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Gah 1 August 2011

Posted by marisacat in Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Lie Down Fall Down Dems, San Francisco, Total fucking lunatics.

San Francisco – Filbert Street – North Beach in the 50s

Oh it is to laugh!!  I just caught John Burton, the younger brother of Phil Burton, whose seat Nancy was, pretty much, moved into on a deathbed proclamation from his widow Sala…. it is the [Edmund G “Pat”] Brown [Phil] Burton Democratic machine we live under in much of this state, certainly in the Bay Area….

Anyway, John Burton says that Obama’s base is NOT turned off by this… Oh no!  They are ENERGISED by it… because they got a taste of seeing how the R operate.  (it was news?)

Here is the kicker, I did not really get the drift he buys that.





1. marisacat - 1 August 2011

Moving this forward, BHHM posted it at the end of the last thread:


Making the rounds from AP…
saw the heap on Politico…

Benjamin Netanhayu reportedly bows to Obama on 1967 borders


By ELIAS GROLL | 8/1/11 5:13 PM EDT Updated: 8/1/11 6:16 PM EDT

President Barack Obama has wrung a big concession from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 🙄 who has essentially 🙄 agreed to accept the 1967 borders as a starting 🙄 point 🙄 for peace talks with the Palestinians, according to an Israeli TV report on Monday.

The decision by Netanyahu represents a dramatic policy shift 🙄 🙄 🙄 for the Israeli prime minister who was incensed in May when Obama publicly proposed that the 1967 borders be the basis for negotiations with the Palestinians.

Obama’s position was seen by many as a sharp departure from longstanding U.S. policy, although the White House insisted it was not. {TRUE, that last part – bhhm.}

According to a report on Israeli public radio, Netanyahu put his position in writing and expressed in that document that he is not willing to return to the borders that predate the Arab-Israeli war of 1967. He will also insist in any negotiations that demographic changes since 1967 – meaning Jewish settlement of the West Bank – be taken into account.

They can’t even get through a few grafs without it piling up nose-deep.

Same ole pre-emptive propaganda.
Welp, if it’s extraordinary bullshit, faux- conciliatory, global news upstaging tortted out of malignant-narcissist Israel, it must be the first day of Ramadan.
(It is)

I see strategic multi-tasking is in this year, .
As.Officials set date for ‘Palestine 194’ march

Mass rallies in support of Palestinian statehood bid at United Nations to begin on September 20 in occupied West Bank.

– As Bibi is feeling a chill at home and Obama is TOAST here.
– As Erdogan in Turkey is consolidating his power and increasing his infuence.
– AsTurkey’s down-the-line US stooges in the Mil have resigned en-bloc.

As Mubarak is set to come to trial.

Oh my, no, I don’t see any new batch of Mil-freaks whether in Egypt or Turkey as certain to do anything other than serve themselves. But the Syrian model, pour example, is not working out so well, is it?, Assad will be dispatched eventually having nothing to do with narratives contrived out of DC and Tel Aviv.. Wherein lies the rub for Israel as the various heretofore neighboring lackey state military establishments reassess their internal tenability, they can no longer be counted on to do Israeli bidding, certainly not on the cheap.
Ah well, they will always have the U.S. and Obama.
Well, at least one for a time…

BooHooHooMan - 1 August 2011

AND as…

Israeli and Lebanese troops trade fire Al Jazeera link

UN official refuses to confirm if Israeli soldiers crossed Blue Line and prompted warning shots from the Lebanese side.

2. Madman in the Marketplace - 1 August 2011

from the last thread

[O]n his radio, he reported, ‘For God and country-Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo.’ After a pause, he added, ‘Geronimo E.K.I.A.-’enemy killed in action.’ Hearing this at the White House, Obama pursed his lips, and said solemnly, to no one in particular, ‘We got him.’”

It’s bad enuff that I read that our “heroes” who “make our freedom possible” call the brown people on the other side of the world that they’re sent to slaughter “Indians”, as though the original inhabitants of this continent were some kind of villains who’s genocide is in some way a proud fucking chapter in our military’s history.

No, that’s bad enuff, but for them to compare that fucking coward to Geronimo, to give OBL that name, the name of a man who fought for years AGAINST INVADERS, MURDERERS AND THIEVES, a man who our fucking military COULDN’T defeat, couldn’t catch, who they were only able to lock up after he surrendered to save his people more suffering, a man who fought our vaunted military to a standstill INTO HIS 70s …

Really, just fuck them …

marisacat - 1 August 2011

You may recall who they picked in the senate to fake handle the fake apology for using “Geronimo”.

AKAKA. gah. One of our Islander Japanese conservatives. LOL I am sure tons of people assume he and … oh I forget his name, the other Japanese … oh Inouye! I am sure tons of people assume they are liberals.

God knows why.

yeah one thing I do believe in the telling of Abbatobad is that bin Laden hid and peeked out and hid behind his wives… who are a lot more fierce than he is (was). geesh esp Wife No 5, who has assorted advanced degrees as well.

Madman in the Marketplace - 1 August 2011

oh, I missed that … typical.

Too bad they didn’t have that fucker Ben “Nighthorse” Campbell around anymore to do it.

marisacat - 1 August 2011

I half expected them to have one of the slices of tribes that ObRama has used, I recall Crow for one… I half expected the WH to have some healers come and dance it away.

Or some such sludge.

3. BooHooHooMan - 1 August 2011

More from the Professional Journo/ Suck-Up Front

Eugene Robinson.

A hold-your-nose debt deal

It’s supremely galling. It’s unbalanced, unfair and mostly unwise. For President Obama and the Democratic Party, it’s a comprehensive defeat. But it’s not the end of the world.


Republicans insisted on budget cuts only, with not a cent of new revenue — and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what they got. There’s no way to spin it: Boehner and the GOP won. Obama and the Democrats lost.This isn’t a rout, however. It’s a retreat, in relatively good order, 😆 that leaves Democrats provisioned for the battles to come.

The White House agreed to $900 billion in budget cuts over 10 years — in the absence of new tax revenue, a galling surrender. But the deal is structured so the slicing and dicing does not really begin until fiscal 2013, which gives the struggling economy some time to find its feet — not as much time as most economists would recommend, but better than nothing.™

The cuts exempt Medicaid and other programs for the poor

.It kicks the cuts to another Cat Food Committee.
So speak for yourself, Robinson.

Through absurdly complicated procedures, the agreement ensures that Obama will not face another fight over the debt ceiling before next year’s election. For this, we can all be grateful.

That’s pretty much it, in terms of not-so-bad news.

Obama tried, and failed™, {MORE BULLLSHIT} to shake Republicans out of their fevered dream that the $14.3 trillion national debt can be brought under control with budget cuts only. ndeed, the Tea Party zealots who cowed the party….


This is precious.

If it {the “Super-Committee”} can’t, {agree on cuts} a “trigger” mechanism starts slashing through the budget like Genghis Khan in a bad mood. This is supposed to be so unthinkable that it frightens everyone into sober rectitude. But I’ll go out on a limb and say that nothing is unthinkable anymore.

WHY then, UNCLE GENE, does your Obtuse excuse-making have any credibility? Oh but don’t stop now-

Overall, this is a bad deal that is made considerably less bad by the way its details are engineered. That’s still a long way from good.

Progressives lost this battle. They retain the capacity to win the next one,

“Change” meets “Don’t Stop Thinkin About Tomorrow” meets
Hope For Considerably Less Bad Considering The Retained Capacity To Win The Next One if They Are Smarter And Tougher. And Fight. You Can Believe In.

😯 Nigga~WHAT? :shocK:

marisacat - 1 August 2011

So bad.

Not much to add. Dumb fuck. Hack. Courtier. Etc. Spit and polisher. Brown noser.

BooHooHooMan - 1 August 2011

Sorry, can I have some help? HTML, and maybe an asteroid directed at DC. I missed a blockquote around GR’s shtick from “Republicans”…thru “programs for the poor.
(I shoulda packed in early tonight..Hell, like 30 years ago.)

marisacat - 1 August 2011

think I got it… no problem!

WP should have some kind of preview… but they don’t…


BooHooHooMan - 1 August 2011

Thanks. Especially for providing this place.
I am just so sick of what’s going on. And there isn’t much to add, hell you and madman and the rest of the crew saw all this shit coming a good ten years ago. When I was doing the proverbial “holding my nose” and humping Gore and Lieberman. (getting sick again) Anyways, the Dems-till-the-end, the journos all falling in line, not much to add. I could just linked to a visual representation.
Ah, fuck it, my hair has at least started to come back in, anyways. 😉

marisacat - 1 August 2011

oh I voted for Gore. I did not want another Bush. hahahahahah, that one tho and the ensuing mess really moved me a long way back to where i had been in ’91, ’92… I was so mad then, decided to just skip it. Oh I felt so free… I was enjoying the removal of the weight the burden of fretting over them, wondering if they could make it, hold on, not cave, etc.

THEN (not to bore people who have read this before) I read a piece in the NYT by Mike Davis, author (then) of City of Quartz about LA, such a fabulous writer on Cali, whcih is very hard to capture… AND calls himself a Socialist. Anyway he had what I soon realised was the ”duty”, to keep being allowed appearances and publishing agreements and so on, he exhorted the vote for Clinton.

They reeled me back in. They did.

I was so whupset over Bush running in 2000 that when the polling place told me to go home and get the unusued absentee ballot and bring it to them before I could vote in person, I did it… and shook in a panic I might not manage to vote.

Now I just laugh at myself.

BooHooHooMan - 1 August 2011

They reeled me back in. They did.

Just when you thought you were out! The reeld ya back in!
😆 😉

You were great in that flick, PacinoCat! 😉 😆 😉

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 1 August 2011


Protest sign from Madrid: ‘No es la crisis, es el sistema’ (‘It’s not the crisis, it’s the system)

marisacat - 1 August 2011

Hahahahah.. Politico had a piece up today with quotes from that idiot Valerie Jarret… and one is that people are getting more comfortable with this new mess as they read it. (yeah right)

One commenter said, Oh come ON Val. it does NOT get more comfortable being fucked over and over again!!

“As we go through the package and members are beginning to learn what’s in the package they’re seeing,” the reaction is “better and better,” White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett said on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports.”

“I’ve been on many of these calls since last evening with a wide variety of people who were initially skeptical,” she said . “But when they see the details of the package, they’re becoming increasingly comfortable.”

5. Madman in the Marketplace - 1 August 2011
BooHooHooMan - 1 August 2011

Now there’s some REAL hope for humankind.
Bravo- BRAVO!
Thanks for that, Madman,

‘night, all.

Madman in the Marketplace - 1 August 2011

need a little happy story once in a while … had to share.

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 1 August 2011

Fire Destroys We Are Wisconsin PAC Offices in La Crosse; Recall Efforts Subdued

Fire officials in La Crosse are continuing to investigate a Saturday blaze that destroyed the regional offices of We Are Wisconsin, a union political action committee (PAC) that has pumped millions of dollars into supporting Democratic candidates in the upcoming recall elections.

The La Crosse Tribune reports that the cause of the fire, which started at about 9:30 a.m., remains unknown. Firefighters thought they had the blaze under control in the afternoon, however, that wasn’t the case and it continued into the evening, the newspaper reported.

We Are Wisconsin used the building at 432 Jay St. to oversee its efforts in the 32nd Senate District recall election, which will be held Aug. 9. Incumbent Republican state Sen. Dan Kapanke is being challenged by Democratic state Rep. Jennifer Shilling in that district.

A spokesman for the group told the La Crosse Tribune that the group’s office was a total loss.

We Are Wisconsin is a political action committee made up by a coalition of unions that has spent more than $2 million supporting Democratic recall candidates around Wisconsin, according to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

In the 32nd District, the group has spent about $400,000 to get Shilling elected, the La Crosse Tribune reported.

marisacat - 1 August 2011

oh no.

Madman in the Marketplace - 1 August 2011

that race is supposed to be really close, too.

marisacat - 1 August 2011

it seems suspicious, just on the face of it, doesn’t it?

Madman in the Marketplace - 1 August 2011

it does to me, haven’t found much else about it yet.

Madman in the Marketplace - 1 August 2011

did find this quote though:

We Are Wisconsin spokesman Kelly Steele told TPM, “We’re thankful everyone was able to get out safely,” adding, “and we hope Dan Kapanke doesn’t strip the collective bargaining rights of the heroic firefighters who put out the blaze, as he promised to try doing back in February.”

marisacat - 1 August 2011

might as well get it in….

7. marisacat - 1 August 2011

The Only Liberal host on KGO had an economist on tonight and I found this at his site (from the most recent entry, July 31)


Following Senators Reid and McConnell, President Obama spoke on national TV tonight to endorse the tentative Boehner-Reid agreement and to announce the Bi-Partisan Debt Reduction Commission. In his brief comments this evening he employed an important phrase that TV commentators mostly overlooked.

He said, The Commissions proposals will be submitted for an up or down vote only by members of Congress. That means some small group–no doubt appointed by him or Congressional leaders–will now decide solely between themselves composition and magnitude of cuts in Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, how much tax loopholes will be closed, and how much Defense spending will be cut. The rest of Congress will then be limited to voting yea or nay and that’s it

Well the mnute we heard of the new group, we knew it would be conservatives…. and the news will be BAAAAD.

8. marisacat - 2 August 2011


[R]adiation above 10 sieverts per hour could not be measured b]ecause that is the maximum reading on a Geiger counter, Bloomberg reports. Such high levels can cause the intestines to stop functioning properly and blood vessels to leak, according to radiation expert William McBride.

It is feared that radiation levels could have been this high since the initial disaster on March 11, but have only just been discovered. Al-Jazeera reporter Aela Callan said: “It is now looking more likely that this area has been this radioactive since the earthquake and tsunami but no one realised until now.”

A reading of 10 sieverts per hour is equivalent to 10,000 millisieverts – or 40 times the maximum dose of 250 millisieverts that workers at the plant are allowed to be exposed to. . . . .

Read more: Fatal Radiation Levels at Fukushima Now Off the Scale

And IIRC that 250 millisieverts was a special raising of the original guidelines of … think it was 100.

9. marisacat - 2 August 2011

Earliest am local news here says that payments to Medicare providers will be cut.

10. marisacat - 2 August 2011

Well…I am just a civilian observer… but imo too often these early signs are a bigger indicator (or, they can be) than one might think…

ROMNEY: “Mittness protection program,” by Ben Smith:

“Romney was hit repeatedly by his opponents and the Democrats for refusing to offer an opinion on the debt deal until twelve hours after Congressional leaders accepted it – but that’s just been the most obvious example of a campaign that’s keeping the candidate far from the front lines and the headlines. Romney has been missing from the fields of Iowa, swamps of South Carolina, beaches of Florida, and even the mountains near his summer home in New Hampshire – everywhere you’d expect a presidential candidate to go.

“Since his June 2 campaign launch, he’s done only about 24 public or semi-public events – an average of slightly more than one event every three days, or well below half the rate of Republicans Tim Pawlenty and Jon Huntsman. That includes just one last week. He has none scheduled for this week. … he’s a Republican frontrunner of unprecedented weakness, and one whom the American people barely know. And while his advisers describe the decision as a strategic choice to pick only the big fights, it has obvious negative consequences: Romney’s identity remains hazy, voters remain unmet, and his rare appearances raise the stakes for gaffe free – or at least vaguely normal – performances.”


😆 Hey! Good Luck to them all. May they bite each other to death.

11. lucid - 2 August 2011

So Jesse Jackson sat in for Ed Shultz last night & I had it on in the background while I was eating dinner… Nearly choked to death when I heard they had trotted out Giffords for this vote. Christ! The props get worse and worse every year.

marisacat - 2 August 2011

oh even better was La Nan. And her praise of GG on the floor of the House. OMIGOD. “There is no greater love, respect, admiration in the US for anyone, more than for Gabby Giffords… There is no one we would rather our rdaughters be like…”.

Really. I am not making it worse that it was.

I decided last night Nan is unwell. In some way. I used to drop in at her twice a year open meetings… and really over recent years she appears to be a barely functioning idiot. Full of extreme mannerisms, tics and whatever else. For a while I chalked it up to some fear of the little red light on recording cameras… I don’t think it is that…

lucid - 2 August 2011

There are so many degenerative nervous system syndromes today… wouldn’t surprise me.

marisacat - 2 August 2011

Oh come on lucid… nuclear is good!! for us. So is Dow Chemical. And everything else. Monsanto is here to help.

diane - 2 August 2011

Monsanto is here to help

yup, plenty of stumulating corn de-tasseling jobs for all! better then cuttin’ cane with the water mocs!

12. ts - 2 August 2011

IOZ is back.. I guess the stupid of the last few weeks sucked him back in…

Let me explain something to you. “The Social Safety Net” is not a benefit or an entitlement; it is a bribe. It is a package of bribes offered to fictitious, created entity called “The Middle Class” in order to entice them away from any sense of solidarity with the poor. Its origin is anti-Communism. And it has been very effective. Middle-class entitelements, from Social Security to the mortgage deduction, have kept you poor slobs in line for seventy years, toiling away, building the foundations and walls of your own prison. The ongoing “attacks” on those entitelements are not attacks on the middle class by conservatives. There are no conservatives. The mass grave has been dug and it is no longer necessary to offer you rations as you stand at its edge. There never was a middle class; there is an ownership class and there is everyone else. You don’t own anything that you own.

ts - 2 August 2011

And going nuts…five posts today already…

marisacat - 2 August 2011

Oh thank you! I need a diversion… 5 posts should do it.

lucid - 2 August 2011

And of course, Leonard is making some hilariously stupid comments…

marisacat - 2 August 2011

I have not gotten to the comments yet! THo I managed to leave one in the most recent blog… which is a breakthru, for a long time I could not comment there, some interface glitch I think…

diane - 2 August 2011

thanks for that!

13. diane - 2 August 2011

I was glad to find out that Pat Thurston is covering for Gross on KGO in the daytime hours this week when I tuned in after the post you made yesterday hon (thanks!). It’s unfortunate that KGO didn’t note (on this schedule) that she was on yesterday. I guess that might mean she’s on today from 2:00 to 4:00 PM also, and for some reason they only partially corrected their schedule.

(I guess it was a surprise for so many (particularly out of staters) Dem apologists about Boxer and Pelosi and their Austerity For The us …votes. I’m pretty sure though, way too many will try to justify those knives in their backs….pretty fuckin horrifying … Stolkholm Syndrome …?.)

marisacat - 2 August 2011

I think her being in for Gene Burns last night (most horrible gas bag on earth) was a last minute thing… My head is spinning with all the fill ins… I forget what August is like in the real world. Yes she will be in most afternoons this week for Gross I think Wed thru Friday…

I really like her and she pissed off Rothmann last night, I could tell he was in a RAGE when he got to the mic for his tease.

He is such a Dem operative thug. And like so many of them, former Republican.

diane - 2 August 2011

…she pissed off Rothmann last night, I could tell he was in a RAGE when he got to the mic for his tease.

yeah, that was fuckin hilarious, ;0 … .. I love the way she deals with the mother fuckers … ;0) ….did you catch the froth lipped Rothman proclamation that the wimmens have plenty reason now to vote for the oBombster, because of some cheap, tawdry, trojan horse crackerjack[off]s gifty in the putrid health care demise?

marisacat - 2 August 2011

iirc not a single call came in regard to his beg.

He really was nasty last night. I even emailed that he seemed about to start Loyalty Oaths… a lot like the Dem blogs, I thought. No surprise since it is all Operative Thugdom…

I cannot wait for Obby to be in office when so much flying shite hits the many fans.

Should be quite the show.

14. Ganjafied Gabacho - 2 August 2011

NEW YORK (Dow Jones)–U.S. stocks are on pace for the longest losing streak in nearly two years, as additional signs of economic weakness trumped Senate approval of the debt deal.


Well, Golly! I guess the Masters of the Universe are unimpressed with the “DEAL OF THE CENTURY”

In fact, they seem to be intent on wringing more blood from a stone:

<blockquote<Fitch Ratings on Tuesday called Congress' last-minute lift of the federal debt limit "a step in the right direction," but cautioned the government still has more work to do to maintain its pristine credit rating.

(…)But the country still hasn’t fully enacted a credible plan to secure its AAA status in the medium term, Fitch said.

“While the agreement is clearly a step in the right direction, the United States, as in much of Europe, must also confront tough choices on tax and spending against a weak economic backdrop if the budget deficit and government debt are to be cut to safer levels over the medium term,” the credit rater said.


marisacat - 2 August 2011

I’ll move this forward to the new thread!!


15. marisacat - 2 August 2011



………… 😆 … 🙄

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