - 1 August 2011

oh I will move that too… I just thought it was anchored as a “reply”….


17. Ganjafied Gabacho - 1 August 2011

Can’t really disagree, but he seems less than she on the whole…

marisacat - 1 August 2011

I think she is very disinterested… leaves official trips early looks irritated unless lecturing to people… it has become very marked, and all that played out in their last trip to what was supposed to be the UK, then on to three stops on the continent, all the way over to Poland iirc. She flaked out and left after London and… forget some other stop in the UK, Ireland maybe…

I am unsure what the problems are, but they are evident.

I noticed, as I could track it in the media, reading between the lines, the Dems had to openly ask her, “promise” that she would be campaigning in 2010. She hardly bothered… It was reported she went to bed early election night.

Now I have said I wish the Clitnons had NEVER shown up, hell never been born.. but I would never say they were disinterested pols (in-office entertainmetns frm Monica aside) either of them, nor that they had most certainly been, for all their small town smarmy financials, but they had certainly been policy people for a good while of their lives.

The Obamas? Not sure what they are.

18. marisacat - 1 August 2011



……….. 8)

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