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Nutty 20 August 2011

Posted by marisacat in Abortion Rights, Culture of Death, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Sex / Reproductive Health, Spain, Total fucking lunatics, Viva La Revolucion!.

A protester shows a pilgrim a condom who in turn shows him a cross during a demonstration in Madrid
A protester shows a pilgrim a condom who in turn shows him a cross during a demonstration in Madrid REUTERS/Susana Vera

Nutty as fruitcakes, fruit loops… face off in Madrid, between the weeping, swooning pilgrims… and the anti-Papist protesters…

If you hurry you can confess your abortion(s)!!  Looks inviting doesn’t it?

Priests listen to confessions at temporary confessionals set up at Madrid's Buen Retiro park, ahead of Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Spain
Priests listen to confessions at temporary confessionals set up at Madrid’s Buen Retiro park, ahead of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Spain PEDRO ARMESTRE/AFP/Getty Images

Carry on!



1. marisacat - 20 August 2011

Snicker… funny how the confessionals manage to look ….




BooHooHooMan - 20 August 2011

Great for backyard grilling!

2. marisacat - 20 August 2011

hmm I really can’t think of a thing to say about this….

BooHooHooMan - 20 August 2011

That guy should set up on the OTHER side of the confessional!

3. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 August 2011

speaking of evil religious nuts, homophobe Franklin Graham is here in Milwaukee for a festival on the Lakefront.

I guess maybe I’m not in the target market, but I had no idea what all the tents and awnings were until this morning.

marisacat - 20 August 2011

jeeeeeeesuhs is everywhere!

4. marisacat - 20 August 2011

She’s doing so well…. 8 or 9 months later they tell her, finally, WHO died that day…. and … filing for special dispensation to use campaign funds to securitize her residence. (moat?, gun towers? 16 titanium toothed SOP dogs? 24 hour 24/7 Homeland Security helicopter over the house?)

But… LOL where DOES she live? Houston? AZ?

She had my sympathy til she became a stand-in for the Democrats having no coherent plans (much less planes!) for anything! And, they tried to imply she was motivated to open her eyes by The Great Healer Obama.

I mean, fuck that looney shite.

5. marisacat - 20 August 2011

As’ad neatly sums it up:

Colonial feminism

“”Of course, invoking the theme of the oppression of women in Islam as justification for war and domination is nothing new to the history of western imperialism. In fact this rhetoric of “saving the women” in the name of “civilization” is an old ploy used many times in the past in particular by British and French imperialists. This was rhetoric they used with regard to women in whatever regions their empires took them to – in relation to Muslims or Hindus or others – to justify imperial domination. It was about precisely this rhetoric that Gayatri Spivak, back in the 1980s, coined the now famous phrase, of “white men saving brown women from brown men.”” (thanks “Ibn Rushd”)

Posted by As’ad AbuKhalil at 9:28 AM

6. marisacat - 20 August 2011

Tidbit… but really what is conquest for but to remake reality?

NATO Libyan Council defines Libya as a Western country located in Europe

“There is no assertion anywhere in the document that Libya is an “Arab state”, and this omission cannot be anything but deliberate.

The nationalism and pan-Arabism of the Gaddafi era have gone.” (thanks Ahmet)

Posted by As’ad AbuKhalil at 9:21 AM

7. marisacat - 20 August 2011

Don’t make me laugh TOO hard!!

via fluffy perfumed courtier Mike Allen:


“Few locals in this Democrat-friendly terrain begrudge Mr. Obama his time off. A banner at the Mansion House Inn, where reporters are staying, declares, ‘Having achieved so much against division and dysfunction, President Obama deserves a Vineyard vacation.’

(Full disclosure: the hotel is swell, too, with a rooftop deck that looks out to yachts in the harbor.)” http://nyti.ms/pyxRCm

‘Having achieved so much against division and dysfunction….

huh? when did he do that? Or do the denizens of MV not read? Illiterate? Or just disinclined to read?

8. marisacat - 20 August 2011

Sunday Soapies…


–NBC’s “Meet the Press“: Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs [I thought we were rid of the fucker? No? ~Mcat] ; Gov. Mitch Daniels (R-IN); roundtable with former Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. (D-TN), Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan, Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne and CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo (substitute anchor: Savannah Guthrie)

–ABC’s “This Week“: former Gov. Jon Huntsman (R-UT); Obama campaign senior adviser David Axelrod [wild prediction: he will stutter and stammer… ~Mcat]; roundtable with Republican pollster and author Frank Luntz, ABC’s George Will, Democratic strategist Donna Brazile, the New York Times’ Jeff Zeleny and Fox Business’ Liz Claman (substitute anchor: Jake Tapper)

–CBS’s “Face the Nation“: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ); roundtable with Moody’s Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi, former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe and former RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie

–“Fox News Sunday“: Karl Rove and former Obama White House Deputy Communications Director Bill Burton; 2012 Republican presidential candidate former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA); roundtable with the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol, The Hill’s A.B. Stoddard, the Weekly Standard’s Steve Hayes and former Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN)

–CNN’s “State of the Union“: David Axelrod; RGA Chairman Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA) and DGA Chairman Gov. Martin O’Malley (D-MD); Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD); roundtable with The Economist’s Greg Ip and Thomson Reuters’ Chrystia Freeland

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 August 2011

Looting with the lights on

How about a democratic example then? Argentina, circa 2001. The economy was in freefall and thousands of people living in rough neighbourhoods (which had been thriving manufacturing zones before the neoliberal era) stormed foreign-owned superstores. They came out pushing shopping carts overflowing with the goods they could no longer afford – clothes, electronics, meat. The government called a “state of siege” to restore order; the people didn’t like that and overthrew the government.

Argentina’s mass looting was called el saqueo – the sacking. That was politically significant because it was the very same word used to describe what that country’s elites had done by selling off the country’s national assets in flagrantly corrupt privatisation deals, hiding their money offshore, then passing on the bill to the people with a brutal austerity package. Argentines understood that the saqueo of the shopping centres would not have happened without the bigger saqueo of the country, and that the real gangsters were the ones in charge. But England is not Latin America, and its riots are not political, or so we keep hearing. They are just about lawless kids taking advantage of a situation to take what isn’t theirs. And British society, Cameron tells us, abhors that kind of behaviour.

This is said in all seriousness. As if the massive bank bailouts never happened, followed by the defiant record bonuses. Followed by the emergency G8 and G20 meetings, when the leaders decided, collectively, not to do anything to punish the bankers for any of this, nor to do anything serious to prevent a similar crisis from happening again. Instead they would all go home to their respective countries and force sacrifices on the most vulnerable. They would do this by firing public sector workers, scapegoating teachers, closing libraries, upping tuition fees, rolling back union contracts, creating rush privatisations of public assets and decreasing pensions – mix the cocktail for where you live. And who is on television lecturing about the need to give up these “entitlements”? The bankers and hedge-fund managers, of course.

This is the global saqueo, a time of great taking. Fuelled by a pathological sense of entitlement, this looting has all been done with the lights on, as if there was nothing at all to hide. There are some nagging fears, however. In early July, the Wall Street Journal, citing a new poll, reported that 94% of millionaires were afraid of “violence in the streets”. This, it turns out, was a reasonable fear.

Of course London’s riots weren’t a political protest. But the people committing night-time robbery sure as hell know that their elites have been committing daytime robbery. Saqueos are contagious. The Tories are right when they say the rioting is not about the cuts. But it has a great deal to do with what those cuts represent: being cut off. Locked away in a ballooning underclass with the few escape routes previously offered – a union job, a good affordable education – being rapidly sealed off. The cuts are a message. They are saying to whole sectors of society: you are stuck where you are, much like the migrants and refugees we turn away at our increasingly fortressed borders.

Don’t know if someone already posted this …

marisacat - 20 August 2011

oh no that has not been posted!

LOL 😆 For some years now I call us ‘a mix of Chile and Argentina’ (I probably should add “and more than a soupcon of Paraquay too”… snicker)… because it is TRUE.

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 August 2011

Hershey Guest Worker Scandal Result of Lax Govt. Oversight: Immigration Expert

In Palmyra, Pa., about 400 guest workers from a variety of countries walked off the job and staged a strike on Wednesday to protest their working conditions and pay at a warehouse run by a Hershey subcontractor. Guest workers presented a petition to management and then marched out. Three labor leaders—Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale, SEIU President Healthcare Pennsylvania Neal Bisno and SEIU Local 668 President Kathy Jellison—were arrested after staging a sit-in at the warehouse’s entrance.

The guest workers were students who signed up to work in the United States on a four month cultural exchange visa. Students pay fees and travel ranging from $3,000-$6,000 to work on a temporary contract and then travel freely in the United States.

The guest workers were supposed to be paid $7.85-8.35 an hour. The workers, however, were forced to live in company housing and were charged $395 a month for rent – nearly twice the rate of rent for Americans living in similar housing in rural central Pennsylvania, according to the National Guestworker Alliance spokesman Stephen Boykewic. After deducting rent and other fees from their paychecks, guest workers took home between $40-$140 a week.

The students were in the United States on a program called the J-1 visa program, a little-known guest worker program that allows students to enter the United States for four months, if they work for most of that period.

The J-1 program is increasingly being exploited by companies looking for sources of cheap labor. According to a report by Economic Policy Institute, in 2010 353,602 people enter the United State every year to work on the J-1 visa program. Workers routinely have wages for exorbitant rent taken away from them in schemes similar to the Hershey warehouse workers. Guestworkers are especially easy to exploit since if they speak up, they can be deported if companies withdraw their visa.

Unlike other guest worker programs regulated by the Department of Homeland Secretary or the Department of Justice, the guest worker program is overseen by the Department of State since it is intended to be merely a cultural exchange program. As a result, the State Department has only 13 compliance officers to oversee a guest workers program with 291,000 workers.

“We have heard cases of this all over the country. The J-1 program is completely out of control. State Department is not the right agency to be running this thing,” says EPI immigration policy analyst Daniel Costa. “It’s basically a guestworkers program and it’s not run through Department of Homeland Security or Department of Justice. The State Department does not have the have expertise, experience or interest it seems in regulating the labor market.”

Madman in the Marketplace - 20 August 2011

The Hershey workers were able to speak up about this problem as a result of community allies. According to Boykewich, about six weeks ago a guest worker walked into a local legal aid clinic and asked what they could do about the situation. The legal aid clinic put the student and other upset students in touch with local labor leaders and community allies. Community allies, upset that 400 jobs that could be going to Central Pennsylvania residents were instead going to exploited guest workers, vowed to stand by the guestworkers and fight deportation if workers went on strike.

“Unemployed workers here connect with them, they had allies. They are all part of the same chain of decades of subcontracting and outsourcing that led to this,” says Boykewich.

With community support, 300 of the 400 guest workers continued to strike Thursday and will continue on strike until they are paid what they say they are owed. The dramatic protest by the guestworkers and community allies comes months after the dramatic public protests that resulted in 16-day occupation of the Wisconsin state capitol in Madison. It also follows 100 longshoreman being arrested for trespassing in a nonunion port last month in Longview, Wash, illegal strikes at New York City construction sites this month, and the massive ongoing Verizon strike of 45,000 workers that began this month.

“We are seeing a very real shift happening. The solidarity between a group of essentially captive guest workers and American workers is unusual, and gets right at the heart of both global labor patterns and the hallowing out of the American economy,” says Boykewic, who added:

“There was something iconic about Wisconsin and there was a new infusion of energy. Before there was a national conversation happening at kitchen tables about the individual problems workers were having, but not at national discourse in the media. Wisconsin was the catalyzing moment that created an energy of people thinking about these connections between each other. …”

The strike and protest at the Hershey factory and other recent dramatic actions indicate that we may be in the early stages of a wave of dramatic worker action.

Workers, it seems, may have reached a breaking point as corporations lower wages and governments cut important social services. As workers around the world from London to Chile to Greece protest corporate abuses and government cuts, it appears that things in the United State may finally be boiling over.

marisacat - 20 August 2011

it appears that things in the United State may finally be boiling over.

praise Jeesus if so. And if it happens before there is mass starvation.

I really think other than ‘nasty bitter take as many hostage on the various land masses as you can’ battles between various elites, a workers’ and poor peoples’ revolt IS WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE WORLD. People being utterly priced out of the food market as land is absconded with… by whomever and food leaves countries where people are hungry.

Screw this fucking jihadi crap…. sure there is some, but it is little of what is really happening.

That and widespread anti government revolt, from the far flung parts of China and Russia to the US to parts of Europe and Africa…

BooHooHooMan - 20 August 2011

Bank of America is the most troubled bank in the US, but it has a plan 😆
Financial Post – 1 day ago

I DO hope it works out like their plan to stop those damn uh,
That worked out well for em.
So much for PLANS!

So. Where-are-we tuhday?.
Welp, BoA CDS is in flash paper territory.
As is their stock.
Six. fuckin. bucks.
Do we hear 5? …4?..Can we pay ya to take it?! 😆
Gotta love Spetember Fire Sales.
AND they just streeted 3500 prolly very pissed – off – but – fundamentally, and here’s the good news – Capitalists. Poof!
More than a few who will be looking to..Capitalize.
So Keep em all away from the furniture!
A n d – the trading floors! A n d – the Submit Button!

marisacat - 20 August 2011

gonna lay off thousands more, too… b of a I mean………………

marisacat - 20 August 2011

Shades of the Obby Dobby Do big breakthru on immigracion. Of yesterday or the day before… I mean, you just know anything they are cooking up is not good – for anyone.

The “better” immigrants, brought here as mute and unknowing children, will be given some sort of hall pass and allowed to advance to GO… by pass jail and get some kind of work permit. By Obama Napolitano Fiat.

That was sure to be a suspicious move and to roil various waters. And toss chum to other waters.

Madman in the Marketplace - 20 August 2011

I get the sense they’re trying to find a sweet spot where they can squeeze as much as they can out of people without more of them taking to the streets, and to keep the various groups of people at each others throats instead of delivering the owners to those mobile guillotines you mentioned the other day.

marisacat - 20 August 2011

Frankly I want my OWN mobile Guillotine. Run it day and night. Pay urchins to mop the blood.

Madman in the Marketplace - 20 August 2011

Jobs program!

marisacat - 20 August 2011

I would pay c a s h…. [if I had it!!]

Madman in the Marketplace - 20 August 2011

and the urchins could sing songs from Oliver while they worked.

marisacat - 20 August 2011

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Is only a daaaay awaaaaaaaaaaaay!


God… was that an awful song or what.

marisacat - 20 August 2011

As a result, the State Department has only 13 compliance officers to oversee a guest workers program with 291,000 workers.

We don’t need no fucking oversight!!!!!!!!!!!!

Madman in the Marketplace - 20 August 2011

Compliance as mere window dressing

BooHooHooMan - 20 August 2011

State Department
Well, Seein as how everybody left to work for Blackwater…
Thank God Obama and Holder settled out of Court!
Only work with class outfits!
Oh they all left all right.
stuffing semi-trucks , every mini-van and sedan with CASH on the way out.
Careful not to run over those Egyptians !

But Really. Who do they think they are?
The SEC?
The Department of the Interior?
The Treasury? 😆 I mean, really. What the fuck,
Who is going to broker assault rifles to Mexico now?!!

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 August 2011
12. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 August 2011

U.S. oil speculative data released by Senator, sparking ire

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Oil trading data that exposed the extensive positions speculators held in the run-up to record high prices in 2008 were intentionally leaked by a U.S. senator, sparking broader concern about industry confidentiality as Congress moves on Wall Street reform.

Senator Bernie Sanders, a staunch critic of oil speculators, leaked the information to a major newspaper in a move that has unsettled both regulators and Wall Street alike.

In a June 16 e-mail reviewed by Reuters, a senior policy adviser to Sanders discusses how his office received private data with the names and positions of traders and forwarded it exclusively to a Wall Street Journal reporter.

The e-mail, which also attaches two files with the data, was sent to Public Citizen’s Tyson Slocum asking him to review it and speak with the newspaper about his observations.

In a statement from Sanders provided to Reuters, Sanders said he felt the data needed to be publicly aired.

“The CFTC has kept this information hidden from the American public for nearly three years,” he said. “This is an outrage. The American people have a right to know exactly who caused gas prices to skyrocket in 2008 and who is causing them to spike today.”

The leaked information has sparked concern at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, which is legally prohibited from releasing confidential information that identifies trader positions and identities.

The leak also raises broader questions as U.S. regulators gear up to collect massive new amounts of private data from market players on everything from swaps and hedge funds to blueprints for how large financial firms can be liquidated. The breach of data could make Wall Street less reluctant to hand over sensitive information if they fear it is not appropriately safeguarded.

“This type of incident will have a chilling effect on derivatives trading in the U.S. because market participants will be reluctant to take the risk that their positions will be exposed to the public-and their competitors,” John Damgard, president of the Futures Industry Association, said in a statement sent to Reuters.

A “chilling effect” on those motherfuckers would be a good damned thing.

marisacat - 20 August 2011

This type of incident will have a chilling effect on derivatives trading in the U.S. because market participants will be reluctant to take the risk that their positions will be exposed to the public-and their competitors,”

yeah right…………. expect a shipment of Arpege.

13. marisacat - 20 August 2011

Tunisia has recognised the anti Qaddafi rebels as the legitimate gubmit.

Towns near Tripoli have fallen to the Rebs!! (cheer boo hiss!)

Maybe it is all over but for the PLANE (it’s a PLAN!!!) tickets out – – – for some….

Carry On and Good Luck!!

😆 🙄

marisacat - 20 August 2011

wellllll… RT says no…. not happening… Colonel Q still in country, audio address to the peeple (but! did he phone it in!???? He may have!!)…. and that claims of cities and towns taken by rebels are misrepresentations.

Stay tuned!!

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 August 2011

Chelsea Hotel:

Now, however, the hotel faces what its residents and fans fear is its final curtain. A property developer recently bought the down-at-heel building for $80 million (£48 million) and has turned it over to an architect best known for designing bland Holiday Inns.

The management has closed its doors to new guests, putting paid to the stream of spikey-haired young tourists trailing in to ask for a night in the ‘Vicious room’ (they couldn’t have it anyway — the room was deemed too notorious even for the Chelsea and was knocked into adjoining rooms long ago).

Today, nearly half of the hotel’s 220 rooms are occupied by old-timers whose rent deals cannot legally be terminated without their agreement. Those who remain are resigned to being bought out to make way for a run-of-the-mill boutique hotel.

The management has closed its doors to new guests, putting paid to the stream of spikey-haired young tourists trailing in to ask for a night in the ‘Vicious room’ (they couldn’t have it anyway — the room was deemed too notorious even for the Chelsea and was knocked into adjoining rooms long ago).

Today, nearly half of the hotel’s 220 rooms are occupied by old-timers whose rent deals cannot legally be terminated without their agreement. Those who remain are resigned to being bought out to make way for a run-of-the-mill boutique hotel.

marisacat - 20 August 2011

oh that is too bad… it really is…. cities need places that hang around and are there….

15. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 August 2011
16. marisacat - 20 August 2011

We are so liberal….

I just heard that we, California, is the only state in the union with mandatory fingerprinting for state benefits… the Feds have asked us to stop, but we keep doing it.

AND, if you seek Food Stamps… and/or state cash assistance you are diverted to a work system as part of obtaining benefits, that is a sham. The work program I mean. There actually is no work.

17. BooHooHooMan - 21 August 2011


Biden tells China not to count out U.S.

(Reuters) – U.S. Vice President Joe Biden on Sunday rejected views that American power is waning and said Washington would never default, wrapping up a China visit that has played down tensions between the world’s two biggest economies.

“We are still the single best bet in the world, in terms of where to invest,” Biden told a university audience in Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan, the southwest province that is the second and last stop of his visit to China. 😆

“Please understand that no one cares more about this than we do, since Americans own 87 percent of all our financial assets and 69 percent of all our treasury bonds,” Biden said, answering a question about U.S. debt.

“So our interest is not just to protect Chinese investment. We have an overarching interest in protecting the investment, while the United States has never defaulted and never will default.”

“You’re safe,”

he added.


Safe! Safe Safe SAFE! You can TRUST… US! Really! You CAN!
Wemeanit NoreallynojoeKabouditt! SRSLYepperhumdiddy!


BooHooHooMan - 21 August 2011

Reaaly a hoot.
Like “MRKN”s who DO own US debt are some comfort.

The Essential Biden:
Don’t worry! More U.S. are trapped on the UPPER Floors!
Just look at that view! Over Here! By the Windows!
Grab a towel, Folks! And Check out THAT LEDGE!


And look, …..there’s another plan comin’ in.

marisacat - 21 August 2011

adn that worked so well in the WTC. Or maybe like where Roosevelt was in 1929*, Biden forgot about 911 or is confused in his mind about it.

Back in 2007/8 Biden unfamously said (as it got little play) that in 1929 when the crash hit, Roosevelt immediately went on TV to reassure the American people.

No, he really did say that.


BooHooHooMan - 21 August 2011

Our man in China.

marisacat - 21 August 2011

When I read Biden’s words I decided we are in worse trouble than anyone knows. It had a death toll sound to it.

BooHooHooMan - 21 August 2011

I agree, Congresscritter ingot stamped out of the mold that he is.
I think he and Steny Hoyer, all those fucks, have spent more time together in the same D.C. dentist’s waiting room than on any other goddam thing. Of course the dentist s prolly a Jooooo! 😆 Oh I’m kidding. It’s prolly an exchanged listed Dental Chain. Owned by Joos. I’m kidding! I’m kidding!

BooHooHooman - 21 August 2011

Fairness Doctrine now:
They’ve prolly spent more time at THE VATICAN than on any other goddam thing.

18. BooHooHooMan - 21 August 2011

Well, the latest in the International Bankster Gangster ah, Imbroglio seems to be that Deutshce Bank is getting its loanshark ass slapped around. Oh not so much what happened in plain day on “the street”, Wall Street, as its book declined. Almost Sonny Corleone sissy slaps in retrospect.

No, the problem is coming from their customers. WHO SIMPLY AIN”T PAYIN.
No repsect for order anymore. 😎
Anyways, now that DB has come to collect, “customers” aren’t merely temporarily ducking them in the global neighborhood, no, they are refusing to settle up in Swiss franc over at the Deutsche Bank currency manipulating hidey hole in Switzerland. (LOL, the NY Fed made an unprecedented shipment of bra money near bursting week’s end, (quietly!discreetly!))..to the SWISS Central Bank)

Two stories today are worth a read in the WSJ if only for the eyerolling excercise. One, Swiss Franc’s Strength Roils European Cities ..charting, among other places (*of all places*,you are invited to read.. 🙄 Of course them. Public lands, infrastructure, leases, concessions, and any other public wealth is next) it charts how the serf’s saddle is now upon St. Tropez, France . Important takeaway: Ain’t gonna pay as agreeeeeed.
Too bad it didn’t work out.
As it is in, sadly, another.
As South Korea has indicted, oh, well, the entire Deutsche Bank/ South Korea Securites Unit.

Which all should inspire the good folks of South Korea and, ah, St Tropez, and, ah ..so forth.
Oh I know how these things go.
They’re gonna need a plan.
But I wonder, I wonderBank Woes Take Center Stage
how are they fixed for CASH? Now?
And Where’s Biden when ya need ’em?


marisacat - 21 August 2011

I read a few days ago that the S franc is so strong it is affecting internal well being. But the Swiss simply make a beeline for the border and do their shopping in Germany. Or France. Or Italy.


19. BooHooHooMan - 21 August 2011

Economist Jeffrey Sachs Hits Obama: “There’s Never Been A Plan”

Not anything good for us, certainly.

The enh, “plam” ,was that there BE NO “Change” of “Plans”, or,
and we Soooo can trademark this now-

marisacat - 21 August 2011

I missed Axelrod today (sleep) but I caught BIll Burton getting into mess after mess after mess with Rove and Bret Baier. It was pretty amusing.

The speech should go over well……………………………. as in, crash to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

20. BooHooHooMan - 21 August 2011

Angela says..SAYS… she’s NOFTzinto Der Plan!.

Merkel Says She’ll Resist Pressure for Euro Bonds

“At this time — we’re in a dramatic crisis — euro bonds are precisely the wrong answer,” Merkel said in an interview with ZDF television from the chancellery in Berlin. “They lead us into a debt union, not a stability union. Each country has to take its own steps to reduce its debt.”

Merkel has stepped up her opposition to euro bonds since returning from her summer vacation last week, making resistance to common European borrowing a campaign theme of Sept. 4 elections in her home state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Investor calls for euro bonds intensified last week as concerns about the debt crisis and a stuttering global economy drove European stocks to their lowest in more than two years.

“Politicians can’t and won’t simply run after the markets,” Merkel said in the interview, her first since returning from a three-week summer break. “The markets want to force us to do certain things. That we won’t do. Politicians have to make sure that we’re unassailable, 😆 that we can make policy for the people.”

Gad! If we could only find a market for B U L L S H I T.

marisacat - 21 August 2011

I read the Germans in polling seem not to think she is going to be much of a help. And same thing over the border in France iwth Sarko The American. Poor Cameron needs riots to look good. Times are not all that great for Silvio. Does Belgium have a government yet? A few months ago it idid not… hey maybe better off!!

21. marisacat - 21 August 2011



……………… 😯

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