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Hatched! 2 August 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, AFRICOM, Culture of Death, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Total fucking lunatics, WAR!.


From the Houston Chron: 

Eric Berger, SciGuy, has confirmed that NASA claims the spherical artifact found outside Nacogdoches:

The tank was part of the shuttle’s electrical power system which as the name suggests consists of the equipment and reactants that produce electrical power for distribution throughout the orbiter.

Well in a sense they did hatch! Once blown into pieces they pecked their way out of the disintegrating Columbia… Those Fearless Voyagers who went in our place! Standing in for our hearts and souls as whole legs and smaller bits fell in back yards where the children, Our Future, play…

We are winning the future.  We have always been winning the future.

As I understand it the Columbia began to break up over Cali, but the real force of being blown apart and falling to earth (like some reverse Jesus!) was over Texas… Palestine, Texas for one.

In other news, the Houston Chron was also reporting that another Fearless Voyager, Gabby Giffords plans to run again.

Should be a freak show, should anyone ask me, that is my opinion.  But I am sure she can say something important about Israel.

America’s best days are NOT behind her, no… we have much murder and mayhem to sow (and reap)…. meanwhile! the US is said to be relaxing the rules on food distribution to starving Somalis.

If we just make sure enough of them starve or are killed by marauding Somali Islamists (that is our story, Islamists killing muslims, mostly), then some can eat.  We run, er, no we administer as designated and invited Saviors, great swathes of the world and we understand food distribution.

Truly we are good, if a bit nutty.  But we mean no harm.  It just happens.

I can’t think why any of this would be the least bit confusing.  It would make perfect sense to La Nan… or to L’Obster …

Just keep chanting about the mean Republicans who want Him to fail.  It calms you down and obliterates your brain.

Which you did not need anyway.  Recognising your name in print and marking an “X” next to it at the polling booth will be more than enough in the Future that we are Winning.

KISS – – – – – or did you not learn from Carville and Clinton?




1. marisacat - 2 August 2011

Ganjified Gabacho posted this near the end of the last thread:

NEW YORK (Dow Jones)–U.S. stocks are on pace for the longest losing streak in nearly two years, as additional signs of economic weakness trumped Senate approval of the debt deal.


Well, Golly! I guess the Masters of the Universe are unimpressed with the “DEAL OF THE CENTURY”

In fact, they seem to be intent on wringing more blood from a stone:

Fitch Ratings on Tuesday called Congress' last-minute lift of the federal debt limit "a step in the right direction," but cautioned the government still has more work to do to maintain its pristine credit rating.

(…)But the country still hasn’t fully enacted a credible plan to secure its AAA status in the medium term, Fitch said.

“While the agreement is clearly a step in the right direction, the United States, as in much of Europe, must also confront tough choices on tax and spending against a weak economic backdrop if the budget deficit and government debt are to be cut to safer levels over the medium term,” the credit rater said.


2. marisacat - 2 August 2011

Why the so called Left is a fucking failure. I just got an email from FAIR, the Norman Solomon blog, site, whatever on media and others. “Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting”

And entire long, much detailed posting on David Gregory’s blither on Social Security. A call to action too, you are supposed to contact NBC

Well, Norman, any time L’Obster shapes up and is sane and not in bed with Haley Barbour gratefully accepting a bottom position, we can THEN worry about David Gregory.

Who after all just parrots.

3. marisacat - 2 August 2011

Feeding the starving in the Horn of Africa:

The World Food Program (WFP), one of the U.N.’s biggest aid agencies, has a very nasty history in Somalia.

Back in 2006 just as Somali farmers brought their grain harvest to market, the WFP began the distribution of its entire years grain aid for Somalia. With thousands of tons of free grain available Somali farmers found it almost impossible to sell their harvest and faced disaster.

Thousands of angry Somali farmers gathered at WFP distribution centers across Somalia to protest, sometimes violently. In an attempt to calm matters the WFP promised an investigation which in due course announced that yes the WFP had done the Somali farmers wrong and promised they wouldn’t do it again.

Then in 2007 just as the Somali grain harvest began to arrive in local markets the WFP once again distributed its entire years grain aid, only this time with the Ethiopian army there to protect it. With a four year long on and off again drought since afflicting most of Somalia you could say the WFP helped put the nail in the coffin of Somali agriculture.

I don’t know who heads it up these days, but when Bill C was in the WH, we put George McGovern in to run it, which he did from the HQ in Rome, with a capacious residence provided to whomever headed it up.

Blessed are the peacemakers.

4. marisacat - 2 August 2011

hahahaha from the comments to IOZ post on “there is no middle class” etc…

IOZ said…


11:11 AM

Ganjafied Gabacho - 2 August 2011

That should be bumper sticker.

On second thought, maybe not. The cops wouldn’t understand it, but I’m sure their confusion would be hostile and medical card or not I prefer avoiding contact with the Gestapo…

marisacat - 2 August 2011

I thought it was pretty great….

5. Ganjafied Gabacho - 2 August 2011

Don’t know much about the site/source, especially because of the “non-partisan” apellation but I can’t argue with the following

Psychopaths: the perfect academic word for US political, economic “leadership”

Psychopaths are viciously destructive in action. They obfuscate with lies and charm. They persist only when their actions are unrecognized; 95% of the population reject such criminal destruction

US political and economic “leadership” are psychopaths because their central policies are viciously destructive, as the following links explain, document, and prove. “Leadership” obfuscate with lies, charm, and US corporate media complicity.

The destruction of millions of lives and trillions of dollars will end when enough Americans recognize and assert the “emperor has no clothes” facts:

1. Congressional reports disclose that all “reasons” for war with Afghanistan and Iraq were known to be lies as they were told.
2. Orwellian unlawful wars, including using depleted uranium weapons to damn victims with continuous misery and death.
3. obfuscating from the obvious answer of ending an Orwellian “debt supply” and replacing it with money.
4. allowing a million children a month to die of preventable poverty, even though historically ending poverty reduces population growth rate and the investment is less than 1% of the developed nations’ gross national incomes (GNI).
5. torture, extrajudicial assassinations (including against American citizens) and indefinite detentions.
6. destruction of the US Constitution into a form of government closest to fascism and nowhere near a constitutional republic.
7. literally throwing Americans onto the streets rather than take any of a dozen acts to allow them to stay in their homes.
8. intentional unemployment, crime, infrastructure decay, fear, anger, depression (both economic and psychological) rather than create money for full employment.
9. allowing 45,000 Americans to die every year from lack of health care, even though universal single-payer saves the nation $100-$300 billion every year.


Of course once the psychos have you in their total power they no longer need to charming…

marisacat - 2 August 2011

“Examiner”s are usually the conservative, I guess R, dialies in cities… but of course that post makes sense.

No matter how the Examiner meant it…. and plenty of those items are well to the Left of Obster.

6. marisacat - 2 August 2011

oh I see the Dow is down to the 11, 866.

hmm anything wrong? Something must be wrong….

Someone will tell us surely.

7. marisacat - 2 August 2011

possible intruder on the WH grounds!!!!

Shoot the squirrels…

8. lucid72 - 2 August 2011

Gore is slobbering on about our democracy being in danger on Olbermann…

marisacat - 2 August 2011

He’s good at losing (Tennessee Arkansas and Florida, triplefecta!) and going away. Maybe he can do that again.

La Nana annouced she will NOT be answering questions in the coming weeks and months about the Super Congress Comte…. she is all about Jobs Jobs Jobs.

Too late too late too late.

And I must she looked a freaking nut at the little podium. These odd rather sharp and reflexive arm and hand movements. Go away Nancy.

yeppers - 3 August 2011

The man that almost put Lieberman a second away from presidency…

diane - 3 August 2011

yeah,…and personally, I’d love to see someone punch either Gore, or Lieberman, preferably both, full on in the face (and get away with it (there lies a problem, …sigh….)). …. If some asshole thinks that’s astoundingly violent, …let them move to a village in Iraq, Afghanistan, .. Pakistan, …Yemen,…Libya, … Somalia, ….and live under that type of unleashed, … everything living is a target, VIOLENCE, ….. coming to the US much sooner than people want to believe, ….urban neighborhoods will be the first in the stunningly evil slaughter ….(just look at katrina) ……if it’s not put an end to.

(I ‘ve come to believe Gore woulld have been every bit as ghastly as GWB (never cared for techno$$$$$$$greeen$$$$$$$$$Gore; though, much to my shame, I voted for him), … that they’re both sociopaths….)

marisacat - 3 August 2011

oh I voted for Gore…much to my shame.. however I DO slap around this silly Democratic idiotic notion that Gore would not have gone war, any number of wars, after 9/11.

Renata Adler has a theory and I think she may be right. The R would have impeached Gore, no pass GO no 200 dollars full on impeachment.

So when the Dem slobber starts, I always say, As far as I will go, is that Gore probably would have read the August 6 NIE. Prbably. Mebbe. There is a chance. I meann sometimes the techno wonkie wankies WILL read something.

But that gets us where? I say still at 9/11… and the righties would have wanted Liebchen in there. As I see it, highly possible

diane - 3 August 2011

floating around in my mind, is that Gore, has always been a covert, mealy mouthed hawk …..always loved the techno covert spy shit; …and while he’d love an ecologically balanced ‘backyard,’ at all of the Gore Family Properties, he has absolutely no problem with violence on the wee peeps …. as long as it doesn’t disturb the songbirds in his neighborhood …… (headed off to mull on it ….will get back to any further comments….).

marisacat - 3 August 2011

sure he is a hawk, they all are… Clinton wanted MORE wars when he was in, but the mood of the country was resolutely not going to support it… they sent sandy berger and that crazed bitch Miss Maddie I call her and a few others out to test the waters… they got a poor reception.

all his green stuff is fake, just PR

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 August 2011
marisacat - 2 August 2011

Shall we try for THREE!!

10. yeppers - 2 August 2011

Radiation levels in parts of US are now Top Secret per NSA.

11. marisacat - 3 August 2011

Lordy. Wave bye bye to Nader… let the nurse arrange the blanket over his knees.

Pathetic…. keeping up the old ruse that Poor Obama is not a good negotiator. Nader’s profered solution? Maybe Slobby can plead for stuff if he can’t lead. It might resonate, Nader says.

😆 Don’t make me laugh TOO FUCKING HARD.

diane - 3 August 2011

Nader certainly lost credibiity for me when he appeared to/did? suggest that the obscenely wealthy, were the most likely to be forced into helping us out of this mess. …A teeny tad analogous, to my mind, to deciding to fuck with Grizzly Bear offspring …. while the Grizzly parent, …is close by, …within sniffing distance!………..

(like I wrote: “a teenytad analogous” … that Grizzly Bears’ response is understandable (in my opinion), … while many of the obscenely wealthy should be banned into the outer limits, on their very own, nasty, blood letting, warring asteroid. … Perhaps Elon Musk can help them find their way their way there …. with the ‘spirit’ of .Werner Von Braun, constantly guiding Elon to that speshul place, in their very own, speshul “hell.”

Von Braun is well known as the leader of what has been called the “rocket team” which developed the V–2 ballistic missile for the Nazis

For fifteen years after World War II, von Braun worked with the U.S. Army in the development of ballistic missiles. As part of a military operation called Project Paperclip, he and his rocket team were scooped up from defeated Germany and sent to America where they were installed at Fort Bliss, Texas. There they worked on rockets for the U.S. Army, launching them at White Sands Proving Ground, New Mexico. In 1950 von Braun’s team moved to the Redstone Arsenal near Huntsville, Ala., where they built the Army’s Jupiter ballistic missile.

In 1960, his rocket development center transferred from the Army to the newly established NASA and received a mandate to build the giant Saturn rockets. Accordingly, von Braun became director of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center…

Well, ..the $$$UZ$$$$ … do love the clever and/or cunning!)

marisacat - 3 August 2011

oh yeah he did a whole stupid book on how the rich can could should [LOL BUT WOULD NOT Hello Ralph!] save us. That was pretty funny.

12. yeppers - 3 August 2011

Is liarman still in charge of NSA? Chair?

diane - 3 August 2011

it certainly wouldn’t surprise, honey.

13. diane - 3 August 2011

wellllll, this was ‘interesting:’

As for Social Security and Medicare — it seems pretty clear that those are sacrosanct, at least for the foreseeable future. Yes, of course, everybody, Republicrat and Demolican alike, wants austerity; but the preference is to lay it on the shoulders of the young.

I hardly think so, I think it’s a slaughter against the young, old, and in between, …..tinted ‘folk’ first, …females next, …gays after that. ….Perhaps Michael has a rather large comfort cushion not to be intuiting that?………or is it that he is not the one paying the way for offspring/parents, while he himself has been outsourced/obsolesced by a bot or a desire for negligence and cheating as a feature?…..I wouldn’t know, ….it sure was disappointing to read though.

marisacat - 3 August 2011

well it is inaccurate anyway. First thing, almost, that Slobsster and the No Neck Children (grace a Tennesee Williams, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”) did was take away for 2010 and 2011 both, at once, the COLA for SS and Disability.

It was already starting.

diane - 3 August 2011

yup, those of retirement age relying on Social Security (despite a life of hard work), or on disability (despite a life of hard work), ….have been a huge target of that mother fucker, oBombster’s, “admin” …….since day one……

marisacat - 3 August 2011

oh yeah… and mostly when I get the Dec notice from SS of what the COLA will be I toss it on the pile on the kitchn table and I open it around March. It usually is small 2% or 2.something %…. the raise under Bush, the last year from him… 5.8% due to the high cost, esp, of fuel, heating oil and that sort of thing in 2008 (or 07… I get confused between reporting years and when things actually take place).

5.8 actually made a appreciable difference.

And if they adopt the Chained CPI the raises such as they are will be even lower.

14. marisacat - 3 August 2011

IOZ… who else… http://whoisioz.blogspot.com/


Counterterrorism analysts are asking why this strategy, whether it works or not, has taken so long to form.

I think this setence, better than anything I have ever, will ever, or could ever write, explains the absurdity of our government.

15. ts - 3 August 2011

Actually, I think the best thing he’s ever written is in the very next post.

Why not simply provide for people whose employment is extraneous to actual need? Or, why not aim for economic shrinkage and negative population growth? Or . . . Well, look, I will not be the first to point out the near-total spiritual impoverishment of Homo economicus, but it’s a point that bears infinite repeating; if the most essential function of each individual human life is that it be employed to do something, anything, for four decades of its existence, if that is the true measure of man, then we should all commit suicide forthwith. There is no reason to go on living. There is naught but despair and untimely death. Better to pick the manner of one’s own departure. If the final purpose of your being is to toil for sustenance and then to die, then you are among the lowest orders of animals, a bare step beyond a paramecium. Look, I am tired of telling you that Democrats are ridiculous, that Republicans are ridiculous, that Barack Obama is a murderer, that Thomas Friedman is dumb, that Matthew Yglesias is silly, that teevee rots your brain. Beyond the merely pecuniary and the venial: what does your life mean to you beyond your paystub and your appetites?

marisacat - 3 August 2011

How did we live without him.. for almost… or a little over two months.

I thought he might come back… and I am glad he did.

16. ts - 3 August 2011

And I notice that Obama turned 50 and celebrated with a $33,800 a plate fundraiser. He got photographed with a lot of people outside who look like they were not the people that paid $33,800 a plate.

marisacat - 3 August 2011

I saw some indications that racking up the donations and the attendance list may have been a bit tough.

Can’t remember where i read that tho… it might have been in the Chicago press actually.

ts - 3 August 2011

My bad. It was actually $35,800 a plate. They need to take pictures of the people eating at these, and juxtapose them with the fans shaking the guys hands outside. Just the demographic data would blow peoples minds.

17. marisacat - 4 August 2011

Everything is going so well.

VIDEO – “Good Luck With That Whole Jobs Thing: Washington, D.C., politicians say it’s time to focus on jobs! Then they leave town” – ABC’s Jake Tapper, on “World News”:

“The president took his economic team out for burgers today [to Good Stuff burgers, on the Hill]. But economists looking at the MODEST measures the president is pushing for job creation – patent reform, trade deals, a payroll-tax holiday – might wonder, ‘Where’s the beef?’ … [T]he president says he’s now focusing like a laser on job creation – by our count, the seventh such ‘pivot’ since the beginning of his presidency.” http://abcn.ws/qsZk1z

Shakey laser.

😆 The RNC counts it as 15 times he has focused on jobs… Ben Smith says 9.


18. marisacat - 4 August 2011

I see Herbie Hancock was on hand, I guess performing, for Lobster in Chicago at the birthday bash. Well no wonder he was all excuses and stutters when interviewed last week in Paris and asked about Obby.

Everything is so hard for Obama you know. Took over so many problems… blah blah blah… and there is so much opposition to him blah blah.

19. marisacat - 4 August 2011

Down Dow… 309 pts… an “official correction”.

Oh just call it a NOSE DIVE. Landing on ice and concrete. Why beat around the BamaBushBaby.

marisacat - 4 August 2011


down 386…. 2:30 ET

marisacat - 4 August 2011

then 410…

NOW we are in major recovery! Be hopeful!!

309 (only!)

20. marisacat - 4 August 2011

[A] second distinguishing feature of the current state of affairs is the presence of the private prison corporations. For the likes of the industry’s leading powers, Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and the GEO Group, detaining immigrants has been the life blood for reviving their financial fortunes.

Just over a decade ago their bottom lines were flagging. Freshly built prisons sat with empty beds while share values plummeted. For financial year 1999 CCA reported losses of $53.4 million and laid off 40% of its workforce. Then came the windfall – 9/11.

In 2001 Steven Logan, then CEO of Cornell Industries, a private prison firm which has since merged with GEO, spelled out exactly what this meant for his sector :

“I think it’s clear that with the events of Sept. 11, there’s a heightened focus on detention, both on the borders and within the U.S. [and] more people are gonna get caught…So that’s a positive for our business. The federal business is the best business for us. It’s the most consistent business for us, and the events of Sept. 11 are increasing that level of business.” . . . .

So glad it worked out for you

21. marisacat - 4 August 2011


Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

Dow Jones Industrial Average Closes Down More Than 500 Points [4:03 p.m. ET]

22. diane - 4 August 2011

Hatched … indeed honey, … I think this Counterpunch piece, by Karl Grossman fits in well with your “thread” preface, and that hideous trash artifact!.

August 3, 2011

The Juno Mission NASA’s Solar Probe


What NASA claimed for years it couldn’t do—use solar power as an energy source on a space probe going beyond the orbit of Mars—it plans to do on Friday.

That’s when NASA intends to launch a space probe it has named Juno to Jupiter. Juno is to make 33 passes of Jupiter while all along getting power from three solar panels.

“It is quite interesting that NASA is going to use solar to travel to Jupiter—they once claimed it was not possible,” comments Bruce Gagnon, coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space. “I think it just goes to show that they needlessly put people and the planet in grave danger during past plutonium launches. It surely shows that our claims they could use solar in deep space were not wrong as NASA claimed during the Galileo, Ulysses, and Cassini launches.”

Galileo was a space probe sent to Jupiter in 1989, Ulysses a space probe sent to orbit the Sun in 1990 and Cassini a space probe sent to Saturn in 1997—with all getting their onboard electric power from plutonium-fueled radioisotope thermoelectric generators. [* see below – diane]

For all three shots, NASA insisted that nuclear power was necessary because solar energy would not work. This claim was also made in court papers when the Galileo mission to Jupiter was challenged in federal court on the basis of the plutonium on board constituting a huge danger if released in an accident.

“NASA’s upcoming mission to Jupiter can’t get much greener than this: a solar-powered, windmill-shaped spacecraft,” began an Associated Press story this week on the Juno mission.

It noted that “Juno is equipped with three tractor-trailer-size solar panels for its 2 billion-mile journey into the outer solar system.” Even when it gets to Jupiter, “nearly 500 million miles from the Sun,” its panels will be providing electricity. NASA, in the past, has claimed that there wasn’t enough sunlight far out in space to be utilized to generate electricity.

However, the AP story suggested the use of solar on Juno wasn’t exactly the first choice. It describes Scott Bolton, the principal investigator for the mission for the Southwest Research Institute, a NASA contractor, as maintaining “the choice of solar was a practical one…No plutonium-powered generators were available to him and his San Antonio-based team nearly a decade ago, so they opted for solar panels rather than develop a new nuclear source.” ….

* nothing really ‘telling’ in the “artifact” link, nor in the article’s following NASA link: :

The tank was part of the shuttle’s electrical power system which as the name suggests consists of the equipment and reactants that produce electrical power for distribution throughout the orbiter.

but all the same, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if whoever, from NASA, retreived the artifact …they weren’t extra speshul cautious ….in that retrieval. Anywho, back to Karl’s eye popping piece:

Indeed, between November 25 and December 15 NASA plans to revert to its use of nuclear power in space launching a rover to be deployed on Mars fueled with 10.6 pounds of plutonium. That’s more plutonium than ever used on a rover. NASA has sent solar-powered rovers to Mars but claims in its Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Mars Science Laboratory Mission a “solar-powered rover…would not be capable of operating over the full range of scientifically desirable landing site latitudes” on this mission.

If there is an accident before the rover is well on its way to Mars and plutonium is released on Earth, the cost of decontamination of areas affected by the plutonium could be, according to the NASA Environmental Impact Statement, $267 million for each square mile of farmland, $478 million for each square mile of forests and $1.5 billion for each square mile of “mixed-use urban areas.”

The mission itself is said by NASA to have a cost of $2.5 billion.

The “the probability of an accident with a release of plutonium” is 1-in-220 “overall,” says the NASA document. It says a large swath of Earth could be impacted by the plutonium on the rover, which NASA calls Curiosity. [oh I think they should have named it “WTF,” .. or ”GORE” – diane] Its section on “Impacts of Radiological Releases” says “the affected environment” could include “the regional area near the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and the global area.”

“Launch area accidents would initially release material into the regional area, defined…to be within …62 miles of the launch pad,” it says. This is an area from Cape Canaveral west to Orlando. But “since some of the accidents result in the release of very fine particles less than a micron in diameter, a portion of such releases could be transported beyond…62 miles,” it goes on. These particles could become “well-mixed in the troposphere”—the atmosphere five to nine miles high— “and have been assumed to potentially affect persons living within a latitude band from approximately 23-degrees north to 30-degrees north.” That’s a swath through the Caribbean, across North Africa and the Mideast, then India and China, Hawaii and other Pacific islands, Mexico, and southern Texas.

Then, as the rocket carrying Curiosity aloft gains altitude, the impacts of an accident in which plutonium is released would be even greater. The plutonium could affect people “anywhere between 28-degrees north and 28-degrees south latitude,” says the document. That’s a band around the mid-section of the Earth including much of South America, Africa and Australia.

oh ! ….and isn’t this curious … too:

As Dr. Arjun Makhijani, a nuclear physicist and president the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, has explained, Plutonium-238 “is about 270 times more radioactive than Plutonium-239 per unit of weight.” Thus in radioactivity, the 10.6 pounds of Plutonium238 that is to be used on the Mars Science Laboratory Mission would be the equivalent of 2,862 pounds of Plutonium-239. The atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki was fueled with 15 pounds of Plutonium-239.

(bolding mine)

23. marisacat - 4 August 2011


…………….. 🙄

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